that's what people do for fandom right

I love AUs because it’s like no matter what universe the people meet in or how they run into each other they’re destined to fall for each other every time;
even if it takes longer in some stories or if they have more rough patches, interruptions or if the AU just doesn’t play in their favour it’s nice to know that the author is writing the story for their personal interest too
and if it means making everyone suffer first so be it, at least they chose the people in it to be the characters knowing that; “they’ll do fine no matter what shit I put them through”

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1) I'm just so tired after Civil War; so tired of fandom. I love Tony Stark, I'm "Team Iron Man" or whatever, but do people understand that that's a marketing gimmick- the teams? Both sides have done things that are right and wrong, and both have understandable actions/ reactions; it shows that superheroes are human. The point of any iteration of CW is to show that Steve and Tony are better together- that's literally the lesson.

2) The universes that escaped the consequences of CW were ones where they were able to sit down, talk and compromise- together. And the point still stands, because guess what, in IW they’re going to “kiss and make up”. They have to. They’re the leaders of the Avengers, the leaders of the only superheroes in the MCU, and they want and care about the same things. It’s who they are. And gosh, not to be too on the nose, but literally “Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” applies.


Yes! This! Thank you Team Iron Man, I want to hug you right now.

Seriously any fan that thinks that either Tony and/or Steve, the two most popular characters in the franchise, whose relationship actually has a 50+ year history, and who’ve always worked best when they’re unified, are going to go anywhere if the fans of either scream loud enough on Tumblr is seriously deluding themselves. 

It a shared universe. It will always be a shared universe. The writers, themselves, have stated that they wouldn’t have split them up if they didn’t intend to have it be a ‘learning moment’ and put them back together again. 

I have a Marvel RSS feed and I read an interesting article not too long ago. I forget which publication posted the article, I’ll have to dig it up again, but the gist of the article proposed that the reason GotG works so well for people, as a franchise, on a psychological level, is the bonds between the team that formed. That Marvel is pulling a thread with GotG, that focuses heavily on familial ties and the idea behind made families and audiences are not only responding to it, they’re totally eating it up. As a comic reader I can confirm that the best panels, the ones I love the most, are Steve and Tony teasing each, or Sam and Steve having each others’ backs. Basically, unified fronts.

People on Tumblr can talk about clinging to ‘pettiness’ and ‘salt’ all they want. It doesn’t sell - not in the long haul. Doesn’t allow parasocial relationships between audience and fictional character to stick. May sell at first. But wont last. Love is stronger than hate. Always.

I’ve used this example in meta before but it’s so fitting to this topic I’m bringing it up again. When Star Trek the original series first aired the character of Spock really struck a chord with people - the idea of being alien, not fully accepted into society, really resonated with the audience. For Gene Roddenberry, the show’s creator, who had to fight to keep Spock as a character to begin with (the network thought that Spock’s ears made him look devilish… networks in the 60′s, man) this was a problem, because the network wanted the focus on Kirk, not Spock. 

During roughly this same time Gene Roddenberry struck up a weird friendship with Isaac Asimov, the godfather of science fiction. Initially Asimov criticized the fledgling show for scientific inaccuracies, and Roddenberry decided to respond to the criticisms with a letter to Asimov that basically read, to paraphrase, “I know, dude, I know, but *you* try dealing with NBC, they wont let me get away with anything. Every script is an uphill battle”.

From there Asimov and Roddenberry became pen-pals, united in their mutual disdain of censoring art, particularly when it applied to science, and a friendship formed (Asimov soon became an adviser for the show) and Roddenberry asked Asimov for advice on how to get people to like Kirk as much as Spock. Asimov’s response (and keep in mind that this guy authored over 90 books - he was the George RR Martin of his time): ‘Make them friends. Make them save each others lives. Put them in as many frames together as you can manage. Make it so everyone can’t think of one without thinking of the other.’

Over fifty years later and guess what’s still a successful franchise? And guess what duo is iconic? Moral of the story, fandom? Friendship, not animosity, is way more endearing to a franchise’s longevity. 

Source on the Roddenberry/Asimov thing

people need to stop doing three things: 

  • thinking that just because something makes them uncomfortable, that means its wrong / “problematic”
  • thinking that their opinion is absolutely, 100% right and anyone who thinks differently is “problematic” and should be called out

  • throw around words / terms they obviously have no idea what they mean in a accusatory or “call out” manner  

people need to start doing one thing:

  • realize that fandom / the internet itself is not their safe space and it’s their responsibility to maintain / control what they consume and if they don’t like something or if something makes them uncomfortable to the point that they can’t reasonably react to it then they need to block it, blacklist it and move on

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I have to confess your blog is really negative, and it's not your fault since it's what people are sending in. So like why can't we confess thing like how much we enjoy the show? Example: I really love how after everything the brother have been through they still are there for each other no matter what! I just wish the fandom was less negative that's all.

You are more than welcome to send in positive confessions about what you like about the show to help combat the negativity you dislike.

We do try to encourage people to think positive, but you’re right that we’re a little bound by what comes into the Inbox.

A lot of the negativity we get is because people don’t want to say they don’t like something and be openly judged for it. There are some bad apples out there who take it upon themselves to police people’s opinions, so our blog acts as a bit of a safe haven from that. The price we pay is just that we sometimes take on a bit of a negative atmosphere in the confessions.

But that’s why we occasionally do things like Positivity Week(s), where we ask people to put their dislikes on hold and talk about what they like about the show. Be sure to look out for one or two during the hiatus this summer :)

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what do you think about the zigi racism drama that's going on lately...???

Well, hi! As you know, I usually don’t comment on fandom drama on here, since this is my art blog. But as it is a serious topic right now, I will say a few words.

Apparently it all started with a video posted in which Gigi held a cookie the shape of a Buddha’s face, or a sumo wrestler’s face, shutting her eyes while grinning. I gather that this has been construed as mocking Asian people. I have only seen a screencap.

I am Asian (if it isn’t already clear from my avatar). When I first saw the screencap, I felt nothing. I thought maybe she was just smiling very hard; anybody’s eyes squint when they smile big. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, you know? I suppose I might have also been hardened or jaded from my personal experiences. For a few years I lived in a rural white community where I was one of only two Asian kids in the entire school. In fact, even the teachers made racist remarks, so there was no stopping the kids. Then, I moved to a different state and attended high school in a predominantly black neighborhood. Throughout this, I’ve had all sorts of things lobbed at me, some of which was unintentionally due to people’s ignorance, others formed by purposeful hatred. Gigi’s action is the kind I become immune to and don’t care about when there are more dangerous, threatening acts of racism that are competing for my attention.

That said, I speak only for myself; other Asians can deem this very offensive, and I do find their reactions valid and respect their stance. A public figure certainly should try to be responsible about the image they project and the messages they send. It would have been best if those insensitive actions didn’t occur; the way Gigi and Zayn’s teams handled the aftermath didn’t help at all.

I would also like to criticize the drama-seeking people who jumped into the fray for questionable motivations (under the disguise of the real issue) and made the situation messier. A Japanese friend of mine said non-Asian twitter users attacked her, offended that she chose not to be offended about the matter. Why should non-Asians feel entitled to tell Asians how to react to Asian-related things? I find that ridiculous. Also, I suspect there were no small amount of people who disliked Gigi for other reasons for a while now, or wanted Zayn to be single or with someone else, and pounced upon this situation as their outlet to release pent-up emotions.

I think these people’s over-the-top actions, sadly, made it tougher for the valid responses from Asians to get addressed properly. When faced with such disproportionate vehemence, anyone would get defensive. It’s tragic that Zayn would crack the ill-suited joke, and then try to defend himself from further backlash with more faux-pas statements. I don’t think that experiencing racism automatically makes a person immune to committing racist acts themselves. (Some of the most blatant racism could come from other minorities, in my experience). While I object to the semantic logic behind his tweet, I think that once he opened his mouth, he was doomed: there was no way he could say anything people wouldn’t attack him for, in the situation. Ultimately, I just find it tiresome that Gigi couldn’t resolve her own incident. Now that things have happened the way it has, some people have even forgotten that Gigi was the source of it all, instead orgasmically lost in chewing up Zayn. That boy is flawed and makes some serious mistakes, no doubt about it. But some people in the fandom in their eager “righteousness” revealed themselves to be low, just as guilty of the faults they accuse him of, sometimes much, much worse. I have to say that though Zayn let me down, it’s the demonic hypocrisy in the fandom that made my stomach turn.

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You're whole account is so extra right now, you're 23, go study or something. I'm not even a larrie and I'm not even pressed over everything that's going on. And this is someone whose been a fan of them for 7 years. Shit happens, they do damage control, and they move on. Doubt Harry or Louis or any of them for that matter care about this very much. No one outside the fandom even cares for "ships." People in the real world like music reviewers probably don't even know what a ship is.

I am 23 and I am a graduated journalist, who’s worked with some of the biggest news companies in my country.

I am 23 years old and I am a human being, who cares about other people’s feelings. People who are being harassed and invaded and disrespected and I would bet you wouldn’t be this dismissive if something of the sort had happened to you.

This is my blog. I do not enjoy seeing a person I love and admire being invaded and disrespected and for SEVEN YEARS, as you’ve mentioned, cause yes, I’ve been here for that long. I am done watching toxic people getting away with their hurtful behavior.

If you’re so bothered by how I react to this and if you think this is, in any way, ok and not a big deal and if you actually think this doesn’t bother or hurt Harry and Louis and their loved ones, feel free to unfollow. No one’s stopping you.

But don’t come here on my blog to tell me how to react to this because I am a fucking grown woman who knows how to respect someone’s privacy and feelings and if I need to defend this guy that I’ve admired for seven years, on my blog, I will.

Again, this is my blog and I will react to this any way I want to.

P.s.: it’s YOUR. Not you’re.

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Hello Emma! Sorry this took so long! Your blog reminds me of the scene where Chas and Rob found Aaron injured in the woods. I love how Rob went from murder-mode to 'oh no my baby is hurt' in like 0.2 seconds ;) Rob forgets everything when he sees that Aaron is in danger and is so caring and gentle with him. And I LOVE Aaron's little moan of 'Robert' while Rob wraps him in his jacket. Our boys may be broken but they hold on to and for each other so strong :) xx

That’s all right, I’m on a constant delay, anyway! But jdskfjdsf I love that scene so much because of the emotional range Robert shows throughout the whole situation. And Aaron calling out to Robert, and Chas looking so taken aback about how gentle and loving Robert is, as if she could never believe it without actually seeing it for herself - knowing Robert’s been having an affair with Aaron is one thing, but seeing it is another. The whole thing was an amazing scene. Broken people sticking together. <3

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Something ive been thinking about for a while, is that while hussie by the time writing the singularity was going to happen had decided hed do it for non straight readers, it was also done just for the fact itd be unconventional. In any other stort, john and rose/ dave and jade would have ended up together, but thats incredibly boring and predictable. Homestuck is bad, but dear lord it is the least boring and predictable thing ive ever read

right…. ive always sort of gotten the impression that, while hussie was eager to take inspiration from fandom, he really hated being told what to do, or other people dictating what “should” have happened. and the mspa forums were always the corner of homestuck fandom that he had the most exposure to, and those were overwhelmingly straight and male. thats just speculation though - i really do think homestucks ultimate theme of gay kids vs. heteromasculine fascism was deliberate

I’m lowkey so disappointing with all the kpop fandoms because we’ve just degraded into such an unorganized mess where you can’t go into a groups tag without seeing other groups besides general kpop text posts those are chill and you can’t go into an idols tag without seeing their band-mates or even other groups still and its like it’s not that you don’t like those idols but they’re not who you’re looking for and its just all such a disappointing mess and like why do memes and humor posts get tagged as reactions or scenarios thats obviously nOT WHAT IM LOOKING FOR

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so what's going on in the yoi fandom right now?? is it just the usual discourse or... ?

Yeah, just regular drama lol.

I see a lot of opposing viewpoints on my dash bc I don’t have a stance on otayuri (I indubitably don’t ship it, but I don’t bash people who do). This basically means I follow blogs that are anti but I also follow blogs that are pro.

The dichotomy gets really weird sometimes and I’m just getting a little sick of the people who are like “I’m 15/16/17 and I would never ever date a senior therefore I represent the entirety of all teenagers”.

It’s really annoying bc they really don’t. I’m in high school and am a minor and I know plenty of people in healthy, loving, and stable relationships that have a sophomore/senior dynamic and I wish people would stop using that argument for their narrative. This does NOT mean that I am condoning OR bashing otayuri. I don’t have a stance at all on the morality/legality/whatever goes on in the general Discourse bc I try to stay neutral and therefore I don’t delve into it too much.

All I’m saying is anti ppl have a lot of different arguments they could go for and yet some still go with generalizing dynamics that go on between minors/minors and minors/others

Idk why I’m getting so mad about this bc I don’t even ship otayuri; in fact, I make a point to stay far away from it. I try to make my blog inclusive to everyone so I never post about it ever (I even put something in the tags about yuri and beka being great //friends// every time I reblog something with just the two of them together bc I don’t want to make people mad) but I’m really just sick and tired of hearing all this hate all the time.

Again, I //do not// ship it– I’m completely an outsider on this issue but that particular argument just irks me to the ends of the earth.

Sorry this was gonna be a sentence-long reply and it turned into a rant. Whoops.

(pls don’t hate me I try my best not to be problematic and this is the one time I’m speaking my mind)

There is a lot of hate and discourse in eddsworld right now.
But people keep saying this like “Edd wouldn’t have wanted this. ” and as true as that is you cannot justify your argument by saying what Edd wanted, because you are not Edd.

Honestly i dont wanna start drama but how do any of you think you have the right to say what Edd did and didn’t want in the first place? You dont. But i am sure he wouldnt have wanted to drama or hate or the harrasment of his friends, or anything thats happening right now either. If you want a better fandom be good people and start trying to help fix problems. Its a broken fandom but it can be fixed if we all try hard enough.

@peanutbutterandbitter to reply ro your responce on my opinion post: what you said, thats basically what i was trying to get at, i just didnt know how to word it right. I see a lot of people trying to compare and say that one is better than the other, and really you can’t do that at all, because both relationships are so vastly different in dynamics and in how they actually exist in canon. You can’t conpare them because of that. Evan only has this nice side of Connor that exists in his head, that version of Connor wasnt real at all, yet thats the side you see in the fandom. In Be More Chill however, its only because of the Squip that Jeremy was ever mean to Michael. A nice version of Jeremy was real, that was his actual personality, Michael didn’t just make that up like Evan did with Connor. Thats why you can’t compare it. Your comparing one relationship that actually could exist, and even show writers have agreed that it could be that way, to a pairing that if you took the two real people that existed in canon, would not work and would most likely be abusive on one side, from Connor to Evan. So no I don’t think your being a bitch, I totally see your point and I agree with you on it.

Edit: I also posted the origional post at like 2 am which is why it didnt sound the way I wanted it to.

Just a little thing I wanted to mention

So I attended a convention early this year, Anime Los Angeles, which I’ve attended since 2008. And I hosted the Voltron gathering in my Paladin Pidge cosplay. Everything went fine and swell…then we got to the pairings.

You know what I did? Before we started, I had to do a speech asking everyone to “be nice” Kinda sad right? Usually thats only for elementary school kids to behave during a field trip, but, eh, I wasn’t gonna take chances. I told the cosplayers if theres a ship thats called they don’t like, and they a cosplaying a character from that ship, they don’t have to go up. Wow! Same with keeping words to themselves! And guess what? People behaved, pretty much all ships were called, it went smoothly!

It could be just the people I hang around with, but at least the Voltron cosplay fandom are better behaved than the ones online that I’ve encountered. Or maybe its just because the antis are behind a computer screen that they have no problem saying all this stuff. Because I have yet to meet an anti irl (I did hear a Lance cosplayer at Comikaze last year mumble about Shieth being pedophilia when I called that pairing up at that gathering, but they didnt say it directly, so I ignored it)

Be more like the cosplay side of the Voltron fandom yall.

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i know nothing about kpop(thats what army is right? a kpop fandom?) but what did they do? are they releasing other peoples info as revenge?

yeah armys are fans of bts (a kpop group) nd they fight with pretty much everyone tbh. the really bad ones are like the IH shippers of the kpop fandom. so this girl apparently said something not positive about bts and these people doxxed her (released her private information) and threatened to call her college and work place :’/


You now what is great about FanFiction and fandoms? You can write them whatever way you like. If you want to daddy gate the hell out of a story okay then. If you want Lizzie to straddle Red’s lap in your story then go right ahead. You do not need to have a TV show tell you what or even how you want characters to go. Thats why we have imaginations and who cares what other people think. If your story, so own and screw everyone else. That is how i look at it and I could careless what others think. This is how my story goes and I am proud about it I am not discussed or sicken bc in my head he is not her daddy. :) Stories can live on way after a show ends. :) I keep seeing people laugh and say i told you he was the dad. Okay so what but like i said you do not need a show to continue a story the way you want it. :) So keep the head high and keep on sailing. One day this show will end and people will forget about it. But you can always keep it goes if you want, the way you want. Just keep that in mind. 

  • Sebastian Vael: [Says words]
  • Me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Dean: don’t do the thing
Sam/Cas: screw you Dean I know what I’m doing
*Sam/Cas do the thing; everything breaks*
Fandom: this must be Dean’s fault!