that's what makes you terrifying

PSA  Lucifer is hard for me to write. As a thinking, feeling, human person I want to excuse what he does and make him good. Guess what. He’s not. However, one can not be all of a single thing as that makes them boring to read and write about. All of the horrible people in the world- they did not think they were horrible. So too does Lucifer think, in some cases, he is doing what is right and just. 

Except in the case of Sam. He flat out knows what he did was wrong and the reason he did it? The cage. Angels are not meant to be alone and he was alone for millions of years. Lucifer is not all there. He has breaks. He can hold on for so long before going completely batshit crazy. AT that point he was a caged animal reacting negatively to whoever was around him. It wouldn’t have matter who it was, Sam, Adam, Michael, at that point a face wasn’t needed. He just had to make his own pain stop for a little bit. 

Does this excuse what he did? Absolutely fucking not.