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What's wrong with the all lives matter thing? I thought it was a good thing 😨

think of it like this, girlie

you’re at a charity marathon that is raising money for breast cancer patients. everyone is wearing pink so they can support the cause. it’s pink balloons everywhere, pink packaged snacks n drinks etc. but then some random ass person comes in with a blue shirt on screaming “WHAT ABOUT THROAT CANCER?!!? THATS IMPORTANT TOO?!?” uhhh?????? no. the theme is breast cancer. that’s what we’re focusing on bc it’s been the most deadliest cancer as of lately and we’re just trying to raise money to help these patients suffering from it. then the person goes “OH?? BUT STILL. #THROATCANCER MATTERS. BYE. IF U DONT RAISE MONEY FOR ALL CANCERS URE WACK”

how replace “breast cancer” w black lives/muslim lives and “throat cancer” w white lives.

see how kinda fucked up it is?? like black lives, muslim lives are the problems the world is trying to focus on and fix because they are important people who has been hurt so many times throughout history n as of lately. no disrespect to “throat cancer” but sorry y'all not di main focus. this isn’t a throat cancer event. “breast cancer” is more important rn bc people suffering from it needs the most help.

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WhaT IS UP can i ask for some advice or hElp cause i have this confirmation school(???) meeting and im literally bawling my eyes out worrying if im going to have a panic attack??? Or if ill be thoroughly anxious the whole time idk im just so selfconscious about my outer appearance and what others might think that it has gone to the level where id rather stay at home unless its necessary and this isnt but id love to have the money cha ching yes thats it i love you

I think my advice would be to not worry so much over what these people would think because more than half of the time those people aren’t even caring about you?? But like not in a harsh way I mean even if you don’t attend it they probably won’t think anything of that, and unless you’re wearing a bra on your head or something then they wouldn’t really give a damn about your appearance either. Basically what I’m saying is I think you’re just over thinking things dear ^.^

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Papillion: Prince Jin, I understand that you are of royal blood. And I understand royals have a higher standard of living... But dear gods, how can you spend so freely?! The amount you spend in a WEEK could feed the WHOLE army a decently balanced meal with variations for a month! Where do you get all this money? Is your kingdom just made of GOLD? Or are you just emptying out your kingdom's poor reserves like some mad man?! Also... Where did you get that headband piece? It's quite lovely~


“My kingdom works hard for it’s wealth, and while we’re not nearly as mighty as Hoshido, we’re definitely rich compared to Nohr. Buying a feast a day isn’t much of a challenge.”

“Though we’re not nearly as large or influential… I’m hoping to change that by gaining favour with at least one of the kingdoms.”

“As for my tag clip, it’s actually charmed. If I don’t take care of it properly then I…”

“… I… Well, let’s just hope you never have to find out.”


Something really bad happened. Today at 5:00 A.M. a group of 4 men forced the entrance to our house. They beat up my mom and older sister (they were trying to protect me and to protect my 1-year-old niece). They had guns and, for a moment, I thought they were going to kill us. They stole everything from us. They stole my laptop, our cellphones, food, money. They even stole my little niece’s clothes :(

We went to the hospital to check if my mom and sister were ok. I paid for the hospital bill and bought a little bit of food but I don’t have any money left. I don’t know what to do. I still need to buy more food and to buy clothes for my little niece. I’m the only one with a job right now but, sadly, my salary isn’t enough to pay for everything.

Please, if you can, and are willing to help me, you could send a few dollars trough paypal. E-Mail: (My best friend e-mail. She’s the one helping me right now).

I’m desperate.  EVEN A DOLLAR IS A LOT TO ME. Or you could help me just by reblogging this post.

I’m crying so hard. I feel angry and sad. How can a person do this to another person? I feel embarrassed too, and I’m so sorry that I’m asking for your help but I don’t really know what to do. I need to help my family. I’m really sorry guys…

America: This Animal Crossing game is way more awesome than I thought it would be!!

Japan: Do you like all the cute neighbors I-

America: It’s like pure capitalism!

Japan:.. capitalism?

America: You can sell a mosquito, dude. A mosquito. And make money. That’s- That’s beautiful.   

Alright I’ve already seen criticism that Percy has not been cast as a twelve-year-old and I’m going to list two good reasons why he’s not:

1) Child Labor Laws. For the musical Matilda they had to cast four girls to play one role so that they didn’t overwork them. They could do that here, except you have many, many twelve-year-olds to cast. Quadruple that amount, at least for the leads, and thats a lot of extra money to pay. It’s easier to just hire a few adult actors.

2) They would have to cast a girl to play Percy, or at least not a cis boy. Because twelve-year-old cis boys are just at the beginning of puberty, and you know what happens then? Their voices drop. Often, overnight. Imagine if the kid’s voice droppedjn the middle if a preformance? You know how hard it is to sing when your voice ISN’T on the fritz because of hormones? Cause I do.

It is so much easier to hire an adult, especially for a live musical. Movies, you can get around stuff like that, because it'a not filmed in order. You can film with your child actors up to the limit each day and make a movie in a decent amount of time, movies have no excuse. Live musicals are harder to make, they have to preform EVERY NIGHT. Usually MULTIPLE TIMES. Give them credit for the work they’ve done so far!

Some Things Are Unforgivable

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [exhausted and disheveled, rubbing his eyes] OK…read what we have so far back to me. 
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [putting on reading glasses] All right. “One - steal his mask and then tell him he doesn’t get it back unless he does what you say”, “Two - catfish him online and attempt to siphon away money from the First Order until it dissolves”, “Three - tell him that the light side has hotter ginger guys if that’s what he’s into” – awww…Anakin…
Anakin: [winks] 
Obi-Wan:  – “Four - kidnap him and send him to one of those cult-deprogramming places” –
Anakin: …wouldn’t have worked on me.
Obi-Wan: – and “Five” – well, actually the next 15 lines just say “kick his ass”, which I don’t think we’re allowed to do anymore. 
Anakin: [throws his pen at the wall] But why can’t we just go kick his ass? That kid is out there, sullying my name… 
Obi-Wan: …well in fairness I think you really got the ball rolling there – 
Anakin: …and concealing a full head of Skywalker Hair. ON PURPOSE!
Obi-Wan: [clenching his fist] The man is a monster. He must be stopped. 

Hi yes, The Princess and the Frog may not have made the amount of money Tangled did, but it got people talking about Disney again and got Disney to continue the fairy tale musical genre so if it weren’t for PATF y’all wouldn’t have your precious Tangled so stop saying Tangled started the revival.

you talk lots about god

freedom coms from the call





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i recently bought an expensive gaming laptop and i need to pay my parents back so thats what this money is gonna be going to lol rip me

for the complexity part, it just means the first drawing (witch) will cost u extra since its so detailed compared to the second one (sombra & dva)

if u want me to draw using my more painterly style as seen here, pls let me know and i can quote a price for u on that

thank you for your support!

  • DHS: you have to include gift money when youre applying for food stamps
  • me: thats not fucking income why would i have to do that its not like im getting it every fucking month
  • DHS: 8) its income to us
  • me: what so do you want me to start including pennies i find on the ground to make sure I'm not scamming the system with my fucking street pennies
  • DHS: (: Yes.
  • me: oh my god. yall really are the devil.

Poke-Ball-Pokemon Economy in the United States Maps

Poke-balls are a rather inexpensive tool that are necessary for any trainer. Though the base price for a Poke-ball is quite low. The actual price, due to inflation and economy, actually changes over the states. The lowest price a Poke-ball is $4.32 in Mississippi, and the highest price is $5.86 in Hawaii, giving a range a difference in 30% from the base price of the Poke-ball.

Gorillaz stuff that happened in 2016

(In case you’re not aware that phase 4 started already and you about to comment WHERE’S THE ALBUM!! U FUCKS!!! on their IG)

  • Art!!!
  • “HALLELUJAH MONEY” is a lyric from a new song
  • They finally updated their social media HOORAY
  • They updated their broken ass site
  • Reuploaded almost all their videos in HD (back in the days you had to watch them all blurry and suckish)
  • Noodle spoke!!! For the first time!!! In like ten years!!!!
  • First animation!!! since!! DYT!! and it Noodle!!!
  • Interviews with all of them!! + playlists!
  • Noodle is a fashion model now? good for her??
  • Also, Noodle is back on social media 
  • jamie posted storyboards

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Do the coins you get from tips on Tapastic help a lot? I've been tipping some, but idk how much it actually helps


i love that when ventress is kinda free to do her own thing and becomes a bounty hunter, she starts doing good deeds but would NEVER admit it


*sees the girl is going to become the king’s slave* Im gonna go out of my way to save you because no one did that for me and thats what lead me down this dark path-IMEAN grrr im a tough bounty hunter im only doing this for the money

*sees savage’s bounty* “Move over boys. This one’s mine.” *leaves the bar* “holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck i need to stop him”

*sees ahsoka, betrayed by her master and her order* I’m gonna be there for you because i know what you’re going through-er, eh, i mean, ill only do it if you PROMISE to maybe talk to the senate about getting some of my crimes pardoned. If you have time. If not don’t worry about it. probly wont work so dont stress about it. Im so cool