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Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.


I’ll ping you for this.

When people say that you haven’t done anything wrong, do you agree or disagree with their statements? Do you turn a blind eye, assure yourself that you’re not in wrong because you have a wide range of supporters? 

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"Hiiyeo!! I'm xXKaw11-B4k4Xx here!! I just wanted to introduce miself on here!!! Things u shuld kno~~~ I am Totes ~~RaNdOm~~~ x3 I like to say japanesey stuff :3 stuff like 'nya' 'baka' and my personal favorite 'Kawaii' (I say these cause they're rAnDoM like me :33) RWAR!! Sorry that's just me being RaNDoM~~~ Rwar means I luv u in dinosaur!! I have other cool stuff too! I hope you enjoy my RAndOM page x3 nya Baka!"

everyone in hell probably talks like this

  • *The sacrifice being demanded is Magnus' memories of Governor Callen*
  • Magnus: You know what, here's what I'm gonna say. Merle, Taako?
  • Taako: Yeah?
  • Magnus: Don't try to remind me of it. But if in your journeys you ever meet a slimy asshole named Governor Callen, kill him on sight. Don't talk to him, don't let him talk to you, kill him. And tell him it's for Julia. That's the one thing I want you to say to his face before you kill him. "This is for Julia" and then end him then and there.
  • Taako: And then loot him for Julia!
  • Magnus: You do whatever the fuck you want after that.
  • Merle: Well listen, we kill most of the people we come into contact with anyway so-
  • Taako: Yeah, statistically speaking we were probably gonna kill him anyway!
  • Merle: Deal made!
  • Taako: Yeah, deal confirmed!
  • Magnus: Accepted.

me at 2:15 in the am: how are they feasibly gonna let negan live after we just saw all these characters ready to die for just one shot at him

i stopped reading the comics before we got to negan, like i know the basic summary and all but can someone tell me how they ended up imprisoning him and if thats even a possibility on the show at this point

like i got hope and we got all that cell foreshadowing but i cant help but get nervous

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Hate to ruin your dreams but mixed girls stay winning! Nobody wants a darkie😂 That's why we love Zendaya and ain't checking for no dark actresses...yall aint cute

Oh word??? So what your basically saying is in order for me to be desirable my pigmentation has to be lighter or I have to be mixed with something? Nah I call bullshit…

Feel free to add to this list, y’all! 

Unfortunately there aren’t any young full black actresses out here taking over (yet) because Hollywood seems to share your same dumb ass mentality. But trust me I’m coming😘

To my black girls…you do NOT have to be light skin to be gorgeous. Keep that slave mentality to yourself Anon!

From Ed Sheeran's interview with MYfm, February 15, 2017.
  • Ed: To be honest, when I do get married, I don't think people will know that it's happening until it's happened. I don't wanna, I'm not--
  • Interviewer: Will it be a lowkey affair?
  • Ed: Definitely, yeah. Definitely. Probably just parents. I don't really, like, that whole kind of media circus around weddings is not really...
  • Interviewer: But that media circus is one thing that I think you've avoided really well, and it's obviously a personal choice.
  • Ed: Up until now, though. I think it's... it's getting quite bad now, yeah. Everything I say and do seems to be a news story, which I've never really had before.
  • Interviewer: Do you guard your words?
  • Ed: No. And that's the problem. Like, that's the problem 'cause lots of sort of negative stories are coming out just because I'm quite an open person.
  • Interviewer: [...] Sometimes the meaning of what you say can be dissected and taken and pieced and parsed to a small point, like politicians go through. And I would think that somebody in your world can get frustrated by that sometimes and not want to give as much of yourself.
  • Ed: Yeah, I find it really frustrating. And like it has got to a point where, probably the next album, I will do less interviews. Not radio, it's different when it's radio because you can hear the way I say stuff, but when it's a print interview... I said in a -- no, a guy said to me in an interview, "How do you feel if people copy you?" And I said, "I don't mind if people copy me." And then the headline in the paper was, "Ed Sheeran Says: People Copy Me." And I was like, that isn't, that isn't--
  • Interviewer: That's not what you said!
  • Ed: Yeah, but the thing is if it's on radio, it's different on radio because you can hear the way that I'm saying things. But in like, in print they can literally write whatever they want.
  • Interviewer: And you know what's so frustrating? Like if I sat here and asked you about an exgirlfriend or something, I'm asking you. But then people will be like, "Oh, Ed brought up his exgirlfriend." You know? That happens all the time in interviews.
  • Ed: Yeah. I find... yeah. It's a weird thing. And I can understand like when you see these huge American artists come out and none of them do interviews, you can kind of... it's because they've had years of this, I think.
  • Interviewer: Fake news!
  • Ed: Yeah, fake news. [laughs]
  • Shiro: Keith, if I don't make it out of here, I want you to
  • Keith: Yes Shiro?
  • Shiro: Never give me up, never let me down, never run around and desert me. Never make me cry. Never say goodbye. Never tell a lie and hurt me. Also don't become the black paladin that's a terrible idea
  • Keith: Shiro what the fuck
hi i’m angry and i like to rant

if you’re pro rebecca or anti robert i’d look away now, also i’m not putting a read more i quite frankly i don’t care if you don’t want to see it.

since that preview was released i’ve received multiple asks, either saying that rebecca is a victim here, or that she doesn’t deserve the backlash she’s getting. 

i am very much a firm believer in freedom of speech, say what you like i don’t care. but i do care when you completely erase everything thats happening with this storyline. and yes, robron and rebecca are fictional, but this kind of thing is happening to real people, and it’s because of attitudes like this that stop actual victims coming forward. 

rebecca knew exactly what she was doing. she didn’t just show up at the mill to and find it a complete surprise that robert was struggling. she had seen it all week, she was helping liv, she was fully aware of what the situation was. she saw the man that she’s in love with struggling and she took advantage of it. and yes, robert said all of that shit, but, and i’m talking from experience, when you’re sad and drunk, whatever you say, you don’t really mean at all. 

she could have maintained some self respect, she could have been a decent human being, never mind friend, and kept robert safe. she didn’t, she took what she wanted, and now robert has rejected her, she’s lashing out. because rebeeca white always gets what she wants. 

no, robert shouldn’t have slept with her (though i’m still lowkey thinking nothing actually happened) but he didn’t invite her round for sex, he needed a friend, which he thought she was, and now she’s just proving that it was never her intention. she’s tried it multiple times, and now that robert is in pain, she took her chance with both hands. 

he didn’t take advantage of her, because from what i saw she was perfectly willing. he doesn’t need to apologise for ‘using her’, the only person he needs to apologise to is aaron. rebecca is not a friend to aaron, she comforted liv to get brownie points with robert, she’s obsessive and desperate. and robert isn’t innocent, he shouldn’t have gotten so drunk he thought it was a right thing to do, but the blame can’t lie entirely with him.

if this was the other way around there would’t even need to be a discussion about who’s at fault here.

3 years

3 years. Thats how long this blog has existed for (technical just over 3 years, but thats by the by).

Its weird. I remember starting this because I desperately wanted to be part of a community I admired so much. Now, I am, and its bizarre. People follow me. People love my posts. People want to see me post. I never thought this would happen.

If I’m being honest, the interaction from Mark isnt as much as some other blogs. But I’m ok with that. 100%. Its his choice. I know he knows about this blog and has posted positive things in the past and thats more than I ever imagined.

I suppose what I want so to say from this rambling post is that if I’m still here in 3 years, I want the principles, of love, acceptance, warmth to be here forever. 

I exist in the eyes of Mark. I want Mark to be proud of what this blog is, and the fact its in his name,

Thank you for the past 3 years, heres to the future.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Shameless Preferences 5- Ian and Mickey dating would include

Gallavich dating would include:

  • “Fuck you Gallagher”
  • Mickey caring and loving for Ian but not being able to say how he feels 
  • Helping Ian through the bipolar 
  • Fiona still not being sure about it all
  • “Mickey fucking Milkovich?”
  • Lip being surprised when he sees how well Mickey treats the carrot boy
  • “Fire crotch”
  • Ian taking care of Yev
  • Ian showing Mickey that showing love doesn’t make you week
  • Mickey waking up to nightmares about Ian leaving 
  • Mandy being your biggest supporter 
  • Carl asking how the sex works 
  • Mickey being bottom
  • Sex, like all the time. they have so much passion and lust for each other 
  • Stev not likeing Ian, and Ian not liking her 
  • Mickey making sure Ian has taken his meds 
  • Although Mickey wont ever say this out loud one of his favourite things is holding Ian in his arms, Mickey feels as if he is protecting the taller boy from the world and thats all he wants to do
  • Them getting high and talking about the future, which Mickey turns to Ian and says “Well of course your in mine, I dont want it with anyone else”
  • Mickey saying “I love you” for the first time
  • Mickey trying to kiss Ian and Ian says “ Try and kiss me and Ill rip your tongue out” which earns Ian a “Oh fuck you gallagher”
  • Mickey being amazing with Liam “Uncle Icky” 
  • Ian  thinking Mickey looks so handsome in his sleep
  • Having a few “Fag moments” Here and there
  • “Ian what you and I have makes me free”

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Spice It Up

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Actually this wasn’t requested lol I just felt like writing it

Note: Smut warning, ya’ll have been warned 

Shawn’s P.O.V

“Why don’t you just tell her? She’ll understand I mean she is your girlfriend.” I sighed listening to my friend, me and Geoff decided to take a few drinks when we started talking about this…

“I don’t know how to tell her! ‘Hey Y/N! Listen I feel like we should spice it up a bit instead of having Vanilla sex and add a little kink!” I said flailing my arms having no idea what I was saying due to me being a little tipsy.

“Dude you’re not making any sense, here give me your phone.” before I could even protist he took my phone typing things in and handing me my phone.

“Relax i didn’t send it, wether you do or don’t thats up to you.” he said taking a sip of his beer.

‘Hey Y/N, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, we haven’t been having much ‘fun’ lately if you know what i mean ;) I love you and i just wanted to spice things up thats it, bye!’ You read the text and looked at your friend,

“I am not going to send this to her because this is stupid! I am going to tell her just not like this.” I say a bit frustrated

“Hey, if you don’t wanna send it then don’t.” he said shrugging but I started thinking about it there really was no other way to tell her, my fingers ghosted over the send button.

But this wasn’t my style of sending things, as I was about to delete it I accidentally hit send and jumped out of my skin, face turning pale.


“Good job I knew you had it in you.” I gave him a death glare showing him I never meant to sent it in the first place and his eyes widened.

“Shit.” we both cursed

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  • Cynthia: It's your senior year Connor. You are not missing the first day.
  • Connor: I already said I'd go tomorrow. I'm trying to find a compromise here.
  • Cynthia: Are you going to get involved here or are you too busy on your email, Larry?
  • Larry: You have to go to school Connor.
  • Cynthia: That's all your gonna say?
  • Larry: What do you want me to say? He doesn't listen. He's not listening. He's probably high.
  • Zoe: He's definitely high.
  • Connor: Fuck you!
  • Zoe: Fuck you!
  • Cynthia: I don't need you picking at your brother right now. That's not constructive!
  • Zoe: Are you kidding?
  • Cynthia: Besides he's not high!
  • Connor: (lifts head) ...
  • Cynthia: Are you high? I don't want you going to school high Connor, we've talked about this!
  • Connor: Perfect! So then I won't go! Thanks mom!

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Why fire ants? Why the fuck did God make fire ants? People say he's a loving God who we don't need to fear, yet he left fire ants down here to destroy us. I don't get it. Want some fire ants? I'll give ya some for free. I bet they would look good in one of those glass cages people give to kids. All kids do is cause them a much slower death, maybe that's where fire ants belong. They belong in fire ant prison where they await a slow death by experimenting school kids.

But what if the kids keep experimenting on the ants and we end up with giant fucking fire ants!?


Okay here it goes,
First off it took some digging to find the first photo but thats me some years ago compared to me now. I just want to say how happy I am that I’ve come so far since coming out. I used to try so hard to fit in with what a girl was “supposed” to be. I tried to embrace my body and accentuate my female aspects but that just made me feel more and more dysphoric. Things have been hard since coming out but I don’t regret it at all. I have a long longggg ways ahead of me with transition but I’m hopeful that I’ll get through it and everything will work out. I couldn’t be more thankful for the people around me who have helped me and supported me through this, this includes my siblings, friends, and so many of you on tumblr.
Im working on bettering myself and being happy & I’m glad I’ve made it this far.

13 reasons why

i know everyone’s talking about it but i just need to get something off my chest. this show was phenomenal. the way no character was fully good or evil (except jeff who deserved so much fucking better and bryce who deserved so much fucking worse) is so realistic and RAW that i was literally crying throughout the last few episodes. by the end of it all, i honestly felt like i knew hannah and clay and jessica and sherri and all the others who made such stupid stupid mistakes. and i think thats what so good about it, how easily it resembles our lives, how easily we can see ourselves in the show. i honestly think this show is incredibly important in teaching people the impact of our words and actions and how everything has consequences, how we can drive people to suicide. i have so much more to say but i just finished the show, my heart is so heavy but i just want people to know how amazing and fucking great that show was. LITERALLY EVERYONE GO WATCH IT, BUT BE AWARE OF TRIGGERS, STAY SAFE, HERE IF ANYONE EVER NEEDS TO TALK. <3333


Another year, another post of me telling you all how much I love you. To my mutuals I want to say you guys are awesome and even if we don’t talk that much (or at all) I probably secretly love you more than you know. You guys are all amazing and it’s a blessing seeing all of your posts everyday, you’re what really makes this whole place fun for me.♡ To all of my followers I want to say thank you and I love all you guys so much, thanks for putting up with me y'all are the true heroes here and I love you. 

I mean, if they wanted they could have made Lumière and Cogsworth the married couple we always knew they were instead of doing this. Develop their relationship, make Lumière’s incessant flirting an avoidance mechanism to make up for his pining for someone who he thinks indifferent and Cogsworth’s distant attitude a way to negate his feelings as what he thinks an act towards objectivity which he needs to fulfill his job the only way he knows how to. They could have made Mrs. Potts the friend who’s in the middle, seeing her favorite people act like dumb idiots but who also knows she has to let them find their way on their own. They could have made them confess their feelings at the end, as they talk about their bet, after seeing true love changing them, both literally and metaphorically. Fifi/Babette wouldn’t mind in the end, she would not only understand, after witnessing this she’d find the courage to ask Madame out on a date involving pretty dresses and a night at the opera. I don’t know, I’m not trying to write a b&b fic here, I’m just saying that nobody deserves to be tied romantically with Gaston, that’s the point of the movie, and if you want more representation you can do better than making it through a man devoted to a toxic abusive asshole. Howard deserved better. 

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Why do trolls gain wings upon reaching God Tier?, Are God Tiers effected by what the culture of the player's species think a God would be like, like some Fanons claim?, if so, is the change entirely cosmetic or can it grant other abilities?, like say, if a species picture of a God almost invariably involve them being able to breath fire would that species' God Tier Players beable to breathe fire as well?

its stated to be they have wings because thats what a Troll’s cultural Ideal looks like, with some trolls being lucky enough naturally to have that culturally desired mutation without god tiering like Summoner and Rufioh

Its pretty much on a similar beat for how most (western society) humans would consider a societal cultural ideal for what a human should strive to be being “Pretty, Fit and Able”

and we already know what you look like upon god tiering is tied into what you think your ideal self would look like, what you consider your best still trumps what society thinks is best though

For instance Terezi valuing her blindness as part of her ideal self, but Tavros not valuing the loss of his legs as seen in their dream versions of themselves, as well as our two Blood players, Karkat and Kankri, never being seen with wings upon god tier either in any doomed timeline, likely because neither of their self ideals fully embraces their cultural ideals either, both being inherently outside of troll caste society as mutant candybloods (as well the obvious more thematic ties being Blood/Breath and Grounded/Flight)

so the Trolls who have wings upon god tier, its like a baseline similar to how most humans would think Beauty, Fitness and Ability are part of what their ideal self would contain, because that’s what human society values, so I’d imagine most humans god tiering would imagine themselves as being more pretty, fit or able upon reaching god tier, but only if that was truly how they viewed themselves as truly being

there are always exceptions to this of course, if you consider any part of yourself to be intrinsic to the kind of person you are, then you’ll keep it, regardless if it fits into the cultural ideal, because it is YOUR ideal that matters

its just that for 99% of people, their ideal is the cultural ideal because thats just how society works

so as for your questions about other species and other cultural ideals, I would say its similar to what we’ve already seen. It depends on how strongly the species as a whole adheres to that ideal, stronger adherence means higher likeliness random individuals will also carry that ideal

other species, I’m thinking specifically Caliborn/Cherubs here as well, may find their individual self ideals greatly trump their species or cultural ideals. As LE being wingless and hugely buff seems to line up with what Caliborn would want, as well as being a product of his immaturity as stated in canon. His ideal lacking wings, which adult cherubs have, means Caliborn sees himself as fundamentally a child still, which he does, but hes also a big huge super buff man cherub. It honestly all seems to line up with Caliborn’s childlike fantasy of what he wanted to be

I don’t know if there’s a limit to what the changes could be, since physical changes of all kinds are indeed possible, even things like Jade’s Dog ears for a human are possible through other circumstances

and its not the species picture of a god, its what their ideal species member looks like, the perfect man/woman/whatever gender roles they have, which is usually decided by culture, but absolutely can be decided individually and usually just happens to inform what their religious figures look like 

Humans Gods are supernaturally pretty and fit and able most of the time, Trolls religious figures likely all have Wings and Perfectly shaped Horns, another societal ideal we know trolls tend to have, but a perfect instance where individual ideals seems to trump cultural ideals, as most trolls would consider their unique horn shape and sign an inherent core of their identity

so for this random species, if 99% percent of members considered strongly that an ideal member of their society has the ability to breathe fire upon, then 99% of players will achieve that ability to breathe fire when they god tier, with 1% either rejecting that ideal for themselves or being lucky enough to have it naturally before god tiering

so basically, at the core the mechanic itself works from your self ideal, its just that what your self ideal is can be very much informed and influenced by a lot of factors, most often being the cultural and societal ideals you find yourself surrounded in since birth, even within the same species as guaranteed Western Society and say, Chinese society, do not match up with cultural ideals 100%, there are going to be differences and those differences will effect a person in some way