that's what im afraid of

emma found her family in once upon a time, and so did i.  i love you all so so much, and i really hope i don’t lose all of you and the beautiful friendships i’ve made because of emma and captain swan. that is what would truly break my heart. even more than it has already been broken

The graceful feeling of finally having some part of your life together

english-lit-and-green-tea  asked:

lilac, aqua and mauve! 💗

Thank you Abby!!!! if my hand typed html doesn’t work pls kill me thanks

lilac: weirdest thing you’re afraid of?

um…. spiders, thats all im afraid of tbh….. intimacy? abandonment?

aqua: what song(s) gives you nostalgia?

Should’ve Said No- Taylor Swift

Kill All Your Friends- My Chemical Romance

Twin Sized Mattress- The Front Bottoms

mauve: 5 favorite tumblr blogs?
Ahhh ok I’m not counting people I’m close friends w bc otherwise that would be way too many! So @therepublicofletters @violettiyo @tinyrosegrl @awaykens @unexpected-caller


Naked and Afraid (sfw)

I hate peacefully taking a shower and looking up into the corner to see some huge frickin spider or mosquito or flying monstrosity of a bug, and I imagine altean insects and arachnids were pretty nasty… you can only be so prepared when you’re most vulnerable/ nakey

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better