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Sooooo I just finished watching Chicago PD till their very current episode and sooo in love with Linstead u g h their chemistry is killing me T___T

Today was really, really hard… In fact, this entire week has probably been one of the worst and stressful weeks I’ve had. It was just so much going on and my anxiety was at an all time… I am just exhausted, mentally and physically. So right now I’m just waiting for my pizza to be delivered so I can crawl in the bed and try to pretend that this week didn’t happen. 


Splatoon シオカライブ2016 (Squid Sisters Live 2016) @ Niconico Tokaigi 2016

(Watch the entirety of Callie and Marie perform LIVE at the concert!)



(as per million views) Overdose (K), Growl (K), Call Me Baby, Wolf (K), History (K), Love Me Right, MAMA (K), Miracles in December, What Is Love, Overdose (M)


From left to right: Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, and me

Just dropping by to give y’all a look at what an actual dark-skinned womxn looks like considering I’ve heard both “Bipasha Basu is so dark!” and “Priyanka Chopra is representative of dark-skinned girls!” from light-skinned desis on this annoying website like y’all will try to act like literal light-skinned actresses are dark (re: Bipasha) or ignore years of skin whitening and then actively whitewash actresses who used to be darker-skinned (re: Priyanka).

In the meanwhile, my dark-skinned self will be over here looking cute in a beanie and waiting for y’all to stop being so clueless.

Namjoon and Jimin being cute as hell ;u;
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