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I wonder what stinger does all alone in the Orion

but let’s be real here: nobody is leaving stinger alone for a while.

or at least they shouldn’t.

aaaa having to wait until friday to see episode 23 is pain

(also friendly reminder that even if asks might take me a bit to get to, I really appreciate these 💖)

Can we please stop calling things political or feminist or anti-Trump just because they’re good stories about women, LGBT+ people and/or immigrants?

Gay sensibility is largely a product of oppression, of the necessity to hide so well for so long.

It is a ghetto sensibility, born of the need to develop and use a second sight that will translate silently what the world sees and what the actuality may be.

It was gay sensibility that, for example, often enabled some lesbians and gay men to see at very early ages–even before they knew the words for what they were–something on the screen that they knew related to their lives in some way, without being able to put a finger on it.

Often it was the simple recognition of difference, the sudden understanding that something was altered or not what it should be, perhaps the role reversal of a Dietrich or a Garbo evoking a hidden truth about the nature of sexuality in general.

Or it may have been the tone in James Dean’s voice as he zipped up the jacket of the dead Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause and muttered, ‘Poor kid… he was always cold.’

It was the sense of longing that existed in such scenes, the unspoken, forbidden feelings that were always present, always denied.

It said, ‘This has something to do with your life,’ and it was a voice that could not be ignored, even though the pieces did not fall into place until years later.

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why dont u wont your art reposted on anything other than tumblr? mind ofc that a lot of people would give credit and twitter/ etc brings a lot of attention to your blog/art ? not to be mean or anything! just wondering, bc i'd love to post them on mine with giving credit included

To be precise, I don’t want my art to be reposted anywhere - tumblr included. There’s this button you know…

it allows you to reblog posts.

Art reposted on other sites doesn’t bring a lot of attention to the creator’s blog. It brings a lot of attention to the reposter’s blog/site.
How do you think, who gets the notes, likes, comments, all the feedback? Well, guess what :) Not the author! (who in most cases have no idea someone took their art in the first place!)
You want to bring attention to someone’s blog/art? Share the link and write something nice about their creations. If it’s all about the artist then there’s no problem if their pretty drawings don’t appear on your site.
No picture - no example? Well, let’s think. If you’re very popular people will check the link to see who you reccomend, you’re famous, a trendsetter. If you’re not very popular then people who follow you must know you quite good and will trust your judgement, they’ll check the link.

Now you’re writing anonymously, I don’t know you! Even if I said yes, how am I supposed to know where you want to put my art, what you plan to do with it??? How am I supposed to keep the track of what’s happening with my drawings?? Have you linked me to your site and asked what drawing you want to put there??? I don’t think so.

You may say artists are stupid, why don’t they want the recognition, the fame, the glory??? Well… respect the fact the art is made by them, they did it, they were sitting in their dark room, googling their eyes and ignoring the wrist pain with determination to get that tiny line right at last. And even if it seems abnormal that they want to keep their art only on tumblr or deviantart, stop making them happy against their will! Artists are weird, just deal with it!

What else? Ah.. In my faq you can read:
Can I use your art as an icon/sidebar/theme element?
Yes but give credit! (also please don’t use the icon I am currently using :))

^ this is not about reposting my art!
^ I guess that’s clear.

Now, do people follow these instructions? Hell no! I can enter some blogs that have my dawing as an icon right now and I won’t find any ctredit if I turn their blogs inside out. Why? Because they don’t give a shit. They like the picture and nothing else matters.*

All these things, the fact that so many people take artists’ stuff without asking, without giving credit, (MY GOD!) editing it as they like without permission, make artists bitter and distrustful, suspicious and apprehensive. So don’t be surprised that if you send some artist an anonymous message saying: “Hey I love your art! Can I post it to my twitter?” the artist can say NO!




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Billie Piper’s Q&A on Sunday

I should have been more daring [with The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes].

I have this theory. I wanted Holmes [to be] homosexual and not admitting it to anyone, including maybe even himself.

The burden of keeping it a secret was the reason he took dope.

Billy Wilder, on his original intent for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Reference Notes:

  • Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have stated TPLoSH was used as their main inspiration and “template” for Sherlock, and Gatiss considers Wilder to be one of “the best screenwriters in the world”. [x]
  • Related quote on Wilder’s experience with censorship and TPLoSH here: [x]

(Quote from ‘A Foreign Affair: Billy Wilder’s American Films’ (2013) [x])

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[Writing] plot can feel like entrapment, or, even worse, commitment. Any plot will close down certain options. It thus resembles the aging process.

In some respects, plot springs directly from our characters’ desires or their fears, and what they are willing to do to fulfill those desires or to avoid the objects of their fears.

It can be imagined as a chain-bridge with a chasm underneath it, a linkage of cause and effect with that abyss visible below.

As it happens, there are not all that many things for our characters to want deeply. […] The categories stay the same, while the variable instances change.

The beauty and surprise reside in the instances.

A work of fiction is not a summary of its plot but a collection of instances, of luminous specific details that take us in the direction of the unsaid and unseen.

Charles Baxter

The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot [x]

In the [original] stories, Sherlock Holmes speaks with visceral hatred about [Milverton/Magnussen]. It’s quite shocking when you read it, and you think, ‘I’ve never ever, ever heard him talk like that about anyone else.’ He just doesn’t. He doesn’t talk that way.

I think something bridles in him about people that are odd being picked on.

I think that really, really gets to him, because he knows he’s different and odd.

He knows his friends are too. They’re all freaks – and they’re all happy freaks, but they’re freaks. He really doesn’t appreciate someone sticking their nose in and being a bully.

There’s also a running thread, which is that anyone who mistreats a woman in Sherlock Holmes stories, the original stories, causes Sherlock Holmes to fly into a rage. I don’t know if Doyle did that on purpose or if it was Doyle’s own personality coming out […]

Bullies; he doesn’t like them.

It’s a visceral, emotional response–and in Sherlock Holmes you’re always looking for the moments when he gets emotional.

Steven Moffat

(IGN interview Part 1, February 2014 [x])

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You find out about Sherlock’s background [in Series Three]. You find out that he comes from a truly stable home; it was a gesture in the first episode, but you see that in practice in the third.

You see that, as a boy, he was deeply insecure–and that comes back to haunt him, and he feels like a child.

I mean, immediately as an actor, I wanted a hook–I wanted to understand who he was, what his parents were [like].

I mean, these were questions I ask; these are background questions I wanted to understand. I mean, he [Steven Moffat] was just talking about– ‘Can’t this guy just be good at what he does? And he’s your age, and he looks like you, and he’s doing his thing…’

I went, 'No, no, no–there’s a process I’ve got to go through here, Steven. I’ve got to understand how [Sherlock] became this person.’

And [Moffat] said, 'But can’t he just be really good? Can’t he just, you know, be good at it? Why does he have to have a flaw or Achilles’ Heel?’

Because I said, you know: 'Where’s his weakness?’

[Because] no human being doesn’t [have a weakness], and he is a human being, and however much he tries to convince himself that he’s not–he is.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on Sherlock’s “really Freudian” Series Three.

(NPR audio interview, November 2014 [x])

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An unthinkable thought is not one that hasn’t occurred to somebody, nor is it a thought that somebody considers to be wrong.

An unthinkable thought threatens a person’s entire existence and is therefore subversive and consequently can be thought of and has been thought of, but has been pushed out of the mind’s currency and subsumed into its margins where it festers.

Dark nights of the soul are lit by inconceivable ideas.

Any story may draw its source from the power of an unthinkable thought.
—  Charles Baxter, The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot [x]
INTERVIEWER: How did you wrap your head around Sherlock’s non-existent sex drive?

CUMBERBATCH: Well, I see no reason at all why he shouldn’t be sexual.

Everyone recruited him to their perspective, their interpretation.

I’ve had asexuals come up to me and thank me for representing asexuals. I don’t know how that came about.

I mean, the man’s too busy to have sex. That’s really what it is.

Not every man has a sex drive that needs to be attended to.

Like a lot of things in his life where he’s purposely dehumanized himself, it’s do to with not wanting the stuff that is time wasting, that’s messy.

That goes for certain relationships, as well as sexual intimacy.

Benedict Cumberbatch

(IndieWire interview, May 2012 [x])

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