that's the reason for all the green


*heart eyes* uh oh.

so Giancarlo, who works on svtfoe also worked on green lantern. And THIS character’s design caught my attention for some obvious reasons..(I wonder what lol).

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Main three and astronomer s/o


-Constantly takes them stargazing

-Wants to learn all the constellations

-Actually succeeds

-S/o is very impressed, because someone as forgetful as him managed it


-Finds it incredibly cute

-Often organises dates that involve astronomy one way or another

-Takes s/o to the observatory a lot

-Loves watching s/o’s eyes sparkle when they talk about it


-Isn’t too interested at first

-But gradually grows interested after hearing s/o talk about it often

-Really likes cuddling under the stars

-But to tsundere shy to admit


Hufflepuffs emphasize equality. If the playing field is equal, then all other good things will come from there. People think that Hufflepuffs are pushovers. They cast them as the shy ones, the fearful ones, the insecure ones. Really, they’re none of these things. They are nice, accepting, friendly,but they are also entirely willing to fight anyone that steps up to the plate talking shit. 

                     Hufflepuffs will defend themselves and other people until they’re dead. The big difference between Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs is that a Gryffindor believes in acceptable casualties, and a Hufflepuff does not. For Hufflepuffs, there aren’t acceptable casualties; any loss of life is unacceptable.

Gryffindors don’t care about rules. The most hard-line of them don’t even care about people. They care about justice. Right or wrong, black or white, there are no shades of grey. If it’s just, it’s always just; if it’s unjust, it’s always wrong.

                     Gryffindors are not necessarily knights in shining armor.(x)(2/?)

The signs as people on St. Patricks day

Aries: The one that goes all out, green body paint, clothes, everything

Taurus: Forgot about it, so quickly drew with a green marker on your hand

Gemini: Remembered and wore a green shirt

Cancer: One of the pinchers, pinching everyone not wearing green.

Leo: Annoying dude who keeps telling everyone it’s st. patty’s day repeatedly

Virgo: The person that for some reason decorated their house for it

Libra: The guy that uses it as an excuse to get drunk

Scorpio: The friend who has to help their half-drunk Libra friend

Sagittarius: The one Irish person thats offended of everything going on

Capricorn: Happy bc they got the day off from work/school

Aquarius: That one guy talking with a bad Irish accent

Pisces: Sad bc they have to work/go to school

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Describe your perfect girl physically and personality wise

Weak af for short sporty but girly brunettes with green eyes thats always been the type of girl that catches my eye straight away since I was young and personality wise you gotta be trustworthy thats my biggest thing, being funny, goofy, silly, but also be able have a serious conversation with me and basically just someone I can talk to for hours without getting bored of them. For some reason I also love girls that get all awkward and go red I find that so fucking cute. So if you’re out there hmu

hey im watching the green day early years thingy on spotify and if for some reason anyone is interested in watching it with me in a stream please like or reblog this and depending on the feedback i get i might stream it
thats all thanks

Itzumis main-question right now: why isn’t Youma my master

Reasons probable enough that nobodies caught on to Adrien having a miraculous

  • chat is more outgoing and social, where as adrien is more down to earth
  • adrien doesnt crack any jokes or puns compared to chat
  • chat’s hair is styled completely different than adrien
  • chats sclera’s are a light green and his pupils are slited
  • chat outwardly shows love and admiration for ladybug but adrien keeps it hidden
Explaining being gay

Isnt it crazy how all my friends love root beer, but I don’t. I wish I liked root beer too cuz hey, another drink to enjoy right. No more gasps followed by “oh my gosh u don’t like root beer” and I could finally experience all the hype about root beer floats. But when I drink it, it just tastes nasty. I can’t help it. I was just born with some kind of thing in my DNA that makes me not like root beer. I just find it kind of amazing (when you think about it) how u can’t control what you like. I can’t just *zap* make myself like root beer. You just either do or you don’t.

Same. Goes. With. The. Kind. Of. People. You. Like.
You like brunettes? Why? No reason. You just do. Which is totally understandable.
You like blue eyes more than green? Why though? No reason? Oh ok. Thats understandable too.

So why is it hard to understand that there’s no magical force field in a brain that invalidates all this when it comes to the gender you like?

You like girls? Fine, I don’t care why.
You like boys? Fine, I dont care why.
You like both? Fine, I don’t care why.
Because that’s you. Whether you’re straight, gay, or anything in between you’re an unique individual and you’re the way you are for the simple reason that you are the way you are.

You like root beer? Coolz. Have an extra glass for me.

I just want to share these thoughts in case anyone needs help explaining this to anyone who may not understand.
Have yaself a great day 👍