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Okay, so I just saw a Tony and music headcanon which I absolutely and totally respect, because a classical music Tony is an awesome Tony that is a valid way of viewing the character.  However, I also completely and totally disagree with it and didn’t want to highjack that post to disagree.  Basically, fellow writer, you’re awesome and so is your headcanon which is totally valid and legit, but I’m gonna rift off it because I keep arguing with the post in my head.  

Maria started Tony on the piano at a young age.  Howard yelled and complained about how the kid could never keep still, so Maria taught him cords and basic piano warms ups.  She told him if he couldn’t keep still, he could go over the piano fingering in his mind.  He could even move his fingers if he needed to, going through the motions with his hands at his side as Howard ranted at him about how his latest robot was a failure, and keeping him still enough for photographers to take pictures of the engine while Howard put on his fake smile.

Tony would often hang in the doorway as his mother played and sang, hesitant to come in and interrupt her.  Music was numbers and frequencies and all sorts of things that were fascinating to Tony, but he couldn’t quite manage to fit them together into a song.  

It wasn’t until Maria came upon Tony struggling through “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel that she teaches him how to play music.  Maria the brilliant scientist who loved show tunes could explain to a young Tony Stark how to make music from the notes.  

From then on, Tony was a quick study.  He would often play as Maria sat by his side and sang along, from My Fair Lady to Evita, he would play and sometimes hesitantly sing along.  He fell in love with the quick wit of Cole Porter, often playing a quick bar or two and sing in a sarcastic tone when Howard railed on him for his failures.  Maria was always more fond of Irving Berlin, and he’d play “Blue Skies” whenever she was tired or angry.  

He always liked it when she played Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Sometimes she’d play “Impossible” from Cinderella when Tony felt like he couldn’t meet Howard’s high standards.  He was always mesmerized when she sang “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Something Good”. 

He sometimes thought about running away and working on Broadway.  He never had a way with lyrics, but he could compose a tune.  Surely he could find a partner and they’d create loads of shows that would become world famous.  But Howard would surely find him, so close to home, and the one time he tried to sneak off to the West End while visiting Aunt Peggy in London ended with her taking out a man who had been following Tony for nefarious purposes.  She was kind about it, but she had to take him home.  

Soon enough, he gave up on that dream and entered MIT, but he still couldn’t shake stealing away into one of the music shops and playing the occasional tune.  Some of the others found out about it and bullied him until he stopped.  But Rhodey could sometimes pull him away and ask him to play a song from The Wiz or some of the old Ella Fitzgerald jazz standards.  He also started to branch out at this time, coming up with piano versions of rock songs that he would play to make Rhodey laugh.

“Try to Remember” was the last song he heard her play before she died, and was always one of his favorites.  It was years before he could listen to the song again, much less play it.  Rhodey was the one who sat with him when he finally managed it, softly singing along even though he was never much of a singer because Tony couldn’t quite manage the words.  

Steve was shocked to hear old familiar songs coming from the Avengers common room one night when he couldn’t sleep.  He walked in to see Tony at the piano, singing some of the old Cole Porter songs.  Tony switched over to his own piano rendition of Highway to Hell as soon as he realized Steve was listening, but Steve had already found out.  After that, he’d sometimes join Tony, sitting at the piano and listening to the old tunes.  

It was during one of those times Tony admitted his mother had taught him, and he played “Try to Remember” for Steve.  It wasn’t one he recognized, but it had a soothing melody that made him think of Bucky, who he was still trying to find.  It was then Steve decided he could never tell Tony about what the Winter Soldier had done.  `Tony was finally in a place where he could play the song as a fond memory, and learning the truth would only cause more pain.  

After everything burned down, Steve only felt guilt when he heard the song or looked at a piano.  There were a lot of things he would never do differently, but not telling Tony the truth was a mistake.

After everything burned down, Tony sat at the piano, but couldn’t play.  He stared at the keys, but couldn’t will his hands to move.  When Rhodey would ask him to play, Tony would smile and say he was fine.

He’s always fine.

Sometimes Peter would hear haunting melodies of songs he had never heard before when he visited Avengers Tower.  He never found out where they came from, but he kind of liked listening to the old melancholy tunes before Tony finally showed up and gave him the latest upgrades for his suit.

LATER, CHIRRUT SLEEPS next to me. […] He stirs and the air stirs with him, bearing the musk-sweet smell of his body. I think: This is what I will miss. I think: I will kill myself rather than miss it. I think: How long do we have? (insp.)

ok so i’m still high on adrenaline but i just got home from the concert of my favorite band ever in my own city and all these vixx feelings and wontaek and everything… i just i never knew i could be this happy?????
Close to Royalty - campnowhere - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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While Cat is diving, President Olivia Marsdin tries to point her in the right direction.

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Nesta, Mor, 30 ;)

(Listen dude, I am fully aware that you probably just want Nesta sin and then Mor sin and I am nearly 100% sure that you didn’t mean what I’m going to interpret this ask as. Most unfortunately I do not care. This fandom is sorely lacking in this area and you delivered this to me and so now you’re going to have to watch as I roll up my sleeves and put my grimy, sinful little gay paws all over this and transform it into femslash (yell at me again if you want them individually and I will do it but dude this opportunity was too good to pass up))

Nesta/Mor + sex: 

Their first time involves a nice little role reversal for Mor. I think Mor is typically the one who is attended to shall we say in the bedroom? She allows her partner to slowly peel her out of her clothes and lay her down on the bed and worship her body with theirs. But this is the role that she ends up taking on with Nesta, for various reasons. 

I think Mor has this knack for putting people at ease around her. People trust her, they feel safe with her, they feel confident with her and able to be themselves. So it takes all of about five minutes for Mor to have Nesta relaxing with her in the bedroom and less than ten before she’s a puddle of want before her. Which pleases Mor no end. 

She starts of slow, very slow, while Nesta is still a little on edge. They’ve never gone this far before but she said she was ready and she is and she’s totally not even a tiny bit nervous (except she is. but Mor can tell and she’s cool with it) It’s lots of gentle kisses on her lips, getting a little harder and more intense. And then she moves to her neck and as she’s kissing she sees Nesta’s eyes flutter closed and feel her relax and she starts easing her clothes off so gently and seamlessly Nesta barely even notices until she’s practically naked before her. 

Mor spends a good long time kissing Nesta all over. She’s in absolutely no rush at all. They have time. And she wants Nesta to enjoy this, every second of it. She also gently stops Nesta from putting any of the focus on her (at least for the moment) Every time Nesta tries to pull herself out her pleasure haze and think about Mor she just shakes her head and softly insists that there will be plenty of time for that later. 

Then she’s coaxing her to lie back down and holding herself over her and carefully dragging her underwear down her legs all the while looking in her eyes. Gently stroking her hair back from her face and murmuring that if there’s anything she doesn’t like this stops immediately. But Nesta just nods and murmurs that she trusts her and Mor gives her one of those radiant smiles and starts slowly kissing her way down Nesta’s body until she’s between her thighs. 

There is absolutely nothing Mor does that Nesta doesn’t like. Mor feels pleasure shiver through her with every single soft moan and shudder that Nesta makes for her. And Nesta does give her a little bit of guidance here and there (because she is familiar with her body and she knows what she likes dammit. And Mor is all for hearing about that…and being shown too but that’s another story) but for the most part she just lies back and surrenders herself to Mor and tries not to think about how easy that is. Because it shouldn’t be this easy. But she can’t help trusting Mor and feeling safe in her arms. 

After Nesta comes (or more likely finally stops coming because Mor just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing until she can’t breathe anymore, wanting to see how many times she can make her gasp her name) Mor is more than prepared to settle herself down beside Nesta with a cheshire cat grin spread across her face and watch her pant and try to recover herself. 

Nesta has other ideas. As far as Nesta is concerned Mor has far too many clothes on. And she hasn’t had nearly enough orgasms yet. Nesta plans to do something about that. 

And so while Mor is expecting things to start settling Nesta is only just getting started. And Mor finds herself being very thoroughly kissed while at the same time Nesta starts fumbling with the clasps of her dress. Mor tries to insist that they don’t have to do this tonight, they can wait, it’s not a prob- but Nesta just growls that she wants this. If Mor does? Mor is a little breathless at this point and more turned on than she would have believed so damn right she wants this. 

Nesta is, understandably, a little bit more uncertain about this than Mor was. But Mor is very patient and she’s a very responsive lover. So she manages to let Nesta know when she’s doing something right (or very right in the case of that thing she does with her fingers) or to guide her into doing something a little different without making Nesta feel patronised or foolish. 

Nesta very quickly discovers that she loves the sound of Mor’s moans. Mor isn’t quite as loud as she herself is (a recently discovered fact) but she’s still very vocal in bed and she talks more coherently than Nesta did. Nesta gets a lot of breathless, hoarse instructions, “Good.” “Yes, like that.” “More, Nesta.” “Please.” “Again.” Which Nesta follows as and when she sees fit (Mor discovers that Nesta is a tease in bed. She likes making Mor breathless and she likes making her moan and she really likes making her come…but more than all of that, she likes making Mor beg. She’s really just too composed and carefree for her own good. It’s good for her to be a little desperate and out of control every now and then. And damn if the sight of her arching her back, her lips parted in a soundless moan, her hands fisting the sheets beneath her isn’t the hottest thing Nesta has ever seen) 

By the end of the night both ladies have very thoroughly explored their partner’s bodies and they’re very happy with what they’ve discovered. Mor now knows for instance that Nesta is surprisingly ticklish. While Nesta knows that Mor has a small scar on her jaw from where she and Cass had a flying/winnowing contest and she slammed into a balcony rail. Nesta has kissed this scar very often. They fall asleep in a messy jumble of limbs and blankets, with their hair pooling together. And Mor thinks that she really rather likes the fact that the hellcat turns into a pliant little kitten if she strokes her tummy just right. 

send me a character and a number and I’ll write you a headcanon


I’ve been so deep in a well of my own pain, I couldn’t see anything else. I forgot that I’m not the only one who’s hurting. Francis is suffering as well.

Tobi doesn’t get near enough love. Also, his arms in this are less wavy then Simon’s were. Yay improvement. (x)



I don’t even know. Let’s start with Fai’s look of ACTUAL GENUINE SURPRISE here. He’s completely caught off guard. There was no way in his mind that Kurogane had figured that out, and yet here it is, and he is not prepared for this at all. No trace of a smile anywhere on his face. His guard is completely down. 

And in a bit of a dick move Kurogane jabs his injured leg because okay, maybe Kurogane isn’t quite as good at this new “caring” thing than I was willing to think. And it hurts him, so confirmation that Fai can still be badly injured and feels the pain of it when it happens. 

But then Kurogane launches into a morality speech. Like, this is Kurogane giving a speech on morality here. I’m dying to see what point he’ll end this with on the next page, but for now I think it’s important to point out that he’s basically going “yeah murder is bad and stuff but…”. In which he’s drawing a very clear line between himself and Fai, and I think it’s either going to be the honesty thing (like “I murder people but at least I’m honest about it”. Which seems off topic here, so maybe unlikely) or the mortality thing (as in “I murder people but you don’t value your life at all”, which seems more on track).

I don’t think he’s offended that Fai never told him, but I think he’s pissed that Fai doesn’t actually put any effort into surviving anything. He’s an absolute pro at fighting but he doesn’t actually try to win in the proper way, he just plays around. He used all his darts at the beginning of the battle and then just started avoiding things, and instead of taking the disadvantage seriously he just stood there, plainly stated that he was out of weaponry, and allowed himself to get hurt. 

So he’s not doing it properly, but Kurogane also seems to be more than a bit mad at him for not caring about himself when Kurogane clearly does. 

Fai’s also doing the eye thing in that last panel there, so, you know, that worries me. 

  • Lilia: dont do it, Yuri
  • Yuri: *skates "welcome to the madness" and raises his middle finger every time he has a chance*
  • Yakov: Oh my god
  • Lilia: No dessert for him tonight
  • Yuri: ... it is part of the choreography!!

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Steve taking Bucky to an old fashioned candy shoppe to buy all the sweets from their childhood uwu

Steve acts pretty much like a normal human being (leaving aside his gleeful refusals to tell Bucky why they’re on Staten Island right now) until they turn a corner and he slaps a hand over Bucky’s eyes. 

“Steve, what the hell,” Bucky complains. 

“I want it to be a surprise,” he says, excitement clear in his voice. He takes Bucky’s arm and Bucky goes without protest, undeniably curious. It’s only a minute before Steve tugs him to a stop, hand still firmly in place. “Remember when Nat gave us those Milky Way bars? And they were awful?” 

Bucky grimaces in remembrance. The chocolate had been sickeningly sugary, almost gritty; nothing like the smooth sweetness he’d expected. “How could I forget?” 

“Well, I - uh, I found a place,” Steve says, suddenly sounding unsure. He draws his hand away, and Bucky blinks at the light. In front of them is a modest storefront with white-painted brick and wide glass windows. Bright red lettering reads Philip’s Candy, established 1930.

“They still make all their own stuff,” Steve explains, after Bucky’s been silent for a long minute. “Candy apples, fudge, peanut brittle, taffy, you name it. I thought maybe you’d like a little taste of - well - ” 

Before Steve can lose all coherency, Bucky tugs him into a fast, hard hug. “It’s great, Steve,” he says, grinning. Steve looks surprised for a moment, then hopelessly pleased. 

Suffice it to say that the eventual stomachaches were definitely worth it. 

(also imagine: bucky bringing steve back for his birthday when the shop’s all done up like this)


But lo! Ecthelion, whose face was of the pallor of grey steel and whose shield-arm hung limp at his side, strode above him as he fell; and that Gnome drave at the demon, yet did not give him his death, getting rather a wound to his sword-arm that his weapon left his grasp. Then leapt Ecthelion lord of the Fountain, fairest of the Noldoli, full at Gothmog even as he raised his whip, and his helm that had a spike upon it he drave into that evil breast, and he twined his legs about his foeman’s thighs; and the Balrog yelled and fell forward; but those two dropped into the basin of the king’s fountain which was very deep. There found that creature his bane; and Ecthelion sank steel-laden into the depths, and so perished the lord of the Fountain after fiery battle in cool waters.

The Book of Lost Tales II: The Fall of Gondolin

Ecthelien of the Voice of Music” for Jojo || Silmarillion Series 

harry/zayn after the brits (inspired by that lovely gif)

2.3k words

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Heartstrings Verse - SummaryHow Kurt and Blaine officially get banned from the library (and how they get back in). Set in this verse

Warnings: kissing honestly i don’t know what to tell you

Once they’ve established that they can in fact engage in physical activity such as kissing without murdering each other, they can’t stop.

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*slides you $20 and forgets the entire point of last post* moonbouncing mermaids

i…you…oh fuck. oh no…i gotta. don’t i? I GOTTA. (i hope you meant the sex on the moon version BECAUSE BUDDY LET ME TELL U A–)

Ah the moon, the Universes’ Las Vegas. Er, that is the Las Vegas of old, not the New Las Vegas out on Io that melted following the Regulus IV invasion. And not the New New Las Vegas out on Beetlejuice (they named it for the movie of old, not the star) that also partially melted—man those Reguli, sure know how to hold a grudge.

Yet it was a seedy bar on the not quite original but semi-original Las Vegas of the Universe that Levi found himself.

“No gravity on the moon!” the waitress wooed as she sped past.

The Old Survey Corp building was from the old days when they thought there might be something worth mining on the moon. They rigged up an anti-gravity field to help them move the ore easier and when the company went bankrupt, the field kept running. Now it was a large circular building that would have made Epcot blush with the risqué shows that went on after dark (that’s moon-dark by the way, so it was a cabalistic festival that lasted a fortnight in Earth time). The waitresses had retro rocket boots (god those really were the days) and the tables were bolted to the sides of the curved wall. All drinks had to be contained in sippy cups which meant drinking a gin martini was exceptionally hard to make look suave, but Levi found a way, gripping the top of the lid overhand and tossing his hair about disdainfully.

“Tonight’s show is ‘Part of Your World!’” the same waitress chirped, adjusting her cap.

“I don’t know what that means, but I will have another of these!” Hanji roared, holding their commemorative cup.

In the center, water began to pool into a large globe.

“What is the point of water on the moon?” Levi asked, rattling around ice cubes.

“Shh!” Hanji said sipping her moonjuice, that while nonalcoholic, gave Hanji one heck of a sugar rush.

A warbling melody filtered out from the ancient speakers.

“I can’t see shit,” Levi complained.

Hanji pulled up the hologram screen ignoring Levi’s tsk of disapproval. Levi had thought the performer was an Earthling originally by the lack of outer ventricles, but now he wasn’t so sure. It was like watching a snowglobe. Bright lights reflected off the ever undulating water that spun like it was on Atlas’ finger. The dancer inside had a pair of beautiful fins and moved through the water, arcing with an ethereal grace. He reached out and tapped his fins, giving Levi a perfect view of the raw muscle it took to power his movements. The dancer’s hair floated in the water and he smiled into the hologram camera. Despite the shoddy quality, Levi could see his eyes were bright green. He winked.

Levi looked around the hologram to see the same wink directed at him.

“And that’s it folks for Eren and Part of Your Worrrld,” the announcer drawled.

The dancer spun out of the water globe toward the bar, cutting through the air but by the time he reached a bar stool, his fins had receded one hexagon at a time until the illusion disappeared leaving bare feet and skin tight trousers.

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Hey hey, who needs a name? Well, the Machine does, for one thing, but also, how about this guy?

The press release says his name is Murphy. So… that would be Officer Murphy? He’s wearing a uniform to do what looks like his usual job, so I’m thinking yes. And we really need either a first name or a title (OR BOTH!), because, well, tumblr is a pain. How many millions of Murphys will I find if there’s just the one name to search?

Take a look at the lovely actor who played the role, John Douglas Thompson.

He’s won an Obie! (Off-Broadway Theatre Award)  He was born in England to Jamaican parents, he grew up in Montreal, and he worked as a traveling salesman in New England.

And then he decided to try acting! And he’s done pretty well!

So… Officer Murphy, yes? Hi, Officer Murphy! Hail, Officer Murphy, the man who gave the Machine a belief system! (And then she forgot it, but she remembered it again, so that all worked out.)