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Idk if I skipped this out in the books or something but how does Gansey get his mint leaves? Does he buy them or does he have a mint plant called Richard Campbell Gansey IV? Its something that's been bugging me for a while now

Dear rico-di-angelo,

I don’t like to talk about this because children read this blog too, but I guess they’re on Tumblr, they can handle the truth. 

Once a week after his Ethics class Gansey gets in the Pig and he meets a guy parked in a Taurus behind the Henrietta Dairy Freeze and he says do you have anything for me and the guy says yeah man mentha spicata just like always I know what you like and then Gansey thumbs through his wallet and gives him, like, four laundromat tokens. The guy is all hey I always wondered why you didn’t just chew mint gum like all the other Aglionbros? and Gansey snaps I don’t pay you to ask questions. 

Also it says in the books there’s a mint plant on his desk but that could be a coincidence.



obva-rin replied to your post “its tough though because it is cool having your ship get recognition ”

Yeah the vid is pretty good. It states basically everything we’ve ever said on Tumblr about Reylo (including the heart eyes thing LOL), but I think it’s nice to see it all laid out. I’ve already seen several other Reylo thoery videos but this one is very Tumblr-centric, because it’s kinda taking it from the horses mouth.

that sounds cool, after making my first post I heard a lot of good things about the content of it, I feel like the video itself is well done its just whenever this sort of thing comes up there’s a bit of a kneejerk because we’re only taken seriously if its some big youtuber and thats what sucks

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Oh I get it now, like racist things today are more the "after effects" of sorts of previous racist things. I understand how that makes sense. It just seems a little one sided when sometimes tumblr can play the whole "fuck all white people" as thats not really about race its about practicing what you preach like race shouldnt be a factor for a person so why condemn one specific one for past actions of that race.

bcuz white people still practice most of these actions today

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I know you've been gone but any chance of younow thoughts? Your recaps are my favourite. Please please please.

Hello I’m alive and yes I have to because WHAT AN AMAZING LIVE SHOW.

My god, was it just me, or did Dan seem giddy af? He was in such a good mood. Seriously, for a second I almost questioned whether he might be tipsy or something lol. The dimple was nearly on full display that entire hour because of how much he was laughing and smiling. So lovely and nice to watch.

With that came so many gems…..

“Get a house and a dog” “Probably one day, it’s inevitable…I’d like to think.” hahahahahahahahaha ha ha ha h *cries* way to paint the most beautiful picture imaginable, Daniel. I can see it now. Dan. Phil. Dog. House. Koi pond. Garden. Marriage license (but come on, Phil’s right, it’s only just a piece of paper and they’re already married as hell). What more could anyone else want really?

“Phil came up with this one you little shit” My favorite sentence of the whole show.

Dan saying this has been the best year of his life. *wipes tear*

Phil being loud in the background and Dan yelling to him. Also LOVED that he admitted to Phil waiting till the show is over so they can eat together. I mean, we all knew, (gotta love the times when we hear Phil banging around in the kitchen) but it was cute to have him mention it. The idea of Phil getting all restless and trying to make Dan hurry up so they can have dinner is pretty adorable. “The Domestic life of Dan Howell” is right.

He said multiple times how pleased and happy he was that everyone was so supportive of the app. And how scared he was beforehand because he thought the reaction would be negative. That made me a bit sad tbh. That is definitely 100% directly related to the reaction of tabinof and it hurts my heart to think that they might have been any ounce more doubtful of themselves. It would be very difficult to not harbor some insecurities after the reception of the book/tour. Dan already doubts himself quite a lot and it’s just a shame to think that their confidence might have been wounded from that. Especially in regards to something they were/are so proud of. I know people had their reasons and it was a huge shock to many, but I just wish things had been different. That’s all. And his statements today really reminded me of that. But on the positive side, I'm very happy that they were so excited and proud of the way the app was received by everyone this time around. They deserve it.


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Today, I fucked up by showing my roomate the WRONG gif.

So this was actually a little while ago, my boyfriend and I were living in a house of roomates, one of whom was his friend’s 43 year old dad. 

I was 18 at the time, and yes i realize how weird this sounds, but he was actually a really cool person and we ended up becoming good friends. So one night we’re hanging out and i see a Tumblr post that reminded me of him, I think it was the one thats about not checking your bank account and pretending everything is fine. Whatever it was, it was completely innocent. 

But, if you’re at all familiar with Tumblr, you know that sometimes it likes to scroll back to the top of the dash. 

So when i handed him my phone after laughing and saying “this reminded me of you,” he saw a gif of sparkly letters that said “Push Harder Daddy”………… The seconds before I realized what happened were probably the most awkward moments of my life.

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I know very well that you only think Naruto is a train wreck due to your obsession of the that terrible NaruSaku pairing. You do realize that Naruto became a train wreck right after Itachi killed Sasuke, when Kishimoto gnored every established moral, message, and theme that he established in part 1. That's just being considerate, Naruto as a story started to degrade during the first Sasuke retrieval Arc. You never cared about the actual plot, just about the stupid pairing. Show your true colors.

First of all, you know nothing about me. What I post on tumblr is a mere glimpse into who I am, don’t mistake that for anything close to the whole picture. 

I never cared about the plot? Let me tell you a story. Keep in mind I’m eighteen now.

I discovered Naruto because of my cousin when I was about eight years old, maybe a bit younger. We were together almost everyday ever since we were born. We’d sit and watch the anime,  then go outside in my yard and pretend to be Sasuke and Naruto. He’d be Sasuke, use his imagined chidori and clash with my fabricated rasengan.

Naruto became my role model because he never gave up on his dreams, he reminded me a lot of myself. My cousin and I were inseparable until we were around twelve. He was there one day, scattered here and there, then he was gone. 

He’d fell into the wrong crowd and discovered the comfort of drugs.

I continued to watch Naruto. I never cared about pairings at this time. I only cared that Naruto fought so hard to bring Sasuke back. 

And I wanted my cousin back. 

For years this inspired me and I never gave up on him even though I then only see him on Christmas. He didn’t care that I cried on his shoulder and that I missed him. Later that night his brother agreed with me that the person we remembered was dead, and now the person we saw was a shell of who he used to be. There would be many holidays like that.

I continued watching and reading the manga as time passed, collected a hefty amount of Naruto merch that I still have to this day.  As I watched I noticed the bond that Naruto and Sakura had. I rooted for them, and all arrows pointed that they would eventually be together. 

Naruto was very important to me throughout growing up. The pairings? Icing on the cake.

More years passed. Without going into details, he was on a very bad path. I knocked on his door sometimes. Everybody was turning their back on him, I wanted him to know that his cousin was still there despite his stupid fucking choices. 

Ironically… so very ironically. 

He started to get his act together this year, maybe he was tired of his life-syle, or maybe he was scared he’d go to jail; got a job, managed in it well, was doing a little bit better in school and even got his grades up.

Sasuke came around too after Naruto fought so hard.


You might want to rethink your statement, because way before Naruto and Sakura, there was Naruto and Sasuke — Naruto’s goal to save him, and my relation to the situation. That’s why I got into Naruto so much. I knew the pain he went through, how he lost his best friend.

And that’s why I’m angry that ‘The Last’ DESTROYS that bond and everything Team 7 worked so hard for.

Naruto and Sakura? They destroyed that too.

This was more than just growing up. You don’t part ways with people that you have gone through that much with. Families mingle, at least. You don’t cut off.

And before you say that “Naruto was not just about the pairings!” and call me salty, All of this had to happen to make one pairing happen and seem credible. Let that sink in. 


I still see my cousin sometimes. Not as much, but that’s okay. Because he’s on a good path and when I talk to him we reminisce about the old times and how much fun we’d have. It ends in us laughing and a hug usually follows.  

He doesn’t read Naruto anymore, I’m certain he stopped that a long time ago. But one day, maybe ten years from now, I think I’ll tell him how our situation related to two fictional characters struggling in life; one trying to get his best friend back, and the other plunging himself deeper into darkness.

Naruto means so much more to me than just pairings.

That’s why I wrote this long ass post.

Because never for one second, think that I never cared for the plot.

When sometimes, it was what pushed me to never give up.

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You know what REALLY irritates me? The insistence that Elsanna is canon. That Elsa saying she's Anna's birthday date means they're each other's true love, for example. Yep, that's true, because the point of the movie was that true love does not automatically mean romantic love. I mean, JFC, even my gay uncle thinks the so-called Elsanna subtext is forced. Have the sisters all over each other in fanon--that's what fandom is for. But please stop insisting Elsanna is canon. Please.

As an Elsanna shipper, I do agree with this. To be absolutely honest, I’ve never gotten the Elsanna vibes when I first saw the movie and I definitely did not get it, too, after watching Frozen Fever. The truth is, I only learned about Elsanna when I joined Tumblr and I started to actively ship it when I’ve read/seen several fanfiction and fan art.

But as a shipper, I can see why it could be romantic. But I don’t agree that it’s canon at all. It’s just irritating when people say, “KRISTOFF IS ONLY IN IT BECAUSE DISNEY WANTS THE MOVIE TO BE HETERONORMATIVE BLABLABLA IT’S A GIVEN. BUT IF HE WASN’T THERE, ELSANNA WILL BE CANON.”

And here I am sitting like—okay so, Disney would totally produce a movie with two sisters falling in love with each other? Let’s be real here. Seriously? I’m actually surprised (and appalled) that people would think that. You have fan fiction and Tumblr, yes. But to insist and analyze and wholeheartedly believe that it’s canon? I have no words.

Incest is not a joke. It’s a very, very, very controversial topic and not suitable at all for the demographics the movie is geared for. At all. There are people who are consenting adults who have relations with their relatives. But this is a children’s movie. And then there are victims of incest—some, children. Forced marriage, rape, etc. For Disney to throw a curveball and just dump that in the movie is quite overwhelming and absolutely insensitive, in my opinion. So they didn’t and they never will.

Maybe people say it’s canon because of the “subtle but not so subtle homosexuality” involved. Sure, we can take that in context and strip away the sisterhood part of it. They would make a cute couple, Elsa and Anna. I do ship them as non-sisters in alternate universes. But I know for a fact that this ship only exists outside the realm of Disney and the crux of the story remains: it’s platonic love. They’re not romantic lovers. They love each other so much because hey, they’re sisters. I love my parents so much, too. And my little sisters. It doesn’t need to be romanticized. 

“Birthday date” would get taken out of context by people who want to take it out of context. I go on “coffee dates” with my dad. And “lunch dates” with my mom. And yes, “birthday dates” with my sisters (ironic). But it’s not meant to be a secret lingo for sex or making out or NSFW sessions after hours. People want to give things a different meaning depending on what they want to see. 

I enjoy Frozen Fever and Frozen for what they are: sisterly love. And Elsa and Anna’s reconciliation and closeness in this new short was just too adorable and endearing. I didn’t think of it as anything more until I’ve read posts here on Tumblr suggesting otherwise. But that’s okay. Ship and let ship. I have nothing against that, I actually quite adore it because like I said, they would make a cute couple in the NON-CANON world. And I stand by that. 

To Everyone Who Read 383

Okay, so im happy and disappointed about all the posts of Lucy bein a badass

Happy: because i see people POINTING OUT HER AWESOMENESS


So im going to do it myself.



First off, ill just say that i think the reason most of you guys arent overwhelmed with what happened is because you dont understand what Lucy just did.

Here is all the goons Mashima shows that are after Lucy

External image

And thats showing MOST of them considering the square cuts OTHERS out AND 




the reinforces that are showing up AS WELL


So Lucy whips out her River of Stars and starts beastin

External image

but now more and more are coming and are practically JUMPING her with their advance in numbers

External image

So little Ms. weakling  Lucy here, fucking takes her whip, does some INDIANA JONES SHIT and CATCHES A TREE BRANCH

External image


External image


External image





*might i add* WITH HER BARE FEET



External image



Ill give you a moment to let that sink in.


AND THEN after summoning two spirits THIS FUCKER SHOWS UP

External image

Now here Lucy KNOWS that she probably has no chance against him, she remembers that even NATSU,  THE DRAGON SLAYER, couldnt beat him. OBVIOUSLY or else Jackal wouldnt be here



External image




All of her power is being drained by Loke and Virgo but she still  has the will to go up against JACKAL, knowing that she cant summon and that her only defense is her whip

and she puts all her faith in that

External image

Now that ive established what Lucy TRUELY did, and i understand that Mashimas artwork is very detailed and sometimes hard to read, but THIS is what happened

And ALL of this happened BEFORE the big scene where shes effing RISKS HER LIFE to save all of her friends inside the monster

External image

Now i know im probably asking of too much here and a lot of you would disagree, but i sort of hope that Jellal or Wendy wont come along to help her out

I know there are always going to be people out there who will still think Lucy is useless and that no matter what she does, theyll think:

Okay, that was alright. But Erza could of done it quicker

But Natsu could of beaten them in a punch

But Lucy cries too much while doing it

External image

Do you see her crying?

Didnt think so.

Haters out there dont realize that when she cries, she cries for her friends. Shes hopelessly worried for their lives and what will become of Fairy Tail and so she kinda freaks out about it. Why is that such a bad thing?

Shes literally the kindest person in the guild. She doesnt worry if the enemy will get away, like everyone else, she worries about the people hurt in the process, even if its the enemy including.

She understands that sometimes the enemy just needs guidance and that they have feelings too, she understands that their still human but they need to go down.

My rant is offically over, and if at least one of you haters change your mind about Lucy, ill consider it an accomplishment. 

But if you still think Lucy is pathetic and worthless, then i honestly have no words for you except

I feel sorry for your blindness.

orange is the new black
  • me [before watching S3]: wow that Ruby Rose character is very popular. wonder what that's all about.
  • me [after watching S3]: ...
  • me: that's it?
  • me: she's a bad actor?
  • me: like, really bad
  • me: and a BORING character?
  • me: that somehow makes piper even WORSE??
  • me: how is that even possible
  • me: I mean I can see that she's attractive buuuut
  • me: out of allllll the storylines this season
  • me: poussey, soso, pensatucky, boo, sophia, gloria, flaca, the guards, cutbacks, .....
  • me: ruby rose is the highlight of S3????
  • me: ??????????????
  • me: fucking tumblr

※im just gonna talk about the topic i just reblogged because i think its really important

the left one has around 60 notes

the right one has over 1,000


tumblr notes tend to be really random from what ive seen :^0 When i first started using tumblr i got confused because my 10 minute doodles got way more notes than my finished high quality drawings. after a while i learned that tumblrs just like that lol

In my opinion, i want to tell you if your satisfied with drawing, then thats all that matters really :)

You know what time it is?

You guessed it!!! I hit 400+ everyone, how cool is that? Omg. It’s been some kind of rollercoaster with all these followers, how do you all stand me???
Ok, where to begin? I’m always winging this, why do I not plan anything???

To my waifu, @neato-ft 

My beautiful princess, Idk why you stick around with this crazy dragon, but thank you so much for being able to put up with me. And thank you for letting me use this header for my Follow Forever. I’m sorry your computer broke, but hopefully, youll be able to bounce right back once you get a new one! ^-^

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Thank you for allowing me to vent my salt and bitterness, because without the two of you, plus Dar, I would be a bitter thing on the internet. xD

To my writing senpai, @nothingbutwordsstuff 

OMg, has my writing improved since you gave me all those pointers in one review. You have no idea how thankful I am. I just don’t know what to say, you’re a brilliant writer and I’m amazed that I was able to befriend you and that you bestowed some of your wisdom unto me. So much to be thankful for from you!

To The Avengers, 

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Anyways, if I forgot anyone, I’m terribly sorry, I was scrolling through my notes when Tumblr decided to give up after 30days. Go me. 

Have a nice night everyone! Mogi out~

I honestly don’t get all the Banksy and Dismaland hate at all. Like the dudes obviously worked his ass of for this, he’s got artists from all around the world, who would never get a chance to show their art , taking part in a huge exhibition that is going to be so good for them! small artists from really restricted paces getting recognition and being able to show their art because of Banksy, but sure demean him for that? like what? 

Plus some of the pieces are really insanely interesting, artists have made pieces about abuse, about rape, about police violence that is the kind of stuff Tumblr goes on about constantly, but it isn’t good enough when Banksy does it? thats a wee bit ridiculous.

Plus it is £3 to get in! like that is amazing! what interesting day out is ever that cheap! After Banksy has paid all the expenses, paid the workers and the other artists he’s not even going to make much money. Plus Somerset is a place that will be really helped by the money this tourist attraction brings in. Banksy is doing a lot of good for a lot of people, so why are we hating on him again?

Admittedly i’m bias, damn I have a piece of his art permanently on my skin and i think his work is pretty great. but still it’s pretty low to insult an artist without going to see Dismaland, especially when it is doing more for other people than it is for him.

Why I don’t like the idea of white people in kpop (from an asian american standpoint)

Now that I’ve gotten your attention hear me out. It’s not that I don’t believe white people should be in kpop groups or mvs, or that they don’t have the right to be. Because I believe people should follow their dreams no matter what, I believe in diversity and i believe in equal opportunity.

But I know a lot of asians have a knee jerk reaction to seeing white people in kpop. I also know it’s a highly controversial subject not only on tumblr but within kpop communities as a whole that doesn’t get addressed and I think should be.

Now I’m no authority on what other asians think and after all I’m an asian who grew up without a lot of the culture and I’m also not Korean, but Chinese American. So I can’t speak for any of these groups. But I can speak for what I know.

Which is why I’m making this post the way it is. I was originally going to write a very authoritative posts with facts and data, but I realized thats not the way to go about doing this. So I’m going to tell you my story. 

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anonymous asked:

I strongly agree with what you said about Jane in your tags... the dynamic is so off and I actually find this to be very upsetting and I am just mad with what they did to the show. There used to be so much potential as well as chemistry between Maura/Sasha and Jane/Angie... but it's gone and that's damn sad

it changed when showrunners switched hands, and yeah, i get that Janet and Jan took on where the show and characters should go in very different ways, but good god, who knew we’d be asking for J.Tam back?

i dont know if new writers and producers changed the dynamic, or if it was interpersonal conflict between angie and sasha (which frankly i could care less about so stop trying to make it a thing with all the wacky speculation, tumblr) or what. but somewhere shortly after J.Nash came on, the show shifted. and man, it sucks. both figuratively and literally. part of the fun in watching this show for me was the subtext easter eggs. i LIVE for subtext, especially when it is done well (see: my love for Xena) and this show did it well for the first few seasons. then poof. they moved away from it, and it was like a switch was flipped. whether you wanted Jane and Maura to get together (i was okay with it staying subtext, and never would have wanted a canon relationship because the show/writers/producers would have never given proper representation for gay ladies) or just liked to watch for the flirty banter, when that was taken away, the entire dynamic of the lead characters shifted. they had to compensate, so Jane became a surly one liner machine that threw barbs (usually at Maura) and Maura became comic relief with all of her wacky knowledge and social awkwardness (and brain damage???)

and this last episode really bothered me because of this scene, which shows just how crappy of a friend Jane has become, who had already blown Maura off for being concerned about her health (”power nap!”) and then belittled her fashion, which is like insulting GOD for Maura. but why write Jane’s character like that? i don’t understand, because there was a point in time that when Maura talked about fashion and the things she loved, Jane looked at her like this:

and i’m not even posting that because of the heart eyes Jane has, but because Maura explained that she was in awe of what human beings could do, and Jane’s expression says ‘okay, yeah, i get that. i see that means something to you and i understand part of you now. xo’

so thats my problem. where did that character go? because when you write for your characters, you write (i’d hope) with growth and development in mind. where is this character at now, and how do they reach their endgame and what goes into shaping that. you don’t strip them away of the things that made them interesting to begin with.

  • Me: Screaming to my dad about whouffle and whouffaldi, about Doctor Who and how amazing the whole show is, and I can't hold my feelings, dad, are you listening?
  • Dad: Wait, she [Clara] jumped into his timestream to be torn apart into million pieces to save him [The Doctor]?
  • Me: Well, basically yes. Eleven jumped right after her anyways.
  • Dad: Dear, that sounds pretty big to me.
  • Me: ...What?
  • Dad: I mean, they're in love, right? If they jump into timestream to save each other. That's requires quite a lot of, you know.
  • Me: I worry about whouffaldi though.
  • Dad: Well, if it's the same person, she's not gonna walk out on him that easily, right? And if he's still the Doctor with the same package of feelings, he still really likes her. What are you worrying about, it was the same when you were telling me that johnlock is not canon, and after series 3 you were complaining that it is canon.
about this fuss about jared

hey, so i know theres a ton of talk going around tumblr right now concerning jared and the rumors that his mysterious tweets have something to do with his depression coming back, and i would just like to take a step back and note that i recognize that seeing all this talk flooding everyones dashboards might be a little triggering for some people, because it can be incredibly difficult to be bombarded with posts telling you your hero might be struggling.

reminder; we dont know whats going on with jared. dont believe everything you read!

another reminder; tumblr likes to overreact and sometimes things get out of control and people start going on about things

another another reminder;seeing post after post on the topic of depression or mental illness can be triggering and thats okay! you’re okay!

if anyone wants to talk about anything, even just to keep their minds on something else, im always down to talk. also reminder that if anyone is particularly triggered by all this talk of depression or just struggling in general lately that i do have this page full of magical links and what not

its okay to want to talk to people! my askbox is always open and i will respond as soon as i am able! :)

also this is a side-note: in the real world you should try not to get offended if someone doesn’t understand what trans, pansexual, genderfluid etc means right away

after all not everyone has a tumblr or is taught about these things
so just explain politely when you can! but getting angry is silly ok
no need to hate someone for trying to understand something they’ve never heard of*

* obviously if they treat u like shit or harass you because of who you are thats not ok - im talking about innocent ignorance - which doesn’t always make someone a bad person