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If EXO had Tumblr accounts
  • MinnieCoffe: Awesome pics and re-blogs of aesthetic hipster pictures. Coffee all over his dashboard!
  • ByunBBFabolous: Trying to disguise himself to check what the fandom has to say. Probably would be trolling us all and maybe even have a fan account just for the lolz.
  • ImLayUnicornAndYou: Motivational quotes, probably posting something every five months
  • BlowitLikeAFlue: If there's someone who knows the dark side of this site, that's LuLu
  • DancingMAMAMAMAchine: Uploading videos of him dancing and looking at all the dancing trends
  • DoKyungsoo12: This tumblr has no posts. (He's just watching... watching us all...)
  • KrisWu88Galaxy: "This is my fanfan galaxy account. Please follow if you love galaxies and chicken just like I do"
  • Real_PCY: (Yes he would use that in every one of his accounts) Disclaimer: This is an only ChanBaek account, if you don't like it feel free to leave.
  • ChenChenHighnotes: This is the account you go to read at night and just smile because he replies to each and every one of the fandom's asks... always a sweetie.
  • MrOhSehun: Definitely have an aesthetics/grunge/alternative/travelling tumblr. Like... that's what tumblr is for right? xD
  • GucciIsSoTAO: Nothing like a fashion blog from the panda of the group. (More like a Gucci fan account blog)
  • ImtheirleaderSuho: "Dear Diary... today the boys finally listened to me and went to bed... It's so quiet right now it kinda feels they are not home.... oh.. wait... THESE CHILDREN!"

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I wouldn't really focus on the left foot thing (though some sites do mention the left foot means you have a lover, but it is not a 100% sign), I'd focus on the fact that both are wearing it; I've found that on some fashion blog: 「アンクレットをペアでつけると来世も恋人同士になれる」という意味・ジンクスもあります。「永遠の愛の証」としてペアのアンクレットをつけるのもよいかもしれませんね。(Meaning you want to stay lovers also in the next life, a proof for eternal love) That's what makes me lose my mind.

OMG THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION <3 @severeminx here’s some info on the anklet <3 

and yesss it’s good as long as they wore it together <3 


       I’ve only been into Teen Wolf for a year, but what a year it’s been! I never thought, when tumblr seduced me into watching a show about werewolves, that it would take over my life and, more importantly, my closet. I’ve always been a cosplayer, even before I knew what that meant, and dressing up as my favorite characters when I go to conventions is something I’ve been doing for years. So when I realized that I could buy exact outfits from the shows on sites like ebay and poshmark, I started looking for any exact matches I could find.

       The first piece I identified and purchased was Lydia’s skirt from “Wolf Moon” and “More Bad Than Good.” From then on, I was hooked. My newfound passion led to the creation of teenwolfoutfitshoppe, which I run myself, and teenwolfcosplay, where I’m a co-mod. I share whatever active links I can with my followers, so they can add Teen Wolf clothes to their closets, too. They’ve even been helping out and sending in links when they stumble across something from Teen Wolf. My co-mod and I even give advice on how to alter outfits that have been modified by Teen Wolf’s wardrobe staff, and how to achieve the hair styles.

       Everything I’ve learned from being part of these two blogs has helped me personally, as well. I found the perfect outfits to wear for my cosplays at NYCC last year, where I got to meet the Stilinski men and creator Jeff Davis. Both Jeff and Dylan commented on my Lydia dress from the 3A mid-season finale, even though I had ditched my wig by that point in the day. It made my weekend so much better, since I had lost my voice, and the Teen Wolf guys were really sweet and even laughed at my ‘banshee lost her voice’ joke. It was one of my most memorable con experiences, to date.

       In a surprising way, Teen Wolf’s helped me in my career, too. Like some college graduates, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, even though I loved majoring in Italian. Now, I feel like I could really see myself making a career in fashion, and my new job as a sales associate has those kind of opportunities available. I actually applied there because Teen Wolf featured so many outfits from the store, and they liked how enthused I am about the clothing. So, thank you, Teen Wolf, for both my closet full of cute outfits and for introducing me to possibilities I never realized were out there.

What a view
Kempenski resort Palm Jumeirah

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Hello! I absolutely love, love, love your blog and have it bookmarked on my phone and computer. You truly are a blessing to the fandom :') So my question is, what do you call/label fics where Louis or Harry are in the fashion world? Either designing suits, working with models, tv shows, or other media. Basically where one or both is/are rich and fancy and well known, like in Three French Hems or That's Me in the Spotlight. Thanks a ton xxx

Hello, dear, and thanks a lot, like wow, okay!! ;)

There is a tag on ao3 called “Alternate Universe - Fashion & Models”, but that’s all I have as a kind of label for those fics. 

Fading (Louis studies fashion design)

If You Wanna Try Me On (fashion magazine, The Devil Wears Prada AU)

Run My Heart (stylist Louis)

you think fashion is your friend, my friend (fashion is danger) (designer Louis)

Three French Hems (designer Louis)

you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans (designer Louis)

You’re Either In Or You’re Out (Project Runway AU)

These Constant Stars (designer Louis)

i’m stuck on your shoe, let’s run (fashion blogger Harry)

I hope you enjoy these fics, dear!! :)

Eleanor and Max start a fashion blog

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You were born a girl so what's the need to say pronouns she/her... You were born a girl and identify as a girl and it's obvious so why try and make a fashion statement of something that's very important for some people... Disrespectful as fuck

ah! that is not true at all. you should never assume someone’s gender based on their outward apperance. putting my pronouns on my blog normalizes asking for pronouns and makes sure that people don’t make assumptions. i’ve talked to the trans community about this and it’s a way of being an ally and breaking down the societal gender rolls. 🐸 i appreciate your concern but it’s not needed.

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! What are some of your favorite blogs?

Thank you :) ok my list is long but my ultimate favs are..and just beauty/fashion related ok. I follow alot of religious/worldnews/sex blogs but thats to much lol

balmainbabes favs!!
norisblackbook favvvvvvvvv! read this blog!