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So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.


…Aaaand he is also in for a bit of a shock once he actually gets filled in on what’s gone down!

Next part will be along soonlike!

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every westallen scene ever (124/?)


Aesthetic: Norma Bates visibly surprised because of Alex Romero + (✿◠‿◠)


Like who he tryna kid though?


I thought I was gonna die.
Not while I’m around.

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

» Adventures in Eorzea [2/??]
  • <p> <b>Lydia:</b> He saved me mom. Stiles saved me.<p/><b>Scott:</b> ...?<p/><b>Deaton:</b> ...?<p/><b>Malia:</b> ...?<p/><b>Kira:</b> ...?<p/><b>Liam:</b> ...?<p/><b>Hayden:</b> ...?<p/><b>Mason:</b> ...?<p/><b>Theo:</b> ...?<p/><b>Meredith:</b> ...?<p/><b>Parrish:</b> ...?<p/><b>All of Beacon Hills:</b> ...?<p/><b>Stiles:</b> *smiles smugly* That's right wifey. I did it. It was me. I saved you. Just me. No one else. You are welcome. I love you.<p/></p>

You ever think of all of the circumstances that brought you and another person together? How intricate each of the events that led up to you meeting were? Every moment had to be exactly how it was for you two to be exactly how you are together.


Whoniverse: Class - 28/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

Hermione headcanon

I’m sure thatwe’ve all seen at least one post about Hermione being black, or fanart of her as a PoC, and there are many possible ways you reacted to this.

But imagine

Black Hermiojne who makes sure to know as much as she can, so she won’t be part of either stereotype about black people or Muggles

Black Hermione who follows rules to a T because back in the Muggle world racist teachers/classmates would blame her for any misbehavior

Black Hermione who starts SPEW because the treatment of house elves riminds her of how her ancestors were treated, and how her people are still treated so badly

Black Hermione just makes so much more sense to me

lizstanton  asked:

So if Tom Hardy isn't Joan's type, who is? Highly competent AM employees with amazing biceps? High school English teachers who occasionally show up to work hungover? What DOES Joan like? Curious minds want to know.

Well, she dated Agent Green for years so she clearly liked him to an extent. Joan has enough stress and intensity in her family and work life, so in romance she just wants someone who can take the edge off.