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WIP! I told you I was writing, taking my time and constantly overthinking, but I was still writing it. Ha ha, strangely enough this is still supposed to tie into Elrondir week, buuuuuut—I haven’t got that far yet, to tie that in.

edit: added in another paragraph to the teaser. I may continue this in the morning…I also removed the quote, since I’m still debating to keep it in (of course; I do not own such quote)

“The mountain weeps.” Glorfindel spoke, eyes glued to the palisades. Absentmindedly brushing the pummel of his sword, a nervous twitch he never quelled, the warrior was set unease; had been since the voice broke from the rugged range three days past, a low wail that warmed in the breaking of dawn and faltered only at dusk. An unknown assailant was trailing their every step, one which Glorfindel could not flush out of hiding. It was as if the past had come creeping upon him, ghosts of the ancients wormed beneath his flesh, borrowing and hollowing his bones with every syllable. “It mourns the repetition of history.”

Before he could even fabricate a reply, Elrond caught Erestor’s approach in a swirl of robes. He remained wisely silent when the councilor-turned-warrior place a reassuring hand upon Glorfindel’s arm, and heeded Erestor’s insight, “Let not this sorrow stifle your strength, your spirit. My friend, the repetition of history shall only occur if we lose our sight. And guidance shall not falter, for he has been bestowed with something wondrous.”

Having the all-knowing eyes of Erestor upon him, Elrond subconsciously twisted the golden once-bejeweled band upon his middle finger, hidden beneath his woolen sleeve; Vilya weighed heavy on his finger, a constant reminder of the burden of leadership. Yet he is grateful for the two before him, both capable elves that will help govern him through trying times…

“That maybe so,” Glorfindel dislodged himself from Erestor. “But I’d like to request to make rounds, a patrol. Mayhap wayfaring stragglers are seeking Imladris, lost in the snowdrifts.” Plausible, considering the House was nestled within a valley, tucked away from threats, warded off thanks to Vilya. Now Glorfindel was pacing; restless strides crunching the snow in rhythm to the unknown timbre. “Mayhap swaying the mountain to mourn is their only means of communication. If only they stopped vanishing, we could convince them they are the aid in which they seek.”


dont even care anymore but i have to say this but sometimes i really want to delete my blog because of the shit that goes on around here and ppl being rude and i just really dont like negativity and i always tell myself to avoid negativity etc but the only thing thats keeping me from deleting my blog is bc im only here for the sidemen, whether i make friends or not on here ((and note ive made a lot //sideside// which im very grateful for so thank you)) im mainly on here for the sidemen and to appreciate and blog about them. my intention on making this blog was for the sidemen and to show my love for them and thats all i expected on tumblr but i fucking hate scrolling through my dashboard and seeing rude comments or just rude/negative stuff on here and it makes me really upset idk and like ive received rude comments that make me so fucking upset and wanting to delete my blog, im one of the mOST FUCKING SENSITIVE PEOPLE and just by a little rude sentence directed to me can easily, easily make me upset and cry and turn my good day into a bad day so before you say anything rude please just think about how the person on the other side feels because if it happened to you i can tell you now that you wont like it..

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If I was dating you… I'd spend a good majority of the first few weeks getting to know you, because as it is I only have what I've seen on tumblr and a few comments from Cage, but that's no way to get to know someone! Then, probably copious amounts of texting while I bombard you with photos that make you question "Why am I dating this idiot?" But like, in a fond way, not to the point where I seriously make you question breaking up with me.

[[squints]] what has that nerd said about me, ill fite him rite here rite now, i know where he lives

ahh tbh thats. that sounds like the kind of relationship id like tbh. id just send back memes.

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have you ever considered that you might be breath like :o? you're very casual, you can perk people up by just bein around

that is…. a very nice comment! :D

but unfortunately no. the only breath player i could be is a bard or a page because i am no good at making people feel comfortable irl, in fact i do quite the opposite no matter how hard i try. 

a blood player though, thats a different story. training sociologist

things im tired of:

  • being the favorite child
  • medical problems that persist for months, bordering on years in some cases, being dismissed as me ‘not doing enough’ or ‘no big deal’
  • feeling like i cant take up space
  • being hungry because food takes so much effort to prepare AND every time i eat something “fattening” someone needs to make a comment on it AND theres hardly ever any good snack foods around
  • anxiety
  • executive dysfunction
  • feeling like i dont have a spot thats mine and only mine
  • chronic underachievement

Yesterday I saw a video by @smilebitchyouliving talking about the lack of exercise thats done by black women. In the instagram world I see a ton of us working out and taking care of our bodies, yet when I step into a local gym or yoga class especially Im usually the only one. Why is this? Alot of women were upset in the comment section and felt he was bashing us. I didn’t take it that way at all. I look at it like this, we need to make our health, physical, mental and emotional our number one priority. Without our health, we literally have nothing.

i’m trying to find a denim backpack for school on amazon and

i’m literally so

i have no words

is it really impossible to just say it’s light and easy to carry without not only gendering a simple feature of the backpack but also the lowkey sexism of implying that ladies need to have a bag thats easy to carry??  does the bag in general HAVE to be in the ladies category when the bag is pretty unisex looking??? i dont even know why this made me so annoyed im probably really over reading this but it just annoyed me sO MUCH IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE WHEN I GO TO THE MALL AND THE STUPID KIOSK GUYS FEEL THE NEED TO MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT ME BEING A WOMAN THINKING IT’LL MAKE ME WANT TO BUY SOMETHING WHEN IT REALLY JUST MAKES ME WANT TO GO HOME AND TAKE AN ADVIL TO GET RID OF THE HEADACHE IT GIVES ME 

Someone binge read my fanfiction, and they voted on every chapter and commented on most of them and ;u; they’re so kind for doing that.
Leaving a comment makes all the difference, even if you only comment on the most recent one, it just makes my day.
Watching your notifications as someone gradually votes on the chapters as they work their way through is also amazing.
There’s moments when you feel down about it, but getting just one comment can make it so much better.

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that still gives no excuse? especially when a LOT of the times people white wash garnet they are popular artists w/ huge followings & know better. same with drawing rose skinny. & nice job evading the comment on fat people. its just lazy & boring to only draw skinny people & make excuses based on that. dont draw a fat character if you cant p simple

Im not giving people an excuse i dont like white washing characters and yes a lot of popular artist draw garnet white but thats there preferable style to draw her in and you nor i can tell them any different a lot people have different AUs about particular characters and a lot of people that struggle drawing fat don’t have a lot of choice man when they wanna draw it but why should that stop them from drawing a fat character? they want to share with people that they have an interest and love for the show but they cant draw there favorite character cause they cant draw them fat?? like the fuck man.

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Hey idk how long ago you made the comment on the post about the girl who faked being pregnant for a social experiment but you said you doubted only a handful of people knew about it if it blew up like it did and it's because she made this huge moving speech in front of her whole school so THATS when everyone found out about it. That is all, have a great week!:)

Oh, I must have just misread one of the previous comments, thank you for bringing this to my attention! I thought that it said that only a handful of people knew about it afterwards (after the reveal) and I was like “???” Cause she ended up being in loads of news papers and on news shows and then her book came out, and the lifetime movie and yeah… I tend to make stupid mistakes like that a lot because I don’t take the time to read things properly or think them through so I end up rushing around everything and making snap assumptions, hence my arrogance and ignorance with this post (and others in the past). But seriously thank you for taking the time to let me know, I really appreciate it and I hope you have an awesome week 😊😃

I am sick and tired of men feeling entitled in how they speak to me and treat me because I am a woman. I hate that they feel entitled to pass judgement on me based on how I’m dressed that day, to endanger my life because they think its funny, or make me deeply uncomfortable because its just a laugh. So my choices are either leers and uncomfortable comments because I look good, or verbal abuse because I don’t meet their standard of what I should be wearing. I’m sorry I dress for myself.  If that means on a day I’m feeling so depressed that I can barely walk out that door, never mind caring about what I’m putting on then thats my business. Its an achievement that I push myself enough to do that to get tasks important to my health done.Having the gaul to approach me and comment on my clothes not being suitable by your standards of what women should wear to the supermarket only makes you look judgemental. I won’t change for anyone, but then its a pity that they won’t change either.

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Been noticing some strange stuff with Matt and Ryan lately, which makes me wonder if they have been talking. A few weeks ago Ryan was retweeting shady music facts then Matt did too. Ryan followed Issa then Matt followed him. They have been tweeting around the same times like when they were friends. Then last night they both left comments on Drag Me Down video, only 5 min apart and tweeted only a few min apart about the video, with Matt using Ryans phrase 'thats all'. I find it odd.