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fave buzzfeed unsolved moments?

  • ‘hey ghouls the boys are here’ a tru #classic
  • so is ‘hey there, demons, it’s me, ya boy’ 
  • ryan: you can’t see gravity and thats real
    shane: i can drop an apple
    ryan (gently but with feeling): fuck 
  • ‘whatever. this demon’s racist. i don’t respect this demon’ 
  • ‘she’s writing lemonade in her head right now’ 
  • ryan’s ‘id be a friendly ghost who does chores and then tips my hat and tap dances out of the room’ 
  • the ghost of yankee jim 
  • also, shane trying to make small talk with the ghost of yankee jim about boats
  • ‘hey timmy i heard you like balls’ 
  • the bear vs shark argument 
  • ‘we’ve been over this before the bear is the most deadly animal of all time’ i love ryan
  • ‘i have a secret to tell you…… i am the phantom of the sky’ 
  • ‘just- to be fair…. fuck christopher columbus’ 
  • ‘you’re saying the ocean is full of ghosts’
  • underwater area 51
  • tbh the whole bermuda traingle ep is fav
  • all the arguments over whether or not bigfoot is supernatural ‘maybe he picks up on energies’ ‘oh he’ll pick you up all right’ 
  • ‘thats a guy i’d wanna share a cold one with. is what bigfoot would say. about me.’
  • ’i wasn’t fat shaming bigfoot’ 

Guess what nerds…………………………………… im officially back and ready to give u all some more quality paint

Im sorry that i was gone for longer than anticipated!! it was only supposed to be for like a week or two but then i got swamped with schoolwork and. whoops there goes all my free time

BUT ALAS i am alive and will be trying to get the blog back on schedule!! it may take me a little bit to get back to my regular posting schedule, but hey. at least im here u feel

thank you all for your patience and have a good night/day/evening/whatever

  • Dick Grayson: Tonight, I'm gonna make her [Barbara Gordon] a nice dinner, then I'm gonna put the ring in her champagne glass.
  • Jason Todd: You might as well put it in her cham-lame glass.
  • Dick Grayson: Okay, Mr. Know-It-All, what would you do?
  • Jason Todd: Okay, first you gotta get, like, 50 candles, right?
  • Dick Grayson: Mm-hmm?
  • Jason Todd: You spread 'em all over the room with some rose petals....
  • Dick Grayson: That's right, because the roses are beautiful, and they make the room smell amazing.
  • Jason Todd: Like a meadow in springtime.
  • Dick Grayson: Mmm.
  • Barbara Gordon: [comes into the room] What are you guys talking about?
  • Dick Grayson: Nothing; guy talk!
  • Jason Todd: Yeah, bitches and hoes.

#GUYS remember how after this little exchange (harry: i’m staying with you me: *cries*) harry and sirius dueled some death eaters side by side #and then sirius was all like “NICE ONE, JAMES!!” and harry was thrilled #and then they defeated all the death eaters and sirius black lived a long and healthy life with his godson??????????? #i remember that too

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thaNK YOU !!!
notes: some of these are a little more Hot than usual so read the warnings !!! also these all mention drinking in some capacity 


  • you’re at a party and you’re bored out of your mind so you go toward the bathroom to take a break from the shitty music
  • and you see this guy???? dressed in all black laying in the bathtub reading a book
  • and you’re like “um-” and he looks up and he’s like “ill close the curtain if you need to p-”
  • and you’re like “im fine, but uh - is that comfortable?”
  • and he grins and is like “not really, but my friends need someone to be the designated driver when this is over and every other surface in the house is covered in people,,,,,,,doing things,,,,,so i just take cover here.”
  • and you’re like oh wow,,,,,and you see that he’s reading a book on like the human psyche and Renaissance art something really wild like that
  • and you’re like “read me a passage from that.” and his eyes go wide and he’s like ????? are you interested in art and psychology? and you’re like um,,,,,,,,,,,i just rather listen to writing than whatever crap they’re playing out there
  • he laughs at that and he’s like “sure let me read you this cool line about sculpture-”
  • and you sit on the edge of the tub listening to this strangers deep, handsome voice read out to you
  • and when he’s done with the passage he asks you what you think about it and you’re like “hmm,,,” and you guys spend a good two hours like that
  • you even move off the ledge of the tub into the tub and your sitting with your legs over the long legs of the guy and talking about what the meaning of life really means
  • and only when you hear someone yell out “namjooN,,,,,yOONGI is TRYING to DRIVE but he’s DRUNK”
  • does the guy say he have to get up and when he does you realize holy heck he’s TALL
  • and now you’re both standing in the tub and you hear it again, the person outside yelling for namjoon
  • and namjoon is like “this ,,,,,,was fun”
  • and you can see his ears going a bit red as he scratches at his neck and he’s like “here-”
  • he hands you the book and he’s like “it’s a thanks for hanging out with me.” and you’re like “oh,,,,,i only have this to give you-”
  • and you lean up, pressing your lips to his cheek
  • and namjoon’s blushing ears turn to his blushing whole face
  • but he tilts his head a bit and kisses you on the lips and you guys are about to make out in this tub
  • but the door flies open and taehyung is holding yoongi whose got the keys to the car swinging around his finger and taehyung is like hYUNG kiss them later pleASE HELP me


  • it’s 3 am and the train is empty except for you and this other dude and you’re both obviously,,,,,,,coming from the club because he’s got his beanie pulled over his eyes and you’re trying to get your bag closed but the zipper is blurry in your eyes
  • but then the train stops in the middle of the train and you groan because what kind of jam could happen at 3 in the damn morning
  • and the guy pulls up his beanie to reveal a handsome, but equally pissed off about the train face
  • and after 20 minutes of the train not moving you’re like,,,,outloud,,,, “what the HELL are we gonna be down here all night”
  • and the guy just scoffs and is like “i know right”
  • and you’re just like “this,,,,,,,,,,,subway is so dumb,,,,,,” and he’s like “super dumb,,,,,like whose operating this thing? a ghost? who can’t drive?”
  • and you let out a loud laugh and you’re like thaTS whaT IM SAYING
  • and he’s like “i could probably,,,,,,drive this train better”
  • and you’re like “you should go try” and he’s like “I WOUL,,,,d if i wasn’t,,,,,,,,,,,,tipsy,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like same same same
  • and then it’s silent until you’re like “what should we do while we wait”
  • and the guys like “idk,,,,,,what do you usually do to pass the time.”
  • and you think about it and you’re like “um,,,,,,,,i dance,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or kiss someone,,,,,,,,sometimes at the same time,,,,,,,,,i did that today,,,,,,,like a couple hours ago”
  • and the guy raises an eyebrow and he’s like “you sound like my friend taehyung” and you’re like “is taehyung cool” and the guy shrugs but he’s like “you can dance here,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you want”
  • and you decide, just for the giggles, that you will so you put your phone on the loudest volume and put on some song and start to dance the best you can with your depleated energy and blurry vision
  • and the guy kind of watches with a half-grin
  • until you move over and try to get him up and he’s like groaning that he doesn’t want to and you’re like c’mon there’s nothing else to do plus no one sees us
  • and at first he’s completely unmovable
  • until finally you get him up and he kind of tetters forward onto you and you’re like “oooooo i got you don’t worry”
  • and your faces are much closer now and you realize he really is,,,handsome and you’re like whats your name and he’s like ‘yoongi’ and you’re like,,,,,,,that’s such a handsome name just like your face
  • and he’s like you’re right
  • and you’re both standing there and he’s like “you said that you dance,,,,but also that you kiss people?” and you’re like um,,,yes and he’s like “well i don’t dance so-”
  • and you get what he’s implying and you’re like oh ill gladly kiss you but as soon as you lean up the train jerks
  • and you and yoongi tumble back toward the seats and he’s like woAH and you’re like laughing but it’s cute you guys,,,,,get comfortable sitting next to each other and yoongi is kinda too awkward to ask you to kiss him again 
  • but you do kiss him, right before you get off at your stop 

Jin +Hoseok [slight nsfw]

  • they’re office buddies with completely different personalities but damn do they love to drink together 
  • especially when the boss is gone for the day and they have to stay overtime hoseok just pulls a bottle of whatever out of his bag and is like hyuNG let’s crunch numbers while doing back shots
  • and it has ended up in both of them passing out at their desks with hoseok’s tie wrapped around his head and seokjin’s collared shirt half un-buttoned
  • and you’re the person who shares the cubicle between their’s and,,,,,you basically take care of them before anything gets out of hand
  • and hoseok is always teasing you and messing up your hair and calling you cute while soekjin is always lecturing you on manners and asking you to taste test what he’s brought from home
  • and it’s ,,,,,, tiring but at least they’re not creepy and if anyone is creepy toward you they’re both like “square up. right now. we’re basically their bodyguards stay back.” jin even once got a stapler and was like @ the creep “im not afraid to use this in ways you thought unimaginable”
  • one night when it’s the three of you hoseok is like “i just had three shots and an amazing idea: truth or dare”
  • and jin is like “you know,,,usually i’d tell you that’s for highschoolers but i hate everything right now so let’s do it.”
  • and of course you can’t play truth or dare with two people so guess who gets roped in: it’s you
  • and you’re like fine whatever and hoseok is like truth or dARE and you’re like “Dare” because you aren’t about to spill any secrets about yourself
  • and hoseok is like “,,,,if i was,,,,,,,not thinking about another shot i would say do something silly but i dare you to kiss the one you think is more hotter: me or seokjin”
  • and if you choose hoseok you like roll your eyes but says “sorry seokjin” and lean over to kiss hoseok
  • who is SURPRISED and seokjin is so offended he excuses himself to go look in the mirror for a while and you’re sitting there like “ok truth or d-”
  • but hoseok is like “do that again” and you’re like what and he’s like “please, do that again.”
  • and you’re like,,,,,ok and you crawl over to him and bring your lips to his and he suddenly has his arms around your waist and pulling you toward and ontop of him
  • and he falls back against the carpeted floor of the office and you’re just like ,,,,,not just kissing now like you can feel hoseok’s tongue and his hand is slipping from your waist downward
  • and you’re like “wait - seokjin might come ba-” and hoseok is like “he won’t. he’s gonna have a date with the bathroom mirror so do you want to stay on the floor or should i get you on my desk-”
  • if you choose seokjin you get kind of embarrassed because you’re like “i,,i can’t kiss seokjin,,,,,” and seokjin sticks his tongue out at hoseok because hA they thin im more handsome and hoseok makes a face but is like “kiss him, i dared you.” and seokjin grins at you and is like “i don’t mind!”
  • and you’re looking at him,,,,,with his button down and his neat tie and his slicked back hair and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and hoseok is like “FINE ill leave and give you two some privacy” and you’re like “hos-” but it’s too late he’s gone and seokjin is looking at you suddenly with a Much Different Expression
  • and he carefully undoes his tie and is like “it was too tight, now come here” and you’re like uh ,,, um,,,,,,,wha,,,,,,,,
  • but seokjin is taking your wrist and you’re like oh- and when his lips press softly against yours,,,,it’s like heaven and you might as well just leave this planet right in this moment
  • but then you’re also like,,,,,you let your hands come up and undo his button down and seokjin is like smirking and he’s like “you really want to go that far already?”
  • and you stammer a bit but seokjin is full on smirking now and he’s like “c’mon, get up and let’s go.” and you pass by hoseok whose coming back from the bathroom and seokjin is like “we’re gonna be using the breakroom for a while, it’s going to get loud so just go home hoseok ok?”
  • and hoseok is like hYUNG WHAT GET IT 


  • gets easily emotional over small things,,,,,but it’s what makes him charming 
  • and he’s having like an extra hard week because work is slowly stressing him to insanity and ,,,,,, he just needs an hour to himself so he decides to go get his favorite snack at the mall
  • but the minute he turns around with his ddeokbokki in hand some asshole goes rushing past him and it falls from his arms and splatters all over the floor
  • and he tries to get down to clean it up,,,,,,,but he just stares at it,,,,,,the mess of sauce and the cakes and he’s just,,,,,, he turns back to look at you, who works the stall and ,,,,,, oh my god he’s crying
  • and you rush out and take off your apron and try to clean up the mess while also asking jimin what’s wrong (you know him because he’s a local at your stall) and he’s just quivering and you’re like ok ok ok come with me
  • and you lead him inside and put up a “on break” sign and you’re like “jimin what’s going on??”
  • and he’s just,,,sobbing now and you’re like omg and you don’t know what to do so you just open your arms to offer a hug
  • but you don’t expect jimin to throw his whole body toward you and you’re like o  H 
  • and he’s like “eVERYTHING is going WR O N G,,,,,,,,” and you’re like im sorry,,,,,do you wanna talk about it????
  • and he does. he really does. he talks for a longtime but you don’t mind because jimin is always so sweet and you don’t want someone so nice to keep all of this bottled up
  • and when he’s done, after all the tissues you used to wipe his tears to the point where you ran out and had to use your own sleeve, he hiccups and is like im sorry,,,,,,for telling you all that
  • but you’re like no omg it’s fine. all of us go through big messes in our life
  • and jimin sniffles, looking up at you and you’re like “hey let me make you some more ddeokbokki. just sit here for minute”
  • and when you return you give jimin the snack and he eats some 
  • and he’s like “i love it so much.”
  • and you’re like “thank you!!!!”
  • and then you hear him go: “i love you too” and you’re like pause. what
  • and jimin’s eyes widen and he’s like oh no,,,,,why did i say,,,,,,,,that,,,,,,,,,,,,,now is not the time to confess to them  ehrgljbgfsawdg
  • but you just grin and reach out to thumb away some sauce from his lip and you’re like
  • “let’s start with like jimin? i like you too.” 

Taehyung [slight nsfw / implied taehyung + jimin + you] 

  • wants to makeout with everyone, at the same time preferably 
  • comes to the party wearing lipstick and glitter highlighter and a jean jacket that has half the back missing and he’s not interested in what gender or what color or what kind of physical body you have ,,,,,,if you make him laugh,,,,,,,,,,,,,like he’s gonna want to kiss you (with your permission of course) (and the permission of whoever else you 2 want to include in this group kiss)
  • very handsy and affectionate and tells everyone about how he once backpacked through europe and met the descendant of a prince of some province and then,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,,made out with him,,,,,,,,,and how he met a girl who breeds snakes and how he well,,,,,,,made out with her,,,,,,,,,
  • “i got this tattoo on my ankle at a frat party at a college i didn’t even go to because the college was in germany” 
  • you meet him as you’re getting a drink and you accidentally turn around too fast and it spills on him and you’re like shit im so sorry but taehyung just laughs it off and takes his shirt off and you’re like oh 
  • and he’s like “there problem fixed” and he’s,,,,,,really lean and his pretty tan skin has some tattoos and some bruises,,,,what you presume are actually love bruises and bite-marks more than anything
  • and taehyung sees you looking and he laughs and is like “like what you see?” and you’re like uM,,,,,,and he’s like “who are you here with?”
  • and you point over to your best friend jimin who invited you along and taehyung is like “care to introduce me?”
  • and that’s how you end up sitting between jimin and taehyung and taehyung is so hilarious and jimin is usually shyer,,,,,but with taehyung’s open personality all three of you are laughing 
  • and wow taehyung smudges his highlighter and the liner around his eyes and his whole cheek is full of glitter and it’s really cute and you’re like “can i kiss the glitter off your skin?” and he’s like hehe sure
  • and you do and then you kiss him and there is lipstick on you now and you turn around and jimin is like “,,,,,,,,you have some- come here” and kisses you
  • and it’s great ,,,,,,,,,, two cute boys 
  • and you three ditch the party and jimin is like “i live down the block!!” and you know fun stuff happens however you would like to Assume it Happens
  • but in the morning you and taehyung say goodbye to jimin and as you’re walking out of the apartment,,,,messy hair and instead of your jacket you have taehyung’s thrown over your shoulders
  • you’re like “well -” and taehyung is like “wanna go get some breakfast with me? we can count it as our first date ;)” and you’re kind of taken back because oh,,,,,date,,,,,
  • and taehyung laughs at your surprise and he’s like “i know i don’t seem like the type to do dates, but i do. especially when i like a person as much as i have started liking you.” 


  • you’ve known jungkook since you were kids but you never expected to find him sleeping on your balcony,,,,,,especially when you didn’t let him into your apartment
  • but that is Exactly how you find him and you’re like,,,,,what the hell i live on 4th floor how did he get up here
  • but when you bend down to wake him up you see that he’s got a swollen lip and some marks on the side of his face and you’re like WHAT DID THIS BOY DO
  • and you gently shake him, instead of yelling at him as you first planned to and you’re like “jungkook - hey - bro - bruh - dude - wake up”
  • and he lets out like a tiny moan of pain as he tries to roll over and his face touches the floor and when you finally get him to sit up he’s like “where am i?”
  • and you’re like “on my balcony”
  • and he’s like what the hell did you carry me up here??? and you’re like you know that’s impossible you fool you probably climbed the tree over there and then jumped or something you like doing that you’re like a spidermonkey
  • and jungkook laughs at that but winces in pain and you’re like “come inside let me look at your beat up face”
  • and he’s sitting at your kitchen table with dried blood on his face and hands and clothes that you’re pretty sure you saw him in yesterday
  • and you’re like getting what you can out of your medicine cabinet and you’re like “care to explain?”
  • and he’s like “some,,,,,,dude was trying to rob this old lady and the hyungs told me not to chase him but i did,,,,,,,,,and then his friends were waiting around the corner from your building,,,,”
  • you kind of sqaut down infront of him and bring the antiseptic up to his cuts and he’s like taking in a breath and you’re like “sorry, sorry”
  • and he’s like “they got a hold of me for a bit but then i ran away and i probably just thought this would be a good place to hide out,,,,”
  • you put a bandage over the cuts and try to apply something to the swollen lip of his 
  • and you look at him,,,,,,the boy you usually see with the pure big eyes and sweet childish face,,,,,now looking rugged and you don’t want to admit it but he looks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kind of hot
  • and you’re like “jungkook you’re not a superhero you can’t just go off and get beat because someone robbed someone” and he shrugs it off like he does with everything
  • and when you go over again to give him an icepack you found jungkook kind of falters and his eyes drop and you’re like “what’s wrong?”
  • and he just murmurs under his breath that you’re just ,,,,, really close 
  • and you hadn’t noticed it but you had been leaning yourself against his thighs,,,,,basically inbetween his legs
  • and you can see the blush rise up in jungkook’s face,,,,,,,and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god,,,,,,,,,,
  • but after all he is an adult and you’re like dkgbvjsldld but also ,,,,,, it’s kind of,,,,,,,flattering
  • and you like can’t kiss his face but you decide to tease and you’re like “i know what will heal all of this up a healing kiss -” and you like take his palm and kiss it and jungkook really is blushing now. you can see the steam coming out of his damn ears
  • and you’re like “but also just knock on my door next time,,,,,,,don’t sleep out on the balcony jungkook WHO DOES THAT” 
The Signs as Rick and Morty Quotes
  • Aries: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT MOON MEN!! This isn't a musical number! This is a fucking... operation, we gotta be cool and fucking lay low.
  • Taurus: Listen Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people calls "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.
  • Gemini: Don't be a baby! You avoid getting shot in real life all the time, Morty! Just do the same thing here and we'll be fine!
  • Cancer: The outside world is our enemy, Morty! We're the only fehh-friends we got, Morty! It's just Rick and Morty! Ruh-ick and Morty and their adventures, Morty! Rick and Morty forever and forever, 100 years, Rick and Morty's things! Me and Rick and Morty running around and... Rick and Morty time! All day long, forever... all- a hundred days! Rick and Morty forever a hundred times! Over and over, Www.rickandmortyadventures. All 100 years. Every minute, [closing garage door inside]
  • Leo: Whatever you're asking, the answer is I'm amazing. And away we go!
  • Virgo: Okay. 60 (burp) for the resonator, and my grandson wants the sex robot.
  • Libra: Morty, that's such a poor use of my time, it's beneath me. Hand me the screwdriver.
  • Scorpio: Right, yeah, like nothing shady ever happened in a fully furnished office? You ever hear about Wall Street, Morty? Y-Y-Y'know what those guys do i-in-in their fancy boardrooms? They take their balls and they dip 'em in cocaine and wipe 'em all over each other—y'know, Grandpa goes around and he does his business in public, because Grandpa isn't shady.
  • Sagittarius: WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!
  • Capricorn: Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. ...Come watch TV?
  • Aquarius: My new catchphrase is 'I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!'
  • Pices: Two things I wanna' make clear to EVERYBODY in this room: never betray me, and it's time to go.

#Helsinkihandhold <3

Conversation between a classmate and me:
  • Him: *Makes sexist joke about women's parking skills*
  • Me: *glares at him*
  • Him: What? It's true *laughs*
  • Me: A recent study says that women are in fact better at parking than men, I could send you the link to the article that talks about it, hopefully it will shut your mouth so I can continue studying without you annoying me.
  • Him: You are on your period, right? You all always act like that, always getting mad, are you going to cry now? You are probably going to get sad now because that's what you all always do when you are on your period, you first get mad and then you get sad and cry. *laughs*
  • Me: Are you describing a woman on her period or a man whose favorite sports team just lost? 'Cause I can't tell the difference.
  • Guy sitting behind me: *whispers* boom.
  • Him: *glares at guy*
  • Me: *continues studying like nothing happened*

What if
There was more to Prom than the guys knew
Like - This is Prompto looking up at Noctis on the throne
Can’t you just hear him saying
“Thats enough.”

And the Kings stop before bowing to him
Maybe he’s just waking so he’s not even fully sure himself of whats going on
Its like he’s hearing the words right before he says them
Maybe there’s a higher power, kind of like a judgement above the Astrals that steps in when it feels a price is too high after what the bearer has already been through. 

Prompto is just a vessel and its been laying in wait all this time. Noctis is left sitting on the throne as the Kings leave, the feeling of his fathers hand on his shoulder squeezing before it lifts and 


Whose eyes roll up in his head and he collapses prompting Noct at last into moving as he hurries down the steps and crouches at his friends side.
Maybe Prom is overseeing Ardyn’s judgement in Noctis’ stead. And wouldn’t that be sickening for Ardyn.

He wakes up some time later with his three boys around him,a killer headache and 

“What’d I miss?”

Gryffindor and Slytherin:
  • Gryffindor: *puts sauce all over fries*
  • Slytherin: *glares* I can't believe you'd ever do that
  • Gryffindor: What?
  • Slytherin: Put your sauce all over your fries like that, it's so wrong
  • Gryffindor: But that's the way I do it, so is it truly wrong?
  • Slytherin: Yes, because it's not economical! That fry is gonna have so much more sauce than that one and you're gonna have to ruin your fries all over again because you'll just end up needing more sauce. See, look at Hufflepuff over there, she's got the right idea
  • Gryffindor: That literally makes so sense
  • Slytherin: You know what doesn't make sense? You putting sauce all over-
  • Hufflepuff: Can you guys shut up? You're getting on my nerves and I'm trying to eat

((hello everyone i just want to keep you in the loop with this blog at the moment so here are some facts!!!

- im currently working on a HUGE COMIC that is 130 panels. ive decided to post them in sections and although it is all part of the scene i call The Confrontation, they will be posted separately so u guys dont have to wait eighty years for an update ahaha that being said there will still be stretches of time between posts soooo

-i have a few guest-artists lined up! ill hopefully be posting them between comic posts and they will be lighthearted non serious asks to give us a break from whats going on for the boys right now. its mostly also to give my hand time to rest between these HUGE posts.

-MY ASKBOX WILL NOW BE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. the scene im currently posting will not be needing asks so i cant give yall an estimate on when it will be open again! that said if u have any questions or comments u can always dm this blog! i try to reply to any and all dms so dont be shy!!

i think thats about it but if i missed something ill come back and add it! i hope you guys like this big mess of a comic im working on now and that u keep enjoying my content !!!))

Friends to Lovers!Wonho x Chubby!Reader

  • Aight for this im gonna do a friends to lovers thing bc that’s my fAVE THING 
  • So i like to imagine wonho as a very cuddly person (mostly because i am 100000% sure that he is) and even if you are just best friends, i still think he would like the Cuddles
  • and you being chubby and squishy would make it 1000x better to him tbh
  • He would randomly hold you alot, whether it be just randomly pulling you into a tight hug or literally spooning you when you’re in bed together (ok i don’t know about yall but when i hang out with my friends i lay in bed with them a lot so it’s not a stretch for me to think that he would like to be in bed with you too)
  • Sometimes you get really self conscious around him and the other boys, you try not to eat in front of them, you tense your stomach up when wonho wraps his arms around you, things like that
  • and wonho is a very perceptive person so he notices it immediately and it breaks his heart to know that you don’t feel 100% comfortable with him, your best friend
  • so he starts to hype you up
  • a l o t
  • he’s liked you for a long time now, so he just starts voicing all of his daily thoughts about you to you, making it painfully obvious that he likes you to everyone else but you’re just like “wow!!! How have I never realized how sweet and affectionate wonho is!!!” and everyone just *face palm*
  • Calls you beautiful and gorgeous on the daily, no matter what you’re wearing or what you look like because he is the kind of sap that will belive that you are beautiful no matter what and will tell you so
  • he even starts to let his hands linger for a little to long to just be considered friendly. He’ll hug you for what feels like forever, and when he pulls away from you because kihyun started talking to you, he keeps one of his hands on you in some way, just because he likes how warm you feel
  • When you guys talk to each other he angles his head very close to you and peer into your eyes with a small smile on his face, because he loves talking to you and listening to your voice tbh
  • (like the gif at the top!!!)
  • He’s just very attentive with you 
  • And everyone is just like: Ew.
  • Sometimes he’ll come up behind you and whisper something in your ear while he has his hands on your hips, purposely making it a little breathy because he knows it makes you flustered
  • and while you’re responding to whatever he said (probably something unimportant, but he wanted an excuse to fluster you) he’ll pull his head away from your ear but he rubs his hands up and down your sides, applying a little pressure so he can feel every dip and curve
  • of course if you showed signs that you didn’t like it or that you wanted him to stop he would, but really you I don’t mind
  • While he’s doing stuff like that he would be smirking and acting a little cocky, but when he leaves you he’s a blushy mess, pacing back and forth because holy shit he touched you he really freaking touched you and you were warm and soft and you smell so freaking good holy shit hoLY  S  H I T 
  • He probably never actually confesses to you tbh
  • One day you were just laying next to each other in bed while laying on your stomachs and he’s talking to you but he gets a little quiet and thoughtful
  • he does this a lot so you let him have his moment of thought and wait patiently
  • and he randomly smiles a little before brushing your hair away from your face and brushing his lips against your’s 
  • he pulls away rather quickly and looks into your eyes while stroking your cheek with his thumb before he presses a more solid kiss against your lips
  • and then he just keep talking????
  • Neither of you ever really talk about it. but neither of you really regret it. in fact he seems really happy that he did it and he keeps doing it, you even initiate a few kisses of your own
  • and eventually the kisses start getting longer
  • and more passionate
  • like you’ll be alone in the dorms with him and he’ll be sitting on the couch in the living room and you’re walking by and he’ll just tug you onto his lap so you’re straddling him
  • and he’ll grab your face and just go for it. He’ll try and covey all the things that he’s a little afraid to say in those kisses, brushing his tongue against your’s
  • and you’ll just??? get it??? Like you don’t know exactly what he’s trying to say, but you do know that it’s something really special and probably loving and it will make you a little more desperate for him, because you want him to feel all the passion from you that you’re feeling from him if that makes sense
  • You’ll knot your fingers in his hair and tug him closer and he’d pull away for air and groan before pressing kisses down your neck and on your shoulder
  • humming while rubbing your sides up and down before tugging your hips down a little harder so you are sitting completely on his lap
  • He’ll grind you against him a little bit, but he’s not doing it for pleasure. he just wants to feel you more solidly against him, he wants to immerse himself in you completely and he wants you as close as possible, especially when you’re making those tiny noises of pleasure and want. Yep. Definitely needs you as close as possible.
  • So you’re just. making out. on the living room couch. and he’s starting to get more than a little hard and you’re more than a little wet
  • so you pull his lips away from your skin and you’re both panting, but neither of you want to go any farther. he just wraps his arms around you in a hug and tugs you into his chest, shuddering when he feels your breath against his neck and he’s panting into your hair and pressing kisses to the crown of your head while rubbing your back
  • but even though all of that  is happening, you guys both cant help to feel like your feelings are unrequited
  • and he’s always prepared for someone better than him to come along and he’ll willingly let you go because he thinks you deserve more than he can give you
  • and you’re just like “lol how” when you think of him actually loving you in a more than friends way, because you aren’t the typical kind of person that people would picture him with
  • and when the boys talk about how much he talks about you you tell them to shut it because they have to be joking right? there’s no way, even if you guys do make out quite often and when you get bold enough to trail and nip kisses down his neck he groans out a low “fuck” and slips his hands underneath your shirt
  • One day he’s over at your apartment and he’s pressing you down into your bed and desperately kissing you, because you asked him to kiss you and you’re actually pulling him closer and wrapping a leg around his hip to keep him there and when he tries to pull away you whimper and tug him closer. 
  • hearing you whimper for him and feeling you tug him closer tells him that you want him a lot, and it makes him super weak and needy for you, he just wants to give you what you want and more
  • so he takes the initiative and tugs his tshirt over his head and he notices how your fingers twitch to touch him, but you make no move to act on your desires
  • “It’s okay. I want you to touch me.” So you let your fingers brush over his stomach and pecs, but the touch is so light he’s not even sure that he can feel it
  • so he gently grabs your hands and presses them harder against his warm skin, guiding them to rub across his chest and over his shoulders and eventually you start to move your hands on your own and let your fingers roam the muscles of his back and he ind of just gets lost in the sensations if that makes sense. 
  • it’s just a lot of needy and passionate groping tbh
  • he strips you naked and just explores your body, just discovering what pleases you and what he enjoys doing to you the most
  • he doesn’t really expect an orgasm for an orgasm if you get what I mean. Like if he gets you off he doesn’t really expect you to get him off as well, and most likely if he’s already came once he won’t want to cum any more. he’ll just want to play with you lol
  • getting you off gets him off, you receiving pleasure gives him pleasure etc… he’s just a giver
  • I’ll talk more about sex with wonho later (im a thirsty bitch trust me it will happen)
  • Once again neither of you initiate the “what are we talk” afterwards
  • and there really isn’t a rush for either of you to put a label on it right away. you both know that you like each other and thats all that matters to the both of you
  • but the other boys??? they won’t be happy until you admit it and start Officially Dating
  • they don’t really know about all of the kissing and sexy touches going on between you guys so you get great amusement out of them trying to get you guys together
  • And you guys keep it to yourselves for a good couple weeks (not because you wanted it private but because you wanted to see how long it took for them to notice lol)
  • until one day you have to rush out of the dorm and before leaving you press a quick kiss to wonho’s lips and tell him that you love him 
  • whoops
  • both of you know immediately that you blew the secret but still neither of you made moves to explain yourselves lol
  • you just left,,,, and he just giggled at the shocked looks of the members
  • So you label your little Flirtationship as a Relationship and theres that 
  • whew that was long
  • i had to get that out lol
  • ive been thinking about that for weeks 
  • anyway hope you enjoyed :)
  • Guy: Any Shadow in this game?
  • Aaron: Ahum, where is Sha- That's a good question! There's actually kind of an all-star cast of Sonic characters returning (okay) mostly making cameos appearances (Knuckles' speech appears), there's Knuckles up there on the top right-
  • Guy: What about Shadow?
  • Aaron: You really like Shadow, don't you?
  • Guy: Can you confirm Shadow?
  • Aaron: Hum.. I'll say stay tuned.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *remembers Sonic's speech about him finding Shadow*
  • Me: wat do u have in mind boi
  • Me: *Amy's dialogue appears saying Shadow's been sighted and it's traveling at high speed in the air*
  • Me: what are you planning boy

anonymous asked:

I'm narusaku fan, I want to ask something bothering me all this time.. why you guys regard sakura as a great girl when it's clearly she is stupid for rejecting a nice guy and choose a bad boy who ever tried to kill her..?? that's why she get so much hate! I guess you like sakura because she loves your fav character.. do you know Naruto's fanboys is always mocking her, they are comparing sakura to hinata all the time, why she is bad comparing to hinata who so called always by his side .. more l

This is such a tired point.

You must also think Naruto is clearly a stupid guy too because he continued to chase after a “bad boy” and call him his best friend despite Sasuke trying to kill him multiple times right? Right???

She tried to do what all of you wanted her to do; she tried to just suddenly switch to the “nice guy” that was there for her:

But it was the nice guy himself who who got mad at her and told her to stop lying to herself. Because if she were to just suddenly abandon her feelings for their dear friend who was in desperate need of help, to just choose the nice guy who was the village hero, she would have looked superficial, and that wasn’t what this plot was about. Neither of them were fickle with their affections towards Sasuke.

Both Naruto and Sakura held on to the nature of their feelings for Sasuke despite his mistreatment of them. Naruto continued to love him as his best friend, and Sakura continued to love him in all aspects of the word. Why? Because she knew that the person she loved was still in there somewhere, and that’s who she was trying to salvage. She didn’t choose “the bad boy who even tried to kill her” - that’s not who she loved, that’s not who she’s currently with. Sakura chose the broken boy who she wanted to secure a better future for - the boy who acknowledged her efforts and sincerely thanked her before he left, because he thought it was too late for him:

That’s why she couldn’t bring herself to kill him, that’s why they both held on to their feelings for him. Because despite how far Sasuke had succumb to the Curse of Hatred, they knew that it wasn’t too late for him, they knew that they could still secure a future where all of them were laughing together again.

Hence, when given the opportunity, Sakura just couldn’t bring herself to end his life, because she hadn’t given up on him:

But no, it’s only Sakura who’s stupid right? Despite the fact that it was Naruto who chased after Sasuke a lot harder, and was treated much worse by him overall. Honestly, it’s such a double standard. Sakura isn’t stupid for retaining her feelings for someone who she knew could be saved from a dark place. Sasuke’s not a “bad boy”, and to emphasise this, Sakura was right, Sasuke was saved, and he went on to start a family with her and become a hero.

  • The Founders of Hogwarts:
  • Slytherin: well great job everybody!
  • Ravenclaw: yeah this place will be great for education!
  • Hufflepuff: *snickers* hey...hey guys...guess what I did?
  • S & R: *???*
  • Hufflepuff: I...haha...I charmed all the staircases in the WHOLE Castle to move and change direction whenever they feel like it!!!! *laughs hysterically*
  • Ravenclaw: :O you? You decided to do that?
  • Hufflepuff: Ahuh :D
  • Slytherin: But why? What possible reason could you have?
  • Hufflepuff: *laughs* Because it is going to mess the students schedules up sooo badly! Just imagine the looks on their faces!!! *laughs some more*
  • Ravenclaw: Seriously? You did this...what? This we expected from Slytherin...
  • Slytherin: Hey!
  • Ravenclaw: ...But you...that's totally out of character!
  • Hufflepuff: *wipes away tears* Ahhh...I know right! I'm so awesome.
  • Gryffindor: *comes around the corner panting* Hey sorry I'm late you guys, some asshole charmed the stairs to change of their own free will.
  • Hufflepuff: *rolling on the floor laughing*
Vlogger Confessions

Youtuber AU where Simon is a daily vlogger and Baz has no idea what his roommate is always filming.

For @snowbaz-feda

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Part 1

Classes are about to start next week and since I didn’t like the idea of living in the dorm, I’ve been looking at flats the whole morning. I’m hoping this one will be better than the previous two, since it’s close to the university, close enough that I can walk there.

I arrive and knock at the door. It takes a while but suddenly the door opens, and I can’t seem to be able to breath.

The guy standing at the door has soft curls and few moles on his face, he’s beautiful. He also has a questioning look on his face, like he doesn’t know why I’m here.

“Uh…hello, can I help you?” Fuck, he really doesn’t know. I called him two days ago.

“Simon Snow right? I came to check the room that you want to rent?” Moron.

He’s looking really embarrassed now “Oh…it’s already 11am? I’m so sorry, I lost track of time” I roll my eyes at that.

He lets me in, he’s blushing and saying some excuse, but I am not really listening. The living room is a mess, there are some boxes in the table, and a tripod with a camera in front of the couch, I want to ask what he’s been doing with that but I decide not to.

When Snow shows me the room, he’s still blushing for some reason and it looks great on him.


Two days before classes start, Fiona helps me bring my stuff up, and Snow insists on helping. She’s telling him a ridiculous story that happened a few years ago, and I just roll my eyes, of course she had to embarrass me in front of him, he’s laughing now and I realize a few seconds later that I’m staring.

Fiona gives me a knowing look, before she leaves.

When I’m bringing my last box from the living room, Snow comes from his door too and he’s talking, and at first I think he’s talking to someone on the phone, but he’s holding a camera and pointing it at himself. I raise one eyebrow, do I really want to ask what he’s doing?

When he notices me looking, he stops and starts blushing. “Sorry… Didn’t know you were here” and just leaves in a rush.

A few days pass and I barely see him in the flat. Sometimes one of his friends comes to fetch him, and he doesn’t come back until night, like today. I’m sitting, reading a book on the couch, when he arrives.

He’s holding a camera with his mouth, and has grocery bags in his arms. Perhaps I should help him, but I prefer to watch the stupid face he’s doing, like he’s surprised to see me here, again.

He drops everything in the counter and does something to his camera, wait was that recording? “Baz! How you’ve been? Didn’t know you were here.”

I roll my eyes, “You do know that I live here now, right?”

“Sorry, I just had so much to do today, had a project that took way longer to film than I was expecting.”


A few weeks have passed and Snow is still a mystery to me, he spends a lot of time outside of the house, so I think he goes to classes somewhere, and where he goes his camera goes too. I’m pretty sure he filmed me a few times now.

I think that today he’s doing something in the living room, there’s a tripod in there just like the first day I came here, and he kept asking me if I was going to the library, like I usually do every week on Saturday.

Snow wants me out of the apartment, and I’m determined to see why, so instead of staying in the library, I decide to just go and get my books.

I’m at the door and I can hear him talking, so I try to open the door as quietly as I can.

Snow has is laptop in the coffee table and he’s talking to his camera again, and his face is in the computer too. I realize that I can see myself in the background, the moment he stops in the middle of a sentence, frowning at the screen “You want to know who that is? Oh yeah thats Baz” and freezes.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask him, because he’s talking about me, and there seems to be a chat going on the screen.

“Sorry guys, gotta go for today, see you all soon!” and shuts down the chat thing.

“What was that?” He’s looking really embarrassed, and I should stop admiring the way he’s looking right now, with his eyes closed.

He takes a deep breath “I’m… a youtuber, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner.”

Oh. Of course. That explains the cameras, ”Why didn’t you?”

“People don’t really like it, they think it’s weird that I’m talking to a camera.”

“Well, It does look weird.” It really does, but at least now everything is starting to make sense.

“I tried to film as much as I can outside the house, so I wouldn’t bother you, but I really needed to film inside today” He’s looking sadly at his hands.

“Look Snow, if that’s your thing it’s fine, I don’t mind it as long as you don’t leave those tripods all over the place” because he keeps stumbling on them.

(see my snowbaz fic masterlist)

gerard's story of uncle tt
this was on the radio tbh
gerard's story of uncle tt

“ok listen to this story like seriously.. i have a friend named dennis, right? ok.. mikey, this lollipop you threw at my head broke. it shattered. thats how hard you threw it at my head! ok! seriously!! shh! shh! no, there’s a story! oh my god.. anyway.. there’s a guy, named jack… my friend.. my friend dennis.. my friend.. you guys gotta shut up! my friend dennis, i went to highschool, i was in middle school, i was in elementary school with the kid. anyway. he had an uncle. his name was tt, right? he was all into voodoo and stuff, right? so, i forgot about this. when i was a kid, right? he was like… i was like.. ‘tt, what am i gonna be when i grow up, right?’ cause he was like, used to see into the future and stuff. so.. no! let me tell you the story! so he’s like ‘you’re going to be on the stage’ ‘i see you on the stage with lots of lights’ and i was like ‘no, i want to be an artist i’m going to be a comic book artist, right?’ he’s like ‘nonono, you’re not gonna do that  you’re gonna be on the stage right?’ so i talked to dennis, like, i forgot all about this, right?’ i talked to dennis about this on the phone and i.. i was like, he was like, i was like ‘yeah, i never thought i’d be doing this, i was going to be a comic book artist or something’ he said ‘no dude, remember what tt said, cause tt said, he said ‘gerard, you’re gonna be on the stage’’ and i was like ‘oh hows tt doing?’ and he’s like ‘he’s dead’ and i was like..i was like.. ‘wow..’ thats not funny at all, dude! no.. he’s. tt was a sweet dude.. and dennis, dennis.. if you’re out there bro.. i feel you on that. tt! the next song we play goes out to tt!”

basically several minutes of gerard talking shit (i wrote it all up incase anybody has trouble hearing! :-))

Hi guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️
The haul today was very small, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I was able to bring home! 💖😊😘

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel: $2.94
Love Culture Hairbows: $2.12
Hot Topic Grey Beanie: $5.99
Lovesick Lace Ankle Socks: $1.00 (BOGO accessory for $1!)

Total: $17.11

And guess how much I got it all for? That’s right! $17.11! Because I BUY shit that I want, instead of stealing it and saying I’m just having a little harmless fun, or fighting the system! 😝

Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me)


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

aka the obligatory chatfic I wrote in a fit of sleep deprivation featuring a pining Wonpil, a very desperate Jae, lots of Brian exposure and one very confused Dowoon who still thinks xD is for the cool kids.

read it on ao3 (where the formatting it’s better)

sweg squad


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

wonking: where you hoes at
wonking: i see yall lurking in the chat square up im in need

godwoon: what happened hyung
godwoon: are u ok??

wonking: no my sweet child i am not
wonking: i dont think ill ever be ok again

godwoon: hyung did u eat one of jackson hyungs brownies again??
godwoon: do you need me to come get u?

wonking: that happened once ok
wonking: ONCE
wonking: also im not high dowoon
wonking: im in love

bribri: not this again
bribri: you ‘fall in love’ every week

wonking: this times for real tho

bribri: that’s what you said last time

wonking: i swear im not lying

bribri: that’s what you said last time too
bribri: and then you forgot all about it and went chasing after that lifeguard instead

wonking: don’t judge me u hypocrite i saw u ogling him too

bribri: lies

godwoon: brian hyung you asked me to choke you so he would come and try to save you

bribri: that’s youngk hyung to you you little snitch

jaethebae: wtf happened wat did i miss

bribri: you can literally scroll up and read you know
bribri: you have eyes
bribri: and glasses

jaethebae: too much work
jaethebae: im a busy man make me a recount

bribri: all you do is lay in your couch and binge watch the office you slob

jaethebae: like i said
jaethebae: a very busy man

godwoon: wonpil hyung got a new crush

jaethebae: so nothing new then

wonking: guitar guys my soulmate i can feel it in my tummy

godwoon: are u sure thats not the brownies hyung


bribri: guitar guy???
bribri: do you even know his name?

wonking: … no
wonking: *not yet
wonking: im working on it

jaethebae: so ur stalking the poor guy

wonking: im gathering information
wonking: sneakily

godwoon: *cough* stalking *cough*

jaethebae: u are hiding in your sweater n staring at him all creepy like arent u

wonking: do u wanna go hyung
wonking: do i have to remind u of all that time u spend going over brian hyungs insta feed
wonking: do i hyung

godwoon: hahahaHAHAHAHAaha
godwoon: i smell roasted chicken

jaethebae: so guitar guy
jaethebae: you were saying

wonking: thats right
wonking: so there i was
wonking: making my peaceful way through hongdae

bribri: no wait hold up
bribri: can we go back to the instagram thing please :)

wonking: too late we’re back to me now

bribri: we’re always talking about your love life tho
bribri: cmon spill the tea on jae

jaethebae: u bring that out wonpil and and i show them all my receipts on you

wonking: AS I WAS SAYING
wonking: i was walking down hongdae to that little cafe where the cute barista works at when i turned a corner and there he was
wonking: the most beautiful human being i have ever seen
wonking: slowly strumming a guitar as he crooned his low voice to the sweet, sweet sounds of maroon 5

godwoon: that use of the comma tho lol

wonking: hush im speaking
wonking: and i felt it instantly
wonking: the connection
wonking: the energy
wonking: the love

jaethebae: fuck off i have class in an hour
jaethebae: i cant deal with this shit again

jaethebae left the group chat
wonking added jaethebae to the group chat


wonking: no running away u asshole

wonking: i dealt with your pinning now you deal with mine

jaethebae changed wonking’s name to ‘wonpining


wonpining: u know wat idc

wonpining: i accept my fate

wonpining: yall would pine too if you had seen those arms

wonpining: bOI THEM ARMS

godwoon: hyung please

bribri: yes wonpil please keep it in your pants
bribri: we have an innocent child here

wonpining: innocent my ass
wonpining: you havent seen his laptop

godwoon: hyuNG PLEASE

wonpining: anyways
wonpining: back to my adonis

bribri: stop for a second
bribri: you say he’s cute but I want proof

wonpining: back off bitch i called dibs
wonpining: i saw him first hes mine
wonpining: ur stuck with chicken face over there

jaethebae: should i feel offended

bribri: for the last time me and jaehyung are not dating

wonpining: tell that to jaehyung hyung

godwoon: savage

wonpining: thks i try
wonpining: ANYWAYS
wonpining: so im like trying to see if i can approach him
wonpining: maybe saunter up all smooth and suave like

jaethebae: do u even know what suave means

wonpining: yes
wonpining: no thks to you tho
wonpining: but hes all focused on his music completely inmersed

jaethebae: wow inmersed such a big word
jaethebae: didnt know you could use them

bribri: its *immersed you both idiots

godwoon: bawhahahahahaha jae hyung you roasted ursefl this time
godwoon: lame xD

jaethebae: remember who u room with brat
jaethebae: whos gonna tuck u in at night huh
jaethebae: who

godwoon: im not a child hyung cmon

jaethebae: stop using xd and we’ll talk then

godwoon: its ironic tho
godwoon: xD

jaethebae changed godwoon’s name to ‘bbyxD


bbyxD: low hyung
bbyxD: very low ):

jaethebae: shut up brat
jaethebae: the adults r talking

wonpining: can i continue

bribri: please
bribri: im kinda invested in this now

wonpining: and he looks soooo cute all focused on the music
wonpining: his lil nose all scrunched up and tongue between his teeth
wonpining: (lowkey wishing those were MY teeth tbh lol)

jaethebae: omg how thirsty can u get

bribri: if thats your definition of lowkey
bribri: then I dont wanna know what highkey is

wonpining: like u have any right to kinkshame me u hypocrite

bribri: what are you talking about

jaethebae: yes wonpil what exactly are you talking about

bbyxD: jae hyung ur desperate is showing xD

jaethebae: shut up dowoon let wonpil talk

wonpining: wait no i actually wanna live
wonpining: i still havent gotten my date with guitar guy yet

bribri: go ahead wonpil
bribri: I dont have anything to hide

wonpining: HA what bullshit
wonpining: im talking just because of that blatant lie
wonpining: like
wonpining: we share a dorm
wonpining: theres barely a wall between our rooms
wonpining: i can hear everything
wonpining: EVERYTHING
wonpining: sometimes i wonder how i can ever be the same

jaethebae: stop being a drama queen and spill already

wonpining: ok so like
wonpining: one night i was trying to study
wonpining: keyword being trying cause hyung here had invited over some company if you know what i mean

jaethebae: we get it
jaethebae: just get to the point

wonpining: have patience im getting there
wonpining: so like i go over to his room to tell them to keep it down cause its like 1 in the morning and i had an exam tomorrow morning
wonpining: and i hear it
wonpining: clear as day


wonpining: ok ok but like
wonpining: dowoonie close ur eyes for a sec will u

bbyxD: what why

wonpining: bc ik how much you love brian hyung and you wont be able to see him the same way again after this
wonpining: trust me ik i couldnt

bribri: wait
bribri: I remember now
bribri: wonpil please dont
bribri: please ill do anything

wonpining: oh youll do anything?
wonpining: really
wonpining: really … daddy

jaethebae: omg
jaethebae: no way
jaethebae: NO FUCKING WAY

wonpining: yes fuckign way
wonpining: i heard it with my own two ears
wonpining: screamed to the heavens by whoever brian had over that night
wonpining: who i still suspect was the lifeguard btw

bribri left the group chat
wonpining added bribri to the group chat
wonpining changed bribri’s name to ‘daddykang


daddykang: I hate you all so much

wonpining: sure you do daddy
wonpining: sure you do

bbyxD: guys i dont get it
bbyxD: jae hyung just came running through the living room
bbyxD: he keeps screaming
bbyxD: whats so funny

wonpining: lol i think i broke him
wonpining: but seriously tho
wonpining: guitar guy
wonpining: cutest thing ever istg

daddykang: so we’re back to you now?

wonpining: well if you wanna keep talking about your kinky ass then please by all means
wonpining: go ahead

daddykang: guitar guy is good thanks

wonpining: good?
wonpining: guitar guys fucking FINE
wonpining: 11/10 would bang

jaethebae: dont act like u actually have a chance
jaethebae: u dont even know his name

wonpining: baby steps
wonpining: also
wonpining: youve known brian hyung for how long again

jaethebae: that has nothing to do with this

wonpining: sure it doesnt
wonpining: just sit there and listen hyung
wonpining: be a good boy for daddy

daddykang: wonpil i swear to god

bbyxD: i still dont understand tho

wonpining: wait omg i think guitar guy is leaving
wonpining: fuck
wonpining: give me a sec imma snap a pic real quick

daddykang: this is gonna end bad


daddykang: called it

jaethebae: what did u do now u idiot

wonpining: HE SAW ME
wonpining: OH GOD

godwoon: lol hahahAHAHAHA

wonpining: WHAT DO I DO???!!!!
wonpining: WHAT DO I DO

bbyxD: hyung whatever you do
bbyxD: just don’t run away

wonpining: TOO LATE

this mess goes out to both @noa-noa-noa for enabling me and to @6ungjin for opening up my eyes to the glory that is sungpil. The next part should come out soon I think, cause this was fun to write (hopefully half as fun to read as well). 

bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen