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“Cousins forever.”

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She never figured out how to get down

Alright this whole thing is gonna be a little story that branches off for maybe 2 or 3 more posts. I’ll link em once I actually make them lol

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Always, Wanda–
–until the stars burn out.

okay but i fucking love how the alliance switch with rosita went down bc you fucking know that everything wasn’t gonna be ok after wynonna was all “i’ll shoot you last” but tamara was so good bc she showed how much rosita didn’t want to take this road, she was crying and she looked so upset and i’m really excited because the dynamics??? are gonna be so interesting in s3??? bc LISTEN i am a sucker for an angsty lowkey antagonistic character who has a connection with the protagonists 


I painted this in June of 2014 so basically I’m suing Griffin McElroy for intellectual property theft


I feel like the finale was a really vindicating fuck you to everyone who has been telling me for years that sansa is a whiny baby and they hate her and that her story arc is dumb and she’s weak and bla bla bla

she saw that she was being abused and manipulated for years and she survived it all, and as soon as she had her family to back her up and had enough power to know she was safe, she fucking murdered her abuser. and she did it smoothly, like a lady. she made amends with her sister, who she doesn’t understand but who she still loves, instead of turning on her out of fear.

the show has done her very little justice overall, but it was so satisfying to see a glimmer of the sansa I’ve known from the books for years and know that she proved everyone wrong about her.

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Sorry this is getting long. But something else that has been bothering me is why did Todoroki tell Midoriya about his past and motivations for not using his left side? Did he feel liked he owed Midoriya an explanation for some reason? It's just something that's making it hard for me to understand that whole arc. Midoriya and Todoroki's fight was so amazing and I loved how Midoriya helped Todoriki realize that he could make his quirk his own. It's just that one thing that confuses me.

Well yes, Todoroki’s confession is his justification for his action. 

He outs Midoriya as his rival since the very beginning. Without any reasons and right after belittling Midoriya! Imagine the magnitude of the poor boy’s confusion. 

Todoroki just ups and says ‘yeah boi I’m better than you so I can beat you with my pinky finger’. He believes defeating Midoriya is going to be easy and straight to the point. He doesn’t think Midoriya is worthy of his declaration of war, and definitely not worthy of being privy to his past.

See here? This is the face Todoroki’s pull when Midoriya accepts his challenge and responds in kind. It’s a mix of disdain, disbelief, and, I dare say, arrogance with the way he is drawn (vaguely looking down his nose). 

Conclusion: Todoroki thinks Midoriya is inferior to him. 

Aaaand Midoriya beats Todoroki in the first event. And he has to reassess his opinion of Midoriya: still not worthy of the reason behind his declaration but is actually a competent rival. 

Conclusion: Todoroki grudgingly takes Midoriya seriously. 

The second event. Now this is the reason why Shouto decides to spill the bean. Midoriya forces him to break his oath, a feat no one has ever managed before. 

Midoriya climbs a few notches higher in Todoroki’s eyes, enough for Todoroki to consider him his equal, a worthy opponent. An equal requires equal footing, so Todoroki lets Izuku in on his dark past. It’s a show of respect and politeness. It would only be fair for Midoriya to know his reason behind the challenge. 

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Hello! After reading Lil and Iain's interview I'm afraid the show will go the "We love each other but cant' be together while we deal with what happened in the Framework" route with them, do you think that's possible? I really hope not, but this whole arc has kicked me in the feels one too many times to trust that it will end in a good way :(

Hi Anon!

Ugh, yes that is an all too common trope and for me that would be an absolute slap to the face to the fans right now and go against a lot of what they have said in interviews and Lil/Iain deserve and Emmy for hiding it at Wondercon and C2E2.

  • They always find their way back together
  • Theirs is a forever love
  • We hope their relationship is the reward the fans wanted (that was from SDCC and we are still waiting on it)
  • Fans here since season one will be rewarded

We are to the point where I’ve seen non shippers be “Just let them be together already!”   And fans are frustrated the fine line between keeping them apart for drama has been crossed, using contrived roadblocks has been crossed, and for some people we are over the its not fun anymore line.  I’ve been hanging in there because I trust that the pay off will be worth it.  

Breaking them up after all this in many ways means that AIDA will win no matter her fate in the finale.  It takes ‘wins’ away from both Jemma and Fitz.  Fitzsimmons will always find their way back together so there is no point in breaking them up when they can so clearly do things while they are together.  It also speaks to the strength of the ship if the only way “another woman/man” can come into the mix involves interplanetary travel and losing all hope or being abducted, memories wiped/manipulated, and the other half being out of the picture.  

I realize its hard to trust the writers right now.  So while I’ve placed my faith in them I do trust Lil and Iain.  With Lil especially we know when she is unhappy with how a story has gone.   You can rewatch interviews during the whole Hogface disaster and even at SDCC from last year.   She and Iain were just so happy at Wondercon (after they had read the finale) and C2E2 and I don’t think they would have been like that had FItzsimmons broken up or had a really awful ending to the season.  

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"Dude, the fuck is wrong with your face?"

“Yes, yes, always with the charming remarks, aren’t you? Not all of us were gifted with an immortal and perpetually smug face.”

Osborn didn’t know what Daken thought he saw. Best case scenario, Daken was just being his usual self trying to get a rise out of him. But the alternative? If he saw a flicker of the Green Goblin cracking into Osborn’s visage? Then there would be problems. That genie needed to stay in its bottle… for now.

“Besides, don’t you have other matters to attend to besides scrutinizing my facial expressions?”

i’m just so sick of ron weasley being shit on and overlooked and told he’s not good enough over and over again, by other characters, by the fandom, and now even by the author i’m really upset