that's what im afraid of

emma found her family in once upon a time, and so did i.  i love you all so so much, and i really hope i don’t lose all of you and the beautiful friendships i’ve made because of emma and captain swan. that is what would truly break my heart. even more than it has already been broken

sitting on the stairs outside the counseling center. appointment in 35 minutes. it’s up on the fifth floor of old main, and that means a shit ton of stairs. i guess so people exercise just a little bit, since it’s supposed to be good for your brain and college students get most of their exercise walking around campus and climbing flights of stairs. am i right fellas?!!!

i sort of feel like i’m doing this because it’s The Thing I’m Supposed To Do. i don’t know what i’m expecting from counseling, except I Am Trying To Get Better. maybe i’m expecting a miracle cure, in some part of my head. since im doing The Thing I’m Supposed To Do. since I Am Trying To Get Better.

i’m so tired of feeling underwhelmed. just in general. i’m so tired of wrecking my own life. i want it to stop.

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Ugh i hate freud!!! He completely filled the field of psychology with so much garbage, its taken society years to recover from his twisted and disgusting theories. Luckily we now know that his theories are nonsense

I’m praying people know because the lecturers stay neutral or whatever and people just laugh it off but what if people in these classes actually think its legit thats what im afraid of

o deer hello new people, i hope u like ocs bc thats what i mostly post, if you came here for fandom stuff im afraid thats few and far between (altho when it comes to those expression memes u can send th shit n a person n ill draw just about anyone) 

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better