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Issues- Part Five

Negan x you

When the saviors turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 2,499

Please read previous parts- HERE

Part Five

The Sanctuary wasn’t what I thought it would be.

Actually, I didn’t really know what I expected but this place, it was freaking huge.

From the little I had seen of it when we arrived, in the pitch black no less, it looked like some kind old factory lot or something.

I could hear walkers groans but Negan told me that they used them to mask us being here. Funnily enough he found the best protection from walkers was walkers. Who’d of thought of that?

See I knew he was smart.

For something of this size there had to be a lot of men and women living here.

More than we had ever realised.

And when you factor in how ever many outposts he has…. He had a fucking Army.

One that could easily wipe out anyone that stood in their path.

Whatever Rick was up to, no matter how many people he could get to work with him he could never win against that. He was a fool to even try.

How many times had he been told?

When we had left Alexandria Eugene and Rosita had been shoved into the back of a truck with sacks over their heads.

I was worried thats I’d have to do, have one on my head and it kind of freaked me out. I remember feeling my breath catch in my throat at the thought.

However Negan walked right passed them towards his black truck and told me to get into the front seat before climbing in himself, slamming the door shut .

Simon and another man that I hadn’t taken notice of before also got in and before I knew it we were off, driving away from everyone I used to class as my family.

I wonder what they thought? What were they all saying now we’d left?

Looking at the man driving, who’s name I didn’t know, he looked like he had some kind of scar on one side of his face. His presence here unnerved me. There was something off with him.

As we moved further and further away Negan undid the red scarf he had around the collar of his leather jacket and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes. I assumed so I didn’t see the way. Not that it would matter if I did anyway. Why would I go back?

Did he think I would suddenly regret my decision and run back to them, lead them back to the Sanctuary to kill them all.

Even if I did regret it I don’t think I could?

Going back to Alexandria was not something I could ever do again. He had said so himself earlier.

I hadn’t seen the man since I’d arrived, what, a couple of days ago now? Maybe three.

I was loosing track.

As soon as the scarf had been removed from my eyes I had been dragged to a room he had told one of his men to take me too. While he walked away with an arm around Eugene’s shoulders. 

I had no idea what had happened to Rosita, where she was, not that I should care. She despised me. The last look she gave me told me more than I needed to know. She hated me now.

I had been taken up a flight of yellow stairs along a brick corridor and up several more flights of stairs. To this very room.

It was smaller than my room at Alexandria, not that it mattered. Lucky to have a room at all.

It held a small double bed, a sink with running water and a bunch of books and other nicknacks. There was also a small round coffee table with an arm chair either side.

Considering this was the freaking apolocolyspe this was pretty nice. I even had a window. Not that I could see out of it as it was one of those distorted ones that just let light through.

When I slept I felt him.

It was as if he was in the room with me.

Running those long fingers across my exposed skin, leaving a trail of fire as they moved.

At one point I swear I could even feel his lips caressing my skin.

My dreams were driving me crazy.

I needed to see him again.

Touch him.

I missed his presence.

The only time I had seen anyone was when one of the men barged in with a tray of food. I tried to speak to them the first few times but gave up when I got nothing but silence in return.

This wasn’t what I had expected, to be honest I felt a little like a prisoner than someone who had willingly come. Had I made a mistake?

Catching me off guard the door flew open again, however this time it was a face I recognised.

The guy with the scar on his face from the truck. There was still something about him that unnerved me. If could just be the scars making him look scarier than he was but… I don’t know. My gut never usually lead me wrong.

“Come on” he signalled he wanted me to follow him. Not daring to say a word I got up and walked towards him as my stomach embarrassingly grumbled loudly. Opps.

“You haven’t eaten?” He sounded annoyed and turned to look at someone behind him. Craning my neck I could see it was a large man who was asleep with a sandwich in his hand. Someones in trouble.

“Lets get you some food, Negan wants me to take you on a tour” A tour? Of the Sanctuary?

“Okay” I nodded and fiddled with the sleeves on my top. The feeling of excitement filled me knowing that I was going to get out of this room, stretch my legs. Wait, Negan asked him to show around?

Where was he?

Why wasn’t he the one to give me a tour?

I wanted to see him.


“Whats your name?”



As I followed Dwight around I became to feel more than a little uncomfortable. Everyone watched me. Their eyes constantly moving as we moved.

My feelings must of been noticeable as Dwight spoke up after telling me about the walkers by the gate. Repeating what Negan had already told me. Practically word for word.

“They don’t understand, thats why they’re starring” he pointed me to walk back inside.

“Why I voluntarily came here?” I guessed. There was no way that he had forced everyone here though? Surely.

“No, that most people can understand, that you didn’t want to be on the loosing side, Negan never looses” That wasn’t why I came, but I held my tongue. That could stay unspoken for now however I’m sure it would come out at some point. Not today though “They don’t understand that you don’t have to work for points, that you have unlimited ones” unlimited?

“Points?” I didn’t understand? What points?

“Yeah” he sighed as if he was annoyed he was even having to explain  “everyone here has a job and in turn they earn points, those points you use to buy things, like food and clothes”

“And I don’t have to work?” Why?

“Negan gave you unlimited points, you can have whatever you want anytime” When did that happen?

“Ok?” Feeling completely out of my comfort zone I didn’t know what to say. Why would he do that? I’d happily work. Be useful.

“The thing is the only other person who gets unlimited points is Negan himself. Even his wives get so many per week, not that they could ever use the amount he gives them,but still” Oh. Maybe he thought I’d become one and was trying to bribe me?

“I’m not” I quickly said “Im not interested in that, he knows I’m not going to be a wife

“You sure about that?” No.

“How many does he have exactly?” I’d never been brave enough to ask the man himself and now seemed like a good a time as any. Ask someone he obviously trusted.

“Why you thinking of joining? Want to get them all a little present with those unlimited points?” He laughed as he opened a set of double doors leading to what looked like a cafeteria. It reminded me of a school.

“I already told you” He was pissing me off now.

“Yeah, yeah” he chuckled, cutting me off as he lead me over to a table. “Sit

“I’m not a fucking dog” I said crossing my arms. Eyes were still on me from all of the people around us. Gulping I just sat down as he had asked.

“Sit down and stay, I’m going to get you some breakfast” I just told you I’m not a damn dog. Jesus.

“Oh” with that he turned on his heel and walked towards a woman who was handing out bowls to several people in a line. Food sounded good.

The food wasnt the best but it was warm and filling. Before the apocalypse I had hated porridge. It reminded me of the hospital food.. I stopped that thought right there. Not today.

Five” Dwight suddenly spoke after sitting in silence for several minutes. He had been looking everywhere but at me as I’d been eating.

“Five?”  Oh. Five wives. Negan had five wives.

I didn’t know if I should be relieved it wasn’t more or shocked it was that many.

Fuck sake.

“Ok” I nodded my head before moving the last mouthful of food in the bowl onto my spoon.

“He uses it as a dominance thing” well no shit “Its not right, the way he treats people”

I didn’t agree with it but there was no way in hell I was going to voice it. Dwight being a savior I would of thought he wouldn’t either. There was something about this man that I didn’t trust. Surely Negan could see it?

If I had the choice I would be keeping as much of a distance from this man as I could. He wasn’t good.

No shit. You’re living with a bunch of people who stand and watch people get murdered within saying a single word. Dumbass.

Swallowing I asked “Where’s Negan?” Ignoring his comment completely. I would not give him the satisfaction. Arsehole.

“Out” Oh “He had some garbage to deal with” Laughing at some kind of joke I obviously didn’t know.

Disappointment flooded me. I wanted to see him. The feel of his hand, the few times I had felt it, god, I just wanted to feel his skin on mine again.

“Is there anything you need?” Startled I looked up with the last spoonful of porridge suspended by my open mouth “Before you go back to your room, I have to take care of the prisoners” Prisoners? Did he mean Rosita and Eugene?

“Ummmmmm no?” I couldn’t think of anything. I would of liked to of wondered around on my own but I gathered that wasn’t something that I was going to get to do.

“Okay well lets go

As he took me back to my room we went a different route than earlier. I think this place was even bigger than I originally even thought. If I was alone I had no doubt that I would get lost. Negan would have to send a search party to find me. If he cared. I mean its not like he’s been anywhere near you since you arrived.

A large dark skinned man was shouting for Dwight as we approached the door to the stairs.

“Fuck” he pointed at me “stay here and don’t move”  Where was I even going to go. Had he forgotten that I wanted to be here?

God I wish he would stop speaking to me like I was a fucking dog. I’d already told him.

He turned away and walked towards the man, my eyes didn’t dare leave his back as he moved. What was happening?

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I knew it wasn’t good whatever it was. Something had happened.. was going to happen… was happening.

Dwight visibly groaned before fumbling for a key and opening a door that had been hidden behind the other guy. What was he doing?

Was he leaving me here? I knew I wouldn’t be able to find my way back to my room from here. Maybe I could go backwards to the cafeteria and get someone to help me?

Would they though? I mean the looks I had been getting all day were not ones that were all that friendly.

I could hear Dwights voice speaking, angrily, but couldn’t decipher any of the words.

He disappeared for a second into darkness through the open door before dragging someone out.

It felt like the world froze as someone was pushed out of the doorway. I could both hear and feel my heart beating in my ears.

Daryl?” His eyes shot to mine in a flash and for the first time since making the decision to be here. To saying yes. I felt ashamed.


Tossing and turning.

I could not sleep at all.

Over and over again. 

My mind wouldn’t stop. 

Even for five minutes.

All that was running through my mind was Daryl. He looked so broken, covered in dirt. Standing there naked from head to toe.

What have they been doing to him? Oh god.

Daryl was one of the sweetest guys I had ever met.

He never hurt anyone unless he had too.

Its one of the things that drew me to him in the first place when Shane took us out of the town. Me, Carol and Lori. 

Most people couldn’t see past the redneck label.

He had a good heart.  

I wish that I’d of got him freed instead…. Instead of saving someones life back home, at Alexandria? 

I don’t know 

I mean It wasn’t my home anymore. 

This was.

And for the first time I felt like I’d well and truly fucked up.

I should of saved Daryl.

Knowing Rick it wouldn’t be long before someone was killed again for something. Why couldn’t he just play by the rules?

The door to my room clicking open made me jump. I was too frightened to move. Who was it?

I screwed my eyes shut. Maybe if they thought I was asleep they would leave. Wishful thinking.

Again the door clicked signalling it closing and it frightened me. It was just us in the room.

Whoever it was and me.

I didn’t even have my knife, they had taken it when I arrived.

What was I going to do?

If this person attacked me……..

Loud footsteps echoed as the person neared.

Coming closer and closer.

One step at a time.

They stopped suddenly and I knew they were standing right over me.

A warm finger touched my shoulder causing me to involuntary flinch I expected the feeling of something else, like a cold hard blade.

“You’re awake”



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Hi, I'm just starting out with witchcraft, and I was wondering how one uses a sigil? I wanted an explanation from some more experienced witches and trying to research(?) so I don't somehow fuck up

Hello! So, when creating a sigil, what you’re essentially doing is creating an esoteric visual representation of your intent.

Some people like to write out their intent, crossing out any repeating letters.

Turning the statement of intent from;


From there you can then eliminate any reoccurring shapes, like removing either the M or the W.

That leaves you with the following;


Now you can create a kind of pictogram with the letters you have left. Some people like to work them into a design that represents the intent more literally, but an abstract design is, in my opinion at least, even better.

I feel a sigil works best when the intent is not obvious to others who may see the sigil, or even to yourself. You know the trite old saying, “let go, and let god”? Well, thats kind of what youre doing with your sigil. It allows you to focus intent on the issue at hand without having to constantly think about it.

One thing I have learned though, is much like the law of attraction, sigils need to be worded in a positive way in order to be effective.

So instead of saying, “I will not fail my test” you wanna say, “i will pass my test”. When you use the word “fail” the universe listens, be careful what you witch for.

Love and Light from Two Fat Witches!

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I read what you said about drawing with pencil and paper and so do I but my family don't like me drawing and they say only guys should draw and I shouldn't cuz I'm a girl and my drawings aren't perfect. I might not be the greatest artist (like you) but I love doing it. But anyways sorry if I seem kind of a cry baby (that's what everyone says about me) I just wanted to tell you keep drawing because your amazing at it and I admire you 💯%. (BTW you are actually very pretty)

Same situation, my mom thinks that drawing will lead no where and that I should stop and focus on being a normal person and left me growing up with believing that. Perhaps she’s right, compared to many friends of mine, I am the one with lowest income right now. But I also saw many people make a living in drawing and become extraordinary, so the belief was not entirely right.

When I came back to drawing one year ago an editor actually told me, my drawing so bad no book of mine can be sold, I just gave him the middle finger. Again, their belief is not mine, why should I care? Funfact: people talk anyway. No matter what you do they WILL TALK, because THEY JUST LOVE TO. Gossip and drama are favorite dishes to many, but it doesn’t mean the crowd will always be right and you should follow them.

Don’t make it into your belief, do what your heart tells you. Don’t make excuse, it’s easy to make excuse like because others told me this I should stop, DON’T. You don’t want to be a crybaby, then DON’T. Stop crying, and start drawing, that’s what you should do.

Im not the greatest though, just like everyone I also struggle with same thought like you, the only difference is that I will just draw the thought away. 

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Arrow 5x21 “Honor Thy Fathers” - After Thoughts

Main thought

Originally posted by nargleshateplums

After some pumped up, tension riddle episodes I finnaly got to breath and just enjoy myself. The emotional rollercoaster was there but it was softly paced and, to be honest, a bit predictable after the Inside and Sneak Peeks.

But lets dig in.

Oliver Queen / Green Arrow

The Theme was Father’s, Oliver’s father, Robert and Simon’s father, Justin. But of course that the chess move is Chase’s, and it fits his plans.

The openning gambit is clear and Oliver reads it correctly even if he knows Chase is feeding him a half-truth. Robert was no saint but he wasn’t a cold blodded killer; Oliver, of all people would know if he was.

Thea, on the other hand, takes the half-truth and believes it. I understand Thea; since Robert was gone her all foundations crumbled to pieces. She found her mother was behind the Undertaking with Malcolm, she found her biological father is in fact Malcolm Merlyn and not Robert. She was lied to all her life. Everything she had taken for granted since the day she was born was a lie.

It’s not a big step to think that a person that lied to her since birth, “pretending” to be her father, could also be a killer. Nevertheless the acceptance that Robert is a killer comes from a place of pain. Thea is not well, she’s still working on it but she’s still on a very bad place. And we know this because she didn’t go to Roy, the love of her life, she’s shielding him from her darkness; that’s not the way to go, we all know that.

Oliver understands Robert better than Thea. Oliver is in a better place, he knows his father loved him, he knows his father did things he regreted but he also made sacrificies, namely on Oliver’s behalf, like shooting the other guy on the raft and killing himself in order for his son to survive.

Still he has doubts, he rewatches Robert’s video to him, searching for the answer to the question “Was his father a murderer?”. But he knows the truth in his heart, he knows who Robert was, the man he was, not prefect but he was a father that cared for his children and that urged him to be a better man, a good man.

Oliver also understands Chase better. He knows what’s Chase is doing when he sends Councilmen Goodwin’s body to his office. He knows Chase is aiming at crushing all that made Oliver what he is today and Robert is a big part of that.

Oliver is also in a better place than Thea. We now understand why 5x20 was important for Arrow moving forward. No matter how much I love Olicity I knew the show wouldn’t spend a all episode this close to Season’s end just for the sake of Olicity, they needed Felicity to be there to support Oliver in his evolution to Green Arrow.

And she is. So very much so

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“Maybe it’s time to stop living for your father and start living for yourself” Felicity appreciating the man she knows. It doesn’t matter why you came to do good things, it’s doing good things that matters. Oliver, Green Arrow, does good things, he makes people around him better, Oliver needs to embrace that, embrace who he is. The past is the past, it’s what you are and what you do moving forward that makes us, us.

And we have Green Arrow back

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Sure of himself enough to face Chase on his own twisted mind game. Robert wasn’t perfect but Justin was far worse.

Robert killed himself in order for his son to survive; Justin was disowning Simon because his son was sick (insanity didn’t get better over the years but maybe with the right help it would have).

Prometheus / Adrian Chase /Simon Morrison

Chase is insane. Now we know he has been insane all his life. His father was disowning him because of it.

Chase is honoring a father that was abandoning him. And he’s honoring him by doing bad things, keeping on the bad legacy his father left him. Opposite Oliver that embraced the good part of the legacy Robert left him.

But CHase was way to acceptant of his “defeat” and he looked way to happy inside that ARGUS cell.

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He’s still playing and he’s still “winning” in his mind. It’s a chess (all strategy games, really, kind of thing) we have to make sacrificies in order to win. You sacrifice pieces to protect other more important pieces, what matters is the King, he must be protected at all cost, thats the end game. While your oponent is moving in to “kill” off one piece you are moving another to your wishes.  I think that’s exactly what Chase is doing. He’s still some moves ahead, not the ten, but some.


Oliver is a planner. He has all figured out. Anatoly will pay the boat to go and “find” Oliver. From there he will pretend to have been a castaway on Lian Yu for 5 years. That will make things easier to explain to his family and friends when he’s back in Starling City.

But as soon as Anatoly goes away the most crowed desert Island in the Universe strikes again, Kovar and his man are there.

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This is going to hurt.

Random thoughts

- Felicity not being hable to find William when Chase did it so seamlessly is beyond me. I was a bit p*ssed Marc told us we aren’t going to get and explanation for this, at least not this Season (here).

Originally posted by keep-calm-and-allons-y-whovians

- I didn’t particulary enjoyed the answers to our curiosity on how Oliver learn to fly a plane or the castaway look * overly amazed and excited advertising voice * “in an amazing 10 seconds” *end of overly amazed and excited advertising voice*. Robert taught him to fly a plane; Anatoly was KGB and they had mad “magic” for their agents to blend in

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- I loved the emotional way Oliver looked at Deathstroke mask. For him Slade is a friend. That will come to fruition later on.

- Loved Oliver snarky responses at the begining of the episode

Quentin: Where are we on finding Chase

Oliver: Right where he is. Nowhere

Policeman: Babble… I can’t let you…

Oliver: Then resign.

- Rene’s daugther storyarc was a downer for me this episode. Every time the scene moved to that arc I felt defflated. I love Quentin and Rene but it was just “get me back to the good stuff”

- Curtis working with Dinah worked for me. Which was a bit surprising.

- Rene shooting endlessly at Derek Sampson when Team Arrow knows the guy doesn’t even feel it was pointless and, to be honest, a bit stupid IMO

- I was happy Thea got to see Robert’s video to her. She needed that. She need to know Robert loved her. Not from others but from Robert himself. She needed to hear he always felt proud of her.

Originally posted by softlysaygoodbye

- We talk alot about OTA and Olicity being the core of Arrow relationship wise but the Queen’s sibblings are the strongest bond in the show. A bond that existed before Arrow existed, a bond that existed since the day Thea was born. No matter what, they are the strongest bond that exists on Arrow, Robert Queen message only made it stronger.

- About Robert’s message, I was left wondering if Oliver is still the weakest of the two. Robert taped the message when Oliver was just a lost rich kid that lived his life from night to night playboy style. Things are very different now. Oliver is not that man anymore, he’s stronger that he was back then. Is Thea still the strongest of the two? IMO at this moment they complement each other. Thea is stronger that Oliver in some areas, and she’s weaker than Oliver in others, together they are stronger than Robert ever envisioned.

- Robert and Moira would be proud of both Oliver and Thea.

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Hey Ania! I seem to have a big problem drawing expressions and I know that you did a tutorial before, but do you have any extra tips? All of the facial expressions I draw are either dull or awkward-looking and i can't seem to get them to flow naturally or look decent. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

hello! sorry for the super long wait for this reply. this ones been sitting here for a while, my bad. okay i think the most common problem here with expressions is there is no personality!!!!!! 

we are forcing the expressions IN the characters based off from the basic happy, sad angry face like shown above. When you want to draw a happy face, just draw their mouths curved upwards and thats it, right?

well its up to you. would you rather have a face thats extremely dull and black and white or one full of expression, personality and color! What a lot of us are doing is we are thinking of this simple iconic happy face that i drew on the left side and associating that with our drawings. Just look how dull my OC is in the middle. You can’t tell what her personality is like at all, is she kind? sassy? compassionate? you can’t tell because theres nothing to see. Besides, lips dont naturally curve upwards a lot when smiling.

My OC is a smug, mysterious sort of person, quiet and doesn’t like to express a lot of emotion. Now i don’t know if you got that same vibe from the drawing with color but I tried my best incorporating those traits into her ‘happy’ face. The smirk really shouts to you that she thinks shes the best person on the block and no one can change that. and the relaxed eyes shows how calm she is. Just adding these tiny changes in the face can really capture a persons personality for you, I only did like, 5 small adjustments?

and so maybe youre asking, what if the character doesnt really express themselves a lot? Still doesn’t mean you should slap on a frown and tears on their face and call it a day.

My OC in the middle is coming out really awkward and again, you cant tell what their personality is like. If you character doesnt show much expression then you need to show that that is what they are like! The drawing on the right shows a lot about their personality. Dont just make them frown and cry, add eyebags if you want like what I did to them and draw their lips all shaky. Make their eyes droopy and low, have their heads turned away etc. you can do so much.

Another thing that helps with expression are EYES AND EYEBROWS. Every feature is relevant of course but I feel like eyes/brows especially send the big message here.

i mean technically they can all work out (except for the confused one on the top, i wouldnt be able to tell if he was confused at all), but the top ones are a lot harder to detect what his personality is like. What I am getting from this is that he doesnt express emotions a lot which is not what I am going for. Eyes and eyebrows can change the person completely! Ahahaha the confused face at the bottom is my face 99.9998% of the time.

hope this helps a little!

Noire: I was the only one you never flirted with... ...You even flirted with a sign in front of the baker's shop one day! I felt... left out, you know? 
And hurt. And... kind of... *mumble, mumble*

Inigo: Sorry, what was that last one?

Noire: I FELT ANGRY! Blood and thunder, mortal! My emotions are not to be trifled with! NOW FLIRT WITH ME!

Inigo: Um... I'm not sure I can really... do that... right now...

Noire: A gift for reading women? Ha! What a joke.You've got a gift for MIS-reading women! That's why you always get turned down. *Sniff* I just... I 
just wanted a chance to turn you down too...

Noire/Inigo S

Idle speculation on what might have happened if Noire had told Tharja her woes first. Support may still continue as normal, or not. 

Tbh I could see Daichi being a really successful business man and becoming really well off and accidentally being a “Sugar Daddy”

  • Hes like a great lawyer or something at the ripe age of 27-30ish
  • Seriously though guys do you see how driven he is like that boy could go far
  • Hes willing to work hard and he has a great personality so he makes it big fast and everyone loves him
  • He meets Suga one day, and Sugas like a high school teacher because Suga Sensei?? Hells yes
  • And he doesnt even think twice about paying for everything
  • he lives in like, a fancy modest apartment or something? Because no matter how well off Daichi is I just can’t see him in one of those giant mansions with naked baby fountains. no.
  • Anyways, Suga and him date for a while, and they’ll go out and do things and Daichi will always pay without thinking about it because thats how he was raised. His mom always told him that whenever you take someone on a date, you pay because its respectful
  • and he gets in this really bad habit of whenever he sees something that reminds him of Suga he just kind of automatically buys it for him
  • “Daichi why did you buy me a giant bouquet of lilies and had them delivered to the school?” “They reminded me of you.” “Okay this is getting ridiculous.”
  • Suga sitting him down and telling Daichi he ISNT dating him just for his money and that Daichi can stop buying Suga all these gifts
  • Daichi is honestly confused because “what do you mean, do I really buy you too much stuff?”
  • They figure it out and Daichi agrees to only pay half the time on their dates, but he still buys Suga the occasional little thing he sees.
  • also two years later when they finally move in together Daichi buys Suga this adorable grayish whiteish kitten that has a little brown spot by its left eye and names it Koushi Jr
  • Suga vetos that name and they agree instead to name it Ebi
Imagine loving Crowley

You were a hunter, you were suppose to be tough, a killer, a protector. When most people think about hunters they don’t picture someone who is hopelessly in love, someone who gets weak at the knees in the presence of one man, if you can even call him that, someone who is participating in the most dangerous act of hunting right now. Hunters who fall in love end up dead. 

 "You have a date?“ Sam asked as he and Dean looked at you surprised. 

“Yea I do, I left some diner food in the fridge for you both and even got a pie from the store, I left it in the fridge too. I should be home late so don’t wait up for me. And don’t you dare send Cas to spy on me." 

 "Well you look fabulous.” Dean replied as he pointed his glass bottle of beer towards your turquoise sun dress. 

 "Thank you. I’ll see you later.“ 

You walked over to both boys and placed a kiss on their checks before you ran from the dirty, conjoined motel room and towards the sidewalk under your umbrella in the pouring rain. You walked for a bit before you reached the park. You looked up towards the grey sky and muttered under your breath, "Ok dear, I am ready." 

 "Well don’t you look breathtaking.” He hissed as you turned to look at his freshly shaven face. You smiled as he reached his hand out to you and you kindly took it. 

 "I must say you don’t look to bad yourself Fergus.“ You smiled as his smile dropped a bit. 

"I knew I should have never told you my real name." 

 "Oh Crowley, you know you love it when I say it.” He pulled you closer, now you both were protected under the umbrella and you were laughing at the closeness you now had. 

“So Dove did you…." 

"I didn’t tell them who the date was with, just not to follow. I mean could you imagine the look on their faces if I were to say, I have been seeing the king of hell now for a few months and am about to attend a date with him." 

 "Well one day we may have to." 

 "Today is not that day though.” You leaned closer and soon had his lips against yours. When you pulled apart and opened your eyes you couldn’t help but smile. For you still felt like a little school girl when you were with him, you still got the butterflies, the giggles, the uncontrollable smile. You knew deep down he felt the same when it came to you and you could tell that he loved you. 

“So Dove what do you feel like having tonight?” He smiled down at you as he wrapped an arm around you. 

 "Hmmmmm how about Italian?“ You answered as you felt the world disappear around you and another take form around you. 

 A few days later you were walking done the road, you had told the boys that you were going on a quick run to the store. You needed some snack food for the trip home, plus you had seen this adorable teddy bear in the display case when you had bought the boys the pie, and the more you thought of it the more you wanted the little teddy bear dressed up as a devil for your king. However you were unaware that when you walked into the street after you made the purchase that a few demons would come out of the wood works and somehow knock you out. 

 "Something is wrong.” Cas appeared in the middle of the hotel room as Sam and Dean sat at the table, eating some left over pie. 

“Well yea, we are out of pie. But [Y/N] went to get more so…” Dean started 

 "No something is wrong with her.“ Cas said, "do you know where she was going?" 

"She was going to get some stuff for the road at the store. Why?" 

"Take me there." 

 The boys wasted no time piling into the impala and speeding towards the store. When they got there they were greeted by the plastic bag spilled on the pavement. 

"What could have happened?” Sam asked 

 "I have a pretty good idea, and I think there is only one man who can answer us. Dean, get the devil trap ready.“ Cas instructed. 

 "Squirrel, Moose, Giraffe, why is it that you can’t just call, I mean really summoning me into a devil’s trap is getting old.” Crowley, what did you do with her?“ Dean growled 

 "What do you mean? Hey aren’t you a member short?" 

"Crowley we know that you took her to get to us, now where is she?” Dean was trying so hard to keep his anger in check but it wasn’t going to last long. 

“Wait, someone took Dove?" 

Crowley’s eyes widened with fear, for he had no idea she was gone and knew that there was only one reason that someone would want her, and it had nothing to do with the Winchesters that she cared for so dearly or the baby in a trench coat who made her smile so much, it was him. The little demon king who she loved so deeply, who loved her despite the fact that he was suppose to be incapable of love. For he knew that there were demons in hell who wanted to ruin him, overthrow him from the throne and command hell without him, he thought that he had kept her a secret, kept her safe, for she was the only true weakness he had. 

 "Don’t act like you had no idea.” Cas snapped pulling Crowley back to reality. He looked into the blue eyes and then traveled to the hazel, and finally fell to the green eyes. 

 "I had no idea really, for why would I take the most precious thing I have, I do however know who took her and possibly where we could find her, but first you must let me out of this bloody trap.” 

 "I will, once you tell what the hell you mean about her being the most precious thing you have.“ 

"Oh Squirrel, she didn’t want me to tell you but she will understand I guess. We have been seeing each other for the past few months and I love her. The reason she was taken was probably to hurt me. As you no doubt know not everyone is pleased with the change of command." 

 "So she was taken because of you?” Sam asked 

 "I believe so and chances are she was taken to the head quarters, which is a warehouse not far from here and trust me, I will waste no time torturing them with the most torturous torture they have ever seen.“ 

 "Fine.” Cas walked up and dragged his foot though the circle, creating a small gap to form, “take us." 

 "This should be the place.” Crowley moved the shrub branches to reveal the abandoned warehouse, some of the windows glowed with light which could only be caused by a light or fire. 

 "How many do you estimate are in there?“ Sam asked as the four of them looked towards the building. 

"Anywhere between 5-20 probably." 

 "Well this should be a walk in the park.” Dean sarcastically said 

“It’s not you they are after so you should be ok, however for Dove and I…" 

"Let’s not think about that.” Cas cut in as he started towards the warehouse with the others. 

“So here is the plan…” Dean started but was cut off by your screams. For inside about 7 demons where torturing you, they have to tied to a table, only your panties and bra on, as they slowly sliced you open. For your screams were all Crowley needed to hear. The other three turned to see the Scottish King had vanished and they ran inside after him.

 Crowley was on the second level, down the hall was the room with light, and where your screams were originating from. He set off towards the light, his face contorted with anger. He peeked into the sight and then walked in causally. 

“Don’t you know it’s not nice to treat your honored guest like that?” He said, causing every head to turn, including yours. Crowley saw the tear running down your face and he quickly filled with more rage. 

 "By honored guest you mean your cheap fuck.“ A demon hissed 

 "No I mean your future queen.” And then with just a snap of his fingers the demons disappeared. He hurried towards you, throwing his coat off and laying it over you as he worked at freeing you. Within seconds your hands and feet were freed and Crowley had you wrapped in his jacket and in his arms. 

“What….what did you…." 

"I sent them to the deepest point in hell, where they shall only know pain and agony.” You smiled as you buried your head deeper into his chest.

The boys then came running in and before you knew it Cas had placed a hand on you, causing all the scars to disappear. 

“Thank you giraffe.” Crowley replied as he pulled you closer to him before you disappeared into the hotel room where he gently set you on the bed, his hand instantly finding their way to your duffle and pulling out a pair of sweats and a black tank top for you. 

After you were dressed you tried to return the jacket but he put his hand up and said, “No darling, it looks far better on you." 

"So what do they know?” You whispered as he sat next to you on the bed and placed a hand on your knee. 

“Well they know we have been seeing each other for a while and that I have something to tell you." 

"And that would be?" 

 "I love you." 

"What… Did u just  say….." 

"I love you. I have for a while now but I never knew how to tell you. However seeing you on that table made me realize it didn’t matter how I told you, as long as I did." 

"I love you too Fergus.” You leaned your head up and kissed him, sadly though you were cut short though when Dean said, “gross, really guys get off each other." 

"What Squirrel, are you jealous?" 

"No just disgusted that you would put your dirty, demon mouth anywhere near her." 

 "Now that wasn’t very nice.” “Well I am not nice to your kind." 

"What do you mean…" 

"THATS IT!” you yelled, causing all three to look at you, “I love him Dean, and if you don’t like that then fake like you do because I refuse to give up the love of my life because big bad Dean Winchester can’t handle the King of Hell dating his hunting buddy. So ether get out or stop bitching!" 

And then he left, Cas and Sam not far behind, leaving you and Crowley to make out, along with other things 

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“When I was younger, I would just sit in my room and write songs because I really didn’t have anything better to do and thats kind of the explanation of why I wrote songs and how that started, and when I was younger I used to write songs about feeling left out and kind of feeling picked on at school and I used to daydream about growing up ‘cause I thought when I grew up there were no more mean kids or people who picked on you, I thought that was something we grew out of, as people. But when I grew up, I learned that it has nothing to do with how old you are, or where you live or what your circumstances are, at one point or another in your life there’s gonna be someone who’s mean to you, or makes you feel small or makes you feel like you don’t deserve what you want or makes you feel like you’re weird because you’re different.”


Summary: You buy a packet of hubba bubba and spend the week walking around the Avengers compound blowing and popping bubbles, not noticing or understanding Bucky’s increasingly frustrated reactions..until you do 

Warnings: Smut, some violence (mission combat), WS anxiety, swearing

The build up for this got way out of control so I’ve split it up. This is part 1, part 2 will involve Bucky x reader smutty smut smut when I can be bothered writing it (soon I swear). 

Inspired by my friend giving me a piece of bubba bubba at work today and a customer approaching me after blowing and popping a big bubble and getting really flustered lmaoooo 

GREAT NEWS here’s part 2


You unwrap a purple brick and toss the grape flavoured gum into your mouth, grinning at the childhood nostalgia it brought back. You chew for about thirty seconds and then spread the rubbery substance across your tongue, preparing to blow. A bubble expands out of your mouth, passing the tip of your nose and you pop it triumphantly; you always were proud of your bubble blowing skills! 

You make your way into the common area to collect a few things you’d left lying around in there. Bucky’s sat in a leather arm chair reading a book and Nat’s curled upon the couch watching something on her tablet, headphones in. You walk back and forth tidying. Nat gives you a grateful smile as you collect her dirty plate alongside your orange juice glass from this morning and begin to rinse them out in the sink, all the while blowing bubbles. As you place the dishes in the dishwasher, puncturing a big bubble with your tongue and sucking it back into your mouth, you catch Bucky’s eye. 

“Got bored of your book?” you ask with raised eyebrows and a small smirk.

“More like got distracted” he retorts as you close the dishwasher and head back over to the sitting area. You feel a small pang of guilt as it occurs to you, for the first time, that a LOT of people are annoyed or even repulsed by the sound of chewing and popping gum. 

“Oh, sorry” you offer meagrely with a grimace. You scoop up your drink bottle, magazine and iPod and head back over to the elevator to retreat to your apartment. Feeling Bucky’s eye still boring into you, you pop another bubble as the arrival ding goes off, step inside and flash him your most dazzling grin. He cocks an eyebrow and slowly reverts his gaze to his book as the doors closed. 

The whole team sits around the conference room-style table discussing your next mission; the government want help with a hostage situation in Syria. It’s a fairly simple and standard mission, but you guys are being called in for both your specialist skills and your political weight as global icons. It wouldn’t be necessary, Steve had explained as he briefed you all on the mission, to call in Thor or even Clint. 

“So, I’ll do majority of the talking, I want Nat and Y/N on either side of me as you guys come across the most sympathetic.” you smile at Nat before nodding in agreement to Steve. 

“Please, I still think I should lead this mission.” Tony piped up, resurrecting the argument he’d been attempting to push for the last 25 minutes. Wanda and Nat rolled their eyes, Sam shook his head with a small chuckle and you popped a bubble in your mouth. The packet of gum had been your favourite source of amusement for the last few days. 

“Tony,” Steve lets out a loud sigh, “you can either listen to the plan or forfeit your role in the mission. I’m not in the mood for games.” 

Tony holds up his hands in mock surrender as Steve continues. “Sam, Buck, Wanda and Vision you guys hang back a little. Stay alert, we’re going to attempt verbal negotiation first but it’s very possible we’re going to have to fight our way through to rescue these men. Look out for my signal. Tony I want you to hover above us, scan and assess the building. We have reasonable suspicion that the the hostages are being kept in the basement somewhere, but we will be meeting at the front entrance just outside. See if you can evaluate the best route and spot any dangers. I want this to be- Y/N” Steve fixes you with an unusually steely gaze as you loudly pop a bubble “you have been popping that stuff constantly for the last three days. Could you at least give it a rest while I’m trying to brief you all?” 

Bucky lets out a grunt and your eyes briefly flick towards him before giving Steve a small, apologetic nod. You know he’s taking his annoyance at Tony out on you, but whatever. The rest of the meeting manages to pass by uneventfully, though everyone seems a little tense. 

You wake at the crack of dawn the next day, and load up on a breakfast of boiled eggs, spinach and avocado in preparation for the mission ahead. You meet the team at the helicarrier half an hour later, all clad in your favoured mission gear clutching your weapon of choice. Sam, Wanda and Vision are deep in conversation, Nat and Tony are laughing about something and Steve is reading through some papers, his brow furrowed, when you stroll over. You hear footsteps behind you and turn to see Bucky approaching the team as well. 

“Morning soldier” you say to him with a smile. 

“Hey there Y/N/N. Ready to kick some ass?” 

“Oh, always!” you reply with a grin. 

“Let’s go, Avengers!” Steve’s voice rings out.

You unwrap a piece of gum and put it into your mouth, turning to grin at Bucky. You find him looking away from you, fists and jaw both clenched tightly. He’s adopted his serious combat mode quite suddenly, you think, but everyone prepares for missions differently, so you shrug it off and blow a small bubble. Your jaw has totally strengthened so much thanks to this hubba bubba. 

You meet Nat and sit down next to her, ignoring her smirking at you. She thinks you have a thing for Bucky. She may not be entirely wrong, but you still won’t give her the satisfaction of being right and roll your eyes at her. 

After a couple of hours, during which Steve repeats everyone’s tasks 2 or 3 times over, and the anticipatory adrenaline had you all buzzing to go, the helicarrier lands and you begin the short journey on foot to reach your destination. 

After arriving, Steve speaks with the opposition’s leader for a while; at least 20 menacing looking men surround him, clutching machine guns and sizing you all up. Soon enough it becomes apparent that they aren’t going to release the hostages to you, and Steve signals to Nat to begin stalling. She projects the helpless girl act, distracting almost all the men, while you all listen to Tony’s rapid evaluation of the building. 

Eventually he calls out “got it, guys. They’re in the basement on the east side of the building. It’s pretty well guarded through out so I’d recommend we pair off and take different approaches in so we can take em’ out progressively.” 

Steve murmurs “alright Avengers, GO” and you all ascend into battle mode. 

“Guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way” Nat calls out. You run forward a few steps and spring into the air, flipping over two men charging towards you and shooting them down in the process. This was gonna be a fast paced blood bath. 

Once inside the building you and Sam turn left while Wanda and Bucky follow you and branch off at the first corridor, everyone else having taken alternate paths on initial entry. You slowly make your way through the building, hunting for a stairway down into the basement, taking out the soldiers you encounter. You and Sam have similar approaches; attempting to knock unconscious wherever possible, avoiding serious injury and fatalities. Finally you discover a stairwell, only to be ambushed by 15 or so heavily armed guards. Bucky and Wanda burst through an opening up the hall and join in the bustle. With the four of you working together it takes no more than a couple of minutes to take them all out. 

Sam hurries down the stair well followed by Wanda with you behind. You glance back to ensure Bucky is still with you, and blow a small bubble popping it sharply. 

“Seriously?” Bucky says, “you gotta do that here, doll?” 

You wink, “its my thing now, Buck! You have no idea how strong my mouth and jaw are getting!!” 

He shakes his head and murmurs “for fucks sake”. 

You roll your eyes and laugh at his childish annoyance. 

You all make your way through the basement, knocking down any closed door you pass, eventually hearing gunshots and commotion and following the sound to find Steve and Vision, surrounded by still bodies, attempting to penetrate a heavily decked out steel door.

“Allow me, boys” Wanda declared, forcing the door open with a purposeful hand movement. 

Steve smiles and nods appreciatively while you all run inside to meet five hooded, unconscious US military men. 

You land back at The Avengers compound feeling giddy. The mission had been short, simple, and highly successful; a rare gift. 

“Okay, team, I think we deserve to relax and celebrate for now, briefing tomorrow at 9am, alright?” Steve says as you all exit the aircraft.

“Excellent decision Cap! I’m thinking rooftop pool party guys? Meet you all there in half an hour? We dam well deserve to reward ourselves!” Tony exclaims. 

You all agree and while you get into elevator. One by one the team all exit at their apartment level, until you and Bucky, having the highest apartments, are all thats left. 

“You know, you’ve been killing me all week Y/N/N” he says to you. 

“What did I do now?” you ask playfully. 

“That god dam gum” he says. 

You roll your eyes “come on Bucky! I know its kind of annoying to some people but seriously, deal with it. It’s fun!” You giggle. “Anyway you can relax soon I only have a couple of pieces left.”

He laughs softly, “you think its bothering me because I find it annoying? Doll, I can handle annoying. What I find unbearably distracting is you parading around showcasing just how much you love to suck and blow and work your mouth all the time, and just how good you are at it.” Bucky starts breathing heavier now, looking somewhat stricken and like he’s regretting his little outburst a lot. 

You raise your eyebrows. “Ummmm, what are you saying, Buck?” 

The elevator stops and the doors open at your floor. “Forget it, Y/N”, he sighs as you step out, feeling very smug. 

You exit the shower and pull out your favourite bright orange neoprene bikini, a sheer black beach dress to throw on over it, and a large tote bag. You fill the patterned bag with your magazine, sunglasses, sunscreen, a bottle of bacardi and a bottle of Coke. You’re about to leave when you grin widely to yourself and pop a fresh piece of gum in your mouth. 

By the time you reach the roof, Nat, Steve and Tony are already there. You know the others aren’t far behind.

The lot of you enjoy a rare afternoon of relaxation and fun, all rotating between laughing together, floating round the pool and filling yourselves with large quantities of booze under the bright afternoon sun. Every time Bucky looks your way you innocently lick your lips and blow a huge bubble. Its not like you’re trying to seduce him, but being a flirt has always been such a fun thing to you.

It’s going great and you’re having such a fun time, really feeling the love for your Avengers family, when things turn south all of a sudden. Nat’s climbing out of the pool, looking amazing in her pale blue bikini, when Vision notices, and obviously stares, at the large round scar on her lower abdomen. Seeing this, she grows very uncomfortable and self conscious, covering the scar with her arm and growing tense. But the worst thing is when Bucky notices all of this.

You know that Bucky, as The Winter Solider, gave Nat that scar a while back. She told you one night when you were still new to the team and the two of you had gone out for drinks. 

You watch the colour drain from Bucky’s face as he comprehends what Nat is doing; what she’s covering up and how it makes her feel. His entire body tenses up, his pupils dilate and you recognise strong waves of panic wash over him. Panic and of course, overwhelming guilt and remorse. Sweat, alarmingly quickly, begins to drip down his forehead, having nothing to do with the heat. Bucky looks over to Steve, but upon noticing him engrossed in loud conversation with Sam and Tony, looks wildly around.

That’s when he meets your eye. You hold his gaze carefully, and don’t drop it while you rise from the sun lounge you’re perched on and slowly walk over to him. By this time, Nat’s wrapped herself in a towel and sat down, joining Wanda and Vision though not actually participating in conversation. 

“Hey Buck,” you say very softly, stopping just a few centimetres from him. He gazes into your eyes looking terrified. You don’t really know what you’re doing here. You’re close with Bucky, but no more so than anybody else, certainly not like he is with Steve. All you know is that your heart is sort of breaking seeing him like this, and as you’re pretty sure you’re the only one who’s noticed, you consider it your responsibility to help him. 

Without really thinking, you allow yourself to crack the smallest of smiles, and produce a tiny bubble between your lips. His eyes slip down your face to watch it grow and then pop and disappear back inside your mouth. His gaze returns to yours once again, and you think he looks just a little calmer. 

You grab his wrist. “Come on,” you say in almost a whisper. He whimpers and your heart aches a little more, making you wonder if your little crush is something more. You clearly care about him more than you realised. 

You lead him to the elevator and the doors closed behind you, but you don’t actually press a button; you aren’t sure where you’re going to take him. You take a deep breath and just turn to him. 

“You’re okay Bucky. I know you’re a bit spooked, but you know who you really are. This is your life now, not Winter Soldier, James Buchanen Barnes. And its amazing.” You gaze at him earnestly, and he hesitates, before letting out a long breath. 

“I know, I know. I just-I can’t help it. Little things trigger me. I- I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?! Bucky, don’t be ridiculous! You’ve nothing to be sorry about.” 

He smiles weakly, and this gives you more confidence. “Thanks, Y/N” he says. 

Suddenly you grin wickedly, and he cocks an eyebrow as you say, “I guess my bubble blowing isn’t so bad after all then?” You grip the gum with your thumb and forefinger, securing the other side of it with your teeth, and pull it out of your mouth a la Cher in Clueless, to then suck it back in. 

Bucky groans. “I never said it was bad,” he forces out, through gritted teeth. 

“Oh!” You say playfully, “my mistake.” 

He smirks at you. “So doll, are we just gonna stand in a stationary elevator all night?” 

You realise you never selected a floor and laugh. “Where to?” you ask. 

“Why don’t you come to mine for a drink” he offers, and you raise an eyebrow. “I reckon I owe you one,” he finishes. 

20 answers by Felt
  • Slug: Ay Murs, why you always look mad at at life?
  • Murs: First, fuck you for asking, cause you know that ain't right I just refused to be plastic for these rappers I don't like
  • Slug: Well how do you manage to stay so polite?
  • Murs: Anger management technique, developed out of spite Rather kill you with kindness than kill you in a fight.
  • Slug: So why you wanna punch these other rappers in their face?
  • Murs: Cause they fake as fuck, and a waste of space Besides, fist not guns, that's a change of pace
  • Slug: So who are you to judge who's true these days?
  • Murs: I been around the block, got a few dues paid One of the few rappers left that'll do what I say
  • Slug: So is it Def Jux or the Living Legends that you're reppin'?
  • Murs: Man, I'm all about good music, people and progression I got friends in different sections but the West is where I'm restin
  • Slug: Do you really think race is the reason you ain't sellin'?
  • Murs: What, you trying to piss me off and put a end to this session? Man, you've heard This Is For - c'mon, next question
  • Slug: Aight, what was it like working with Humpty Hump?
  • Murs: One hell of a artist, but a fucking drunk Though he did get the video cracking, I won't front
  • Slug: You had a bunch of porn stars there, anything jump?
  • Murs: Yeah, up into my lap for some head just once And I could've got some pussy, but I was too fucked up
  • Slug: Hahaha, after the first "Felt", did you meet Christina?
  • Murs: No, she never said thanks, my black ass never seen her That's why I moved on to my Nubian queen, heh
  • Slug: So what's the definition of the "3:16", huh?
  • Murs: It's my birthday, fool: 3-16 Plus the formula for the every rap song that you sing
  • Murs: Hey Slug, why you only make songs about women?
  • Slug: Priorities, man. Nah, I'm kiddin' I'm trying to build heaven while the world's still spinnin'
  • Murs: How big did you guess it would get in the beginning?
  • Slug: This is still the beginning, still unraveling ribbon The mission is to travel for as far as the vision
  • Murs: Well how long so you think this success will last?
  • Slug: Man, for all I know, that shit already passed! It's impossible to answer that question asked
  • Murs: Then why Rhymesayers make a deal with Epitaph?
  • Slug: We didn't, you dumbass! Go read the math Me and ANT did one record, for beats and laughs
  • Murs: Anyways Sean, whatever happened to Spawn?
  • Slug: Well things felt wrong, so we both had to move on No love gone, every day holds a new dawn
  • Murs: Business and friendship: where's the line drawn?
  • Slug: Family and friends may get past the front lawn Business is done by the end of the last song
  • Murs: Is it the caffeine, the nicotine, the milligrams, the tar?
  • Slug: No: it's Selena, it's Christina, it's Serena in my car It's a thick line between being a genius and a star
  • Murs: Are you rapping, acting, or kittin the guitar?
  • Slug: Man, fuck that shit! I'm just sittin at the bar Writing these hits about self-inflected scars
  • Murs: Are you in love with this game, completely and truly?
  • Slug: From the music to the voice to the stage to the groupies I'm the same as I was back when nobody knew me
  • Murs: Alright,
  • Slug: Ha! She's the extra that gets to play the devil in my movie She's around Uptown sipping a beer smoothie!

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I love john. And he loved his boys to death, there's no denying that. But technically neglect is a form of abuse, and it has been stated flat-out in the show that he would leave the boys for weeks at a time. Dean had to steal to feed his little brother because their dad wasn't there to look after them. If that's not neglect, i don't know what is. I'm not saying he was never a good parent, because I think he definitely was at times.

Mmm that’s where canon just gets iffy for me. The John from the earlier seasons definitely did not do that. All that stuff you said was kind of shoehorned into the show by the writers in recent seasons for some unknown reason (i feel like it was just to cause unnecessary drama). Even JDM said he didn’t like/agree with what the writers did to John. In an s1 flashback, John was shown to have left them alone for just one night and he had a back up plan (to call I think it was Pastor Jim) if he didn’t come back in time

Yeah I’m definitely not one to just ignore canon but when it completely ignores canon from earlier seasons that’s when I just don’t take it seriously anymore. Sam and Dean love John and they don’t find him abusive at all (and neither do a lot of abusive victims on tumblr if that holds any credibility to you)

Yeah a lot of people like to say he’s not “the best parent in the world” or that he “made mistakes,” but really. You can literally say that about every father in the world. No dad is “father of the year,” no dad has never made mistakes… John is human just like everybody else :)

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i feel like zayn was kind of selfish too. he should at least finish the commitment he had on the tour like he only had a few shows left. its ok to put yourself first sometimes but you cant just drop everthing thats happening to do so

That’s exactly what I’m saying! I’m not even on one of the next dates, but I know so many that are and I’m hurting with them.