that's what being a teenager is

Pewdiepie’s response video to all his controversy was pretty normal at first and made me think that he’s just a relatively ignorant guy who isn’t smart enough to wield his influence properly, but THEN he said that making horribly offensive jokes doesn’t normalize hatred and I’m like…. No that’s literally exactly what they do especially when being told to an impressionable teenage audience of literally MILLIONS.

It’s really interesting reading about developmental psychology as an early-20-something because you get to the part about adolescence and teenagers and think to yourself, “hey, I was just there!”

And then you read about how all teenagers think they’re special snowflakes and are worried what people think about them and are really overdramatic because their amygdalas are firing but their frontal lobes (logic centers) aren’t really finished developing until they’re in their early twenties

And then you remember how everyone told you stuff like that when you were a teenager but you were like, “no, I’m not that bad!” and then they told you that one day you’d grow out of it or look back and laugh–but of course you scoffed at that

And then you turn 22 and realize that…yeah, that was kind of true


“Look at him observe, Mr Holmes. He’s definitely yours.”
“That’s not observing, Ms Adler. That’s being intimidating—definitely yours.”
“Perhaps the combination of the two?”
“Well, he is the combination of us two.”
“… … … When did Nero become a teenager?”
“Is that sentiment I hear, Ms Adler?”
“Don’t you ever look at him and feel… that something?”
“… Of course, I do—pride is one of the words to describe it.”
“Then pray tell, Mr Holmes, what are the others?”
“… … … Who knows?”
“I’m not surprised. He got it all from me.”
“Don’t be so full of yourself, Ms Adler.”

AU: The odd but fully functioning family of three attend a formal gathering.

i always see people posting going “i hate how people portray percy as a dumb idiot … etc.” …okay let me say this ~ Not once have i seen someone portray Percy jackson as a complete idiot but as a teenager being himself. BUT people never talk about the fact that there are limits to percy’s powers. (yes percy is strong but there are limits) “percy causing earthquakes 😍😘😍” “percy waterbending is life 😍” thats what i hate, this isn’t The Last Airbender, percy causing earthquakes will damage his body and waterbending is out of the conclusion also, he can only move the water to one direction or change the direction of the water but moving it around like in the last airbender doesn’t happen. if you don’t beileve me just remember Nico shadow traveling makes him tired and if he does it too much he will turn into shadow forever gone. keep that in mind.

idk now that im somewhere near the age where this toxic, adult person was before they entered my life when i was like 15 or 16 it really opens my eyes. 

like i didn’t have any hubris over my maturity back then. i knew the age old advice that we shouldn’t want to grow up so fast. but no matter what i still thought i was mature for my age without even knowing it. and now that sometimes younger people approach me and talk to me, its fine naturally, but it fills me with a lot of disbelief that a grown person would cross the boundaries they did with me when i was young. its despicable, actually. 

i hope i’m wording this alright, but yeah, thats why i stress that kids/minors on the internet be really careful. its tough being a teenager, and there are people out there who only want to make it worse, even if they’re under a friendly persona. just keep a skeptical eye, even on the people who seem nice. if a person is good, they’ll definitely understand.

That’s what it’s like to be a teenager. You enjoy it. You live it. You feel as if you have the whole world in your hands but at the same time you don’t. At the same time, you feel alone. You are at a point where you cant wait to grow up, but also miss being a kid. Being a teenager is to be indecisive, it’s to be reckless, and happy and sad and all these emotions. It’s to fail your physics test and laugh about it, it’s to fall in love with the least expected person you can meet and get your heart broken, it’s to make mistakes. It’s to fall and then pick yourself up. When you’re a teenager, it’s to just be you.
—  What would you tell your old self? // excerpts from a book I’ll never write #8 /// via stuck-in-laughter

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Winged eyeliner

Write a hundred word letter to your twelve year old self:

To Past/12 Year Old me,

So we still haven’t come any closer on figuring out how to do most things in life, but that’s okay. We have awesome friends and the best boyfriend you could ever dream of. People might be mean but just don’t react cause they are probably dealing with their own problems. Try not to think about life and death and meaninglessness but I know you will since we are they same person. Keep smiling and being yourself, cause thats what will get you the fabulous people that we now know in your life.

Sincerely Future/Teenage You.

Is that good enough?


- “Our 2nd album RIOT! was born 8 yrs ago today. This was the era of neon orange hair & matching haircuts, red & yellow skinny jeans… … scribble writing everywhere, our first big shows, being on TRL (remember that?), and our first time hearing ourselves on the radio… It was such a good time for me as a teenage human & for our band and the music we made. Forever proud of that ketchup & mustard life. #RIOT” 

- “2nd to the songs, I loved the colors of this era most of all #8YearsOfRiot”

hayley from Paramore on Twitter

*whispers* i only have one month left of being a teenager 

Ohhhhh lord.

So I live in Denver and have been following the Jesse Hernandez story since around 11:30 this morning.

And boy oh boy, do I have a thing or two to say.

I, personally, think that it is absolutely ridiculous for two police officers to open fire on a 16 year old girl because one of them got their leg bumped, that is absolutely ridiculous. I view it as excessive force and she should not have died. Also, after she was shot, she was pulled out of the car bleeding and unconscious, when the police decided to throw her face down on the ground and search her before calling her some help. She is an unconscious teenager, unconscious and bleeding after being shot. What’s she gonna do?

Thats just my personal opinion, but near everyone I go to school with disagrees completely and every time I try to argue with them about it, I end up being shut down or called a liberal hippie.

The problem with the way these (white, upper middle class) kids see things is that they never find any fault in the police. The argument I got back most was “they were acting in self defense, what would you do?” And the answer I had was “there are better ways to apprehend someone than opening fire.” Even if she did hit that police officer with malicious intent, she was entitled to due process. Those two should not have acted as her judge, jury and executioner. These boys that I’ve been bickering with don’t seem to understand the fact that a police officers leg for a young girls life is not a fair trade and that, I feel represents part of the problem in my school for one, and white, middle class people in general.

R.I.P Jessica, I’m so sorry, and I will fight for change.

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I was wondering, what if teen! Munakata met child! Fushimi when his ant farm was destroyed and was sulking somewhere? Munakata has a lot of bug-catching experience after all, do you think Munakata will offer to help Fushimi make another antfarm? Munakata proceeds to capture tons of ants after he has consulted Taishi how to catch ants and Fushimi is dumbstruck. (Not a strain scenario by the way)

This would be so cute. Like in the aftermath of the anthill incident Fushimi’s just sitting morosely by himself on a park bench or something, still sniffling quietly and trying to wipe his eyes as he watches the bugs moving through the grass by his feet. He’s all miserable and upset and lonely, and that’s when eleven year old Munakata walks by on his way back from like a day trip and sees Fushimi sitting there by himself and obviously distressed. Being a dutiful child, Munakata comes over to see if little Fushimi is lost or needs an adult. Fushimi just bites his lip and shakes his head, Munakata curiously notes that a child of his age should not be left unattended in a public place like this. Little Fushimi just shakes his head again and then suddenly gets up and stomps on the ants as he tries to walk away. Munakata follows him and scolds him lightly because bugs are fascinating creatures with an important part in the ecosystem and it isn’t good to simply destroy them. Of course this just makes Fushimi start to cry some more. Munakata observes him for a moment and then asks if Fushimi would like to go bug hunting with him. As it happens Munakata has a container with him that he was hoping to use to capture some interesting insects which he could show to his big brother, but he’d be happy to help Fushimi as well. Fushimi manages to quietly whisper something about his anthill and how it’s not there anymore and Munakata decides that he has grasped the situation and therefore he will assist Fushimi in creating a new anthill.

Cue tiny adorable megane children bug hunting for the rest of the day. Munakata is determined to be all helpful like his big brother and is super kind and praising to shy little Fushimi. Fushimi is super nervous at first but soon he gets really engrossed in bug hunting and is all impressed when Munakata catches a few big beetles too. In the end they make a new little anthill with a bunch of ants and Fushimi’s totally amazed by it and just stares at it forever. Munakata intends to let him keep it but Fushimi gives it to Munakata with a mumbled “That guy will just…” Munakata is surprised but takes the anthill anyway and tells Fushimi that if he ever wishes to play again Munakata will be happy to spend time with him, as he had a very fun afternoon and then he urges Fushimi to go home before it gets dark. Fushimi nods and gives Munakata a tentative wave goodbye before leaving the park, Munakata looks at the anthill and notes that he hadn’t intended to keep an ant farm but it wouldn’t do to destroy such a fine specimen either so he takes it home and keeps it in his room instead.

I’m Game if You Are

It was something of a chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Who corrupted whom first? Who was rubbing off on the other? Which was the bad influence and which was being influenced?

The answer changed depending on which person you asked.

Stan would swear up and down it was Carla.  When they met he was an acne-ridden teenager that hung around his twin brother most of the time reading comic books and learning magic tricks by mail.  Then she started asking him to parties and teaching him to dance, and before he knew it she’s seducing him with the jitterbug and rock-and-roll.

            At this point Carla would punch him in the arm and insist he got it backwards. When they met she was a naïve little girl that made her own dresses and studied ballet and was never, ever out past curfew.  Then he showed her how to uppercut and took her on adrenaline-fueled monster hunts through the woods at all hours and shared dirty jokes and an aggressive distrust of authority.  Really, she should’ve just kissed her innocence good-bye the day he punched out that mugger for her.

            If they’d ever been honest, the truth of it had less to do with one corrupting the other and more to do with a phrase.

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I know it’s popular to hate the mainstream (and specifically things enjoyed by teenage girls but that’s another post entirely), but please don’t be a dick to 1D fans being upset about Zayn leaving. This is huge news, and being edgy and prickly about it does nobody any favors. Let people mourn. Let people enjoy what they enjoy.