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Dear future daughter,

I wanted to write this as a sort of time capsule, so that you would know how your mother was at sixteen and what I expect of you as my daughter.

I love music and singing, and I expect I’ll put you for music classes early on, unless you don’t like singing and composing which is completely okay.
You can quit and join karate or anything you want.
I won’t force you, instead I’ll let you find your own path in life, like my mom let me.

You wanna ride horses? Cool. I liked that too.
You wanna go for kickboxing and learn how to defend yourself? Cool.
You wanna do ballet and enthrall the audience with your magnificent coordination? Amazing.

Anything you want to do babe, I am hundred percent right behind you.

I am big on reading as well, and this may sound odd, but unlike dancing or singing, I would very much adore it if you loved reading as much as me.
I will introduce it gently of course, by telling you adventure stories I wrote for you, about bears and fairies, and any thing you like.
Then I would introduce all sorts of new books, the same ones my mom introduced to me,Malory Towers, St. Claires, Tin-Tin’s, Secret Seven and so on.
If you don’t like reading, I understand.
I hope you do, though.

I am really sorry but you may or may not have my acne.
I am so sorry, I know how much you suffer trying to talk to that cute boy who’s the next Zac Efron, or how hard you try to cover it up.
Or how much you cry over something that someone said about your skin.
I wish I could change things in that department but I can’t. You have combination skin just like me, and it only gets better everyday, and soon enough a beautiful sense of maturity and compassion will bloom, like those Violets you adore.

You might deal with a lot of appearance issues, and trust me, even all the way back in 2017, we still have them.
Let me tell you this, your weight is just the relationship you have with gravity.
It doesn’t define your intellect, beauty, the amount of love you can give to the universe around you.
W=m x g
That’s all weight is.
So eat that pizza, gobble that pancake and never starve yourself.
I am not saying don’t be healthy and exercise, oh no, but its okay to be kind to yourself once in a while.

I am not going to say I am not going to behind your grades, or behind you to keep them up, but I will give you a chance to improve if you mess up, which you will and thats okay.
That’s life.
To me, do what you love.
Do something that keeps you happy, something that keeps you interested.
Do something that makes you excited to walk into work.
I hope I am doing the same honestly.
To me, education is not just about books and grades, and the colleges you get into.
I’ve probably taken you to so many places in the world, and all that you’ve learned, all the food you’ve eaten, all the cultures you’ve experienced, that is what you have truly experienced. Of course, it won’t pay your bills and it sure as hell won’t help you get to college, but it will make you better citizens of this earth, better human beings, more accepting, less judgmental.

Oh my, honey, you are going to fall so hard.
For a broken boy with broken promises.
With the talented singer.
With the most popular boy in school.
With someone half way across the world.

In the end, after everyone, you will realize you don’t need to settle for someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself, you just need someone who treats you like the princess you are.
Trust me, its not the prettiest or the most popular that gets to be the keeper of your precious heart.

Of course, if you decide you don’t want to be in a relationship, that’s great.
You’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to tell her how downright amazing she is.
(feminist alert! haha)

Trust me.
They are going to break you, shatter you, make you feel like you can never love again.
You will love again though.
Again and again.

(You can change the genders above to suit you)
I expect by the time you are old enough to realize who you love, who you’re attracted to, it won’t matter.
I hope for Goodness sakes, we live in progressive times.
If we don’t, I will love you no matter what, if you’re bi, demi, gender fluid or anyone.
I will love you the same.
Coming out will be the easiest thing you will ever have to do, I promise.

Well, I am an agnostic, but if you decide that you want to follow a religion I will allow it.
Preferably Hinduism because that would make my mom and dad, (your grandma and grandpa happy) but if its Buddhism, Christianity or any religion, be my guest.
Explore, decide and tell me.
I will respect you if you decide to believe in a higher power, because I think that takes a certain amount of strength.

I might get mad at you, scream, cry and you have to realize I am not perfect.
Far from it.
I just want you to be a nice, respectful and loving human being.
Your grades and talents are secondary to me.
Sure I might not buy everything you want me to, but I promise I will provide you with everything you need.

I need to leave now, but it’s been great getting to know you,
this is sixteen year old me signing out.

Pulsar’s 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016

It’s time for my Top 10 Favorite Anime Of 2016 List!

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Im not including any sequel series (which means Sound Euphonium 2 and Food Wars: The Second Plate arent on my list, although theyre both great shows and definitely worth checking out).

2. This is strictly my opinion. If you dont see a show you liked on here, Im not bashing it or saying its not any good.

3. Im only including shows I watched all the way through to the end. There are some shows I didnt get a chance to finish like Mob Psycho 100, Orange and Shouwa Genroku that I need to revisit.

With that all said, here we go with the Honorable Mentions!  



This is a really fun series of comedy shorts revolving around three high school girls: an otaku, a gyaru (think the Japanese equivalent of a valley girl) and a sweet but airheaded rich girl. Most of the humor is sex-related and yet the show never feels mean-spirited. Definitely worth checking out if you want something quick to watch and laugh at.


Dark takes on the “magical girl” genre have become more and more commonplace in the aftermath of Madoka Magica. This show revolves around a mobile app game that allows you to create your own magical girl, and gives 1 in 10,000 players the ability to become a real-life superhero. But soon things take a dark and violent turn.

What separates this show from the pack is the sheer variety of powers and abilities that it features. All the girls (and one guy) have different motivations for wanting to be a superhero, and their powers are diverse and interesting. Dont let the cute art fool you: this is NOT for young kids.


The only reason I wound up not including this show in my top ten is because its literally 4 five minute episodes. But man does it pack a punch, especially if you love animals.

This is a short series about a young woman and her aging pet cat. The show is entirely from the point of view of the cat, and you see how he views the world and how he views his owner with unconditional love. If youve ever owned a pet, take the time to watch this one.


And now its time for my Top 10 Anime of 2016. Here we go!


KyoAni’s first series of 2016 was this overlooked fun little fantasy gem about a near future in which a virus has caused people to be able to perceive extra-dimensional and paranormal beings around them. The main characters are four students of a special school for students with special abilities who can seal off and fight phantoms, or in some cases help them resolve their unfinished business so they can move on.

This show got a lot of attention early on in 2016 and just as fast seemed to drop off the radar, mostly because people seemed disappointed that it wasnt a darker/more “serious” show. But thats okay. Sometimes I just want to be entertained. And Myriad Colors does that.


Konosuba is the first of two “trapped in a fantasy world” anime series on my Top 10 list. This is a trope that has been done to death, but where this one won me over was in the sheer irreverence it has for its own genre.

The main character, after dying in a rather embarrassing fashion, is magically transported to a fantasy world by a goddess who turns out to be a bit of a screw-up. In order to find work in this new world, he assembles a motley crew including a masochistic knight and a mage who only want to blow things up. Sound ridiculous? It is. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

KONOSUBA returns for a 2nd season starting this month, so you have time to catch up before then!


In an alternate version of World War II, the archduchess of a small country about to invaded by the Germans is kidnapped… but is then rescued by her childhood friend, who turns out to be the last witch on Earth. The witch volunteers her help in defending her friend’s country from the invaders, and soon the tide has turned in a BIG way.

Do you like watching WWII-era dogfights? Imagine one with a witch flying around using a giant rifle as a broom and blowing Nazi planes out of the sky. If that doesn’t sound cool to you, I don’t know what to say. Check this one out if you like badass female leads and awesome action sequences.


Studio TRIGGER (Kill La Kill) returned in 2016 with this sci-fi series about a group of teenagers who are forced to be part of an experiment linking them emotionally. This show connected (see what I did there) with me on multiple levels. Adolescence can be an insanely painful part of life, and many people never move on past the things that are done and said to them during this time. The characters on this show, even if they aren’t always likeable, are always UNDERSTANDABLE. I genuinely felt for all of them and wanted them to end up OK. If you like sci-fi but want something different, give this one a go.

#6: 91 DAYS

This is another great series that seemed to fly under the radar this year. I never heard many of my friends who are into anime talking about this one, and its a shame, because this show is something special.

91 DAYS is set during Prohibition and is about a young man whose entire family is murdered by the Mafia. Seven years later, while in hiding, he receives a letter giving him the names of the men responsible, and he begins to work his way into the family in order to destroy it from the inside out.

This is a fantastic revenge story, with some twists and turns you won’t expect and a darkness to it that stuck with me a long time after it ended.


“I am just a little broken…”

Prepare to have your heart a LOT broken.

PLANETARIAN takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where hostile machines have taken over the Earth. A “junker” is scavenging for supplies in a department store when he is greeted by the android mascot of the store’s rooftop planetarium… who has been in stasis for years and has no idea what has happened to the world. The junker initially wants nothing to do with her but realizing he has nowhere to go decides to hide out in the planetarium for a while, and soon gets roped into fixing the projector so the android can present the show to any guests who may show up.

If you like your sci-fi with a healthy dose of feels, check this one out. Its only 5 episodes long but it stuck with me long after I watched it, and I’ll likely be coming back to rewatch it many times in the future.

#4: YURI!!! ON ICE

Yes, an anime about gay male figure skaters made my top 10 list? Why? Because its an awesome goddamn show, that’s why.

After suffering a complete meltdown at the previous World Finals, Yuri has given up on skating and has decided to come home to Japan. No sooner has he returned than his idol, a Russian figure skater named Victor, shows up at his doorstep… wanting to become his coach.

This show is consistently fun to watch, with great animation, some incredible skating sequences, and arguably the best romantic couple of the year in anime. And tell me the opening song doesn’t get you pumped, and I’ll call you a lying sack of shit. Yuri On Ice is awesome. Watch it. Like, now. 


My top 3 is where it gets tricky, because any of these next three shows could have been my #1. I’d rank them all at the top in terms of quality, so I’m going with them in the order of which ones had the most emotional impact on me personally.


If you liked Attack On Titan, this is better. Yes, I said it. I love Attack On Titan, but this is a better show. 

Set in an alternate timeline during the Industrial Revolution in Japan, a virus causes people to transform into walking corpses who soon overrun the entire country. Humans are forced to barricade themselves in walled cities and use armor-plated trains to travel from fortress to fortress. One day, in the middle of his home being overrun by the “kabane,” a young engineer who has been working on a new steam-powered weapon designed to defeat the monsters is bitten by one of them… but instead of transforming all the way, he becomes a kabaneri, a human/kabane hybrid. He joins up with a fellow female kabaneri and the survivors of his fallen city in an attempt to make their way to safety on board one of the armored trains.

This show is essentially a nonstop chase sequence through the first half, and political intrigue comes into play halfway through. If you like nonstop action, gore and terror, this is your ticket to ride.

I watched the first episode of this show the day after it aired, got bored, and didn’t come back to it…until about three months later, when I kept hearing people talk about the show and how it was affecting them. While on a road trip I decided to give it another shot, and ended up binge-watching the entire series in one go. It’s that good.

RE:ZERO is about a young man who, after shopping at a convenience store, suddenly finds himself in a fantasy world straight out of the games and shows he loves. While initially thrilled to be there, he finds out rather quickly that he is completely out of his element and ends up dying a rather grisly death… only to find himself back where he started from when he first showed up in the new world. It turns out that he has the ability to come back after dying to a certain “save point” (which changes over time), and while no one around him remembers the previous timeline, he does.

So, all good right? No matter what happens you can come back and fix it? Well, not so fast. Imagine falling in love with someone only for them to not remember who you are or things you’ve talked about. Imagine seeing the people you care about die over and over again because you keep messing up. Imagine making mistakes, thinking you can fix them by dying… and coming back further along in the timeline and NOT being able to undo them.

This show takes all the issues I usually have with the “transported to a fantasy world” genre and not only addresses them but essentially makes them the focus of the show. The main character alternates between being funny and likeable and selfish and arrogant, and while he can be hard to like at times, he’s easy to understand and identify with. The supporting characters are fantastic (including arguably my favorite female character of the year, Rem the demon maid) and the story has many twists and turns, with many more to come as the show has been confirmed for second season.

I’ve never been so glad that I gave an anime a second chance as I am with RE:ZERO. Definitely check this one out.


Imagine this: when you’re a child, two of your friends and a third child you don’t know but is in your class are murdered. You were the last person to see the third victim alive, but didn’t do or say anything, and you have felt guilty ever since.

Since then, you have had a curse: every once in a while, you will relive the same three to five minutes over and over again, Groundhog Day style, until you change something. It might mean pushing someone out of the way of a car, it might mean stopping a purse snatcher. But you are stuck until you fix what needs to be fixed.

Now imagine, after coming home to find a loved one murdered, you are blamed for the crime and are about to be arrested when you feel that same “rewind” effect happening… only when you open your eyes, it is 1988, you are 11 years old walking to school (but with your 29 year old mind intact), and the murders from your childhood are about to happen again.

What would you do?

ERASED is the best anime of 2016. No other show excited me, terrified me, made me think, made me cry, or made me remember as much as this show did. Even if you don’t like anime, watch this show. It’s my #1 for a reason.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my list! If you see a favorite of yours from 2016 that’s missing, shoot me a message and I’ll check it out! 

anonymous asked:

Is it bad of me from an artistic standpoint to use a screenshot as a reference for a drawing, or do a redraw of a screenshot? Not tracing, just having it there to look at. Is that not being creative enough or good enough, or relying too heavily on someone else's creation? Like, if I take a screenshot of a TV show to redraw it or something. Does that even make sense? I just don't want ppl to knock me for not being creative enough to do my own thing, or copying what was already done.

well I guess it depends on how you’re doing it, if its something like this

where you’re taking reality and making it into a cartoon/ your vision, even if its painted realism, sure why not.  I think its a good way to practice and understand how you see things and translate it onto paper, super awesome way to practice and super fun to see the result in the end compared to the original work.

As for referencing a cartoon, is a little tricky, cause some people will copy the screen shot to a T and you don’t notice the difference.  so as long as theres a creative flow to it I think its alright!

I do it quite often with animation, check frame by frame how things work cause thats the easiest for me to understand a movement or a pose, even when another artist has drawn it already.

OK TANGENT: a lot of people may not agree with me and I feel like this is something similar to this ask, but I get fucking annoyed  with people trying to copyright poses.  Like someone sitting crossed legged and then newbie artist liked how “talented” artist drew the pose and tries it for themselves, with a completely DIFFERENT character and then “talented” pretentious artist alert gets super mad is so fucking stupid and childish, point of art is to share and spread creativity.  Like don’t freaking tell me any well known/good artist hasn’t looked at someone else’s work for inspiration and copied another artist style cause it was interesting, no style is original, and yeah its a lil annoying if one person decides to always depend on your work for poses and what not, but so what? it just means you’re a good artist!  I dunno I just get mad when some artist kick the little person down for trying to learn a thing. 

SO YEAH! do it! have fun! its a good way to improve and see things you never seen before! just always put a spin on things and make it your own! :D

jewelsjaywritcs  asked:

Hi there! May I ask how you made those gifs that you did for an rp meme 'six characters that aren't mine'??

oh daaaaaamn. at the time that was a long, hard job of totally clicking around and hoping for the best hahaha. and i 100% stole the idea from @sammrps ‘s to begin with, hers is a lot better. 

honestly, I branched out and learned how to use the layers in the animation timeline by trial and error. It was a lot of keyframe work. (I did an animation degree in college, so that helped by giving me a lot of background knowledge to make educated guesses.) its really just a lot of hiding and unhiding layers along the timeline tbh. but here. i’ll try and make a speedy tutorial???


INTO A CREDIT STILL (or something);

Edit: i forgot how i did the motion blur, but as soon as i figure it out, i’ll update this tutorial.

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daenerystargaryensass  asked:

So I'm a little confused on something; so was Lyanna kidnaped or did she go willingly with Rhaegar? Cause if she went willingly, then that means all this BS that's gone down has been because no one listens to/asks the women? Cause Robert refused to believe she changed her mind? (I mean totally correct me if I'm wrong on this)

So, Imma just split this up into the two canons we have: 

Show canon: 

Lyanna and Rhaegar are in love. She willingly agrees to get married to him and seems fine with the fact that he (…for some reason) annuls his marriage to Elia and bastardizes his children. Later, she becomes pregnant, dies giving birth to Jon, and names him Aegon. 

I think the basic assumption is that Robert couldn’t bear to think that Lyanna ever willingly went, so he kind of went the “she WAS KIDNAPPED” route and went full rampage mode ahead. So, basically yes, because no one bothers really looking at the women’s side of things. 

Book canon: 

This is where it gets tricky and we enter the Big R+L=J Discourse. 

  • “Rhaegar is Bad and Kidnapped Lynna” side - basically, an agreement on Robert & Ned’s point of view. Rhaegar, being completely obsessed with the prophecy, somehow got it into his head that Lyanna was going to be the one who gave him the prince that was promised. He kidnaps Lyanna, rapes her, and the result of that action is Jon. Rhaegar may have thought he loved Lyanna, but it was merely an obsession (similar to Baelish’s “love” for Sansa) and didn’t take into account Lyanna’s feelings into the situation. 
    • Textual evidence: Rhaegar spent most of his life trying to bring about the Prince that was Promised. Something that you spend that much time on is bound to make you obsessive. 
    • Giving Lyanna the flower - if they were about to run off or were secretly in love it’d be…a dumb move to do this in front of everyone and start off the tension amongst everyone. Of course, this was probably the start of the obsession, but still. 
    • Ned and Robert literally saying Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her.
  • “Rhaegar is Good and They Were in Love” Side -  Lyanna ran off with Rhaegar. Robert, being well, Robert, thought she was kidnapped, and dragged Ned along (and Lyanna did this in secret, so Ned - having negative experiences with the Targs as well - believed she was kidnapped as well).
    • Textual evidence: Robert, and even Ned, are unreliable narrators. Robert is convinced that he loved Lyanna, but Ned himself thinks that Robert only thought he loved her, “not the iron underneath” and it’s insinuated that Lyanna didn’t care for Robert, but that the feelings were one sided. That, plus Barristan Selmy saying Rhaegar was a sweet soul who was fond of Elia and loved his kids. Barristan would be less unreliable than Ned or Robert, who have clear biases while telling the history of Robert’s Rebellion. 
    • May also interact with the idea of Lyanna willingly going/loving Rhaegar and Rhegar having a mix of love and obsession. 

Personally, I’m on the “Lyanna willingly went” side of this discourse, and I think that she loved him, but I don’t think the relationship was healthy (still a 16 year old girl and..what 24 year old? Like in the future, yeah sure, but for them to have gotten together like that wasn’t great to me even if it’s the GOT world). 

And, regardless of canon I think two things: 

  1. Rhaegar Targaryen was an idiot. Whether his intentions were good, obsessive, or bad, there’s no way running off in secret was ever going to be a sound plan, and if the book keeps the annulment, bastardizing his children was a shit move. 
  2. Lyanna’s story still, in the end, has men not listening to her. Whether it’s Robert ignoring her lack of feelings for him or Rhaegar forcing himself on her for a prophecy, it doesn’t make a huge difference in terms of them not listening. Regardless of which you believe, regardless of Rhaegar’s intentions in marrying her/having her in the tower, both include a “love interest” completely disregarding her emotions on the matter, and it ended with Lyanna Stark, a wild girl who probably just wanted to be free and live her life the way she wanted to, dying locked in a tower away from the world. 

Instead of getting out there and making her own story, her story ended up being told through different men’s eyes, through their own lenses and biases, and that’s why I don’t think we can ever know what truly happened (unless Bran Stark sits down and watches that entire story beginning to end) but that regardless, it was a tragedy. 

perfectlyrose  asked:

7 + a ship of your choice :)

7:  if I could do this all over again, I would

(kelsey, you have no idea – i’ve been trying to finish this draft for what seems like a million years and your prompt finally pushed me to do it! i hope you enjoy it <3)

running scared | AO3

(Just running scared each place we go
So afraid that he might show) 

“God, I’m tired,” she mutters and laughs—breezily—rubbing her eyes. “I don’t even know what’s my name anymore. Did we really have to chase that Flox up to here?”

He grins helplessly and shrugs his shoulders, as though to ask, ‘what can I say?’

She chuckles again. “Yeah, forget I asked that.”

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"Monster Factory" Saints Row: The Third Sentence Starters
  • "Get those nipples so hard."
  • "I'm zero-years-old."
  • "Come in here, Sex Hamburglar."
  • "Get that stripey ding dong out."
  • "Crime watch, crime alert!"
  • "Looking for dirt crime."
  • "Someone stole all the dang clouds!"
  • "Hey there, whippersnappers, cut out the crime!"
  • "Wanna see my dick get bigger?"
  • "Uh-oh, that's a crime!"
  • "Hi everyone!"
  • "There I am!"
  • "Crime? Not on my watch!"
  • "I think I might go to the grocery store next door and steal a candy bar."
  • "NO."
  • "No crimes."
  • "These are both exquisite."
  • "He's gotta hear the crime so good."
  • "Both very good!"
  • "I didn't do good enough."
  • "Well, that's embarrassing."
  • "I'm worried about the look."
  • "It's me, Nasty Crime Boy."
  • "It makes me wanna shit my pants."
  • "I used a sleeper move on him."
  • "I have a loaded gun, please get out of the way."
  • "This is not a good time for hugs."
  • "You're in the sky!"
  • "I'm almost certainly going to get a letter from the cloud council about this one."
  • "We're already sky outlaws."
  • "This is dangerous."
  • "That's definitely above the speed limit."
  • "Me and you, friends to the end."
  • "Citizens arrest!"
  • "HOLY SHIT."
  • "Hey, that's a crime!"
  • "You're next in the crime book!"
  • "Please wait."
  • "I'm calling the police now."
  • "You did kick me in the torso!"
  • "Okay, more crimes!"
  • "I love law."
  • "I'm here to sell all my guns."
  • "This isn't crime is it?"
  • "I don't know what I'm holding."
  • "I gotta turn myself in."
  • "Do you know any cops?"
  • "Look what you made me do, [character]!"
  • "Which one was my car?"
  • "I'm having a great time."
  • "Oh, fuck yeah."
  • "The silhouette is off, 'cause I know it's a Gonzo situation down there."
  • "That was crime."
  • "Oh, this is gonna be crimeful, [character]!"
  • "Stop getting back up!"
  • "I may have to use the teleport gun."
  • "You're gonna love [place], there's cool drinks and hot eats!"
  • "I gotta teleport you to the no-crime Dairy Queen!"
  • "Snag me a Dippy Bar!"
  • "Get me a Nerds Blizzard!"
  • "Some of these situations would have been /so/ tricky."
  • "Come hungry and thirsty!"
  • "Propane!"
  • "It's not a crime if you accidentally hit them with your car, right?"
  • "Oh, no!"
  • "Can't seem to call [character] anymore."
  • "Dairy Queen is a gun-free zone."
  • "I'm gonna borrow this."
  • "Oh, I own this fucking store!"
  • "I'm about to Dairy Queen that thing out of the fucking sky!"
  • "I'm basically a police officer at this point."
  • "Crime not done!"
  • "Peacemaker? That's basically my name!"
  • "Not a crime!"
  • "Everyone hated that!"
  • "Gonna give myself a role-playing game."
  • "[Character] is still at Dairy Queen, huh?"
  • "That red beam is a hunger indicator."
  • "Think outside the bun!"
  • "I'm going to punch this car."
  • "Do you wanna come on a fun free boat trip?"
AquarianValentine’s Glorious Troll Horn Fabrication Guide

so hey i could get  all fancy with a ridiculous and self aggrandizing intro, but frankly its already pretty late and this will take long enough as it is. Basically most ways to make troll horns either don’t turn out good enough, are way too expensive, or are the plush monstrosities at the what pumpkin store. So using whatever i could find lying around the house, i crafted a pair of amporas i used for cosplaying, and i must say they came out better than expected. The rest of this post will be explaining how you can make a pair yourself. So you’re welcome

Step One: Materials

You’ll require 

1 Wire coat hangar, the more malleable the better

1 roll of aluminum foil, you want use all of it, dont worry

an unspecified amount of regular glue, not a lot, as well as access to some water and a washable cup 

1 paintbrush, doesnt have to be fancy

Several sheets of colored tissue paper, in the horn colors. Alternatively you could use plain white paper and then just paint/marker the colors on instead, which would certainly work; however this requires fewer steps. 

i mean this is pretty cheap stuff, right? none of that weird polymer clay stuff, which is bound to cost you

optional: i would suggest finding a hammer or pair of pliers, it makes bending the wire a lot easier, it will save you a lot of pain in your fingers. but maybe dont take my advice. what is art without suffering after all?

Step 2: basic head shape

this is for the basic shape that the head band part will take, pretty much regardless of whatever troll you are doing. A pair of full on Nitrams might require some more support, but idfc, its your problem for cosplayin a lowwblood like them, not mine. anyways

first youll need to bend out the wire, untwisting the top hook, and into this basket shape. its your starting point, and it should be pretty easy

then, youll need to bend the bottom piece of wire into this headband shape, making sure to keep the remaining spans of wire perpendicular to the plane created by the loop. doesnt have to be perfect, but it helps for later on.

now bend the two ends back onto themselves, so that they are parallel with the headband, but not touching! if you were to put it on your head, you should lightly feel it curving over the top of your head with the small horseshoes on both sides sitting directly BEHIND your ears (the Do Not loop under your ears, if they get snagged i would place my bets on the horns over your ear skin), and the end pieces hovering over your temples. now if you have a smaller head than i do, which is likely you poor poor saps, youll probably need to bend the wire a bit higher on the headband piece, making it so theres less of the headband and more of the end pieces. this will help it fit better, and not rub against your ears unpleasantly. if you scroll down a bit there is a picture of how it rests on my head, and roughly how it should on yours. 

now, you need to bend the end pieces towards each other, which translates to bending them into your temples. not uncomfortably, but enough so you can feel them.

Here you can see ive bent the endpieces out again, about where you want the base of the horns to sit. i prefer the idea that the horns sit just behind the temples, but you have the capability to make it as you please.

this is the start of a more tricky maneuver, but its rather vital for the horns stability. i call it the lock bend. first you need to straighten out the very end of the wire, without bending the work youve done so far. then, youll put the indent pictured into it. its important that its shaped like this, with the spiral at the end still in line with the main portion of it. 

now, bend that key like segment back onto itself, so its parallel with the main section of wire. its okay if they are touching now, its supposed to be rather compact.

not pictured: removing that hook by repeatedly bending it back and forth in the place where i wanted it to break. yeah basically do what you just did to the other side, they dont have to visually match, as long as a pattern is present on both sides. you are probably wondering AV, that was complex and painful, why did you make me do it? to which i respond i am but a humble space player, your thoughtless actions are on your own head bud. however, there is intent to my rambling. i hope. but it is called a lock bend because when the tinfoil is wrapped around it, it stops it from moving about, thus locking the horns in place. 

and thats what it should look like so far! that is also the end of the basic shape, everything from now on will be based on what specific pair i am making.

but before we move on

this is roughly where they sit on my head. eventually the front will be moved up a bit, but its close enough. 

IMPORTANT, DO NOT SKIP   for how it should feel to your head, you should only be able to really feel it in four places, where the horseshoes touch your head behind your ear, and where the base of the horns will be on your temple. thats it! the headband should be hardly noticeable. also, the places that touvh your head should have a firm presence there, but they should NOT hurt. dont worry, the whole thing is so light they dont need to be tight, and they will still stay on all day. Seriously, these things hold so well i went to a rave with them on and they held just fine. only thing they cant handle is headbanging. i was a little disappointed at that, but oh well. anyways, if your horns are too loose, just bend them in at the the four places, the temples and behind the ears on both sides. but they should not get so tight as to immediately cause discomfort. after a whole day of con going they can get a bit uncomfortable, but just moving them a bit fixes that.

Part 3: Magnificent Maryams

who i think would appreciate some pleasant alliteration every once and a while. specifically i am doing Porrim’s, so they will be slightly bigger than kanaya’s.

here, rip a sheet of aluminum foil off the roll, about the length that you think you will need for the height of the horns. dont fret over this part, its very malleable.

put the edge of the tinfoil between the lock bend and the main piece of wire, and proceed to start wrapping foil around the wire. you will want to compact it down to the wire as much as you can, this is the base of the horn, and will be used to determine the length.

look at how big that is, and straight! it wouldnt do at all for our darling porrim. so i bent that one (also, remember kids, images in the mirror are flipped, so for non symmetrical horns make sure you have the right side where its supposed to be, because i almost didnt) and pushed down and bent the wire itself a bit, to give it the slow graceful curve i was looking for.

see? much better! now all it needs is a few more layers of tinfoil 

dont those babies look swell? make sure to have them be thicker at the base, and i would compact them at the top so they are stronger. and although you cant see it in this picture, the very bottoms of them are flat and at an angle so they are flush with my skull, which looks very nice. if youve gotten this far, you aught congratulate yourself, for you are very courageous! and dont worry, its almost over.

Part 4: applying the colors

now it seems i erred and did not take any pictures of this process. oh well, its all rather self explanatory. first mix a bit of glue and water together in the container, it doesnt really matter concentration wise, just get your finger tips wet and if they are a bit sticky you are good. 

then, take the paint brush, dip it in the slimy solution, and paint a bit of it onto the horns, and put a little piece of the colored tissue paper onto the horns. obviously, make sure the colors go where they are supposed to, there should be no tinfoil left when you are done, actually eeach color should have several layers. since my yellow was a bit too pale for my tastes, i put a layer of the orange underneath it, and that worked for me, but you might not need to do this. 

a couple hours later, and they are all dry! they are ready to go to your convention now, or maybe just around the house. idk, do whatever you want with them.Good job! you made it to the end of this large and rather incoherent crafts guide on how to make an aliens horns. this whole post took as long as actually making the horns, so around 2.5 hours. i am so tired right now. its 4 am. id be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in the comments. heres a picture of me wearing them

thanks for reading and hopefully learning something, and if you like them please reblog for visibility, thank you kindly,


How to Gif with adobe products + Vlc media player

Since ive just learned how to gif things i thaught id teach you guys how to do it too since I love you. 

Step 1: File format

Personally i prefer if files are in the format MP4 because aobe products can read them. Though things have reciently started coming in MKV format which cannot be read. 

Go to your episode/movie/clip that you want to gif and right click and select properties.

If the file is in MP4 format you can skip to STEP 3

Step 2: converting it

Open Vlc media player and go to media in the top left then convert/save in that menu. Select Add from the new menu that appears and select the file you want to convert.

Then choose Convert / Save. This will open up the following box, Choose browse.

Im going to save my file to the desktop since i know where that is. 

name the file something you’ll remember such as “Httydclip.mp4
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUType ”.mp4“after the filename. Make sure that the Profile selected is .MP4 

Now this method to my knowledge unfortunetly disrupts the audio track however if we are making gif’s there is no audio so it sint needed

Click on the setting icon and make sure your settings match mine:

If you want subtitles in your gif and the source MKV already has subtitles you can select that option from the menu otherwise leave it unchecked. 

Select Save and then start 


Close Vlc media player because it is no longer needed.

STEP 3: Getting a piece of the clip.

Open up adobe Premier Pro I use this programme because it has a built in Gif maker basically. 

Go to file then import and select the file you want to convert if it doesnt exist according to premier pro you may need to convert it into a format such as MP4 (see step 1) or search youtube for multiple tutorials on how to convert files ect. 

Click and drag the file into the dialoge box marked source and then you’re ready to begin editingthe clip.

Im just going to gif the very first part of this clip selecting the 2 curly bracket icons set the start of the clip and the end of the clip.

Click and drag the video clip from the source window to the timeline window This will create a new sequence of that little clip. Usually its best to make sure that the clip is less than 5 seconds long because the next bit gets tricky its playing with filezise 

Go to File then Export then media then make sure that in this new diloge box the Format is set to animated GIF 

From here you can play with the settings until you’re happy my file is in 1080P quality so im changing the width and height of the output file to match some version of quality that i have if you just want a regular gif select the preset and scale the height down until you get rig odf the black space that is created

Check the frame rate and do a little math. Ok so naturally your Gif needes frames the more FPS the higher quality but the larget the filesize tumblr lets you uplaod gif’s that are 1mb if the width is over 500 px The next step is changing the filezise in photoshop but it is still very important that you have a good number of frames. 

id choose 12.5 or 10 basically try to keep the number of frames as few as possible whilst still keeping the animation fluid.

 Set the quality to 100 Aspect to square pixles (1.0) and basically match my settings: 


Look up and click on the output name option to open up a dilage box that will allow you to save the file somewhere meeningfull. Again im saving mine to my desktop:

Hit export and open your gif to check it worked if something looks wrong try exporting it without frame blending or change the FPS till it looks accepotable. 

Now for uploading it to tumblr and making sure its ok to do.

The filesize may be HUGE! mine is over 10mb’s but we’ll fix that in Step 4 (If you want to have a go at skipping step 4 change the width of the output gif to be 499 pxand the height to something that keeps the desired effect of a cool gif) 

Step 4: Filesize!

You can now close premier pro because its inadiquate and not worth our time anymore and open up Photoshop Select file then open then select the gif you made in the previous step. 

Go to window and select timeline to bring up the (you guesed it) timeline of the gif and edit to your hearts content.

I highly sudgest playing around in the timeline and photoshop in general because its not always possible to have a 5 second gif with 12.5 frames be under 2 mb’s without removing some of those frames. 

Now select File then save for web then just below preset change the selection to GIF.

I’ve numbered the next bit for you because its difficult to understand sometimes. 

OK tumblr fact time. 
Tumblr doesnt let you have a gif that is 500px wide and over 1mb however if you change the width to be 499 px wide you can upload a maximum of 2mb so.

SUB STEP 1: Change that image size:
Change the width of the image to 499 pixles (Highlighted in red and marked as 1) 

SUB STEP 2: Check the filesize:
Look at the fllesize and determine if it is under 2mb or 2M If it is Congratulations save it and move on over to step 5

SUB STEP 3: Limit the filesize:
That little arrow highlighted in a 2 is your fix all button. Click it and then select optimize to file size (Oooh that rhymes) In the desired filesize box type 2048 (2048K = 2M you dont have to understand that its computer talk just trust me) 

Select Ok and let the programme do it for you: 

Repeat step 2 and save your gif somewhere and thats you 

It is important to note that the color table also dictates how much quality a gif will have if you want more colors try removing every 5th frame in your timeline this will allow you to have more colors in the long run but less FPS. 

Step 5: TUMBLR!!!!!!!! 

Now its everyones favorite bit uploading the hard work to tumblr and here’s mine: 

Ask a Therapist: Do you have any recommendations for trauma therapy?

Hello. Do you have any recommendations for trauma therapy? Either a specialization or type of therapist? I know of EMDR but not much else. I’ve been told to ask for a therapist that specializes in dissociative disorders because they’re common with trauma. Thank you

When looking for a therapist, know that there’s a difference between trauma-informed and trauma-focused. Trauma informed just means that the therapist has an awareness of how trauma may impact your functioning, and ways to not trigger your trauma in therapy. Trauma focused actually means working on the symptoms of trauma with the (almost always) goal of being able to re-process the experience(s). I’d also suggest looking for someone with some years of experience. I once went to a therapist who had recently participated in a renowned trauma training program with the hopes of managing some of my own symptoms. Holy Moley was that a terrible experience. She was so excited to get to use her knew trauma processing skills that she didn’t do any of the work necessary to get me ready, and would send me home at the end of a session without helping me wrap everything back up. I was so reactive, dysregulated and miserable all the time for a few weeks before realizing what was going on. Once I did figure it out, I very politely told her I would not be coming back. Sure enough, shortly thereafter I stabilized again.

Now, about treatment… EMDR is a good one. Initially I was skeptical, but the more I learn about, the more I’m pretty sure it’s good stuff. Another sort of neuro-sciency option is Neurofeedback. It’s not often covered by insurance, but it can allow you to get some relieve from symptoms without having to disclose the trauma (if you are not ready to do so yet). Interesting work is also resurfacing about the potential use of MDMA and LSD to treat trauma, but there’s still a ways to go before it gets approved.

Some more talk-therapy type options include Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Narrative Therapy are my favorites in this crowd. Other options include Trauma Systems Therapy or Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Then there are the exposure type therapies, like Prolonged Exposure or Traumatic Incident Reduction therapies. I’m a little wary of these,a s I feel they carry a sizeable risk of re-traumatization. Though if executed properly, it can work. Technically, one might situate EMDR in this group, but the science behind EMDR seems a little more sound to me.

And by far my favorite, are the body-focused interventions. Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART) is by far my favorite. Love it love it love it! Tricky bit is, most practitioners that use it only do so with kids :-( But if you can find somebody open to it - go for it! More commonly used in adults is Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Similar concepts, just way fewer cool toys. There’s also amazing work being done around the use of yoga, dance, and even choral singing in the treatment of trauma.

If you want a primer into the various treatments, as well as the history of how we have treated trauma over the years, I would very much recommend reading The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. I can’t say enough good things about this man. He is brilliant, inquisitive, experienced, willing to look at and own his own privilege… The joke in my house is that the one person my husband is willing to concede to me having an extramarital affair with is Bessel. But seriously, he’s absolutely amazing. And if you get the opportunity to see him speak, (and if you can get through his thick Dutch accent) he is absolutely hysterical - the perfect blend of sarcasm about the profession with reverence for the client’s experience. He’s written many other books too, and plenty of papers, so there’s lots for you to soak up if you’re interested.

Lastly, mostly as a footnote, is my own theory on trauma treatment. Communities have been supporting people through healing for many many years before therapy came around. And one of the ways this happens is through engaging in activist communities and working toward social change. If you compare social action to trauma treatment, there are so many ways in which is maps up directly. Building community = restoring connection, Speak outs = telling the trauma narrative, Identifying as an activist = cognitive restructuring, Action planning = therapeutic feedback, Advocating for change =  trauma inoculation…. Every element of treatment from every trauma theory I’ve read (which is actually quite a laundry list) It’s all there, already happening within grassroots activist communities. For now it’s a theory in my head. But maybe one day I’ll actually write enough of it down that it can be published and turned into a real thing, then it can be up in the list of the “real” treatments :-)

So, a while back a few people asked me what I thought about an aromantic and/or asexual Jake English. With that in mind, I gathered quotes and evidence throughout my readthrough, and it’s time to consider what I have learned.

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anonymous asked:

omggg i havent been keeping up with big brother online, think i may finally start watching tonight, but. could i get an update on zach and frankie PLEASE?!! Your tags have me all flustered. ps - do you know anyone i could get live feeds if im not a tv subscriber by any chance??

SURE. im gonna write it down, as shortly as possible, tho knowing me it will be ridiculously long so im sorry. i think i’ve written essays about them to different people like 5 times for the last 24 hours and i suck for not saving any of my answers lol. ANYWAY. 

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fixingood  asked:

Could you have believed what the writers laid on us? I mean, transclone! That's awesome, man. (Spoilers, obvs).

I’ve seen it and now I believe it. I didn’t think that they would go there, but indeed they have. And now we’re left to process this lovely dude with the chinstrap and mullet. (And today we learned one thing that not even Tatiana Maslany can rock and that is a bad mullet) 

My very long, rambling, analytic thoughts on Tony’s character are under the cut. Do with them as you will, but this is really just my personal opinion on a lot of this stuff and how he benefits our plot and how Tony may be perceived by less involved OB viewers.

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excess-of-cats  asked:

My family and I still haven't figured out an effective way to communicate with my brother. He can repeat basic words or phrases, ask for specific foods or to watch videos or go to his room, on a car ride, or to the bathroom, but that's really all he has. I think if we could find a way for him to communicate his thoughts to us, we'd all be much happier and less frustrated. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi! Potential methods of communication really depend on how old your brother is and what methods are already employed now. This is going to be a super long one, so more after the break!

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imaginarycircus  asked:

That's fascinating that the writing and acting are separate for you. I've wondered what the difference there is internally. I write, but I could never act. I end up living inside the story when writing. Is there a different place or way you inhabit that world and the characters when you're acting? I'm wondering what's different between the writing and the acting. Is it because in one you're Jane and in the other you're the storyteller?

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anonymous asked:

i love how you know about everything ♥

Oh man, thank you but believe me, I really don’t! I am, however, willing to learn about everything, and I think that’s something that a lot of people are afraid to do.

I think people often worry about autodidacticism because they worry that they’ll end up choosing the wrong resources to learn from, or that they’ll never know as much as anyone else on a particular topic. People often equate learning with academia, and that doesn’t have to be the case. You can teach yourself very effectively if you make sure to follow a couple of guidelines.

  1. Knowledge is not a competition - you know what you know, and as long as you’re prepared to admit where there may be gaps in your knowledge and you’re willing to fill those gaps, then honestly, you’re going to be the most intelligent person in that room. Never be afraid to ask someone for their opinion on a topic and never feel as though you’re stupid or inferior because you don’t know the name of an Egyptian god or the winner of the last Grand Prix.
  2. Teaching yourself about things instead of having someone else teach you can be tough, but that’s what libraries, museums and the vast ocean of the Internet are all for! There are literally millions of sources for you to check out and read, from webcomics (great source of political / ideological information) to films and documentaries and even goddamn Tumblr blogs.
  3. The one thing you should be careful about when educating yourself is to always ensure that your sources are valid and unbiased. This can be tricky, but it comes with practice. For example, if you’re going to learn about Catholicism, it’s best to read a textbook written by a theologian rather than a priest, as a theologian will ostensibly be more objective and you’ll get a more well-rounded knowledge base.
  4. Always remember that there’s more to learn. Without turning this whole thing into a Dead Poets-esque metaphor, humans are not vessels, and knowledge is not water. Knowledge is infinite, and you’re never going to know everything about a subject, no matter how much time you dedicate to learning about it. This goes back to point one: always accept that you have more to learn, and use it to your advantage. Knowledge is power, yes, but so is education, and that’s a continuous process.
  5. The best way to learn about something, in my experience, is to talk about it. Start debates and discussions. Listen to other people’s viewpoints formed from their own knowledge base and incorporate them into yours to form a more well-informed viewpoint of your own. Never think that learning has to be a solitary process, because it works best when it’s communal.

I really must go to bed now, so apologies for ending this somewhat suddenly, but rest assured that I really, really appreciate you taking the time to let me know that you appreciate the effort I’ve gone to in order to educate myself, and I hope you won’t be afraid to help me out in my / ask for help in your own ~journey of knowledge~ in the future!

anonymous asked:

So did we end up trending today? I didn't see it in the Worldwide Trends, but I don't understand how that's possible. We sent about 16,890 tweets - we've trended with much less in the past. I just want the writers / network to know how much we care about this pairing :(

Don’t stress over trends, Anon.  Trends (from my perspective) serve several different functions. 

First, they’re a fun way for the fandom to get together and show support for something and have fun as a whole “team.” 

Second, the goal of a trend (again, from my perspective) is, yes, about reaching out to the show runners to say, Hey, we enjoy this! Or Hey, we’re excited about this/celebrating this! but it’s also about exposure.  How many times have you seen something trending on Twitter, gotten curious and clicked it to see what is it?  That is what Twitter trends help do: spread awareness to people who have no clue what Arrow is.  You want to spread awareness, brand recognition, and (ideally) get them to tune into CW that night to check out Arrow and Oliver & Felicity and maybe… just maybe… come back next week, and the week after that, and maybe become a regular viewer who joins in to tweet about the show or tells their friends and family and gets them to watch it too.  That to me is the real power of trends.

Third, some trends, like last week’s and the trio power block we did a few weeks back, serve two functions at the same time.  This is where it gets tricky.  Function A is the same as the 2 points above.  Function B, however, is about adding show chatter that count toward the Nielsen twitter ratings.

If I may for a moment veer into an example:

This is the Twitter rating for Broken Arrow

This is the Twitter rating for The Fallen (Olicity knocking boots in Nanda Parbat)

This is the Twitter rating for the next week: Al Sah-Him

This is the Twitter rating for This Is My Sword

This is the Twitter rating for My Name Is Oliver Queen

Guess which weeks reflect when Olicity fans moved their trends into a time period when that trend chatter (aided by the inclusion of show hashtags) counted toward Arrow’s Nielsen Twitter ratings because the on-screen content gave Oliver & Felicity fans (in previews or promos) something to be excited about?  Get it?

Now, Anon, you said:

I don’t understand how that’s possible. We sent about 16,890 tweets - we’ve trended with much less in the past. 

Yes, we have, but there have been times we haven’t, too.  Also - and I stress this a lot – it’s not the number of tweets.  It’s the number of people participating.  Clearly with 16K tweets sent that day, we had a lot of people participating.  We also had a *ton* of stuff going on around the world and in the news.  Sometimes, Anon, we just suffer from bad timing (somebody dies, a huge movie trailer is released, war breaks out, an earthquake hits, something is going on in sports, Harriet Tubman is announced as the new face on the $20, etc).  It’s a wide, wide, wide world out there and there are only TEN slots on that Twitter Trending box.  Ten.

So if, say, a couple hundred or even thousands of Olicity fans get online to trend Destination Olicity they are competing against all of that.  Millions and millions of people all talking about *other things*. 

Also, you have to take into account where people live who are participating. Is the “popularity” of the topic widespread enough to trigger a trending alert from Twitter?   Is the velocity of the conversation increasing quickly enough (compared to the baseline of conversation on an average day) enough trigger a trend alert from Twitter?  It’s all a complicated algorithim of stuff that has to align in the perfect storm to trend.  Sometimes the storm is with us, sometimes it isn’t.

I saw someone say once: The Trends list captures the hottest emerging topics, not just what’s most popular.

Now the super important part of what you said:

I just want the writers / network to know how much we care about this pairing.

Never, never ever, ever, ever think that a trend is your feedback.  It is not.  Yes, it’s a fun way to show support. Yes, it’s absolutely doing something constructive and useful and (see all the points above), and you bet the show runners and network LOVE when we trend for them & succeed (again, see all the reasons above), but it is not feedback.

If you want to make sure showrunners & the network know what you like?  Talk about the stuff you like and ignore everything else.  When the show is giving you the content you want, respond & let them know.  When they’re not, reach out and ask, “Hey, where is XYZ?  I like that.  I’d be excited about watching that.  I miss it.”

+ Respond to Official Show tweets, Facebook posts, instagram stuff, and tumblr posts.  Quick comments.  A quick like/thumbs up/fav/retweet takes mere seconds.

+ Leave comments on mainstream media articles for the things you like. I mean mainstream stuff (TV Guide, TV Line, E!, ET, THR, EW, etc) and forget all these small websites & blogs that don’t mean anything.  Focus on the big media outlets that your “average viewer” would frequent & read.  Mr. Paul’s Goldish’s Dog Blog? Not so much. 

+ Tweet during the show and use the hashtag (#Arrow #Olicity)

+ See opportunity to reply to them in *everything* they send out to social media from promos to article links to pictures, etc., and then take that opportunity to comment back to them: Yes! I like this!  Yes, I want more of this!  Yes, this gets me excited about watching.

+ Don’t wait for them to come to you… go to them.  It’s okay to reach out and talk to them about things you like, about what you’re excited about and – most importantly, especially right now – about what you want to see for the characters you love.  Be creative. A song comes on the radio that reminds you of Oliver and Felicty?  Use that an excuse to tweet them and say hey, funny thing reminded me of Olicity today…. 

I am in no way saying trends aren’t important and that people shouldn’t participate in them (heck, I run them every week, clearly I see a function for them and I’d love for more and more people to join us each week) but I think it’s just as important to recognize a trend’s function (and fun!) vs. ensuring you don’t rely on a Twitter Algorithm that may or may not swing in your favor that one day to be the sum and total of the feedback you give to the network and show executives.

There are 6 other days in the week and another 23 hours in the day we trend.  That time is just as important as one trending hour.  Make the most of it.