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If BTS was a reality show Pt. 3

Jin: / in the confession booth/ So I’ve called some of the girls over for tea..since you know how us moms can be. I always enjoy spilling tea with my girls and also catching up with each other.

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Suho: /pours vodka into his tea/

Key: I see you’ve started drinking again

Suho: And I see you’re still fake af

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Jinyoung: Hey now..lets not fight..we’re here to relax and have a good time 

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N: Wow Jin you’re glowing whats got you all happy?

Jin: Oh me and joonies anniversary is this week and i’m just really excited thats all

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Suho:/ Triggered/ oh it must be least you still have a husband that’ll come home to you

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N :Oh honey /rubs his back/

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Suho: that bitch left me without saying goodbye

Key : /rolls his eyes/ every single time 

Jinyoung:/starts tearing up/

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Jin : oh whats wrong with you?

Jinyoung: one of my youngest…bambam…he dabbed for a whole year straight /bursts into tears/ that boy just won’t stop and its driving me crazy

Jin;/ hugs him as he cries/ my youngest won’t spend time with me 

Key: Honestly all of my kids are doing great…they’re either acting, modeling or singing /flips his hair/

Suho:/glares/ Well hoe your bank ain’t doing too good from what I’ve heard

Key: The way I spend my  money is my business  and only my business..the only thing you need to worry about is which one of your sons is going to leave you next

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Jin: Damn key you don’t have to bring it that far…not cool

Suho: No no Jin let the dog speak

Key: /chokes on his tea/ Dog? tf…did this bitch just call me a damn dog

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Suho: hell yes I just did the fuck you gonna do about it

Key: THATS IT /jumps over the table and tackles suho onto the floor fighting/

Jin: NOOOOO, NOT MY GOOD CHINA / gets up to check on his fine china/

Cameracrew:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Jhope :/watching from a distance smoking his weed/ Now that is what I call good tea

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N:/secretly shoving cookies into his bag/

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Jinyoung:/helping the crew break up the fight/

Jin:/In the confession booth/ And that was tea time…amazing wasn’t it…we plan on meeting next week for brunch

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Okay here’s the thing. You introduce a character element like a tattoo that the actress always has painted on or whatever, you have a whole story for it, you SHOW it, you mention it… FOLLOW THROUGH ON THAT. Or at least explain why you didn’t. Or even say what you were planning to do but that you changed your mind.

But this “keep watching” only to arrive at “actually nah you’ll never see it” makes people feel fooled. Like, that’s annoying. I understand that things change and get rewritten, I think everyone understands that. But it’d be nice to have “well we were gonna do a whole thing where… blah blah but it just didn’t fit or work out or whatever” rather than just “nah, never mind”.

I mean I don’t even care that much about the tattoo, certainly not as much as some, but I totally understand that people get annoyed about it. It feels disrespectful. It’s like the OQ thing all over again - “keep watching, keep watching, aaaaand nope.” It’s lazy and it’s really annoying for anyone who’s actually invested in the story and the character(s).

despite what you’ve been told (pt 3)

sometimes when I’m writing a fic like this it just goes and does things on its own and i’m left to stare at it like “Oh. Oh. That’s what that’s about.” so here’s an interlude with Phichit bless everything

Read Part One | Part Two

A little over eighteen months ago Phichit shoved an advertisement under Yuuri Katsuki’s nose with a grin and watched him read over it, blinking behind his glasses at first, then wide-eyed with interest.  Phichit gave it about twenty minutes to settle in, watched Yuuri curl up against the rink barrier, protein bar stuck in his mouth, green-guarded skates tucked under his thighs, tapping the web address from the brochure into his phone.

Then, “Let’s enroll together!” Phichit said, rocking back and forth on the bench, and Yuuri’s expression shifted from curiosity to vague horror.

“N-no, I’d rather not.”

Two days later Phichit tried again, but his roommate shuffled away from him, waffling, “It’s really not me, you know?” and pretended to study until Phichit dropped the topic.

But he’d seemed intrigued at first, Phichit thought, then after another two days of frowning to himself he realized the problem and tried again, after draining his water bottle mid-practice, this time holding up his pinkie when Yuuri came to a stop at his side.

“If you enroll with me, I solemnly swear to put my phone away, not take a single picture, and never tweet a word about it.”

Yuuri wasn’t wearing his glasses, so his squint might have looked more suspicious than it actually was.  “Really?”

“Of course!”

There are probably people who think Phichit is genuinely incorrigible and unscrupulous when it comes to social media, but he does actually recognize that boundary between teasing your friends in ways that are harmless and actually hurting their feelings.  So when Yuuri smiled and linked his pinkie with Phichit’s and said, “Deal,” he made sure his word was as good as the gold he’ll one day wear around his neck.

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Man, I don’t really have anything against B/C but if I’m reading fic for A/B I really do not want surprise B/C or for the fic to contain more of it than the labeled pairing. It used to bother me less, but now it happens so often it’s the best way to make me nope out of a fic.

Okay, so I was looking through the UnderTale audio files and I noticed that the only time we hear Mettaton’s voice, it sounds much much lower than the song we hear him sing in the MTT musical. So of course I had to find leg robots vocal range. The one time we hear Mettaton’s voice is when he is saying “Oh Yes~” and the frequency at its lowest (I couldn’t quite capture the lowest part but I got close) was about 170 Hz. 

This matched up pretty well with an E3 square wave (Which is 164.81 Hz).

Now if you don’t believe me heres the E and the sample at once

Now that’s pretty damn close so we can say his lowest note is AT LEAST an E3, although his voice doesn’t sound very strained so he can probably sing lower if he wanted.

Now what about high end? In the MTT musical we see Mettaton singing and the song that plays has a harp for the melody thats supposed to symbolize Mettaton’s voice.

The highest note in the song also happens to be an E, but this time an E6. So we now know Mettaton can sing from an E3 to an E6, but how impressive is that really?

Well according to this graph below that makes Mettaton have a vocal range similar to Beyoncé.

The more you know

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Capricorn here!! Im seein a lot of questions about us and Im really happy to see it. I think you're right about us Caps not liking the vulnerability and the expectations for us as well. We're seen as serious or one sided to a point that we ourselves forget that we're human too. At least thats what I know for the Caps Ive met beyond myself. Hope this helps!!


And remember guys! We’re talking about the Capricorn archetype here – this doesn’t necessarily apply to all individuals with Capricorn as their sun sign. We all have a bit of each archetype in us!

doctor: what seems to be the problem?

me: Moonbin from Astro has been giving me serious health problems because during their live stages his shirt keeps flying up…

doctor: well, thats not a real -

me: and you know what the rudest part is like his stomach just shows all of it every single part is shown and i dont know how i can handle seeing that at least 10 times in one freaking perofmrnace like that shit only lasts 4 minutes that means every minute i have to see a minium of 2.5 tummy from bin like thats too much he has to realize i am trying to live here its supposed to be a cute performance and the rudest part of all of this is there are parts where he holds his shirt down so it doesnt go up but those arent the parts hes gotta be aware of like he doesnt try to stop that shirt from flying during the worst parts and then fantagio lets this shit happen like they intentionally are giving him this big loose shirt/sweater for him to wear so that i can die and im going to sue them for it im going to fucking sue them


i see of some of yall calling block b’s comeback “cringey”, “over the top”, “trying too hard”, etc, but i think that was kind of the point???? i mean the literal concept of the mv was 90s sitcoms???? arent they supposed to seem a lil cringey i mean at least thats from what i remember in all my Sitcom Knowledge *insert various crowd laughter sound effects here*

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on another note before i go, gotta say youre super easy to talk to. ive messaged you probably almost 8 times since ive followed and never felt worried about how it would go (aside from the first ask) and thats pretty impressive for me at least. cya tho, have a good valentines

Happy Valentine’s! And wow, idk what to say, what a nice compliment!… I almost wasn’t sure whether to answer or hoard it here in my inbox lol

But yeah, I try not to say anything I wouldnt if I was with the person in real life online if that makes sense? A bunch of studies say people treat others way different if they cant see em and way super different if you cant hear them either, so I try and b aware >->

Stupid Cosplay Tip :3

Oh no. It happened. You knew it was just a matter of time, you have been collecting so many…

You brought the wrong wig. It’s gotten to the point where you have multiple wigs of the same color- but very different styles, and somehow, probably because you were in a rush, you grabbed the wrong blonde wig, and now your too far away from home to fix it. And Sailor Moon now has cloud Strife hair.

Here’s a simple tip to keep that from happening :3

It seems to be inevitable that cosplayers accumulate a vast collection of wigs, these aren’t even all of mine- just what I have with me at college thats about the same color. It’s easy to see that they can get pretty confusing quick- especially with the black ones, my blonde ones at least have pigitails/curls/etc but even then it can be easy to mix them up simply because of color. So what do I do?

Name tags. Simple, easy. Can be as descriptive or non descriptive as you like. You can use scotch tape or cute name tag stickers, whatever suits your fancy. For wigs that work for multiple characters just add more, for generic wigs just say ‘short, black’. If its for a character who has multiple hairstyles, and you happen to cosplay those multiple forms, be specific. Maybe say ‘ponytail Erza’ or something to that effect :3

And now you’ll be a little safer from mixing up your wigs, it’s a stupid little trick that seems obvious, but it took me a while to realize it might be a good idea to do, and I had my brand new Cole wig to label, so, there you go :3 

Happy cosplaying!

ok here’s my first set of highlights for the undergames simulator

starting off strong i see

i actually screamed when i saw this i just can’t believe the accuracy

well that wasnt very nice or ice of you 

bratty obviously has a death wish

dont you mean his “sansity” [the crowd boos]

theres at least one ghost already there wtf

even blooky has had enough of jerry’s bullshit

haha it’s funny bc it’s canon


but. but you use bombs as weapons.

probably bc her gf is snuggling with fucking burgerpants


awww noooo u guys are supposed to be best girlfriends forever what happened

i guess thats it for now. sorry for such a long post i actually have some more but i figured i’d stop the post here lol. if you wanna see more just like this or whatever




Anyways at least it’s done…

So I always thought Clementine used to date Jonquil, and seeing how Jonquil is like, Casanova or whatever, she may have caught a few tricks from him ahahah

So Clementine and Jonquil are exes… right…right???? huh???

@tamarinfrog, here have more of my really bad jokes

Also congratz on HOI! I can’t wait for more (no pressure though, I finally know how hard it is to draw and all) and the more canon stuff that comes out the more jokes I could make *nervous laughing*

(you could tell when I got really lazy)

Battling Dysphoria

I’m sitting in Rittenhouse Square in Center City, Philadelphia and I’m being passed by hundreds of people. There’s a certain feeling of being invisible, a bystander while people go about their lives, men holding coffee cups in a rush to the next meeting or holding their lover’s hand, moving slowly as if time stands still. And I watch, another guy on another bench with my laptop and no better place to be. At least, thats how I hope they view me. That’s how I pray they view me. Because when I look in the mirror everyday, thats what I pray to see. Just another guy who passes because that’s who he is even though his body seems to work in constant betrayal to everything his mind screams.

I’m sitting here thinking about the guys that pass by that are just so…male. And not the models or the undoubtably masculine. I’m talking about the average, the old, the not so special guys that exude male because the testosterone that runs through their body has determined them so. And something in my head tells me that maybe I won’t ever be male enough. That that ease with which guys seem to walk down the street with will never come as easily to me, no matter how many T shots I give myself or what surgeries I find I can afford.

Queue Dysphoria. That feeling in my chest that somedays only stops me from walking out of the house for 10 extra minutes and other days has the power to destroy me from the inside out. And it’s something that most of us experience in some form or another. I’ve found that it manifests itself in such a unique way for each and every guy who’s questioned whether or not their body was…right.

Frankly, there’s no cure all for this level of anxiety. Maybe one day the testosterone that runs through my body will push me into a level of maleness that I can’t even comprehend at this point. Maybe there will be a day where I look in the mirror and the curves and soft features won’t haunt me. Maybe I’ll find that easiness in walking down the street that doesn’t have me pulling at my clothes and trying to lower my voice while at the store counter. Maybe. But until that day, I have to find a way to get out of bed and feel okay with who I am. With the Man that I currently am. We all do. So how do we get there?

Self care is our biggest weapon against dysphoria. While we’re waiting for those T letters, those shots, those changes to take place- the things we do in between to keep ourselves happy and healthy are going to create a headspace thats bearable when our body feels like its not. And heres the thing- we know the things we need, so I don’t plan on suggesting the obvious. Things like eating well, working out, getting enough sleep, talking, journaling, art, expression- these are AMAZING coping skills and insanely helpful to boot. But what about those days when you can’t seem to drag yourself out of bed? The self care I’m suggesting is a basis for validation, reflection, awareness and acceptance. All seemingly impossible, especially in some mental states, but all so insanely achievable.

So, how? It starts with the knowledge that you are real. You are valid. Your identity, your feelings are all okay because they’re your experience. And no one gets to tell you that it’s not.

I find that “I am” statements are the most powerful in my vocabulary. I am male [or insert your identity]. I am Kaiden [or insert your preferred name]. I am valid [we are all valid]. Society wants to put everyone into a neat little box, one that I may never fit into. That never negates my validity.

Battling my dysphoria starts with standing up for myself, even (especially) if it’s to myself. The lines of gender are being reshaped everyday. The rules of what makes me male aren’t decided by my body. This thought process then gives me the motivation to take the next step. If I can tell myself that today I acknowledge that my voice sounds high, my hips a little too wide, but I am male regardless- I get to approach the day as a guy having a rough day. I don’t have to invalidate myself. I’m not a girl pretending. It’s taking care of my emotional state to then push myself to get through the physical.

It may seem over simplified. Maybe it’s just that simple. Someone I respect very much once told me that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. When I stop being my worst enemy, I get to look at the things that complete me as a person. The way I look, the way I sound, those things can be worked on, tweaked. But to respect myself as a person, as the man I am- that’s what helps me to walk with ease.


Am I the only one who for real thinks swan queen is endgame? Like I see members of swen going on about knowing it’s never going to happen but that’s ok, and I’m over here like am I missing something or are all the signs and foreshadowing and full circle storytelling totally unintentional as well?

Block B in Finland [questions from fans & answers]

[BLOCK B IN FINLAND] Membersquestions and answers for each other (questions from fans)
I actually got a video of this but the quality is very bad.. D:
Don’t know if I got all the things they said but at least most of them~


Ukwon(to Taeil): Did you know that you have this many fans in Finland?

Taeil: I didn’t know that the venue would be this full and I’m so surprised to see all the fans here

Zico: Thats it? KKeut?

Zico (to B.Bomb): What you think about finnish people? Would you be able to keep one as a friend?

B.Bomb: It’s really possible. There are so many beautiful girls here.

B.Bomb(to Zico): Who is the member that is most popular amongst the girls?

Zico: That member is the coolest and puts himself out the best, so I chose Jaehyo

Taeil(to P.O): What was the most surprising and amusing thing in Europe?

P.O: I am so amazed that there are so many people who love us

P.O: I was just wondering if I look ugly..


Kyung(to himself): Which member would you marry if you were a girl?

Kyung: Umm.. Zico… I think he’s sexy…

Kyung: I want Zico to show his sexy dance!

*and so Zico did sexy dance with Kyung*

Kyung: He’s just as sexy as I thought

P.O(to Jaehyo): What is the sexiest part of a girl?

Jaehyo: I think I need a bit time to think this.

Jaehyo: It’s the butt.

P.O: I would like to see some butt dance!

*Jaehyo doing really short butt dance*

Jaehyo(to U.Kwon): I heard that you know one finnish song! Can you sing it?

*U.Kwon sings ievan polkka*