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Wow. Theres 15 million of us.

Thats a lot of people watching a man who styles his hair with butter play videos games.

Thats more than the entire population of New Zealand and Portugal combined. The people of New Zealand would have to multiply themselves 5 times each in order to equal the number of subscribers Mark how had. Although, he still has a way to go to beat their number of sheep (60 million give a take a few).

Congratulations Mark. I dont have fan art or edits. I should have written a whitty and heart warming what if. Sorry. Instead you have a thank you. A thank you for allowing me to create this blog which now stands 14,151 people strong. I love doing this. It makes me smile. It give me a creative outlet, plus its allowed me to create some of the best friendships I have. 

Heres to the next 15 million buddy. Maybe by that time I would have learnt to draw? 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing - you big goofy goober

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what did cory say at the panel??

Ok, Cory said that the whole Isabella debacle may shed some light on the possibility that they don’t feel the same. That made me worry. 

I have thought about it more, because I just cannot believe that Ed doesn’t feel the same. I think Cory means: Oswald will think Ed doesn’t feel the same because he is dating a girl. I just can’t see this being one sided? Ed risked his life for Oswald and that declaration of doing anything for Oswald? Thats way more loving than anything I have ever said to my romantic partners. Like, Ed is in love, in a very gay way. 

I can talk more in depth about why I think him pursuing Isabella means nothing in regards to his feelings on Oz, but I don’t want this to get long. Suffice to say, that people do dumb things for a second chance at something. Kristen’s death was an accident that I think deep down, Ed is really remorseful about. He has probably gone over in his mind how he could have changed that night, a million times. Now he has the chance. From experience, I have made mistakes with 2 people, and when they came back around to give me a second chance I took it, even though i knew that i felt NOTHING for them. Its like, an itch you can’t not  scratch. 

also: Isabelle is the path of least resistance. Sometimes you just want something easy. 

So children are supposed to be silent and compliant and not have their own thoughts and opinions… okay.

I cant explain to you how it feels,
Your heart beating against my ear.
I’m fully eclipsed in your embraces.
My own heart skips beats as you pull me tight.
Its been years since i’ve done this.
Just, this. Cuddle. 
So simple, but every part of me is exploding. 
I could bury myself in your shirt. I could bury myself in you.
For so long i’ve been so afraid of physical touch. 
Someone always wanting something from when they touched me.
But you, you want. You
Just me. Here. Nuzzled in your flannel. 
I could sit like this here for hours with you, and we do. For a while.
When you got up to leave your scent lingered, and my heart fluttered.
I’ve never felt this way before, and thats funny coming from someone in my situation.
But i thought i knew what it felt like to fall in love.
I think i was wrong.
Because this is blowing my mind. 


“You’ve been faced with impossible odds twice, and lived to tell the tale. Let’s see if we can make it a third.”

theres two variants– the blurred one w the petal and the original one

this is one of the variants to the ending of the theoretical sequel to bukesiyi where ning tries to heal the blossoms tethering oogway to the physical realm by channeling the qi in the area and transferring it to him. this barely does anything, but only makes her more susceptible to qi overflow (ie. the thing that kills kai in canon)

somehow, she’s able to alleviate the pressure by ‘passing off’ the qi to everyone else to channel briefly, which makes this qi circuit thats way more powerful than when ning was doing it alone or something

y’all i’m 16 today and also i hit 2k  a while ago what the fuck how is that possible it’s thanks to all of you so i wanna do a little something!!! i’m way too lazy to do blogrates or like, things where i have to open a bunch of new tabs so i’m just gonna do Everything Else to compensate listen i know the gif fucks up but let me live okay



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god tier color wheel theory? Ive never heard of anything like this. Which is preposterous. Homestuck and Colours are like my 2 fave things. Do please share 00

the idea is that the god tier color schemes are based on a color wheel - complementary aspects have complementary colors. textalks addresses it in one of his videos, although he doesnt quite agree with it - but thats because hes trying to map it to one example of a color wheel rather than the other way around

his second map is a much better example, since the exact god tier hues arent all the vibrant, max-chroma hues that u see on a color wheel

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How strong is Reve? How many hits can he take, and does he bleed?

Oh he can definitely bleed, but geezus fuck he’s strong in his own way. Especially if he’s in his element in the dreamworld, because since he technically created it, he has control of almost every aspect of it. If he’s outside of it, that’s when he’s the most vunerable. he may not be really muscular but he makes up for that in other ways. Like he’s a fuckin speed demon, sharp claws, fast running, all that kinda stuff. Fighting him’s a REALLY bad decision unless you really know what you’re doing. Not even the arcanas can take him down. That is, all but one. But thats for another time.

That being said, it’s not impossible to knock him out though. Fully killing him is one thing, but one hard punch to the face will clock him out for like ten minutes or so. Lordy knows thats saved the nations a few times, its just being able to catch him off guard to actually not miss.

imo  theres like no way u shld b able to completely control who fronts in your system like….. theres a difference if you can sometimes choose bc ur other system members r whiling to work w that? but theyre all their own ppl so theyd be able to refuse frontin/front w/o u wantin them to if thats what they chose to do?

ig u can correct me if im wrogn? i dont mean to offend anyone im just hmm

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You are a satanist?

yup lol. i have a member card to the satanic temple and everything because im 3 edgy 5 u.

although just to be clear! the satanic temple is basically the church of the flying spaghetti monster but more metal and with a lot of really great political resources to help with feminist movements, LGBT+ causes and to stop the almost theocratic nature of american government that gets in the way of basic human rights. no one actually believes in satan, no one eats babies or does blood sacrifices or has giant orgies “for the glory of the dark lord” or any kind of crazy weirdness that people think we do under the cover of night. 

in fact on top of being apart of the satanic temple im a secular pagan which is centered around personal peace, and spirituality with nature (at least to most.) its a very hippy dippy belief system thats personable to each person and i blend the two to make the most scientifically accurate yet spiritually pleasing practice i can.

and before you judge please please read this

we are really nice people who just get sick of religious extremists and the damage they do to minorities and the general population. 

Sorry about that “soon” from that last update not being so soon. FML.

On a lighter note @enigma-boi showed me a doodle they did of a regional variant of Lucario for a hypothetical Egypt-based region that naturally took the Anibus comparisons up to 11. I was quite pleased with it and decided to do a tie-in with a Hypno variant based on their favorite Egyptian deity, Set, and here it finally is! Hope you like it, Morpheus.

Pokedex entries:

“Local folklore tells people to stay away from this Pokemon, as its amulet can sway others to cause chaos.”

“It’s said to cause chaos among people and other Pokemon with the amulet it holds. However, no one knows its true intentions.”

(enigma-boi/Morpheus will also know why it’s holding a taco instead of a war scepter. It has to do with some (old?) stuff by @inonibird.)

[fullview] Goddamnit Hussie! How am I supposed to get anything else done while you are haphazardly creating adorable animal hybrid sprites with nary a thought for the to-do list of your readers. How was I ever supposed to resist drawing Jasprose?