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Relationship Status: Single (but stress is my side-ho)

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened To: Let It Go By A$AP Ferg (it’s a quality song, alright!)

Last Movie I Watched: Friday 13th (2009) – I was feeling the Halloween vibe and since I hate scary movies (like, actually scary movies) I figured I’d watch a scary movie that isn’t actually scary – you catch my drift? Plus Jared Padalecki looks fluffy as heck in that movie.

Favourite Colour: White (Yes, I know it’s a shade but I don’t care. Same difference)

Top 3 Favorite Shows: Supernatural, Dexter, MisFits

Top 5 Favorite Characters: Castiel (obviously), Simon (from MisFits), Chandler Bing, Roman Godfrey, Charlie Bradbury.

Top 5 Favorite Ships: Stydia? (If you asked me this question ten months ago, it would’ve been Narry. My whole top five would have been Narry. I don’t really have any ships now tbh).

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Harry can’t wink, pass it on.


Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable in both the schoolyard and the battlefield. Barnes is the only howling commando to give his life in service of this country.


valentine’s day cards: kyungsoo edition
(because honestly what says ‘i love you’ more than creepersoo? nothing, that’s what)


Sneak peek for the last chapter of Home. 

(Also you should totally click for full res to see all the detail that took me two weeks to paint *weeps on the floor*)

Things I Believe to be True:

Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is trying to subtly communicate that he is Not Straight to Holster by making his crushes on other men known, primarily by speaking of their hockey skills, but also of their strength and asses and eventually he is going to get to “that guy is so fucking ripped and cute, amiright??” and, yes, it would be easier if he just told Holster that he is Not Straight but Ransom is just now realizing he may have Feelings for Holster and he is trying to… ease into it and see if Holster has similar Feelings and– “who does that, incredible. he’s so strong, lolol” (holster, you are also so strong, lol, see what i’m doing here, c’mon guys- SOMEONE PICK UP ON THIS)

Adam “Holster” Birkholtz is sitting over there, bisexual ass already head over heels in love with Ransom, slowly going insane because Ransom’s new thing seems to be complimenting other man on their… everything and Holster is just like “i am also tall and strong and i bet i could pick up 180 pounds with one hand if someone took out chowder” and also just like dear god justin, do you not know how you sound? Straight boys should not be allowed to say things like that cuz, shit, hope is rising and dear god i love you so much and why am I now imaging a threesome with you, me, and Tater right now??