that's the perfect scene i was talking about

They’re trying so hard to make us think Sansa’s really against Jon. Between the writers talking about ~conflict~ and Sophie’s apparent dislike for Jon… 

How about no? It doesn’t make any sense? It’s like the “Jon Snow’s dead!!!” thing all over again. I’m not buying it. It’s like they didn’t write, act, and watch the same scenes as everyone else. They couldn’t have won the battle without each other. Sansa needed Jon just as much as he needed her. They’re the perfect team. Easily proven by BotB. And how about the score that goes with Sansa’s arrival? Yeah, it’s called “Trust Each Other”. 

This isn’t season 3. The political battles are fading. Winter is here. And no one wants to see a Stark civil war anyway. 

I want Ian and Mickey to just talk; a good long chat about each other and how they’re doing. I want Ian to ask Mick about prison, I want them to talk about micks tattoo, I want Mickey to ask how Ian is doing with his disorder and how his mental state is. I want them to share each other in a moment of Just them no cares in the world and a quite moment. I just want them to say I love you face to face for real, NO ulterior. I don’t really care if gallavich is END game, like yes it would be nice but I just want a good
Moment of Ian and Mickey, two separate beings talking about their lives in the past few years.

when sister talks to lopez and he tells her that her spanish sucks, the joke there is that she speaks perfect spanish while lopez always speaks horribly mangled broken spanish

and i still think thats one of the funniest scenes in the world

Reborntale - Beginnings

Basically this is when papyrus is reborn and experiences the world for the first time through new eyes!
Au was made by @skellyhell
Where am I?
I feel cold…

I lazily open my eyes to the bright world, blinded I bring my hand to my face.
W-what? O-oh, it seems I’m made of bone…
I bring my arms in front of me an investigate my new body also taking in my clothing. I don’t quite know why but I really like it, it looks really great!
Hmmmm… that doesn’t really feel like that’s the whole statement.. I’ll figure it out later I guess, it’ll be sort of like a puzzle! I like the sound of that too! I wonder what else I can find about myself!
Like a name, maybe? My name is…Papyrus! That was a lot easier than expected, I should save some of this fun for later though, would want to wear myself out!……I feel disappointed in myself??
I survey the scene, snow gently fluttering down from through the thick fog and the sound of a flowing river filling the surroundings. I look at the river, and watch the ice cubes bobbing down the current, is that why its so cold? I look down and immediately startle myself and jump back from the rivers edge.
It looked the a monster in the water looking directly at me! Should I….greet it?? I’m not sure I can handle this but I believe I can overcome myself and do it! I begrudgingly inch myself closer to the waters edge and take a deep breath, alright here goes nothin’!
It stops completely when I do, strange… is this a strategic move made to confuse me!? No, no… its smart but I will not lose! I lift my hand to wave at them, they return the action with incredible speed and accuracy.
Wait. Its too perfect. I squeeze my eyes at the water and reach out my hand, and attempt to touch them. My hand goes into the water and life drains out of me with shock. That monster is me. I. Have been. Talking. To my. Reflection.
Blushing and embarrassed I fix my throat and stand up and attempt to walk away from the scene of the crime. Lets go left!
Something in the distance catches my eye. A small figure walking through the mist and crunching through the snow, mulling away about something. As he gets walks closer i can see the details of him, he a small skeleton, wearing a thick blue hoodie and black shorts with white stripes. His face seems tired and worn out, he looks like he’s almost tired of everything….
He walks right by me, consumed by himself. He doesn’t even notice my presence…
He looks at the river at stares for a bit.
*I hope he’s okay…
*he was just going to go capture the kid, it shouldn’t be taking so long….
*Guezz paps, what have you gotten yourself into??
Paps? Who’s that? Their name is pretty close to mine! Maybe they know me! I should follow him and find out! I wish I could ask for his name though, he seems very caring. Worrying about someone like that! He continues on his walk and I follow, I glad he seems to know to way. I can barely see anything in this fog.
The small skeleton takes a bit breath and calls out
*papyrus! Where are you!?
He used my name, that’s me! Does that mean paps is a nickname? Well I mean it makes sense. Does he know something about me? Is he a friend of mine??
After a little further, the small skeleton stops dead in his tracks. Confused I look at hes looking at, its a pile of ash and on top and old red scarf, obviously loved. It looks a lot like mine though….
*no no nO NO NO NO, PAPYRUS!?
He takes his hands out of his pockets and runs to the scarf.
*n-no please d-don’t…no…
The small skeleton collapses in front of the scarf, little sobs emitting from him. I walk around to the front of him, his white eyes are gone and tears are streaming from his sockets, the constant smile that he has worn all this time has fallen into a grimace. He picks up the scarf and begins to sob louder and begins to cry into the scarf.
*pap…pap..please, please…no….why….
He folds onto the ground, incoherently crying and mumbling into the scarf. I feel really sorry for him.. I rub his back trying to help with his grieving, he jumps under my touch and he looks up at me vacantly his pupils fuzzy but visible. He doesn’t seem to be looking at me directly though…
*papyrus? Is that you..?
*…heh, look at me I’m such a mess…
*imaging, hoping that your still with me somehow…
But I am with you I mean, I guess? It seems I can’t really talk to you and I’m also not visible to you either…
*I swear to you papyrus, I WILL get that kid for what they’ve done… I’ll make sure they never see the light of day again….
He turns and continues to sob into the scarf and I sit down with him and continue to rub his back hoping that tis is offering some sort of comfort. Kid?…the light of day? What did they do? What happened to me? I guess these are questions for a later time for now all I need to do is help this skeleton.
Hmmm…I cant just keep calling him ‘skeleton’ there are probably lots of others like us so calling him what we are might be confusing…. how about… ‘sans’.. yea! Its not very creative considering it just the font you speak in, but then again, my name is my font too. So it fits i guess!
I’ll help you through your journey, sans!

  • My brother is watching GMW because he liked the pilot and in the first eps he was like "Rucas and Markle are endgame" and then he started to watch season two and well in this season he was like...
  • My brother: "I don't ship Riarkle but why Farkle keeps looking at Riley" "So why they show us Lucas when Maya is talking?" "Maya likes Lucas, that is obvious" "You see Riley face, she is like how the hell does Maya know about Pappy Joe?" "Smackle and Farkle holding hands? That's nothing" "It looks like Farkle likes Riley"
  • My brother again: "Why is Lucas so perfect? HE WILL BREAK SOMEDAY" "So they just showed us a... how do you call it? A riarkle scene? They said I love you and that's all?" "Farkle's face. Interesting" "I knew Lucas likes Maya but will someone ever let him speak?" "Farkle is so in love with Riley"
  • Me: You know you are shipping Riarkle and Lucaya right now? And that you are acting like a fangirl, right?
  • My brother: Shut up! I don't even know what lucaya is.
  • My brother: But are we gonna ignore the ways Lucas looks at Maya? And Riley, Farkle and the ice cream? I mean, the ice cream! And...
  • Proud of my brother ≧﹏≦
Game of Thrones Writers' Room#3
  • Weiss: Hey David, do you have a second?
  • Benioff: Anything for you, pal.
  • Weiss: Well you know how we're going to have Jorah and Tyrion go through Valyria and Jorah will contract greyscale from a stoneman there?
  • Benioff: Yes, it's so smart and efficient.
  • Weiss: I know, you truly are a master for coming up with that. But I'm thinking...won't people be a little confused?
  • Benioff: You mean how Tyrion and Jorah can make it to Meereen on a tiny boat?
  • Weiss: No, no, that makes total sense. I meant will people remember what greyscale is?
  • Benioff: Oh good point, that is confusing. I know, let's just have random characters talk about it every single episode leading up to 5x05.
  • Weiss: Just any characters?
  • Benioff: Well Shireen had it, so just anytime she's in a scene we can bring it up there. And maybe a Red Priest talks about it, because why not?
  • Weiss: Oh that's perfect. Do you think people will wonder how the stone men got to Valyria?
  • Benioff: Probably. Let's just tell everyone that they're shipped there. Oh maybe Shireen was almost sent there.
  • Weiss: Absolutely! Nobles from Westeros would totally be encouraged to send their infected there, despite the fact that even pirates won't sail through Valyria.
  • Benioff: Makes sense to me! Now there will be no confusion! And this is pretty subtle, if I do say so myself.
  • Weiss: I couldn't agree more. Oh by the way, we need Dany to get married. Should we have that mentioned as an option at any point?
  • Benioff: I don't see why she couldn't just come up with it on the spot.
  • Weiss: Wow, that will be such a great character moment for her.

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The vermont scene was basically the writers telling us fuck y'all this ain't never going to happen. That's why Abby was there like how does this make sense?!

The Vermont scene to me was a manifestation of that dream thing Ian was talking about when Olivia asked him about having something to hold onto. Abby was there to remind Olivia that things can’t just wrap up as easily as she wants them to. In a perfect world, Fitz would rescue her, resign, marry her, and everything would be beautiful and perfect. But that can’t just happen because there are so many loose ends to be tied up for both of them. I don’t think it was a writer thing so much as it was part of the reality of their relationship. They both want that but they can’t have it the way they want it. Vermont can be a reality but not without fixing the issues they have.

Whatever the circumstances, I enjoyed it and I’m not gonna piss on my own parade by analyzing Shonda’s intentions because at the end of the day she’s still petty and vindictive. It is her right as a creator to tell any story she’d like and it’s my right as a consumer to take what I want and leave the rest.

Today I felt so inspired

I was going through the tags and what not, queueing for the Klaroline Directory when I came across all the ‘make me choose’ gifsets that people had been doing. Most of these blogs I had been following for yonks, and I have personally seen the amount of Klaroline downsize on their blogs recently and saw them embrace new fandoms and new ships and haven’t mentioned Klaroline in ages. 

But yet when they were asked repeatedly to choose between Klaroline and their countless new ships, they kept choosing Klaroline. And it made me think.

We somehow need to go back to the root, why we love this pairing so much. We need to learn to forget both shows, the politics, the fandom, the anti’s, the pain, the producers, actors, writers, and look at Klaroline with a smile.

I believe without a doubt that the ship has been tainted lately with harsh words and large amounts of negative publicity but yet most of us are still here, we have our new fandoms, our new urls, our new icons, our new ships, but yet we cannot let go of those two idiots, there has to be something behind that, there has to be a magic underly that explains why even though most of us barely mention them on our blogs anymore, they still have such a firm hold on our hearts. 

We need a strip back week, a week to just go back and remember and reacquaint ourselves with what brought us here, what fueled our need to blog, to write metas that makes 'War and Peace’ look like the size of 'A Very Hungry Caterpillar’, to learn to use Photoshop, to gif/edit the same scene numerous times, to editing that video until it’s perfect, to write and write and write until your fingers are numb, and to make friends that span continents. 

I have seen too many people heartbroken, too many people discouraged, shameful, pissed, and that’s not what the ship is about, thats not why you loved it. So even if fanon is all we have. Even if we have to pretend that one or both of the shows ended after 4x23 or 5x11. Let’s change the Klaroline thoughts to ones of fondness and love.

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Yeah, the hug in purgatory. There is no getting over it. All up in front of Katrina too. That must've been a shock to her whatever else she was thinking. She's never seen them together and she had no way of knowing that they were THAT close. heh! I don't think any of them will forget that moment. And what about the look on Ichy's face when Abbie's telling him that she's staying behind? That's like the third time he nearly cried over her. ugh! ughity ugh ugh!

Seriously, I can talk about that scene forever, it’s so good and Tom and Nicole are just completely perfect in it. Ichabod immediately going “THAT IS NOT AN OPTION, LOOK I HAVE MY SERIOUS POINTY FINGER OUT AND EVERYTHING, END OF DISCUSSION NOT HAPPENING NOPPPPPE!”, and then he tries with that stern “leftenant” (I order you not to do this) but naturally that doesn’t work either, and then he just makes this slightly nauseous “oh shit” face when he realize he doesn’t have a leg to stand on after the Sin Eater stunt. And then she uses his first name and that’s it, game over and he knows it. (Also he keeps edging towards her and leaning forward, which is a thing I like.) 

Oh and when Katrina is putting on the (fairly useless) amulet Abbie looks like she’s starting to panic a bit, but she still gives a little reassuring nod/half-smile to Ichabod and he just sort of twitches like he’s trying to return it but just can’t (it’s like a micro-expression, blink-and-you-miss-it, but I’ve gone through this scene in minute detail). And then there’s the pledge, “for as long as I can draw breath”, and the hug, and unlike the Sin Eater hug his face is turned down into her hair and shit, that is an intense, intimate, crazy-affectionate hug even without the low whispering second pledge and the way he’s stroking her hair and pulling back to look her deep in the eyes and jesus your wife is RIGHT THERE DUDE. (Nah I’m jk, no one cares, even Katrina is like “damn, that’s chemistry”.)

Also as I mentioned in the tags on the gifs: The way Abbie’s shivering/shaking - or maybe it’s more like a twitch from trying to hold it together - a bit when they’re hugging just kills me. And ofc he’s barely even looking at Katrina while doing the incantation and then walking out, because nope, it’s all eye contact with Abbie for as long as possible. 

… Like I said, I can talk about this scene forever. I have a LOT of feelings about it.