that's what all the people say

Maybe instead of calling Ross, Holly, the grumps, mark and jack nazis people should battle against actual nazis instead of calling these people nazis when they clearly are not anywhere near to what an actual nazi is

They should put that hate towards trump or the real nazis who support him instead of making up new ones just so they have something to yell about

All of them don’t support what Felix actually did but no one cares to read into it because they want to yell at something like grow up and learn to read and learn your facts

I don’t like Felix or his fan base but calling out in his friends is not going to help the situation

Fight real nazis not made up ones you just made up just to support your argument

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whats ur beef with computerygay?

1) they compared my girlfriend to an abuser all because she said “lmao ok : /”
2) in general would complain if we didn’t give them attention 110% of the time
3) would always act like they never did anything wrong when people called them out for things
4) “I’m trying to do better” they said. But still continued to be unapologetically shitty. Like… I know I shouldn’t expect 100% change right away but if you’ve had past history of being a shitty person and you keep saying you’re gonna do better, but won’t, then you’re lying.
5) blames everything on their BPD and used it an an excuse
I understand if they have it. But they need to own up to their actions.
I would understand if they went “I have BPD which is why I do what I do but I’m working on fixing my mistakes and I’m sorry for what I did.”
Not: “I have BPD and it makes me do all that so you have to deal with me being unapologetically shitty lmao”
6) you can probably ask other people like : / it’s not just me lmao

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Thoughts on kinesiology? Do you know anyone majoring in this. Should i do this

I cant tell you what to study bc i wont be the one doing the work i can say that if you feel interested in it it wont hurt to give it a try and if you dont you can always change it!! idk anyone studying it but i know many people end up going into physical therapy afterwards thats all i know regarding it tbh

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Can you please reblog this? ;; the music shows are starting and views are important so bts-info*tumblr*com/post/157543250009/dont-go-to-bighits-page


may i ask what you meant with the ‘whether its jimin or seokjin’ tweet? what happened was there a problem of something?

somehow my tweet about jimin being cut from one of the ot7 pics in the album got retweeted by a big account in the midst of the seokjin issue and some people tried justifying it by saying it’s just a printing problem/size of the album wasn’t right etc but it all falls under bighit’s responsibility to make sure something like that doesnt happen

bighit got hacked by onces wtf ??!!!

thats so fucked up!!!!!! what happened overnight honestly

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Heyo! This isn't an ask, but I just wanted to say that your drawings are so good that I look through all of them, even if I'm not part of a certain fandom!

Oh god, thank you? This is so nice… ; ▽ ;

People like you need lots of love because you’re too nice (; ▽ ;)b

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My girlfriend doesn't want me to get bottom surgery. What should I do?

Thats a tough one. 

Right now, in my opinion, bottom surgery just isn’t ready. Legally all I can say is that if you search, my on going lawsuit is officially public record, so legally you can view what went down. So you can totally put off the convo if you wanted to for a while, but I don’t think thats what you are asking in this ask. 

You have to live for yourself. Who knows, bottom surgery or not, if that is the girl you are going to spend the rest of your life with. I’m a child from 2 parents who had me during their second marriage–they were both married to other people before each other. I’ve been raised to believe that nothing is guaranteed. Even if life is easy, and there are no problems to get in you or your girlfriend’s way, who says you won’t grow apart or want different things a year or 2 from now?

You have to live for yourself. You may loose her, but you will gain you and a new form of self respect. 

ive been seeing my therapist for a couple months now and ive spilled so much to him, i would almost go as far as to say i trust him? but im really scared to bring up past abuse bc i feel like a lot of people would take that and somehow link it to me being a lesbian now and how it stems from me being abused by a man and thats why i dont trust them or whatever. like sometimes i already think that maybe im making this all up and im not a “real lesbian” and im only doing this to protect myself from being hurt again aaaahhhhhhhh i hate myself

why do trump supporters say they like trump cause he ‘says whats on his mind’… like no shit man, i have people in my tumblr inbox who say whats on their mind all the time. i had a guy send me a message that said “vape on my dick”. 


she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

Your right to ship what you want doesn’t supersede someone else’s right to express their discomfort with your shipping habits.

Part of being a responsible member of fandom means understanding that people may have issue with your media consumption. Especially when your chosen ship is triggering to others. It doesn’t matter if it’s a coping mechanism; it doesn’t matter if you do your best to hammer whatever you think are the problematic elements out of it, people still have the right to express, on their personal blogs, how uncomfortable your ship makes them. 

You cannot shout down people expressing their discomfort with fandom trends as “spreading drama” or “encouraging hate.” You cannot uncritically advocate that people blindly and silently accept every fandom trend, trope, and ship without saying anything about. 

I’m not talking about sending hate to creators; not only is that useless, but it makes things more personal than necessary. But people have the right to express their discomfort with fictional pairings and fandom trends without every shipper responding with an essay as to why they’re being personally attacked. Responsibility is a two way street; yes, people have the responsibility to avoid content that upsets them, but shippers of problematic ships have a responsibility to not normalize a culture of blind acquiescence, or hound people for posting untagged opinions about your ship. They have a responsibility to understand that what they’re doing may make people uncomfortable and not throw a tantrum when someone points out their problematic ship is problematic. 

You cannot silence people who are triggered by your ship. 

You cannot create a culture where any impersonal dissent is immediately shouted down under the guise of “not spreading drama”. 

You cannot create a culture where people’s fictional pairings matter more than people’s right to express their discomfort with fictional pairings. 

Most importantly, you need to be okay with the fact that people are going to find your ship unsavory. Your right to ship what you want doesn’t supersede someone else’s right to express their discomfort with your shipping habits.

tbh women who use feminism as a way to rationalize their shitty behavior are one of the main reasons that people nowadays are considering feminism a sexist movement

Some things I think people need to understand about Killing Stalking

To start, I was to preface this by saying this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like these types of stories (I like psychological thrillers, but not too big into gore and such) and, this is coming from a gay person (a girl who likes girls). So please, Don’t say I like KS for “””yaoi””” 

It seems many on tumblr have an innate hatred for KS…without having ever read it. “It’s problematic!” you scream, “It’s abusive!” yes…yes, it is. And what many fail to understand is that these are main parts of the story. The relationship between Yoonbum and Sangwoo is never shown in a positive light, every interaction is menacing and foreboding (even the “lovey” seeming ones) it’s all portrayed in a manner that just screams “Stockholm Syndrome” and the more the story goes on, the more we as readers see the deterioration of Yoonbum’s love for Sangwoo and his desperation to escape (he even has thoughts of killing him, for christs sake). It’s an abusive relationship….portrayed as an abusive relationship. I will admit, some fans do romanticize it, but that’s no fault of the stories own or the author, that’s a whole other conversation. Abusive relationships are real, and it should be no surprised to see one portrayed in a story, especially a story such as this. 

“It’s homophobic!!” …what? Are people suggesting that because it’s a gay abusive relationship, that makes it homophobic? I’d say to think that every gay relationship is bright and happy and healthy is slightly homophobic in it’s own right. We’re just like anyone else, gay relationships can be just as toxic and unhealthy as another relationship. And sure, Sangwoo says some homophobic things, but he also comes to accept that side of his sexuality too (he’s also a serial killer so….what are you really expecting)

KS is a psychological horror featuring a gay toxic, abusive relationship. It doesn’t glorify these things. Are there some problematic KS fans? Definitely, but just because someone reads KS doesn’t automatically make them a shitty abusive scumbag like some of you seem to be thinking (looking at you, rude anons in my ask box). Look, I get it if KS isn’t your cup of tea, it’s definitely not for everybody. But don’t go around assuming things and attacking people when you don’t truly understand what you’re talking about. KS portrays abusive and problematic things, but does that make it problematic itself? I don’t think so, it’s a horror story, and has a plot and characters to fit that. Sangwoo is a merciless serial killer, is he sometimes portrayed sympathetically and given a background? Sure. But Criminal Minds does the same thing with it’s serial killers, why arent you complaining about that? Jojo’s Bizzarre adventure does that with Kira and he’s one of the most believable and effective villains i’ve ever seen. And Sangwoo is just that, a villain, just because he can be portrayed sympathetically and given a personality doesn’t detract from that. It’s never really been implied that Sangwoo is a good person that deserves good things. Do some fans seem him that way, or see him a positive light and want him and Yoonbum together all lovey dovey? Sure, theyre out there. But that’s them and their prerogative, not the story (I don’t agree with that but that’s them, not me) Do some people only read for ~yaoi~ they sure do. But again, that’s them, NOT the story itself. 

But you can’t blame the story for some of the fans or your own assumptions about it. KS is a psychological horror, it’s plot is well thought out, its characters are believable and everything is portrayed amazingly through the writing and art. If you think of KS as a “love story” then yeah, it’s “problematic” but that’s not what it is. It’s HORROR, and it’s horror done right. 

i don’t want people to come at me with the “hoseok got a lot of lines in wings era!” because jungkook and jimin get 75% of the lines every comeback and every song. yoongi ALWAYS has a verse. i don’t wanna hear any of it. i don’t care if he got a lot of lines last era, he still deserves something for spring day.

Hi yes, The Princess and the Frog may not have made the amount of money Tangled did, but it got people talking about Disney again and got Disney to continue the fairy tale musical genre so if it weren’t for PATF y’all wouldn’t have your precious Tangled so stop saying Tangled started the revival.

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Your situation is anecdotal. Opioids mask pain not cure it. Your followers are always going to believe what you say your struggles are but that doesn't mean that they are medical students.

… i just had surgery you fuckass? of course it masks pain ? im waiting to fucking heal you absolute fucking dick? Thats literally the fucking point. I have kidney stones. If youre going to pass them you need pain pills to mask the pain because the only other fix is surgery which surprise afterwards you also need pain medications to mask the pain of it to heal. Do you even read what I write or do you just fucking hate me and all disabled people in need of pain management. And you know what buddy, medical school isnt e-fucking-nough You need to do your five+ years of residency and I’ll bet my ass you’ve done fucking neither. So shut the fuck up.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: magnus literally thought that alec was dead for a minute there and my heart was completely ripped out of my chest because this man who has lost so much and so many people in his life thought that he would at least get just a little bit longer with alec but it's barely been any time at all and he's already dead and can you hear my heart??? because thats it laying on the floor right there after this part ripped my still beating heart out of my chest for magnus bane who has already lost so much and im repeating things over and over but im sobbing this is fine