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Hi Cassie! I have to preface this question with the HIGHEST of praises for this fantastic shadowhunter world you have created! So Clary and Magnus both had visions of Idris running red with blood. If Clary gets visions because of her angelic power why does Magnus also get these visions? Also, as we saw in LoS in the Unseelie lands rivers are filled with blood. Does the blight that's starting to spread in Idris imply we will see their vision come true in QoaaD? What does this mean for our heros?

I love WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR HEROES? It reminds me of classic comics!

Remember that Magnus is a really interesting warlock because his father was a Greater Demon — remember when he took that witchlight from Alec in CoLS and it started to glow? Asmodeus is a prince of Hell — a fallen angel. Angels and Greater Demons are not as un-alike as they would often like to think. Lucifer was after all, God’s most beautiful angel: You were the seal of perfection: full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.*

As Cristina points out, the rivers of Faerie having blood in them may not be new — Mark quoted Tam Lin to Emma in Lady Midnight: and all the blood that’s shed on earth, runs through the springs of that country (Faerie.) That has a lot to do with Faerie’s connection to the mundane world and the idea of the mundane world’s evils spilling into Faerie. We’ll learn more about the blight in Queen of Air and Darkness, but perhaps it’s Faerie’s turn to spill evils back into the mundane world?

* (Ezekiel 28:12)

  • me at happy hour after two bourbons in a row: NO. the thing no one understands about order of the phoenix is that harry was A CHILD and he had just seen another kid MURDERED at the hands of his mortal enemy who had JUST COME BACK TO LIFE. and RIGHT AFTER THAT he was sent straight back to an abusive home where he was deliberately isolated, his friends were telling him nothing, dumbledore wasn’t telling him shit, and no one told harry nothing about anything. no one was speaking to him or helping him at all. you'd think after the trauma of watching cedric get murdered and voldemort coming back to life, someone would make sure to look after harry and at least TALK to him about it, but NO, no one sat down to help him through the horror of what he'd just experienced. so you have this kid in the middle of his teen years, a CHILD, who’s been left alone to deal with all of this shit, like of course he’s upset and angry, and i totally get it when he yells at his friends, OF COURSE HE’S ANGRY, and his emotions are RAW and it's REAL, and that's just ONE of the reasons why i love Order of the Phoenix --
Harry Styles Album Review

You guys, I have waited way to long for this album to come out. I’M SHOOK (I might say that a lot), But here is my (honest) opinion on each song and at the end I’ll give my overall opinion on the album.

(These are all just my opinions! We all are all allowed our own)

Here we go…


Meet Me in the Hallway


Such an amazing song and I honestly was shocked he made a song that sounds like that (well actually that goes for all the songs on this album). But I honestly really liked the song. I like the way his voice sounded in the song too. It’s pretty emotional too.

Sign of the times

I mean I’ve heard this song a hundred times and each time it’s a great experience. I love the vocals, and I love the lyrics! Every time I hear it on radio I bump up the volume and just freaking soak in his voice. I think he made a great move choosing it as his first single.

When I hear the song I just feel proud.


I loved it literally right away! IT’S A BOP! Lyrics and vocals 10/10!!!! I was so happy he made a song that sounded like this.

It kinda makes me want to go to the beach and run around in a small faded orange bikini ( I actually am a west coaster ;P)

Two Ghosts

This song got me caught up in my feelings. Lots of emotion in there and it kinda made my heart hurt just a little. Lyrics are great and vocals on point. It kinda sounds like it could’ve been on One Direction’s Made in the AM album, honestly.

“Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat” 

Sweet Creature 

It’s so soft and calm and it weirdly feels safe? Like I feel if I’m scared and I listen to the song it’ll make me feel better! Yeah…don’t have much else to say about this one. Obviously his vocals were amazing!

But it’s the song I’ve listened to the least. In my opinion compared to the other songs on this album it’s not as interesting (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, I really do, but not as much as the rest)

Only Angel 

I thought it was going to be another slow emotional song but then he hit it with the “HEY, HEY” and I was like OH MY GOD YES HARRY. This song helped me start to see the more rock n’ roll side of Mr. Styles. LYRICS KILLED ME!!!! VOCALS KILLED ME!!!! THE GUITAR KILLED ME!!!! THE WHOLE SOND KILLED ME!!! Defiantly one of my favorites!

This is the song I dance around my house to in only underwear.


Fucking definition of rock star!!! Another song that shocked me. 

The weird thing about this song is that it actually made me cry real tears because I didn’t know how much of a true rockstar harry could be. The lyrics make no fucking sense but I loved it!! 

I’m not joking I started crying, then I started rocking out.

Ever Since New York

Its been stuck in my head since SNL…It’s kinda simple are really repetitive and I usually wouldn’t like songs like that but I genuinely am obsessed! I honestly don’t know why, I really love Ever Since New York


HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SONG! This song is so full of spunk and sensuality and thats the shit i’ve wanted from Harry since he’s been solo! I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. It has the right amount of vulnerability and sexuality without being raunchy at all! The lyrics are engraved in my head and that FREAKING GUITAR! I could say so much for this song, because I absolutely love it.

It kinda brings out this inner vixen in me (plus it’s a good song to have sex to)

From the Table 

Honest (that word sums it up)

I feel like this song is painfully honest and it makes me actually feel something. You can tell this was written from some sort of experience of his and you have to respect that bravery. I LOVED his voice in this. I want to give him a hug after listening to this! 


Over all the album was a solid for me and really made me see Harry in a different and more mature way, and thats what we needed form him!! 

The lyrics weren’t turn over or made “appropriate”, It was all raw and true and I’m very satisfied. I didn’t want a PG album. I’m proud of Harry and he deserves all success he’s receiving.

I recommend this album to EVERYONE, because I think it has a song in it that everyone, young and old, will love!

Even though I don’t have tickets, seeing how he performs these songs live (through video) will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the kind of energy he has when he performs these songs!

It actually shocked me and It impressed me, and I really can’t wait for his future work. 

Now tell me your opinion!

It’s Stupid

Request:  Would you be able to do one with Sean where you’re some how affiliated with other youtubers he knows, so you’ve gotten to know eachother and theres been some flirting going between them. You’ve gotten really tired & sad because you’ve been working so hard & drama has been coming out about you thats not true. He tries to talk but that doesn’t really work so he starts touching her and saying he can look after her tonight, so like kinda fluffy but hot? SORRY IF ITS TOO MUCH YOU CAN LEAVE SOME OUT

A/N I really hope this is what you were looking for, I had a hard time writing it.

Jacksepticeye x reader

word count: 371

Warnings: Drama

               Being friends with Felix, better known as PewDiePie, wasn’t easy. He was a lovely person, but it was hard to avoid the drama that surrounded him. When all the news about Felix being anti-Semitic and a Nazi started spreading, your friends decided you were too. Soon the only friends who would talk to you were the ones who personally knew Felix and knew it wasn’t true.

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meet the parents | jason blossom (riverdale)

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a/n: work by the lovely @netflixanddonuts

what is love?

for some it is a magical feeling one experiences when seeing someone they love to the point that they say they feel butterflies in their stomach.

love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. for me that person was jason blossom. it was love at first sight.

i opened my eyes and met his, it was magical. jason and I have been in a relationship for two months. every single second that I spent with him was heaven. 

today was the day i was about to meet my boyfriends parents. I was a just an ordinary, middle class teenager and therefore, beyond terrified of his parents’ reaction.

a million questions were zooming through my head. i put on a lacy red dress, the one jason gave me as a present. suddenly i heard a noise coming from my backyard.

It was Jason's car. I hastily grabbed my purse and left my bedroom. He gasped as soon as he saw my outfit.

“Y/N? You look amazing!” i blush a little, unexpectedly my smile had disappeared.

“babe? What's wrong?” his hands were not placed on my waist. 

“what… what if your parents don’t like me?” I stuttered.

“i don't care what my parents think about you. I will always love you, Y/N and nothing, I mean nothing, will ever change that.”

“What about your sister?” I said quickly he let out a deep sigh.


“She hates me, Jason!”

It was true, Cheryl honestly hated me. It was a classic. She was a popular girl, I was no one. And popular girls are mean, thats what makes them popular after all.

“You know what?! Let's just go. We don't want to be late.”

i slowly entered the massive, extravagant house of the blossom family. to be perfectly honest I didn’t expect anything less.

It was beautiful, but haunting at the same time. Suddenly, a tall, red haired woman approached me, smiling. She was wearing a long, black dress which made her look very slim. She was beautiful. She was Penelope Blossom, Jason’s mother.

“Jason? You made it?” She said and tightly hugged the boy.

“Mother, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.” He said while putting his hands on my waist. Her eyes were now all over me. I could sense the disappointment.

“Well, its nice to meet you, Y/N. Jason told me a lot about you.“  I returned the smile.

“Thank you fo…for having me, Mrs Blossom. You house is very beautiful” A small laugh escaped my mouth. I was extremely anxious.

“The dining room is this way.“ said Penelope "Follow me.”

jason took my hand and led me to the dining room. he sat me in a beautiful green chair taking the seat next to me. moments later the dining room door opened again and a tall, man stormed in.

Jason stood, following his moves you did too.

“Father!” Jason exclaimed and gave his father a hand shake.

“Hello Jason” He said as he shook back.

“And who may this young lady be?” He asked.

“Father, this is my girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N” He said gesturing to you.

“Ah yes! Y/N!“

Jason’s father said and he gave your hand a kiss. He sat down at the end of the table, the both of you sat after he sat down. Just few second later, a familiar girl came in. It was Cheryl.

suddenly, everything went black. My heart was racing. My chest was tight. Cheryl and I used to be friends back in the middle school, best friends actually, but all of a sudden, our friendship faded. 

She became popular, she was THAT kind of girl who becomes a cheerleader, that girl who gets a hot boyfriend and rules the whole school. I was nothing, nobody knew my name, nobody cared. Everything was darkness and gloom until Jason just came into my life. He was different, he actually cared.

"Hey babe, you alright?” my lover asked i nodded in agreement.

“Come sit with us, Cheryl, darling. Jason's girlfriend Y/N is here.” said Mrs. Blossom. After what seemed like a minute, she sat down next to her mother. She was frustrated.

“So… Y/N…” Mr. Blossom started.

“Tell us something about your family.” He said while cutting some meat on his plate.

“Well…” I could feel Cheryl's eyes on me the whole time.

“My family used to own this oil company…”

“What happened?” Cheryl cut me off she was furious.

“Um… they had problems with this whole thi…”

“So they are unemployed now?” there was a long awkward silence.

“Yes, but, you see…" she smacked her hands against the table and let out a deep sign.

"Jason?” She asked her twin “A moment?" 

Both of them excused themselves. I was confused, lost. I just wanted to be alone, In my safety zone. Where no one could see me. Mrs Blossom was just sitting there, staring at me. I suddenly started to feel very dizzy.

"Could… could you tell me where the bathroom is, please?" Mrs Blossom smiled and nodded.

"It’s right there, darling. Just take the first left." i returned the smile and walked away.

I could hear somebody talking. It was Cheryl. She was with Jason. 

I decided to come a little closer.

"A Y/L/N? Jason?! Whats gotten into you?” She shouted.

“Cheryl, listen…” He tried to calm her down.

“No! J.J! Its unacceptable!”

“I love her, Cheryl” He halfwhispered. 

I could feel my heart flutter.

“I love her and each passing second and each breath I take increases my love for her. And Whenever I feel lost, sad or defeated, I imagine her smiling and I instantly smile. She is the love of my life, Cheryl. And you are gonna have to accept that, sooner or later.”

A tiny tear escaped my eyes. I was touched by my boyfriend's words. At that exact moment, I felt it. He was the one. I quickly whipped my tears away and went back to the dining room.

After few minutes, Cheryl and Jason came back. Cheryl seemed somewhat different. She looked confused, lost. 

“We should go, Y/N. It's time.” My lover said.

“But what about the dessert?” His mother gasped.

“Maybe next time, mom”

I quickly grabbed my red coat and my purse. I was ready to go.

“You should come back next weekend!” Said Mrs. Blossom.

“We can't promise anything, mother.” Jason said, smiling.

I kissed Penelope on a cheek and hugged Clifford goodbye.

Suddenly, Cheryl appeared right in front of me.

“Cheryl? What are you…?” I gasped.

“I came to apologize.” She signed.

“Look, Y/N… My brother loves you very much. And as his sister, i want to see him happy and he really is happy with you. I’m sorry, Y/N/N, about everything.” A small tear rolled down her cheek.

“See you at Pop's tomorrow? We have a lot of things to talk about. My treat!”

I nodded in agreement.

On that day, I not only discovered unconditional love, but also true friendship. So what is love? i finally got the right answer. There are many different forms of love: either love for your family, your relatives, your significant other, god… But the strongest and most beautiful form of love is friendship.


Today we celebrate the birthday of a beautiful, beautiful young man!

A young man so talented, so precious!

Yes, today we celebrate Kim Jongin’s (Kai’s) birthday!

Kai is a member of a 9 member (previously 12 member) group EXO. He is a part of the Korean unit: EXO-K.


To the naked eye Kai is just sexy…

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and… dangerous…

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He seems like just a machine produced by SM to make boys and girls feel all bothered. And while yes Kai is all that, Jongin is more than that,


Jongin is a cute ball of fluff to put it lightly. (I mean just look at him in the middle)

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And his smile… oh his smile is so contagious. I mean… just look at it!

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Its so innocent!

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So happy!

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It just brightens up my world!

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He can be such a shy child

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He is such a sensitive young man at heart… making sure the fans are not worried

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And his dancing…. oh boy his dancing…. It is not just sexy it is sensual…

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Smooth yet sharp!

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And look at his relationship with his members! So sweet!

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And his friendship with Taemin

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And with kids!

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How considerate!

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How caring!

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How kind!

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Yet, somehow this amazing human gets so much hate. Some people insult him for his sensual dancing.

Some people try to create useless competition between him and Yixing, trying to make them feel tense with each other, rather than helping them enjoy their time and help improve each other.

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Some are mad at his relationship with Krystal saying that it is not real, that Kai has ‘other’ interests, take it as you will. This could hurt Kai.

But what could also hurt Kai is people outright denying the possibility of Kai having these ‘other’ interests. 

After all, what Kai does, what he feels and for whom he feels things is only for Kai to know. We cannot see or hear his thoughts. We cannot know if he trull is happy or sad, ecstatic or broken. All we can do is let Kai live as much of his life in private. His private affairs are private for a reason. So let’s just support him as much as we can!

People create drama between his group and BTS, forgetting and not respecting the fact that his close friend is in that same group!

And now, this precious young man is getting so much hate due to him being a lead in a KDrama. I understand why some people feel like artists from SM getting the leads are cheating over the professional actors. And yes, maybe a lead is too much for Kai to get as a first proper Kdrama role, but who knows, perhaps he will be so good, he will blow us all away. Its alright to provide criticism, to express your dissatisfaction but it is not alright when your dissatisfaction turns into pure hate, designed to make a person hate himself and wish to disappear for something he has no control over (because lets be real, SM is not the most liberal company there is). So rather than wanting Kai to fail, people could just say: good luck man’ and be done with it.

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Kai is a rather ambiguous person for me. He seems to have so many different angles that haven’t been explored or that have become known. It seems like what we know, what we see of Kai is just a small percentage of Kim Jongin.

We know that Kai is a sexy dancing machine.

But who is Kim Jongin really?

We don’t really know. But what we do know is that he is sweet, sensitive, caring, cute and very kind and thats enough.

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So happy Birthday Kim Jongin! I hope you stay happy.

I hope you stay healthy.

I hope you have people to talk to.

I hope you do not feel burdened. Because us true fans, we can wait. We WILL wait. After all, sure it hurts to not see you on stage, but what hurts most is see you in pain and injured and pretending not to be.

We love you Kim Jongin! And trust me you can’t even begin to fathom how much!

So once again, Happy Birthday! May your smile always shine bright!

Let’s all join each other in making Kim Jongin feel even more loved and special!

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Thank you for reading!


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Hello! I stumbled upon your blog after reading the couple ring post! Regarding that, I think the chrome heart ring that similar to yeol's isnt the same as the one that polar light gave, because PL gave the one with black background, and the similar with yeol's is just the black version of it? And do you mind giving out the 'chanbaek timeline' you mentioned before? Keep loving baekyeol <3333 this lovely couple is unstoppable. Have a nice daay!

Hi ^_^ 

about that ring.. yes.. the chrome heart ring given by polar light are not matching with yeol.. before polar light gave baekhyun the ring, baekhyun already have another ring he wore.. he also wore it during their recent Nature Republic Fansign (where his ring went missing).. 

the one polar light gave baekhyun have black background and silvery white chrome heart design one it (the top ring on his finger) .. meanwhile the one on chanyeol’s pinky finger has all white/silvery background and greyish chrome heart design on it.. this design matched baekhyun’s ring (the one not given by polar light) which are also silver background but with black/darker chrome heart design on it ( the bottom ring on his finger).. 

about chanbaek time line.. lol.. this thing i  just come out with my fellow chanbaek shipper who closely monitor chanbaek (we’re not sasseng don’t we are just ninja.. hahah..

p/s : this is what I THINK.. it can be false.. it can be true.. no one knows for sure besides chanbaek themselves.. its gonna be long, so brace yourself with my delulu writing..

this is purely chanbaek.. don’t like chanbaek..? don’t read.. i don’t want my inbox blown with hate.. thank you ^_^ ..

lets begin..

if you realized, when chanbaek first meet, they got close in just one night.. kai confirms this..

Kai said during 120605 EXO-K joynews24 interview : At first I was a bit surprised, Baekhyun joined us very late but he became close with Chanyeol in just one night..

i think chanyeol and baekhyun love each other as soon as they see each but seriously look at them..

The fans who attendedBaekhyun’s birthday party said Chanyeol first opened the party by making aspeech indicating  ; “This is Baekhyun, my roommate and we are in a loving relationship.”

121126 Chanyeol’s birthday party Baekhyun said that when he just entered SM, Chanyeol was the first person to walk towards him, and after having eye contact for 10 seconds, they had the feeling of “That’s him!”. Anyway, the two could really get along very well. The other members told them to get married. Baekhyun said “Umma! I’m going to get married” 

the picture below was during MAMA Era.. and these two are surely chanyeol and baekhyun.. only baekhyun have that hair colour during MAMA and that guy, thats chanyeol.. look at the ear..! i think they are together since the first time they meet but they are in the state of secrecy.. 

you can see that baekhyun actually feels uncomfortable when chanyeol holds him and chanyeol kinda hesitant(?) with his hold.. so i think by this time they are scared people gonna know about them..

during MAMA and History, they are in good term.. just being careful.. not going overboard with their fanservices.. the still in good term when they record Happy Camp on 130604 recording.. 

however they had a fight during Wolf promotion fansign event on 14th June 2013..

in this link there are parts where chanyeol and baekhyun refuses to reply to any request from fans relate to chanbaek..lets face it.. isn’t chanbaek started as just a fanservice made by the company..? so why are they suddenly refused to do anything with it..? aren’t they afraid of the company..? this is during Wolf Era.. they are promoting Wolf at that time..

 what happened between them until the choose to ignore the fan’s requests..?? and just 10 days difference with their lovey dovey recording of Happy Camp.. i think during that time, something happened.. maybe that time Baekhyun already set to have a girlfriend.. or their company already asked them to stop.. 

i think chanbaek already have feelings for each other when they first meet but they are restricted by people ( their company maybe.?).. they even wrote songs together, practice duet together (the things about their duets is, it never went on-air..except the Love Song on 130808 Youngstreet„,)

Can you imagine, practicing this song, with just the two of them.. while looking at each other..? and why Baekhyun have that look on his face..?? maybe throughout the practice and spending time together make them closer again and they started to ignore what people said.. 

Do you know who is the first person that posted Baekhyun a Happy Birthday on Instagram..? nope.. its not Sehun.. its Chanyeol.. but why he deleted that cake post..? Baekhyun’s birthday cake was chanyeol’s FIRST ever post in his IG.. 

in my opinion, Baekyeon already set up long before February.. why..? because, out of nowhere suddenly Chanyeol said Chen as his new soulmates.. i emphasizes “NEW”… he didn’t say “my soulmates” he said “new soulmates”.. that means he still remember that he has a soulmates before..and it is Baekhyun.. the guy sitting infront of him.. 

Chanyeol called Baekhyun as his “number 1 soulmate” in [MISC] 130814 - STAR CAST : “Trend’s Core ‘EXO Life of Research’..

look at Baekhyun.. he didn’t smile at all.. thats Baekhyun’s jealous face.. when Baekhyun is jealous he will stare at distance and his lips gonna be thinner as he curl his lips.. and i think one of the earliest member who knows about chanbaek is Kyungsoo.. and kyungsoo just look at at chanyeol with straight face too.. 

after this interview, they shoot for EXO Showtime.. didn’t anyone realizes that chanyeol didn’t have much skinship with Baekhyun unlike with the other members..?? in showtime, if you look clooosseeeely you will noticed that chanbaek have many scene where they are together being cut off.. during the sunrise episode, actually Chanyeol and Baekhyun stand next to each other but it never shows in the show.. 

(sorry i got into EXOST..but i always wanna talk about this just no one asked..

there are only two person wearing that white jacket at the time.. its suho and chanyeol..the editing of exo showtime is very weird.. why..? chanyeol stands next to baekhyun but not one shot where they are standing next to each other..

see..? the most left is baekhyun and who is taller than baekhyun and wearing that white jacket..? its chanyeol.. but exo showtime’s crew make sure the shot are not clear.. why..? i think some inside connections are influential here.. 

and this one.. did you noticed that in the real show, (at least from what i watched) the leg part are completely covered but big ass words at the bottom..

Chanbaek are being very fearless when Baekhyun suddenly come to Roommate.. 

when baekhyun come to Roommate house, many of their moments and interactions got cut out by SBS.. i have another theory about Roommate (here)..

ok i’m gonna talk a bit about Baekyeon.. they said Baekyeon starts dating in February right..? Anyone who knows me know that i don’t believe in Baekyeon.. i believe that Baekyeon are not dating and are a stage up thing by SM.. idk.. i can be wrong.. but thats what i believe (because there are just too many things that are shady about them..idk).. don’t you think its weird, that SM revealed Baekyeon EXACTLY one day after baekhyun came to Roommate..?? read my chanbaek in Roommate post and you’ll know why i said its very weird..

when Baekyeon revealed, Baekhyun looks like a wreck.. have you seen the picture of him go out from music show..? hurmm.. i dont remember what broadcast..

after Baekyeon revealed, we Chanabek shippers are kinda depress and thought that Chanbaek are really broken.. but Chanbaek proof us wrong.. Chanyeol still with Baekhyun in the airport like he always did.. 

they lost the laugh on their faces but they still together.. thats enough for me.. because after that they are normal again.. it took time but they are ok again tho.. after this, chanyeol starts being very obviously close with kyungsoo.. he starts making moments with kyungsoo, he choose kyungsoo.. (i don’t hate kyungsoo, no no.. i love him.. i just say that chanyeol become obviously close with kyungsoo..)..

i can see Baek look so hurt.. i think i have the gifs but maybe in my phone sorry.. 

there is one event that happened and the timeline are perfect.. its 1140719 TLP Shanghai.. 

first Chanyeol posted “Love is a losing games” lyrics in his IG.. a song about the pain in love (at least thats what in the lyrics chanyeol posted)..

Few hours after that (when they are in china) Baekhyun, who keep silent about the Baekyeon thing suddenly posted an “apology” letter in his IG..

after this letter was posted in 4 in the morning few hours after that he deleted it.. i dont know why he delete it, maybe he got a lot of hate because of it, but in my thought that letter actually just for EXO-L and also Chanyeol.. he talk about misunderstanding.. what misunderstanding..? that he dating tae..? thats not a misunderstanding , right..? about he didn’t love his fans and betrayed them..? we all know how much baekhyun loves his fans.. he used to be no.1 in fanservice @ fanlove.. so what is the misunderstanding..? if he really wanna make his fans forgive him why he didn’t posted on the fancafe..? or somewhere many other people gonna read it..? and why deleted it..???? only baekhyun knows.. i think he just want chanyeol and people who believe in them read that and after making sure chanyeol read it, he delete it.. who knows.. it might be true.. 

after that chanyeol posted another thing.. exactly few hours after baekhyun deleted his letter.. heart shaped leaf.. hurmmmmm… 

feeling better chanyeollie..??

after the apology letter incident you know what happened..? TLP Shanghai.. what so special about TLP Shanghai..? well.. after few other TLP conducted, chanbaek had been very distance.. they are there, but there are no actual moments between them.. until Shanghai..

in TLP Shanghai, this happened.. they finally have real moments.. real contact.. and chanyeol seems happy again.. 

few month after that, they are very happy on stage.. off stage.. everywhere.. Chanyeol who stops being nice to Baekhyun after the scandal, suddenly being a prince charming again..

chanyeol again being the charming boyfriend material him with baek (baek only) by taking baekhyun’s bag and push it for him.. awww.. so sweet.. ^_^..

and they still do their little “love sign” just between them.. isn’t baek already have a girlfriend at this moment..???? look at their smiling faces.. 

they still love each other even after so many rough obstacle come their way.. and i hope they can always love each other forever and people just stop disturbing them..  

Here are the clearer timeline of all this..

  • 4 June 2013 - Happy Camp recording ( they do the lovesign)
  • 14 June 2013 - Wolf Fansign (fight?)
  • August 2013 - Growl
  • 8 August 2013 - EXO Youngstreet (duet with weird expression)
  • October 2013 - EXO Showtime
  • ** Feb 2014 - BY said to start dating (EXOST still in recording)
  • 17 June 2014 - Baek come to Roommate
  • 18 June 2014 - Baekyeon revealed
  • 17 July 2014 - TLP Shanghai
  • 15 August 2014 - SM Town 2014 (another lovesign)

at the end.. no matter what we think, only chanyeol, baekhyun and SM knows what actually is between them.. me and my friend can spend hours talking about we come out with many theories, and look from many perspectives.. hehe..

that’s the thing about me and my friend.. we love chanbaek but we don’t blindly loving them.. we have our reasons (plausible reasons) why we think chanbaek is real.. we look from many perspectives.. we don’t look in one sole reason and one sole perspective only.. 

Again i will say this.. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION.. I USE “MY OPINION” IN THIS ENTRY.. you can believe it or not i don’t care.. 

milk-tea-noble  asked:

Hello, Su. I saw a post of yours saying that Sakura forced her feelings on Sasuke and added a gif saying "it's what she deserves". So, my question is: why exactly do you think she deserves any of that? She didn't do anything to deserve being in an abusive relationship. True, she chased after a man who didn't love her, but that's not something that warrants abuse. But I may just be lashing out because I was abused and I am against victim blaming. Who knows?

First of all, the gif was meant in a joking manner. It is a widely popular meme, so I actually feel kind of stupid explaining to you that it was meant humorously rather than self-righteously and thus, I answered your question. Having said that, Sakura is not in an abusive relationship, and if you present such an audacious accusation that I am victim-blaming Sakura, then you should make every effort to offer sound evidence for your argumentation. Failing to do so turns your argument into an empty claim and therefore, it falls flat. I mean you are sending me a message that implies I actually condone victim-blaming. You should think about your words and what they could suggest before sending me these types of asks. For now, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you didn’t intend to actually say I actively countenance victim-blaming.

By stating you were abused and logically must be against victim-blaming, you are committing two mistakes. The first one is that you believe I—or anyone else with a similar stance for that matter—didn’t experience physical and/or psychological abuse; the second one is, you are using the either-or fallacy, convinced that there are only two outcomes. You can be guilty of victim-blaming, even if you were abused. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming you for possibly doing that and I’m sure you are overly cautious regarding victim-blaming; however, it is simply intellectually dishonest to make bold statements like that. That’s why I will call you out on it. Now, to understand why their relationship isn’t abusive and why both are in fact equally responsible for their dysfunctional marriage, I will explain what an abusive relationship is in the first place.

The notion that their relationship is of abusive nature with the information present in canon cannot be proven. This point is not debatable; there is not enough information given for any reasonable psychiatrist to make that determination. Furthermore, canon does not support your theory well either. Frankly, anyone who thinks they can label Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship as abusive solely because it appears that Sasuke isn’t interested in Sakura doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Human behaviour is incredibly nuanced. Your argument is alas not well-informed. Ruling that out is pretty easy, for so much evidence goes against it. Before I go into it, though, we have to be all on the same page.

What is domestic abuse?

When we talk about domestic abuse, we are referring to a pattern of behaviour which involves violence or other forms of abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting. In Sasuke and Sakura’s case, this would be their marriage. Domestic violence occurs when the abuser believes that abuse is acceptable, justified, or unlikely to be reported.  

I don’t contest that Sasuke attacked Sakura in the past, but it was never in a domestic setting and both were on equal playing ground, meaning that this cannot be described as domestic abuse. On top of this, behaving a certain way under extraordinary circumstances doesn’t say anything about how one would behave under normal circumstances. In any case, abuse is a repeated pattern of behaviour in a domestic setting. You have to have evidence of suffering or inflicting repeatedly emotional and/or physical pain in a domestic setting. If you cannot demonstrate that Sasuke inflicts repeatedly emotional and/or physical pain to Sakura in a domestic setting, you cannot suggest they are in an abusive relationship. Since we have actual proof how Sasuke behaves under normal circumstances towards Sakura, we can say that he is not abusive towards her. 

We have to take the following questions into consideration when determining if Sakura is abused by Sasuke:

  • Is Sakura afraid of Sasuke?
  • Does Sakura avoid certain topics out of fear of angering Sasuke?
  • Does Sakura feel that she cannot do anything right for Sasuke?
  • Does she believe that she deserves to be hurt or mistreated?
  • Does she wonder if she is the one who is crazy?
  • Does she feel emotionally numb or helpless?
  • Does Sasuke humiliate or yell at her?
  • Does Sasuke constantly criticise her and put her down?
  • Does Sasuke treat her badly that she is embarrassed for her family and friends to see?
  • Does Sasuke ignore her accomplishments?
  • Does Sasuke see her as his property or sex object?
  • Does Sasuke have a bad temper?
  • Does he hurt or threaten to kill her?
  • Does he threaten to take Sarada away?
  • Does he threaten to commit suicide?
  • Does he force her to have sex?
  • Does he destroy her belongings?
  • Does he display excessive jealousy?
  • Does he control where she can and cannot go?
  • Does he keep her from seeing friends and family?
  • Does he limit her access to money? 
  • Does he constantly check up on her?

I type this for completion’s sake. You can reference it if you absolutely insist, but I’m not going to be touching much on this list because taking a look at it, I can already tell that no points apply to their relationship. If you are super pedantic, then you may view one or two points as legitimate, which is barely relevant. As I keep stressing, the diagnosis is way more complex than superficially matching items on a checklist anyway, so yeah. There is enough evidence that makes it clear that while not the happiest, their marriage is not abusive. Sakura is not a victim of Sasuke’s abuse since, in order to be a victim of abuse, there has to be actual abuse in a domestic setting. So yeah, I’d advise you to stop throwing these serious terms around loosely; it stigmatises actual domestic abuse.

anonymous asked:

"There's a five letter word that's all to appropriate." The word is "pride" right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight? Anyway loved Part 20. It was good to see Dohj's true attitude show through. Also, I personally like all of the conversations Sans has with Alphys. They always have so much meaning. I also see what you did there with the title. Dohj is no dancer after all.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of Sans and Alphys interactions. The original game hints that they knew each other fairly well, but we never see anything specific. Here, with them both as heads of the royal guard, it presents an opportunity to flesh out that character dynamic a bit more.They kinda work as foils to each other in terms of the guard leadership. While Alphys is the head honcho, Sans is much better under pressure, is more social, and doesn’t care nearly as much about what the others on the force think of him.

But he hates complications and hates doing more work than he needs to, whereas IF Alphys is very ambitious, very eager to please others, a bundle of insecurities, and while she’s quite smart and has a strong tactical mind, her social skills are lacking. Moreover, she’s very dishonest with herself and others. What Sans said about her knowing the truth “under that mask” is very true- her more intimidating armor as opposed to the goofy anime costumes of her subordinates is a facade she constructed specifically because the captain is supposed to be strong! The captain is supposed to be firm, confident, and put the needs of the many over personal desires.

She’s suppressing a lot of who she is, and Sans can see straight through her, and he’s one of the few who is willing to call her out on it. He, like Mettaton, knows this is eating her up inside.

Which brings us to a theme of this current arc- “masks,” concealing one’s innermost feelings. And it’s not just Alphys who’s doing it.

anonymous asked:

TRUE LOVE'S KISS thats what helped nina control her dragon form! their love is real I don't like to force my opinion on someone but its clear you cant deny it they have been building up their relationship ever since the arm wrestling match. Their love is not forced like some are saying especially after this episode but the kiss was definitely unexpected.


Thanks to all this asks I’ve been recieving, I didn’t had the time to check again on the snb tag, but I know what’s happening there (and I sigh)

But damn yeah, it’s been since episode 3 and man we are at 17 now…? Woah, it’s been a long ride! and it’s not even ended yet aaaah

I mean, I can understand why people can be pissed off by the focus on charinina relationship. I can understand they’d like to know more about the others too, and I can’t really argue as I would like that too.
(The only difference is that I’m satisfied by charinina development I guess)

I don’t want to force my opinion on people either, this is actually done by other people ^^”
And again, yes, of course people can dislike the pairing, I mean - as absurd as it sounds - they can be disrespectful too, as far as I’m concerned. After all, no matter what, episode 17 is real and so is charinina.

thatvolyova replied to your post “HOLY SHIT, LEMEDY’S FINALLY PLAYING SPIRIT OF JUSTICE: CASE 2, PART 1”


ahaha you deserve a longer answer than this, but my head is hurting and I am waiting for the sweet, sweet nurofen to kick in, SO:



I’m going to note and come back to this later, but it sort of ties into how while I really, really enjoyed DD and am liking SOJ so far, I think the series made a mistake in resetting Phoenix’s character after AJ, and also not letting AJ have any real repercussions for the characters who went through intense levels of personal shit in AJ, and goooood I love this series but I have to fact facts it is never ever ever going to go as deep as I want.



anonymous asked:

Omg!!! The new video. What do you think about it?? How do you hope they'll wrap this story up?

The new video was something else! My original theory after the first video was that the girls represent some part of them, and I think this is still true, but in this video they were more like parallels to who they have been connected with through HYYH. 

I honestly just want everything to end up happy, but as it is I have no idea what could happen ;~; (I just hope everyone is happy I just… I hate when everything is sad like this.) 

We just have to wait and see what happens ;~;

Adoption 5sos
  • Michael: I'm hungry
  • Luke: I'll inform the press
  • Calum: ....
  • Luke: (shouts out of window) EVERYBODY PANIC!
  • Ashton: it will be on the front page tomorrow
  • Michael: I hate you all
  • Luke: love you too
  • Calum: I want a baby
  • Ashton: what
  • Calum: I want a baby.
  • Ashton: um Calum
  • Calum: I WANT A BABY
  • Luke: cal, that's impossible
  • Calum: no it's not
  • Ashton: your not a woman my friend
  • Calum: well I'm sure this morning I had a d-
  • Luke: CALUM
  • Calum: anyway, I meant I want to adopt
  • Ashton: you are not adopting a child
  • Michael: you can barely look after yourself
  • Calum: that's not true
  • Michael: oh but it is
  • Michael: just last week you nearly got your hand stuck in a fan.
  • Ashton: fan?
  • Michael: no you idiot, I mean the mechanical fan.
  • Ashton: oh thank Oprah
  • Luke: you should of said so
  • Michael: I DID, I MEAN I JUST-
  • Calum: ANYWAY. That was a mistake
  • Ashton: how did you get your hand anywhere near a fan?
  • Calum: it was when we were back from getting noodles, Luke scared the crap outta me and my noodle flew into the fan...
  • Ashton: so you got a WHOLE BOX of noodles a and ONE NOODLE flew out somehow and you tried to get it back when you had loads left?
  • Calum: I guess
  • Ashton: yeah your not adopting
  • Calum: but-
  • Luke: listen to daddy
  • Ashton: you did not just say that
  • Ashton: you sound like Michael
  • Michael: I've tought him well.

I just found this picture on Pinterest and it really touched me. It just makes me pitty all the anime haters, because they have no idea what are they missing. 

I trully believe real anime fans live as much lives as they watched anime.

  • Robert: To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left, to the left. To the right, to the right, to the right. Go on.
  • Aaron: Here?
  • Robert: You know where you're going, you live here. Yeah, open it, go on.
  • Aaron: Oh, yeah. Ok. Ok.
  • Robert: I knew, you wouldn't want a big party, so... this is just for the two of us. And don't worry, she's not stopping long. But I thought you're putting the dress on.
  • Liv: No, never I agreed to that.
  • Robert: It's Aaron's birthday and it's a beautiful dress!
  • Liv: Aw, if you love it so much, you put it on.
  • Aaron: Robert, this is amazing.
  • Robert: I wanted to get you in the mood.
  • Aaron: For what?
  • Robert: Your present. Red or black?
  • Aaron:
  • Robert: Ooooooohhh, I'm sorry, you loose. Looks like I'm gonna have to take someone else to Las Vegas.
  • Aaron: Are you serious?
  • Liv: Can I come?
  • Robert: No.
  • Aaron: I've always wanted to go to Vegas and do the whole helicopter between the Grand Canyon thing, and the off-road, racing in the dessert.
  • Robert: Cirque de Soleil?
  • Aaron: Yeah...they defy gravity.
  • Liv: I'm glad I'm not invited?
  • Robert: Well, none of that matters now cos you lost.
  • Aaron: Don't I get another go?
  • Robert: I don't know, does he?
  • Liv: Get on with it.
  • Robert: Well, house rule state that if the croupier gets stroppy then you win so looks like you're going to Las vegas after all! How great a fiancè am I?
  • Aaron: You're the best! (KISS)
  • Liv: Don't put your lips on him when I'm in the room. I'll be scarred. (leaves)
  • Robert: What? You do know that none of what Chrissie said is true?
  • Aaron: Well, some of it was.
  • Robert: The point is, we're completely different. Right, I was mainly with her because of her money and...your skint. I'm with you because I love you. That's all there is to it.
  • Aaron: I know.
L&C Flirting HCs
  • Lockwood: this boy is the cheesiest one to ever live; at first he'll seem really suave with his smirks and winks and compliments; but then he uses stupid pick-up lines he got from the Internet or Flo; it ruins it but he buys you a lot of cute stuff and food; he also overuses dumb physical flirts from chick-flicks such as the "I raised my arm to stretch but it landed around your shoulders oh well nothing we can do"; if you flirt back by touching him (like holding his hand or cupping his cheek), that boy will turn redder than a tomato but he'll be a smiley tomato; sometimes, he tries to make you something cute, but it ends up bad, but the effort is really adorable so it's ok now you're in love
  • Lucy: this girl doesn't even realize she likes you and is flirting with you (excessive punches, laughs, and staring); when she does realize, she follows after Lockwood who has called himself the "Pickup Master" and gave her advice; when she tries to say the punchline, she'll blush furiously and stutter and then blush even more at her failure so she punches you really hard and then runs away; she'll try to do it multiple times and it keeps failing until finally she's lost all her dignity and goes "whatever"; that's when she actually confesses; it's really adorable and painful and now you're in love
  • George: the true "Pickup Master"; he reads a lot of romance novels secretly and uses what he learned to his advantage; sometimes he'll circle specific words and give the book to you and you have to find all circled words and put it together into a sentence that reveals how he really feels about you; (once he did this to Kipps but the words were "I hate you, you irascible idiot."); when you confront him about it, he'll act all nonchalant and says it's a normal thing; it isn't because he's blushing even though his expression is bland; he'll hold your hand at random and it's actually really cute; also he'll accompany you anywhere and talk more with less sass and now you're in love
  • Holly: instead of Pickup Master it's Pickup Failure; this girl loses all her cool when she realizes she's crushing on someone; she's gonna blush whenever you're around and if you engage in conversation, she'll babble on and on about nothing because she's so embarrassed; you'll have to stop her eventually but her babbling is really cute; she'll get advice from Lockwood, but she doesn't follow it because it sounds stupid; George eventually gives her advice and she follows it well but if you flirt back, she'll break her cool and go back to babbling mindlessly; this girl is hilariously adorable and now you're in love
  • Barry: I, Barry Allen, take Iris West to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.
  • Iris: I, Iris West, take Barry Allen to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honour you all the days of my life.
  • Martin Stein: It's my great pleasure to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Allen.
  • Iris: WEST-Allen.
  • Barry: I knew you'd want the hyphenation.
  • Iris: What can I say? I suppose I'm a hyphenator after all.
  • Martin Stein: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.
  • * Iris kisses Barry * 💋
  • Joe West: That's my girl.

anonymous asked:

You know what REALLY irritates me? The insistence that Elsanna is canon. That Elsa saying she's Anna's birthday date means they're each other's true love, for example. Yep, that's true, because the point of the movie was that true love does not automatically mean romantic love. I mean, JFC, even my gay uncle thinks the so-called Elsanna subtext is forced. Have the sisters all over each other in fanon--that's what fandom is for. But please stop insisting Elsanna is canon. Please.

As an Elsanna shipper, I do agree with this. To be absolutely honest, I’ve never gotten the Elsanna vibes when I first saw the movie and I definitely did not get it, too, after watching Frozen Fever. The truth is, I only learned about Elsanna when I joined Tumblr and I started to actively ship it when I’ve read/seen several fanfiction and fan art.

But as a shipper, I can see why it could be romantic. But I don’t agree that it’s canon at all. It’s just irritating when people say, “KRISTOFF IS ONLY IN IT BECAUSE DISNEY WANTS THE MOVIE TO BE HETERONORMATIVE BLABLABLA IT’S A GIVEN. BUT IF HE WASN’T THERE, ELSANNA WILL BE CANON.”

And here I am sitting like—okay so, Disney would totally produce a movie with two sisters falling in love with each other? Let’s be real here. Seriously? I’m actually surprised (and appalled) that people would think that. You have fan fiction and Tumblr, yes. But to insist and analyze and wholeheartedly believe that it’s canon? I have no words.

Incest is not a joke. It’s a very, very, very controversial topic and not suitable at all for the demographics the movie is geared for. At all. There are people who are consenting adults who have relations with their relatives. But this is a children’s movie. And then there are victims of incest—some, children. Forced marriage, rape, etc. For Disney to throw a curveball and just dump that in the movie is quite overwhelming and absolutely insensitive, in my opinion. So they didn’t and they never will.

Maybe people say it’s canon because of the “subtle but not so subtle homosexuality” involved. Sure, we can take that in context and strip away the sisterhood part of it. They would make a cute couple, Elsa and Anna. I do ship them as non-sisters in alternate universes. But I know for a fact that this ship only exists outside the realm of Disney and the crux of the story remains: it’s platonic love. They’re not romantic lovers. They love each other so much because hey, they’re sisters. I love my parents so much, too. And my little sisters. It doesn’t need to be romanticized. 

“Birthday date” would get taken out of context by people who want to take it out of context. I go on “coffee dates” with my dad. And “lunch dates” with my mom. And yes, “birthday dates” with my sisters (ironic). But it’s not meant to be a secret lingo for sex or making out or NSFW sessions after hours. People want to give things a different meaning depending on what they want to see. 

I enjoy Frozen Fever and Frozen for what they are: sisterly love. And Elsa and Anna’s reconciliation and closeness in this new short was just too adorable and endearing. I didn’t think of it as anything more until I’ve read posts here on Tumblr suggesting otherwise. But that’s okay. Ship and let ship. I have nothing against that, I actually quite adore it because like I said, they would make a cute couple in the NON-CANON world. And I stand by that.