that's tricky for me and I may have to end it

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Do you think greed would ever settle for one person? Or is all of that avarice just too much?

so this is a little tricky for me, because i as an individual have a hard time getting my mind around polyamory. so i don’t wanna throw polyamorous people under the bus or treat the way they love as something to be overcome or changed, or mischaracterize how it works. that being said, i do have a flexible headcanon that i may or may not apply depending on with au im operating in, in which greed really wishes that he could settle for just one person. wanting everyone is exhausting, and his inability to be content with any one person ends up driving so many of them away.

a more solid headcanon of mine is that, as i referenced in the previous ask, the father’s homunculi are not actually governed by his soul fragment alone. its not strong enough, so it binds itself to the closest human soul (or human soul-equivalent in envy’s case) and hybridizes into a conglomerate soul that is strong enough to maintain control amid the sea of souls in a philosopher stone. the process essentially wipes any recollection of being human, but the human soul is still there. i think this because greed sometimes talks about his avaricious inclinations like they are a separate entity, (”my avarice tends to make these decisions for me”) and often acts in ways contrary to his self-proclaimed nature as avarice incarnate.

I bring this up because i think that if greed could’ve survived the finale, the part of him that is the father’s soul would have died along with the Father. he would be left again with his human soul, free from the hole in his heart that he could never fill. now past this point, i still think it is totally plausible for him to remain polyamorous, though hes probably now content with 3 or 4 partners, rather than, y’know, everyone. but in my more self-indulgent au, (in which greed does survive and everything is gr8) he is content with a single partner. 

so that’s my rather lengthy take on the question.