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okay but like to be fair, those were soldiers, at war, so i mean... for daenerys to win the war, she would have to kill (at least most) of them anyway, no? so why is it so much worse that she used her dragon, seeing as i mean she is the only person who has dragons so it kinda makes sense to use them to her advantage.. and also since she is the only one to have them for like hundreds of years, it's not ever exactly "fair" to use them, right? but then why have dragons if they never do anything..


the problem was she just went to her enemies and burned them. That’s not honorable, not fair, not anything. If it is a war, there are battles. There is a code to be followed. She didn’t. She killed her enemies, but not the right way. For no good reason other than to kill them. Because in war, battles have a purpose; land, territory, castles, hostages, spying. Here her only goal was to feel less like a loser by burning people to the ground.

I’m not saying she can’t use her dragons, I’m saying that if she wants to be a fair and good queen, she has to use them on the right situations. She could’ve placed one to protect Highgarden (like Im sure the Lannisters were expecting that given that they took that crossbow with them). she can use them to defend her castle, she can WARN!! PEOPLE!! THAT SHE WILL USE HER DRAGONS ON THE ARMY AND ASK FOR DEMANDS IN ORDER NOT TO. Thats what a good queen would do. She used them, it helped her, but it wasn’t right and thats what we are saying. End. Period. This is all covered on the captions i posted


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