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person : what are you always reading on your phone?

me: *blushes* nothing…

person: come on … I can see you always reading something

me: *blushing intensifies* it’s just …stuff

person: no , seriously what is it?


// Imagine people also fangirling at Loki. Like, in-universe fangirling. After all the destruction he has brought to earth, now Loki’s trying to be good because damn that’s in the job description when you’re co-ruling this new Asgard. Imagine him and Thor walking down the street in New York and someone wanting to have a selfie with him. Imagine the person being intimidated because he’s tall, he’s a god and he still looks murderous when anyone approaches him. Imagine Thor coaxing him into doing the selfie anyway, and everyone walking away with a little more realization about one another:

The person now realizes this formidable god actually buys in his brother’s sweet-talk. Thor now discovers that Loki, someone who he has regarded as his equal and his little brother, actually is a daunting figure to mortals. Loki now has to live with the knowledge that not destroying Midgard actually can make people tremble before him as well.

gladiator Thor drabble

my wips are not speaking to me so have this instead

302 words, gen

Loki’s face showed no expression when they sheared Thor’s hair. Inside, his anger ran cold. They were gods, not children, and the pettiness rankled. The Grandmaster had them both in chains right now, Loki’s no less real though they were invisible, but the fool had no idea what he was up against.

That night, Loki cast a seeming of himself through the fire to visit Thor in his cell.

Thor looked weary. The lines in his face seemed etched more deeply than before. Loki had been afraid he would look diminished, shorn and locked up as he was, but the set of his jaw and the fire in his eyes remained as stubborn as ever.

“Are you really here?” said Thor.


Thor nodded. “I thought not. Taking the coward’s way, as usual. Have you come to gloat, to mock?” he said, throwing Loki’s own words back at him.

“Tut, brother. You do me a disservice. I come tonight to tell you I am securing us a way off this wretched planet.” Loki crossed his hands behind his back.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t want to be here any more than you do,” Loki said as he watched Thor walk back and forth across the cell, five paces each direction.

Thor huffed a short laugh. “That, I believe.”

“You don’t think I’ll take you with me.”

Thor only glared at him, his silence as loud as an accusation.

“Brother, there are only two things that I hate more than you. People thwarting my plans –”

“And?” Thor said.

“Anyone but me laying their hands on you.”

Thor’s face twisted and Loki couldn’t tell if it was in mirth or anguish or both. “I love you too, brother,” he said.

Loki smiled fondly. “Now you see,” he said.

And then he was gone.

anonymous asked:

What about any fics where Loki dies from something?

Hi!  I think I may have to leave this one to others (anyone who wants to pop up or put a list together, feel free! ♥), because I generally don’t read Actual Death fics, my poor fragile heart cannot take it!

Though, I do know of two by authors I’ve enjoyed a lot of work from:
Jacob and Esau say their goodbyes by LadyCharity, thor & loki & jane, 50k
       After Svartalfheim, Loki is still alive. In the end, it changes nothing.In which Thor hurts, Loki loves, and Jane learns how to lie.
The Worlds Forgotten, the Words Forbidden by Lise, thor & loki & cast, 15k
      It’s like there’s something he’s forgotten, or maybe lost. But that could just be wishful thinking.The one where Loki doesn’t remember who he is, and being made mortal doesn’t always go so smoothly.

Reading that fanfic again for the 100th time and it's like slipping on those pjs you've worn to perfection and everything is good in the world.

arcano-cosplay said: characterisation of Thor without being overshadowed by Loki  man if this isnt the irony of life i dunno wat is :D

heh, i know what you mean, but i totally understand what anon was asking for. i have closed out of way too many thorki fics where thor was basically just a wall for loki to bounce his problems off or where thor was there just to gush about loki’s pale raven haired beauty blah blah etc etc.


I love this scene because it can easily be interpreted two entirely different ways.

When Thor hears the sirens coming from the prison, the only word he says is “Loki” before running off. You could either see this as Thor thinking Loki must be responsible for the commotion. OR that something terrible happened and Loki may be in trouble. To be honest, I don’t even consider these interpretations to be mutually exclusive either.

Fandom “revivals” are such a double-edged sword. I mean new content, great! New, enthusiastic fans, great! Rekindled interest in the fandom for older fans, great!

People digging up a bunch of dead horses put to rest six years ago and beating the skeletal remains with the wrath of god…gr8.

I now have all these feelings about Thor and Loki having a massive family (well, when don’t I have these feelings)

Like, Thor and Loki being grandparents, then great grandparents, and I mean they’re around 3500 years old but that’s still mid-life to them, and their kids age within a thousand years and remain adults just as long as they do, so their kids keep having kids and sometimes Loki is pregnant again too (because he’s ‘not old yet, damnit’), and Thor is King and is supremely happy about how his family is growing so much, and Loki is coaching some of his own children and grandchildren through their pregnancies bc several of them are pregnant at the same time and wow this makes me happy don’t look at me


Loki got grounded, and Tony is worshiping Thor for saving him.