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the tumblr experience
  • sixteen year old girl making a joke: why do people swim in the ocean? like, ever heard of frostbite? sharks?
  • overly aggressive tumblr vegan: oh you hate sharks, b*tch? you hate innocent creatures who have never attacked ANYONE EVER just because you watched jaws? stop fucking fearmongering, you worthless piece of shit. do your parents even love you? is that it, c*nt? is that it, b*tch? also have i mentioned im vegan
  • superwholock blogger who's somehow still active in 2017. either 12 or 38, nowhere inbetween. icon varies, but it's always unsettling and often involves a flower crown: OK WHATS UP FUCKERS LET ME LEARN YOU A THING!!!! SHARKS ARE SMOL PRECIOUS BEANS AND HERES WHY: [information copy-pasted from wikipedia] !!!!!!! SEE????? THIS IS HAPPENS WHEN TUMBLR GETS THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET AND TV AND MOVIES!!!! READ BOOKS!!!!! MY FAVE IS JOHN GREEN!!!! ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IM SAPIOSEXUAL
  • reylo blogger with a red and black theme who's hoarded more hamilton URLs than lin-manuel miranda himself: it's people like OP that make me know i was born in the wrong generation -_-
  • that one feminism blog that adds unnecessary comments to everything: ^^^^THIS!!!!!!!!
  • 60 different people who dont know how to use the tag function: [various gifs]
  • meninist butting in for no goddamn reason: not all men
  • aesthetic blog that's entirely reposted instagram art: hey im tyler promo my art [flower emojis]
  • the post is nine miles long and only halfway converted into the new format. it has 800,000 notes. you've seen it thirty four times. OP deactivated

I have the somewhat resemble thought, I used to hate man. Actually I knew many good friends that is male, and some are my best friends too, but deep down I always think, that once being closed enough to them they will just hurt woman.

I have a really abusive brother, my father whom I respected a lot never had any saying about that because he thought it was childplay, then my father committed suicide. I was sexually harrassed in public places many times since 9th grade, fuck, I was even being groped when I was learning how to swim in 12th grade. I was so young back then, I was scared and hate being a woman for that. Last year some bastard just drove past me by bike when I was busying with unlocking the door, then groped my chest from behind, and I swore so loud he had to make a run.

Compared to many women, I have a hour glass body (commented by many friends), perhaps thats why? The reason I hate wearing dress/ skirt is because I cant move around freely, and also I hate the fact that I can become target to some fuckers. Only when I started dressed like dude and wear more casual clothes did I felt more secure, I sure dont feel vulnerable and I like being tomboy anyway. Personally I think every girl has one or two of those public sexually harrassed since thats very common in Vietnam, as the culture taught children that men are in higher status than women. A big fuck-up duh….

It sure is a unfortune that Im straight, now that I dressed like dude they said Im not attractive I will be a “left over” for life. Im fully prepared to live alone since I hate responsibility anyway, and Im not gonna settle for less, but the ignorant comments can sure be shitty sometimes.

Predicting the Future


“Hey guys and welcome back to another Predicting YouTubers Futures! I’m joined again with Josh,” Joe said making a weird face into the camera before the clip jumped to an unamused Josh, “Today’s YouTuber is the one and only Y/N Y/L/N!”

“You guys went completely crazy with comments about how she should be the next person so here we go!” Josh said clapping his hands together, before the clip jumped to an animated figure that looked just like you as the boys continued to speak.

“So my guess is that Y/N will never quit YouTube, she loves it too much and her subscriber count will grow and grow as she continues to make everyone laugh and smile with her own” Joe said, a small tint of pink colored his cheeks as he thought about his girlfriend’s smile. 

“Yeah she’ll still be making videos when she’s old and grey, running down the halls of her nursing home telling us how riveting her knitting session was” Josh chimed in with a laugh. “I bet she’d still be writing her stories, probably become the worlds olds best selling author, or the next J.K. Rowling”

“Yeah, she’d create the next fantasy series that will be made into movies along side her many autobiographies, which if you haven’t already go buy her book its pretty good” Joe said holding up his girlfriend’s book as Josh nods, backing his mates statement.

“What about her love life?” Josh asks as the animations shows you in a wedding dress.

“Oh thats easy, she’ll be married to me and we’ll have two little Sugglets running around making life just the right amount of hectic. We’d move back to the country side and have a big house with a thatched roof…”

“Woah woah woah mate, lets remember that this is Y/N’s life, not yours. Fairly certain she’s not into thatched roofs as much as you are.” Josh said cutting off Joe’s ramble as the animation rewinds back to you in the wedding dress. “I think Y/N will end up finding someone much better than you, like a really buff body builder and they’ll get married and she’d end up moving to some really cool island where they’ll just make videos exploring every inch of it and once they’ve done that, they’ll have a few kids who will become the main characters in her books and they’ll be asked to play themselves in the movies.” 

The camera jumps back to the two boys sat on the bed, Joe’s faced turn down into a frown as he listens to Josh’s theory on how Y/N’s life will pan out. 

“Wow cheers mate” Joe rolled his eyes at Josh who only shrugged in response. 

“Well guys thats the end of this week’s video, comment down below which YouTuber Josh and I should predict the future for next. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, don’t subscribe to Josh, and I’ll see you next week. Bye!” Joe heard his voice close out his video as he made his way out of his office to the kitchen where you were sitting watching his recent video.

“Are you really watching that?” Joe asked from behind you. 

“Well you tagged me in so I kind of had to” You said with a smile, spinning around in your chair to face him.

You watched Joe’s cheeks turn the same shade of pink as it did in the video, his eyes shifting to the ground. 

“I think it was pretty accurate.” You said bring his attention back to you.


“Yeah, I don’t see myself quitting YouTube anytime soon, I probably will still be vlogging when I’m old and grey if it still makes me happy” You said standing up and moving to wrap your arms around Joe. 

“I’d love to watch that” Joe said kissing the top of your head before you moved it to look back up at him. 

“And I’d love to continue to write, becoming the next J.K. Rowling would be a dream.” You laughed. “You guys even got my love life pretty much spot on as well although I’ve never really been into the body builder type.”

“So you’d marry me?”

“I didn’t say that,” You said with a smirk, “but I suppose I could settle.” 

You pushed yourself up on your tippy toes, connecting your lips with Joe. You smiled into the kiss when you felt him deepen the kiss, his hands moving to the small of your back.

“Can I take that as a yes then?” Joe said after you pulled away. 

“Maybe if you asked properly, that was a pretty impersonal question.” You said unwrapping your arms from him and moving back to you spot at the worktop. 

You smiled slightly as Joe let out a fake laugh, knowing that he’d have to do a lot better than that if he had intentions of actually marrying you. 

“Wait so if everything in the video was pretty spot on, do you really not like thatched roofs?” You could hear the sadness in his voice. 

You turned back around in your chair, “They’re not my favorite type of roof but I wouldn’t completely hate it if we moved into a house that had one, as long as you maintained it and didn’t make me, or our kids, help.” 

“So you have kids with me too?” Joe’s lips curved back up into a smile. 

“You’re getting way too ahead of yourself Sugg. Stop thinking about the future and think about now, starting with ‘what are we going to have for dinner?’.”

“I was just about to cook before your distracted me by watching that video.” Joe said in a sarcastic tone leaning down to kiss your cheek before moving to the other side of the worktop. 

“Mhmm, sure.” You said with the same sarcastic tone as you watched him rummage around in the fridge for the ingredients needed for dinner, a slight smile growing on your lips. 

anonymous asked:

"they were going to have Kαtααng, which they insist is in the “DNA” of the show, happen with a ten and twelve year old?" That's because Kataang was supposed to remain one-sided with Aang crushing on Katara but her not reciprocating. Them actually getting together was not planned out until later on. Even during Book 3, some of the writers wanted Katara to end up with Zuko. Zutara happening was not something that Bryke wanted but the other staff members and Aaron Ehasz wanted it to.

“I think you’re absolutely right about Mai being retconned to be paired off with Zuko. I have heard that Aaron Ehasz created Mai (and Ty Lee and Azula), and he doesnt like Maiko. If you look only at the eps that he or his wife wrote, Return to Omashu, Zuko Alone, The Awakening (life story comment) none of them suggest that they were “childhood sweethearts”. They only show Mai liking Zuko quite superficially and nothing from him. Bryke like Maiko, thats why its badly written like the LoK romance.” 

“about your ask for the airbender thing and ty lee, aaron ehasz originally was going to make ty lee a descendant of an airbender who escaped. zephyrita mentioned it once on their blog before they left. again, bryke fucked up and the ehasz duo needs to come back like aang and save us from bryke’s bullshit.” 

[Disclaimer: Araeph does not vouch for the validity of these asks, but merely wishes to demonstrate the context and frequency of these two names being mentioned.]

Who Are the Ehaszs, and Why Does Everyone Bring Them Up?

Aaron and Elizabeth Ehasz. You will hear these names often as guides for what disenchanted fans, particularly Zutara shippers and “Legend of Korra” antis, would have liked to have seen in the Avatar world, versus what we actually got once Bryke assumed more control. While A:TLA was such a collaborative effort that no one person or team could be the end-all-be-all of the series, often the balance shifts too far the other way, with people ascribing all of the series’ creative genius to Bryke. (The disappointing “Legend of Korra” and character-mangling comics helped fans take a second look at the process behind A:TLA’s creation.) There has been a subsequent pushback in recent years to give the other talents around A:TLA more credit for the story. So why were these two staff writers so important?

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❝    Karma :)  ❞
❝    i can’t stop laughing at your comments on my page,   ❞
❝   you sound like a bunch of school kids with your little insults..   ❞
❝   going to do some drawing   ❞
❝   feeling a little emotional right now.   ❞
❝   not really. I’m not making anyone write on it.  ❞
❝   They’re the ones stalking my page and harassing me.   ❞
❝   I’m just sitting here.  ❞
❝   I wrote it myself ?   ❞
❝   I don’t get your point here.   ❞
❝   I wrote it myself ? I don’t get your point here.   ❞

❝   Fresh start, new blog, new character.  ❞
❝   Hate will NOT be tolerated here and will result in a block. :) ❞
❝   Now I understand why you’d get defensive.   ❞
❝    I understand why you’d be upset about it and I understand why you’d get so protective. However here in the UK racial attacks and deaths rarely happen, at the moment we are dealing with terrorism but that’s a whole different story.   ❞
❝   I just want to say that I won’t be accepting your apology .   ❞
❝    I feel like if you can’t accept mine why should I accept yours?   ❞
❝  The way you come across to people, me and my friends is aggressive, nasty and quite gross the way we see it. .   ❞
❝  You go on about how you want equality and respect yet you don’t do the same for others..   ❞
❝  As people say, everyone is equal, so maybe stop spreading gross hate about white people   ❞
❝   start acting like you’re an actual human being who believes in equality.   ❞
❝  This doesn’t give you an excuse to act like the way you are acting.   ❞
❝   What happened to poc with slavery and all of them issues is disgusting yes but you have to remember this is 2017, we have moved on from that and it doesn’t happen anymore.  ❞
❝   It’s part of history. White people made mistakes, other ethnicity, races etc made mistakes but we move on and learn from it. ❞
❝  Maybe take a chill pill ? :)  ❞
❝   I’m sorry but my apology wasn’t half arsed or fake .  ❞
❝   and I would really like to know how I quoted someone when it’s words people say everyday???   ❞
❝   tried my best to reason with you from the start but you just didn’t want to listen and spread your vile words to others.   ❞
❝   stop acting like some special snowflake and maybe come to me if you wanted to sort stuff out without spreading rumors on how I’m a racism when simply saying “ this community is toxic “ because that my friend is twisting words - this is not me making this issue about myself :)❞
❝   So I just wake up to find you’re still carrying this rubbish on ❞
❝    I’d like to know who the hell i quoted cause in fact people use them words everyday .  ❞
❝    how is that bad or offensive or whatever to you?   ❞
❝   How can you be so wrong to not accept MY apology but then go ahead only to make your own and have everyone accept that? What’s your logic there. Thats just wrong..  ❞
❝   will people ever understand that i’m just commenting out of amusement   ❞
❝  some people are getting so worked up over this whole issue   ❞
❝   like, you need to chill..   ❞
❝   don’t drag me into stuff, threaten me and say things like “this is a warning” you know how stupid that sounds?  ❞
❝   You’re all bark and no bite.  ❞
❝   I mean…you can threaten and comment all you want?   ❞
❝    I’m not really bothered? ❞
❝  ????? you okay there ???  ❞
❝  Just so you know my post wasn’t about you..   ❞
❝  JOIN US. ❞
❝   Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.  ❞

so um hi y’all. ikram here!! i’ve never made a post like this bc i never felt the need to but i’m feeling very emotional right now and everyone on my dash is feeling emotional right now. also my cat is very emosh right now. and this all resulted in me writing a long ass speech with little notes for everyone who has ever made me smile on here. i just wanted to make this post to let you all now that im very grateful for you. some of you i have never talked to because i’m shy and you intimidate me bUT i need you to know ur the

💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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hansol did another livestream w junmin this time:

  • he kept calling junmin cute and hugging him a lot 
  • they talked about xero? 
  • also about the icc video
  • they only had 2 weeks to train the choreography before filming
  • junmin thought he was fat but hansol told him that it doesn’t matter how much he weighs as long as he loves himself
  • they talked about having matching personalities
  • hansol praised jinwoo’s looks a lot , jinwoo came after the drama shooting and in full makeup and everyone was so shook cause he was so hot
  • red velvet’s russian roulette started playing and hansol sang along

translation credits go to @/812addiction  on twt

also i can’t believe i have to say this yet again but STOP commenting about his sexuality. some troll went just to say “gay”  - report their comment as abusive and DROP IT! don’t drag it out! don’t start a lengthy tangent on “ummm actually sweaty hansol is a Heter Of Sexuals” like… thats fucking invasive and only makes the situation worse.

melanchonyy  asked:

yesterday I saw this post on instagram which showed articles that talked about women getting killed because they said no to a man. I scroll dow the comments and see multiple people commenting things like not all men are like that and women do that to, so I got mad and decided to educate them on why that's just wrong and sexist. People started calling me the n word for whatever reason as they have no idea how I look like and telling me to kill myself because I'm apparently cancer. I'm disgusted

people think they can justify facts and experiences with cuss words and hate. not only is it disrespectful but it’s foolish. the wild cursing and attacking doesn’t make your point any less logical and just makes them lose credit–I’ve never gotten that approach.

you can only say so much, people will have their own opinions. either way, I’m proud of you.

myhereyeah-blog  asked:

The only thing thats nagging me about the show being over, is that they could have done so much better, tied EVERYTHING together. We could, so why didn't they?

Ok this is a genuine, very serious, legitimate comment and I’m not just saying it to make a cheap stab at Marlene: us fans know the show better than Marlene herself. I mean… Marlene frickn thought ASHLEY KILLED WILDEN. “I need to look it up” she said in her interview near the end of 7B. She did correct herself and say it was CeCe but cmon, what the hell. Don’t confuse the red herrings with the actual killer. The writers don’t know the show like we do. We’ve memorised specific lines, scenes and clues backwards. The writers gather together to break the overall stories, then they separate to write the individual episodes and it seems there’s a failure to communicate at this point when they break up to write the individual episodes. “Oh Joseph, you shouldn’t have written that line in your episode because it contradicts the endgame we agreed, remember?” - Marlene would be saying. So us fans know the show better and that’s why we never got such a complete ending. They were scared to link Alex to pre-6B because they may create plot holes rather than fix plot holes. If they knew their own show like us fans, they’d know that it was entirely possible actually.

So I finished my bi-yearly replay of Dragon Age Origins, and as I was playing Witch Hunt, I considered something: Cullen.

There’s been the long divide in the fandom of people who activly disliked Cullen, and those who loved him, and the dislike came from two main places: his opinions on mages & how they changed, and his crush on Amell/Surana.

The progression of his character and writing is not my topic for this post, it has already been widly debated and I believe all sides have the right to their opinion and canon, rather I want to talk about the crush.

Now as an Amell main, I personally have never been bothered by Cullen or by the comments of the gossiping mages. In fact I rather liked the idea of a romance that could never have been and include a mutual crush between him and Sheridan in my narrative. Its tragic of course, but its also part of my canon as to how he does slowly grow out of his bias.

But I realized, as I played Witch Hunt, and one of the mages mentioned ’(him) still carrying a torch for her’ that Cullen (regardless of the retcon) was essentially written to become unhinged in Origins and more importantly, he’s the only character I can recall where you cant shut down his comments.

And thats the key: players dont have agency with Cullen. No matter if you ignore him, or what not, the game never gives a f!Magi the chance to avoid it. Every other encounter I can recall where an NPC can imply flirtation, or make lewd comments, the Warden has the ability to make a comment about it, to tell them to stop, and in some cases, threaten them. Plus when there are flirt opportunitys most of the time its the Warden inniating it. We never get that chance with Cullen. Even if you missed the ambient dialog and talking to him in the Origin, youre still treated to that shocking surprise that he had a very serious crush on Amell/Surana that they never knew about.

If you like it as part of the story then great, but in a game where we can make every other decision, its frustrating and jarring even for some players to not have had that choice, and I imagine even more uncomfortable for a wlw playing the game.

Im not sure if Im correct ot anything, I simply had the thought playing today.

Drunk On You

Reader​ ​X​ ​Sam​ ​Winchester

Request:​ ​​Can​ ​you​ ​write​ ​a​ ​Sam​ ​x​ ​Reader​ ​imagine​ ​where​ ​he​ ​realizes​ ​he​ ​loves​ ​the​ ​reader​ ​after​ ​Dean and​ ​Reader​ ​spend​ ​a​ ​night​ ​at​ ​a​ ​bar​ ​without​ ​him?​ ​:) 

Requested​ ​by:​ ​loveseries

Warnings:​ ​Brief​ ​mentions​ ​of​ ​alcohol 

Word​ ​count:975

 A/N:​ ​Thank​ ​you​ ​for​ ​the​ ​request​ ​and​ ​I​ ​hope​ ​you​ ​enjoy​ ​this​ ​<3  

You​ ​attempted​ ​to​ ​stifle​ ​your​ ​laughter​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​struggled​ ​to​ ​open​ ​the​ ​door​ ​to​ ​the​ ​motel​ ​room.​ ​In his​ ​defense​ ​he​ ​had​ ​had​ ​more​ ​than​ ​a​ ​few​ ​drinks​ ​at​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​and​ ​you,​ ​equally​ ​as​ ​tipsy,​ ​hadn't​ ​been able​ ​to​ ​open​ ​it​ ​either,​ ​despite​ ​making​ ​several​ ​attempts.​ ​

Sam​ ​was​ ​usually​ ​the​ ​voice​ ​of​ ​reason, keeping​ ​watch​ ​to​ ​ensure​ ​that​ ​you​ ​and​ ​his​ ​brother​ ​refrained​ ​from​ ​drinking​ ​yourselves​ ​into oblivion,​ ​but​ ​he​ ​had​ ​made​ ​the​ ​decision​ ​to​ ​stay​ ​behind.​ ​He'd​ ​rolled​ ​his​ ​eyes​ ​at​ ​his​ ​brother​ ​when he​ ​had​ ​suggested​ ​finding​ ​someone​ ​to​ ​blow​ ​a​ ​little​ ​steam​ ​off​ ​with​ ​so​ ​he​ ​could​ ​“get​ ​the​ ​stick​ ​outta his​ ​ass”.​ ​Dean​ ​had​ ​merely​ ​smirked​ ​before​ ​shrugging​ ​and​ ​walking​ ​out​ ​the​ ​door​ ​while​ ​you​ ​had stopped​ ​just​ ​long​ ​enough​ ​to​ ​make​ ​Sam​ ​promise​ ​you​ ​that​ ​he​ ​would​ ​take​ ​a​ ​break​ ​for​ ​once.​ ​Then you​ ​had​ ​pulled​ ​him​ ​in​ ​for​ ​a​ ​brief​ ​hug,​ ​running​ ​out​ ​the​ ​door​ ​when​ ​Dean​ ​threatened​ ​to​ ​leave​ ​you behind,​ ​missing​ ​the​ ​faint​ ​blush​ ​and​ ​soft​ ​smile​ ​that​ ​had​ ​spread​ ​across​ ​Sam’s​ ​cheeks.  

You​ ​watched​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​dropped​ ​the​ ​keys​ ​for​ ​what​ ​must​ ​have​ ​been​ ​the​ ​fifth​ ​time,​ ​snorting​ ​as​ ​he got​ ​down​ ​on​ ​his​ ​hands​ ​and​ ​knees,​ ​muttering​ ​various​ ​swears​ ​to​ ​himself.​ ​Luckily​ ​for​ ​the​ ​both​ ​of you,​ ​Sam​ ​had​ ​picked​ ​up​ ​on​ ​your​ ​presence​ ​and​ ​he​ ​swung​ ​the​ ​door​ ​open,​ ​eyebrows​ ​raising​ ​in surprise​ ​at​ ​the​ ​sight​ ​of​ ​Dean​ ​scrambling​ ​to​ ​stand​ ​up​ ​in​ ​order​ ​to​ ​preserve​ ​some​ ​of​ ​his​ ​dignity.​ ​You hid​ ​a​ ​smirk​ ​behind​ ​your​ ​hand​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​awkwardly​ ​cleared​ ​his​ ​throat,​ ​nodding​ ​at​ ​you​ ​and​ ​Sam before​ ​marching​ ​into​ ​the​ ​hotel​ ​room.​ ​Sam​ ​shook​ ​his​ ​head​ ​as​ ​he​ ​passed​ ​him​ ​by,​ ​all​ ​too​ ​familiar with​ ​his​ ​brother's​ ​antics.​

 ​Trailing​ ​after​ ​the​ ​inebriated​ ​hunter,​ ​you​ ​sat​ ​down​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch, resigning​ ​yourself​ ​to​ ​a​ ​long​ ​wait​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​had​ ​already​ ​claimed​ ​the​ ​bathroom,​ ​where​ ​he​ ​would likely​ ​hog​ ​the​ ​shower​ ​for​ ​the​ ​next​ ​hour.​ ​Sam,​ ​having​ ​shut​ ​the​ ​door,​ ​joined​ ​you​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch​ ​and you​ ​promptly​ ​slumped​ ​over​ ​to​ ​rest​ ​your​ ​head​ ​on​ ​his​ ​shoulder.​ ​He​ ​stiffened,​ ​peering​ ​down​ ​at​ ​you to​ ​gauge​ ​your​ ​reaction.​ ​You​ ​were​ ​humming​ ​contentedly,​ ​idly​ ​playing​ ​with​ ​the​ ​hem​ ​of​ ​your​ ​shirt. Seeing​ ​that​ ​you​ ​weren't​ ​at​ ​all​ ​bothered​ ​by​ ​the​ ​physical​ ​contact,​ ​Sam​ ​allowed​ ​himself​ ​to​ ​relax.  

 “Missed​ ​you​ ​at​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​y’know”,​ ​you​ ​broke​ ​the​ ​silence,​ ​twisting​ ​your​ ​head​ ​around​ ​to​ ​look​ ​at​ ​him. “Dean​ ​kept​ ​ditching​ ​me​ ​to​ ​hit​ ​on​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​tender.”  

Sam​ ​gave​ ​you​ ​a​ ​wry​ ​smile,”yeah​ ​Dean​ ​tends​ ​to​ ​do​ ​that.​ ​Sorry​ ​for​ ​leaving​ ​you​ ​with​ ​him,​ ​I​ ​had​ ​to”, he​ ​paused,​ ​turning​ ​his​ ​face​ ​away​ ​from​ ​you,”had​ ​to​ ​think​ ​about​ ​some​ ​stuff.”  

You​ ​burrowed​ ​further​ ​into​ ​his​ ​side,​ ​fighting​ ​back​ ​the​ ​urge​ ​to​ ​yawn.​ ​“What​ ​kind​ ​of​ ​stuff​ ​Sammy?”  

He​ ​didn't​ ​bother​ ​correcting​ ​you​ ​on​ ​the​ ​nickname​ ​(though​ ​if​ ​he​ ​was​ ​being​ ​honest​ ​he​ ​didn't​ ​mind​ ​it when​ ​you​ ​called​ ​him​ ​Sammy).​ ​Instead​ ​he​ ​tentatively​ ​wrapped​ ​an​ ​arm​ ​around​ ​your​ ​shoulders. When​ ​your​ ​only​ ​response​ ​was​ ​to​ ​shift​ ​into​ ​a​ ​more​ ​comfortable​ ​position,​ ​a​ ​warm​ ​feeling​ ​rose​ ​up in​ ​him.​ ​Swallowing,​ ​he​ ​answered​ ​you,”I​ ​was​ ​thinking​ ​about​ ​this​ ​person​ ​that​ ​I…that​ ​I​ ​like.”  

Eyes​ ​fluttering​ ​shut,​ ​you​ ​mumbled,”tell​ ​me​ ​about​ ​them.” 

 “Well,​ ​they're​ ​amazing,​ ​really.​ ​Smart,​ ​funny,​ ​kind,​ ​attractive.​ ​A​ ​fighter,​ ​who​ ​doesn't​ ​put​ ​up​ ​with anyone's​ ​BS,​ ​including​ ​mine”,​ ​he​ ​chuckled.​ ​“They've​ ​seen​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​terrible​ ​things,​ ​which​ ​is​ ​a given​ ​with​ ​the​ ​hunter​ ​lifestyle,​ ​but​ ​they've​ ​never​ ​let​ ​it​ ​get​ ​them​ ​down​ ​for​ ​very​ ​long.​ ​They're​ ​so much​ ​stronger​ ​than​ ​they​ ​give​ ​themself​ ​credit​ ​for,​ ​and​ ​I'm​ ​so​ ​incredibly​ ​lucky​ ​to​ ​not​ ​just​ ​know them​ ​but​ ​to​ ​be​ ​close​ ​to​ ​them​ ​as​ ​well.​ ​If​ ​I'm​ ​being​ ​honest,​ ​I​ ​don't​ ​like​ ​them.​ ​I​ ​love​ ​them.”  

Sam​ ​nervously​ ​ran​ ​his​ ​free​ ​hand​ ​through​ ​his​ ​hair,​ ​pushing​ ​the​ ​loose​ ​strands​ ​out​ ​of​ ​his​ ​face. Clearing​ ​his​ ​throat,​ ​he​ ​spoke​ ​up​ ​again,”It​ ​didn't​ ​really​ ​hit​ ​me​ ​that​ ​I​ ​loved​ ​them​ ​until​ ​today actually.​ ​That​ ​comment​ ​Dean​ ​made​ ​got​ ​me​ ​thinking,​ ​I​ ​didn't​ ​want​ ​to​ ​‘blow​ ​off​ ​steam’​ ​with​ ​some random​ ​stranger​ ​I​ ​met​ ​at​ ​a​ ​bar.​ ​There's​ ​only​ ​one​ ​person​ ​I​ ​want,​ ​and​ ​not​ ​just​ ​for​ ​a​ ​one​ ​night stand​ ​either,​ ​I​ ​want​ ​a​ ​​life​ ​​with​ ​them​ ​and​ ​that's​ ​not​ ​something​ ​I​ ​ever​ ​really​ ​thought​ ​I​ ​could​ ​have but​ ​when​ ​I'm​ ​with​ ​them​ ​I​ ​feel​ ​like​ ​I​ ​have​ ​a​ ​shot​ ​at​ ​being​ ​happy.​ ​​They​​ ​make​ ​me​ ​happy.​ ​​You​​ ​make me​ ​happy.  

Looking​ ​away​ ​from​ ​you​ ​Sam​ ​whispered,”​ ​I​ ​love​ ​you,​ ​Y/N.”  

His​ ​entire​ ​body​ ​was​ ​still,​ ​every​ ​muscle​ ​coiled​ ​tight​ ​in​ ​anticipation​ ​of​ ​your​ ​reaction.​ ​All​ ​was​ ​quiet, except​ ​for​ ​the​ ​steady​ ​sound​ ​of​ ​rushing​ ​water​ ​coming​ ​from​ ​the​ ​bathroom​ ​and​ ​each​ ​passing second​ ​only​ ​increased​ ​Sam’s​ ​doubts​ ​that​ ​you​ ​would​ ​return​ ​his​ ​feelings.​ ​Finally​ ​he​ ​dared​ ​to​ ​look at​ ​your​ ​face,​ ​wary​ ​of​ ​what​ ​expression​ ​he​ ​might​ ​find​ ​there.  You​ ​were​ ​​asleep.​​ ​Sam​ ​laughed,​ ​leaning​ ​his​ ​head​ ​back​ ​and​ ​placing​ ​his​ ​hand​ ​on​ ​his​ ​face​ ​as​ ​he fought​ ​to​ ​silence​ ​himself​ ​so​ ​as​ ​not​ ​to​ ​wake​ ​you​ ​up.​ ​Body​ ​still​ ​shaking​ ​with​ ​silent​ ​mirth,​ ​he adjusted​ ​his​ ​position​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch.​ ​He​ ​figured​ ​that​ ​he​ ​might​ ​as​ ​well​ ​get​ ​some​ ​rest.​ ​After​ ​all,​ ​he wouldn't​ ​want​ ​to​ ​be​ ​half​ ​asleep​ ​when​ ​he​ ​confessed​ ​to​ ​you​ ​in​ ​the​ ​morning​ ​when​ ​you​ ​were actually​ ​awake​ ​to​ ​hear​ ​it.​ ​Still​ ​smiling,​ ​he​ ​fell​ ​asleep,​ ​cheek​ ​resting​ ​on​ ​your​ ​head.

Having​ ​sobered​ ​up​ ​somewhat​ ​during​ ​his​ ​shower,​ ​Dean​ ​exited​ ​the​ ​bathroom,​ ​stretching​ ​out​ ​as he​ ​shuffled​ ​towards​ ​his​ ​bed.​ ​He​ ​froze,​ ​rubbing​ ​his​ ​eyes​ ​as​ ​if​ ​he​ ​couldn't​ ​quite​ ​believe​ ​what​ ​he was​ ​seeing.​ ​When​ ​the​ ​sight​ ​of​ ​you​ ​and​ ​Sam​ ​curled​ ​up​ ​with​ ​each​ ​other​ ​didn't​ ​disappear,​ ​he grinned.​ ​“It's​ ​about​ ​damn​ ​time.”​ ​

Satisfied​ ​by​ ​the​ ​fact​ ​that​ ​his​ ​little​ ​brother​ ​had​ ​finally​ ​made​ ​a move,​ ​he​ ​crawled​ ​into​ ​bed.​ ​He'd​ ​leave​ ​the​ ​two​ ​of​ ​you​ ​alone​ ​for​ ​now,​ ​but​ ​he​ ​was​ ​​never​​ ​gonna​ ​let Sam​ ​hear​ ​the​ ​end​ ​of​ ​it. 

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How do you feel about some people being upset that Daniel and Phil didn't take Dream Daddy seriously?

Ive only seen like one comment about it but i honestly dont really understand ? Like they make funny videos and thats just what they do. Why wouldnt they make it funny? I personally think it would have been boring if they took it serious, esp because the game is SUPPOSED to be humorous.

That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Mission Of Burma
That's When I Reach For My Revolver

Mission Of Burma | That’s When I Reach For My Revolver

Blogger’s Notebook:  I have only one anonymous commenter.  Rather than hurling insults at me, he or she simply and directly makes music requests. Here you go, Friend. 

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Evgenia only received 150 because the judges cheated for her. It’s true. You are not supposed to give 10.0 PCS if there is a fall yet she received 10.0 from a judge. Judges are cheating to make her win and therefore she is incomparable to Yuna. Even if you can’t compare scores from different years and competitions I must say this

Guess what anon! It doesn’t matter! The top (and bottom) scores are thrown out when calculating PCS, so one judge giving Evgenia some 10s DOESN’T EVEN MATTER. 

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I'm disappointed in the joke, but am I the only one that's more disappointed in James and his team? He's the one that made the ugly joke in the first place, which should have never been made or aired. Harry legit sat there. People are acting as if he first handed made the joke and thus it disproves what a lovely person he is. When all of the other boys in 1D were making problematic comments, he'd be the first to say he doesn't objectify women. That joke shouldn't ruin people's outlook on him.

I’m SUPER disappointed in James and his team. But I also want to be careful not to make Harry in to some saint that COULD NEVER. There’s a certain amount of being complicit that isn’t ok. Do I think he’s free to make all his own choices? No. Do I think he has a lot of creative control particularly with a very good friend? Yes. But I also still love Harry to pieces and look forward to the day that this kind of thing isn’t a part of his promo.

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So can I just assume that you've abandoned that meteorbound continuation?

alright so sorry if i engage in Bitch Mode right here but you caught me in a sour mood and frankly im tired of getting this exact same fucking message in my inbox every month

its really really frustrating and discouraging that the majority of the feedback on this project ive gotten is this same demand or crickets. theres a reason why i went back to the dinosaur that is livejournal to host it on because thats practically the only way for me to actually have a comment section for feedback outside of the youtube play throughs i made, because lets face it, while some people do add feedback in tags most people dont. tumblr isnt designed for comments or conversations in general.

which is fine for art in my experience, but when it comes to fics theres a reason why people link to ao3 instead of just pasting their fics into a tumblr text post. i emailed ao3 staff asking if there was a way for me to do an iframe linked to my own hosting for it but they told me no for safety reasons so that sucks for me I GUESS

and in general as someone who understands how important comments are for fic writers i personally make an effort to leave comments on fics i read and boost them its incredibly frustrating that most of the feedback i get are these messages or people commenting offhand to me on discord or skype or whatever that they played it and leave it at that lol.

im not trying to harsh on anyones mellow because i get it and im not going to pretend its  the only factor contributing to the long hiatus but if you really want to kick my ass into working on it here are far more effective methods you can employ:

1. reblog the posts

2. leave me some feedback either on the post, on lj, or on youtube

im gonna make it clear that im not holding this shit hostage like “i wont post more content unless i reach x amount of comments!” but if you played it, liked it yet did NONE of those things and send paggro anons or gave me a wet noodle of acknowledgement then next time youre fussing over your ao3 stats wondering why you didnt get as many comments on your fics as you wish you would have or only getting the equivalent of “thats cool ok now lets change the subject” outside of that and feeling demotivated then realize: youre contributing to the fucking problem

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If I didn't know any better, I'd say Bree is definitely creeping the Lili/Cole/Sprousehart/Lilicole tags on here.(yaaa that's creepy) That Anon who pointed out about her tweeting something about lurking and it being on the same day as the breakfast date. How else would she have seen it? Not to mention Lili deleted the pic. So the pic was only on here and maybe Twitter. I'm going to sound petty, but I hope the jealousy eats away at her everyday.

Oh man….she is a loonnnnnyyyyyy—-though that makes me have too much compassion for her. She’s also a conniving, bitter, manipulative, gas lighting bitch. Lots of comments (lies) she’s subsequently deleted are in the thread on this forum:\


Mercedes Jones+ sharing her success

Indirect Passive aggressiveness
  • Draco: You know, fine, i'm sure shaggy brunets with scars ALWAYS leave their clothes all over the floor, not like i'm the only one suffering in this house.
  • Harry: Yeah, some arrogant blondes just really get on my nerves with their fucking OCD but you know what i'm sure that's totally just life.
  • Draco: Some people must love pissing me off but that's fine since i'm working on SELF RESTRAINT
  • Harry: When people think they have self restraint but they DON'T, it makes me want to comment but see, i'm a person who MINDS THEIR OWN BUSINESS.
  • Draco: IF ONLY-
  • Harry: SOME PEOPLE-
  • Ron: guys seriously what the fuck
Head Cannons No One Asked For pt.2

No explanation at all for these

•Asahi let’s his s/o (or whoever you ship him with) braid his hair
•He has wavy ass hair
•Like he looks like a lion when he comes out if the shower
•He also has a lot of products so that his hair is super soft
•So Bokuto wanted half silver half black hair right
•"Akaashi help me dye my hair.“
•His natural color is black and he dyed the rest of it silver
•He loves when people play in his hair
•Also has a lot of hair gel
•Kuroo’s hair is like a frickin puppy. Or a cat.
•He knows how to braid hair as well.
•Bokuto let Kuroo touch up his hair when Akaashi couldn’t do it
•Kuroo also did Kenma’s ombre
•Kuroo is very good at styling hair that isn’t his
•Gives Best Butt Touches: Bokuto, Tsukishima, Hinata, Noya, Lev, Daichi, Ukai, Saeko, Oiks, Mattsun, and Iwaizumi
•Likes to (openly) Receive Butt Touches: Asahi, Suga, Lev, Bokuto, Yaku, Yamamoto, Tanaka, Iwaizumi, Hanamaki, Oiks, and Hinata
•Likes to (privately) Receive Butt Touches: Iwaizumi, Daichi, Kuroo, Yams, Kageyama, Akaashi, Inouka, Ushiwaka, Akiteru, and Takeda
•"Please Don’t Touch My Butt”: Kenma
•Tsukki is really popular on social media
•For no reason at all. Like he just is
•He also never answers your snapchats unless he’s a good friend of you
•Hinata draws dicks in mouths on Snapchat
•Saeko is the girl thats on Snapchat as she’s at work
•Kiyoko is so popular on Instagram. Like have you seen her.
•Yachi always tells her how pretty she is in the comments, and Kiyoko only replies to her
•Tanaka thirst snaps
(Snap chatting shirtless & shit.)
•Kiyoko skips his Snapchat.
•"I don’t use social media,“: Daichi, Kageyama, and Akaashi
•Iwaizumi gets more snapchats than Oikawa and it makes Oiks mad
•Oikawa always uses the dog filter.
•Imagine Suga going pastel hair. You’re welcome
•He’d be an actual angel.
•Well he already is but even more
•Yams trying to count his freckles as a kid
•Tsukki has those glow in the dark starts on the walls of his room
•Iwaizumi playing baseball in college (god that’s so great to think about)