that's the seat i would have picked

  • Nick: Shuddup
  • Judy: Make me
  • Nick: Ohhh, you shouldn't have said that, Carrots.
  • Judy: Wha? Wait no- EEEEEEEEEEK! Enough, Enough!
  • Nick: Say I'm the smartest, fastest, best looking mammal in Zootopia.
  • Judy: Your the- EEEEE! *Laughs uncontrollably* smartest, fastest mammal in-
  • Nick: Nooo You missed something
  • Judy: hahaha. Best looking mammal *squeals* in Zootopia. Now stooop!
  • Nick: *smirks*
  • Judy: Dumb Fox
  • Nick: *slaps hand to heart* That's no way to speak to someone you just hit on. I wonder what Bogo would think.. *picks up radio*
  • Judy: NICK! *dives across seat* NOOO!
One Of The Guys Part 2

part one is hereeee (: 

The next weekend you took the boys with you to go dress shopping. They grumbled about it all the way from the house to the car and then from the car to the shop. Well all of them except for Luke.

When you had finally arrived at the shop you made them walk in front of you to make sure they didn’t leave. They all entered the shop and you followed behind them with a smirk on your face.

“Hi how may i help you today?” The woman asked behind the little counter when you walked in after the boys.

“Um ya i need to find a prom dress.” I said awkwardly.

“Sure thing! What’s your name?” She asked.

“Y/n."I smiled back at her.

"Nice to meet you y/n, my name is Amy. Why don’t you take a seat in the back and we can get started.

I nodded and went in the direction she pointed me in. 

The back of the store was a seating area with couches in a square with one side missing, on that side was a mirror. Surrounding the seating area were dressing rooms.

We all took seats on the couches as i looked around at all of the colorful fabrics.

"Hey michael i think that red dress over there matches the color of your hair.” I teased him with a small smirk.

He shot me a “go to hell” look and i chuckled.

A moment later Amy came back to where we were.

“Alright. So do you have any ideas of what you would want your dress to look like?” She smiled.

“Well no, see I’ve never been dress shopping before.” I admitted.

“Oh thats perfectly fine! Let me measure you real quick and then we can go pick some things out that you like.” She smiled again and i nodded following her into one of the dressing rooms.

The pulled out a measuring tape and began to circle it around my body in different places.

“So tell me some of your favorite colors so we can try to find something in one of those.” Amy said as she measured my waist. 

“Um i like black and silver and blue but it depends on the shade.” I thought.

“Hm alright. Well i’m done measuring so lets go look.” She smiled.

We left the dressing room and i followed her to the racks in the front of the shop. She led me to the black section and began to flip through the dresses. 

“Oh how about this one?” She asked and held up a black sequined top with silver jeweled designs covering the front. The bottom of the dress flared out. 

It was actually quite beautiful. 

“I like it.” I smiled.

“Okay lets try this one.” She said with enthusiasm. 

As i followed her back to the dressing room i saw all four of the boys on their phones.

“So who did you bring along with you?” Amy asked.

“My best friends. The blonde one is my date.” I answered.

“Well we will make sure to get their attention with you in a stunning dress.” She assured me and we entered the dressing room again. 

After i stripped of my tom-boy-ish clothes and she fitted me into the dress, she flipped back the curtain and led me to the mirror. 

I stepped up onto the little stage in front of it and looked at myself.


The dress flattered my body quite nicely. I could see the boys behind me staring up at me with their mouths wide open.

“See something you like?” I said pointedly at them and they all looked away and acted like they weren’t just staring at me.

“Well what do you think?” I turned around so that i was facing them.

Luke was looking at me with wide eyes.

“Uh you look- you look very pretty.” Luke stammered, a blush creeping up his neck.

“Yea um, very nice.” Calum agreed and Ashton nodded his head.

“Michael?” I asked him and he shot me a glare.

“What they said.” He said with narrowed eyes and i smiled before doing a little curtsey.

“Thank you.” I smiled sarcastically and then swept back into the dressing room. 

After i had gone back in Amy was waiting with a pair of high heels.

“Oh no.” I said immediately as i saw them. 

“Oh yes. Come on you can’t wear the dress without heels!” She encouraged before pulling a cinderella move and placing them on my feet. 

I wobbled and tried to find my balance as i stood awkwardly in the dressing room.

“Alright now lets walk to the stage.” She announced before shooing me from the dressing room.

I took an awkward step forward and managed not to fall, so i took that little victory and took another shaky step. 

By the time in had reached the stage and looked at myself i heard a loud laugh behind me.

Michael was doubled over the couch, his face red with laughter. Calum and Ashton both wore amused expressions while Luke wore one of shock, apology, amusement, and maybe…adoration? 

“Something funny Clifford?” I turned around with my hands on my hips and a deathly glare on my face.

He was laughing too hard to even form words.

I narrowed my eyes and reached down to unclasp the heel from my foot and then took aim throwing it at Michael. The pointy heel smacked him in the shoulder hard and he went sprawling to the floor. 

“OW!” He yelled. 

“Serves you right you prick.” I shrugged.

“I’m sorry…it’s just…you look like a girl.” He was sent in another fit of giggles.

“Maybe cause i am a girl you dipshit.” I rolled my eyes and went to unclasp the other shoe, throwing at his most sensitive area.

“AHH!” He yelled in pain before grabbing himself and rolling on the floor.

“Did that hurt?” I asked maniacally.

“Fu- yes!” He whined.

“Good, ill take those then.” I turned back to Amy who was standing behind me with an amused expression.

“I’ll put those in box for you.” She said before going to retrieve the shoes.

I gathered up the skirt in my hand and went back to the dressing room. I pulled the curtain back and waited for Amy to come back when there was a knock on the wall.

“Um come in?” I asked and the curtain slowly pulled back to reveal a nervous looking Luke.

“Hey.” He said awkwardly.

“Hi.” I said. 

“Sorry about Michael.” He apologized looking down.

“I think he learned his lesson.” I winked.

“Yea.” Luke laughed. “So um you looked really nice in the dress." 

"Thank you.” I smiled. 

“Well i’ll let you get changed.” He smiled before taking a step back.

“Wait Luke, can you do me a favor? Unzip the dress for me?” I asked sweetly and he immediately blushed. 

He nodded slowly and i flipped my hair to one side and turned around.

His fingers met the skin of my back and he slowly unzipped the dress. I held up the front with one arm. 

“Thanks.” i turned around.

“Sure.” He smiled.

He turned to walk out again.

“Oh and Luke.” I stopped him again and he turned around. “I can’t wait till prom.” I stood up on my tiptoes to whisper into his ear and then pressed a light kiss to his cheek. 

His eyes were wide and the blush still lingered on his pale cheeks.

“Me too.” He said finally. 

“Alright now let me get out of this dress.” I joked and he laughed before leaving the dressing room.

Yea, i was really looking forward to prom with Luke.