that's what i did with my highschool years

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thats actually crazy. i can't really imagine that. I mean like my highschool wasn't great persay, but they actually did expect us to do well and try you know? I also hate teachers who do that test thing. it's so lazy. :( i think being bitter is a pretty good reaction to what you had to put up with. lmao. College is SO fast. I started looking for real person jobs, i graduate on may 14th. i'm freakin out a lil tbh. but you're almost there! woo!

I’m a little unnerved by how fast this is going tbh. Like granted this school year is much shorter than any other I’ve had (Began late August, ends mid-May, and with a fuckign month-long winter break in the middle; I’m used to starting early September and getting out towards the middle of June, with two weeks for winter break), but even with that aside, it seems freakishly fast.

I’ll have to start looking for my first summer job here real quick. Oof. Not looking forward to that lmao. Don’t the capitalists know that summer is a time of Sleep

Though I will like having a little money for once lmao

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Ask me SCP related questions

How did you find the fandom?

Its a long story including a brony, a creative writing class in my junior year of highschool, and an anime version of 173 with titties.

Favorite canon

Fuck. Which one is the Cool War from?

Favorite author on the site?


What’re your theme songs for the Foundation and/or the Foundationverse in general?

oh my fucking god thats actually something you really dont want to get me started on i have songs for seperate gois m8