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New Questions
  • 1. If someone were to paint your portrait, how would you like them to paint you? How would you pose, where would you be, what would you wear, etc?
  • 2. If you had to be surrounded by only three colors for the rest of time, what would they be?
  • 3. Do you prefer city lights, or stars?
  • 4. If your favorite place was a person, what would they be like?
  • 5. Do you think magic, in any form at all, exists? If so, what kind of form?
  • 6. What do you think is your most recognizable feature?
  • 7. Describe the outfit you truly want to wear. Anything, a spacesuit, an Elizabethan style gown, a cape made from spider silk, reality doesn't matter.
  • 8. What is the most romantic thing that's happened to you?
  • 9. What impossible thing do you wish was real?
  • 10. A monster has been terrifying your loved ones. They are safe, but scared. What do you do?
  • 11. Describe the image that comes into your head when you see the word "ethereal".
  • 12. What would someone have to do to earn your trust?
  • 13. What is your definition of love?
  • 14. Describe the first dream you remember having.
  • 15. What is the strangest thing you own? Is there a story behind it?
  • 16. What sort of things do you daydream about?
  • 17. What kind of adventure would you like to have?
  • 18. How exactly would you decorate your ideal room(s)? There are no limits to what you can do, you could pluck the stars out of the sky and put them on your wall if you so wished.
  • 19. You have an encounter with death himself. What is he like?
  • 20. What is a question you've always wanted to be asked? How would you answer that question?

“So, here’s to Nathan and Haley, and here’s to hope, and here’s to a love that will not alter.

It’s really not working...

Bonus: not even big Larries are on board with it

Even the people who believe the relationship are having trouble digesting the underage thing (as they should). Even the people who are “okay” with it in the present think it’s weird. In fact, it’s even creepier when considering that an adult “waited” for a child to “grow up”. Can you spell “backfire”?

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Who are your closest and lovable friends? ^^

Ah! I love everyone sm! they’re all so amazing and i dont deserve to be in any of their presences!(Ŏ艸Ŏ) [anxious nerd trembling]

But shout out to @panpunk & @moonshinesxsunshine, they’re pretty much my family at this point and idk what i’d do without them. ily both so very much.♡


I decided to bite the bullet and upload some pictures of my 4 month old 20 gallon long sorority tank. There are six girls in here but my little baby refused to join the photo shoot. It’s really hard to take photos of everybody, let alone a teeny and damn near green colored fish, in this messy jungle. I really need to prune it again so the lower leaves can get light.

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There's been a lot going around about how exo's position kind of? is being threatened by other groups and suddenly a lot of comparison about how 2013 exo was lame and 2017 exo is the true exo or whatever, and idk it just feels like the fandom is going off track? dont you miss exo in 2013 sometimes too :(

just remember that if you decided to be here you’re going to have to grow with them, but never ever forget why you’re here in the first place okay? you’re here because you like them and if you’re doing everything you can for them then that’s enough

of course we want them to be even more successful and always come out on top(which is where they have been and where they are and where they belong), which sometimes makes being a fan feels like a responsibility, and that’s bound to be the case if you’re emotionally invested, but don’t let it negatively impact your life ♡


We did things, baby, you and me, right? Things your brothers never had to do. When I first took you in, do you remember? You used to steal food from the kitchen and hide it all around the house. I think it took you about a year to believe I was gonna feed you regularly. God, your parents were shits. I don’t know how you survived.

there are going to be loads of hottakes about ‘now that Moffat’s gone there’s a female doctor’ from a load of idiots who can’t recognize that between Mels/River, Clara (and her TARDIS) and of course Missy, Moffat, flaws and all, made all the component bits of a cross-gender (and cross-racial when the time finally comes) Doctor canonically precedented (which with this stupid show and its anal fans is more necessary than you would think). Probably the success of Missy in particular went a long way to convincing the BBC execs the show would not instantly tank

so a pre-emptive fuck you to the fandom on otherwise happy, happy day

  • me at 13: idk?? prussia and canada kiss and are in love
  • me now, a """fandom intellectual""": [lights a pretzel on fire and attempts to take a deep drag] gilbert beilschmidt is aromantic and bisexual, but growing up in an age without labels for that kind of bullshit, and being a traditional sort of man, he's not yet able to comprehend his own inability (and unwillingness) to participate in romantic relationships. he's a chaste motherfucker, so that avenue is closed forever too, but he's scared to death of being alone, and all human beings need intimate relationships for stable emotional health. anyway this is why he clings so desperately to ludwig, who, because of their "brother" (quotes only bc they're nationpeople, and therefore none of them actually came out of a human womb, and (a separate point) presumably don't experience relationships the same way that humans do) relationship, he can feel honestly comfortable just bothering forever, because Traditionally (and thats really most of what matters when discussing gilbert's character) their bond is as deep as blood and bone anyway, even if they arent Actually Human-Related, and the mutual love and companionship between them smoothes over any discomfort. anyway. [coughs on the smoke i breathed in from a fucking pretzel]

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I think it would've been weird had Niall said he was better than Harry or Zayn. Like had he said he's a better singer and better looking that would've been dickish so those answers were kind of his only choice


ok rip ok but anyhow no i totally hear you, i think it’d definitely have sounded big-headed to give an interview and claim that not only were you the superior singer but also better-looking. tbh i hate questions that pose such a stringent ‘this or that’ ethos on two things. both things can be good in their own ways, and i think that’s part of why music and writing and art are so cool on a super fundamental level. people are all different, so it seems fruitless to me to compare them as if preference indicates an inherent difference in value. i.e. some people hate snow cones and some people (me) would live on a diet consisting entirely of frozen ice w/syrup drizzled on top; that doesn’t mean the entire rest of the culinary world isn’t delicious. 

yes but can we talk about Hiram’s violet head because it’s really important to me

he tells the gold head that he prefers to be called violet, not purple


but that’s not all


reason #87 why I’d rather live in Night Vale than here

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I hope after this episode everyone will finally realize what a shitty boyfriend Alec is and how much this relationship hurts Magnus. Alec must die, too bad, they are not gonna kill him. Magnus deserves better

fuck u bitch when will u alec hating assholes realise that alec still has a lot of learning to do like he cant fucking go from being raised to believe the clave is always right to mr right in a day its a learning process and he will do mistakes along the way but hes trying and thats what matters the most and im so sick of seeing cunts like u trying to villainize him after every single fuck up he makes and the fact that u want him dead just proves how fucked up u ppl are and dont even like magnus to start with bc even if magnus is hurt and mad right now he would never let anything happen to alec get fucked