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YUGI  LOST  A  CARD  GAME?!  I thought we had something special, Yugi! What? Is our rivalry just one big joke to you?! I committed to beating you in a card game! And I thought I could rely on you to be true to me as your most hated enemy! But I guess I was wrong! I bet you say that to all the duelists! If I had had parents, I bet they would have told me that you were no good for me! And lemme tell you one last thing! All those times I got angry and declared that I would have my vengeance on you? I was FAKING!!!
—  Seto Kaiba (YGOTAS ep72)

Episode 87, part 1: did you know one of my favourite things about DSOD is that Jounouchi doesn’t duel in it? No reason.

Jounouchi is facing Rishid in a duel of deceit (and cards); Rishid is pretending to be Malik and Jounouchi is pretending to be someone who can play this fucking card game 

You sure did, hon.

Things aren’t looking good for Jounouchi; he’s facing Rishid’s creepy snake-monsters summoned from Trap cards, and he doesn’t have anything to protect himself with except his Scapegoats, or squishy-sleep-sheep as I like to call them.

Uh-oh! The squishy-sleep-sheep have dissolved! 

… Okay is NO ONE even glancing behind them, like this is SO BLATANT I feel embarrassment on behalf of Malik for being so cocky and brazen and foolish that he thought that this would work AND IT IS WORKING

Speaking of embarrassing overconfident megalomaniacs

… I feel like this is the result of living in an environment where usually when he says something he thinks is a really sick burn, the reactions are “Excellent burn, Mr Kaiba Sir, pls don’t fire me” and “haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”

Anyway, Jounouchi’s about to give up, which I was very excited about, until someone had to be a RUINER and convince him to keep fighting and that person was Mai and dammit she’s too gorgeous to stay mad at. She invokes the duelists Jounouchi defeated to get to the finals:

“That depends, are we talking about Haga, who cheats a lot and runs away from consequences? Or Esper Roba, who also cheated a lot and had a meltdown when he started losing? Or maybe Mako, who panicked when he started losing and tried to give up? Cause my answer is either ‘start cheating’ or ‘cry and give up’ and I’m getting the impression from your tone that that’s not what you want??”

Seriously talk about worst examples ever.

Shizuka also decides to get in on the Platitudes That Don’t Align With Reality party

at WHAT?

Even if we take the assumption - and it’s a wrenching one - that “playing card games really intensely instead of going to school or getting a real job” counts are “working hard”. Even then. I’m extremely dubious that Jounouchi has actually worked hard at any point except, like, once it gets past halfway point in a duel.

… The Shizuka+Jounouchi stuff is usually super cute but that’s a liiiiiitle codependent there honey

Everyone in this show needs therapy.

For example!

This is some Grade A childhood trauma tbh and we are only BOARDING the Trauma Train for the Ishtar siblings….!

“We lived in oppressive crushing darkness, of course, but the metaphorical light to live. As a second-class sibling. With only some beatings.”

#AU-where-Momma-Ishtar-lives #and-the-Ishtars-are-well-adjusted  #and-emotionally-healthy  #so-Battle-City-is-just-Kaiba-duelling-Atem  #and-then-some-hot-Egyptians-show-up  #and-give-Atem-some-cards  #and-everyone-goes-sightseeing 

But I get ahead of myself. Rishid asks Jounouchi why he’s dueling in this tournament and Jounouchi thinks of how Yugi and Yami are minding Red Eyes for him and says:

Which is ALARMING because that happened AFTER you signed up for the damn tournament and that was only, like, YESTERDAY, so, like, did you HAVE a reason for entering? Do you remember what it was?

And then he’s like, anyway, if I give up…

Um, I don’t think Ryota would care? You met Esper Roba fucking yesterday so he probably also doesn’t care? And who fucking cares whether Haga cares or not??

This is such a weird angle for me. Tellingly, it doesn’t come up with Yami, who dueled against a series of literal murderers! Some of whom are dead now anyway!

They in fact did not, young man. Certainly not nobly.

But whatever.

Okay at this point Yami has gotten interested and decides he wants to be part of the 5-way shouting match that’s happening across and around the duel arena, so he ASKS YUGI’S PERMISSION TO TAKE OVER FOR A BIT


But then weirdly, this is his contribution:

Which is a super sweet callback to a moment Jounouchi had with YUGI, not Yami. Jeez, no wonder Jounouchi’s fucking confused about who he’s promised to duel. Maybe they’re deliberately trolling him?

At this point, they deign to proceed with the actual fucking card game, and Jounouchi pulls off a great combo: deliberately discarding a card…

and retrieving it with Graverobber to bypass sacrificing to summon!

Who does he choose?

the Trap Deck’s worst nightmare: Janky Jinzo

Who promptly destroys all the snake-abominations, thank christ

And then Jounouchi just has to make it weird again.


“haha good one Big Brother and I should know, I’m a 10-year-old!”

So as funny as the idea that Ron’s new sword is a kid’s toy from Funland was...

Sorry, but I won’t shut up about this episode :P Now I’ve seen all of the screenshots, I spotted in the night time scene that Ronaldo’s sword (which seems like the fool has dropped :D Perhaps he hasn’t learned; baaaalance is the keeey!) looks more like this colour…

And in daylight, it is really fuckin’ bright green, which is why my first thought was it was one of his replica swords from a con, or perhaps - hilariously - a plastic toy! XD But I digress, these two colours do kinda look the same as the hand ship’s colour scheme… granted the scenes in The Return were in very bright green light (probably from the hand ship itself) but it does look suspiciously similar, no?

I’ve been wondering for aaages what Ronaldo was gonna do with that big piece ‘o hand ship he nicked. OMFG if it is from the hand ship material, Peri is gonna kill him hahaha. Unless of course… she made it? No, that can’t be right… can it? *Wander squee*

anonymous asked:

I'm currently taking a hebrew class in uni, and i love the language and the texts, so i want to experiment with calligraphy and weaving hebrew. I'm not jewish however, so is there anything that i can do/not do to be as respectful as possible? like, i would never do anything with g-ds name, but what else should I know? (also if the answer is I just shouldn't be doing anything, thats totally cool too I would respect that)

Thanks for asking! I think (and this is entirely my opinion) that it is perfectly acceptable for non-Jews to study the Hebrew language and practice related arts like calligraphy (of course, this is assuming you’re doing it respectfully, which it sounds like you are. Using Hebrew calligraphy, for example, to proselytize for Christianity would be offensive). In fact I know of several non-Jewish Hebrew calligraphers (and similarly, non-Muslim Arabic calligraphers, etc.), and I’ve taught Hebrew calligraphy myself to non-Jews and Jews alike.

Certain products of Hebrew calligraphy are off limits for non-Jews — you cannot write a Torah scroll or a mezuzah. Regarding the Divine Name, it’s not that you can’t write it, but that material containing a Divine Name demands certain behaviours, so it’s probably best to avoid it for now. Otherwise I would say go explore! I have a tag for Hebrew calligraphy which has both my own work and other examples, and you might find these posts on resources for Hebrew calligraphy useful. Let me know how else I can help! And followers, feel free to chime in with your own opinions.

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Dude…absolutely..100%…Pidge is the embodiment of Peridot GOLLY I love them?? Also love them being fam af and Lance being super annoying to Pidge
Inspired by this rad episode