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Every MareCal Moment in King’s Cage
⇀ the epilogue part 1 / ??

Because it is a choice. He need only say no. Or yes. One word holds both our fates. Choose me. Choose the dawn. He didn’t before. He has to now. 

“Pina Coladas are basically tropical milkshakes right?“


Looking for a side job while the CRM/archaeology market is dead is so surreal, because during interviews you get asked things like “Give us an example of a time you faced a delicate situation in your current job, and how you handled it” and all the examples my brain typically jumps to either involve human remains or being threatened with bodily harm by landowners.

flint: *tells silver about thomas*

silver: before today, I knew of two people who managed to truly know you. To gain your trust, to be your partner. and they both ended up dead while playing the role. 

flint: now wait a minute–

silver: now you’re telling me there’s a third member of this class. making it even less creditable to characterize Mr. Gates and Mrs. Barlow’s deaths as bad luck. It would seem that those closest to you meet their end not just during the relationship, but because of it. And as I said here, I’m acutely aware that there may be no one in the world closer to you than I. 

me: oh my actual god 

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time

I have a statistics test tomorrow

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I don’t know why, but I really like Kaku’s outfit that he wears in one of the CP9′s Independent Report. HE LOOKS SO CUTE IN THAT HAT, UGGGHHH *cries forever*

Wanna hug the crap out of his cute self, that’s what. LOL
Plus, am I the only one that feels that there’s a lack of Kaku fanart out there??? HE NEEDS MORE LOVE!!!!! ;w;

*buying yet another book to start learning yet another language from scratch* I’m fiiiine! I’m feeling Really Emotionally Stable and Totally Ready For This Commitment and pssh I can keep up with all the commitments I’ve already made! haha no I don’t know why I’m crying actually I’m totally happy and healthy right now and I Am Definitely Achieving What I’d Hoped To Achieve In The Past lmao actually on second thought I think I’ll buy a book on Ancient Greek too


NEW VIDEO: “Getting Tipsy With Mama- reblog if you want to see more videos with Queen Jackie! PS I’m checking out blogs that reblog & following a chunk of ‘em. THANKS FRIENDS! <3


my aesthetic is grey cloudy skies and trying pathetically hard to be cute

FETcHING MY COPY TOMORROWWWWWWWWW but for the rest of u folks


Low quality (well what are you gonna do) doodles of the two of them because why not ?

Also hoodie swap