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musicals as history of the entire world, i guess quotes
  • hamilton: alexander the great. great idea. he was great. and now he's dead. alexander the dead.
  • the book of mormon: africa, please remain christian. we will check in later to see if you're still christian when you least expect.
  • heathers: now you can buy your way out of hell. that's bullshit. this whole thing is bullshit. that's a scam. fuck the church. here's 95 reasons why.
  • natasha, pierre, & the great comet of 1812: what if russia was big? move over, lithuania, here comes moscow.
  • dear evan hansen: this guy, who sat under a tree for so long that he figured out how to ignore the fact that we're all dying.
  • les mis: wait, who's in charge of france now?
  • be more chill: technology is about to go crazy!
  • spring awakening: you could make a reli- no, don't!
  • newsies: what's on the menu? communism!
Okay but an AU with the 13 Reasons Why boys having games night (with Taffy and Justlex)...
  • Alex: Why the hell do Jeff and Bryce keep winning? Their cards are rigged or some shit. Who the hell shuffled?
  • Tyler: Of course Bryce is gonna win cards against humanity
  • Monty: I swear Clay and Jeff keep exchanging cards- that's why Clay's in his lap, Jeff can cheat
  • Bryce: Maybe it's just because none of y'all's are funny, Zach and Clay might as well not even be playing
  • Zach: Yeah, well at least we're not relating all our answers to our boyfriends like Justin!
  • Justin: What? Just 'cause I'm gettin' some and you're not?
  • Clay and Jeff: Actually-
  • Tony: Guys! ...
  • Alex: Seriously, Justin?
  • Monty: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Standall here, seriously?
  • Alex: Hey, don't agree with me
  • Justin: Don't agree with him
  • Tyler: Guys-
  • Everyone: Shut up!
  • Tyler: I was just gonna see if anyone wanted the last slice of pizza, but I guess it's mine
  • Clay: It's yours
  • Bryce: Look lets just go another round
  • Alex: Why? So you can kick our asses again
  • Bryce: Yep
  • Justin: I have a better idea
  • *Justin and Alex start making out*
  • Clay: Seriously Justin? Is it necessary for you to do that when we're all right here
  • *Justin gives Clay the finger*
  • Monty: This game sucks
  • *Monty throws his cards across table*
  • Tony: Agreed
  • Jeff: Mmm
  • Tyler: Yeah
  • Monty: I'm going to get a beer
  • Bryce: Fine, bunch of losers
  • *Bryce flips the table*
  • Jeff: Did he just-
  • Clay: *nods* He did
  • Zach: This is why we can't have nice things
Onstage Scare

I’m combining these three requests together because they seemed to fit.

60) I feel like I’m going to be sick. 67) Call an ambulance!

imagine where Shawn brings y/n up on stage and shes been hiding that she’s sick and passes out on stage

You never drink water and get dehydrated during one of his concerts

Your name: submit What is this?


You’ve been feeling tired and a little dizzy all day, and you’re not really sure why. You’ve been trying to hide that you haven’t been feeling well because you don’t want to bother anyone since you know everyone is busy because tour just started. Luckily Shawn has been so busy with everything he’s had to do for the concert tonight that he hasn’t really seen you much. This is good only because you know he has a tendency to worry, and with everything going on for his show tonight, you don’t want him to have to worry about you too.

Shawn just went onstage a few minutes ago, so he’ll definitely be busy for the next couple of hours. You normally watch his show from side stage, but today you’re not feeling up to it, so you stayed in his green room instead. You’re lying down on the couch. You have a killer headache, and you feel a little dizzy every time you move your head or try to sit up.

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hi leda! did you see the jethan clip? what do you think?

Unpopular opinion apparently, but I thought it was fun as fuck. 

Aside from Stiles’ FBI bit, that scene was the best part of 6b so far, and it felt like earlier seasons before the show thought it was dark and gritty. They actually had fun with it, and now I really want a show about Jackson and Ethan arguing about everything while classical music plays in the background. Will they ever actually make it to one of the shows they’re constantly buying tickets to? Probably not! But they’re going to keep buying tickets just in case.

(I also fucking love when huge fights are going on and the characters only care about their furniture getting wrecked. That’s one of my favorite tropes and I relate to it so hard when I watch action movies where historic buildings are getting destroyed.)

(I also really fucking love classical music or ballads playing over very violent things, so that scene was targeting my exact demographic.)

Is the relationship a little out of left field? Sure, but it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. Jackson always seemed just as concerned with being attractive to men as Stiles did, and it makes sense for Danny to have told Ethan, “Dude, you’re a werewolf and my best friend is going through some werewolf shit alone in London. Here’s his number. I’m going to MIT.” 

Also, I can’t wait to write these two bougie assholes into everything. @petals42 and I have already had a grand ole time coming up with fun bits based off this, including:

  • Jackson and Ethan My Fair Lady-ing werewolves who need help, getting them in control, classing them up a bit with lovingly snobby comments, and sending them on their way
  • Super snobby Jackson having to work with FBI Stiles whose life outside of work is a mess, and judging everything about his shitty and cheap apartment and belongings
  • Stiles’ apartment getting wrecked by the monster of the week and Jackson replacing his cheap IKEA stuff with really nice dishes and furniture, not because he’s nice, but because he knows that Stiles will be so fucking pissed about having to take care of them
  • Lydia studying abroad at Oxford, and on Sundays, she meets up with Jackson and Ethan to have brunch and they take the most obnoxiously bougie selfies they possibly can to send to Stiles just to annoy him
  • Sometimes they pop down to Paris to meet Isaac, and he’s bought a bourree specifically for these selfies because he knows how much Stiles will hate it
  • Stiles raising his eyebrows at Jackson, who glares back and says, “I’m bi.” Stiles nods and says, “Cool, me too.”

And one last bit that’s been bugging me: 

No, it’s not the bi Stiles everyone has been hoping for, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing if Colton’s experience with coming out influenced this part of Jackson. Dylan’s anxiety influenced Stiles’ character, they wrote his pillow into the show and everyone thought that was adorable. 

I don’t see it as a slight to his acting abilities, or blurring the line between character and real life. I see it as a nod to what he went through being in the closet while on the show, and how that affected him. I’m sure they talked over everything with him, made sure it was something he wanted to do, and if it gives the guy some closure on a difficult part of his life? Great! The show’s a genuine clusterfuck this season, might as well do one positive thing with it!

(Also this fandom has been insisting that Jackson’s bi as fuck ever since that scene where he was grinding on both Erica and Isaac, so I don’t know what the fuck we’re all complaining about here.)

If BTS was a reality show Pt. 3

Jin: / in the confession booth/ So I’ve called some of the girls over for tea..since you know how us moms can be. I always enjoy spilling tea with my girls and also catching up with each other.

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Suho: /pours vodka into his tea/

Key: I see you’ve started drinking again

Suho: And I see you’re still fake af

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Jinyoung: Hey now..lets not fight..we’re here to relax and have a good time 

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N: Wow Jin you’re glowing whats got you all happy?

Jin: Oh me and joonies anniversary is this week and i’m just really excited thats all

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Suho:/ Triggered/ oh it must be least you still have a husband that’ll come home to you

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N :Oh honey /rubs his back/

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Suho: that bitch left me without saying goodbye

Key : /rolls his eyes/ every single time 

Jinyoung:/starts tearing up/

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Jin : oh whats wrong with you?

Jinyoung: one of my youngest…bambam…he dabbed for a whole year straight /bursts into tears/ that boy just won’t stop and its driving me crazy

Jin;/ hugs him as he cries/ my youngest won’t spend time with me 

Key: Honestly all of my kids are doing great…they’re either acting, modeling or singing /flips his hair/

Suho:/glares/ Well hoe your bank ain’t doing too good from what I’ve heard

Key: The way I spend my  money is my business  and only my business..the only thing you need to worry about is which one of your sons is going to leave you next

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Jin: Damn key you don’t have to bring it that far…not cool

Suho: No no Jin let the dog speak

Key: /chokes on his tea/ Dog? tf…did this bitch just call me a damn dog

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Suho: hell yes I just did the fuck you gonna do about it

Key: THATS IT /jumps over the table and tackles suho onto the floor fighting/

Jin: NOOOOO, NOT MY GOOD CHINA / gets up to check on his fine china/

Cameracrew:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Jhope :/watching from a distance smoking his weed/ Now that is what I call good tea

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N:/secretly shoving cookies into his bag/

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Jinyoung:/helping the crew break up the fight/

Jin:/In the confession booth/ And that was tea time…amazing wasn’t it…we plan on meeting next week for brunch

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OK we all know Whitebeard and his crew but now imagine a fallenangel!AU where Whitebeard is the leader of a bunch of fallen angels, who where sent down from heaven bc of their sins and instead of their white wings, they turn night black and are hated by absolutely everyone

Now imagine Ace being one of the strongest fallen angels and being the most brutal/heartless creature and there you come, a innocent white angel, white wings, eyes that burn with passion and a pure heart- one of the strongest angels that fight for heaven

So, now imagine a fight between the fallen angels and the angels of heaven- good against bad- and since you and ace are pretty much on the same level, it’s clear to say; you’re going against each other. It’s a bloodbath, you and him keep fighting and then he does it, in one quick moment, he opens his giant wings and surrounds you, the lights turning into darkness and the disgustingly pleasing smell of him in your senses. You feel numb for a few seconds, then a hand touches your face, a quiet laugh is heard and then everything turns bright again, but something is wrong; you feel something burn on your chest, cutting deeper into your skin and you groan in pain. You look down, trying to find the source of pain and what you see let’s the blood freeze in your veins; a black print of Ace’s wings is tattooed on your chest, a white print of yours on his chest.

He turned you into his soulmate; you lost the battle.

a short unpolished elsewhere fic

Students who sought out contact with the Fae at Elsewhere University where normally rejected by other students, I was no exception to this rule. The faeries at Elsewhere where the trickster type who liked to steal people, make wagers, and steal people. My first year at elsewhere had been hard for a different reason- people didn’t accept who I was. I very much looked like a typical boy and talked like a typical boy so they all thought I was a boy, this lasted about a week. When I thought people where starting to like me I became more comfortable expressing the fact that I wasn’t a boy, not always at least. You see they had trouble understanding that my gender was so fluid that one day I could be a boy, the next a girl, and one some days both or neither. At least thats what I thought. The real reason why everyone was uncomfortable when I would express this fluidity is because students like me where more likely to be taken by the faeries here, or make deals with them and no one wanted to be friends with someone who would be stolen away, possibly to not return until. During midterms in my second semester people started opening up to me and I made a few friends, this however was an especially hard time for me and I began to want to seek out a faerie that would help me. I began taking my mood ring on walks around the school glancing through it to see the truth and when I would find a faerie I would simply put the ring on and talk to them. I must have talked to a dozen faeries posing as students before I got the answer I was looking for, that if I were able to win a contest with the faerie they would give me the ability to control my voice and then at least I would sound the way I wanted whenever I wanted. This “parlor trick” as the faerie called it wasn’t very costly. I had to wager my second favorite dress (one that I had bought for less than twenty dollars) so I thought the risk would be well worth the reward, the ability to change my voice. This contest was a game of quarters, I became very good at quarters in high school when I would drink my dysphoria away at parties with all the “cool” kids. This was the first of three contests I won with the Fae in two years. The second contest won back a student who had been taken, and the third wager won me a potion that would grant happiness and inspiration for a day (I used this potion to finish my first novel and the short story that secured my A in my creative writing course.) Each wager became more dangerous than the last. For the student me and two others had to put up something with extreme emotional attachment- the teddy bear my grandmother gave me, Hannah’s bracelet their dad gave them before going off to a war they would never return from and Johnny’s blanket (he wouldn’t explain why it was so important to him but the faerie we were dealing with seemed surprised at how much it meant to him.) The potion, well I nearly lost that wager and my voice along with it. But this is nothing compared to the last wager I made at Elsewhere University.

I was on a mission to find the most powerful faerie who would be willing to gamble with me, I knew that was the only way. Even my closest friends told me that they wouldn’t support this endeavor as the risk would be too high. “They’ll take you forever” they warned. I didn’t care anymore, I was tired of the body I was living in and I was going to find a faerie powerful enough to grant me the power to change it. I had seen one student win a wager with a faerie that changed their body once, her name was Ellie and she graduated much happier than I ever imagined she would be, but still not as happy as she deserved to be as her fear of what her parents would think gnawed at her from time to time. But what Ellie had done wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted to be able to change my body, to be the way I felt like I should be on any given day, and that was no parlor trick. That feat was no small task of magic and no complex potion could grant my request. This was strong magic, magic that the faeries only ever used on themselves, I wasn’t even sure it was possible for any Fae to grant my request.

One day though in class room 231- the classroom that time moves the slowest in- I met a faerie who gave off an imposing energy, I knew instantly that if anyone could grant my request it would be them.

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okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!

My Problem

I know

I know its a problem

I know im not supposed to feel this way

Im not suppose to be hungry

But i hate feeling full

when im full it means i ate too much

Once a day

thats what i say

Eat once a day

telling myself every day

If i eat once a day

Ill eventually lose the weight

but then i eat

I see the food and tell myself

“Just this once,

You wont gain the weight,

You can eat,

Who cares how much you weigh”

But then i eat

And i look in a mirror

And i see it

The fat

The calories

The gain

I see what i ate in my weight

I dont see me

I see a number

I am a number

I am not my weight

It doesnt define me

At least thats what i try to tell myself

Yet here i am again

No food in my stomach

Nothing but water and stomach acid

sitting on my bathroom floor

Hunched over the toilet seat

It tortured me, 

This sickness

But no cure on hand

No friend to call 

No family near me

Letting my weight take charge

Just wishing i was free

of this disease

remaining-head-spirits  asked:

Could I just start off by saying that I absolutely adore your art? Alright, now that that's out of the way, I'd really like to see uf!Paps in your style, and your take on the Underswap bros. Also, I'm really intrigued over your skele!Frisk, do you have any backstory to the character? PS: so sorry to hear about your mental state, depression is terrible to deal with :( I hope you had a nice b-day regardless

WOWIE! So many asks x) 
But at first - thank you so much for your words.

Speaking about UF universe, his story underground not so interesting… So here I talk about what happened after Frisk set everyone free x)
At least, I imagine UF!Pap like the owner of few restaurants. Dunno why. So, here you’re this scary-cool dude.

I like them. It’s crazy universe. And I like all of interpretation!
Buuuut, as we speak about me…
Sans is younger brother. He’s like UT!Pap, brave, hyperactive, heroic, smarter in some point than he shows, childish in another. I guess with all the training he has with Alphys he’s very powerful, strong and pretty thin.
And Pap… well, that’s UT!Sans. More spoiled. But still punmaster, lazy, fearful when he wants to, careful, but, I guess, he didn’t lost his hope in the same degree like UT!Sans. 
So… I see them like this. Don’t judge me.

Yeah, Skele!Frisk has his story behind. Painful, dark, sad… but beautiful,  full of L O V E  and love.

And thank you again, dear. It’s nice of you to be worried about me.

humanities-angstiest  asked:

Hi! I love your post of Keith things soo much. I was just wondering if you can expand on him being self-conscious about his temper and which episodes he shows this?

[/EDIT: I rewrote and restructred this answer a little, just so that it makes more sense & flows better. I also added another example, but the general message is the same.]

Hey there :D Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!! And sure thing, he doesn’t really show it often, but I’ll explain why I think he feels self-conscious about his temper.

Before I start with the 3 scenes I want to talk about, let’s establish something first - that he knows he has a temper and knows that he needs to work on it. He shows awareness of that quite often, so I’ll just mention s1e1, the first time it becomes apparent. It’s on his mission to find Red. “Patience yields focus” makes an appearance, which something that he carries with himself all the way to season 2. He wouldn’t have done that if it didn’t mean anything to him. He definitely knows that it is something he has to work on.

Next - the self-conscious part. Let me make another thing clear:

Being self-conscious about something does not mean being insecure about it. That’s very important in regards to Keith’s character, who is absolutely self-confident in himself. What I have to prove is not that he is insecure about his temper but that he can be uncomfortably aware of it.

Moving on to the actual meta part. Surprisingly, the moments where Keith seems to feel guilty and/or self-conscious about his temper usually aren’t around Shiro. Maybe that’s because they know each other so well. Maybe it’s because Shiro has called him out on it often enough that he has gotten used to it. Maybe it’s because Shiro is pretty nice about calling him out, he usually just tells him to “work on it”. 

No, the moments where he shows being self-conscious the most are around Lance. There is that scene in the Balmera in s1e7 (I zoomed in on his expressions here):

“We can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho!”

Oops. That’s what his face is saying after being presented with a simple and better plan. Keith definitely feels guilty and self-conscious here for not thinking things through. There is not much explanation needed, it’s all in the facial expressions. 

Something like that happens again in s2e8. There are 2 scenes in this episode that I want to talk about. Firstly, Hunk and Allura voicing the thought that the Blade of Marmora base could be just a trap, followed by Hunk saying “maybe we shouldn’t go in there at all.” Keith absolutely blows up at him - and then there comes Lance: 

“Okay, geez, calm down!”

And Keith’s reaction?

Turning away. He actually calms down and turns away. He didn’t apologize, but the silence is heavy. He was definitely uncomfortably aware that he had just yelled at Hunk for next to no reason.

The next scene comes when Shiro picks Keith to accompany him into the base and Lance does not agree with this decision. “But Keith’s a hothead! He’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later and they’re not gonna be able to answer his questions because they’re gonna be dead!”

Keith’s reaction to that statement is what initially convinced me that he is self-conscious about his temper:

He looks away. His eyebrows raise. He feels like Lance is right about what he is saying and he definitely feels bad about it. It’s the definition of a “guilty as charged” face. And since we know that Keith shows pretty much every emotion he feels on his face, I think it’s safe to say that he feels self-conscious here.

Unfortunately, there is not much other material to go of. Shiro is kind of Keith’s safe spot (explained earlier) and none of the other paladins have ever confronted Keith about his temper. But Lance isn’t afraid of calling him out in the “hey, you are wrong about that" way - Shiro just tells him to be more patient and “work on it”. With Lance, there is no sugarcoating it. His reactions get especially powerful if you compare it to their usual behavior: Keith is not the type to get hyper aware of himself just because Lance said something unflattering about him. They are fighting far too often for that. And we know that his usual reaction is to just fight back or grimace heavily and stay quiet. Not this.

So, to summarize - Keith isn’t overly self-conscious about his temper, it’s mostly just a part of himself that he isn’t proud of. He usually just kind of deals with it, but when someone bluntly puts it in the spotlight and really makes him aware of what he is doing, his self-consciousness shines through. That does not make him any less self-confident.


This thing came like triple packaged! Love it! It was in a box filled with those white peanuts (thats what my family calls then at least, i dont know what theyre really called), inside a sleeve, bubble wrapped, and then put in another box. The pans of the eyeshadow are huge!! Love the color range! I was leaving my house to go to class when I saw the box on the porch. So I brought it with me and unboxed it in the parking lot. So the lighting is kind of weird! Still, you can see the amazing colors quite well here. Im dying to play with the green shade!

Happiness comes from the weirdest places.

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Genre: angst with fluff ending (cause I love him too much to make it an angst ending)

Pairing: jungkook x Y/N

Disclaimer: I am writing this on my phone hopefully this works and its angst, if you cry, don’t blame me.

Happiness something that you always yearned for because you’ve never felt it, your parents would always fight, nonstop, mentally abusing each other, and when that happened you seem to always be in the middle.

“LETS END IT HERE, LETS DIVORCE” screamed your mum

“FINEE BUT IM TAKING Y/N” your father fought.



“Huh” you sighed “can you guys just stop now, don’t you think I’m a bit too old for this?”

They stared at you like they were confused because they were you never said anything to them, ever.


You walked out.

This fighting thing went on for many years, you were outside and you could still hear them, the neighbors slowly turning thier lights on and screaming at your front door, you wanted nothing more to do with this.

When you run, you feel extremely free, invincible even, so you did just that you ran and ran until you couldn’t breathe, you stopped to catch your breath but all you saw was a bright light.

2 years later

You woke up, trying everything to move your body, you couldn’t, once you fully opened your eyes, and you could finally look around, there was no one, no one there to remind you of who you were, or even tell you that everything was fine.

Minutes passed and you could finally move Just your arms, with hardly any strength, slowly you sat up, come to find out your name was Y/N, the hospital cantacted your parents but all they did was pay for the hospital fee and pretend like you didn’t exist, it didn’t make you sad, because that’s what they were like.

When no one cares, you start to stop caring too, nothing mattered, why you woke up 2 years later was beyond you.

“You should’ve died.”

Your so called parents say, they were now finally officially broken off, and now it was all your fault, they fell out of love because of you, that’s what they were like, if they could rub the blame and guilt on anyone even their own child, then they felt a whole shittone better.

“This is all we’re giving to you, we should’ve just put you down”

Another few months passed, where it was a blur and pain, you were now able to walk, not properly but enough to leave hospital, you had no where to go.

You walked and walked, your legs were hurting because it hasn’t even been a month since you learnt how to walk again, but you didn’t want to stay I the hospital any longer, you didn’t want to see your Parents face let alone the nurses that looked at you with sympathy, or the doctors that were just full of cold dead stares.

So you were here walking on the streets of Seoul, it was cold you had no idea what day let alone what time it was, you just wanted to get away.

You fell on the floor with a thud, hitting something or someone.

“IM SOOOOOO SORRY” you looked up to a tall male figure covered from head to toe with warmth,

“No I’m sorry I wasn’t looking, hey ummm could you help me up a little, I can’t stand.

“Yeah sure” he smiled, he didn’t question why you needed help, he just helped you up out of kindness

“I’m really sorry about that my names jungkook what’s yours?”

“My names Y/N”

“Soooo what’s a beautiful lady like yourself doing out so late?”

“Sorry do you know what the time is? Or even where I am?”

Over the 2 years and a half that you were asleep for a lot had changed, you looked around the place and had no idea where you were, you would’ve thought it was LA if jungkook hadn’t showed up, you were weirdly happy that you bumped into him.

“Oh it’s 3:15 am and your in Seoul, do you need help getting home?”

“Oh thanks….. I don’t have a home to go to”

You whispered the last part but it was late so no one was around which meant that he could hear your whisper.

“This is strange but… do you want to come with me, to somewhere more warm?”

For some reason you felt really safe around him, and what could be worse going with this young man to a warm place or dying out here cold.

“Ummm sure”

You guys walked for a really long time, too long, he took you to a cafe a small one, in a corner somewhere, all you cared about at this point was the warmth of this place, almost like the owner knew that you were extremely cold.

“Sooooo I’m sort of a very curious person and you still haven’t answered my question”

“Ummmm what was your question?”

“What is a beautiful young lady like yourself doing out this late?”

“Oh, I jut left a hospital I was staying at and I had no idea where I was going and I got lost, and then I met you and now we’re here”

“Oh are you a doctor or a nurse? Transferring from out of Seoul?”

“No no no I was a patient in that hospital, I got into a car accident 2 and a half years ago, and Seoul has really changed at lot in that 2 years, too much for someone like me.”

“…. I won’t question you anymore if it makes you feel uncomfortable, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude on your personal detail”

“It’s fine, I feel a lot better, spilling it all, and shouldn’t we get going? The cafe must be closing soon”

“Actually the cafe is closed”

You lifted one brow, confused

“This cafe is mine, and it’s also christmas so it’s not open for a few days”

“Oh I’m sorry it’s your day off and I’m taking it away from you”

“No no no it’s not that, I like helping people out this is why I opened this shop, to help people feel warm and nice in cold times, and donate the money that I can to charity for people who aren’t as fortunate as I am”

You smiled at him, something you had forgotten how to do, since your birth.

“Thank you, really, your so kind and you do things hat most people would just ignore, your really amazing”

You say there talking to him for a few more hours.

Few more months passed and jungkook let you stay with him and his friends, the 7 of them were in a group, only jungkook owned a cafe on the side, you worked in the cafe and lived with the 7 dorks.

This made you extremely happy, that was until your parents started looking for you again, hey found you working in the cafe, and made you sit with them and talk.

‘Talk’ or them saying whatever they wanted and leaving.

“What do you want? I’m leaving you guys alone aren’t I?”

“We’ve decided to get married again”

“Really????!!! After all that really?? What’s wrong with you guys? Your old enough to know that this won’t work”



“We understa..”

You cut them off.

“No… you will never understand what it feels like to wake up without anyone by your side and have doctors tell you, that you’ve been asleep for 2 years and then having to learn how to write read or even lift your arms up and down again, so I don’t care if you want to die together or get married again, I really don’t care, please get out of my shop I need to work”


Jut then the door opened, it was jungkook, you didn’t want to show your boss/ boyfriend what your parents were really like.

“Oh jungkook your here?”

“Yeah, Oh we have customers I can go wait over there for you”

He smiled melting you.

“We’re not customers, were her parents” they made that smile, that fake smile that you hated.

“There not my parents jungkook, and could you two leave now?”


“So that’s what your here for? Not to see if your daughter is fine? Not to see if your daughter is still alive? Not to apologise?”

You went to the back took your wallet out and threw money at them, all that you had at them and told them to pick it up and get out, they did just that.

You were confused, you didn’t know weather they were your parents or some people that gave you a loan.

You say there and cried, and jungkook closed the shop and sat next to your curled up figure.

“That was your Parents isn’t it? Y/N talk to me, I’m here for you, you know that”

You looked up at his worried and somewhat hurt eyes.

“I’m sorry you shouldn’t have seen that, that was more uglier than…”

He just hugged you.

“That’s you and if that’s you then I love every inch of it, the scares that we’re left by your parents I want to heal and hide and care for, don’t think of anything right now but me, okay?”


Jungkook was everything to you and him saying he loved every inch of your life meant the world to you.

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Soooooooooooooo…… I tried?

Okay it might have been kinda bad, tell me how it was guys, AND DONT FORGET TO REQUEST.

Because my imagination is limited, so help a girl out.



Twisted Snake pt.2

Pairings: Jughead x reader, Bughead.
Warnings: Mentions of abuse and bruising, possible swear I can’t remember.

A/N: I’m so so happy with the response from you guys for this story, really encouraging. I’m not overly confident with this part but hopefully you’ll like it and I haven’t ruined it. Also would you like another part? If so are ye happy to continue in Jughead POV or would you like more 3rd person etc. Let me know dollies.



Jughead Pov.

After Betty screamed at me for an hour and reassured her for another hour, I had just about managed to salvage my relationship. Not even sure if that’s even what I want, a relationship that’s just barely one.

The party had cleared out but the house was a state to behold. Nope. Not my problem. I turned on my heels and rejoined Vegas in the garage.


For the next week I spent every possible non school moment in Pops. More so than usual. I was practically part of the furniture, just hoping to “accidentally” run into y/n again. It didn’t go unnoticed by Betty, I just played it off as wanting to write more.

What was her deal? What’s wrong with my name? I mean it’s not exactly conventional but people don’t usually run away from me panicked when they hear it. I am the new Voldemort. I am he who should not be named. I laughed a loud at my stupid thoughts. It was late on Friday and Pops started to fill, I just had a feeling she wouldn’t like it crowded, I didn’t. I got a few strange looks from the couple next to me.

I strolled home and collapsed onto the air mattress, it huffing beneath me. Archie won’t be home for at least an hour, he’s out with Veronica. I feel totally defeated, where am I to find this one girl in a sea of others…well none like her. Wait…she’s not like the Riverdale girls because she isn’t one! Oh I’m an idiot.

I jumped off the “bed” and grabbed my jeans practically putting them on both legs at once.

I grabbed my keys and as I went for the front door I ran into Archie and Veronica stumbling in.

“Oh Jughead…we were just umm”

“Don’t need to explain Archie… actually please don’t explain just stay off my mattress” I brushed past not wanting to prolong the awkwardness.

I sat into Archie’s truck, he’s not going to appreciate this but he probably won’t notice right now with Veronica to preoccupy him.

I hate driving, hate it. I’m no good at it but I don’t feel like walking to the Southside at quarter past midnight.

After a few false starts, messing up the radio frequency and general terrible driving I arrived outside the Wyte Worm.

After taking a few laps inside the bar I gave up. I’m not going to find her here, I wouldn’t find me here why would I find her here.  Okay think if I were her who is similar to me where would I be.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” oh no. I’m dead. “You shouldn’t be here Juggy”

“Um yeah Dad sorry I was just looking for someone…”

“Who? Who could you possibly be looking for here Jughead?”

“Emmm Y/N”

Dad took a step closer to me, eyes darkening.

“And what would you want with her?” His tone was harsh. “Emm she left heart medication in Archie’s when she was at my party” well that’s a terrible lie but it needed to be serious enough of a thing to let behind that he’d tell me where she is

“Why was she at your party?!”

“Uh I’m not sure, wasn’t everyone? Is there something wrong with her?”

“You could say that” he bit. “You won’t find her here anyway Juggy but I guess missing heart meds is kinda serious emmmm okay I’d say you’ll probably find her lot over at the Podges…I’ll come with you”

“No!” He looked at me confused “well you’re not going there by yourself”. Oh yeah leave it to now for my Dad to step up and care.

“I won’t, I’m going to just go home and ring the pharmacy on the pack tomorrow” I turned and walked briskly away from him.

“Don’t go there Jughead. I’m warning you.” He called after me, his seriousness radiating through across the distance. I waved in acknowledgement as I sat into the truck, no intention to listen to him.

I thought the Whyte Worm was rough. Nothing could compare to Podges. Total drunken chaos.

I stood on the porch of the pub ((bar etc)) taking a deep breath, regretting it instantly and  stepped inside to total ruins. Fighting and shouting and utter chaos. The stench of old booze and smoke was deeply imbedded in the sheer dna of the place. I am Nancy Drew, Nancy Jones…Jughead Drew? Ehhh we’ll circle back to that later.

I pulled up my hood and put my hands in my pockets. I want to completely fly under the radar. I didn’t do a very good job at it.

A weight was thrown into my side and I was pushed into a small coat closet. Expecting to be attacked I closed my eyes and braced for impact, when the pain didn’t come I reluctantly opened my eyes and found a concern stricken y/n with arms crossed.

“y/n!” I threw my arms around her and thankfully she didn’t push me away… immediately.

“What are you doing here Jughead?! Are you totally off your game?!”  

“I umm I just wanted to see you…” not creepy at all there Juggy. Her furrowed face softened and she left out a half laugh. I watched her bite her lip and put her hand to her head.

“Thats…that’s  really really sweet but also really really stupid, you could get yourself killed here for being who you are…let alone for talking to me” she seemed genuinely concerned.

“Why…why would I get myself killed” I don’t understand what is going on, at least Voldemort knew why he was hated.

“It’s cause of who your dad is…..” she couldn’t meet my eyes. Once again my dad is ruining something that could be amazing for me.

“What?!” I practically shouted. Y/N moved closer to me and put a finger to my lips. I brushed my hand over hers and brought it to my cheek and kept it there. I don’t know what it is about to her. She’s magnetic. I want to be closer to her in every way possible.

“Shh Jughead you have to be quiet, I know it seems chaotic and loud but I’m actually surprised they don’t know you’re here already. Your dad is a ring leader in the Serpents and my dad….my dad isn't” her voice was shaky.

“Who is your dad?”

“Y/D/N Y/L/N…..leader of the the Scorpions…” she sounded ashamed and I could stop my eyes from widening.

“As in…”

“Yeah, as in Southside Scorpions” she meet my eyes again, glossy and sad. “Oh” well shit. This is not good. A territory feud that has been raging for years, bloodshed on both sides…too much blood. She gave me a small smile. The weakest of smiles. Breaks my heart.

“Yeah Jughead, “Oh” is right, so yeah…I think you should go”  her hand dropped from my cheek and I missed it being there instantly.

“Does it bother you?…does it bother you im not a Scorpion?” My voice was a little shaky for this question as I stepped closer to her again.

“No, I know it should but it doesn’t, I don’t really fit in the gang mentality, my older brother will take  over leading not me, I don’t belong to it like they want me to….does it bother you I’m not a Serpent?”

“Oh yeah totally, can’t even look at you" I laugh as she toyingly hits me into the chest. I know I’m with Betty but more than a bit of me wants to be with her.

“Jugheeeeaaad” she whined playfully. I love how I’m making it impossible for her.

The door swung open and y/n pushed me backwards beneath coats instantly.

“Y/N?…here..doing?” A man close to our age slurred out.

“Nnnnnothing John…I was..i was just looking for my coat” her voice was entirely shaky and if that lad wasn’t as out of it as he was he would have seen right through.

“Oh alright well c'mere” John caught y/n roughly around the waist and she was visibly uncomfortable under his touch. He moved to kiss her lips as she turned her head, his lips meeting her cheek. Ugh.

“Hey y/n, cop on” his tone was blunt and I could see the burning pressure he put on her wrist. “Ssssorry…I’ll meet you out there my dad said he’ll buy you a drink go go” his ears perked at the idea of a free drink and he briskly left the closet.

Y/N let out the biggest sigh of relief I’d ever heard as she rubbed her red wrist.

“Who was that?” I cautiously came out from beneath the coats.

“No one” she brushed her hair out of her face and crossed her arms across her chest.

“Was that…is that your boyfriend?”


“Oh…did he do that?” I pointed at the bruises along her arms where she had let the hoodie ride up. She instantly pulled it down covering them.

“You need to go now” eyes fixed on my shoes.

I moved closer to her and pulled the sleeve of her hoodie up. I held her arm in my hands and looked at the marbled marks decorating her arm. She stared at me while I couldn’t take my eyes off the marks. I leaned in and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in closer. I moved my hands around her waist. I felt like this is where I belong, with her… granted not in the closet but I don’t mind, I’m with her.

I suddenly felt tears land on my cheek but they didn’t belong to me. “Please Jughead…you need to go” she whispered with teary eyes breaking the kiss and moving away from me.

“Y/N…” I moved for her again.

“No” she moved as though my touch might burn her.

“I….emm okay…here’s my number I wrote it down for you..please dont hesitate to use it…” I gave it to her and she sheepishly took it.

“Okay then…bye y/n” I slowly edged past her as she stood looking in the spot I once occupied.


Teehee Xx

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I wonder what stinger does all alone in the Orion

but let’s be real here: nobody is leaving stinger alone for a while.

or at least they shouldn’t.

aaaa having to wait until friday to see episode 23 is pain

(also friendly reminder that even if asks might take me a bit to get to, I really appreciate these 💖)

Tim and Damian Dating Twins Headcanons

A/N: The boys are older in this, probably young adults. I’m assuming they’re identical twins so here goes.

Tim and Damian dating twins would include:

> They tried double dating this one time, both couples vowed never again. It was the twins idea and the batboys had reluctantly agreed to it. The twins ended up dragging their respective partner off in opposite directions with low-key insults being thrown whenever the boys were left unattended.
Never again.

> Damian knows the difference, Damian just knows. Even from a mile away he can tell which one is his s/o, it baffles everyone in the family. It’s been this way from the very beginning.

> Tim also knows to the extent of Damian now. It took him a while to figure it out and still when he’s sleep deprived he gets confused.

> At 3am, Tim lazily makes his way into the room, takes the first twin he sees into a hug leaving them confused but they comply anyway.
“Leave my beloved alone Drake.” Damian is clearly unimpressed whilst Tims s/o walks in quite bemused with the situation. Tim then realised his mistake and sheepishly lets go of the other twin to complain into his s/o’s shoulder.

> Dick try’s to tell the difference between them but still mixes up the names occasionally, Jason on the other hand has completely given up.

> Jason resorted to post it notes on each of them labelled ‘Twin 1’ and 'Twin 2’. Stephanie is silently thanking him in the background whilst Damian was less than pleased and almost killed his brother for it. Tim on the other hand grabbed the pen and wrote “the best twin” on his s/o.
Again, Damian = unimpressed and muttered a string of curse words under his breath.

> At the start of the blossoming friendship, the twins indirectly terrorised Batman. The first time they both came to the Manor, Bruce walked past the study where Damian and his s/o were only to bump into Damian’s s/o down the hallway??? He went back to the study, Damian’s s/o is still in there but also walking up the stairs. Alfred took note of Bruce’s confused expression.
“Clearly your nightly activities are interfering with your senses Master Bruce.”
“No, thats not it - you can see it right? Two of them…”
“Sir… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“What? But Alfred -”
“Ahem. They’re twins sir, it seems Masters Tim and Damian have taken a liking to them.”
“Right. That’s wonderful news.” Sarcasm.

> The twins probably attempted to switch places at least once and it had predictable outcomes.
“What are you doing here (twin 2 name)”
“Aw, Damian you’re no fun! You could’ve at least pretended for a bit.”
“What’d be the fun in that?”
Meanwhile with Tim, he’s going on about this random complicated theory and stops to hear his s/o’s point of view only to be met with severe confusion and no snarky remark.
“You’re not my twin are you?”
“I can happily say that I’m not.”
“This is why I like your twin better!”

> If either of the boys need to get something for their respective s/o then they ask their twin for advice since they know them best.

> The twins having secret competitions concerning their batboys, like who gets home from patrol first for example.
Text: Hah! I win, Damian just slipped through the window. ;)
Text: Yeah well… idek where Tim is tbh.
Text: Tim probably got more work done anyway.

> The boys get on with each twin but are liable to favouritism when it comes to their partner. As a result they take their side on most things which gets them all into trouble.

> Tim and Damian may not be so fond of each other on the outside, but they’d do anything to save their brother’s s/o because they know how much they mean to them.

Flash Rant/S4 expectations:

Though TF is one of my favorite shows, this last season was not the best: The pacing of the episodes was off, the savitar reveal came way too late and people had already figured it out making it anticlimactic, Savitar was underdeveloped and more time could have been spent on him and of course EmoBarry. But there were individual things that rubbed me the wrong way, so here we go:

Star labs:I am so sick and tired of star labs. I am sick and tired of seeing the set. Why tf is 80% of every episode in star labs?!? there is an entire city to use and all we see is Star Labs. I know I wasn’t the only one happy to see it get destroyed in the finale. Yes, I get it is the focal point of the show as far as locations. That’s where team flash comes together, thats where the Flash goes. BUT, its been 3 seasons. We get it. We saw it. Lets move on. Allow the characters to have lives outside of Star Labs. They deserve it. 

BARRY: LET BARRY BE GREAT. LET BARRY BE SMART. PLEASE. Barry Allen is a genius but the show has stripped so much of that away from him in order to give importance to *drum roll* STAR LABS. That’s bullshit. Show him being smarter, on his own. Let him make decisions. On his own. He doesn’t need 80 people telling him things he should already know. 

What I want for Barry in S4: I want to see him using his brain. I want to see him do his job. CSI stuff. I want to see him happy and excited about being the Flash like in S1. He’s been through a lot. Let him thrive now. Let him have a stronger connection to the speed force. Let him be FASTER than everyone else. Let him be the one giving the pep talks, not receiving them. He’s learned a lot. He’s grown as a man and a hero. Lets see it. 

IRIS: Iris did more reporting in S1 and S2 than this entire last season. We never even saw the CCPN set ever again. Let her do her job. Please. In the comics, Iris is not only a brilliant reporter but her research and investigations directly help Barry in some of his work as the Flash. LETS SEE THAT. Again, in order to give Star Labs more to do, Iris has been stripped of many opportunities where her journalism could of come in handy. I may be alone in this but I feel like S3 took some agency away from her character by not allowing her to directly influence her fate by the hands of Savitar. She is not a damsel in distress and though we may know this, sometimes I feel it could of came off stronger.

What I want for Iris in S4: I want to see badass journalist Iris. I want to see her contribute more than we have seen her do in the past. It makes no sense in a city like Central City reporters are not used more in the main story lines. Use her. Also, Let her have emotions. She was preparing to die and we barely got a few scenes of her coming to terms with that. wtf. She is the leading lady of the show. Treat her like one and recognize how effective she could be. Also, I want to see her happy. Candice Patton has a great sense of humor. Allow her to bring that to the character more often. Let her be silly and fun, especially with Barry. And, give Iris a female friendship. Sometimes I feel like this show wouldn’t pass the bechdel test. 

JOE: again, let Joe do his job. Yes, hes a detective and we see him doing some things. But its not enough. He should be Captain and will have more influence at CCPD. You can’t have a talented actor like Jesse L. Martin and utilize him mostly for pep talks and musical numbers. 

What I want for Joe in S4: A story line consisting of his work at CCPD. He also doesn’t need to be at Star Labs so much. Lets see him do his badassary as detective. We know hes a great father. But I would like to see more about Joe outside of his kids. He deserves that much. Also keep Cecile and dont ever hurt Papa Joe. Ever. 

WALLY: He’s freaking Kid Flash and yet, he barely had any screen time in the last few episodes of the season. I hope this is because they are saving it for his bigger role in S4 but still, Wally is underdeveloped as a character and needs more focus on him as Wally and as a superhero. 

What I want for Wally in S4: Same as Barry, I want to see him thrive as the Flash but also go through growing pains. He has a lot to learn and S4 can deliver a great coming of age type of story arc for Wally as he learns to make mistakes and become a better hero.

CISCO: I love this character. And as much as I love him, I need him to back off a little bit as inventor and creator of all things team flash. Cisco has way too many jobs. Many of which as I mentioned can easily go to other characters. Now as Vibe, Cisco has other greater things to learn and develop for himself. Let him. 

What I want for Cisco in S4: Strengthen that Vibe power. Develop it, harness it. Vibe is extremely powerful. Let him get there. I want to see him work on his abilities with Gypsy and be an active hero, not just one who sits in front of a computer. He’s too useful for that. I also want to see him Happy. Give us funny, lighthearted Cisco we love. Allow him to go on a date. Flirt. Get a GF (preferably Gypsy) and overall be unstoppable. It would be great to learn more about his backstory as well, such as his family. 

KILLER FROST: Let KF be complex. The one thing this show is too afraid to do is go too dark. I get that with some characters but not with KF. She is canonically a villain. Let her be one. She’s more interesting that way.There is a way to do that without going over the edge. Right now, KF is helping the Justice League in the comic books but is still considered a villian. She has a Harley Quinn like thing going on and it works. 

What I want for KF in S4: Let her balance the line between good and bad. Let her explore her KF powers and figure out who she is. Please don’t let her be bad one episode and have her be good the next and return her to star labs. She needs to feel the full weight of her actions as KF. Show those conflicting emotions. She can be a bad guy and still have good in her. She doesn’t need to be Caitlin again. Let her be a new version of KF. Develop her powers, and explore more of her backstory. There are deeper and darker things in Caitlin’s history that we still dont know about. 

HARRY: Just bring back OG Wells. That’s all. 

TEAM FLASH: Lessen up the team. There are wayyyy too many characters on this show. And the more characters, the less time can be spent developing them. Tracy is cool but we dont have room for her on the team, at least not as a regular. Julian is cool but outside of being Dr. Alchemy, we don’t really need another person with the same skills as Barry as a CSI. Its just too bloated and needs to be shrunk down. 

THE VILLIANS: Speaking of Julian, I hope the show has bigger plans for him because if not, Dr. Alchemy was completely wasted. He was supposed to be an interesting character and one of Flash’s biggest foes but instead was used very little and then almost forgotten about.I hope the plan is to revisit that at some point. No more speedsters. At least not for a while. Suicide Squad, if possible would be a phenomenal additions for S4.  

Thats all. I’m sure theres more stuff but this is all I can type up. And remember, these are just MY opinions and feelings about the show and what I hope to see in S4. No matter what, TF is insanley popular, I just feel sometimes writers and showrunners take advantage of that and get kind of lazy. Unforunatley, I feel that happened this season. 

Here is hoping for the best in season 4!

It Hurts Like Hell 
                                    - Part VI
Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 521
warning : reader character’s death (be warned - this chapter was the hardest
to write because i just couldn’t stop crying)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
*not my gif

Y/N spent the next few weeks barely leaving Kai’s apartment. She couldn’t stand being around her friends right now… Every time she saw any of them , the pain of what they did crushed her heart all over again. She loved Kai still and knew that one way or another he’d be back. Either he’d find his way out of there or she’d find someone to do the spell and bring him back. Lilly Salvatore wasn’t going to give up either , she was sure of it.

Y/N woke up in Kai’s bed feeling someone’s hands around her waist.
I’m just imagining it. she thought. It hasn’t been the first time since Kai got trapped in 1903 that she felt as if someone was there with her. Everywhere around the apartment , she’d see his face , hear his voice…. but this time it felt different. It felt more real than before. Y/N rolled over and found Kai starring at her.
“K-kai ?” she said startled. “No … no … I’m imagining it again.” tears started filling her eyelids.
“Don’t cry. ” he said wiping a tear from her face.“I hate it when you cry… I am really  here. I am real.”
Kai watched as his words started sinking into Y/N’s mind , her eyes widening when she realised it was really him standing there , a smile spreading across her face melting his heart.He had missed her more than he thought possible.
“OH MY … KAI !” she said rolling over , standing on top of him. “You are back !!! How … when ?” a wide grin on her face. “You know , never mind that … You are here !!” she said leaning in to kiss him deeply.
“Wow , calm down baby.” he said grinning too.
“I can’t ! I missed you so much …” she said unable to keep her lips off of his. “I love you ! I love you!”
Kai laughed , the most beautiful sound in the whole universe filling in the room.
“I love and missed you too Y/N. More than you can imagine.” he said , resting his forehead against her before pushing her away  ,sitting on the bed with a serious look on his face.
Y/N was confused for a moment as to what was happening. She took his hand and he turned towards her , a grim smile on his face.
“What is it ?” she asked.
“Nothing… ” he said , “Thats a beautiful dress you got there…”
“Thanks .. It’s for Jo’s wedding….  which is today. They are making me go even tho I told them specifically I never wanted to see any of them ever again.” Y/N said sadly.
“Are you going to the wedding ?” Kai asked , same grim look on his face.
“I was thinking about going … All the Gemini will be here and I thought , maybe somehow I’d convince one of them to help me break you out of 1903 prison world , or at least get them to send me there.” Y/N watched as Kai’s lips turned into a smile.
“You wanted to go to 1903 just to be with me ? Stuck reliving the same day over and over again for all eternity ?” he said surprised.
“I couldn’t bare another moment being away from you.” she said as Kai wrapped his hands around her.
“Neither could I.” Kai said , kissing her forehead. “There is something I have to tell you. I am going to make them pay for what they did… but I need you to stay here , OK. Don’t go to the wedding.”
“Why not ? ” she asked confused. “Malachai Parker , what have you got planned for today ?”

Y/N sat there listening to Kai’s plan , her eyes wide with shock and fear but not because of what he wanted to do. She had learned a long time ago that when you cross Kai , things get ugly. No , she was afraid because he didn’t know her friends like she did. They’d kill him for what he was planning to do.. for what he had already done. … but there was no talking him out of it. He made her promise that she wouldn’t go and she promised , knowing very well in the end she will break that promise. It was better this way - she’d have a chance to try and get him to pull back on his plan… and she didn’t want him to put a boundary spell on the apartment to keep her in there.

*  *  *

Y/N got dressed and drove to the wedding. As she was getting out of the car , her eyes fell on Kai who was standing on the edge of the forest. He motioned for her to follow. She looked around a few times , making sure no one could see her and walked towards him following him into the forest. They walked in silence for a while until they were far away so no one can hear them.
“You shouldn’t be here.” he said. “You promised me.”
There was hurt in his voice , he wasn’t angry … he was sad.
“Where else would I be?” she asked , wrapping her hands around him. “Don’t do this Kai.” Y/N pleaded.
“I’m sorry. I have to.” he said pressing his lips against hers. “I love you so much , Y/N.” he said and suddenly dissapeared into thin air.
“Kai , please … I know you can still hear me. I can’t lose you.” she said , her voice breaking. “I love you …”
But no answer came. Y/N had no idea if Kai was still there with her or not.

Jo and Alaric’s wedding was a complete disaster. In the very beginning everything had been perfectly fine , she even felt someone holding her hand and there was no question who it was… then suddenly that someone was gone.
Kai went through with his plan , interrupting the wedding right before Jo has finished her wedding vow. All the mayhem that followed sent Y/N across the room and onto the floor , hitting her head , pieces of glass piercing in her stomach. She was badly hurt and the pain was so strong but none of it even compared to seeing Kai stab himself in the neck with a piece of glass. Y/N tried to get to him but each move caused the glass shards to move further into her body. She cried out for help but her scream was muffled by others.
A couple of times she blacked out. When she became concious again , there was someone standing over her , trying to remove the glass pieces.  Her vision was blurry but the voice she heard … she’d recognize it anywhere. In fact , she was sure his voice could bring her back from the dead , that’s how strong hold he had on her.
“Don’t move.” Kai said pulling another piece of glass out of her stomach. Y/N groaned in pain. “Damn it …” he cursed under his breath. “That one has penetrated deeper , hold on.”
A few moments later Kai had the piece pulled out , a loud scream tearing itself free from Y/N’s throat. He bit his wrist and gave her his blood to heal her. Y/N shot up straight wrapping her hands around him and cupping his face before kissing his soft lips.
“You are OK!” she said , relief in her voice. “I saw you die … I … ” suddenly tears started falling down her face.  Kai pulled her in close and kissed her deeply.
“Leave.” Kai said , suddenly serious. Y/N looked at him confused.
“Leave? What ? NO ! I am not leaving you !” she protested.
Kai grabbed her shoulders , locking eyes with her. “I love you , Y/N… and I want you out of harms way. You can’t be here for what comes next.” He kissed her forehead before continuing “If something happens to you … I … ” Kai’s eyes darted to her vervain bracelet and he took it off. “God , I hope this works … Listen to me Y/N - leave and forget you saw me today. I’ll find you when this is all over. I love you.” he said looking straight into her eyes. Without her vervain bracelet Y/N couldn’t fight the compulsion and did exactly as Kai compelled her to do.
Kai watched as the girl he loves left through the doors not turning around and his heart broke a little at the thought he had almost lost her… but he was going to make damn sure that never happened again.

*   *   * 

A few hours later , Y/N’s phone rang. It was Stefan , he wanted her to go to the Salvatore house. Something had happened. Y/N got in her car and drove over. When she got there , Damon explained to her how Kai had linked Elena’s life to Bonnie and then had tried to kill Bonnie… so he had killed him.
Y/N’s eyes widened , she shook her head refusing to believe what Damon had told her.
“No. No, you are lying.” she said , tears filling her eyes. “Kai is not dead , he can’t be dead ! ” she kept repeating , more to herself to anyone else. Stefan poured her a drink and handed it over to her. She wrapped her hands around the glass starring into nothing , tears streaming down her face. Y/N got up and threw the glass across the room , smashing it in the fireplace. Caroline tried to hug her , but Y/N pushed her away , got up and walked into the kitchen to get some water.
The prospect of living without Kai was ripping a whole straight through her chest, she couldn’t breath. None of this was supposed to happen. Kai was supposed to return to her , they were supposed to have a future together and now … everything was gone and all she saw was emptiness and pain. Y/N hadn’t even realised her hand had wrapped around one of the sharpest knifes as she made up her mind.
“What are you doing ?” Stefan asked , startling her. She hadn’t even realise she had been followed. “Put that knife down.” he said slowly taking a step towards her , his arm outstretched. “Don’t do this …”
“I can’t live without him , Stefan.” Y/N said , her voice dangerously cold. “I don’t want to go on living knowing he is gone. My life without him doesn’t exist.” she said and before Stefan had had the time to reach her , Y/N had slit her own throat , collapsing on the ground , the cut so deep she bleed out in seconds. The pain was about to go away forever and wherever Kai was at this moment , she was soon going to be with him.

Stefan tried to heal her , but it was too late. He lifted her lifeless body and took her to the living room , tears in his eyes. Caroline rushed towards Y/N , her hand on her mouth , listening to Stefan explain what had happened and how he hadn’t been able to save her. He laid her body on the couch holding her hand and glancing at Damon who poured himself another drink and just walked out of the room.

Y/N took a shallow breath. She had slit her own throat … but wherever she was , clearly her plan had failed. She grasped for air , her eyes wide with confusion. Y/N was in the Salvatore house living room alone. Where was everyone and why was her throat aching like this ? Y/N reached with her hand to rub it , her neck wet. When she looked at her hand which was now covered in blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath.
The doors opened , Stefan and Damon walked inside.
“Stefan?” Y/N asked confused , his eyes widening. “What is happening to me ?”
Stefan walked towards her confused , reaching for her face , searching for pulse. There was none. “I think … I think you died with vampire blood in your system.” he said turning to look at Damon , who just couldn’t be bothered with anything at the time.
Y/N started crying. This was not what she wanted. Becoming a vampire was never on her list. All she had wanted was to die and maybe find Kai wherever he had gone after Damon killed him.
“No , no… ” she shook her head tears streaming down her face. Memories slowly started flooding back , a highlight of her transition and her eyes widened. “Kai…” she said.
Stefan looked at confused. “What are you talki- ?”
“Kai gave me his blood , at the wedding. I was injured , he … he healed me.” she said putting a hand over her mouth. “Oh God…He compelled me to forget I ever saw him today.” she said trailing off.  "I died with his blood in my system.“
Terror flooded her , she never wanted to become a vampire and now she had to make a choice.  
“I never wanted this …” she said , her voice hollow. Stefan pulled her into a hug.
“Damon ?” he said , but when no response followed her raised his voice. “Damon ! ” finally catching his attention. “Go get a blood bag from downstairs.”
Y/N pulled away shocked shaking her head.
“Just in case …” Stefan said “It’s your choice , but whatever you decide just know I’ll be there to help you through it.” Y/N nodded as thoughts started swirling through her mind , trying to make a pro / cons list. After a few minutes she gave up. Most of her friends were vampires , she knew exactly what would happen if she made the choice to become one. Blood lust. Destruction and mayhem…
Damon dropped the blood bag next to her and quietly walked upstairs to his room.  Stefan wanted to stay with her , but Y/N told him she’d be alright alone.
“Just … call out if you need something.” he said starting to leave the room.
“Wait…” Y/N said , making him turn around. “Where… where did you bury him ? I want to go there. Now.”

Stefan and Y/N walked through the forest , not too far from the Salvatore Boarding House. It was dark and a slight chill was in the air , or maybe she felt it because technically she was dead now. A few minutes passed and finally they reached a spot where the ground had been freshly dug up.
“I’ll give you some time alone.” Stefan said quietly. Y/N only nodded and sat on the ground , dropping the blood bag next to her.  She buried her fingers in the dirt and started crying. Whatever pain she had felt before , everything was getting amplified now. Kai was right there next to her , but she couldn’t touch him or see him. He was gone forever. She felt so lost without him. All memories they had shared were swirling like a tornado in her mind - the first time she had met him , their first kiss … the last time he told her he loved her.  And the last thing he had done for her - saving her life … twice.  A small smile spread across her face at the thought that his blood is currently running through her veins , a part of him was inside her. In that moment she made her decision - if becoming a vampire would mean keeping a part of him close , then that’s what she’d do. 


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


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  • @winterbjorn - she is one of the sweetest simblrs and one of my favs!!! omg and her sims are sosososo cute (even if she is alpha….jkjkjkjk)
  • @nervous—subject - her story is 2 good and imo 2 underrated??? the editing is a+ too, so soft and pretty omg
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