that's the shop name!


sawasprout 🌱 (please click through to read!)

I was having sad thoughts of lonely kid miyuki, which made me return to my sawasprout au ideas. that au did basically start with miyuki wanting a good pitcher to play catch with and he is given seeds to grow one. one of too many other au’s i have.


i just recently watched little shop of horrors for the first time and plant horror always reminds me of over the garden wall so!! little shop of horrors au!! wirt goes in the woods and finds a plant he brings back to sarah’s and his plant shop. the beast plant persuades him to feed him lost souls to keep him alive, and wirt falls for the beast’s tricks. it basically follows the plot of the film, but goes to the original, uncut ending of the film, and ends with greg being mortally wounded by the plant and wirt feeding him to it. wirt is eventually defeated by the plant as well, and his soul is taken like the others. or maybe not!! maybe wirt saves greg and is able to defeat the beast and make sure he never takes any souls again!! who knows??

These two ruined me faster than any other pair I can think of. I didn’t go into Zestiria asking for this, but here I am.

Bad news is I’ve been under tons of stress/in a pretty deep depression and I got art block for like…two weeks. Easiest thing to fuck me over is instability and thats the name of the game at the shop I work at for glassblowing. Not to mention long as hell hours and I have seasonal effective disorder that hits in the summer.

Good news is, I broke my art block. I have a couple of IA sketches to finish up and submit soon and get back on the horse. This was just some art I made for myself. Ghanima again, all freehand and no refs.

That's Not My Name

I have customers who come in and shop around and my nametag clearly says ANDREA in big bold letters. I’ve been called Adriana before, by like an 8 year old (totally understandable. She’s a kid who maybe cant read well) well we have this regular who comes in (literally every single day) and hes kind of a creepy old guy. Like standing just a little too close to us when he talks to us and stuff. He’s also smeared poop all over the customer bathroom before (and I know this because I’d just finished cleaning one and moved to the other. He went in the freshly cleaned one which I then had to clean again), he’s obsessed with a Rudolph hat that I have (he keeps offering me money for it and getting mad/yelling when I say no) but those are all different stories. So this guy used to correctly call me Andrea. But now he purposely calls me Amanda. I’ve pointed out to him that Amanda isn’t my name. My coworkers have also told him this but he doesn’t give a poop. He’ll ask my coworker “can Amanda open her line?” (Cuz for whatever reason, he doesn’t like that coworker) and she replies “no one named Amanda works here.” And then he corrects himself but when he leaves hell say “bye Amanda” and I refuse to talk to him now because he purposefully says the wrong name. He knows my fkin name.