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Okay but an AU with the 13 Reasons Why boys having games night (with Taffy and Justlex)...
  • Alex: Why the hell do Jeff and Bryce keep winning? Their cards are rigged or some shit. Who the hell shuffled?
  • Tyler: Of course Bryce is gonna win cards against humanity
  • Monty: I swear Clay and Jeff keep exchanging cards- that's why Clay's in his lap, Jeff can cheat
  • Bryce: Maybe it's just because none of y'all's are funny, Zach and Clay might as well not even be playing
  • Zach: Yeah, well at least we're not relating all our answers to our boyfriends like Justin!
  • Justin: What? Just 'cause I'm gettin' some and you're not?
  • Clay and Jeff: Actually-
  • Tony: Guys! ...
  • Alex: Seriously, Justin?
  • Monty: Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree with Standall here, seriously?
  • Alex: Hey, don't agree with me
  • Justin: Don't agree with him
  • Tyler: Guys-
  • Everyone: Shut up!
  • Tyler: I was just gonna see if anyone wanted the last slice of pizza, but I guess it's mine
  • Clay: It's yours
  • Bryce: Look lets just go another round
  • Alex: Why? So you can kick our asses again
  • Bryce: Yep
  • Justin: I have a better idea
  • *Justin and Alex start making out*
  • Clay: Seriously Justin? Is it necessary for you to do that when we're all right here
  • *Justin gives Clay the finger*
  • Monty: This game sucks
  • *Monty throws his cards across table*
  • Tony: Agreed
  • Jeff: Mmm
  • Tyler: Yeah
  • Monty: I'm going to get a beer
  • Bryce: Fine, bunch of losers
  • *Bryce flips the table*
  • Jeff: Did he just-
  • Clay: *nods* He did
  • Zach: This is why we can't have nice things
If BTS was a reality show Pt. 3

Jin: / in the confession booth/ So I’ve called some of the girls over for tea..since you know how us moms can be. I always enjoy spilling tea with my girls and also catching up with each other.

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Suho: /pours vodka into his tea/

Key: I see you’ve started drinking again

Suho: And I see you’re still fake af

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Jinyoung: Hey now..lets not fight..we’re here to relax and have a good time 

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N: Wow Jin you’re glowing whats got you all happy?

Jin: Oh me and joonies anniversary is this week and i’m just really excited thats all

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Suho:/ Triggered/ oh it must be least you still have a husband that’ll come home to you

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N :Oh honey /rubs his back/

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Suho: that bitch left me without saying goodbye

Key : /rolls his eyes/ every single time 

Jinyoung:/starts tearing up/

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Jin : oh whats wrong with you?

Jinyoung: one of my youngest…bambam…he dabbed for a whole year straight /bursts into tears/ that boy just won’t stop and its driving me crazy

Jin;/ hugs him as he cries/ my youngest won’t spend time with me 

Key: Honestly all of my kids are doing great…they’re either acting, modeling or singing /flips his hair/

Suho:/glares/ Well hoe your bank ain’t doing too good from what I’ve heard

Key: The way I spend my  money is my business  and only my business..the only thing you need to worry about is which one of your sons is going to leave you next

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Jin: Damn key you don’t have to bring it that far…not cool

Suho: No no Jin let the dog speak

Key: /chokes on his tea/ Dog? tf…did this bitch just call me a damn dog

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Suho: hell yes I just did the fuck you gonna do about it

Key: THATS IT /jumps over the table and tackles suho onto the floor fighting/

Jin: NOOOOO, NOT MY GOOD CHINA / gets up to check on his fine china/

Cameracrew:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Jhope :/watching from a distance smoking his weed/ Now that is what I call good tea

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N:/secretly shoving cookies into his bag/

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Jinyoung:/helping the crew break up the fight/

Jin:/In the confession booth/ And that was tea time…amazing wasn’t it…we plan on meeting next week for brunch

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okay so I was tagged by @flower-taemin to do this bias x selfie tag and I tried to be fake cool so here you go. Too bad the only clothes I own are black so..and I only had a dead flower… #low budget

anyways I will tag @choiminoh @leejinklies @blingjonghyun @tofnew @sataeminism @silverznight and.. anybody else who wants to do this c: of course no obligation!!

Your mother & I
dance under a cloudy sky
in an ambience dim;
raindrops hang off my hat’s brim
fall they do when her I dip
tears they become upon her quivering lip;
like dew dusking a tulip
here we embrace; in a blip –
gone the days, the memories
into a haze disappear the reveries
the anniversaries.
And so the music no one hears
tapers off as time to depart nears
I kiss her hand and she looks away
her sights set on another bay;
Gliding over the waters’ spray
she leaves dappled with dismay
I watch her go, feet firm on the shore
…it begins to pour.


This thing came like triple packaged! Love it! It was in a box filled with those white peanuts (thats what my family calls then at least, i dont know what theyre really called), inside a sleeve, bubble wrapped, and then put in another box. The pans of the eyeshadow are huge!! Love the color range! I was leaving my house to go to class when I saw the box on the porch. So I brought it with me and unboxed it in the parking lot. So the lighting is kind of weird! Still, you can see the amazing colors quite well here. Im dying to play with the green shade!

remaining-head-spirits  asked:

Could I just start off by saying that I absolutely adore your art? Alright, now that that's out of the way, I'd really like to see uf!Paps in your style, and your take on the Underswap bros. Also, I'm really intrigued over your skele!Frisk, do you have any backstory to the character? PS: so sorry to hear about your mental state, depression is terrible to deal with :( I hope you had a nice b-day regardless

WOWIE! So many asks x) 
But at first - thank you so much for your words.

Speaking about UF universe, his story underground not so interesting… So here I talk about what happened after Frisk set everyone free x)
At least, I imagine UF!Pap like the owner of few restaurants. Dunno why. So, here you’re this scary-cool dude.

I like them. It’s crazy universe. And I like all of interpretation!
Buuuut, as we speak about me…
Sans is younger brother. He’s like UT!Pap, brave, hyperactive, heroic, smarter in some point than he shows, childish in another. I guess with all the training he has with Alphys he’s very powerful, strong and pretty thin.
And Pap… well, that’s UT!Sans. More spoiled. But still punmaster, lazy, fearful when he wants to, careful, but, I guess, he didn’t lost his hope in the same degree like UT!Sans. 
So… I see them like this. Don’t judge me.

Yeah, Skele!Frisk has his story behind. Painful, dark, sad… but beautiful,  full of L O V E  and love.

And thank you again, dear. It’s nice of you to be worried about me.

Guardians of the Galaxy Sentence Starters
  • "I have no words for an honorless thief."
  • "What's with giving tree here?"
  • "That's mine!"
  • "Ain't no one like me 'cept me."
  • "It's cool to have a code name, it's not that weird."
  • "Like I said, she/he's got a rep."
  • "Whatever nightmares the future holds are dreams compared to what's behind me."
  • "You wanna get to him/her, you go through us. Or, more accurately, we go through you."
  • "I'm with them."
  • "Take her down to the showers. It'll be easier to clean up the blood."
  • "Her/His life is not yours to take."
  • "Your words mean nothing to me!"
  • "Why would I put my finger on his throat?"
  • "What I'm saying is, you want to keep her/him alive."
  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."
  • "Asleep for the danger. Awake for the money as for frickin' usual."
  • "Your demeanor is that of a pouty child."
  • "This is one fight you won't win."
  • "I've heard these small bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of deal."
  • "You must be joking."
  • "No, I've really heard they find you attractive."
  • "You need my what?"
  • "Spare me your foul gaze, woman!"
  • "Why is this one here?"
  • "Cease your yammering and release us from this irksome confinement."
  • "Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it."
  • "I told you I have a plan."
  • "That was a pretty good plan."
  • "They crumpled my pants up into a ball, that's rude! They folded yours!"
  • "Screw this then, I'm not waiting around for someone with a death wish."
  • "This one shows spirit, he/she shall make a keen ally in the battle."
  • "You're an imbecile."
  • "What is that?"
  • "That's
  • "No one's blowing up moons."
  • "You just wanna suck the fun out of everything."
  • "If we're gonna work together, you might wanna try trusting me a little bit."
  • "I am not a princess!"
  • "Your ship is filthy."
  • "You got issues."
  • "I can't tell if you're joking or not."
  • "There are no regulations whatsoever here."
  • "It's dangerous and illegal work. Suitable only for outlaws."
  • "This is not respectable establishment."
  • "That's the first thing you've said that wasn't batshit crazy!"
  • "It's just a negotiation tactic."
  • "He is not my father."
  • "Why would you risk your life for this?"
  • "I am a warrior, and an assassin. I do not dance."
  • "Who put the sticks up their butts?"
  • "The melody is pleasant."
  • "I am not some starry eyed waif here to succumb to your pelvic sorcery!"
  • "He/She has no respect!"
  • "You just wanna laugh at me!"
  • "No one's laughin' at you."
  • "He thinks I'm some stupid thing, he does!"
  • "I didn't ask to get made!"
  • "Suck it up for one more lousy night and you're rich."
  • "Fine, but after all this I can't promise I won't kill every last one of you."
  • "See that's exactly why none of you have any friends!"
  • "You shall send a message for me."
  • "We're all very fascinated, but we'd like to get paid."
  • "I will no longer be your slave!"
  • "What the f-?"
  • "What do you still have it for?!"
  • "I can't believe you had that in your purse!"
  • "It's not a purse, it's a knapsack!"
  • "Or we could give it to someone really nice who's not going to arrest us and will give us a ton of money."
  • "I think it's a good balance between both worlds."
  • "Wait here, I'll be back."
  • "I hated you least."
  • "You'll die in seconds!"
  • "I saw you out there. Something came over me, and I couldn't let you die."
  • "Something incredibly heroic."
  • "They're all idiots!"
  • "None of this would have happened if you didn't try to singlehandedly take on a frickin' army!"
  • "All this rage... Is just to cover my loss."
  • "Everybody's got dead people. It's no excuse to get everybody else dead along the way."
  • "There's only two of us!"
  • "You're. Makin'. Me. Beat. Up. Grass!"
  • "I'm coming for you."
  • "You dare to oppose me?"
  • "Normal people don't even think about eatin' other people!"
  • "Is that what she's been filling your head with? Sentiments?"
  • "You kill me now, you are saying goodbye to the biggest deal you have ever seen."
  • "How about trying to
  • "This is what we get for trying to act altruistically."
  • "I have a plan."
  • "You're copying me from when I said I have a plan."
  • "I have part of a plan."
  • "That's a fake laugh."
  • "Life's giving us a chance to give a shit."
  • "I have lived most my life surrounded by my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."
  • "I will fight beside you."
  • "Now I'm standing. You happy? We're all standing. Bunch of jackasses standing in a circle."
  • "This is a terrible plan."
  • "He says that he's an a-hole, but he's not 100% a dick."
  • "I don't believe anyone is 100% a dick."
  • "For the record, I advised against trusting you."
  • "They got my dick message!"
  • "No one talks to my friends like that."
  • "Finger to the throat means death."
  • "You can't. You'll die. Why are you doing this?! Why?!"
  • "Dance off bro, me and you!"
  • "I'm distracting you, you big turd-blossom!"
  • "I might be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain't one."
  • "I have to warn you against breaking any laws in the future."
  • "What should we do next? Something good, something bad, bit of both?"

It Hurts Like Hell 
                                    - Part VI
Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 521
warning : reader character’s death (be warned - this chapter was the hardest
to write because i just couldn’t stop crying)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
*not my gif

Y/N spent the next few weeks barely leaving Kai’s apartment. She couldn’t stand being around her friends right now… Every time she saw any of them , the pain of what they did crushed her heart all over again. She loved Kai still and knew that one way or another he’d be back. Either he’d find his way out of there or she’d find someone to do the spell and bring him back. Lilly Salvatore wasn’t going to give up either , she was sure of it.

Y/N woke up in Kai’s bed feeling someone’s hands around her waist.
I’m just imagining it. she thought. It hasn’t been the first time since Kai got trapped in 1903 that she felt as if someone was there with her. Everywhere around the apartment , she’d see his face , hear his voice…. but this time it felt different. It felt more real than before. Y/N rolled over and found Kai starring at her.
“K-kai ?” she said startled. “No … no … I’m imagining it again.” tears started filling her eyelids.
“Don’t cry. ” he said wiping a tear from her face.“I hate it when you cry… I am really  here. I am real.”
Kai watched as his words started sinking into Y/N’s mind , her eyes widening when she realised it was really him standing there , a smile spreading across her face melting his heart.He had missed her more than he thought possible.
“OH MY … KAI !” she said rolling over , standing on top of him. “You are back !!! How … when ?” a wide grin on her face. “You know , never mind that … You are here !!” she said leaning in to kiss him deeply.
“Wow , calm down baby.” he said grinning too.
“I can’t ! I missed you so much …” she said unable to keep her lips off of his. “I love you ! I love you!”
Kai laughed , the most beautiful sound in the whole universe filling in the room.
“I love and missed you too Y/N. More than you can imagine.” he said , resting his forehead against her before pushing her away  ,sitting on the bed with a serious look on his face.
Y/N was confused for a moment as to what was happening. She took his hand and he turned towards her , a grim smile on his face.
“What is it ?” she asked.
“Nothing… ” he said , “Thats a beautiful dress you got there…”
“Thanks .. It’s for Jo’s wedding….  which is today. They are making me go even tho I told them specifically I never wanted to see any of them ever again.” Y/N said sadly.
“Are you going to the wedding ?” Kai asked , same grim look on his face.
“I was thinking about going … All the Gemini will be here and I thought , maybe somehow I’d convince one of them to help me break you out of 1903 prison world , or at least get them to send me there.” Y/N watched as Kai’s lips turned into a smile.
“You wanted to go to 1903 just to be with me ? Stuck reliving the same day over and over again for all eternity ?” he said surprised.
“I couldn’t bare another moment being away from you.” she said as Kai wrapped his hands around her.
“Neither could I.” Kai said , kissing her forehead. “There is something I have to tell you. I am going to make them pay for what they did… but I need you to stay here , OK. Don’t go to the wedding.”
“Why not ? ” she asked confused. “Malachai Parker , what have you got planned for today ?”

Y/N sat there listening to Kai’s plan , her eyes wide with shock and fear but not because of what he wanted to do. She had learned a long time ago that when you cross Kai , things get ugly. No , she was afraid because he didn’t know her friends like she did. They’d kill him for what he was planning to do.. for what he had already done. … but there was no talking him out of it. He made her promise that she wouldn’t go and she promised , knowing very well in the end she will break that promise. It was better this way - she’d have a chance to try and get him to pull back on his plan… and she didn’t want him to put a boundary spell on the apartment to keep her in there.

*  *  *

Y/N got dressed and drove to the wedding. As she was getting out of the car , her eyes fell on Kai who was standing on the edge of the forest. He motioned for her to follow. She looked around a few times , making sure no one could see her and walked towards him following him into the forest. They walked in silence for a while until they were far away so no one can hear them.
“You shouldn’t be here.” he said. “You promised me.”
There was hurt in his voice , he wasn’t angry … he was sad.
“Where else would I be?” she asked , wrapping her hands around him. “Don’t do this Kai.” Y/N pleaded.
“I’m sorry. I have to.” he said pressing his lips against hers. “I love you so much , Y/N.” he said and suddenly dissapeared into thin air.
“Kai , please … I know you can still hear me. I can’t lose you.” she said , her voice breaking. “I love you …”
But no answer came. Y/N had no idea if Kai was still there with her or not.

Jo and Alaric’s wedding was a complete disaster. In the very beginning everything had been perfectly fine , she even felt someone holding her hand and there was no question who it was… then suddenly that someone was gone.
Kai went through with his plan , interrupting the wedding right before Jo has finished her wedding vow. All the mayhem that followed sent Y/N across the room and onto the floor , hitting her head , pieces of glass piercing in her stomach. She was badly hurt and the pain was so strong but none of it even compared to seeing Kai stab himself in the neck with a piece of glass. Y/N tried to get to him but each move caused the glass shards to move further into her body. She cried out for help but her scream was muffled by others.
A couple of times she blacked out. When she became concious again , there was someone standing over her , trying to remove the glass pieces.  Her vision was blurry but the voice she heard … she’d recognize it anywhere. In fact , she was sure his voice could bring her back from the dead , that’s how strong hold he had on her.
“Don’t move.” Kai said pulling another piece of glass out of her stomach. Y/N groaned in pain. “Damn it …” he cursed under his breath. “That one has penetrated deeper , hold on.”
A few moments later Kai had the piece pulled out , a loud scream tearing itself free from Y/N’s throat. He bit his wrist and gave her his blood to heal her. Y/N shot up straight wrapping her hands around him and cupping his face before kissing his soft lips.
“You are OK!” she said , relief in her voice. “I saw you die … I … ” suddenly tears started falling down her face.  Kai pulled her in close and kissed her deeply.
“Leave.” Kai said , suddenly serious. Y/N looked at him confused.
“Leave? What ? NO ! I am not leaving you !” she protested.
Kai grabbed her shoulders , locking eyes with her. “I love you , Y/N… and I want you out of harms way. You can’t be here for what comes next.” He kissed her forehead before continuing “If something happens to you … I … ” Kai’s eyes darted to her vervain bracelet and he took it off. “God , I hope this works … Listen to me Y/N - leave and forget you saw me today. I’ll find you when this is all over. I love you.” he said looking straight into her eyes. Without her vervain bracelet Y/N couldn’t fight the compulsion and did exactly as Kai compelled her to do.
Kai watched as the girl he loves left through the doors not turning around and his heart broke a little at the thought he had almost lost her… but he was going to make damn sure that never happened again.

*   *   * 

A few hours later , Y/N’s phone rang. It was Stefan , he wanted her to go to the Salvatore house. Something had happened. Y/N got in her car and drove over. When she got there , Damon explained to her how Kai had linked Elena’s life to Bonnie and then had tried to kill Bonnie… so he had killed him.
Y/N’s eyes widened , she shook her head refusing to believe what Damon had told her.
“No. No, you are lying.” she said , tears filling her eyes. “Kai is not dead , he can’t be dead ! ” she kept repeating , more to herself to anyone else. Stefan poured her a drink and handed it over to her. She wrapped her hands around the glass starring into nothing , tears streaming down her face. Y/N got up and threw the glass across the room , smashing it in the fireplace. Caroline tried to hug her , but Y/N pushed her away , got up and walked into the kitchen to get some water.
The prospect of living without Kai was ripping a whole straight through her chest, she couldn’t breath. None of this was supposed to happen. Kai was supposed to return to her , they were supposed to have a future together and now … everything was gone and all she saw was emptiness and pain. Y/N hadn’t even realised her hand had wrapped around one of the sharpest knifes as she made up her mind.
“What are you doing ?” Stefan asked , startling her. She hadn’t even realise she had been followed. “Put that knife down.” he said slowly taking a step towards her , his arm outstretched. “Don’t do this …”
“I can’t live without him , Stefan.” Y/N said , her voice dangerously cold. “I don’t want to go on living knowing he is gone. My life without him doesn’t exist.” she said and before Stefan had had the time to reach her , Y/N had slit her own throat , collapsing on the ground , the cut so deep she bleed out in seconds. The pain was about to go away forever and wherever Kai was at this moment , she was soon going to be with him.

Stefan tried to heal her , but it was too late. He lifted her lifeless body and took her to the living room , tears in his eyes. Caroline rushed towards Y/N , her hand on her mouth , listening to Stefan explain what had happened and how he hadn’t been able to save her. He laid her body on the couch holding her hand and glancing at Damon who poured himself another drink and just walked out of the room.

Y/N took a shallow breath. She had slit her own throat … but wherever she was , clearly her plan had failed. She grasped for air , her eyes wide with confusion. Y/N was in the Salvatore house living room alone. Where was everyone and why was her throat aching like this ? Y/N reached with her hand to rub it , her neck wet. When she looked at her hand which was now covered in blood.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath.
The doors opened , Stefan and Damon walked inside.
“Stefan?” Y/N asked confused , his eyes widening. “What is happening to me ?”
Stefan walked towards her confused , reaching for her face , searching for pulse. There was none. “I think … I think you died with vampire blood in your system.” he said turning to look at Damon , who just couldn’t be bothered with anything at the time.
Y/N started crying. This was not what she wanted. Becoming a vampire was never on her list. All she had wanted was to die and maybe find Kai wherever he had gone after Damon killed him.
“No , no… ” she shook her head tears streaming down her face. Memories slowly started flooding back , a highlight of her transition and her eyes widened. “Kai…” she said.
Stefan looked at confused. “What are you talki- ?”
“Kai gave me his blood , at the wedding. I was injured , he … he healed me.” she said putting a hand over her mouth. “Oh God…He compelled me to forget I ever saw him today.” she said trailing off.  "I died with his blood in my system.“
Terror flooded her , she never wanted to become a vampire and now she had to make a choice.  
“I never wanted this …” she said , her voice hollow. Stefan pulled her into a hug.
“Damon ?” he said , but when no response followed her raised his voice. “Damon ! ” finally catching his attention. “Go get a blood bag from downstairs.”
Y/N pulled away shocked shaking her head.
“Just in case …” Stefan said “It’s your choice , but whatever you decide just know I’ll be there to help you through it.” Y/N nodded as thoughts started swirling through her mind , trying to make a pro / cons list. After a few minutes she gave up. Most of her friends were vampires , she knew exactly what would happen if she made the choice to become one. Blood lust. Destruction and mayhem…
Damon dropped the blood bag next to her and quietly walked upstairs to his room.  Stefan wanted to stay with her , but Y/N told him she’d be alright alone.
“Just … call out if you need something.” he said starting to leave the room.
“Wait…” Y/N said , making him turn around. “Where… where did you bury him ? I want to go there. Now.”

Stefan and Y/N walked through the forest , not too far from the Salvatore Boarding House. It was dark and a slight chill was in the air , or maybe she felt it because technically she was dead now. A few minutes passed and finally they reached a spot where the ground had been freshly dug up.
“I’ll give you some time alone.” Stefan said quietly. Y/N only nodded and sat on the ground , dropping the blood bag next to her.  She buried her fingers in the dirt and started crying. Whatever pain she had felt before , everything was getting amplified now. Kai was right there next to her , but she couldn’t touch him or see him. He was gone forever. She felt so lost without him. All memories they had shared were swirling like a tornado in her mind - the first time she had met him , their first kiss … the last time he told her he loved her.  And the last thing he had done for her - saving her life … twice.  A small smile spread across her face at the thought that his blood is currently running through her veins , a part of him was inside her. In that moment she made her decision - if becoming a vampire would mean keeping a part of him close , then that’s what she’d do. 


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


complicite  asked:

This is an appreciation post! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends!

omg thank u babe!!! <3

im not putting this under a cut bc y'all should read this n experience the love ok thank u have a wonderful day my peaches ily

small simblrs:

  • @winterbjorn - she is one of the sweetest simblrs and one of my favs!!! omg and her sims are sosososo cute (even if she is alpha….jkjkjkjk)
  • @nervous—subject - her story is 2 good and imo 2 underrated??? the editing is a+ too, so soft and pretty omg
  • @tinybittoxic - how could i not mention my babe???? her legacy + im a lover challenge is just TOO good n not 2 mention her legacy actually made me tear up??? me/??? whose heart is made of stone???
  • @bericlain - literally in love w/ her sims n her legacy. followed bc of her april fools joke that had me in tears for at least an hr, have had no regrets sense
  • @simgerale - one of the biggest hype wingmen on simblr??? and sos osososo nice??? im still here 4 a simgerale fan club @granitesfall where u at
  • @granitesfall - i lov. just look @ their legacy. you will lov too

honestly like there are so many lil simblrs i wanna put here?!?!?! bc i love u all so much?!?!?!?! i may not like everythin bc the mobile app on my phone sux and thats when i do most of my lurkin but trust me babes i see what ur doing and i am Loving It

most active followers

  • @cat-nerd-sims - idk im in love w/ her and every time i see her blow up my notifications it makes me so happy. if u dont follow her, im sry but ur wrong. her legacy is a+ and her editing is a+ and she is a+
  • @momobunniisims - i can always tell when momo is on tumblr bc she’s always blowing up my notifications w/ likes n replies of love n motivation!!!! she was one of my first followers back when i started my simblr and she has supported me every step of the way???? i love her and u should too
  • @bratsims - almost the same w/ momo, brat is my Babe n i have loved her since the day i followed her and she followed me??? and she has always supported all of my attempts at legacies and my horrible sim edits and just???? seeing her legacy blow up and get the recognition it deserves has literally made me SO HAPPY and she is the absolute sweetest?? i love u brat!!!!

non-mutual blogs

honestly there are just so many simblrs i wanna include on all of these lists but??!?!?!? it would be 2 much and i dont wanna annoy everyone w/ these tags???? but pls just remember that i love all of u very much!!!!!!!

This capture speaks for itself!! Does it not??? I mean we needed this yes, but I’d say THEY needed this the most!! The most relaxed I’ve seen either of them look in MONTHS!! I’m in love with their love(or whatever you want to call it)! It’s some type of love I’ll tell ya that much!! I feel like we have seen Sharna’s happy old self these past two days and it’s so refreshing for…well… us and her of course! But no of course her “brother” Hinch had nothing to do with it! Ha! Of COURSE he did! He had a lot to do with it! Thank you, Hinchy and please don’t let it end here bud! Thanks…much appreciated…our girl needs you!

Man, they gave us this much and now I’m greedy for more! See what these two do to me???

And I’m very curious as to why they didn’t post any instastories together yesterday? Who else is willing to bet that Miss Becks made a request for them not to post anything??? I’d put all my money on that! But hey, even if it’s not posted doesn’t mean they don’t have things in their phones from yesterday because I KNOW they do! And maybe Sharna will bring out another special profile shot of Hinchy for his next birthday like she did for his 30th!! See what I’m getting at here? : ) When we least expect it…THATS when it will happen! Sneaky sneaky is what I say! Don’t think BWTGH knew about that special shot she posted for his birthday and I’m sure there’s more like it. Let’s hope we get to see them someday!

I apologize for all my insanely long posts! Just can’t help it sometimes!


Girl, don’t you EVER apologize for your lengthy posts. They’re so amazing and wonderful and we all love you for them.
Tim and Damian Dating Twins Headcanons

A/N: The boys are older in this, probably young adults. I’m assuming they’re identical twins so here goes.

Tim and Damian dating twins would include:

> They tried double dating this one time, both couples vowed never again. It was the twins idea and the batboys had reluctantly agreed to it. The twins ended up dragging their respective partner off in opposite directions with low-key insults being thrown whenever the boys were left unattended.
Never again.

> Damian knows the difference, Damian just knows. Even from a mile away he can tell which one is his s/o, it baffles everyone in the family. It’s been this way from the very beginning.

> Tim also knows to the extent of Damian now. It took him a while to figure it out and still when he’s sleep deprived he gets confused.

> At 3am, Tim lazily makes his way into the room, takes the first twin he sees into a hug leaving them confused but they comply anyway.
“Leave my beloved alone Drake.” Damian is clearly unimpressed whilst Tims s/o walks in quite bemused with the situation. Tim then realised his mistake and sheepishly lets go of the other twin to complain into his s/o’s shoulder.

> Dick try’s to tell the difference between them but still mixes up the names occasionally, Jason on the other hand has completely given up.

> Jason resorted to post it notes on each of them labelled ‘Twin 1’ and 'Twin 2’. Stephanie is silently thanking him in the background whilst Damian was less than pleased and almost killed his brother for it. Tim on the other hand grabbed the pen and wrote “the best twin” on his s/o.
Again, Damian = unimpressed and muttered a string of curse words under his breath.

> At the start of the blossoming friendship, the twins indirectly terrorised Batman. The first time they both came to the Manor, Bruce walked past the study where Damian and his s/o were only to bump into Damian’s s/o down the hallway??? He went back to the study, Damian’s s/o is still in there but also walking up the stairs. Alfred took note of Bruce’s confused expression.
“Clearly your nightly activities are interfering with your senses Master Bruce.”
“No, thats not it - you can see it right? Two of them…”
“Sir… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“What? But Alfred -”
“Ahem. They’re twins sir, it seems Masters Tim and Damian have taken a liking to them.”
“Right. That’s wonderful news.” Sarcasm.

> The twins probably attempted to switch places at least once and it had predictable outcomes.
“What are you doing here (twin 2 name)”
“Aw, Damian you’re no fun! You could’ve at least pretended for a bit.”
“What’d be the fun in that?”
Meanwhile with Tim, he’s going on about this random complicated theory and stops to hear his s/o’s point of view only to be met with severe confusion and no snarky remark.
“You’re not my twin are you?”
“I can happily say that I’m not.”
“This is why I like your twin better!”

> If either of the boys need to get something for their respective s/o then they ask their twin for advice since they know them best.

> The twins having secret competitions concerning their batboys, like who gets home from patrol first for example.
Text: Hah! I win, Damian just slipped through the window. ;)
Text: Yeah well… idek where Tim is tbh.
Text: Tim probably got more work done anyway.

> The boys get on with each twin but are liable to favouritism when it comes to their partner. As a result they take their side on most things which gets them all into trouble.

> Tim and Damian may not be so fond of each other on the outside, but they’d do anything to save their brother’s s/o because they know how much they mean to them.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jamie... You're bi right? Fuck... I need help! I think I am! and i think im developing a crush on my best friend (shes a lesbian, so thats good at least!) what do i do???????????????w

I’m super duper bi so I’m gonna give you the most important piece of advice here:

try to figure your sexuality out on your own - without linking it with your best friend

i know that sounds tough, seeing as she’s the reason that you’ve realised that you’re maybe not straight, but it’ll be important for you in the long run

if all of your understanding of your sexuality is focused on this one person and it doesn’t work out, that could be really damaging

try and find out who you are before you make any decisions or moves…

idk what else to tell you apart from that

OH and also you don’t have to put yourself in a box, like you don’t have to be like ‘i have a crush on a girl, i must be bi’… it might just mean that you’re just not straight, you know?

take your time, your whole life is ahead of you, and it’s gonna be amazing.


just my own theory

(not based off of the book, just simply what came to my mind.)

okay lets start with BEGIN. Jungkook was dreaming right (i’ll get to the photos later) he dreamt of the piano burning and his car crash but what if its just him waking up from another life he had. what if the i need u vid and this video are different worlds. someone might be manipulating jungkook and making him pick which one is the real world. is him in the room alone real or is the inu real. 

if he picks the wrong world he’ll meet his or his hyung’s death. whenever he wakes up from one world to the other, it feels real and that leaves him confused. both worlds are real at least thats how he feels

youre probably wondering, well what about that painting it was crying like him and he called out hyung. i think the painting is the one manipulating him. it sees through him it gives him visions of the bad memories making him pick the inu world as the real world.he says hyung coz he sees yoongi burning himself which probably was because jungkook got hit by a car (thats when jungkook woke up here alone) 

do you get where im going with this? 

then theres LIE this doesnt connect with yoonkook much but i have another theory for this

It shows this painting. and eventually zooms out into this

its as if the hand is giving him an interview right? some are saying its his reality as an idol vs just him without the presence of the cam and some say hes taking the inkblot test where it can figure out your personality or emotions based on your response etc

he gives this look like hes hiding his emotion

then they show yoonkooks blob 

that slight smirk drops a little but he still hides his emotion. its like he doesnt ever want to say a word about it

then the camera turned to him, like its indicating that he should be more serious with the situation. he looks uncomfortable and disturbed like he doesnt want to remember what happened 

it cuts to this,its probably showing what is in his head as hes being recorded

then they show his and hoseoks blob

you see him smirk then it goes back to his “mind”

then he returns behind the closed doors where the camera wouldnt be able to suspect him, like a dungeon almost

this is where he releases his depression 

it shows the blot that said eva its possibly vmons. eva means life so does it mean that either rm or v or both are still alive and figuring out how to fix evrything? then it showed the pills indicating hoseok so maybe it means that he wants hoseok to come back to him thats why hes imagining another bed and plays pillow fights with himself

what if everytime he tries to sleep and just try and forget he relives the day he drowns himself because of the fact the Hoseok overdosed. he drowns in different ways thats why theres so many scenes of him drowning but he wakes up in the same bed 

but when this part came it struck me. what if all of them were in that painting in another world. what if in that forest it had different kinds of worlds and that it wasnt a forest full of trees but lives. they all lived different kinds of life inu/fire/dope/run and one by one they all died in different world sending them in different places? 

the first blot is yoonkooks and the second is jihopes

im confusing myself.. idk where im going with this fml

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Hey mods! I really love this blog, its adorable with all the MattTord! But I'm actually legitimately confused as to whats going on with the Edd and Tom thing, not the robot thing though thats been made clear. I'm confused as to why they all split up. Is it honestly just because Matt loves Tord, I thought Edd would be more forgiving? Could one of you tell us or are we going to have to wait? If we are going to have to wait could you at least reveal if TomEdd is going to be a thing here? Thank you!

Aha, you will need to wait to see all of the details from the story me and sol have made, you will see soon.

- Mod Miles

Nostalgia Critic quotes {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why does he get to call the shots?"
  • "It is not only bad, it is annoying. Ungodly annoying."
  • "This is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life!"
  • "Maybe this won't be so horrible, after all."
  • "A prince, really? I, uh... never would've guessed."
  • "From the minute you hear it, it is never gonna leave your head."
  • "Hey, you! You want 20 bucks?"
  • "Surely spending your entire life just playing video games can't get you any kind of fame."
  • "I love you all! You're all so beautiful and innocent to me!"
  • "What kinda sick, crazy world is this?!"
  • "It's supercrapafuckerificexpialibullshit."
  • "Sorry, sorry, it's just- Wow, is this one bad!"
  • "Hey, kid! What do you want to see on TV?"
  • "It's honestly like talking to a kid on the ultimate of sugar highs."
  • "Looking back, I’ve noticed this is the stupidest idea in the entire world."
  • "Oh my god! That's blood!"
  • "I can safely say that I'm not the least bit happy!"
  • "Oh, well, I guess that's cool — WHA?!"
  • "Oh, it's you. How'd you get up here?"
  • "Alright, that's a little dark, but, you get what I'm getting at."
  • "Unbelievable, I mean just unbelievable."
  • "This is crazy! In every possible meaning of the word!"
  • "If I got shot in the head, then how did I survive?"
  • "Nothing can stop him. Nothing would dare."
  • "I don't know whether to give it to a scientist to examine or a priest to exorcise!"
  • "Look, I don't know why you're getting so angry-?"
  • "I'll never use a can of Raid again!"
  • "OK, it'd be gross, but imagine how many lives you could save!"
  • "So, no disrespect, I apologize, let's move on."
  • "Most people would consider that a little out of the norm."
  • "I really hope you people appreciate what I do for you."

so im using my stats project to try and predict who makes it to final tribal council and the winner of this season based on the final 6 contestants remaining. i want to have a record if my prediction is correct. Here we go:

most likely to least likely to make it to final tribal council:

1. Tai

2. Sarah

3. Brad

4. Troyzan

5. Cirie

6. Aubry

most likely to least likely to win (if said contestant makes it to final tribal council)

1.  Tai

2. Aubry

3. Troyzan

4. Cirie

5. Sarah

6. Brad

Note: These predictions are based off numerical game play (ie: percent of challenges won, percent of votes correct, number of idols found). It appears that the model really favors Tai because he found 3 idols this season.

I also feel like I have more trust in my prediction of who is most likely to make it to final tribal council than who will win.

  • Griffin: Patrick asks, "Questions for my dental hygienist? I am going to be getting my teeth cleaned soon by my ridiculously hot dental hygienist and I wanna ask some things. If you were asked these questions, what would your answer be and how do you think she will react? One-"
  • Justin: Do you wanna just ask'em? Do you wanna roleplay here?
  • Griffin: Um, sure, yeah. You guys can take turns being the super, just bangin' dental hygienist and I'll be Patrick. Uh, "One: Can I have the pair of gloves and the mask you used on me?"
  • *small bit of silence*
  • Justin: I was gonna do a bit but I think she would probably just leave the room.
  • Travis: Does the dental hygienist have a button under the counter that like summons the police? 'Cause that's what I would be doing.
  • Griffin: "Two: Can I have a pair of new gloves and what kind of gloves are they?" That one's kinda harmless.
  • Travis: Unless you couple it with the first question.
  • Justin: Yeah, and then you say 'I just need to hide my fingerprints. I can't tell you why.'
  • Griffin: "Three: Could you please check in the back to see if you have any pink gloves or mask you could use?"
  • Travis: What's this guy's hangup?
  • Griffin: "Four: Do you have to wear a mask? Five: Will you surprise me with the profie paste flavor?" I don't know what that means.
  • Justin: What?! This guy doesn't have a crush on his dental hygienist, he has a dentistry fetish. That's what's going on here.
  • Travis: These are the least direct yet still creepy questions I've ever heard.
  • Griffin: Really Travis because number six: "Instead of using a mirror to hold back my cheek will you use your finger?"
  • *gagging noises from Justin & Travis*
  • Griffin: "Will you preform an extra intraoral and TMJ exam?"
  • Justin: Is there - okay are there more questions?
  • Griffin: "Will you use a toothbrush instead of the polisher?" That's not particularly sexual. "Nine. Can I add you on Facebook?"
  • Travis: Oh, there it is.

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Altean lance is so annoying like ffs can his stans stop cross applying every feature of allura onto him it's like highkey sexist

tbh im not quite sure what you’re getting at here? in most altean lance content that i’ve seen, he’s just given the basic features of the species (ie: pointy ears, facial markings).

and ye sometimes ppl will give him royal attire + white hair bc in many au’s he is fitted as allura’s brother, or at least some other member of the altean royal family. and thats,, kinda it? im not really sure what other traits you’re referring to.

also,, what’s sexist about giving him altean features??? the only common feature from allura that i see on altean lance (that coran doesnt also have) is white hair, and like i said previously, that’s often because he is allura’s brother in those au’s?? and if it has to do with the “femininity” of the royal attire, lance canonically takes time to maintain a facial regimen and is presented as a character who takes pride in his appearance, traits that are often associated with female-presenting characters. this is implemented into these au’s pretty often, from what i can see, and im still not understanding how this could be presented as sexist??

tbh the biggest problem i see with altean lance content is the whitewashing, and maybe i just don’t see enough altean lance content to have a proper gauge on this issue, but i just genuinely don’t understand where these problems you mention even are.