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okay no offense but 31,media,tumblr,com/c82bad3a4b0210dd86626f19d6431538/tumblr_ntxtvaahjL1uf5suho10_250,gif scoutkate,tumblr,com/post/126031846389 it's a THING

“i didn’t take pics sorry!! But some more updates - In the beginning of the show, when Harry first came on to our side he started bantering with Xander and his friends, like laughing and waving his microphone around (presumably inside joke?? like a music conductor)” - aug. 5 the metlife show

- aug. 29 the detroit show

omggggg this is so cute fuck kslajkfljdlkasklf

Now hear me out

Just wanna say this in relation to markiplier being on Jimmy Kimmel because there are bound to be people who hate Jimmy or say like he wasn’t even trying to understand, ect. But i wanna remind you who his audience is and what prime time tv comedy is about cause his humor and what they do there is completely different from the stuff Mark and Mae do.
Prime time tv comedy is offensive and makes fun of things the average middle age American isn’t into.
So please stay open minded and just move forward from this.
Let’s celebrate how Mark was on tv instead!