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Spoilers alert:

*disclaimer, i do not own SS nor the characters. these are just my personal thoughts and interpretations. 

You know when a movie is a done-right when it succesfully left some kind of imprints on you somewhere inside. And as for me, SS kinda left this sentimental mark embeded right inside my mind. I admit i know not much of Dr. Harley Quinzel: what we always like about her is her crazy mad bitchness. And thats all that we knew and remembered about her. That one-dimensional Harley Quin. But what struck me good was how SS managed to create a “rare” side of Harley in the movie. Idk how canon it is but what David Ayer did was justice. He showed us the “human” side of Harley: the insecure, the worried and the realization of reality when no one is watching. When she was found on top of the hood, she quickly tried to hide her true feelings by trying to pull an awkward snark with her crazy smile. But Deadshot and the rest of the squad understand this. People like them sometimes too, still have few ounce of humanity left deep inside of their sane mind. Joker will always wants to break her, to crack her and to hurt her so that she’ll freakout like any normal terrified people would do under such circumstances. But Harley didnt and continues bewilders him through and through. But when Joker crashed and when she thought hes dead, her sanity begans to battle her reality. And man oh man…that is what i call depth.

A quick fanart tribute to SS and Deadshot X Harley moment lol. I ship them btw. Forgive me for the lazy details and my mr. Nice Will Smith looks nothing like him at all lol hehehe…oh welp!

“When I was younger, I would just sit in my room and write songs because I really didn’t have anything better to do and thats kind of the explanation of why I wrote songs and how that started, and when I was younger I used to write songs about feeling left out and kind of feeling picked on at school and I used to daydream about growing up ‘cause I thought when I grew up there were no more mean kids or people who picked on you, I thought that was something we grew out of, as people. But when I grew up, I learned that it has nothing to do with how old you are, or where you live or what your circumstances are, at one point or another in your life there’s gonna be someone who’s mean to you, or makes you feel small or makes you feel like you don’t deserve what you want or makes you feel like you’re weird because you’re different.”

One month without you and I’m still lost. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

I’ll never understand what cosmic force decided to rip us apart so soon. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a kind one. Your life shouldn’t have even been half over. When is a life half over? Is mine already? Do I have one day left, one year, 50 years? I hope it’s 50 years but we don’t know until the end.

If I’d known, that last night camping, that you would be gone in less than 48 hours, I would have held you all night. Probably never let go. I would have stayed on that mountain forever if only you could live.

I cry for the days unlived and the never-weres. Mornings, evenings, and all days together. Hikes and camps and swimming in places new and old. More agility, learning and flying together. Your retirement. Helping you as you grew old with the grace you lived your younger years. Holding you in your last moments. I cry for the last moments you actually had.

I still don’t believe that there was a purpose or a reason for your death, and I doubt I ever will. I just don’t believe that stuff. Your time here was not done. You were too good of a dog to die in such a horrible way and there can be no good reason for that. It kills me every day the way you suffered. A cruelty completely unfitting your gentle nature.

I hate that little box. I needed you with me and I’m glad you’re home but I still hate it. Because it’s proof that you’ll never return the way you were. You can never be put back together.

Yes, things will be different now that you’re gone. There will be things we do, places we go, maybe even dogs we’ll have that wouldn’t have happened if you were still here. Our timelines have diverged and that’s just the way it is. But I’d still trade all that for the days we should have had. Somewhere there is a timeline where we’re still together but I’ll never reach it no matter how hard I try.

I’m moving, but not moving on. Putting one foot in front of the other, but each step takes me farther from you when all I want to do is run straight back.