that's what she said

My 10 Favorite Richonne Moments

10. “You gonna stay a little while?”

9. “I’ve never seen your face like that.”

8. “Because I’m okay, too.”

7. “We should go to Washington.”

6. “Soon as I get it, you will.”

5. “Thank you.”

4. “This is good.”

3. “I wanted it to be ours. Me and you.”

2. The Couch Scene™

1. 7x12 (Yes, I already know it’s my favorite.)


Star Wars: That’s What She Said


Rune ( @runetangclan) took us to Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, VT for dinner. There was Frenet on draught so of course we did shots with Schlitz 60s Formula chasers. Rune also expertly ordered some delicious starters for us including these heavenly pork rinds, fried pimento cheese balls with a sweet chili dipping sauce and hush puppies with maple butter. Girl Interrupted got the house mac and cheese which was decadent and enormous and I got the house burger with pimento cheese, applewood smoked bacon and fried green tomato. Last but not least Rune ordered the Take A Knee: Tom Cat gin (my favorite) Amaro, honey and lemon and I got the Hill Farmstead Edward (American Pale Ale). I wish we had more time to taste all their beer and cocktail offerings but we’ll have to save it for another trip.

So Harry and friends turn 20 in 2000

Which means they spent the early 2000s in their early 20s.

Which means that the muggleborns are definitely making nonstop “That’s what she said” jokes.

Which means all of them constantly all the time making “that’s what she said” jokes.

Which means Harry and Draco being absolutely brutal with “that’s what she said” jokes.

The flash sheet I made for THE OFFICE is also up on my Etsy :) Very limited amount made! Hope you like it.

Finished The Office for the fifth time. But I decided to tally everything, so here are the results.

“Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam” - 21
Jim Smirks - 425
Jim Pranks - 83
“That’s what she said” - 36
Michael stress eats - 4
Dwight Smirks - 67
Andy mentions Cornell - 15
Conference meetings - 88
Party Planning Committee (PPC) - 15
Dwight cries - 4
Michael cries - 20
Michael runs away - 4
Correction to Assistant to the Regional Manager - 19
Scranton Strangler brought up - 8
Jim and Pam fights - 4

Legolas: Dad, that was unnecessary.

Thranduil: What are you talking about?

Legolas: That seductive smile thing you always do.

Thranduil: Yes, son, it was necessary. Everything I do is necessary. There is nothing I’ve ever done in my life that wasn’t necessary.

Legolas: Was it necessary to lock up a company of dwarves over a dinner party?

Thranduil: Not necessarily. I just wanted to. Like when I made love to your mother. I just wanted to but I was not necessarily expecting you to show up nine months later.

Legolas: You are unbelievable.

Thranduil: That’s what your mother said.