that's way too cute

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Also Wada now looks like a fucking loli instead of an actual powerful witch now and then dsp makes her familars ooc now in the manga

you just opened a bag of salt that i live in ok here we fcuking go

wadanohara has also been a short and cute character, which isnt a bad thing at all! but she was fucking powerful. she kicked idates ass all by herself? even idate said she was strong! a character known to be super fucking strong and get into a lot of fights!

wadanohara has only fought alone a couple of times in the game. but when she did, she kicked ass. dsp has always made her slightly weaker than samekichi and sal for the ships, which is honestly kinda gross but nothing we can help, but wadanohara is no weak little girl

then the manga came out

this is not the wadanohara we know. shes a cute face. thats it. and shes way smaller too like jfc she looks like shes 2′5″!!!! we havent seen her beat up a single thing. shes not strong anymore. shes not wadanohara anymore

its honestly very insulting! how do you destroy your already good and strong character so she can look cute and thats it!!!!!! wadanohara wasnt the more intriguing character, but at least she had character

dsp was able to show that wadanohara is strong, but does still love and care. she doesnt want people to worry about her, keeping feelings quiet. many could relate to that

sorry skjflskjh im just VERY ANGRY ABT THIS i love wada i will fucking fight
one time an ex of mine said he didnt like wadanohara and called her boring and i wont Have That

OH but with the familiars: i think theyre actually in character in the manga, at least fukami has a bit more time. but dolphi is now shoved away in the background its sad

-mod kichi


I am her aunt, this is my gift to her. As God gifted me with my voice. Basically, I’m giving her a gift from God.

It’s Quiet Uptown Pt. 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: language, anxiety

Summary: Post Civil War AU, Steve and Bucky decide to have a child, and experience things they never expected to face.

Author’s Note: Let me know what you guys think of the baby’s name :) also I’m going to be putting the tag list at the bottom from now on so things are less cluttered

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so this just happened, talking to Moe about baseball, if you tell him he’s wrong

SS: It was America’s pastime. A sport that united families on warm summer days. And it wasn’t violent. Mostly.
MacCready: That sounds pretty damn boring… well, except for the part about being with your family.

Golly, everyone’s got the scarves going on around here!

…this new one of Mirai’s looks oddly familiar though

Where have I seen-

-ah ha!!


Title: Real
Pairing: Reader x Simon
Warnings: N/A
Preface/Prompt: “could you make me an imagine with Simon, so basically you are doing a q and a and he makes the last question up asking you to be his girlfriend because he really liked you” AU (via anon)

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