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I'm sorry but I really don't get why are you all happy that Louis is mia instead of doing his promo? Is him being supportive boyfriend really more important to you all than him concentrating on his own career?

I want to make this quick because I don’t have the patience when it comes to purposefully missing the point. 

Louis being there with Harry for two nights has nothing to do with him missing promo. It’s not like he skipped his own obligations in favour of supporting his boyfriend. If he weren’t mia at Harry’s concert, he’d have been out there pretending to be casually spotted by a stalker just to prove that he wasn’t anywhere close to his arch-enemy Styles. Would have that made you happier? This is what we’re celebrating, what we’re so happy about: Louis having the chance to attend something that’s surely important for himself, too, instead of partecipating to the usual, pathetic parade he’s been forced into since Middle Age. Louis supporting Harry the past two nights has literally nothing to do with missing his own promo, there’s no logical connection. Was Niall missing his own promo, too? There IS an issue about promo, and that issue is related to the poor quality of the job his team is doing. To rise a debate for once that Louis did get something good at least on a personal level is just so out of this world to me. 

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight


I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


I am breathing with you
Unsure if this is
A dream or fantasy
The mystery of the smile,
The eternal secrets
You can’t explain it

zhang yixing // 失控 lose control 🌒

ppl who h8 sasuke make no sense to me bc what do they EXPECT him to be like….. i mean “yea my brother killed every person im related to and destroyed all my ties and now i have no one and my only purpose now is to be weaponized for a village that never cared about me and in fact ordered that whole clan murder thing….. so i guess that sucks but no hard feelings konoha :) it happens!”


Get Low and Dusk Till Dawn occupying the same billboard spot for Spotify at NYC! #thewinningteam


If they make a movie with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Deadpool can we please have Wade trying to babysit for the Avengers and Peter being a Very Difficult Child, causing a ton of chaos and stuff
Because that’d be funny and way better than any other Spideypool when it involves those two
And I can definitely see it being a possibility

Look, if my romance and sex repulsed ass can respect your decision to ship people, can you please return the favor and let me see everyone as friends??