that's what a gentleman does

Another rant

If Layton is a true gentleman and loves children, how can he possibly be a bad father?

People say he adopts kids and then abandons them. But you have to remember, he is a professor at a college. He can’t possibly take that much time off of his job if he has to teach a class all year. He probably has vacation days like anyone else. As far as we know he’s only left on 7-8 adventures over six years? The trips don’t last more than a few days, a week tops. AND he usually only goes on the adventures in the first place because a friend asked for his help. 5 out of 7 times I believe, including eternal diva.

He adopted Flora after curious village and only left her behind twice. Two times! And honestly I don’t blame him. Because she got kidnapped both times. Yes she worried about them, but Layton probably worried about her more.

As far as Alfendi goes, I think there was probably something from his childhood that had a very traumatic impact on him. I have two theories, either he is adopted and resents being apart of a family that isn’t his or it was his mother’s death (maybe a divorce or disappearance, but something like that)

So considering this, that’s really not that bad. He is working and providing for them. Maybe he works late hours a few nights, sue him, so do a lot of people’s parents. In the games, all we see of Layton is his brilliant adventures, but he does have a normal life. In fact, he tries to live humbly and turns down offers that would make him a lot of money or make him even more famous, usually for someone else’s sake. Because he is humble and selfless and cares about others before himself.

That sums it up, I’m out.