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a few months ago, after years of boycotting myself from getting help, i finally gathered the courage to tell the people around me about what i’ve been struggling with for so long. it’s certainly still difficult, and there’s so many barriers from money to schedules to confidence. but so far, it’s been good and i wish i did it sooner. if there’s anyway to help minimize those external barriers for everyone, maybe it’ll be easier to minimize the barriers we put ourselves.

join the #HelloYellow campaign by wearing yellow to raise awareness for World Mental Health’s day, and if you’re from the UK, you can text ‘YMHY17 £3’ to 70070 to raise money for YoungMindsUK! 


of all the Kanas i’ve acquired through multiple game files, i’m certain that the Kana my Corrin has with Niles is probably the oldest and also the strangest


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I would trade my left leg for a fic about your idea of Damian having a #1 sibling and Tim becoming that #1 sibling for the sake of vengeance against the others. I would throw in my kidney for a series.

Keep your leg my friend, here a ficlet for you. I can’t guarantee more of this but pls keep your kidney too. 

(This is what we’re talking about, in case anyone is confused)

There is a soft knocking at the door followed by the clearing of a throat. Damian waits until the door is timidly pulled ajar before throwing a batarang against the doorframe, only a few inches away from Dick’s hand.

“Oh, come on, I only wanted to-”

Damian throws a second batarang, this time a lot closer to the open gap where their older brother’s head is supposed to be, and so they never find out what Dick wanted to do.

“You are a terrible kid”, Tim comments while Dick walks away grumbling out loud at the empty hallway.

“Thanks”, Damian answers, pressed against Tim’s side, eyes fixed on the TV screen. “You’re not that good either.”

“I’m just playing along”, Tim returns. “You’re the one who started the whole thing.”

“Abetment in a crime is also a crime”, Damian points out, pushing a handful of popcorn into his mouth. “I would have expected from you to know at least the basics of our jobs.”

“Was that an insult?”, Tim asks amicably. “It sounded like an insult.”

“Merely a consideration”, Damian grunts and accidentally plants an elbow into Tim’s side.

Tim snorts but doesn’t push it. This whole vengeful bonding thing between the two of them is still new enough to be actually nice, and he doesn’t want to ruin it before time - according to his predictions, it will lasts one more week top, and then Damian will inevitably concede into Dick’s peace offerings. No way the kid will be able to hold his grudge or suffer Tim’s company over Dick’s longer than that. Still, for the moment, Tim’s content enough to find himself cuddled on the couch, under a heavy blanket, with the warm pressure of Damian’s body against his, watching the last Star Wars movie together. Stranger things have happened, he supposes.

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i don’t know how this happened but it did.

apparently you can bring a werewolf back to human form if you truly love and trust each other

or if you throw its clothes at it


the metal clan

My favorite thing about this scene is that it shows a gentler side of metalbending that we haven’t had a chance to see yet. It’s always shown as a brute force sort of bending so to see it used with such delicate precision is honestly breathtaking and in my mind, it shows a really amazing side of Suyin that gives the character a fascinating complexity and depth.


Morgan isn’t the only one who regularly snapchats about his daily family life though.

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im so in love with this ship its killing me


More fem!Yuugi being cute, co-starring everyone else. Including the obligatory Puzzleshipping bridal-carry. Because it’s obligatory. 

1) favourite foods and 2) least favourite foods of the supernova, excluding luffy and zoro

kidd: 1) rolled cabbage 2) curry udon
killer: 1) peperoncino 2) curry udon
apoo: 1) tom yum goong 2) mayonnaise
urouge:  1) adzuki beans, pork 2) vegetables
hawkins: 1) fortune cookies 2) meat
x drake: 1) chicken and rice stir fry 2) eggs
law: 1) onigiri, grilled fish 2) bread, umeboshi
capone: 1) meatballs/meat dango, tomatoes 2) tomato juice
bonney: 1) margherita pizza 2) carrots