that's the only one he knows lol

Okay, so we all know that Baze and Chirrut are from Jedha, but so is Bodhi!

So I’m gonna need fic of younger Baze and Chirrut meeting teeny-tiny Bodhi. Probably he sneaks into the forbidden part of the Guardians’ temple cuz his buddies dared him to. And Baze is like “goddamn brats, get off my temple!” (and Bodhi’s terrified), but Chirrut is like “lol, chill” and gives tiny Bodhi a tour.

And then when they meet again in Rogue One, Baze is like “does this pilot seem familiar to you?” and Chirrut, who recognized his “Force-aura” right away, is like “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean”.

Yo I don’t know what I want to write.

A) Xyz Fusion swap 5 chapter-ish thing where Yusho takes care of Yuri and Serena for a summer because he found out they’re orphans and Dennis tags along

B) Ray revives after 140 and the b-girls are inside her or fused with the En cards and are now her duel monster aces. With Reiji and Ray (and Akaba family in general) fluff and angst double combo (I still need to figure out how to end this but you bet your ass I’m sending Leo to fucking prison).

C) post canon slow burn-ish pedatorshipping where after finding out Yuto and Ruri were a thing they all just start dating and Yuri and Serena figure out their feelings and get past their traumas, also a lot of sharing body shits and giggles.


so a few weeks ago, the greeting committee (my favorite band that literally no one knows about) came out with a new single, “Elise” and i fell in love of course but ANYWAYS THATS BESIDES THE POINT. when i was listening to it for the first time, i remember thinking something along the lines of, “wow one of the guy band members is singing along with the girl lead, thats new and i like it” bc in all of their other songs, its only the girl lead that sings.
BUT,,, when i went back to listen to it again, i noticed that there wasnt a guy singing along at any point in the song??????? WHAT?? that left me quite stumped for a while but i just thought about it again and i decided to ask Steven about it and whaddaya know? HE GOT ALL BASHFUL AND BLUSHY BC APPARENTLY IT WAS HIM SINGING ALONG LOL.
i decided to play the song again and he sang along once more while giving me a piggy back ride in my astral space and casually serenading me platonically with a love song bc thats what friends are for

gotta love steven

Debunking Anti-NaLi arguments

‘’natsu never even liked lisanna to begin with, it was totally one sided on lisanna’s end!’’

look at cute little tsundere natsu, blushing and getting worked up over lisanna’s teasing :P so yes it was mutual.

‘’nali was just two kids playing house, its in the past they dont like each other anymore!’’

then why is natsu still getting all blushy over lisanna? [note she’s still the only girl capable of getting a reaction out of him like that] and it seems lisanna still likes him too.

heck even gildarts sees them as a couple, also further emphasizes it wasnt just something on lisanna’s end.

‘’yeah well lisanna’s bond with natsu is weak compared to his bond with lucy, they only interacted that one time when they were kids so nalu wins!’’

lol what? if thats the case then how did gildarts even know about natsu’s relationship with lisanna to begin with? he wasnt around when they were taking care of happy’s egg. that just means they continued to hang out after that and after gildarts observed them for a while he started to ship them. so they spent time together for 5 years since lisanna ‘’died’’ when she was 15 and they were like 10 when they took care of the egg. 

during those 5 years a meaningful connection had to be established, just the mention of her name made natsu go from 0 to 100 after she ‘’died’’. he never once forgot about her two years later and the pain of losing her did not lessen one bit. natsu’s bond with lisanna is just as strong as his bond with lucy if not even stronger. the amount of time you spend together doesnt have an affect on your relationship with someone when the bond has already been permanently engraved in your heart.

nali has a pretty good foundation and it could’ve blossomed into something amazing if mashima chose to develop them after bringing lisanna back, nalu may have a really close friendship and more screentime but nali’s bond is just as developed as theirs even though it was offscreen and they dont spend much time together anymore. plus we top them in the romance department.

Me: *enters the Murdoc tag*

Some smartass who thinks they’re the next Einstein or something even though this is the 500th time someone has pointed this out: Uh guys ACTUALLYYYY Murdoc’s cross ISNT EVEN SATANIC!!! he’s not even a PROPER SATANIST AND HERE’S WHY!!! LIKE Why is Murdoc wearing an inverted cross like he kNOWS THATS NOT EVEN SATANIC RIIIIGHT? xD here is a pic of the REAL satanic cross! lol I am so smart for knowing this thing that everyone already knew and pretending like upside down crosses arent strongly associated with satanism in pop culture. Am I the ONLY one who realized this? xDD? ?111!!one??1!!eleven1 Murdoc is so stupid.



annabellioncourt said:  YES. YES. That’s got to be one of the best lines in the movie, I laugh every time I watch it. And now I will be using that tag.