that's what im afraid of

i opened the last package of starbursts today and they were both pink i think the universe is trying to tell me that things will get better


these guy’s asl vines are wild ive been laughing for years

rough translation: 

guy on left uses an SEE sign and the ref is like STOP THAT SHIT.

like this whole time i just assumed everybody took her side cuz they see how awful she is and they just roll with it but turns out their just used to it and ignore it and they go along with it so she wont throw a temper tantrum like……….my third eye is open


In honour of @pass-the-pencil birthday i made a shitty  manip of merman!harry looking at his and louis egg . Im still working on louis…

Hope you liked it, i really really really love your fan art and the adorable merman!harry and harpy!louis comics you’re one of the best artists in this fandom! Have an amazing day with lots os sweets and happiness <3