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Rose mist (Sam drake x reader)

Chapter 1: The beginning of a friendship and heart break.

You’ve been in the orphanage since you were a newborn. The nun’s never told you how you got here nor who brought you but you’ve spend 8 years now in the orphanage questioning about your parents. Even though you were little you questioned this sort of things especially this night. You couldn’t fall asleep, you stared at the celling that had the light of the night sky displaying on it. You were half covered with your blanket, one of your legs was dangling from the bed. You rocked your leg back and forth. You snap out of your thought when you hear the foot steps and nuns talking near the door.

“Well yeah this are the new boys ill take them to that room over there, that room has space for them” A nun said as you hear the foot steps fading away.

“New boys huh?…” you say quietly. You look at your best friend Ashley who was sleeping peacefully next you. Ashley was a girl around your age. She has short curly black hair with tan skin and dark brown eyes that always wore a silver necklace with a elephant on it. You were older then her by a year, she arrived at the age of 4. Her only family was her grandpa but he died of a heart attack. You were almost the opposite of Ashley. She was shy and taller than you which surprised you. You started to remember when you first talked to Ashley. She was very shy she only waved and smiled at you. It took weeks for her to finally get the confidence to talk to you.

You put your leg on the bed and completely cover yourself with the blanket. You close your eyes and try to fall asleep but you couldn’t. Still with your eyes close you start to count which some times helped you. Thankfully this was one of those nights it helped.

You wake up at the same time as usual and do the same as usual. Lunch time finally arrives. Ashley and you stand in front of the sink and start to wash your hands. It doesn’t take long before you both start to fool around and start making bubbles. A nun walked by and her eyes widen when she saw the two of you.

“Y/N! ASHLEY! What are you two doing, get out of there and head towards the dining room table now!” You both head towards the dining room table with the nun giggling.

“But seriously girls thats dangerous don’t do that alright” the nun says as you both nod. You both sit where you always sit near one of the corners of the table. You both were talking when you both noticed there were two new kids.

“Hey look those two are new” Ashley whispered to you

“Yeah I heard something about new kids yesterday night”

“One is younger then the other”

“Yeah” you say looking at them then back to Ashley

“Do you think they’re brothers?”

“They don’t look alike… They’re probably friends”

“Go talk to them..” Ashley said. Ashley always made you talk first because she was too shy. You get of the chair and walk towards them. They don’t say anything. They both look sad but the eldest looked more gloomy. You awkwardly stand there for a second trying to figure out what to say, you look back at Ashley who just shrugs. You extend your arm towards the youngest boy. He looks at you and slowly gives you his hand.

“Hi im um Y/N… Whats your name” The boy looked at the eldest boy.

“His name is Nate… Im Sam” The oldest boy says.

“Hi um this is my best friend Ashley” you say pointing at Ashley who awkwardly waves.

“So how old are you?” you ask

“Im five” Nate said

“Im 10” Sam said and you nod

“Im 8. Ashley is 7”

“So what are they” Ashley whispers to you.

“Humans” you say jokingly which makes Ashley giggle.

“Ashley wants to know if you guys are brother’s” You ask as you see Ashley’s face redden.

“Yes” Said Nate happily. One of the nuns was walking towards the table. Ashley and you run towards your seats. The nuns didn’t like it when you wondered around the room when waiting for food. The boys just stood there and a nun came towards them.

“You can sit anywhere you like” the nun said nicely. The boys sat one seat away from you talking to each other. You now wondered why they were hear but you didn’t want to be rude and ask. They bring the usual bland food. You and Ashley wait to eat even though your stomach’s were growling. You always had to do a prayer before eating. After the prayer was over you devoured your food. Ashley started laughing. After you all finish eating you practice writing the alphabet with Ashley. You see the boys threw out the day. You talk to them a few times.

(A few days layer)

The four of you became good friends. You spend lots of time together. Ashley slowly became less shy towards Sam and Nate. You also noticed that something made Sam sad and every time you saw him sad you tried to cheer him up. Sam didn’t tell you why he was sad and you never pressured him. You thought it was probably because he wasn’t use to this place or he missed his parents.

The news you never wanted to hear came. Someone was looking for Ashley claiming she was her mother. The nuns did a dna test that came out 96% saying she was related. The lady told Ashley she regrets leaving her. You were heart broken that Ashley was leaving you after almost 4 years together. Ashley didn’t want to leave you either but her supposed mother said so. Ashley packed all her things and you stared at her walking away. Ashley stopped at the front door and stared at you. You were crying. Ashley ran towards you and gave you a hug. You both stayed like that for minutes crying into each others arms until Ashley’s mom said she must go. Both of you didn’t want to let go but you had to. You both stop hugging each other and Ashley’s mom takes Ashley out of there Ashley waves at you crying what makes you cry even more seeing her walk away and probably never ever seeing her again. You felt lonely know. Even though Sam and Nate were there and a nuns to comfort you, you felt lonely. Ashley was the only thing you had in the orphanage that you cared about as much as she cared about you and now shes gone.

You spend a whole week crying over Ashley. A few nun’s tried to comfort you but failed. Sam and Nate also tried to comfort you and it worked for a few seconds. It took a month for you to stop crying over Ashley and in that month you became great friends with Sam and Nate. Ashley leaving brought the three of you together. Sam did what you use to do to him when he was sad, he made jokes to cheer you up and Nate hugged you.

You layed in bed and looked at the empty bed next to you. It almost made you cry but you holded back the tears. You felt something in the bed so you stood up from the bed and searched the sheets. You didn’t find anything so you layed in bed again but still felt something. You cleared everything from the bed and some of the kids saw you. You lifted the so called mattress and saw a small ball of paper. You put everything back in place and felt something inside the paper so you quickly unroll it. You eyes widen and felt water after unrolling the piece of paper. It was Ashley’s necklace that somehow was under your mattress.

Annon requested: Could you please do a Cameron imagine where you’re best friends and you have a nightmare so you go to his room and he calms you down and cuddles with you. And in the morning when you wake up all the other guys tease you for sleeping in the same bed as Cam. Sorry for the long description!!

“You deserve this” my father yelled, “deserve what? I didn’t do anything to you” I cried “you did everything, because of you, i’m dead” he said pulling out a gun “that wasn’t my fault, the driver hit us, I didn’t even see him” I cried, “because of what you did to me, I’m taking away something that means a lot to you” he smirked, “what are you talking about” I cried, “this.” He walked away, to a separate room. A few seconds later, he emerged with a blindefolded boy. He threw the boy to his knees, “who is that” I yelled. “The one person you love more than yourself” he smiled widely. He pulled the blindfold off, and I came face to face with a gaged Cameron. “cam!” I yelled, trying to fight through the restraints, he mumbled my name through tears. “Please don’t” I cried out to my father, “should have thought about this before killing me” he pointed the gun to his head. “I didn’t know, please, I didn’t know!” I yelled. He ignored me, and in that moment time slowed down. He pulled the trigger, and with a blink of an eye, the love of my life, my best friend Cameron, laid dead on the floor. “NOOOO!” I screamed turning away. My father smiled demonically, before pointing the gun at me. I took a breath in, letting tears fall as he pulled the trigger.

“BOOM!” I jumped up in my bed, my body covered in sweat, my sheets thrown everywhere, and my hair a mess. My heart thumped fast, and tears made their way on to my face. I jumped out of my bed, and ran down the hall to Cameron’s room. I swung the door open, causing cam to jump. “y/n..?” He questioned rubbing his eyes. “Cam… Your okay” I cried. He got up from the bed quickly making his way over to me, “y/n.. What happened?” He said bringing me into a hug “my dad, he came back, and made me watch him kill you” I sobbed. He rubbed my head, “shush, shush, there, there. It was a nightmare babe” “I thought I lost you” I cried. He led me over to his bed, “loose me? That easy? I think not” he said lying me down “stay with me” he tucked me in his bed. I layed down, and he slid next to me. He brought my head to his chest, as he played with my hair. “Promise you’ll never leave” I said pulling myself closer to his chest “I promise I’ll never leave you, your too special for me to leave. If you thought I’d be out your life that quick, you have been fooled. I love you y/n, and I’m always gonna be here.” He said kissing my forehead “thanks cam. I love you too” he rubbed my hair, just the way he always did when he would always make me fall asleep.

The next day I woke up to murmurs, “stop, your gonna wake the love birds.” “Romeo and Juliet AF” “you think they fucked?” I hit cam, thinking it was him. But I was mistaken, my eyes fluttered open, and I came face to face with Aaron, Grayson, and Ethan. “Dammit they’re up” Grayson laughed a bit “fuck you guys” I flipped them off, “had fun making babies” Aaron teased “we didn’t have sex” I rolled my eyes sitting up, “you guys “Netflixed & Chilled” Ethan laughed, “leave her alone” cam said sitting up, “oh look at bubba sticking up for his girlfriend” Grayson laughed “I’m not his girlfriend” I smacked him, “then why are you in his bed?” Grayson smirked “she had a nightmare” cam shrugged “yeah sure” Aaron smirked while air quoting “fuck y'all” I said “nah, you did that with cam” Ethan laughed. I rolled my eyes and layed back down, “we are gonna go get some pizza” Aaron said leaving the room. “Their such asses” cam laughed, cuddling next to me “thats how you are on a normal basis tho” I laughed “wowwww fake” he rolled his eyes “yup, that’s me” I laughed “and here she goes with the that’s so raven references” he flipped over to his back “ you love it tho” I smirked “yeah sure” he smiled to himself.

All for good reason - Derek Luh Imagine

Request:Sorry for so much Derek but could I have like a cute imagine where he comes home pretty late and is soaking wet and you’re pretty mad at him but he has a surprise for you and its like a puppy



I lay in bed staring at the ceiling waiting for my boyfriend Derek to come home. I roll over all tangled in the sheets to read the clock. 4:38 a.m. What the fuck he should be home. I think to my self. I reach up and turn off the lamp then drift off to sleep with anger running through my mind. 

I wake up to the sound of fumbling around in the kitchen. The clock reads 6:56. Did he really just get home. Thats it I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind. 

I swing my legs off the bed and put on my furry slippers to make my way down the hallway and stairs. As I approach the kitchen I hear a couple consecutive “shhhs’” and “you’re so cute.” In a little sing song voice. Thoughts of him bringing a girl home flooded my mind. That was a enough for me to storm into the kitchen.

“Do you know what time it is.” I hiss at Derek walking into the kitchen to be met by a sopping wet Derek with clothes from yesterday on. 

“Baby its all with good reason let me explain.” Derek says stepping towards me putting his hands out to me. 

“Explain what?” I snap “How you are sopping wet or how you were out all night and didn’t even to bother to call or text me. Or who the hell you were shushing or saying ‘you’re so cute’ too?” I am now fuming with clenched fists by my sides. 

“Y/n, just calm down listen-.” Derek says calmly but i cut him off.

“What the hell should i listen to your lies?” I yell at Derek. 

Derek then whistles and I hear little scratches running on the hardwood floor. I turn around to be greeted with a puppy golden retriever.

“OH MY GOD!” I yell as I drop to my knees so I could pet the adorable dog. 

“This is why I was out all night, I went out after the studio to pick up this little one and I was driving home from go knows where when my car broke down. I called a mechanic to come help me. Thats when it started pouring down rain and this one always had to go to the bathroom which explains why I’m wet.” Derek explains to me as he sits down next to me with a small smile on his face. 

“This is the best surprise ever Derek…. Im so sorry I yelled at you. I was just mad you came home so late.” I say bringing Derek into my side.

“I know baby girl. Its okay. But there is one problem.” Derek says looking at me with a smirk. 

I give a confused look before he whispers “A name.” 

My confused look faded away as I rack my brain for a cute dog name. 

“Cali. Short for California.” 

Derek nods his head in agreement. “Okay Cali, get your momma!” He yells as the dog jumps into my arms. 

Nate Imagine: You are a cute little shortie and you and Sam fight Come on you can do it just little further I tell my self as I reach for the Skittles on the top shelf. I know Nate put them there on purpose coz he doesn’t want me to have them. I hear someone cough behind me. I freeze in the awkward positionI am in. I turn my head a smile on my face “Hey baby, wassup?” I say casually putting my hand to my hair.

Smirking he walks closer to me,“oh nothing just chilling, what about you lil ma?” He ask stopping in front of me.

“Just stretching, you know the usual trying to grow a little.” I tell him again on my face. Nate puts his hands on my hips lifting me and sitting me on the workshop. “Mmmhhmm, thats clearly not working is it shortie” he teases kissing my nose. I scoff “well I’m aactually not that damn short just you and all your friends and are damn giants. I mean look at Y/F/N shes shorter than me” I say trying to defend my self. Nate chuckles his hands traveling to my waist.

“Ma you surround your self with shorter people to make yourself feel taller” he accuses. I gasp hoe dare he accu- nah hes telling the truth. “Whatever Nathan just give Mme the skittles” I ask him giving my puppy dog eyes. Smirking he asks me “what'sthe magic word.”

“Please Naaaattteeee” I beg dragging out his name. He finally reaches up behind me, going onto his tomatoes his shirt lifting, I run my hand across the short band of exposed skin white he gets my sugary treat. A skittles bag is shook infrlnt of me I take it without hesitation ripping it open and shaving a handful in my mouth. Just as I’m about to jump off the workshop Nate puts his hand on m stomach stopping me. He puckers his lips. With my mouth ful of skittles I try to kiss him but just dribble a rainbow onto his face. Making a face of disgust quickly wiping it aWayne makesspace forme go jump off and so what I gotta do, which was go watch YouTube videos.

I pull open my laptop and go to my subscribed list. Closing my eyes I choose one at random, the Dolan twins. Happily I click onto their channel and see that they liked a video that they did with Cameron. Without hesitation I press on it and start watching the 3 attractive but not as sexy as Nate males. Cameron slaps some white stuff into Grayson face and I crack up Nate walking giving me a weird look.

“Name a state” cam asks the boys. Ethan quicklysays a sTate while Grayson names a stake. I start snorting rainbow, choking on my laughter I Pause the video. “They’re not that funny, they are just stupid” Nate getting jealous thag I was watching them.

“Awhh I thoughtthey were funny and pretty attractive” I tell Nate knwoing he was going to get defensive. “Whatever their heads are too big” Nate tells me turning back to his phone. Closing my laptop and swallowing any skittles I still had in my mouth, I got up and sat cross legged on Nate lap. He looked up from his phone but then back down at it. Je was on the group chat with Sam, John, Dillon and the Jacks. I grabbed his phone locking and tossing it to the side. “Ayyeee, we were plan-” he starts biting cut him off.

“They are attractive…” I said, sounding like I was rbbng it in his face “but you baby are sexy as hell.” I tell him, running mg hands down the back of his Neck. Leaning forward I attach our lips. Nate kisses back but I then hear tapping on a phone. “Naaaattteeee” I drag out his name, annoyed.

“Whaaaatttt” he mimics my tone. “You just ruined a moment” I complain. He taps my head like a dog, “ill Mame it up later” he tells me his concentrationon his phone. I slap his chest before leaning into him wrapping my arms around his waist. Just as I GEt comfortable “Y/N theboyswant to meet up at the skate park want to come, Emily’s gon be there” he tells me. I nod jumping up, hitting hm n the balls before running up the stairs to change outfits. I pull on some blue Jean shorts, a white crop top and a black and wwhite flower kimono. I Pull on my Tom’s. Brush back down the stairs Tying my hair up in a messy ponytail. “Well thats fast” Nate tells me leading me in the door. I grab my pennyboard as we exit the house. I put it down on the florjumping on and flying off to the Skate park, Nate following behind me.

At the Skate park I quickly scan the ramps looking for the idiot squad. Quickly spotting them when I see Sam dancing. I approach them, oblivion to the fact that I was approaching Sam I decideto scare him. Slow I creep up behind him flashing s smile st all the other who out see m. When I’m reunited behind him I scream “IM PREGNANT” and Sam jumps a mile. I star laughing so hard that I Gundy it difficult to stand to I’m writhing on th floor as Nate approaches us. “She hasn’t been smoking has she Johnson asks Nate. He shakes him head.

“Nah shes had a RedBull an skittlesfor breakfast” explaining why I’m iron the floor barely able to breathe clutching my stomach. They all decide to ignore me and let me recover on the floor. When I do everyone is chatting and ignoring MD. In need for attention I approach the giants. I stop in front of one of them wrapping my arms around them tightly. Whoever it is puts their arms around me too, after a dew seconds get bored and start singing Distance to my self. I hear the voice above me say “ you made my owns song spend better” I look up to see gilinksky. Smirking at him I decide to be mean, “its because I can actually sing” I tell him bursting out laughing findingmyself hilarious, others joining with me.

“Dude you sure she ain’t high?” Sam asks Nate again. He shakes his head again. I am finally draggedaway from Gilinkskyby Emily and in an attemptto calm me she starts talking to me. “How are you and Nate going, how is he in bed?” Emily asks me quickly adding “ if you laugh I will slap you” she tells me making me quickly forget the urge to Ggiggle. I answer he intrusive question.

“Nate is amazing and hes so pretty and sexy too. And in bed hes hes annoyinghe always hogs the duvet” I tell her dodgingher question well. She gives me a look and earning a smirk from me. We talk about clothes and celebrities for a little longer before get distracted by Nate. He want doing anything special but him laughing gave me some feels. I stared at him ignoring Emily. “Awhh Y/N you Srebrenica so whipped, you can'ttake your eyesoff of him.” She states the obvious.

“Why would deny my eyes such a beautiful sight?” I ask her turning towards her, only to have a camera held in my face.Emily snapchatting me talking. “You two are adorable.” She tells me looking down at her phone, I hear my voice. I sound so out of it. “Just state the obvious” I tell her before jumping up and pushing Sam off of my board before picking up and hugging it o my chest.

“This is mine Wilkinson, don’t Put your nasty smell boy feet on it.” He groans at me giving me the evils. “You aren’t using it and I left my board at him. Please Y/N” I squint in his direction. “JESUS Wilkinson its not my fault your too stupid to bring some sort of Skate board to the SKATE PARK.” I say emphasizing skate park. We both stand there n a stare off for around 2 minutes before Sam turns to complain to Nate.

“Skathan, tell your girl to gimmie her board” he moans out. Nate looks up, shakes his head before returning discus back to John. “You`re beyond whipped man. Before you two started dating you used to put up fights to help me get what I want, now your are too damn scared.” Sam shoutsk over to Nate trying to provoke him. He just flips Sam off, a smile on his face. I smirk at Sam which gets him annoyed and he reaches out to grab the bosrd off of me, instead pushing mean the chest and making me fall on the concrete below. I whice as my butt hits the hard ground. Sam has a look of worry in his eyes but that quickly disappears when he reaches out again in attempt to head my board again. To defend it I roll onto my back and roll over onto my stomach, laughing. As Sam tries to get it a man approaches us in. Black uniform, they quickly pull Sammy away from me and put him against the wall his hands behind his back. I roll over and sit up staring wide ebed at them. I realise they are police officers. I stifle a laugh as one of them approaches me.

“Are you okay, what was he trying do?” The man asks me in a soft voice. “Why were you crying, was he trying to hurt you, or steal from you?” He asks me again and I realise that was laughing Haddon rears were rolling down my cheeks. I try to open my mouth but a were laughs comes out. “Darling wE need you to cooperate” he tells me and nod. I look over at Sammy whose been questioned as well but the police officers doesn’t believe him. I don’t want to open my mouth because I will laugh. I look over to Nate and see thats he is approaching us. I internally let out a sigh of relief.

“Hi, umm yeah, can you let him go? They’re just arguing” Nate taps on the police officers shoulder. “And who are you sir?” He asks him standing up straight. “Oh I’m her boyfriend and hes my friend” he tells them at ease, staring the officers right in the eyes. “And what were they arguing about because she seemed to be crying” the officer asks crossing his arms.

“Oh she wasn’t crying she was laughing, her screech just sounds licenses crying and they were arguing because she wouldn’t give him her board. I’m sorry but you are just wasting your time and just hurting him.” Nate tells them and i kick his leg. “Is that right miss?” Asks me and I nod enthusiastically he does over to talk to the other officerand then apologises to Sam before walking away. I am finally able to laugh. I start laughing so hard I drop my board and Sam rushes over grabbing it and running off. “Oiiii, Sammy” I shout after him. He ignore me but I just shrug it off because he just nearly had his arms pulled out of their sockets.

Nate leans over giving me his hand helping me up. He runs his hands down my back, letting them rest on my butt. “Give me a kiss shortie” he ask me leaning down from above. I refuse to lift my head up, forcing him to crouch a little and connect my lips to his, after a few seconds his legs start to hurt so he straightens up bending his neck. As we deepen the kiss, I jumping wraping my kegs around his waist. But having the amazing friends we have, its quickly disrupted. “AWHHHHHH SO CUTE” someone shouts. “God get a room” somone else shouts. I feel Nate grip on my bum get tighter. “Atleast I got me a girl to get a room with boy” he shouts back at whoever said that. Giving me one last peck he lets my legs drop back to the ground.

Nate drags me behind him a he jumps back to the walk he was sitting on. He does it with ease but I know km going to struggle so I decide to sit on the ground pulling out my Phone. I see Emily and Jack G have posted new snapchat stories. I first press on Emily’s to see it was a video of me and Nate kissing ending with Jack J shouting get a room. She captioned it “My OTP” we looked adorbkebifni says myself, I then press on Jack G`s. Its of our little interaction with the popo.

random imagine because I was bored joke you enjoy. Requests closed. - … xxxxx

Rose mist (Sam drake x reader)

Chapter 8: Summer

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You’ve been with Sam for a few months now. He sometimes stayed at your apartment and do didn’t mind it, you actually liked it. Today was one of those days that Sam stayed at your apartment.

As the months past it was getting closer to summer which ment hot days. You planed on going to the beach with a few of your friends today due to the hot weather. You looked for a swim suit but only found a black bikini. You picked a T-shirt with a pare of shorts to put over your bikini. You went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. You put your clothes near the sink. You usual change in your room but because Sam was there you felt to embarrassed to do that.

You take of your clothes and turn the shower on. You take your soap and wash your body. When you finished taking the shower you dried yourself up and changed into bikini and shorts with an T-shirt. You finish getting ready. You take everything you need and head towards the bathroom door. You upon the door and walk towards your room. You were nearly there when Sam appeared behind you out of nowhere making you jump. “Sam!” you say as he laughs. “Why did you do that!” you say

“I was gonna say good mor-”

“Yeah by following me quietly” you say as you go in your room. You get all the things you need for the beach. “Ready?” Sam says and you nod.

Ashley was waiting outside with Nate in her new car. “Hurry up you two, we still have to pick up Sara and Briana.” Ashley says as you get in the car. You sit near the middle and Sam sits near the window. Nate sat in the infront with Ashley.

You make it to Brianas house where they both waited outside. You sat more closer to Sam so Sara and Briana could sit. You ended up being squished together. Ashley started to drive to the beach.

After a few minutes, you arrive to the beach. You all get out of the car. You see Briana and Sara taking of their shirts and shorts quickly. Ashley waited a few minutes before she did the same. You wanted to do the same but you were nervous about it because Sam was there. The six of you arrive to a perfect spot and set everything there. Ashley brought her beach umbrella and a few towels to lay there.

“Hey Y/n aren’t you wearing a bathing suit?” Ashley whispers at you and you nod. “Well?…” Ashley says. You tell her why and she giggles. “You’ll see, when he sees you he wont stop staring at you.”

A few minutes passed. Sam and Nate were playing in the water like five year olds. You couldn’t stop staring at Sams muscular arms. Sara and Briana were “flirting” with Nate. You and Ashley made sand castles. It started to get hotter and you started to think about taking your shirt off. “Come on do it Y/n” Ashley says and you look at her. “Im sweating and im in a bathing suit” She says.

“In a few more minutes” you say. Sam walks up to you. “Hey you two want anything? We’re heading to the near by place” Sam says and you nod

“I want a cold soda” you say and Sam nods. Ashley didn’t want anything and Sam leaves with Nate and the others. “This is a perfect moment you know” Ashley says and you look at her. “Bathing suit”

“Fine…” you say as you take your shirt and shorts off. “Sams totally going to drool when he sees you” Ashley says and you blush. You bury your feet in the sand and wiggle your toes. You put on more sunscreen. You and Ashley continue to build the sand castle.

Sam was walking towards you as he ate his ice crean but he stopped. Nate and the girls continued walking. Sam realised he was staring at you to long. He looked at another direction and walked towards you. “H-heres your soda Y/n” He says and Ashley giggles. You take your soda as Sam walks towards Nate.

“You see” she says. Sam couldn’t stop staring at you. “You’re gonna scare her” Nate says. Sam didn’t know what to say. “She-” Nate cuts him off “yeah beautiful we know now eat your ice cream that melted all over your hand” Nate says. Sam didn’t realized he stared at you for that long.

“Y/n want to go for a swim?” Ashley asks. “Come on it’ll be fun” She says. Ashley stands up and pulls you up. She pulls you towards the water. “Pretty please Y/n” Ashley says dragging you into the water. When you enter the water was cold but refreshing. The water was almost up to your chest. Sam walked towards you. For sam the water was up to halfway his torso.

“Hi” you say as Sam waves back. “Hows it going” you say

“Fine” Sam says as he splashes water at you. You splash water back at him. Sam pretends to drown which makes you laugh. “Aren’t you gonna give me cpr?” Sam says and you shake your head laughing. “You’re a horrible actor” you say laughing. You and Sam played in the water for a few minutes. Sam thought you looked adorable.

“Have you seen the beach ball?” Ashley asks and you shake your head. “They’re gonna start to play volleyball I guess” you say and Sam nods. Sam and you get out if the water laughing. Sam hugs you from behind and kisses your cheeks which makes you giggle. “You’re” Sam says kissing your cheek “So adorable” Sam kisses your other cheek. Sam and you put on more sunscreen. Sam puts a drop on his finger and puts it on your nose. You laugh. It looked like they haven’t found the ball so you and Sam started to walk around. Sam was holding your hand as you walked near the shore.

You looked at a lady playing with her son in the sand. The baby was happy giggling throwing sand everywhere. The baby saw his moms sand castle and poked it making it fall. The baby made you smile. Sam realized that you were staring at the baby. “Does she want a family?” he thought in his head. Sam never thought about having kids, or marriage.

Sam and you continued walking. You got near an area where there were huge rocks. The area had a nice view. Sam and you stood there. “The oceans looks beautiful here” you say as Sam nods. The water was different in this side it was more clearer. “I wish I could take a picture” you say

“Well you have a camera here” Sam says pointing at your head. “Well when I get old I might not remember” you say. Sam was getting closer to you. “Im sure you’ll remember” Sam says

“Yeah what makes you so sure?” you say. Sam puts his hands on your cheeks and brings you closer. Your noses were touching. You were about to kiss when you hear Nate clearing his throat. “We found the ball” Nate says. You and Sam walk back to Ashley and the girls.

“Hurry it up guys we found the ball!” Briana says. You and Sam walk towards them. They used the free nets on the beach.

You splited into two teams. Ashley, briana, and you. Briana wanted to switch teams because she wanted to be with Nate. Sam asked if they wanted to switch but Nate said no.

Ashley gives you the ball so you can serve. You serve and it makes it to the other side Nate hits it back and Ashley spikes it making you get a point. You high five Ashley. Sams staring at you with a dreamy face like if he were in another planet. This continues for a few minutes. It was your turn to serve again. You hit the ball and it goes to Sams direction. Nate saw it was going towards him but Sam wasn’t moving he was too focused on you.

“Sam… Sam… Sam the ball!” Nate says but Sam didn’t react. The ball hit Sams forehead and bounces off making you laugh. Sam stumbles back tripping on his feet, he falls on the sand like a baby. You walk towards him. “Are you ok Sam?” you say giggling. He smiles back at you “never better” he says as you kiss his forehead where the ball hit him. You help him back up.

“You okay there” Nate says laughing. Sam roles his eyes. Your team ends up winning. You and Ashley wanted to go home but Braina and Sara wanted to stay because they wanted more time with Nate.

“If they start to fight im out” Ashley says and you laugh

“Well I can’t believe they fell in love with the numbskull of my brother” Sam says.

“Well…” you say and Sam stares at you “I was kidding” you say as Sam looks relieved and you laugh.

“That was horrible”

“Yeah but not as bad as your puns” Sam gasps dramatically. Sam grabs you and puts you over his shoulders making you scream. He walks towards the water. “Sam put me down!” you say.

“As you wish” Sam says dropping you in the water. “Oh I hate you for that” you say laughing.

You saw the beach ball and grabbed it. You threw it at Sam when he wasn’t looking. It hit the back of his head and you laughed. “Wow how mature” Sam says.

“You threw me into the water because of a joke!” you say. Sam gets close to you with the ball. You knew he was gonna throw it at you so you slowly walked back. Sam ran towards you making you run at another direction. You ran away from Sam. Sam eventually catched up to you. He grabbed you by the hips and spun you around. You giggled and Sam put you down. You and Sam walked back. You and Sam sat down under the umbrella. A movement in the sand caught your attention. You looked down and saw a small baby sand crab. It was heading towards your hand. You gently picked it up and it walked all over your hand.

“Hey there little buddy” you say and Sam looks at you confused until he saw the baby crab. “Y/n if it pinches you im not gonna help you” Sam says “its not Sam its a baby crab… And it has a name” you say

“Oh really whats his name?” Sam says and you think. “Uh Bob?” you say. “Look grab Bob his not gonna hurt ya” you say as you place the baby crab on Sams hand. Everything was fine with the baby crab until it pinched Sam. You chuckled.

“Thats what you get for saying that about it” you say “It doesn’t hurt its like a needle” Sam says. Sam places the baby crab in the sand and it disappeared.

It was getting late and you were finally leaving. The six of you get in the car and start to head home. You were tired. You put your head on Sams shoulder. Sam pulled you closer to him and smiled.

Sam remembered what happened when you two were walking on the beach and you stared happily at the baby. Sam started to think if you wanted a family…. If he wanted a family. He never really imagined himself being a father. Sam thought about it in his head. If he wants to have a family he would love to start it with you.

Distraction - Nate Maloley Imagine

Request :

can I get an imagine where skate decides to break up with y/n because he finds her as a distraction to his music and y/n understands it so they part ways but he later regrets it a lot and wants her back but its not that easy because y/n was seeing another guy so he tries super hard to win her back and it later paid off im sorry if its too much xo




I was sitting at the studio attempting to write a new verse for my upcoming album but I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking about Y/N. I tap my one against the hardwood desk and I am rubbing my left temple with the other hand. 

I see my phone light up and its her. I push my phone away trying to focus on the lyrics. After about a minute or two I give in and place my thumb over the sensor showing the name with small hearts next to it. I rub my face and read through her cute little messages. 

“Skate!” I hear Derek yell.

“Yeah?” I yell back already knowing what he wants to know.

“You got that new verse?” He says walking into the room. 

“No, I’m too distracted.” I say sighing lacing my head in my hands shaking my head. 

“Dude, you got to do something about that.” Derek says patting me on the shoulder. 

“I know, I will.” I say getting up and grabbing my keys. 

I drive home clenching the steering wheel and I can feel tears start to sting the corners of my eyes. I know what I have to do its the only way I can get my music flow going again. 

I walk through the door and throw the keys on the kitchen counter. Y/N comes into the living room in grey joggers and a sports bra. She comes to hug me but stops when she sees that I’ve been crying.

“Whats wrong baby?” She asks hugging my gently. 

“That.” I say moving away and going to sit on the couch. 

“What?” She says following me and sitting down across from me giving me a questioning look. 

“I think we need to break up.” I say choking back the tears. 

“Okay.” She shakily says. “Can I ask why?” 

“I love you and all but you are a distraction to my music and right now if I really want my career to take off I think I need to get rid of all distractions.” I say looking at her pale face. 

“I understand.” She says calmly. 

She gets up and walks over puts on her shoes and grabs a bag. She grabs some essentials and clothes. “Ill be back for the rest of my stuff later.” 

“Y/N, where are you going to go? You don’t want to talk about this more?” O sigh knowing how much I probably hurt her. 

“No. I don’t want to, I really just need to leave” She says sipping her stray tears and slowly closing the door. I watch her from the window and she sprints to her car. She leans her head on her steering wheel and pulls out her phone. She calls someone then drives off. I sink to the floor and hold my knees. What the hell did I just do?


The next day at the studio I write a few verses but I still think about Y/N. I push her out of my thoughts and continue to write the words flowing out of me now. I was angry. Angry at her for leaving so easily and angry at myself for letting her leave so easily. 

“Thats enough for today guys lets wrap it up.” I hear my manger say from the doorway. 

I grab my things and head home. I open up the front door and all of her things were gone.  I dropped the keys to the floor and just stared. 

– 10 months later – 


I walk around my new apartment picking up random clothes on the floor and cleaning up the mess that I call a kitchen. I hear a knock on the door and I jog over to open the door. 

I open the door to reveal Nate. “Nathan?” I ask not believing what I am seeing. 

“Hi.” He shyly says. “Can I come in?” He asks, I’m at a loss for words all I can do is nod my head and move out of the door way. 

“How are you?” He asks. 

I was about to speak when Cody came out from the master bedroom in nothing but a pair of shorts. “Who’s this?” He asks gesturing to Nate. 

“This is Nate.” I say calmly trying to breathe. 

“Oh, your the one who let this amazing girl go?” Cody says chuckling. 

Nate rubs the back of his neck and lets out a sigh. “Yup, I’m the one who let this beautiful girl go.” He says making me snap my head up to look at him. 

He gives me a smile and Cody walks over placing his arm around my waist pulling me into him making my smile fade. 

“Unfortunately for you, Im with her now. So what brings you hear today?” Cody asks his grip on my waist becoming tighter causing me to grit my teeth. 

Cody is a very aggressive boyfriend and this relationship was forced upon me while we were at a bar. I was drinking my pain that Nate left me with when Cody came stumbling a long and would not let me go after that. I was so happy when  I saw Nate at my door but I can’t get out of this relationship. I don’t know how, without getting hurt. 

Nate had been sending me little gifts here and there but Cody would never let me talk to them or even touch the items he sent me. He would do anything to keep Nate away from me. All I want to do is be with Nate again and I know thats what he wants. 

“I just wanted to see how she was doing.” Nate says looking at my pained face. “And do you mind loosening your grip on her?” Nate says clenching his fists so tight that his knuckles pop. 

“Oops my and sorry baby.” Cody says leaning in to kiss my cheek but I flinch way back. He chuckles awkwardly. “Well I think its time for you to go.” Cody says placing his hands on Nate’s shoulders.

“There is no way in hell Im leaving my girl here with you.” Nate says pushing him away. 

“What the hell are you talking about? She is perfectly safe with me.” Cody says crossing his arms looking Nate dead in the eyes blocking his view of me. 

Nate leans to the side to look at me. “Has he ever laid a hand on you Y/N?” Nate asks me. I don’t say anything and that was enough for Nate. 

Nate punched Cody straight in the jaw and I heard a crack. Nate picked me up and ran out the door with me over his shoulder. He set me in his car and I was full blown crying at this point. 

“Thank you.” I softly mumble. 

Nate pulls me into his lap and caresses my cheek. “I love you and I regret breaking up with you.” He says wiping tears from my cheeks. 

“I love you too and don’t let me go again.” I say hugging him tightly.

“I would never dream of it.” He says playing with my hair. 


Oh my god sorry if this was awful. I am sleep deprived right now. 

BUUTTTTTTTT I love you all and requests are open! 


Riot - Nate Maloley Imagine


 imagine you’re dating Skate and when the fight happens, you try to protect him and he keeps telling you to get off the stage so you don’t get hurt but you end up getting beat up too




I was so pumped for the performance tonight. We were in NYC and it was a sold out show. The skaterade tour has been going great, I love meeting my fans and doing what I love with my best friends. I was getting ready to go on stage after Derek but I heard fans chanting something and then screaming. 

I looked around the corner to the stage and I see the star command manager slap Derek across the face and Derek go after him. Instantly I grab Swazz and we run out on the stage and hold back Derek, eventually getting him out of the area and backstage. 

I try to ease the tension by going out to preform. I start to rap my verse and my shirt is off and I have my snapback on. I see my girlfriend Y/N, sitting next to my dad smiling at me. I wink at her and start to jump and run around the stage. 

The music is running through my veins as fans sing a long with me swinging their arms up and down enjoying every minute of the show just as much as I am. I finish up the first set as I move into my second one. The fans are screaming my name and recording me on their phones. 

Soon they had started to chant “Light one up.” I decided to light up a joint but that soon ended quickly when security tried to get me to put out the joint. I pushed them away and noticed a small fight between two girls and a silver wig fly through the air. I disregard the fight as security breaks them up. 

I see two girls in front of me lighting up a joint and I see the security guard approach her. The music had stopped and security was yelling for people to get out. I stood there in disbelief and confusion as I was trying to be ushered off the stage. Fans started to swarm the stage and thats when all hell broke lose. 

Security guards were twice the size as all of us and they were pushingly god damn fans and I was furious. I jumped the guy pulling him off the girl. With that I  was knocked to the ground and was getting the shit kicked out of me as screams were heard all around. 


I saw Nate jump a security guard and I jumped to my feet running towards the stage. I push thought the screaming fans and hop on the stage, security immediately shoving me over so I land flat on my ass. I crawl over to Nate and cover his head with my body and punch the guards around me doing anything I can to protect Nate. 

I receive multiple kicks to my stomach and one to the face leaving my nose a bloody mess. Nate has a giant cut on his arm and a couple of bruises. Someone eventually gets us up and rushes us off the stage. Nate was crying and clinging to my body as we walked out side. We were informed that Derek was in rough shape and needed to be taken to the hospital but will be okay. 

As we walk outside, all of Nate’s fans are outside chanting “we ride with you skate” and “we love you skate”, I get help to the tour bus as Nate gets help from Mike. Nate walks through the crowd as he pounds his chest crying. “Don’t touch my fucking family, man.” 

I broke down into tears and fell to the ground shocked at the events that occurred tonight. Mike helps me up and brings both Skate and I in the tour bus. We get cleaned up and Skate goes out to smoke a few and talk with the fans. He hugs them crying and is apologizing for the show. They just hold him tighter. 

Nate will do anything for his fans and I will do anything for him. There is truly not a bad bone in that man’s body.


So I don’t know al the details of the event but I just went with what I saw the most. Sorry if this was awful or too much after this. It was just a request. 

Love you lovelies!! More imagines coming soon to a device near you!


Happy Birthday Skate!

2 days late I know, but I just saw the post from @fandomwhoreex that she wanted some Nate bday smut.

I took one of my requests and decided to make it smutty.


can you write nate smut where you are bestfriends and you sit on his lap and it turns him on?


“This is gonna be great (Y/N), he’s gonna be so surprised to see you.” John smiles from his FaceTime.

The only reason was coming for the party was because Kehlani invited me, and John was too fucking lazy to get Nate an actual gift, so I was his ‘gift’.

I was in New York for the New Year, haha, and I wasn’t coming back til before Johnson’s birthday, but…I guess I was coming home early.

“So what was the plan again?” I ask, walking down an abandoned L.A street, looking for John’s car. I had a small suitcase trailing behind me, so someone could easily mistake me for a tourist. Which, to just my luck, someone did.

“Excuse me pretty lady, do you need some help?” A guy dressed in very old school clothes asked me. Maybe he was one of Nate’s friends, since the party was 90’s themed, but I wasn’t risking it.

“Uh, no.” I keep walking, hoping he doesn’t follow me.

“Wait, who was that?” John asks, and I shrug.

“I don’t fucking know.”

“But anyway, I see you walking up.” He honks his horn, and I jump.

“What if that wasn’t me?”

“You’re dragging a suitcase.”


“You’re phone is practically in your face right now.”

“Fine.” I jog to his car, tossing my bag in the back.

“Again, what is your plan now that I’m here Mr. Swift?” I ask, turning down the radio.

“Nate and Derek haven’t gotten to the party yet, so I’m taking you to Nate’s house to get ready or whatever.” I nod, “Then you’ll show up when we give out the presents, giving Nate a lap dance.”

Wait, what?

“I didn’t agree to that.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you.” He smartly remarks and I huff. “Come on (Y/N), it’s just Nate. He doesn’t bite. Unless you want him to.” He smirks at me, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Shut the fuck up John.”

He pulls up to Nate’s place, and we get out. Going into the unlocked door, we are instantly greeted by Sam and Kehlani.

“(Y/N)! Aye, I didn’t expect you to be here!” Sam smiled, engulfing me in a hug.

“Where’s the nineties vibe, girl? John did tell you it was nineties right?” Kehlani questions, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, he told me. I just didn’t want to get on the plane looking like DJ from Full House.”

“You’d pull that off nicely though.”

“Yeah, didn’t want to risk it. That’s the second time I’ve said that tonight, really cautious tonight. That needs to stop.

-Later That Night-

"Alright! Bring them presents in bitches!” I can hear Nate yell, and John comes in.

I was wearing a black and white flannel with a white shirt and black torn jeans with a pair of combat boots and my hair down for the first time in who knows how long.

“Damn, looking good. Nate is gonna be one lucky dude.” He grabs my hand, pulling me downstairs, he makes me stop around the corner so he can cue me to come in the living room.

“John! There you are! Whatchu get me this year?” Nate was clearly drunk, and it didn’t surprise me one bit.

“Welp, come on in!” I walk over to Nate and his jaw drops.

“Damn baby girl! What is your name beauty?” I wasn’t surprised he didn’t recognize me, hell, I barely recognized myself.

“(Y/N), Nate. You know me.” I giggle and his jaw dropped even further, if possible.

“(Y/N)?! Holy shit, you’re looking fine as hell.”

“Thank you.” He slinks his arm around mine, pulling me to him.

“Thats not all Nate.” He looks toward Sam, who turned on Booty Me Down by Kylis. God all of his male friends are here, like I’m not giving him a public lap dance. A private one, sure, I’m all for it.

“I’m not doing this publicly.” I shout, hearing groans from everyone.

“Private show?” I feel Nate’s strong arm wrap around my waist, his heavy breath on my neck.

“Later, I promise.” I whisper back. I walk away from Nate, going to find Sam.

“Hey! Where are the Jacks?”

“Australia! They set some shows up down there.” He smiled, “You look beautiful by the way.”

“Ah, nope Sam. I’m Nate’s girl tonight.”

“I know. Doesn’t mean we can’t dance.”

“Mmhmm, let’s go.” He took my hand, and we quickly started grinding on one another, even made out a bit on the dance floor.

It was going on four, I was hammered. Drunk and high. When Nate said he had the best, he wasn’t kidding.

“(Y/N)! He stopped drinking after two, saying he wanted to be sober enough to remember his lap dance.

I was sobering up a little as well, but I was still slurring my words.

"I-I’m not ready to go give you that lap dance. I need to s-sober up.”

“Yeah, everyone is clearing out, I’m ready.”

“Just give me five minutes.” I sit down, grabbing a bottle of water.

Five minutes pass, everyone is gone, and here me and Nate are, making out in his recliner.

His hands rest firmly on my hips, grinding them back and forth. Moans and groans escape our lips, the two of us fighting for dominance over the other.

I slowly pulled back, getting up and sitting down on Nate’s lap in the opposite direction. I grab my phone, playing Songs on 12 Play by Chris Brown and Trey Songz.

“Shit,” He whispers as my hips swirl on top of him. His hands graze my ass for a second, harshly slapping afterward.

I slowly start to stand from my position on his lap, turning around to lock lips with him again.

“God, why haven’t we done this before?” He groans under his breath as I slide down his pants.

“Hmm, we’ll have to fix that huh?” I ask, taking off my jeans.

“Wait, hol’ up. I know you don’t think we fucking on this recliner?”

“We aren’t. ” I pull him off the recliner, pushing his leather jacket off of his shoulders. He takes off his shirt and lifts me off of the ground.

“You’re so hot, I can’t keep my hands off of you.” His hands are holding my by my ass, taking me to his bedroom.

He lays me down on his bed, turning around to grab a pack of condoms, setting them down by the nightstand.

“Why a pack?”

“Cause we’re not just having one round here baby girl.” He slides on a condom, quickly shoving himself in before I can adjust, causing a loud moan to escape my lips.

I can feel my orgasm creep up on me, and this is way too good for me to give out now.

My legs start to shake from the immense amount of pleasure Nate is giving me right now. I sit up a little, trying to prolong the feeling by pushing Nate back a little so he wasn’t hitting my spot with every stroke. But as soon as my hands applied force to his chest, his hands
removed themselves from my waist, and pinned my hands above my head.

Realizing he had too much of an advantage over me, I tried to wiggle away from him, but he grabbed my hips, yanking them forward, slamming me into his relentless thrusting.

“Nate, please, stop I’m gonna cum…” I stutter.

“Nope, I’m gonna make you fucking cum.” He growls at me, pushing my waist down and going faster, making me cum in seconds.

By now, Kehlani’s song The Way is playing, and it feels awkward to fuck my best friend to my best friends song, but Nate didn’t seemed fazed by it.

“Shit,” he groans as he cums into the condom.


“That was amazing, damn we need to fuck more often.” He finishes my thought for me, plopping down next to me. His arm is draped over my waist, his lips lingering at my jawline.

Soon we fell asleep, and we’re woken up by hoots and hollers.

We woke up in the same position, but Nate must’ve put his head in my neck to avoid pictures. And his hand between my legs.

I look over to see John, Derek, Sam, and Kehlani taking snapchats.

“Fuck all of you.” He groans, snuggling closer to me.

“Nate you finally smashed man!” Sam cheers, coming around to slap Nate on the back.

“Stop. Save me lil mama.” He groans.

“Guys, just get the fuck out and leave us to our sleep.” I ask politely, and they all slowly file out of his room.

“Love you, ma.” He whispers.

“Love you too, Nate.” I kiss his forehead, “Happy Birthday.”

ok guys, I promise posts will be getting better with higher quality, more stories coming, getting my laptop tmrw so yay. this should be my last post on mobile, hope you guys enjoy. and Ps you guys reblogging and tell me or message me, but should I do a part 2 to this ? I appreciate feedback. alright, without any further a due, grabs juice box and a extra pair of panties and let’s go.


You and your boyfriend, Nate, were at the Jacks house with Sammy. You were the only girl there but you were ok, you were more than comfortable around these guys. After about two hours of the guys just fucking around and playing, Johnson suggested that you guys eat and watch a movie. You picked the movie while Nate and Sammy left to go get some pizza. You joked with the Jacks, as they were both like brothers to you. After about 20 minutes Sammy and Nate returned with two boxes of yummy pizza. You guys got settled and everyone got their plates and the lights went off. You went to sit down next to Nate but he quickly moved your ass so it would land on him, in short, basically making you sit on his lap. In the movie you guys were watching, a quite steaming sex scene happened to be taking place. You knew that “excited” Nate because you felt his erection stiffen under your butt. He kept squirming and grinding himself into you. It was dark so no one could really notice. The scene was quite lengthy. “Ooohhhhhh He’s GETTIN IT.” Gilinsky yelled. Making us laugh. ” I wanna join.” Sammy said in a very childlike voice. Making us laugh even harder. Once the noise settled down, and the scene was over, you felt Nate leaning up, only thinking he was setting his plate somewhere you thought nothing of it. He leaned up and kissed your sweet spot behind your ear, and whispered against it, “come on baby girl, let’s get outta here. Daddy can’t wait much longer.” he said grinding his hips upward. You could feel yourself getting wetter. “O-oK.” you said already trembling. you guys stood up and threw your plates away. “yo guys we’re gonna bounce. y/n has to get back to her sisters.” Nate lied. you grinned behind him knowing what was really about to happen. “alright byeee” they all chimed in. We walked out the door, you first then nate, you turned around to ask him to unlock it but he was too quick. Before you knew it you were pinned against the side of the car and being kissed violently. Nate groaned as he shoved his body against your attacking your lips. His need for dominance turned you on so much. You slithered you arms around him tangling your fingers in his hair and tugging. This drove him crazy, he whimpered. “Get in now. I don’t know how much longer I can wait. fuck” he panted in his need for you. You peeled off of each other and got in the car quickly. “god damnit.” Nate said backing out of the driveway and getting on the way. “what ?” you asked concerned. “it’s like 30 minute drive back to the apartment from here. fuck.” he said looking over at you licking and biting his bottom lip. He looked you up and down. There was about 5 minutes of silence before you decided to end both of your agonies. You placed your hand on the large bulge in his jeans and palmed him and said seductivly “can we make a quick stop nate ?” He shuddered at the feeling of your hand. “really baby ? in the car ?” he questioned with a smirk. “why not ? I mean, all we have to do, is find a spot where no one can see.” you said slowly. Drawing him in with every word. “god damn thats so fucking hot baby.” he pulled into a woody area surrounded by nothing but trees, and the dirt road you were on. (in Omaha sorry I didn’t mention it before) He stopped the car just putting it in park. “so we have two options..” Nate began. “which are ?” you questioned leaning over kissing his neck. “so we can do it here and you can ride me, or we can get in the back and I can fuck you senseless.” he said whispering the second option. “um I have a feeling that you’re wanting plan b a little more ?” You said moving around to his lips to kiss them, in their plump red state. After a few moments of that, he pulled away and looked you in your eyes. “Back. Now.” he said, his eyes lust clouded. “ok daddy.” you said exiting the passenger side slowly. He got out quickly and walked around the car quickly. He ended up in front of you, your back facing the open backseat door. Nates eyes showed such a dark, burning need for you. “lay down.” he said quietly looking at the lower part of your body. he crawled in after you, laying between your legs. The wet sensation in your heated core grow. He kissed you propping himself up with his forearms. He pulled away so he could look in your eyes and see how he made you feel. He was sort of propped on his side, as his hand slithered down, into your leggings pulling them down and off skillfully. Now just left in your panties, he began to rub you through them keeping eyes contact. you soon became a moaning mess. “so wet already baby girl, Was that me, or the movie ?” he asked in a low raspy voice. “y-you nate it was you.” he panted out. “that’s right. and who makes you feel this good ?” he asked liking what he was hearing. “you-you do nate. you make me feel so good.” you moaned out. He groaned as he pulled his hand away bringing it to his lips licking his fingers clean. “damn lil mama, you are sweet as candy.” He said rubbing your thigh with his hand. He unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. You felt his erection rub your skin. He took his shirt off and threw it into the front. “you ready baby girl ? I don’t plan on being gentle.” he whispered into your ear whilst biting at your neck. The feeling just of his breath on your neck made you want melt. you simply nodded your head doubting you could get any words out. He took his length in his hand and placed it at your entrance. He quickly used himself in. He gave you very little time to adjust. He began by thrusting slow but hard. Every couple of seconds a another powerful and pleasurable thrust came. He began to pick up his pace but keeping the power behind them. “oh my god Natee, uh fuck.” you moaned loudly almost screaming. as he pounded away. “that’s right baby. say my name.” he groaned screwing his eyes shut. He sat up on his knees, pulling your butt to him changing the angle, and increasing the pleasure. Each time he powerfully rolled his hips into you he hit your spot. “oh fuck, mmmm Nate right there. uh huh.” it was almost like your body was forcing you to moan. you couldn’t control it. “oh my go- Nate I’m gonna cu- !” You exclaimed arching your back. You felt yourself clench around him as your body was taken over by a wave of pleasure. your legs shook and your nails dug into Nates unclothed back. You released as Nate rode out your high now at his own. “Uh shit y/n you feel so fucking goo- ah” Nate said thrusting sloppier as his eyes shut once more and his head jerking foward as his groans got caught in his throat. He rode put his own high with a few slow and sloppy thrusts. He finally collapsed onto you as your bodies heaved against each other, his sweaty skin feeling cold on your stomach. “god damn girl. That was so worth the wait.” Nate said sitting up leaning against the door behind him. You sat up as well leaning against the opposite door so you could talk. “you do realize that it was only about a 20 minute wait right?” you asked giggling. “Well y/n let’s put it this way, when your a guy, with a boner, and have your beautiful girlfriend sitting on your dick, minutes turn into hours.” he said pulling his pants back up. you leaned up and layed in between his legs with your hand on his defined chest, face to face with him, “Nathan Montgomery you are too much”. You said laughing then kissing him. He kissed back and said “I know baby, but you put up with it and I couldn’t be happier.” he said smiling that adorable dimpled smile you love so much. “I love you so much.” you said looking into his perfect hazel eyes. “I love you to lil mama. now let’s get home” Nate added as you two returned to the front. “yes. let’s do that because I could go for a nice warm bath” you said laying your head back. “could I join ?” Nate looked over winking and biting his bottom lip. you playfully rolled your eyes and thought ‘this boy’ but didn’t say it out loud. As if he read your mind he said “What ? You liked it the last time, Remember the ‘oh Nate, oh ya wash me baby’ huh ? What happened to that ?” he laughed knowing it weirded you out when he imitated your moaning. “Fine” you said playing annoyed, but you truly loved this funny side of Nate. “I’ll take care of you baby, you know that.” he said resting his hand on your thigh. “I know Nathan, I know.”

Together, Forever {a Sammy Wilkinson imagine}

It was weird how he caught my eye, I was just walking around, exploring London, since I came here for a vacation and there he was, a stranger. Although I had to admit, he was gorgeous and by the looks of it, I caught his eye too.

I walked into an old record store, the first one I had seen in miles, I have been looking for a certain record now for about 2 years and no luck, I had hope that I find it here, I looked around then stopped once I saw some frames of singers on the wall, I felt someone stand beside me, I looked to my left and there he was “Ed Sheeran fan?” he asked and I smiled nodding “Are you?” I asked and he brought his index finger to his mouth “I am but shh dont tell anyone” I laughed.


Sam and I walked trough the bar acting as if everything was normal and I sat on one of the booths, Sam on the other hand went to the bartender and started talking to him “Hey, this might be strange but, I am here with my girlfriend and I forgot my wallet, All we want is a bottle of champagne, you can give your address and I will send you the money, I promise” I took the time to slip two glasses into my bag, the man looked at me and I gave him a smile, the man agreed and gave Sam a bottle. As soon as we got it we ran out without letting the man give us his address, we kept running hand in hand laughing.


“I love you” Sam whispered into my ear and I smiled placing my flower crown on his head “I love you” I replied and he kissed my lips holding me close to him, we stood up from the bench we were sitting on and started walking out of nowhere he picks me up bridal style and starts running, I laughed holding on to him “I LOVE HER!” he yelled making people look at us. I love him.


“Look what I got” Sam said as he finally arrived to the diner, he pulled out his glove (it was freezing) and right there I saw my name tattooed on the side of his hand “Oh my god” I smiled and looked at him.

“Say it” I smiled and held my pinky towards him, he grabbed it with his own and smiled “Together, forever” I smiled and repeated it after him “Now you have to kiss it” I kissed our pinkys and he did the same smiling “Now thats a pinky swear”…


Concern is  growing tonight for Sam Wilkinson now missing for over 72 hours,people do have a suspect and they say they are closing on that person, we will bring you more as the story unfolds” The reporter said on I immediately shut the tv off, How could this happen? I ran my fingers through my hair before tears started streaming down my face, I fell on the bed and couldn’t stop crying, “He’s gone” I thought,”My baby is gone”..

I got up from the bed and quickly dried my tears, crying isnt going to do anything, on the bed stand was a little bear that he got me for Valentines day, I smiled slightly at the memory.

I walked into my room and immediately was greeted by thousands of petals on the floor, candles, chocolate and a teddy on my be “Sam” I sighed happily and I felt two large arms around my waist “I love you” he whispered and I smiled kissing his hand “I love you” I repeated and laughed, I turned around and jumped into his arms.

I got onto the bed and started fixing it, I fixed the pillow, the covers, everything, I dont know why but I did, I sat up on the edge and I just thought about this whole situation, Sam was gone, I knew it, I missed him so much, I grabbed a silver tray and laid it on the bed, I placed the teddy next to it along with a glass then a small bottle of vodka and a small bottle of beer, I poured them all in, and raised the glass to the bear and chugged the whole drink all at once, I coughed slightly at the horrible taste.


My new story guys! It will probably end in the next chapter but here it is! give your ideas on this. what happened to Sam? Did he really get kidnapped? Did he get into trouble or worse? Love you xx

Where it all began ( a jack gilinsky fanfic )
  • Chapter 1
  • *Flashback*
  • Year 2010
  • Jacks POV ( 14 years old)
  • "Hey jack come on we're gonna be late for the first day!" My best friend jack yelled at me.
  • "Ugh I don't care I wanna sleeep!"
  • I groaned
  • "Move your ass out of bed before I kick your ass outta there!"
  • Jack left my room while I got up and stretched. I grabbed some jeans, a tee shirt and threw on some vans while styling my hair quickly. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast
  • "Good morning jack"
  • "Hi mom"
  • " ready for your first day of Highschool?!" She squealed making my eyes grow wide
  • "Yup" I managed, still half asleep.
  • "We'll jack is just in the bathroom so when he's out I want you boys to eat then get your little bums to school."
  • "Alright mom jeez"
  • " no attitude jack"
  • We ate breakfast and headed out the door.
  • "What do think it'll be like?" I asked
  • "Probably just like middle school with older kids and hotter girls" jack wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at his gesture
  • "Yeah I plan to get laid tonight" I joked. We both laughed as we headed through the doors.
  • "Well I have English first ill see you at lunch. Meet here I don't wanna seem like a loner" Johnson laughed
  • "Yup. Ill see you bro"
  • I asked the office for directions to the science room, which was right in front of me. I was so embarrassed as the older kids laughed at me.
  • I took a seat in the back of the class. The teacher came in and introduced himself as Mr.Clemson
  • About 5 minutes into the class this beautiful girl came in
  • " sorry I'm late "
  • "Name?"
  • "YN"
  • "We'll YN you can take a seat in the back" he said pointing to me
  • " well class this is your new seat for the whole semester I hope you like it cause your not moving"
  • "Hey, uh, what's your name?" She asked.
  • "Jack. YN right?"
  • "Yup" she said popping the 'p'
  • "Nice name" I complimented.
  • "Thanks" she smiled and looked down, her cheeks getting a rosy tint.
  • The class ended and I got to know her real well. She's a tomboy which I kinda like too
  • {lunch time}
  • "Yo jack!" I shouted
  • "Hey what up man"
  • "Ok so in science there's like this really cute girl and I think I have a crush on her" I admitted
  • "Awe does jacky have a crush" he said in a baby voice
  • "Shut up" I shoved him slightly while looking down smiling. I think I do have a crush on her......
  • YN POV
  • "Hey YN!" My best friend Chelsea called
  • "Hey! What's up" I asked
  • "I over heard someone say they had a little crush on you" she smirked at me while wiggling her brows
  • "Ha good joke chels." I laughed at her comment
  • " no really. He said he was talking with you all science. So you know this boy" she said, her smirk growing wider
  • "Jack" I muttered under my breath
  • "Ooh so you do you like him?"
  • "Kind of...." I looked down feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. When I looked back up I found Chelsea had ran off. Shit she's gonna tell jack..
  • I ran out looking for her. I finally found her after 5 minutes talking to jack
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled and jumped on her back causing us both to fall down as people looked down at us and laughed.
  • "I just set y'all up. You gotta meet each other after school at Starbucks near the mall at 4. Y'all can thank me later. Now you two get to know each other!" She called as she walked off
  • "Uh sorry about her.... She's kind of weird" I said after some awkward silence.
  • "It's okay. Um you don't have to meet me at Starbucks later. Like you can I'd you want but if not you don't have to" he rambled on
  • "Jack ill meet you it's fine"
  • *Flashback over*
  • 3rd person POV
  • That was the start of a amazing relationship between YN and jack. They have been inseparable ever since. They started dating a few days after that Starbucks date. There still together 4 years later. Lets look at there story now......
  • YN POV
  • "Jack you have to be on in 5 minutes stop!" You squirmed as he tickled you backstage at digi tour.
  • " ugh I don't wanna I wanna stay here with you!"
  • "Don't let your fans down come on go givem a show!"
  • "Fiiinneeee!" He exaggerated
  • I watched hime as he ran on stage with jack, Sam and Nate as they did there thing. I'm so proud of all of them.
  • I'm just a little disappointed because jack hasn't mentioned my birthday at all today. The boys have and same with twitter but he hasn't. I just don't get it because he always remembers.
  • "Now guys I wanna bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage and sing happy birthday for her. And give her a birthday present. YN COME ON STAGE BEAUTIFUL!" I can't believe jack just did that. But I got this rush of energy and I just had to run up!
  • All the girls screamed at the sight of me. I'm glad they all like me. I barely get hate.
  • They all started singing to me while I took a snapchat video of it.
  • Everyone started screaming when they saw snapchat on my phone. I laughed and made a few more videos.
  • Soon talk dirty came on the speakers and I was confused. Then jack sat me on a chair while all the guys took off their shirts. They all danced around doing body rolls and hip thrusts. Meanwhile I couldn't keep my laughs in and I new the fans were loving this.
  • The song ended And unfortunately it was the end of the show.
  • We were saying hi to some fans back stage and just having a good time.
  • " hi YN!"
  • " hi sweetheart"
  • "Babe ill be right back I forgot something in the tour bus" jack came over quickly, and pecked my lips and ran off
  • " so-" I started but she cut me off
  • " listen bitch I don't fucking know who you think you are but you can take your fat ass and ugly face and get the hell out of jacks life, better yet all of the boys life, that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes you. Your a fucking selfish bitch and your just using jack. At least I would have more to offer." She referred to her huge tits that were hanging out of her crop top
  • Tears welled at the the edge of your eyes. No one has ever said anything like that to you before.
  • "That's right cry you fucking slut" he hissed. I walked away from her past the screaming girls, into the bathroom and started crying. I got a few texts from all the boys asking me what happened. I didn't reply though. Then I heard the bathroom door open
  • "YN?"
Nate Maloley Engagement Imagine

Today is my birthday and Nate is on tour. He told me he wasnt avle to get off tour with the Jack’s. Good thing my mom flew all the way out to L.A for my birthday.

I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my mom. I really truly just wanted to stay in go on skype and watch chick flicks with Nate but no I have to go out. My mom insisted. Since it is my birthday my mom bought me a dark red dress that came to my thighs and tied into a bow around my neck. I put on some black heels and my dress. I curled my hair just the way I liked and did my makeup.

“Penn dear are you ready? We have a reservation!” My mom yelled to me at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah just hold on for one minute!” I went ro my jewelry and pulled out an infinity necklace engraved with Nate and I’s names on it. I smiled in remembrance from the romantic night. I smiled and turned out my light. I walked downstairs to see my mom looking at her watch. She was wearing a black dress nude colored pantyhose and black heels. Her hair was pulled back into a sock bun.

“Mom, Is it too much?” I ask feeling a little over dressed.

“You look like the most beautiful girl in the world! Now lets take a picture!” She said. She held out her phone to me. “I’m no good at selfies honey. Bare with me and take one for me.” She said. I laughed and took some serious and funny. I handed her back her phone.

We went outside and hopped into her Honda CRV and drove off to our dinner date at someplace called Azumi. I looked it up its a really expensive sushi place. I wasnt paying attention and the car stopped suprisingly at a park.

“Um, is the sushi place in a park or..” I asked. She chuckled slightly.

“No, Penn just follow the path and you’ll get there trust me. Now go! You wont regret it.” She said and headed back towards her car. I headed towards the paved path. I walked for about a good 2 minutes until I saw ballons on a bench. It read.

“Penn you look stunning in that dress. Even though I havent seen you in that dress you always look beautiful to me. Oh by the way it’s Nate. Anyway on your birthday i have a suprise for you. Do you remember this bench? Well its where we met. I sat right next to you. Do you remember what I said? I said what is a beautiful girl like you doing all alone at a park in the summer at 6:00 pm? You looked at me funny with those light brown eyes that sparkle every time i tell you, you look pretty or when i sing you a song. Those dimples that make your cheeks so cute. When you blush my legs get all like jello. Your smile. Dammit that smile. You could kill someone with that smile. Its so contagious just thinking about makes me smile. This is like what a million pages long? Anyway turn your phone on and i hope you brang headphones. Put in the headphones and put on Often by the weekend. Go to youtube it should be on my youtube page and listen to it. Keep walking down the path. Love you Penny!”

I smiled at the note. My face is probably extremley red but hey he makes me like this all the time. I turned on my phone plugged in my beats buds and went to his youtube page and started playing the video.

“I love sleeping all alone
This time around bring your friend with you
But we ain’t really going to sleep at all
You ain’t gonna catch me with them sneak pictures
In my city I’m a young God
That pussy kill be so vicious
My God white, he in my pocket
He get me redder than the devil ‘til I go nauseous.” Nate sang. I felt my legs go all jello knowing it was all for me.

The song and video ended. I looked up to see pictures of me and nate together throughout the four years of us being together. I saw the note tucked under a ribbon on a present.

"Hey beautiful Nate again. Just wanted to remind you to bring a jacket. Oops too late. Anyway I remeber you stealing my jackets so remember how I never let you touch my Omaha high school sweatshirt. Well open the present love. Dont forget to keep walking down the path babygirl.”

I put the note in my clutch and opened the present. I saw his omaha sweatshirt neatly folded in the box. I felt so overwhelmed knowing how much he loved this sweatshirt. I put on the sweatshirt because it suddenly got really cold. It smelled like him. It made me miss him like crazy.

I walked until the path came to an end. I saw a red carpet lead to a car. I walked up to the car. Matthew Espinosa stood there with the door open like a gentlemen. I hugged him as he let go he slipped a piece of paper in the sweatshirt pocket.

I went into the car. I put on my seatbelt. I was really thirtsy so i popped open the mini fridge to find the only drink was champagne. I mentally groaned and took it out and started drinking it. I took it out.

“Like the drink selection I see. Babe you know you cant deny it. I know how thirsty you get ;). Anyway these past 4 years 2 months 5 days 2 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds has been the best years of my whole life. Now look at the screen that Matt the gentleman will now provide just say the words Nate is a sexy fucking daddy. Love you Penny.”

I chuckled at the last part and randomly said “Nate is a sexy fucking daddy.” I giggled as Matt shook his head. A little screen came down. I saw Jack and Jack.

“Hey Pennsylvania!” Gilinsky said as I chuckled at my name he gave me.

“We wish we could be there for your 19th birthday! Sorry we booked a show on your birthday!” Johnson said.

“You jacks have you seen my last clean pair of socks?” I heard Nate say in the backround. He came into the frame. He looked straight at the camera. “Nevermind. Hey princess you look beautiful.” He said and winked. He then left the frame.

“Anyway we cant give you your gift in persin so kindly pause this video and tell Matt the gentleman to give him our present to you.” Gilinsky said.

I paused the movie and tapped matt. He gave me a flash drive. I chuckled. And unpaused the video.

“We know you dont have your laptop so thats why when you get home you can look at it!” Johnson said.

“We love you Pennsylvania! See you soon!” They said in sync. The video ended and so did the car ride. I saw my dance studio. It said “Angles and Lines Dance Company” in big red glowing letters as i stepped out of the car/limo. I saw a trail of rose pedals leading towards the door. I walked in and saw the receptionist Ashley. I took off your sweater and placed it on a hanger and went into Studio A. I saw my friends and relatives with a few of my famous viners i am friends with.

“Penn this song explains you and Nates relationship. What better way to show you then to show you what you do and dance to it.” Jess said. My mom pressed play on the cd player as “I Wish You Would” by Taylor Swift started playing. My guy friends started dancing to the beat. Then the girls took over. The capable relatives that werent old started dancing. I laughed. Everyone was dancing in the end. At the end of the song I saw a familiar face dancing. I stood up straight after leaning in the doorway. It was Nate dancing. He made his way to the front. It made evey good sense in me not to go up and run into his arms. The song ended and I clapped.

“Penny, I love you ever since I met you when you were 15 in that park. When you were writing down choreography for the schools musical Grease when you were Sandy. Well now I guess I’m Danny. You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde. The Tris to my Tobias. The Ginny to my Harry. What I’m trying to get at is, if you werent in my life I probably still be searching for you. So Penny.” Nate said. He suddenly got down on one knee. I was almost in tears. My hands covered my mouth as he pulled out a small black box.

“Mari Pennington Boatwright, you’ve already gave me four years of happiness, will you now give me eternal happiness and marry me?” He asked as he opened the bow to reveal a ring with a small diamond on it. It looked like my grandma’s but updated.

Tears were flowing out of my eyes by now. I couldn’t speak so I nodding and gave him my left hand. He got it out of the box and slipped it on my ring finger it fit perfectly. I wrapped my arms around him and engulfed him into a hug and started crying. I realeased and pulled him into a makeout session. I heard someone unclear there throat. I pulled away and held Nates hand as my relatives clapped and came to congradulate us.

This was for the beautiful and lovely Penn 💕 or aka magcon-omahasquad ily ❤️

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Nate Maloley Imagine (SAD)

“Imma go wake Hana. Say sorry about last night and I wanna cuddle my baby” Nate tells me getting up out of bed and pulling on his shorts and shirt. “I wanna cuddle” I tell him. He shakes his head “shes nicer to cuddle with and doesn’t tease me” he explains walking out. After a few minutes I hear Nate cry out “HANA WAKE UP.” Quickly getting worried I jump up grabbing my robe and Sprint into her room. I see Nate bawling, holding her to his chest. I walk over to him scared, tears falling from my eyes. “Baby, let go let me see” I whisper out, lightly pulling his shoulder back. He releases her but doesn’t move far back as I stare at her pale face. I check her for a heart beat but find nothing, getting increasingly worried I check to see if shes breathing then check for a heart beat again. Not knowing what to do I start shaking her, slowly at first but Gething violent very quickly. Nate pulls me away from her hugging me as I scream out for her. Nate, whose also crying, starts rocking me back and forth, trying to get me to calm down.

After about half an hour later Sam had found us and called an ambulance and got us out to the room to let us calm down. The ambulance arrived and took Hana and Nate. Sam forced me to get dressed and drove me to the hospital and we both rushed up to the emergency room. As we get out of the lift we see Nate sitting in the waiting room, tears falling more violently than when we were at home and I know its bed news. “Baby… what happened?” I ask him crouching on the floor beside him, tears falling fomented my eyes too. Sam takes a seat beside Nate, putting his arm around him. “Nate whats happened is she okay?” Sam asks him. Nate starts shaking way more violently and I know whats happened, Sam catches on quickly. I stand up and run to the closests toilets leaving Sam hugging Nate.

I stare at myself in the mirror, seeing nothing but bloodshot eyes and a pale face staring back at me. I break down again in tears. My baby girl is gone, she had been suffering with a brain tumor for 3 years now and we were told that any day now could be her last but recently she had been getting better, this was the last we were expecting. I cant even think about how Nate is feeling because last night he had gotten angry at her for messing with his computer and deleting his lyrics and other things. He had shouted at her and sworn at her out of anger. I had to calm her and put her to sleep before calming down Nate who felt bad when he realised what he had said and wanted to wake her up but I told him to let her sleep. We had gone to sleep not ever thinking we would wake up with her gone. I look up at the mirror and breathe deeply, I need to be there for Nate. I tell myself, repeating it in my head as I walk back out to see Sam still whispering to Nate whose calmed down a little. When he sees me coming he stands up taking a few steps towards me, engulfing me in a tight hug. “Its going to work out, we can do this” he whispers into my ear, sounding like hes trying to convince himself. I nod into his chest, sniffling.

“Miss.Y/L/N and Mr. Maloley” we hear someone say. We pull away and look over to the voice to see a man in a white coat and scrubs. “I am truly sorry for your loss but would you mind coming this way to sign the death certificate so that we can take your daughter through to the morgue” he tells us. We nod following him to his office, we sign the paper and take it with us and when we leave again I start crying again. Nate tries to stay strong but a few stray tears fall from his eyes. He holds me in a tight grip not letting me go. Sam comes up behind us “lets get you two home” he says his voice cracking. Sam and Hana were close they spent 6 Years together annoying the hell out of us like siblings. The 3 of us leave the hospital and go home, the first thing I do is run straight up to her bedroom. I stand at the door staring at the pink heaven. I look at the picture of the 4 of us last year on my birthday morning. The 3 of them made me breakfast ans we took that picture then they brought it up to me in bed. We all look so happy. “Think about the memories” I hear behind me. Nate is stood behind me, “all the amazing memories we made with our beautiful baby girl” Nate carries on his voice breaking. Tears start falling again, Nate hugging me from behind. “My Angel is gone” I cry into his chest. I hear him start crying as well. We walk over to her little bed and lay on it falling asleep.

****A week later****

I have been awake since 3am, watching Nate sleep. He hasn’t slept in nearly 3 days so for one day I LET him sleep, stroking his head. Its now 9am and today is Hana`s funeral. Sam and the rest of the boys arranged it because we couldn’t handle it. Half an hour later Sam comes into our room, his eyes like mine bloodshot. “Morning beautiful” he says sitting on the edge of the bed. “You two to get up and get ready, we need to get there by 11” he informs me. I nod my head, smiling at him. Wanting cry again. “It sucks, it fucking sucks she didn’t deserve to die and I know I cant say anything to make it better but what I can say is remember all the funny things she did and all the Times she giggled and every time she told you she loved you because those memories are going to help make it better" Sam orders me. I nod quickly wiping my eyes. “She was an amazing girl and I am blessed to have been in everyday of her life” he finishes a few stray tears falling. “Do you remember on Nates birthday when she stuffed the roll cake with dog treats, Nates face was hilarious” he tells the story making me laugh a little. “I refused to kiss him, his mouth stunk” I chuckled the memory but my face turning into a pout quickly. “She was so proud of herself making her dads special cake” I cry.

I feel Nate stirring and he rubs his eyes siting up a little. He looks so refreshed but the same time so drained. “Mornin Lil ma” he mumbles, giving me a measly kiss on the cheek. “So todays the day” he says referring to Hana`s funeral. The both offs nod “you two get ready quickly the others will be here and the body will be on its way and after the boys and me have little surprise for the two of you” he tells us patting Nates leg and kissing my forehead. “Up and at em” he shouts before leaving the room. “I don’t want to go, I don’t want my baby to be 6 foot under, I want her in my arms” Nate confesses. Rubbing his face, “well we cant have that so we have to go” I tell him harshly. “Sorry, I don’t want to be there either but she deserves a send off for being such brave young trooper” I comfort him rubbing his arm. “You go shower I`ll get your clothes out" I say getting out of bed. I pull up the long sleeves of Nates jumper, pumping up my pillow and sorting out my side of the duvet. He doesn’t move, but seems deep in thought. I lean over pecking his lips, bringing him out of his thoughts. “We have eachother, we can get through this” I tell him my lips hovering over his, our shoulders touching. I run my hand through his curly hair, remembering when we shaved Hana`s head because she was losing it because of chemotherapy and she started crying so to maker happy Nate shaved his long curly hair as well. I tug on his hair a little, kissing him one last time.

“Up” I mumble against his lips. He stands up whining like a child. Like Hana when had to go to bed or when Sam wouldn’t let her watch TV and forced her to go outside. He walks into the ensuite and I walk over to the wardrobe pulling out his black suit I grab a shirt and a tie that Hana used to use as a bandana when she was a pirate and leave them on the bed. I pull out a long sleeved black dresser my self and pull out some heels but throw them back in, wanting to be comfortable and instead pull out the red vans that Hana always took of mine to wear around the house when we pretended to be me. This day is about my Angel. I rummage through my wardrobe loowing for some tights finally findind some I put them on the bed with my dress and walk over to the bathroom. I walk over to the sink to brush my teeth. I wait a free more minutes for Nate to step out of the shower. I hand him a towel, which he wraps around his waist, his tattoos on show. Across his left forearm I see Hana`s name and her date of birth. I run my finger across it. “Im going to add her death date on it” he informs me. I nod my head staring at it. I can feel the urge to cry again, look up trying t blink them away. “It hurts so bad, 6 years of her constantly there and now shes gone" start crying again. All I do is cry. Nates eyes start to water but he wipes his eyes. “It hurts but it is what it is but now our baby girl is watching over US. She isn’t letting us go through this pain ever again. Are you?” He ask nobody. I hug his wet body tightly, “if you weren’t here I would have killed myself already” I speak my mind. He hugs me tighter. “Right go get dressed” I pull away wiping my eyes. He kisses my forehead before walking out.

“Hana`s favourite right?” Jack G asks me as I walk down the stairs. I nod wiping my already red nose. “You look amazing but thats not relevant is it” he says hugging me. I hear a knock at the door,someone gives to open it and I hear a voice ive been dying to hear, my moms. “Y/N my baby girl” she says her eyes also bloodshot. She doesn’t even has to say anything just hold her arms open and I rush to her. “Im sorry I couldn’t get here earlier, there were no flights Im so sorry baby” she whispers into my ear. I start crying so hard, letting it all out. My legs give up below me and I sink to the ground, my mom still clutching me. I start scream and shouting letting out all my anger and sadness. The boys watch me fall apart, Nate walks down the stairs and sees me crumbling. He stops the top of the stairs, sitting down his head in his hands.

Through the open door Nates mom walks in, her appearance similar to my own mothers. She looks around st the sceneplaying out, the rest of the boys leave to go outside because the car with the body has arrived. When Nate sees his mom he rushes down into her arms, letting it all out as well but quietly. “Shhh Nathan, its going to get better” I hear her soothing my screams calming down. My mom finally lets me go, My dad replacing her. After a few more minutes f hugging and wiping eyes we finally are all pulled togetheraging, ready to leave. I grasp Nates hand so tightly that my knuckles go white, he gives me a reassuring squeeze back. “ we can do this” he whispers in my eat, both of us feeling a lot better for letting everything out. We walk out to see the boys ready to go, the car with the Brown casket with pink engraving of Hana`s name and dates. I smile walking past the CAR getting in.

We pray, we cry and we speak. At the end of the funeral I go to see my baby for the last time before they close the casket. I look at her, she looks so peaceful. I kiss her cold skin, Nate doing the same and we close it, ready to be taken off to the graveyard. We didn’t believe in burning the body so we didn’t. The men that brought her in take her out again and on the screen being Sam plays a few home videos in her remembrance. Firsts the video of when they first came to the hospital, I look a mess. A few home videosplay and then pops up the most recent one. The night before she died. Sam had been filming her on Nates laptop when she deleted everything.

“So Hana what are you doing?” He asks her. “Im being my daddy” she replies giving her dimpled grin to the camera. “What does you daddy do?” He questions. “Oh oh my daddy, hes a wapper and he his names Skate” she giggles. Sam laughs with her. “But what cant your daddy do?” Sam ask her and she break down in a laughing fit, slapping the keyboard. This is when she deleted the files. “SKATE CANT SKATE” She screams as the camera breaking down in giggles again. In the background I appear, the camera turns to me. “Sam don’t shes going to get a stomach ache” I warn him. He turns the camera back to Hana. “Act like Y/N” He order the 6 year old. She looks at the camera confused. “Whos Y/N?” She ask Sam. “Your mummy” he explains in other words causing to breakdown in giggles again.“I cant im not that pretty” she says laughter subsiding. Before turning back to the camera. “Im way hotter” she says to the camera setting me and Sam off. I remember it all so clearly.

The video cuts off but the memory replays in my head. Just after the camera off Nate walked in wanting his laptop. I pointed to it on the sofa, watching the video of Hana. Nate though started swearing. “Where the Fuck has the folder gone, it had all the stuff for my ne song in it.” He searches through his computer. “Did anyone touch it?” He asks. “Yeah Hana was on it pretending to be you, she was hitting the keyboard, she might have done it then” Sam explained. Thats when Nate lost it, wiping the smile of Hana face. “You fucking idiot you know you aren’t allowed on my computer, you are too dumb to use it” he shouted at her, her bottom lip wobbling.“crying isn’t going to make it better you dumb Fuck. I worked onto that for 2 months are you just wrecked it” he continues. “Dude it was an accident calm down” Sam says pulling a crying Hana into his lap. “Nate shut the Fuck up shes a child she didn’t know what She was doing. You don’t have to swear at her” I shouted him picking Hana up and taking her to bed while Nate had a moan. I remember the last think she said to me was, why does dad hate me. I never told Nate this because it would have killed him. I remember telling her that both of us loved her before leaving her to go to sleep.

Back at home, im back into Nate jumpers and some leggings, relaxing back against the sofa. My mom had offeredto stay butt old her just go to her hotel that we needed space to grieve but shes welcome back tomorrow. Nate told his mom the same. Right now Me, Nate and Sam were sitting on the sofa talking about her watching her home movies. It felt like she was with us in her room. Sam received a text and jumped up. “Right you two get up and get your shoes on. No questions just move” he auspices grabbing our arms pulling us, I slip on my red vans and Nate slips on some toms and Sam shoves us out of the house to the basket ball court and childrens park across the road. We see the Jacks, Dillon, John, Emily all standing there with a blossom plant in hand. Hanas favorite flowers. We walk closer and see 2 holes, a plaque and 2 buckets. One with grey stuff and the other with soil. “What are we doing?” I ask knowing but wanting to confirm. “A memorial tree for our little Angel” Emily says handing me the tree. “Do the honours” she says and I put the tree in the bigger hole and tip the soil into it patting it down keeping the tree, upright. About 2 foot away in the other hole Nate has put the plaque into the ground securing with concrete. “She is gone but will never be forgotten” Sam says to the group and we all nod head agreeing. We all take pictures and post them to instagram and Twitter telling all fans what it was. We habeas a big group hug and cry over it before going back into our house for some hot chocolate and bringing up memories.


Hope you enjoyed. I wrote this because I have had younger siblings die and I know its heartbreaking and not because im morbid.

Heres to all the beautiful young children have lost their lives. Because of cancer, illness or abuse. You all deserved to live my little angels but I know you are in a better place.

-… xxxx