that's what it said on the website

i often feel disgusted with myself when i think abt some of the stuff i said or thought when i was 14/15/16 years old but i Try to remember that a) 14/15/16-year-olds aren’t… old or mature and b) a lot of it was because i saw adults on here saying/endorsing the Bad Shit that i began to think was ok

ah shit

so 1. im probably gonna delete this thing in the near future. so if u wanna stay in contact w me send me a msg

2. i probably have to recreate my hoe persona soon or simply just go indy cus my ex’s friends are catching on. one tried to follow me on twitter the other day and just now another one of his friends said he sees me on the website and asked if it would be weird if he booked me. i denied that shit of course. 🙄. the funny thing is i dont even think my ex told them about me, thats how much i trust him. i know his friends already hit up mp’s and bp so they were honestly bound to find me. they better leave it at that. idk what to do, if i immediately remove them completely off my social media that will be so bait.