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Romanced Hancock and Danse! F! SS finding Fraternal Post 115. She's fallen for her companion but is reminded this is where she and Nate were going night the bombs fell. She breaks down and starts crying about life before the war. Let's get fluffy!

Paladin Danse: 
When Nora starts crying, it’s quiet. Her shoulders are hunched up and her back is to Danse while he looks around the main hall, doing a quick once over of the post before he turns to go back to her. “All clear, soldier,” he reassures her, and it’s then that he hears her crying over the crackling of the fire from the barrel in the center. Danse disengages his power armor pretty quickly after that, stepping out of it and approaching Nora from behind. She almost jumps when she feels his arms fold around her abdomen, but instead she just starts crying harder. She doesn’t mean to be, because she knows that was over 210 years ago, and it’s damn pointless to cry about it now, but she can’t help it. All she can imagine is Nate standing in front of the mirror and smiling back at her on the morning the bombs dropped. They were supposed to be here, and he was supposed to be smiling at her just like that again. But instead, he’s still in Vault 111, and she can’t stop crying. After a few minutes, she’s turned around to press her face into Danse’s shoulder, and he’s rubbing her back, repeating ‘it’s okay’ and similar phrases to her under his breath. As she manages to calm down, she whispers “I miss what we had. I miss the world- I miss him,” and as much as it hits Danse to hear it, he thinks he can understand, and he just nods before calmly suggesting that maybe they should go back to Sanctuary- Shaun’s probably waiting for her to get home.

They’re just wandering along the streets when Nora’s gaze falls onto the building. It takes her a solid second before she recognizes why it looks familiar, and her stomach does a flip. By this point, Hancock’s backtracked a few steps upon noticing that Nora’s not by his side like usual, and he almost asks if she’s alright before he notices that he’s got this look on her face- almost like it’s scrunched up and she’s trying not to show just how clearly upset she is. Before he can say anything, she’s opening the door and lifting her gun, ready to clear out whatever the fuck’s been plaguing the place for the last two hundred years. After quite a bit of fighting and stimpaks, they’re in the main hall and Nora’s behind the podium. She looks like a mess as it is, but as soon as she croaks out “War– War never changes,” she’s got that look that just says she’s been through hell and back. When she steps away from it, Hancock’s already striding up to her to wrap her in a hug. She ducks into it, almost embarrassed when she starts crying, but he seems to be fine with it, defaulting to rubbing her back before he asks her if she wants to get out of there. It’s already cleared out, and they can come back again sometime if she wants, but she shakes her head. “All of that’s gone now,” she reassures him. “I miss him. God, I miss him, but it was a long time ago, and I have you now, right?” Hancock gives her this big crooked grin and wipes away her tears before he tugs back and grabs her hand. “What do you say we get out of here and grab a few drinks, then? There’s nothing wrong with relaxing.”

“Don’t you dare say you love me” Pt.3-Nate Maloley

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

The kiss was electric. We kissed for a solid three minutes until a fussy toddler wokeup. “Mommy hold me”,he whined through his pacifier extending his arms. You pulled away from Nate, and you felt defeat like he had won again. You quickly got out of the car and went to the backseat. “Hey baby, wanna go see grammy”,you said to him. “mhmm”,he said. “(y/n), you’re not going to talk about what just happened? It was amazing, there was a spark. If you say you didn’t feel it you’re lying”,Nate said. You ignored him and walked into Kami’s house. “Mommy you’re back”,you daughter screamed with excitement. You hugged her and put your son down. “Were you good for Grammy and Papi”,you asked looking up at them. “Yes ma’am. Can I stay with them? Pleaseeeee.”,she said. “If its okay with them”,you smiled. Kami nodded at you and your daughter cheered with excitement. “Do you want to stay here or go home with mommy”,you asked your son. “Stay pwease”,he said. “Okay let me go get your bag from the car”,you said.

You walked outside to see Nate laying on the hood of the car. You walked to the front of the car and lifted yourself onto the hood. “Remember after our first date we did this”,Nate said. You giggled and nodded your head at the memory. “You tried to name constellations and when you ran out of names you made your own”,you laughed. “I didn’t make them up”,he said. “So theres really a constellation called big booty”,you smiled. “Yea”,he smiled. You just laughed and continued to look at the stars. 

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“What happened to us being happy together baby”,Nate said taking your hand. “Lets not talk about it Nate, I’m finally over it”,you said sliding off the car. “No, c’mon won’t you just forgive me? I miss you, I fucking miss you. I miss coming home to you and the kids. I miss kissing you, I miss telling you everything is going to be okay, I miss holding you, even fucking touching you?”, He screamed. You walked up to his face and slapped him. “Are you fucking kidding? You hurt me and the kids. You fucked my best friend in our bed! And i’m so fucking stupid because i can’t get over you Nate! I try and try and I can’t stop loving you, let alone get you out of my head! You broke my heart and no one was there to help pick up the pieces, only me!”,you screamed back. You went the the trunk and got the bag out of the car. You walked inside to see Kami holding your son by the door. You smiled and pretended everything was okay, you’ve gotten very good at it lately. “Okay so theirs pajamas and extra clothes in here. Oh and some diapers”,you smiled handing her the bag. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow monkey”,you kissed his forehead. “Princess, come kiss me goodbye”,you yelled upstairs. She came flooding downstairs and giving you a big kiss. “I love you mommy, sweet dreams”, she whispered in your ear. “I love you most babygirl”,you whispered back giving her a eskimo kiss. “Bye guys, see you tommorrow”, you waved heading toward the door. “No, mommy don’t leave stay here”,you son said. He wiggled out of Kami’s arms and ran to you. “Baby I can’t stay, I have to go home. You can come with me or stay here. Daddy’s staying here tonight”,you said to him. “Noo stay with me, pwease”,he said with his lip stuck out. “(y/n), its already 12 and it would take you an hour to get home, plus he probably needs you since he just got stitches”,Kami said. “Oh-um okay sure mommy will stay”,you said awkwardly. 

“Alright guys lets go upstairs to bed”,you said to the munchkins. You walked up the stairs carrying (y/s/n) and holding your daughters hand. While going up stairs you saw old pictures of you and Nate from highschool. “Oh mommy is that you and daddy”,you daughter said with excitement. “Yea, it is”,you said. “You look pretty mama”,your son said. “Hey, thats my line”,Nate said appearing from his bedroom. “Hey, your mom said we could stay over since its late, that okay”,you asked timidly. “Yea,yea thats fine baby”,he said. “Woah dad are these your trophies”,you son asked wiggling out of your arms. “No no don’t touch, you’ll break them”,you said chasing after him. “Its fine, one day you’ll have some too”,he said picking up your son and letting his hold a trophy. “Mommy whats this picture”,your daughter asked you handing you a picture. You looked at it and remembered it was one of the best nights ever. “Well, that night Daddy had a big championship basketball game. And he won and it made us very happy. I was cheering on the side and when daddy score the last basket I ran to him and jumped into his arms. And grammy took his picture”,you explained. “And then later that night me and mommy went to a dance and were crowned king and queen. She looked beautiful, she was like an angel. She was my angel”,Nate said to the kids,

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You were lost in his perfect mud puddle eyes and perfect words. “Your dress is pretty”,you daughter said. You snapped out of your daydream. “Well, maybe you can wear it one day”,you said to her. Her smile grew four times bigger. “Okay guys time for bed”,you said getting off the bed. “Daddy can we all sleep in here and cuddle like we did at the old house”,’your daughter asked Nate. “C’mon honey, lets go get your night gown on okay”,you said taking her hand. You walked to the guest bedroom and got them ready for bed and noticed you didn’t have clothes for yourself. “Mommy can I go sleep in daddy’s room”,you daughter asked. “Sure, want me to walked you down since its dark”,you asked. She nodded her head. You didn’t bother your son since hes already fallen asleep. When you reached the door you knocked softly. “Come in”,you heard Nate say. “Daddy, can I sleep with you”,your daughter asked timidly. “Of course”,Nate said picking her up and tickling her. You smiled at them, remembering how it used to be. “Goodnight babygirl, goodnight Nate”,you said turning around heading down the hall. “Hey baby, do you need some clothes”,Nate said to you. You turned around and shook your head no. “Yea you do, come here”,he said. You walked toward his room again and waited. He returned with a white tshirt. “I remember how you always loved to wear my shirts to bed”,Nate said smiling. You saw his dimples and you just wanted to kiss them. You accepted the shirt. “Look Nate, you’ve gotta stop calling me baby”,you said looking down. “I can’t, you’ll always be my baby”,Nate said kissing your cheek. “Nate, please stop. I don’t want you hurting me again”,you said on the verge of crying.

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“I won’t hurt you, not again. You will always win, every fight, every decision, everything. I will do anything to get you back. You are my world and if I’m not with you, I don’t know how I function one more day. I need you back baby. You made me a better person. I will pick up the pieces I broke. I’m so goddamn stupid for doing what I did.”,he said. You broke down right there outside of his room. It was a good thing your daughter was already asleep, you didn’t want her to see you upset. Nate then embraced you and you felt more secure. You kept crying and crying. You’ve kept in all the anger and pain for months on end. You finally ran out of tear and just stayed in his arms. “I-I still love you Nate”,you finally said. “I love you, more and more each day”,he said holding you and kissing your neck. “Can I ask you one question Nate”,you asked hiccuping from all the crying. “Anything baby”,he said. You looked up to see his brown eyes were now blood shot from crying too. “Why’d you do it”,you said quietly. “Well, I came home early that day. I parked my car in the garage so the kids wouldn’t see and I came home to see her on our couch. She was obviously drunk and she was crying. She was looking her you because Mark left her. I made her some tea and tried to make her feel better till you came home. I went back to the bedroom to get her some clean clothes. And I came back to see she was in the kitchen making something. She came up to me and handed me a cup and told me she made me her signature drink. It smelled terrible, but she told me she always made it for Mark so I drank it to make her feel better. And that’s when all the shit happened. I felt really weird after I drank it. I started hallucinating and all that fucking shit happened. I really didn’t mean it baby, i really didn’t. I just didn’t say anything because I thought you wouldn’t believe me”,he said. You sat there in shock and let all that new information. And you knew he was telling the truth because whenever he lied he’d look away from you. 

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“Oh baby, why didn’t you just tell me that.”,you said embracing him. “I thought you’d think I was lying or really did sleep with her”,he said wiping his tears. You took your hand and wiped his cheeks for him. “I wish you would’ve told me”,you said kissing his cheek. “I’m sorry I caused so much heart ache”,he said breaking down again. “It’s okay, we’re okay now baby.”,you said kissing him. “Can I have another chance baby? I love you so much”,he said through his tears. “Of course you can”,you whispered kissing his tears.

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Harmful Thoughts - Derek Luh Imagine


Could you write an imagine about Derek almost relapsing and you help him with it?




I sit at my kitchen table with all the bags I promised Y/N I threw away. This week has been horrible, first I get into a fight with go knows who from the bar and Y/N got mad at me, then I can’t seem to get this track right for my new sound track and last of all I miss these drugs like hell. 

“I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” I mumble over and over again with my head in my hands fingers gripping at my hair. 

Y/N would be so disappointed if I relapsed. Y/N thats what I need. I search my pocket for my phone my eyes bfldgin out of my head searching for her contact. I call praying she will pick up since it is 4 a.m. 

“Derek?” Her groggy voice says into the phone. 

“Babygirl, I need you.” I cry into the phone dropping to the floor. 

“Okay, Im on my way, just stay put okay baby?” She says and I can hear her grabbing her keys. 

“Okay.” I whimper out sobbing into my hands resting on the floor waiting for her to come.

10 minutes later I hear the door open and Y/N, calling out my name. She walks into the kitchen and sees me sitting on the floor a crying mess. 

“Oh Derek.” She whisper coming own to my level and stopping my face in her hands looking me in the eyes. “You didn’t take anything did you?” She asks looking at the bags on the table. 

I shake my head no and she grabs my hands and helps me up, we walk over to the couch and she lies on her back as I lie on my stomach on top of her lower half resting my head on her stomach as she plays with my hair. 

“Thank you for calling me.” She whispers soothingly. 

“Thank you for coming.” I whisper back. 

“You don’t need those Derek, you are so much better without them. I never ever want to see you with those again, even in your darkest days.” She says stopping her movements and looking down at me. 

“I promise.” I say moving her hand back to my hair urging her to continue. We fall asleep on the couch and wake up with sore backs from sleeping there for the rest of the night. 

It was around 3 p.m. and she got me dressed and grabbed the bags and we drove down to the river, where she had me walk out with all my old friends and throw them into the water where they would disappear. 

“You can do this.” She says rubbing my back as I look over the bridge into the freezing water. 

I nod my head and move the bad over the edge and slowly release. I watch it fall and sink deep into the depths. I feel as if a large weight was lifted off my chest because I could finally breathe. I step back and bring her into my arms. 

“Thank you.” I say looking down at her. 

“Anything for you.” She says looking back up at me as I capture my lips with hers. 


Here is a quick little imagine! I hope you guys like it! 

I have some smuts for you guys coming up next….. 

Love you always,


Surprise, Surprise (Sam Drake X Reader)

This is my first proper story! So yea I hope you all enjoy :D

Title: Surprise, surprise

Pairing: Sam Drake/Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1900

You wake up to the sound of waves and seagulls, for a moment you forget where you are ‘uh, this isn’t my room’ you think to yourself, until you hear a familiar voice.

“Elena! have you seen my-oh wait, nevermind!” Ah Nate, his usual panicky voice when he can’t find something.

You give a small sigh of relief when you remember your visiting family with Sam. You stretch and turn expecting to see Sam still sleeping, but to your surprise, he’s not there. You sit up quickly.

“Sam?…” You call out in confusion as you look at each side of the bed, Sam has a tendency to hide either side of the bed to give you a small fright in the morning. You hear faint laughter outside, making you curious as you look out the window, there you see Sam and Cassie running around on the beach. His young niece on his shoulders, giggling and having the time of her life.

Seeing Sam this happy, even after the events that has passed, being 2 years ago, relaxes you, puts you at ease, this is what you need for what you have to bring up to Sam, when you build up enough courage that is. You glance down a little and rub your belly, humming to yourself.

You leave the guest room, to be faced with Elena and Nate.

“Oh, look who decided to appear” Elena says, jokingly

“Haha, yea sorry, felt a little sick this morning, so I just wanted to sleep in a bit.” You say rubbing the back of your neck, shrugging your shoulders.

“Are you ok? You wanting a glass of water?” Nate asked with a concerning tone.

“No, no, thanks, but I’m fine, honestly, been feeling like this the past few weeks.” waving your hands by your head “So whats going on here?” You say walking towards a basket placed on the coffee table, sneaking a quick peak.

“Oh well, since you and Sam are here, we decided to pack a picnic and take a ride in the boat” Nate says as he carries the basket towards the front door.  

A wave of nerves passes through you, with you feeling like this, sailing won’t help put the sickness to ease.

“Oh…that sounds…great” following Nate, putting a small, fake smile on your face.

“Yea! I’m looking forward to it!” Nate says walking down the stairs of the porch.

You stop just at the top of the stairs on their porch, your hands holding your stomach again, looking over at Sam and Cassie now building sand castles and laughing. Sam looks up, even though he is quite far out on the beach, you can feel his soft smile directly on you. You smile back, knowing he can feel it to.

“How far along are you?”

You jump in surprise “Wha!…Huh?” quickly turning round to see Elena in the doorway of the house.

“How far along are you?” She repeated.

“Uh…I don’t know what you mean” You say turning you head slowly, keeping Elena in the corner of your eye.

She walks over tapping your shoulder and sitting on one of the sun loungers, you follow her as she taps the other lounger “Sit…talk to me.”

“Theres nothing to talk about” you say slowly with a slight hint of worry in your voice. Why are you afraid in telling her? It’s Sam your terrified of telling. Elena has been here. Out of everyone on this beach, Elena is the one you should be asking to give you pointers, tips, any info of what to expect. But you were just so scared, probably because you want this to be a conversation between you and Sam alone.

Elena looks at you softly tilting her head and gently grabs your hand. “Y/N, trust me, you can talk to me about anything” a small smile appears on her face.

You lay back on the lounger looking over at Sam, with the smallest smile, slowly closing your eyes and turning back to Elena “….I’m 4 weeks” you sigh

Shock, surprise and excitement instantly take over Elena and she jumps up clapping her hands and yelling happily. You see Sam looking over in confusion, but not thinking too much of it. Just casual girl talk and laughter to him. You quickly shoot up from the chair waving you hands to Elena, “Would you shush! Elena!”

“AHAH! Sorry I’m just so happy!” She says still doing small hops in front of you. “I’m going to be an auntie!” she instantly stops hopping “Oh my god…I’m going to be an auntie”

You shake your head laughing and flop back onto the lounger, glancing up at Elena.

Elena proceeds to take some breaths before sitting back down “So…when you going to tell Sam?”

Your laughter quickly fades and your smile turns to shock and realisation “Oh shit, I have to tell Sam”

“Language” Elena says quietly with a small giggle.

Panic starts to take over, Elena clearly picking it up in your voice “H-How am I going to tell him? How is he going to…r-react to this? Are we ready to do THIS?!” Your 100 questions just keep coming, making Elena shake her head and gently grab the top of your arm.

“Y/N, hey. Hey!” you quickly turn to her “First off, panicking like this will not be good for the baby, second, theres no reason for you to be panicking…” a small smile appears on her face “Yes having a baby is a scary thing, I mean when I told Nate about Cassie, I was terrified…”

“ha, you? Terrified?” you chuckled”

“…yees, but not because of the pregnancy, just the reaction of Nate. But surprisingly he took it very well, shocked at first and a bit speechless, but after an hour or 2 he came to grips with it and he said to me 'lets do this, we’re ready for this'” mocking Nate’s voice, making you laugh a little. You look down at your hands, your fingers intertwining with each other.

“…With everything Sam went through, 15 years in prison, having to lie to protect his family, which probably would’ve been killing him, nearly dying to find that treasure, if Sam is anything like Nate, hearing that he is going to become a dad, I think that…that’ll just be the best news he will ever hear!”

A small sigh escapes your mouth. “I guess you’re right…”

“Of course I am”

You chuckle “Yeah, it’ll be fine!…could you do it for me?”

Elena giggles a bit and stands up “Now thats something that has to be done by you, sorry” she says as she’s walks past you.

You groan and place you head in your hands “…I don’t think I can, I’m to scared to” your muffled voice complains again.

“Scared of what?” a voice that is clearly not Elena’s. You quickly shoot you head up from your hands and to see Sam slightly confused as he walks towards you “Are you ok?”

Standing up to stutter your answer “U-uhm” glancing at Elena walking away, hope she’ll turn round and swoop into help.

'She’s right, he deserves to know’ you think to yourself.

“Y/N?” He tilts his head to you.

You look back up at him, a smile appears across your face and you see the concern fade from his eyes. “I’m fine Sam, just I-we need to have a talk.” Sitting back on the lounger and tapping it.

“Oh dear, what have I done now?” He says jokingly as he sits beside you.

You giggle a bit and grab his hand, pulling yourself closer to him. “I’m just going to get to the point…kindof” you take a deep breath and tighten your grip on Sams hand. You notice him looking at you, the concern is back in his eyes, but before you 'get to the point’

“Look, hun, if its something thats happened and you’re needing time, please tell me. You know I love you and I will give you all the spa-”

“I’m late” you interrupt

Saying that to Elena, she instantly know what you mean.  But Sam, being a guy, it takes a little longer to click. You sit waiting for a response, thinking he’s just in shock, until you see the confusion on his face.

“Late? Uh, hun, we’re on holiday? You do realise you don’t go to work? What are you late for?” he says in a sarcastic, cocky tone

You burst into a small laugh, which makes his confusion elevate, “No, babe…I’m laaaaaate” you emphasis on 'the late’ part, raising your eyebrows hoping the pin will finally drop. Sam copies your facial expression, expecting more to be said and notices you holding your belly.

“Late? Your…I don’t…” Darting his eyes to your face and belly, trying to make the connection, until the pin finally drops “Oh! Late, wait…you mean? You’re not?!” His voice gets more and more hi-pitched until you nod, causing him to instantly shoot up laughing and cheering.

“You’re pregnant?!” grabbing your hands and lifting you to your feet.

Tears start to stream down your cheeks “Y-yes!” you laugh. Sam can’t contain himself, excitement, happiness and adrenaline starts to talk over his body, causing him to yell and laugh.

Elena looks on from the distance, arms folded and smiling.

“What the heck is going on over there” Nate asks walking up beside Elena.

“Well, looks like you’re going to be an uncle” she says turning back towards the boat.

“Huh…wait, what?! Are you serious” Nate runs after Elena, jumping and fist bumping the air.

“I’m going to be a dad! A dad! Me?! Haha” He turns to back to you, noticing you fidgeting with your nails in worry, his smile is quickly turned to concern again “Hey, you ok?”

“I-I’m scared, Sam” you say walking up to him, resting your arms onto Sams belly, he wraps his arms around you, placing his chin on your head.

“We-YOU will be fine, you’ll have me, Nate, Sully and Elena! To be honest Elena will be the best throughout this” cupping your head in his hands and places his forehead onto yours. You wrap your arms around Sams waist tightly “We’ll be in full support for you, just like we were for Elena, you know that? I will be by your side every step of the way.” he continues. Your grip tightens around Sam, going on your tip toes you give Sam and long passionate kiss, you could feel the smile on Sams lips.

“Thank you, Sam” slowly pulling away and looking deep into his eyes, know he meant ever word. “Anything for you” he said softly.

Arm over your shoulder with your hand clasping onto it, Sam holds you as you both walk towards the boat Nate, Elena, Sully and Cassie are waiting by.

“Do you have any name ideas?” Sam asked

“Well, I’m not far along enough to know the sex of the baby…so no, I don’t, why?”

Well, you know, I think Avery would be a nice name”

“Sam…” you laugh

“No? How about TT?”


“Thomas….Tew” he said quietly

You groan in laughter.

“Oh! What about Adam or Christopher ooor oh, OH! May-” his voice gets overly excited

“Sam, stop!”


“What if the baby’s a girl?”

“Well we’ll settle for Anne!”

You laugh “You’re not going to stop are you?”

“Just until I run out of Pirate Captains!”

One Wild Night (Nate Maloley)

Im new to the page and idk if your still doing request but i would love it if you were to do a smut imagine w/ a black girl and nate - Anon

A/N: Normally I don’t do imagines geared toward a specific race/body type/age just cause I normally try to make imagines that anyone could imagine themselves in regardless of those things, but I’ll try here, just for something new.

“A virgin shirley temple, please,” I say, smiling at the bartender. I tried not to show my frustration from the meeting I went to earlier. I originally wasn’t even going to come, but Y/B/F/N insisted and I worry about her going out alone.

She told me I looked cute and I must say I agree with her, but if one more guy came up to me, whispering sweet nothing and then that irritating line, “For a black girl, you look really…” I was gonna go off. Why do some men think telling me, the rest of my race isn’t, but I’m sexy, is appealing? Do they actually think that’ll get them somewhere?

The bartender hands me my drink, and I can tell he’s questioning me, wondering why I’m at a bar if I haven’t even ordered anything alcoholic. I don’t even drink, I just find it entertaining to go out and dance, maybe find someone to go home with.

Speaking of, another man takes the seat next to me, probably the third tonight. The place was pretty busy though, so he could’ve just sat there for lack of another seat. Well, at least thats what I thought until he turned to me.

I turned to face him, and he looked as if he were having trouble coming up with words to say. After maybe 5 or 6 seconds of us making eye contact he just abruptly said, “Do you wanna dance?”

He was cute, and he had yet to do anything to turn me off, why not? “I’d love to,” I say smiling as he grabs my hand, leading me to the floor.

Once we get out there, I realize his dance moves are a lot better than his pick up lines. Jesus Christ, the boy can move. We danced and moved to the beat together, he held onto my hips and my back and his front were nearly entirely pressed together.

Maybe three songs later, after a lot of grinding and flirting without even talking, I turned around and he leaned toward my neck.

“I’m Skate, by the way,” he says.

“Skate?” I ask, trying to clarify. I’d seen some pretty unique names since I’d come to LA, but never Skate. I wondered if he was maybe a pro skater or something.

“Yeah, that’s my stage name, though, you can just call me Nate.”

I nodded, barely able to hear him. I thought about giving him my name but by the time I got out of my own head it was too late and we were both more focused on the music.

We continued dancing, our fronts pressed together now. There was a moment where it seemed like the music got quiet, even though I’m sure it didn’t. Nate leaned closer, and I thought about stopping him, but my desire for him had grown over the past few minutes.

Our lips met, immediately fierce and passionate and our bodies grew even closer than before. We stopped moving to the beat, instead just paying attention to each other. He ran his hand softly up my side, his fingers slowing at every curve. I moaned involuntarily and he took it as a chance to introduce tongue, which made me even more lost.

It could have been seconds, maybe minutes later when some other dancer bumped into us and we finally pulled apart.

He leaned into me, “Do you wanna go somewhere… quieter?” he asked.

I was still breathless and dazed from that kiss, but I managed a nod. I easily found Y/B/F/N at the bar flirting with some guy and told her I was leaving. He grabbed my hand and we quickly walked out to his car hand in hand. As soon as we got to his car he gently pushed me into the passenger door of the car and kissed me once more, firmly, before pulling away seconds later.

He opened my door for me and went around to the other side, “My place or yours?’”

I considered inviting him over to my place, but that would just make the morning complicated. If we stayed at his place, I could easily escape in the morning. Plus, my apartment was a mess.

“Yours,”  quickly answered and we drove off, heading through the midnight LA traffic quickly. We got towards a residential area and I could tell we were close when he placed a hand on my semi-exposed thigh. The dress I’d been wearing was almost in the style of a sleeveless coat that tied in the front. It was pretty formfitting and only came a little past mid-thigh, and sitting down the the car only made it higher.

He lightly trailed his fingers over the top of my thigh, and I just barely held back a moan. I unconsciously spread my legs open just a touch and his fingers took the chance and reached further. He circled the inside of my thigh.

It took me a moment to realize, because I was caught up in the moment, but we’d gone in a complete circle around the block. Either he wanted more time or he was just as distracted as I was by the movements his fingers were making.

Finally we pulled up to an apartment complex and he jumped out, getting the door for me before I even had a chance to open it myself. He grabbed my hand, helping me out, and kept a grasp on it as we headed into the building.

He hit the button labeled 8 as we headed inside the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, it was as if the tension between us was amplified by 10. He still hadn’t let my hand go, and as soon as I glanced up at him, he used his hold on me to pull me closer.

Our bodies were up against each other again as he placed a hand on the side of my neck and lowered his face to mine again. Our lips met for the third time tonight and it was just as passion-filled, if not more passion-filled than before. He let my hand go and gripped my waist, pressing us even closer together.

The elevator dinged, making us abruptly break apart. He once again grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the elevator. I could barely keep up with him as he rushed down the hallway.

He scrambled to get his key in the lock. As soon as we were both inside he shut the door and pressed me up against it. He kissed me fiercely and I did the same to him.

He pulled away from my lips and started pecking at my neck and I moaned out, “Nate.”

“You sound so fucking hot,” he said, nibbling just behind my ear lobe.

He had one arm around my waist and the other was fiddling with the belt that partially held my dress together. Once he got it untied (which was impressive because he didn’t even look at it), he unzipped the hidden zipper and pulled the dress off my shoulders, letting it drop to the ground.

He cupped one of my breasts and began to kiss lower and lower, reaching the cups of my bra. He ran his hands up and down my bronze, toned thighs. I pulled him up once more to mss him and then tugged the end of his shirt upwards. He helped me get it off and as soon as it hit the floor we were kissing again.

He took off his shoes hands-free and I did the same and let him lead me towards his bedroom. He gently pushed me into a sitting position on his bed that left me face to waistband with his jeans. I eagerly unbuttoned them and pulled his zipper down.

He leaned down until he was eye level with me and took them off, then began kissing me again and pushing me back until I was laying down. I can’t even remember him taking off my bra, but apparently he did because now I could feel his lips on my nipple. I cried out as his hands ran up and down my body, toying with the edge of my panties.

“You feel so good, Ma,” he said and moaned again, kissing the side of his neck as he came face to face with me.

I let out a small laugh, realizing that I never told him my name. This was probably the wildest thing I’d done, aside from moving to California on a whim and barely any money 2 years ago.

“What’s so funny?” he smiled at me and I shook my head, then gasped as I my lace underwear tore. I should’ve been angry, but it was more of a turn on than anything.

He pulled down his boxers and we were body to body, nothing in between. “Condom?” I asked. He reached into a drawer beside his bed and quickly pulled one out. “You’re clean, right?”

“Of course. You?”

I could only nod as I watched him slip the condom on, then place himself at my entrance. He held onto one of my breasts lightly as he slid in. As soon as he was completely in we both let out a breath as he started to move.

“Faster,” I cried out, after a few seconds.

“Oh, I see how it is,” he immediately began moving faster and I called out his name over and over again. “You make my name sound amazing,” he said, breathless.

I was already close. I rose to meet him with ever stroke and I could tell he was close too. He gritted his teeth, and I grabbed his hips to still him. I grinded and rolled over him, flipping us over so that i was on top. Within seconds of me riding him, I exploded, and I could feel as he followed me.

After a minute, our breathing slowed and I rolled off of him. I wanted to go to sleep but adrenaline was still pumping through me. A minute later, he spoke, breaking me out of my trance.

“You want anything? Something to eat, or drink maybe?”

I took a second. “Yeah, sure, that’d be nice,” I replied.

We both got up, and he passed me an old t-shirt that smelled like him and some of his boxers. “I didn’t think you’d wanna put that dress back on, and your underwear are kind of..”

“I get it,” I said after he paused and took the clothes from his hand.

I followed him into a cute little kitchen with barstools on the outside. He opened the fridge and bent over in just his basketball shorts.

“There’s some Gatorade and a couple cans of pop and bottles of water in here. If you want food, we don’t have much, but I think there’s a few cosmic brownies in the cabinet, and there might be a wrap or a sub in here somewhere.”

“That’s okay, could I just have the Gatorade?”

He passed it to me and grabbed one for himself, then guided me to the barstools. A couple feet to our right was a door that was cracked open. It looked like it led to a pretty big room filled with computers and sound equipment and a recording booth.

I wanted to stay quiet but curiosity got the best of me. “What’s that room?” I asked.

“It’s kind of like a little at home studio. I make music, by the way.”

“That’s cool,” I smiled getting excited, “Can I maybe take a look?”

He got up and took my hand once more, leading me into the room. “I’ve actually been woking on a couple new things, mind being my first audience?”

“Let’s hear it,” I smiled as he opened up a track on one of the computer screens. As the music played I closed my eyes and smiled, lightly moving my hips in small motions.

“What do you do?” he asked me.

“I’m a Style Executive and Chief Designer for this little clothing brand,” I told him.

He nodded, “You know, I never got your name.” He came up behind me and placed both of his hands on my hips, grinding along with me to the rhythm. He moved my naturally curly hair to one side and kissed the juncture between my neck and shoulder, making me bite my lip to hold in a moan.

“That’s unnecessary information,“ I said, then distracted him by arching my back and connecting our groins once more. When the song ended I clapped quietly and turned around. “That was actually really good. I feel like I’ve heard your voice before actually,” I said, trying to think of where I remembered it from.

“Probably at the club. They said they’d play my album all throughout the night, so I came with a couple of guys that are like brothers to me to celebrate.”

“Oh, did I interrupt your night?” I asked. “I’m sorry-“

“No, trust me, it was a very welcome interruption,” he said smiling at me and nibbling on my ear. “When I saw you, I knew I had to have you,” he said, “Only problem was I had no clue how to talk to you. You’re a very good dancer by the way,” he whispered into my ear. He turned on another track, this one was just a beat, but one that was easy to follow. “I’d really like it if you danced for me now.”

“Only if you dance with me,” I said shyly. He nodded and I grabbed his hand, staying right up against him nearly the whole time. I spun around, and bent down, and got low, and I could feel him getting more and more aroused as he just watched me with hooded eyes.

A couple minutes later the song was over and he held me to him again, kissing me fiercely. He led me back to the bedroom.


I woke up the next morning to a heavy arm thrown across my waist and a warm breeze blowing onto my bare shoulder every few seconds. It took me a second to gather my thoughts, but once I did I glanced over to touch his phone and check the time.

I had to be to a meeting in an hour and I couldn’t be late. I got up quietly. Luckily he was a heavy sleeper. The meeting I had to get to was across town. There was no way I could make it to my place in that amount of time.

I made a decision to just freshen up in his bathroom and go. Thank God this dress could pass as club wear or business attire, with a couple adjustments.

When I put the dress back on, I zipped it up a little higher and tied the belt, making sure it went a little longer than last night. Then I added some subtle jewelry and put my wild hair up in a topknot using a tough brush and some ecostyling gel from my purse to slick it back and fix my edges. I slipped my shoes on and headed out the door, happy to see the taxi I called before getting dressed sitting at the curb.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I’m sorry to whoever requested this, you requested it probably back in the beginning of September and I just got around to it. Also, part 2 anyone? I was thinking of making it where like she found out how big he actually was and he went on a hunt for her or something, but then she’d be insecure and worry about what his fans would think of her. I actually still have to make a part 2 for another one of my stories, which should be coming up within the next couple weeks.



Request: Supernatural & Gossip Girl fanfic: where Reader is 21, Dean is 24 and they’ve been dating for 3 years but known each other for 7 years. Dean and reader are more inlove (more than Lisa and Dean). Blair&Sam are readers bestie. Her sister Madison is 15. Reader is rich as well and she’s been a hunter for 2 years. Nate and Reader were together for 1 year when they were 16 and a half. Nate one day kisses her and Sam sees & tells Dean. Dean gets protective. Lots of fluff, romantic smut, protective!dean

Word Count: 3,292 (sorrrrrryyyyy)

Warnings: Angst, some smut

A/N: Sorry if this was bad, I tried my best and I don’t watch Gossip Girl so I didn’t know who some of these people were or how their personality’s are or anything lol but I hope you like it, and I hope I did okay. I changed the reader being a hunter for 2 years to being a hunter since her and Dean met, hope thats okay.


“Madison, Blair’s coming over to visit Sam, Dean, You and I so get ready.” You said, standing in her doorway. “Ok, sounds good I’ll meet you guys downstairs.” she smiled, and then you left. Blair has been your best friend for 4 years now, Sam and her are the reason how you and Dean got together. You two were to scared to tell each other your feelings, but not scared enough to hide them from the people you trusted.  Dean told Sam, Sam told Blair, Blair told you and that’s how it basically went around.

You and Dean have been together for 3 years now, but have been best friends for 7. You’ll never forget the day you met, he basically saved your life on a vampire hunt one night and you two just started from there. Sam was your best friend so was Blair. Madison was your little sister and Dean was the best damn boyfriend you’ve ever had, life is great not including you kill peoples nightmares for a living.

“Sam, Dean.. Blair’s coming over for a little while to visit hope it’s ok because she’s already on her way.” you chuckled, sitting on Deans lap and smiling at Sam. “Sounds good to me baby.” Dean smiled against your cheek, kissing it after making Sam make fake gagging noises in the back.


The doorbell goes off and you jump out of your seat, running to let her in. You opened the door and saw her with a worried, apologetic look on her face. “Blair, what’s wrong?” you asked nervously. “Uh.. I kind of brought someone with me.” before you could ask who you saw a head pop from the corner, Nate. The last person you’d ever want to see, your ex who was still madly in love with you.

“Nate? Seriously! Dean’s right in there!” you yell quietly, making sure the boys didn’t hear but of course Dean came behind you right after, making you jump. “Hey Blair, who’s this?” Dean asks, taking notice to Nate quickly. “Uh Dean, this is Nate.” You say awkwardly, looking at him with worry. “Yeah, her ex to be exact.” Nate said rudely with a mean smirk on his face, making Dean dislike him already.

“Well Nate you should know, I’m Dean..better known as Y/N’s boyfriend, and if you try ANYTHING-” Blair cut him off. “You two play nice ok, he just wanted to tag along he isn’t going to steal your lady, Dean.” Dean gave them both a glare, letting them know he meant business then decided to let them in.

“Hey Sam! This is Nate, my friend.” Blair smiled happily at Sam, giving him a hug after. “Yeah, Y/N’s ex also.” Dean said under his breath, looking at him with a “you know what to do if something happens” look. Sam nodded at Dean and turned his head to look at Nate, shaking his hand.

“So what’s the plan, what should we do?” Madison asked, looking at everyone in the room hopping for an answer. “We could go play golf?” Sam suggested, knowing they couldn’t go to a bar because of Madison’s age. “What are you, 40?” Dean joked, taking a sip of his beer. “Hey, you’re closer to it than I am.” Sam laughed, making everyone else laugh too while Dean growled, knowing how true he was.

“Yeah, let’s play golf it’d be a lot of fun.” You added in, everyone nodding in agreement while Dean sat with his beer in his hands. “I don’t know..isn’t that kind of boring?” Dean asked. You walked over to him and sat on his lap, pressing your cheek against his head and wrapping your arms around his neck, making him smile and hug you tight around your waist. “Ohh pleeaasseee babe, it’ll be fun don’t worry.” you begged, making him smile because he always found it adorable when you begged. “Alright, let’s go.”


You all finally arrived to the golf course. You rode with Sam and Dean while Madison rode with Blair and Nate. “Hi, 6 people please.” Sam said politely to the man at the stand. He passed you 6 golf balls all different colors, and six clubs to go with it.

It was all going well and fun, Dean was still iffy with Nate but you didn’t blame him, he kept trying to talk to you and was always standing a little to close, making Dean step in every time. “Hey Y/N, remember that one time we went golfing and I wrote on your golf ball before you got it "Prom?” and everyone cheered for us?“ he smiled at the memory while you cringed, Dean doing the same.

"Yes, they had shitty food.” you snorted, trying to drop the subject before a fight started. “ah yeah, but you made it ok.” he winked, Dean stepped forward but you put your hand on his chest, trying to back him away. “Behave, you’ll get your reward tonight.” you whispered in his ear, kissing it softly after making him moan under his breath Sam interrupting after by calling Dean’s name for his turn.

Next up was you, you stood behind the ball and swung, missing it by a little bit. Nate came up behind you and place his fingers inbetween yours, making you give him an evil “back off” glare. You could basically hear Dean’s head boil with anger. “Just a friend helping a friend, right?” he whispered in your ear. “Fuck off Nate, we are not friends.” you said with a low tone, pulling away from his touch and hitting the ball harder than you should’ve out of anger. “Hey kid, only my hands are gonna be holding hers so back off.” Dean warned, and he was gone.


You all finally arrived back home, Madison went in her room like normal teenagers do while Blair, Nate, You, Dean and Sam all stayed in the living room carrying on having a good time, drinking a few beers and just having fun until someone had to ruin it.

You went outside to get some air, hearing footsteps come from the other side, making you panic. You grabbed your knife that you always keep in your pocket and had it ready to stab until you saw Nate coming from the corner, holding his hands up. “It’s just me kitten, relax.” he said quietly. “Don’t call me that.” “S-sorry, habit.” you laughed over how stupid of an excuse that was. “Habit?! We’ve been broken up for 6 years, get over it!” you yelled, taking him to surprise. It was quiet for awhile and all you could hear was the wind, and the leaves running against the ground until he spoke up.

“Have you ever wondered how I was, where I’ve been?” he asked with a sad tone. “Yeah for the first few months, than I grew a pair, realized you were an ass for leaving me and got over it-” he cut you off. “I left cause I was scared!” “You left me alone on a vampire hunt! and who saved me?! Dean! Twice he saved me on a vampire hunt and you didn’t do shit!” you yelled louder than expected, hopping nobody inside heard you. “I. Couldn’t. Watch. You. Get. KILLED!” he yelled, tears starting to stream down his cheeks. “And you think  Dean could?! Still!? I bet he couldn’t, and damn I can’t see him get killed either but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave..cause… cause we’re "scared”“ he didn’t answer and instead took in every word you said, realizing how wrong he was for leaving.

"I’m sorry.” he sighed, looking at you with sadness. “I don’t believe you really are.” you shook your head, laughing in disbelief. “Fine, then I’ll show it.” before you could even ask what he meant he placed his palms over your cheeks and kissed you, hard. You pushed him away and wiped your mouth with your arm. “You idiot! I love Dean!” you yelled, sadly Sam didn’t catch that part and only catch the part where he kissed you, and you didn’t pull away in time before he ran in, not believing what he saw.


It was a few days after, Blair and Nate haven’t been over since that one night. You were at the store with Madison, leaving Sam and Dean alone spending quality brother time together without worrying about hunts since they just went on one yesterday. “Man, I gotta talk to you I can’t keep hiding this.” Sam sighed, looking at Dean with sadness and worry. He’s been replaying that night in his head over and over,  wondering if he should tell his brother who was madly in love with you more than any girl he’s been with, or brush it off and think you didn’t want it. But he had to tell him, it was eating him alive not to.

“Aw man don’t tell me you got a crush on Blair, she’s like a sister man-” Sam cut him off. “No-no, it’s something else..” he picked at his fingers nervously  and thought of the words to say, how can someone tell somebody this? “I’m not really sure who did who…but…” “spit it out Sam.” Dean said, clenching his jaw and staring deeply at Sam, terrified for what he was about to say.

“I saw Y/N and Nate outside, kissing on Sunday.” he sighed, feeling great to finally let it out but terrified for Dean’s reaction. Dean didn’t take his eyes off Sam, trying to see if he was pranking him or not but sadly, he knew it was true. But he also knew you didn’t do it, you couldn’t of. He knew you loved him just as much as he loved you, but he would always love you more. It was that kid, Nate who did it, he knew it.

“I’m going to kill that kid. I’m going to rip him apart!” Dean yelled with anger, getting up and pacing around the room, thinking of ways to destroy him, ways to make him stay away from you and let him know she’s his and only his.  "Now Dean, he’s just a kid-“ Dean cut him off "He’s the same age as me! Quit trying to take his side!” he yelled, shutting Sam up from saying anything else.

It’s been about 10 minutes since Sam told him about what happened. 10 awkward and long minutes without a word after until Dean spoke up again. “How’d you even mange to see?! Like, where was I?! Where were they!” he yelled running his hand through his hair and kicking stuff over. “Uh- they were arguing outside, I heard and went to go make sure everything was ok and then..yeah.” he sighed, looking down at his lap with his hands folded together in between.

“Thank god it was you there and not me cause if It was me? I would’ve killed him right there.” A voice caught both of their attentions and taking them to surprise, even more that it was your voice. “Who?” you asked, looking at Dean with worry. Did he know about the kiss? Did he think it was your fault?

“We’ll talk about it later tonight, I need to take a walk.” Dean sighed, running past you after nearly bumping into you. You looked at Sam with worry, he looked back at you with the same look and just walked past you also, leaving you to yourself.


It was 12 AM, everyone was asleep but You and Dean. He has barely said a word to you all day and you were just thankful it was finally time to talk, to figure out what was wrong even though you already had an idea. You sat on the end of your guys bed that you two shared and placed your elbows on your lap, burying your face in your hands after and taking a deep, long breath and sigh just hopping the talk goes well and things get better.

“We need to talk.” Dean said with a low tone, coming in and closing the door after. “I know we do, sit.” “I’d rather stand, you know how I pace.” he sighed, walking around the room, cracking his knuckles left and right. “Sammy told me something…that he saw-” you cut him off “Nate and I kissing, I know.” you sighed, shaking your head and trying to hold the tears back. You couldn’t even look into his eyes knowing they’d just show hurt and anger, cause of you.

“So you admit to it?” “Would you rather me lie and say we didn’t?” you snapped, taking him to surprise. He didn’t answer and just took everything in. “He did it though, we were arguing and I was telling him how stupid-how terrible he was for breaking my heart and almost getting me killed, he apologized, I didn’t believe him and he kissed me to "prove it”. I pushed him away I guess before Sam saw, and I told him he was an idiot because I. Love. You, Dean.“ you choked on your tears on the last few words, wondering if that was the last time you’d be able to say that.

He must’ve noticed your tears running down your face before you did. He got on his knees, looked into your eyes and wiped your tears away with his thumb, kissing the tear stains after making you smile for a split second. "I believe you honey, I always did. I just wanted to make sure.” he said softly, running his hand through your hair and giving you a soft smile, making you smile too. “How’d you know?” “Because I know you love me, just as much as I love you and I know you would believe me too.” you both smiled at each other and hugged, tightly. You buried your face in his neck and he held on tight, kissing your head.

“But babe, there’s one thing.” “what is it?” you asked, starting to get nervous again. “I’m going to remind you who REALLY, loves you. Who’s only going to be able to touch you, and who’s only going to be the one making you scream in pleasure.” he growled, slowly pushing you on the bed after. You laid on the bed, bringing him with you and kissing each other roughly. You ran your fingers in his hair and tugged, making him moan against your lips and just grip onto you more.

“I’m the only one who gets to grab this ass” he growled, grabbing your ass after, making you moan. “And I’m the only one who’s going to leave these trail marks down your body” he said, kissing, sucking, and biting on your neck and down your chest after, making you tug on his hair and moan more. He stuck his hand under your shirt and groped you, making you bite your lip from trying not to yell so Madison or Sam wouldn’t hear. He pulled off your shirt, and pulled off your pants with them, you doing the same for him. He looked at your body for a few seconds and smiled to himself.“You really have no clue how much I love you.” he whispered, kissing your stomach softly. You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling him smile against your stomach. god this man was amazing you didn’t know how you got so lucky.

“Are you ever going to see Nate again?” He growled into your thighs, nibbling on them. “N-no! Dean, please!” you begged. “You promise?” he asked, running his hand over the front. “Yes! F-fuck!” and that’s all it took, all he wanted was for you to beg and he got it, he won.


The day after You and Dean went to the bar for some drinks while Sam and Madison stayed at home, Sam helped her with homework because he was the smarts of the group, plus you and Dean needed some alone dates anyways that don’t involve killing monsters.

You two walked in, his hand on your butt and never leaving it for a second, letting everyone in the bar know your his, and that he don’t play around. It was all going well, you two shared lots of laughs, memories, and smiles until you went outside to leave, and someone stopped you..Nate.

“Heyyy! Look who it is! Y/N…and…that guy!” he was obviously drunk off his ass, but Dean didn’t care. He wasn’t going to let him get away this time, and you weren’t going to stop him. “Fuck off” Dean warned him, pushing him away with his left hand leaving him wobbly, but he wasn’t going down with a fight and that was a challenge Dean was willing to take.

“Aw what’s the matter Man, you mad cause I got some lip from your girl that night? To bad I didn’t get any hea-” he was cut off by Dean’s fist punching into his face, knocking him on the floor. “Aww, she didn’t tell you? She used to give it to me alll-” he cut him off again, kicking him in the ribs and bending down to his level. He picked him up by the collar of his shirt and punched him until his fists were covered in his blood, and his face was so swollen he couldn’t see a damn thing and all you could hear was mumbles.

“Dean, that’s enough!” you yelled, trying to pull him off but he moved away. He picked him up by the collar of his shirt and threw him against the wall, making him yelp in pain. “You go near my girl again you dick and I won’t stop next time do you hear me?!” “Yes-” he mumbled out, spitting out blood after. Dean kicked him in the shin, making him scream in pain. “What was that? Sorry bad ear!” “Yes!” he yelled, and Dean dropped him to the ground. He moaned in pain and laid there, taking in every last view of you knowing it was the last time he’d ever see you, for sure.

“Just cause you were to blind to see you should’ve treated her right, doesn’t mean I am. I love this girl more than life itself and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose her to a bitch. Your luck.” and you two were gone.

You climbed into the impala, you were speechless. You never saw Dean act like that before, especially over you. “Sorry for going insane over there it’s just, I love you. So damn much, and I can’t lose you. There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you, Y/N. I’m sorry.” he sighed, feeling a tear slip down his cheek. “Kiss me you big dork.” you smiled, making him smile too realizing you weren’t mad. He pulled you in and kissed you deeply, like nothing else mattered but you…and him.



“Stew…..Stew….STEWART” I scream trying to get his attention, feeling neglected. He jumps when I shout gripping his chest. “Are you trying to murder me?” He asks me, breathing heavily. “Well if you weren’t texting your brother a listening to me I wouldn’t have to. What are you even talking about?” I say trying to grab his phone. He pulls it out of my reach and locks it. I look at him confused. “Okay whatever. Im going to go to my locker and go to class. Enjoy your phones company” I tell him getting up, dusting off my jeans of any grass and walking out from under the tree before Stew responds. “Come by mine after School babe, Nates gon` be back” he shouts after me. “Okay hunny bun” I shout loudly across the school yard embarrassing him. I watch his face flush red as I walk into the school.

Stew`s POV

I call her babe on a daily basis, I’ve kissed her and she brushes it off like its nothing. She either thinks of me as her brother or is truly oblivious. I unlock my phone as a new text from Nate pops up. “Just tell her straight up im at home RN ill help you when you get home” I reply with a simple K as the bell rings.

After school I don’t wait and rush out of school quickly wanting see my brother. I hear Y/N behind me shouting for me to slow down. I slow my walking speed down as she approaches me. “Miss him that much?” She asks me. I nod and she coos at me squeezing my cheeks. “Smoke weed all you want but you will never be tough in my eyes, your such a teddy bear” she says in a patronizing voice. She links her arm through mine. “Do you think he would date me? Or Sammy hes pretty cute too but your brother is so HOT” she asks me in a dreamy voice. I scoff and am quick to answer. Maybe a little to quick. “he wouldn’t ever you are like his little sister and He isn’t hot hes average and and Sam is just a manwhore.” I say so quickly out of breath. Y/N looks at me like im retarded. “Okaaayy” she sings, dropping the conversation and turning to singing along to Aye Ma, laughing our heads off.


“Yo Nate, how you been?” Stew asks, hugging his brother, as soon as he sees him in the door way. “Been flying” he replies hugging his brother back, the biggest smile on his face. They pull away and Stew walks into the house, Nate smirks at me, with an all knowing smirk. I look at him confused as I step into his open arms. “Well haven’t you grown” he tells me spinning around and walking me into the living RooM his arms still wrapped too tightly around me. I try to squirm out of his arms but he doesn’t let me go. I look up at him to see hes mouthing something to Stew. “Nateeeeee” screech and he lets me go. When he does I shove him before darting for the sofa taking his seat. “Come on you know thats my place” he tells me pulling my arms. I grab onto the leather couch cushion, refusing to let go. He ends up pulling me off the couch by my legs.

I take a seat by Stew and he bumps our knes and then leaves it resting against mine. Inside im dying, I like like him but he doesn’t like me so I don’t want to ruin our friendship by making it awkward. On the outside im acting cool, aint nothing happening. He always touches me and hugs me and stuff but he likes that slut Joanna (sorry of that is your name) from school. I focus on the TV. “MAMA I WANT FOOD” Nate shuts hurting my ears. I throwaway pillow at him when Stew shouts as well “ME TOO” I grab another pillow and slap him too. His mom shouts back asking if I want food. He giggles before asking me if I waNT food ans I nd my head “obviously” I add. He then covers my ear shouting to his mom. When hes done shouting he drops his arm behind me, playing with the buttons on the shoulder of my jumper. I lean into him as we watch Teen Wolf reruns. (STILES IS ADORABLE)

Kami walks in with two plates nd hands me one right away, “Thanks Kami, looks delicious” and then handing the other to Nate. Stew starts complaining. “Mooom thats not fair he comes bac-” I don’t let him finish shoving a spoonful of cottage pie intones mouth. “Shut up and take it” I laugh at his shocked face. I put the plate into his lap as Kami, whose still laughing, walks out to get the other. “Thanks baby” he says, his mouth full. “Baby? You two getting it on” Nate asks us wiggling his eyebrows. I awkwardly laugh, shaking my head but Stew doesn’t say anything. I turn around confused and whenindo he starts shaking his head, Nate starts smiling at Stew. What is up with them I think yo myself as Kami walks back in with my plate and a cookie. I grin as I thanks her. When she turns round walking out the boys try to get my cookie but I wrap it in the napkins nd slide it into my jumper. “Stay away” I say taking a fork full of mashed potato into my mouth.

“You think that its under your top is going to stop me?” Stew asks me giving me a cheeky smile and I know whats going to happen next so I quickly put my plate down on the table and run away into the kitchen my cookie unhandled and stew kn my tail. “Don’t Stewie, please” I beg as he creeps closer. I jump over the counter and hide behind Kami. She starts laughing at us calling us idiots. Stew comes over and grabs my arm and then all he’ll brakes loose as he starts tickling me. I start laughing so loudly astronauts can hear me.“st…st..Stoppp..STAHP” I starts screaming when I am about pee from laughing so hard. “Hun let her up” his mom finally cuts in after I hit my head on the cupboard. He stops letting me up, I throw the now crumbled cookie in his hair running around the counter before tripping onto the floor. I quickly scramble to get up, setting everyone off again.

I try to dramlocally walk out but a shooting pain in my shin. “Aerrgghhh, Fuck” I mumble under my breath. Stew vocally sympathises with an Awhh. He walks up behind me before scooping me up, shocking me. “Awhh thanks sausage” I say in my oh-so patronizing voice.“we shouLD do this more often” he says. Confused, I furrow my brows. “What me hurt myself? I think I do that waaaay to often” I counter, dragging out some words. He walks into his bedroom and drops me onto his bed.

“Are you really that oblivious?” He asks me, slightly violently. I shrug “to what?” He roll his eyes before he grabs my shoulders. “I.LIKE.YOU.I. WANT. TO. DATE YOU.” He shouts, shaking me. I stare at him shocked. Then I embarrass myself. “YES YES OH MY FUCKING GOD” I shout before shutting up. I sit there acting`natural` after my little out burst. “Something you want to say like I like you too?” Stew asks me looking embarrassed. “Oh my God sorry yes I ducking like you and yes I was obliviousI thought you ere getting it on with Joanna. You have no idea how much I like you.” I rush out,flapping my hands. He giggles at me, grabbing my chin. “Well give me a kiss so I can ask you out” he tells me and I put my hand on his face. “Dream on I don’t kiss till Atleast the 3rd date” I inform him.

“Okay tomorrow night, we can go out. I’ll pick you up at 8” he tells me and leans in again. “NO” say getting up and running down the stairs where Nate and his mom are watching Iron Man 3. I jump onto the sofa next to them. “Have you seen the CinemaSins video on this movie. Tony Stark is a Dick to the environment and children” I say too loudly. “Shut up” Nate tells me jokingly as Stew walks in, going to stand in front of the TV. “Dude move yo skinny ass” he tells him. “No fat ass I have an announcement which people actually care about" he argues. Nate throws a shoe at him. “MOOOOMMM” they both whine in unison. “ShuSHHH Hun let him talk” Kami tells Nate earning a haha from Stewart. “Well a few moment ago I have found out that me and Y/N are in like with each other” he tells them. “Ooh boy get some” Nate tells him before continuingwith harsher words “now Move big head” he says being mean. Stew comes to sit down next to me, bumping our knees and it all becomes so obvious. All of the touching the I brushed off as brotherly or accidental he was trying to tell me he liked me. Im such an idiot, I think to myself. I mentally face palm.

Watching the movie we send up getting closer and snuggling, I start drifting off as the sky gets darker and text my mom that Im staying Iverson. Exhausted after school and all the running around ive been doing, Im PRO-TUMBLR. Not Pro-exercise. I lean into Stew like we’ve always done, resting my head on his shoulder pulling the blanket up over both of us. Thats when stew came out both the cheesiest but cutest line ever.

“ Welcome to sweet dreams airlines all passengers will be leaving to dreamland, hoping you will have a safe journey to your sweet dreams….good night Y/N, sleep tight" I tried to contain my later but couldn’t. “You are a dork” I said before grabbing his face and kissing him.“3rd date is to far away” I member going back in. Nate groans before shouting ewww and throwing a pillow at us.

Best day ever


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Series: Opening Act (chapter 5)

“Sorry if I woke you” I said as Andrea walked downstairs
“No you didn’t. You wanna grab breakfast?” She questioned as she fixed her hair in the mirror.
“uh I actually gotta head home, gotta pack some things for tour.”
“Alright well text me later.”

I grabbed my bag and walked out to my car, I started the car and drove home.
“Mom I’m home.” Silence, I sighed, although I’m used to being alone.

I texted Nate
Dimples🙈: hey, I have some tracks and verses in my head that I want to get out. I’m going to head to the studio. See you tonight 😊
From Dimples🙈: ok lil mama, want me to meet you there?
Dimples🙈: no it’s okay, unless you want too. Is anyone there?
From Dimples🙈: Derek might be..idk

I headed towards the studio anyways. If I was going to be stuck on a bus with him for 5 months I might as well get used to having him around.
Before walking into the studio, I took a deep breath “here goes nothing”
I walked into the room, to see Derek in the booth and John and Andrea sitting on the black leather couch. “Hey what are you doing here”?, I asked Andrea. “Oh, I left my charger here last night and I thought I would hangout”, she said. “Hey, uhh Nate isn’t here Pey, John said. "Oh I know i’m meeting him later at Ooki for dinner, I just had some song ideas”. Just then Derek walked out of the booth and handed me the headphones. “Thanks, I said quietly.

Being in the same room with Derek gave me the creeps, we exchanged minimal words and his glances caught my eyes a few times. After a hours or singing and clearing my head I was ready to head home to get ready for my date with skate.

Once I got home, I ran up to my room, starting the shower and grabbing towels and my clothes for after the shower. Once I was done washing my hair, I turned the water off and grabbed a towel wrapping my hair in it and my robe to put on my body while I did my makeup.
I put on a little makeup, some neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and foundation.
I got dressed in my long sleeve, black and white stripped shirt and tucked it into my black skirt. I put on an army green vest over my shirt with knee high black socks and black,chunky boots. I loosely curled my hair and put on my vanilla perfume and lotion.

Just as I walked downstairs, my mom walked in from her late shift. "Hi honey, wow you look nice where you headed”?

“Oh, um I have a date” i said shyly.

She looked at me shocked with sparkles in her eyes

“Who’s the lucky guy”, she said nudging my arm.

“Nathan Maloley”, i said blushing.

“When do I get to meet Mr.Maloley”?

“In about 10 minutes”.

About 5 minutes later, I heard a knock at the door.

“Peyton, he gets extra points for actually coming to the door”, my mom shouted.

I giggled and opened the door to see Nate holding light pink roses.

“Oh Nate, they’re beautiful”.

“Not as beautiful as you Pey”, he said making my cheeks turn pink.

“Peyton, who is this”?

“Oh, mom this is Nate-”

“Hi Mrs. Thatcher i’m Nathan Maloley”, Nate interrupted.

They talked for about 2 minutes and I knew mom fell for his boyish charm like I did.

“Nate, I want her home by 11 and take good care of her please”,she said.

“Yes ma'am and I will like my life depended on it, he said smiling at my mom.

We walked to the jeep and he opened the door for me.

We arrived at Ooki and walked toward the hostess desk.

"Table for two”?

“Yes please”.

“Right this way”.

“Your server will be right with you”.

Just then a boy about our age with brunette hair came to our table.

“Hi my names Luke and i’ll be your server”. “What would you want to drink beautiful”?

“Oh um waters fine” i said smiling.

“And for you”?

“Water, Nate said through his teeth staring Luke down”.

After we got our drinks and ordered our food we talked a lot about our childhood and tour. Luke then brought us our plates and he winked at me.

“I swear if whatever his name is flirts with you one more time i’m gonna have to beat his ass”, Nate said.

“Oh he’s just being nice, he doesn’t like me”, I said innocently.

“Nah Pey he’s got a little crush on you”.

“You jealous Maloley”, I said raising my eyebrows.

“Peyton, I will always be jealous who is with you that isn’t me”.

As I was about to say something just as cute someone approached the table that wasn’t Luke.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Peyton and Nate”. “Hey Peyton don’t eat the whole buffet this time honey”. “One the reasons I brokeup with you”, Derek said.

“Woah, woah Derek whats your problem”? “Wait, whats he talking about Peyton”?

“Oh, I’m guessing Peyton never told you about us did she”?

“Derek please don’t, I said in a hushed tone.

The flashbacks of us being highschool sweethearts (she was a sophomore and he was a senior). The weight/weight loss struggle. The anxiety and depression. The abuse. Tears started to form in my eyes and they met Nate’s confused.

"Look Derek, thats the past now please leave us alone okay”, I said.

Nate’s hands now turned into fists.

“Aight, Aight see you later Peyton. You look good now baby, I wouldn’t mind hittin it now”, he said.

“C'mon Peyton lets get you home baby” Nate said taking my hand.

We got into the Jeep and sat there for a good 5 minutes and I kept my head down.

“You wanna talk about it”, Nate said looking into my now bloodshot eyes.

I nodded my head and told him everything, every detail. After explaining everything to Nate, we both ended up with tears streaming down our faces.

Nate’s hand came toward my face and I flinched. He look shocked and sighed.

“Peyton, I would never ever do anything to you that he did”, he said caressing my cheek.

“I’m sorry, its just whenever I cried he always ‘gave me something to cry about’”, I said putting air quotes up. I began to cry

Nate then embraced me and began stroking my hair

“Shhh, hey i’m here now baby, he said soothing me.

After about 10 minutes, we began to drive home. He had his hand on my thigh. I then became self conscious of the size of my thigh, but it was also comforting. We pulled up to the driveway and walked towards the front door.

I’ll Stand Up For You - Nate Maloley Imagine

Request: Can you write an imagine where Y/Ns brother is talking shit to her saying she’s the reason their family is fucked up and Nate steps in takes care of her. Sorry it’s confusing. Btw I love your blog💋




“God you are so unbelievable sometimes Y/N!” My older brother John yells from across the room. 

“What the hell did I do this time John.” I say slightly annoyed.

John has been extremely rude these past couple of week and thats why I’m moving in with my boyfriend Nate. Nate and I have been dating for 3 years. My mom is not happy with the idea of me leaving but she has no say in what I do  and my dad well he left us 6 years ago. 

“You are tearing this family apart. First you made dad leave now your leaving and all mom can do is cry up in her bedroom because she thinks everyone is leaving her.” John says getting in my face. 

“Woah, excuse me? Did you just say I’m the reason that dad left?” I say pushing John back into the counter. 

“Yeah, you’ve fucked up this entire family Y/N.” John spats and straightens up now towering over me more then he was before. 

“I did not John. You are ridiculous to think that I’m the reason. Like seriously!” I yell waking away grabbing my bag. 

“And look now you are running away leaving me here to take care of mom. You are just like dad.” He mumbles the last part. 

“What the did you just say?” I say through gritted teeth and anger prominent in my voice. 

“I said you are just like dad. Leaving us to fend for ourselves. Take a look in the mirror Y/N you are the fuck up of this family.” He says turning around and walking up the stairs. 

I turn and look in the hallway mirror. It is dimly lit and covered in dust. Tears roll down my cheeks as the words the John had yelled at me are running around my head on a non stop loop. I sink to my knees and begin to sob. 

“Y/N are you ready?” I hear a faint voice call from the main entry way. 

“Y/N?”  The voice continues to call. 

“In here Nate.” I say waving my hand. 

“Hey baby whats wrong? Why re you crying.” Nate says as he pulls me into his arms. 

“John. He said I’m the reason my Dad left and I’m just like him for leaving now.” I start t cry again taking fistfuls of Nate’s shirt instantly staining it with my tears. 

“I’ll be right back okay?” Nate instructs and gets up from our spot on the ground. 

“Where are you going?” I call but no response is given. 


“John, where are you.” I yell trudging up the stairs bursting through John’s door. 

“Nate what the hell do you want man?” John yells taking his ear buds out. 

“What you said to Y/N is not cool. She’s your fucking sister.” I breathe out in anger staring at the kid who doesn’t even seem phased by my anger. 

“Whatever Nate, she needs to hear it she’s acting like a bitch and now she’s leaving us like we are nothing to her.” John mumbles turning back around to his computer screen. 

“Hey! Fucking look at me while I’m talking to you. Do you know how hard it was for her to decide if she was gonna move in with me. She cried when she thought about leaving you, but that doesn’t going to mean she is walking out of your life. She loves you and you are acting like an insensitive dick.” I yell pacing around his room stopping in front of him looking straight into his eyes. 

“You don’t scare me man. She’s leaving now so looks like she is fine with leaving us here.” John says pushing my chest. 

That was a enough for me. I deck him straight in the nose probably breaking it. 

“Oh my god. What the hell did you do that for?” John yells holding is bloody nose. 

“Don’t talk about your sister or my girlfriend like that ever again.” I spat and with  that stormed out of his room. 

“What did you do Nate?” Y/N asks gripping my arm. 

“I taught him not to talk shit about his family.” I say grabbing her bag from the couch and wrapping my arm protectively around her waist. 

“You didn’t have to do that.” She sighs getting into the car. 

“I know but I’m going to stand up for you no matter what or who it is.” I say pecking her cheek and driving off to our home. 


Thank you for requesting! I just used the random name John for the brother! 

Enjoy lovelies. 


After the fight ||Nate Maloley||

I feel so bad.

Fighting with Nate was the last thing that I wanted to do today. 

Evaerything was going to go so smooth. I had planned to come home from work early, make a nice dinner, set up the table all nice & create a sexy ambiance by lighting some candles and throwing some rose petals around. It was all perfect, everything was going smooth Nate seemed happy and he enjoyed the food. 

And the second i thought to myself “wow this is amazing I cant believe this is going so well” is when Nates phone went off.


A few hours earlier

“Oh shit I think thats my phone.” Nate said picking his napkin up off of his lap and sliding his chair out. 

“Wait babe, ill get it for you dont worry about it.” I said smiling and walking out of the dining room and into the kitchen where his phone was sitting on a counter. 

the contact name was “Unknown” which I thought was a little shady but I hit answer anyway’s. 

“Heyy babyyyy!” A drunk girl slurred giggling slightly. My blood started to boil I felt my face get hot, but I tried my best to stay clam. “Sorry I think you have the wrong number.” I said politely “Oh no” the girl said sighing “I really wanted to talk to Nate” She huffed. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming at her. “Who are you?” I asked “Im Nates girlfriend.” She said happily. 


A few hours after that

Nate kept knocking on the door to our bedroom. 

“Come on y/n just please open the door. I honestly I have no clue who that was, it was probably just a crazy fan. Y/n do you honesty think I would throw away what we have for a fan? Babe just open the door.”

And that was all that he had to say. 

I got up from my bed and walked over to the bedroom door. I unlocked it and opened the door. 

Nate looked at me surprised but then he opened up his arms and pulled me into a tight hug and kissed the top of my head.


False Love (Nate Maloley FanFiction) 


I rushed through the doors of Panera rushing to button up the rest of the buttons on my shirt. I noticed Patty at one of the far back tables and made my way towards her.

Patty and I had been friends for as long as I can remember. People always wondered how we were so close seeing as she was more… out spoken, while I was more on the quiet side.

We were also what you would call “Youtubers” and we had a pretty big fan base of lovely supporters.

“You’re late” I cringed and took a seat across from Patty as she looked up from her phone “And by the looks of it, you spent the night at Derek’s”

My mouth gaped open as I stared at Patty in shock. “How -”

“Oh come on! You’re wearing his shirt and you have your glasses on, which you hate putting on because you claim you look ‘weird” She answered in a bored tone.

“We didn’t do anything if that’s what you’re wondering.” I stated grabbing the menu on the table.

“I ordered for you already. And come one Y/N! This has been going on for months now!” She whisper yelled.

“Why don’t you believe me when I tell you that nothing happened?!” I exclaimed exasperated.

“Because I know how vulnerable you are!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” I muttered angrily.

“What I mean is that you never know when to say no.”

“Well for your information we watched movies all night and I happened to fall asleep so he let me stay and then in the morning I spilt juice all over my shirt hence the reason I’m wearing his. Now can we drop the subject already?!” I took my phone out and tried to ignore Patty.

“C'mon Y/N, That’s not what I meant.”

I angrilly set my phone down and looked her in the eyes “Then what did you mean?”

“What I meant was that I know how things went the last time you guys did the whole friends with benefits thing.”

“We are not friends with benefits!!” I angrilly let out. A few heads turned our way and I slumped in my chair trying to avoid their stares. “Look, we’re not friends with benefts. He’s helping me out with my music and that’s all. Okay?”

“Alright, fine.” Patty muttered.

The waiter came and dropped off our orders and retrieved back into the kitchen.

The silence lasted about five minutes before Patty dropped her fork, banging it against her plate. I looked up alarmed but she kept her gaze on something behind me.

“What’s wrong Patty?” I ask concerned.

“Holy shit Y/N!! Thats Sammy Wilk and Nate Maloley!!” She whisper yelled.

“Who?” I whispered back.

“Remember the guys I’m always talking about? That’s them!!” She rolled her eyes but kept her eyes behind me.

I turned at looked toward the entrance where a guy with beach blonde hair stood next to a guy with the deepest dimples and dark wavy hair.

“Stop staring!” Patty whisper yelled. I rolled my eyes and turned towards her who still had her eyes on the two boys. “Look who’s talking” I muttered.

“Oh shit, they’re coming this way!! Act normal!” I rolled my eyes at her behavior and grabbed my drink.

“Im gonna go ask for more ice in this” She completely ignored me and I sighed and stood up. I turned around and bumped into a solid hard chest making me spill my drink all over them.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry!!” I quickly grabbed napkins from the table and started to wipe his now stained shirt. Patty let out a snort an tried to hold back her giggles. I rolled my eyes and continued wiping his shirt.

Big warm hands grabbed my wrists and stopped me from cleaning his shirt. I looked up and noticed the guy with the dimples, my mouth formed into an “o” shape and my cheecks turned a dark shade of red. “I’m so sorry.”

Nate’s P.O.V.

“C'mon bro! You did not sleep with her!” Sammy exclaimed.

“I did, actually.” I smirked as his face dropped. “I’m telling ya, I can get any girl in bed.” I gloated.

“You wanna bet?” Sammy smirked.

“Nah bro, I’m good.” I stated walking into Panera.

“Is Nathan Maloley scared that he might lose a bet?”

“Fine! I’ll do the bet!!”

“But I get to choose the girl.” Sammy stated.

“Go ahead. That won’t stop me from getting her in bed with me.” I smirked.

We ordered our food and made our way towards one of the far back tables. As we were walking someone walked staright into me, spilling their drink on me.

“I think I found the girl.” Sammy whispered laughing.

“I’m so sorry!” The small girl reached behind her and grabbed napkins to wipe my shirt to rid it of the pink lemonade. Her friend let out a small laugh and the small brunette rolled her eyes at her friend while grabbing more napkins to clean my shirt with.

I grabbed her small wrists and pulled them away from my shirt. I looked down at her and noticed her dark brown eyes and the little freckles on the bridge of her nose. “I’m so sorry!” She muttered pulling her hands back.

“It’s alright lil mama, this shirt needed cleaning anyways.” She smiled and I noticed the small dimples on her cheecks. “I’m Nate by the way.”

“I’m Y/N” She smiled outstreching her hand. I took her small hand in my own and smiled. “I’m really sorry about your shirt” She cringed.

I let out a small laugh and let go of her hand “It’s fine, really.” Her phone rang and she reached in her back pocket and pulled it out. “Let me just answer this really quick.”

She had a short conversation with whoever was on the other end of the phone and sighed as she ended the call. “Duty calls” She said.

She turned towards her friend and made a head gesture. “We gotta go Patty” Her friend snapped out of the conversation that she was having with Sammy and sighed before standing up.

“It was nice meeting you and I’m really sorry about your shirt.” She smiled shyly.

“It’s fine, but how about you make it up to me?” I smirked.

“How would I make it up to you?” She asked confused.

“Go to dinner with me on Friday night.” She blushed and looked towards her friend who was smiling big.

“I don’t know, what if you’re some sort of serial killer or something?” She teased smiling.

“What if I am?”

“Oh quit it with the flirting and just give him your number already!” Her friend, who’s name I had learned to be Patty, exclaimed.

She blushed and outsreched her hand.

I placed the phone in her hand and she quickly typed her name and number in.

“I’ll call you.” She nodded and waved as Patty and her made their way out of Panera.

Once they were gone I turned towards Sammy and smirked “Like taking candy from a baby.”

Requested Stew/Nate/Jack G imagine

“Jaaaaccckkk tell him to leave me alone” I whine to my older brother. “Johnson stop” he replies not helping st all, Johnson continues to slap my arm and leg. I turn to face him and lift my hand. I pull back ad slam it into his face. My palm hitting his nose. He doesn’t flinch and carries it on. “Aren’t you two going to the studio anyways?” I ask Jack hoping he decides to leave. He nods his head “Yeah just waiting for Nate to come hes our ride” he informs me. I lightly nod my head, getting up to go get a snack. As im leaving the kitchen a bag of crisps (chips) in my hand I hear a knock on the door.

“Y/N get it please” My brother shouts, too lazy to move himself. I stomp over to the door and swing it open, almost hitting myself on the face. I look to see who it is, Nate and his brother Stew, who is also my boyfriend unknown to everyone. “Sup yung un” Nate asks me rumbling my hair. Smack his stomach as he walks by me. Stew lingers till his brother disappears into the living room, when he does he quickly reaches me, wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me. After few moment I pull back a little and put my lips on his, we kiss for a few moments, but are forcedto stop when we hear footsteps. We both jump away from eachieve other and spark up a random conversation about dogs. “Are you kidding me? Jack Russells are the cutest” I argue as the boys appearin the hallway,

My brother, Johnson and Nate look between us like we are idiots. “Stew you coming with or do you want to stay here, you are going to get bored with us, Sam is going to annoy you” he tells him. Stew thinks about it before answering to his brother, “ ill hang with Y/N for a little bit and go home in about an hour” he tells Nate who nods his head before waving bye and walking out the house to his car, Johnson towing behind. “See you later , love you” Jack tells me kissing my hair walking out, closing the door behind him. We both walk to the living room wait for them to drive off beforewe continue our little kiss session with some random music playing in the background.

Jack G (Brother) POV

“Replay that please?” I ask the producer kindly resting agent the soft couches. He dress I sh and listen to it again and he the voice crack. “Yo Johnson do you wanna record that first line again, your voice cracks really bad” I tell him trying to get my way. He shrugs his shoulders, “yeah why not” he tells me and jumps back into he booth making weird faces. As he re-records it Sam walks in with a Subway in hand. We all leap for him, we had been im the audio for 4 hours trying too perfect some songs and write another for all 4 of us to be on. I grab my foot long, taking a big bite from it and pull out m phone, checking Twitter for any new news. I don’t find anything s lock my phone and continue eating. That is until I saw Johnson staring at Sam’s phone screen. Confused and wanting to see what they were staring at I fetch up walking over to them. Nate looks horrible phone and sees whatsgpjng on and shuffles around on the couch, moving closer. When I reach to see the phone Sam tilts it up to show me. Its a fan edit of pictures and short videos of my little sister and Stew. I stare at iT confused, “thats all photoshop” I tell the boys not believing what im seeing. They the show Nate who looks pretty blank and shrugs his shoulders.

“Why are you shrugging your shoulders? Is it real?” I question Nate whose eating his sub. I wait for him to swallow so he can speak “I knew he has a crush I didn’t and still don’t know it they are actually dating” he tells me. “What do you mean he had a crush? Like he wanted to date her or he thought she was hot?” I ask him wanting to know more. I sit down opposite him. “I don’t have a clue G, shes like 10 I didn’t want to know if he found her hot” he defends himself.

“Yeah but shes around yours all the time so they must have been doing something while you are around” I state, hoping he gives way to some information. “G I don’t know anything” he says slowly, making sure it sinks in. “G just relax, so what shes got a boyfriend no big deal” Johnson mimics my voice. I give him through evils “how about you shut up because you dont have any sisters so you don’t understand" I advise hm. “G chill the fuck out you suffocate her enough” he orders me back. Before im able to respond Sam cuts in, “aye I got sisters I hate seeing them get hurt but Im not going o be the reason they cant fully experience life. You’ve got a few sisters you aren’t as protective over them as you are over her so hes right you need to chill out” he explains to me patting my shoulder. Sit for a moment thinking about it and realise its true.

“Shes the youngest, and younger than me so im going to be that little more protective. Your sisters are older than you.” I point out to Sam. “Jack just calm down we don’t even know of its true and you are getting all bitchy already” Nate demands and I realise that I was being bitchy, asking so many questions. We finish up in the studio and I am quick to get Nate to drive to my house straight after, ignoring everybody else’s requests. When I reach the house I am quick to unlock the door and rush in to find…


“Stoppp…sto-” I screech out while getting tickled. I let out a loud screech hoping he stops. He does covering his ears. “Jesus shut the Fuck up” he tells me shoving me, acting just like his brother. “Okay Lil Nathan” I joke. He grins at me “my brother is my inspiration, so don’t think that im going to take that as an insult” he tells me. I awhhh very loud, “thats so cute” I say, pinching his cheeks. He is quickly to remove my hands. I peck his lips before moving to where the TV remote was sitting, on the other side of the couch. I put on another movie on Nervous. Not wanting to move again I pull up a blanket around my body. Stew is on his phone so doesn’t move, and good thing because I hear keys turning the lock. I focus all my attention on the TV screen, not wanting to be suspicious as I hear a few voices enter the house and Jack storm into the room. When he does and shouts `ah ha` I look up at him like hes an idiot. Which he is but that is beside the point I argue with myself in my head. “Find something dumbass?” I ask him truly confused as to why hes smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“I thought you said you were leaving in an hour” he ask stew, ignoring me. I throw my hands up in the air, . “I asked him to because I was alone in the house. Didn’t know I need permission to have friends over, I mean because you always ask don’t you?” I question sarcastically. He looks at me with a looking telling me he knows something. I decide to ignore him turning to the other bots who have scattered them selves around the room. Stew now talking to Johnson. He sees me looking at him and looks up making a funny face, I stifle a giggle. Jack notices from his position, standing next to me. “What was that?” He ask me. Having had enough I flick my wrist hitting humming his balls. Groaning he bends over, “Jack what is up with you?” I question annoyed. He looks at me with bug eyes acting like im the idiot before saying “I know” I look up the ceiling, begging the Lord tko give him some sense.

“OH MY GOD” Sam shouts having had enough of Jack as well “He thinks you and stew are dating, either confirm or deny it so he will SHUT THE FUCK UP” Sam starts of quiet, shouting by the end all aimed at Jack. He looks at me expecting an answer I shrug my shoulder, why lie its not lie he can change anything. “Oh yeah, we dated for like a month but im officially his girlfriend for like 3ish months” I tell him shrugging it off hoping that he doesn’t react badly. I watch as he goes even more beg eyes and points at me. His finger jabbing in my my direction, his mouth on wide. “SEE I TOLD YOU NATE YOUR BROTHER TRIED IT ON WITH MY SISTER” He shouts, we all look at him confused. “Not tried it on, hes my boyfriend you Fuck tard” I correct him.

“Dude ,my brother has more respect for women than you and I do” Nate states and I nod my head along. “No hes just like you and me” Jack retaliates. I watch as Nates jaw clenches and his fists ball because someone just insulted his brother. “Ive used girls, I will admit that. So have you but he would never so I suggest you shut up you rat” Nate hisses back at him and his face instantly drops showing sorry. We all give him a moment knowing he will apologise within a few minutes when he realises what eyes been saying. In the meantime we all focus on the TV.

Eventually he sinks onto the couch arm rest beside me. “Nate, stew im sorry. That was way out” he apologises holding this hand. They both shake his hand and Sam who’s sitting by me motions to me. “Sorry for caring” he jokes expecting me to hug him. I stay where I am. He shakes me arm. “Y/N” he says my name expecting me to not have heard. He repeats my name a few times, clearly growing annoyed. I spin my head to face him “What? Do you think im going to fucking hug and forgive you EVERY TIME you insult my boyfriend or even my friends?” I ask hand he shrugs. “Im not now. I love that you look out for me J, but you must be beyond stupid if you think im going to continuously let it slide because im getting sick of it. Never have I once, except Sam, insulted you friends. Why? Because I respect them. You however have zero respect for anyone other than your shitty little self.” I speak calmly stressing a few words. “Don’t touch me” I finish with as he grabs my arm as I get up. I hold out my hand, wiggling my fingers in Stews direction. He stands up linking hands with mine and we walkout of the room and go out the back, sitting on the porch.

Inside we can hear the bots laughing at Jack, saying he got owned. “You were pretty harsh” stew tell me, our fingers intertwining. It think nothing of it changing the topic to a rap battle. “You know I will own you” I announce as I put on Rap God to warm up. We Stew puts on his front camera and starts recording. It below us, between our crossed legs. We both rap along to rap God, stew stumbling a little, I smirk as I continue.

A few hours had passed and Johnson has left, me and Stew were still outside, cuddling on the hammock and having little make out session and Jack hadn’t tried apologising again at all. I moved closer to Stew shivering a little because of the cold night. He completely engulfed me in his arms quickly warming me up. I laugh against chest, kissing it. “So boyfrannddd want to go out tomorrow, we could go on a Skate Hike.” I offer. “Yeah why nOT” he confirms plans, kissing me hair.

“AYE YOU TWO, COME AND EAT” Sam shouts from the porch. I was going to say no if Jack was there burning was hungry, we both were. So at the mention of food we both look st each other and scramble out of the hammock. I fall out , whereas Stew jumps out over me. “NO FAIR” I shout as hes already inside, before I am even able tk stand up. I jump up wiping down myself. As I get to the back door I get a glimpse of the kitchen, someone has been Baking. I notice due to the spilled flour and pans. I ignore it walking into the dining room to see bags Chinese. Internally I dance but outside I look passed because there are two free spaces. One beside Sam, one beside Jack. I decide to take the next to Sam, although its like ritual for me to sit by Jack. My back and butt support were on that seat, thats how much I was annoyed at him.

Jack looks let down bUT passes me a plate with two fortune cookies and my food. I quickly grab the first cookie. Inside it was an handwritten message “I love you Y/N so forgive me! Please?” Confused open the other and put the pieces together when I read it, after unfolding the large paper. `I am an over protective bitch and I know that but its because youre my baby sis. Im sorry for always insulting your friends, thats just my shitty personality. I wont ever do it again.“ I re read it and then realise that he baked the cookies and put them in. I look up and see everyone staring at me. "Can I help?” I ask them all and they holdup their hands turning back to their food. Out of the corner of My eye I see Jacks face drop. Feel a little bad but he need to learn. I pretend to Scrunch them up and throw them onto the floor but actually put them into my pocket. We all Eat our food listening to Sam tell a story about him, Nate and Em.

After we had eaten we all stack our plates and let Jack take them away, clearing the table. We wait for him to come back with brownies and ice cream he lets us all serve ourselves which ends badly with me and stew at war for the middle brownie because it is always the most chewy. After a few minutes batting and fighting I give him my puppy eyes and he backs off. “ love yon” I tell him picking up the brownie and putting a dollop of ice cream on top. The other boys are already finished so they put their plates in the dish washer and go to watch TV, stew leaving with them. I however savour my set chewy brownie, not noticing Jack stood awkwardly at the edge of the table. I knowh wants tk talk to me but doesn’t know how because I seemed stride about the cookies. He ends up leaving not knowing what say. I pull out the messages and re read them feeling bed for being such a bitch.

I finish up my brownie ans ice cream walking into the living room. Stew motions me over to him, his arms open butts take my head walkiNY over to Jack Who looks a little confused as I sit down by him wrapping My arms around him. “I love you Finnegan” I giggle into his chest. He lets out a sigh of relief, hugging me back. “I was ready to calls mom down” he tells me letting go. “Im only forgiving because that was cute, but it wont work again.” I inform him getting up and walking back over to stew whose arms I fall into. Reach up kissing him. I hear Jack start but he cuts himself off knowing that it was going to annoy me.

Afar a few kisses the boys in the room start coughing and Sam shouts eeww and get a room a few time so we decide to leave. We rush up the stairs, kissing. Neither pf wanting to go all the way webcam a deep make out session on the bed. My fingers tangled in his hair, his arms gripping my butt. I push him further into the pillows below him as his hand travels up to my boon, giving It a squeeze. We continue our spit exchange for a few minutes frankly coming up fprairie. Both US panting. I go in for a finishing peck but am pulled back into anther round.


Hope you enjoyed.


- … XXXX

Distraction - Nate Maloley Imagine

Request :

can I get an imagine where skate decides to break up with y/n because he finds her as a distraction to his music and y/n understands it so they part ways but he later regrets it a lot and wants her back but its not that easy because y/n was seeing another guy so he tries super hard to win her back and it later paid off im sorry if its too much xo




I was sitting at the studio attempting to write a new verse for my upcoming album but I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking about Y/N. I tap my one against the hardwood desk and I am rubbing my left temple with the other hand. 

I see my phone light up and its her. I push my phone away trying to focus on the lyrics. After about a minute or two I give in and place my thumb over the sensor showing the name with small hearts next to it. I rub my face and read through her cute little messages. 

“Skate!” I hear Derek yell.

“Yeah?” I yell back already knowing what he wants to know.

“You got that new verse?” He says walking into the room. 

“No, I’m too distracted.” I say sighing lacing my head in my hands shaking my head. 

“Dude, you got to do something about that.” Derek says patting me on the shoulder. 

“I know, I will.” I say getting up and grabbing my keys. 

I drive home clenching the steering wheel and I can feel tears start to sting the corners of my eyes. I know what I have to do its the only way I can get my music flow going again. 

I walk through the door and throw the keys on the kitchen counter. Y/N comes into the living room in grey joggers and a sports bra. She comes to hug me but stops when she sees that I’ve been crying.

“Whats wrong baby?” She asks hugging my gently. 

“That.” I say moving away and going to sit on the couch. 

“What?” She says following me and sitting down across from me giving me a questioning look. 

“I think we need to break up.” I say choking back the tears. 

“Okay.” She shakily says. “Can I ask why?” 

“I love you and all but you are a distraction to my music and right now if I really want my career to take off I think I need to get rid of all distractions.” I say looking at her pale face. 

“I understand.” She says calmly. 

She gets up and walks over puts on her shoes and grabs a bag. She grabs some essentials and clothes. “Ill be back for the rest of my stuff later.” 

“Y/N, where are you going to go? You don’t want to talk about this more?” O sigh knowing how much I probably hurt her. 

“No. I don’t want to, I really just need to leave” She says sipping her stray tears and slowly closing the door. I watch her from the window and she sprints to her car. She leans her head on her steering wheel and pulls out her phone. She calls someone then drives off. I sink to the floor and hold my knees. What the hell did I just do?


The next day at the studio I write a few verses but I still think about Y/N. I push her out of my thoughts and continue to write the words flowing out of me now. I was angry. Angry at her for leaving so easily and angry at myself for letting her leave so easily. 

“Thats enough for today guys lets wrap it up.” I hear my manger say from the doorway. 

I grab my things and head home. I open up the front door and all of her things were gone.  I dropped the keys to the floor and just stared. 

– 10 months later – 


I walk around my new apartment picking up random clothes on the floor and cleaning up the mess that I call a kitchen. I hear a knock on the door and I jog over to open the door. 

I open the door to reveal Nate. “Nathan?” I ask not believing what I am seeing. 

“Hi.” He shyly says. “Can I come in?” He asks, I’m at a loss for words all I can do is nod my head and move out of the door way. 

“How are you?” He asks. 

I was about to speak when Cody came out from the master bedroom in nothing but a pair of shorts. “Who’s this?” He asks gesturing to Nate. 

“This is Nate.” I say calmly trying to breathe. 

“Oh, your the one who let this amazing girl go?” Cody says chuckling. 

Nate rubs the back of his neck and lets out a sigh. “Yup, I’m the one who let this beautiful girl go.” He says making me snap my head up to look at him. 

He gives me a smile and Cody walks over placing his arm around my waist pulling me into him making my smile fade. 

“Unfortunately for you, Im with her now. So what brings you hear today?” Cody asks his grip on my waist becoming tighter causing me to grit my teeth. 

Cody is a very aggressive boyfriend and this relationship was forced upon me while we were at a bar. I was drinking my pain that Nate left me with when Cody came stumbling a long and would not let me go after that. I was so happy when  I saw Nate at my door but I can’t get out of this relationship. I don’t know how, without getting hurt. 

Nate had been sending me little gifts here and there but Cody would never let me talk to them or even touch the items he sent me. He would do anything to keep Nate away from me. All I want to do is be with Nate again and I know thats what he wants. 

“I just wanted to see how she was doing.” Nate says looking at my pained face. “And do you mind loosening your grip on her?” Nate says clenching his fists so tight that his knuckles pop. 

“Oops my and sorry baby.” Cody says leaning in to kiss my cheek but I flinch way back. He chuckles awkwardly. “Well I think its time for you to go.” Cody says placing his hands on Nate’s shoulders.

“There is no way in hell Im leaving my girl here with you.” Nate says pushing him away. 

“What the hell are you talking about? She is perfectly safe with me.” Cody says crossing his arms looking Nate dead in the eyes blocking his view of me. 

Nate leans to the side to look at me. “Has he ever laid a hand on you Y/N?” Nate asks me. I don’t say anything and that was enough for Nate. 

Nate punched Cody straight in the jaw and I heard a crack. Nate picked me up and ran out the door with me over his shoulder. He set me in his car and I was full blown crying at this point. 

“Thank you.” I softly mumble. 

Nate pulls me into his lap and caresses my cheek. “I love you and I regret breaking up with you.” He says wiping tears from my cheeks. 

“I love you too and don’t let me go again.” I say hugging him tightly.

“I would never dream of it.” He says playing with my hair. 


Oh my god sorry if this was awful. I am sleep deprived right now. 

BUUTTTTTTTT I love you all and requests are open! 


High School || Hayes Grier

So this was requested by hayesmagconlife, I hope you enjoy!

     High school graduation a day that many dream of, the day when you stop being a teenage loser and finally become an adult and I couldn’t fucking wait to leave the hell hole that they call Davidson Day high school.

     "Cheyenne! Get you bitch ass out of bed and open your front door!“ My best friend Victoria yelled knocking me out of my thoughts, I got out of bed and unlocked my front door "Its about fucking time." Victoria said "Good morning to you to.” I said as she gave me her chronic bitchy face look "Sorry im not an angel in the mornings sweetheart.“ She said frowning  "So, um why are you here so early?” I asked looking at my phone it said 10:30 I was shocked that Victoria could even function this early in the morning. “Are you kidding me? Were picking up our dresses and getting our hair done. Does that ring a bell." She said smacking her lips at me "Yes it does sass master.” I said laughing, she cracked a smile "Go brush your teeth and change your clothes and lets go.“ She said inviting her self into my house.

     "Lets go bitch.” I said walking out to the living room “Okay” Victoria said getting up off the couch, I got into the passengers seat of her car. Graduation was at 3 but all seniors had to be at the school by 1 to help set up and rehearse.

     "Our dresses will take about an hour and since im doing our hair and makeup id say around 3 hours making us about an hour late to rehearsals and all that.“ Victoria said looking at the road drumming her fingers on the steering wheel. "Thats perfect and hour late I bet the teachers will love that.” I said each word laced with sarcasm "Fuck the teachers man those ass holes have ruined my life for the past 4 years I think they can handle me being an hour late.“ She said laughing.

     4 hours later me and Victoria were dressed and ready for graduation, under our gowns we were both wearing short white dresses, mine was flowy toward the bottom while Victoria’s was tight as fuck I was surprised that she could breath in that thing. 

     "Did you text Hayes and tell him to save us a seat?” Victoria asked pulling into a parking spot right in front of school I nodded in reply. We got out of the car and walked into the schools courtyard where chairs were set in rows in preparation for the ceremony.

    “Hey princess"  Hayes said with huge smile on his face, his eyes light up as he looked me up and down "You look.. sexy as fuck to be honest.”  Hayes said giggling like a little kid, my cheeks started to burn “Come on Hayes” I said pushing him “But you do” He said then leaned in and whispered in my ear "You know what would make you look even better? If you had none of it on.“ He finished walking away but before he went he slapped me on my ass making me jump. Victoria looked at me a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing "While that was disgusting that was also fucking hilarious." 

     Time flew by so fast Victoria got in 5 fights with the teachers over how she barely made it to graduation because she spent the whole year sleeping in class and how her attitude wouldn’t get her anywhere in the world where she responded with more attitude. "I think I just died of laughter.” I said barely holding back a laugh "Dumb fucking teachers dont know shit about anything.“ She replied with a smirk. Then our math teacher came on the speaker "Okay children get in your lines were letting your families in right now!” She said. 

     "Cheyenne!“ Hayes yelled grabbing my hand "You should stand in line with me.” He said with a mischievous smirk "Okay, we have to find Victoria I gotta graduate with my girl.“ I said leading him through the crowd of seniors "Hey boo” Victoria said grabbing me out of the crowd of seniors and leading me and Hayes to our rather large group of friends.  "Im so fucking excited to graduate!“ Victoria said with a smile "Arnt we all." Her boyfriend Nick chimed in, I looked over at Hayes he nodded and laughed.

     We all stood and talked for about an hour before they started lining us up to walk out and sit in those hot ass chairs as the honor students would read their dumb speeches that meant nothing then we would get our diplomas then leave to go party. Hayes stood behind me "You nervous?" He whispered in my ear, I shook my head in response. Then Hayes out his hand on my ass and squeezed I moaned but covered it up with a cough. I swung around "What the hell Hayes!" I whisper shouted through gritted teeth, he smirked in response.

    Me and Hayes walked out to the chairs arm in arm and sat down "Prepare to want to jump off a cliff because you will be so bored" Hayes said whispered to me I giggled to myself. We sat through an hour of worthless speeches from people I don’t care about till they finally started calling names. I proudly accepted my diploma glad that I could make it through high school without giving up. Once every single last senior received their diploma the principle shouted "CLASS OF 2014 YOUR NOW ADULTS!" Then we all through our hats in the air, Hayes grabbed my hips and swung me down and planted his lips on mine. "I love you Cheyenne." He said "I love you to Hayes.”

Requested John Imagine (kinda smut)

Ive got nothing at all to wear. Its cold and I have no jumpers because its summer. I rummagearound my wardrobehoping find something warm but come up empty handed. In my bra and leggings I trudge over to Sammys room hoping he has some jumpers. “Sam do you have an-” I start but quickly stop when I AM met with 4 sets of wondering eyes. Slowly I back out if thereof decidingto ask John instead. “Swifttt you got any warm jumpers I can borrow?” I shout at him as I enter room. He is sat at his computer building a track. Without looking he points to a chest of drawers and I pull open the top tone to find earphones, chargers and condom. Quickly closing the drawer I move onto the next one down, this time finding a large section of jumpers. After a few minutes I finally settle on a grey jersey jumper and tug it on over my bra, it smells like John. I walk over to him immersed in his work and wrap my arms around his neck. “Thanks” I tell him giving him a light kiss on his cheek before walking out and back towards Sam’s room, now decent.

“Sup ma ugly brothas” I breathe out as I flop onot the bed beside Nate. I scan the room, seeing that Jack G and Madison were the 2 extra pairs of eyes. “Heyyy sexy” say winking at Madison. I don’t get why people hate on her, she is fucking adorable and like the ultimate girl friend. “We all just saw your body and thinks we can all agree that you are the sexy one.” She says smirking at me. “And what was that on your hip?” She asks knowing all too well what it wax, I how a pillow at her face. Or atleast I attempt to before I am pinned down by Nate and Sam while Jack lifts my top to see what it is. It was a new tattoo. A rose and along the vine it said `Beauty is the Darkside` I wrestled with them finally getting free after kicking Jack in the face. I give him a big grin. My smile telling him “ha bitch”.

We hand out for a bit talking about Digifest and music before John decides to join us. “Hello beautiful ladies” he says to the whole room as he jumps onto m
Nate. Nate is quick to move out of the way so he lands between the two of us. “So what you guys doing?” He asks boredompreset in his face. “About to play dares” I say smiling at him. I hear a small squeal to my left. It came from Madison. I stareat her and she looks me back dead in the eye a smirk on her face. Shes planning something and k haven’t got a clue what it could be. We all sit on the floor on bean bags and pillows a twister spinner in the middle because we couldn’t find an empty bottle. “ we go clockwise stacking with me” Sam tells us as he spins the spinner. It lands on Jack. “We are gong to start of light weight, so lick Y/N`s face from chin to temple” he tells Jack as I make a faCE of digust giggles erupting from Nate. Jack leans over to me his ink tounge out ready to do the damage. I feel wetness spread from my chin over my eye to my forehead. Quickly I wipe it away. “Your breath smells like my melon ball punch” I tell him giving him my fake annoyed look. “Sam gave it to me” he tells me, defending himself. We move on with the Game onto the 2nd round when finally lands on me. Nate who spins takes a moment to think about what my dare Wilk be. Madison quickly leans over whispering in his ear. A smile builds his face, I shake my head as I wait for the awful dare.

“I dare you to kiss Swazz with tounge and all for 2 minutes but over there so we cant see ya`ll.” Nate says Ponting to the other side of the room. I look of at John who seems up for it. We are all friends no harm in a kiss. I stand up pulling Johns arm behind me. I ho up onto my tip toes and start the kiss which quickly gets intense. I hear a timer start. John run his hands through my hair slowly lowering them to my back, he softly rubs it as he makes him way down to my hips. He squeezes them before his hands rest on my butt giving a squeeze. After a minute we come up for air but quickly being brought back not the kiss as John pushes me back up against the wall the kiss getting sway more intense than expected. Not that I minded. “Jump” he growls against my lips before slamming them back onto mine as I do. We hear some “get a room” and `its been two minutes" and then Madison’s voice `the sexual tension between the two was and is undeniable let them have fun" she says as John laughsa little before walking out of the room with me still wrapped around him. We walks towards his room shouts of get some coming from Sam’s room.

And we did. 4 times over. Waking up naked I remember the amazing feeling of John slamming into me. The memory clearly remembered by my spread vagina, I move a little but Moran as it hurts to. Memories of Johns toungeflickingaway at my heat, making me feel amazing. Is moans and the way he groaned replayingon my head. Finally able to I roll over to see John awake on his phone. We with speak at the same time. “Still friends?” We both saying neither of us wanting to start a relationship. Laughing we both nod. I slowly arise from the bed pulling on my under wear and bra. John also getting out of bed still fully naked. I smirk at his length remembering trying to get it all into my mouth but failing as I continued to gag on it. Looking back up st his face he wiggles his eye brows. Laughing I pull on my kerning and his jumper whIkea he pull on his boxers and follows me out of the room ans down the stairs where we hear voices.

I look at the clock on the walk. Its only been an hour. As we approach the voices die down. “You moan louder than a fucking wolf howling” Sam says I take a seat beside him. “Yeah but you still wish I would be the one moaning your name but I only sleep with men not boys, thats illegal Mr.Frost” I tell him while rubbing his hair, messing up his new blonde/white hair.


Requested imagine. Hope you enjoy. I refuse to write actual smut because I hate reading it so why would I write it. Sorry by still hoping you enjoy, requests still open.

- ….. xxxx

Nate Imagine: You are a cute little shortie and you and Sam fight Come on you can do it just little further I tell my self as I reach for the Skittles on the top shelf. I know Nate put them there on purpose coz he doesn’t want me to have them. I hear someone cough behind me. I freeze in the awkward positionI am in. I turn my head a smile on my face “Hey baby, wassup?” I say casually putting my hand to my hair.

Smirking he walks closer to me,“oh nothing just chilling, what about you lil ma?” He ask stopping in front of me.

“Just stretching, you know the usual trying to grow a little.” I tell him again on my face. Nate puts his hands on my hips lifting me and sitting me on the workshop. “Mmmhhmm, thats clearly not working is it shortie” he teases kissing my nose. I scoff “well I’m aactually not that damn short just you and all your friends and are damn giants. I mean look at Y/F/N shes shorter than me” I say trying to defend my self. Nate chuckles his hands traveling to my waist.

“Ma you surround your self with shorter people to make yourself feel taller” he accuses. I gasp hoe dare he accu- nah hes telling the truth. “Whatever Nathan just give Mme the skittles” I ask him giving my puppy dog eyes. Smirking he asks me “what'sthe magic word.”

“Please Naaaattteeee” I beg dragging out his name. He finally reaches up behind me, going onto his tomatoes his shirt lifting, I run my hand across the short band of exposed skin white he gets my sugary treat. A skittles bag is shook infrlnt of me I take it without hesitation ripping it open and shaving a handful in my mouth. Just as I’m about to jump off the workshop Nate puts his hand on m stomach stopping me. He puckers his lips. With my mouth ful of skittles I try to kiss him but just dribble a rainbow onto his face. Making a face of disgust quickly wiping it aWayne makesspace forme go jump off and so what I gotta do, which was go watch YouTube videos.

I pull open my laptop and go to my subscribed list. Closing my eyes I choose one at random, the Dolan twins. Happily I click onto their channel and see that they liked a video that they did with Cameron. Without hesitation I press on it and start watching the 3 attractive but not as sexy as Nate males. Cameron slaps some white stuff into Grayson face and I crack up Nate walking giving me a weird look.

“Name a state” cam asks the boys. Ethan quicklysays a sTate while Grayson names a stake. I start snorting rainbow, choking on my laughter I Pause the video. “They’re not that funny, they are just stupid” Nate getting jealous thag I was watching them.

“Awhh I thoughtthey were funny and pretty attractive” I tell Nate knwoing he was going to get defensive. “Whatever their heads are too big” Nate tells me turning back to his phone. Closing my laptop and swallowing any skittles I still had in my mouth, I got up and sat cross legged on Nate lap. He looked up from his phone but then back down at it. Je was on the group chat with Sam, John, Dillon and the Jacks. I grabbed his phone locking and tossing it to the side. “Ayyeee, we were plan-” he starts biting cut him off.

“They are attractive…” I said, sounding like I was rbbng it in his face “but you baby are sexy as hell.” I tell him, running mg hands down the back of his Neck. Leaning forward I attach our lips. Nate kisses back but I then hear tapping on a phone. “Naaaattteeee” I drag out his name, annoyed.

“Whaaaatttt” he mimics my tone. “You just ruined a moment” I complain. He taps my head like a dog, “ill Mame it up later” he tells me his concentrationon his phone. I slap his chest before leaning into him wrapping my arms around his waist. Just as I GEt comfortable “Y/N theboyswant to meet up at the skate park want to come, Emily’s gon be there” he tells me. I nod jumping up, hitting hm n the balls before running up the stairs to change outfits. I pull on some blue Jean shorts, a white crop top and a black and wwhite flower kimono. I Pull on my Tom’s. Brush back down the stairs Tying my hair up in a messy ponytail. “Well thats fast” Nate tells me leading me in the door. I grab my pennyboard as we exit the house. I put it down on the florjumping on and flying off to the Skate park, Nate following behind me.

At the Skate park I quickly scan the ramps looking for the idiot squad. Quickly spotting them when I see Sam dancing. I approach them, oblivion to the fact that I was approaching Sam I decideto scare him. Slow I creep up behind him flashing s smile st all the other who out see m. When I’m reunited behind him I scream “IM PREGNANT” and Sam jumps a mile. I star laughing so hard that I Gundy it difficult to stand to I’m writhing on th floor as Nate approaches us. “She hasn’t been smoking has she Johnson asks Nate. He shakes him head.

“Nah shes had a RedBull an skittlesfor breakfast” explaining why I’m iron the floor barely able to breathe clutching my stomach. They all decide to ignore me and let me recover on the floor. When I do everyone is chatting and ignoring MD. In need for attention I approach the giants. I stop in front of one of them wrapping my arms around them tightly. Whoever it is puts their arms around me too, after a dew seconds get bored and start singing Distance to my self. I hear the voice above me say “ you made my owns song spend better” I look up to see gilinksky. Smirking at him I decide to be mean, “its because I can actually sing” I tell him bursting out laughing findingmyself hilarious, others joining with me.

“Dude you sure she ain’t high?” Sam asks Nate again. He shakes his head again. I am finally draggedaway from Gilinkskyby Emily and in an attemptto calm me she starts talking to me. “How are you and Nate going, how is he in bed?” Emily asks me quickly adding “ if you laugh I will slap you” she tells me making me quickly forget the urge to Ggiggle. I answer he intrusive question.

“Nate is amazing and hes so pretty and sexy too. And in bed hes hes annoyinghe always hogs the duvet” I tell her dodgingher question well. She gives me a look and earning a smirk from me. We talk about clothes and celebrities for a little longer before get distracted by Nate. He want doing anything special but him laughing gave me some feels. I stared at him ignoring Emily. “Awhh Y/N you Srebrenica so whipped, you can'ttake your eyesoff of him.” She states the obvious.

“Why would deny my eyes such a beautiful sight?” I ask her turning towards her, only to have a camera held in my face.Emily snapchatting me talking. “You two are adorable.” She tells me looking down at her phone, I hear my voice. I sound so out of it. “Just state the obvious” I tell her before jumping up and pushing Sam off of my board before picking up and hugging it o my chest.

“This is mine Wilkinson, don’t Put your nasty smell boy feet on it.” He groans at me giving me the evils. “You aren’t using it and I left my board at him. Please Y/N” I squint in his direction. “JESUS Wilkinson its not my fault your too stupid to bring some sort of Skate board to the SKATE PARK.” I say emphasizing skate park. We both stand there n a stare off for around 2 minutes before Sam turns to complain to Nate.

“Skathan, tell your girl to gimmie her board” he moans out. Nate looks up, shakes his head before returning discus back to John. “You`re beyond whipped man. Before you two started dating you used to put up fights to help me get what I want, now your are too damn scared.” Sam shoutsk over to Nate trying to provoke him. He just flips Sam off, a smile on his face. I smirk at Sam which gets him annoyed and he reaches out to grab the bosrd off of me, instead pushing mean the chest and making me fall on the concrete below. I whice as my butt hits the hard ground. Sam has a look of worry in his eyes but that quickly disappears when he reaches out again in attempt to head my board again. To defend it I roll onto my back and roll over onto my stomach, laughing. As Sam tries to get it a man approaches us in. Black uniform, they quickly pull Sammy away from me and put him against the wall his hands behind his back. I roll over and sit up staring wide ebed at them. I realise they are police officers. I stifle a laugh as one of them approaches me.

“Are you okay, what was he trying do?” The man asks me in a soft voice. “Why were you crying, was he trying to hurt you, or steal from you?” He asks me again and I realise that was laughing Haddon rears were rolling down my cheeks. I try to open my mouth but a were laughs comes out. “Darling wE need you to cooperate” he tells me and nod. I look over at Sammy whose been questioned as well but the police officers doesn’t believe him. I don’t want to open my mouth because I will laugh. I look over to Nate and see thats he is approaching us. I internally let out a sigh of relief.

“Hi, umm yeah, can you let him go? They’re just arguing” Nate taps on the police officers shoulder. “And who are you sir?” He asks him standing up straight. “Oh I’m her boyfriend and hes my friend” he tells them at ease, staring the officers right in the eyes. “And what were they arguing about because she seemed to be crying” the officer asks crossing his arms.

“Oh she wasn’t crying she was laughing, her screech just sounds licenses crying and they were arguing because she wouldn’t give him her board. I’m sorry but you are just wasting your time and just hurting him.” Nate tells them and i kick his leg. “Is that right miss?” Asks me and I nod enthusiastically he does over to talk to the other officerand then apologises to Sam before walking away. I am finally able to laugh. I start laughing so hard I drop my board and Sam rushes over grabbing it and running off. “Oiiii, Sammy” I shout after him. He ignore me but I just shrug it off because he just nearly had his arms pulled out of their sockets.

Nate leans over giving me his hand helping me up. He runs his hands down my back, letting them rest on my butt. “Give me a kiss shortie” he ask me leaning down from above. I refuse to lift my head up, forcing him to crouch a little and connect my lips to his, after a few seconds his legs start to hurt so he straightens up bending his neck. As we deepen the kiss, I jumping wraping my kegs around his waist. But having the amazing friends we have, its quickly disrupted. “AWHHHHHH SO CUTE” someone shouts. “God get a room” somone else shouts. I feel Nate grip on my bum get tighter. “Atleast I got me a girl to get a room with boy” he shouts back at whoever said that. Giving me one last peck he lets my legs drop back to the ground.

Nate drags me behind him a he jumps back to the walk he was sitting on. He does it with ease but I know km going to struggle so I decide to sit on the ground pulling out my Phone. I see Emily and Jack G have posted new snapchat stories. I first press on Emily’s to see it was a video of me and Nate kissing ending with Jack J shouting get a room. She captioned it “My OTP” we looked adorbkebifni says myself, I then press on Jack G`s. Its of our little interaction with the popo.

random imagine because I was bored joke you enjoy. Requests closed. - … xxxxx

I Cant Say It || Nate Maloley ||

This was requested by how-i-killed-myself-last-night, sorry it might be shit but im busy right now! Want to read more? Masterlist

     “Just fucking say it Nate!” I yelled at my boyfriend Nate tears streaming down my face “I i i i just cant.” He stuttered out biting his lip because he knew that he was in the wrong. “Are you serious Nate just say it, unless you dont feel me like that. In that case ill leave because you know I got boys on boys waiting for you to fuck up so they can hit this.” I sneered to him, his eyes grew and anger replaced his guilty look.

     “You wouldnt dare.” He threatened “Well I keep my word baby its time that you learned that.” I threatened right back, I wasn’t scared of Nate I knew he wouldnt do anything to me.

      “You need to leave now.” I said sternly pointing to the door, “Dont you dare call me or try to come back here until you want to tell me you love me. And when your ready to do that I may or may not have fucked another guy." I said as calm as I could still pointing to the door, still wanting Nate to leave.

     "Okay Ill leave.” Nate said throwing his hands up and walking out of the door not forgetting to slam the door on the way out. When he left I looked at my phone and decided to call a friend to see if there where any parties and there was one but it was on the other side of town so I had a bit of drive.

     I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, mascara was a little runny nothing a q tip couldn’t fix, I fixed my makeup and put on {What you wear} a dress.

     If Nate wasnt ever going to tell me that he loved me then he didnt deserve me, and I was ready to move on from him. Or I thought I was, as I got in  my car to go to the party so many thoughts were running through my head. What if Nate would say that he loved me, that he just needed time. But at the same time maybe he didnt love me and thats why he wouldnt say that he loved me, and that was the reason why I wanted to go out tonight. 

     The party was at a club so I pulled into the valet and let the valet people take my car and I entered the club. As expected the club was bumping, music loud drinks being poured up and people bumping and grindding everywhere.

     I had never been at a club alone before so I was a bit nervous, I had always had friends with me, or Nate. My anxiety started to act up so I went to the bar and ordered a drink, “I could get a drink anything will work.” I said to the bartender she quickly whipped up a drink and handed it to me I slipped her a 10 in the exchange.

     I slowed the drink and it was strong, I felt my anxiety slip away and I calmed down and decided that I wanted to dance so I went to the dance floor. 

     The music was good as fuck so I had no problem droppin it low as soon as I got to the dance floor, I was grinddin and jersey turn picking and having a good ass fucking time till I heard my name called.

     I turned around and saw the very last person I wanted to see Sammy. Oh shit hes going to tell Nate that I was here grindding on all of these random people, shit I thought to myself. “(Y/N)!” He yelled over the loud music walking toward me “Thank god your here Nate is throwing a fucking fit right now he thinks your fucking some other dude since your not home.” Sammy said looking really relived. 

     “Where is he?” I asked “Your house, braking a ton of shit. Hes super pissed off right now, thank god I found you lets go.” Sammy said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the club to his car. 

     He drove me home but in that short time period I had sobered up completely, thoughts were swimming through my head again. Why was he so mad, did he love me and regret losing me? Or did he just want me to not fuck other guys? I was so confused and not ready for all of this, but I didnt have enough time to process all of my thoughts we were pulling up in our driveway.

     I was reluctant to get out of the car but I knew I had to, and I knew Sammy wouldnt go in with me he had his own girl and a set of side bitches to deal with. But I got out of the car and walked into Nate and I’s house.

     Shit was everywhere, I was pissed I worked my ass off to buy this house and to buy anything I worked around the fucking clock and he ruined all of my  stuff. I was about to punch a hole in the fucking wall when I saw Nate come out of the hall way and decided that his face was the better thing to punch.

     “What the hell is all of this you fucking dick!” I scrame pointing to all of my ruined stuff, his face fell “Nate you know that I work my fucking ass off to get everything that I do! I work my ass off in everything I fucking do my fucking relationships and work everything! And now look at it all, fucking ruined! FUCKING RUINED, EVERYTHING!” I yelled at him tears threatening to spill from my eyes, but I would not let him see me cry, not two times in one day no.

     “Baby” He started but I stoped him “No lil boy im not your baby im no ones baby im independent I can take care of myself. The only people who can call me that are people who arnt too big of bitches to say that they love me. Or do they really, I have one question for you Nate did you just use me for the sex? Or was it my money? What was it, becuase you obviously dont love me SINCE YOU WONT FUCKING SAY IT!" I yelled.

     ”{Y/N) I love you, I never wanted you for just your sex or your money. I want you for you and I love you so fucking much you dont even know, you mean so much to me and you will never understand. The reason why I didnt say I love you for so long is that im scared of commitment and I was scared that if I fucked up you wouldnt think I loved you anymore, so I never said it to ensure that you would stay loving me. But I was wrong obviously. But as for all the material damage I will buy you all new stuff Ill take you on vacation to Greece youve always wanted to go there right? We will have a perfect house by then I can make some calls and make it happen, but I thought you were fucking another guy so I got scared and pissed at myself and overreacted. Im so sorry (Y/N) and I love you so much, just please forgive me.“ He said pleading with me a new and different side of Nate that I had never seen before.

     "Say It again.” was the only thing I could manage to spit out “I love you (Y/N) and one day I want to make you my wife and I want you to have my children, I want to spend my whole life with you.” He said walking over to me and cupping my face with one hand and the other hand on my hip. “Fuck Nate, all you had to say was I love you and none of this shit would have happened." I said looking into his eyes "But im glad It did because now you know how I feel and I know I dont want to piss you off ever again. And the thought of you with another guy well you know it wasnt a good feeling, and I dont ever want to feel it again.” He said cracking a dimpled smile, the smile I fell in love with. 

 That was long as fuck, sorry about that I just wanted to get the point across. But check out my other Imagines, bye dolls!

His Friend - Nate Maloley Imagine

requested by anon

song: like that - jack&jack ft. skate

“Dude, how the fuck did you manage to become so close to this chick” I say, watching Sam’s snapchat story from last night. He has this friend, who at first I was convinced he was hooking up with, but he ensures me that they are only friends. Her name is y/n.

“Have you even met her?” He asks, sitting on the couch across the room from me.

“No. You constantly say good things though” I shrug.

“I’m hanging out with her tonight, she’s coming over to Nash’s. Why don’t you come?” 


“Nate, this is y/n. Y/n, this is Nate” Sam says, introducing us briefly. She smiles, and I swear for a minute time stopped. Her smile is the most beautiful and contagious thing I’ve ever seen.

“What’s up?” I ask, trying to be cool and stuffing my hands into my pockets.

We all end up doing our own thing, and I’m sitting with Sam and Y/n, while the other guys are doing various things. I’m already hooked on her. She’s just got an amazing personality that literally makes me want to fly her back to Omaha to meet my family. I have to be cool though, because I will be roasted if any of them find out my feelings for her

-your pov-

Nate is the one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met. He’s just like Sammy, but theres something about him. I’ve always seen his pictures and thought he was extremely attractive, but his personality beats it all. 

The only thing that is slightly annoying is the way he was trying to act all cool in front of the guys. When Sam left to go to the bathroom, thats when he was really different. 

-3 months later-

“Babe” I say, rolling around on the bed so I was facing Nate.

“Yeah?” He asks, taking his eyes off of his phone and pulling me closer so I’m practically on top of him.

“Do you remember when we first met how cool you were trying to act” I laugh, making him roll his eyes and laugh along. 

“No” He says, laughing, and obviously remembering, “I remember falling in love with you though”

I brush my thumb over his face, while holding the side of his face in my hand, looking into his beautiful eyes. We’ve been together for 3 months. Nate told me he had feelings for me a couple days after we met, and I felt the same way.

“I love you Nate” I smile

“I love you too lil mama” He says, kissing me softly.

Where it all began ( a jack gilinsky fanfic )
  • Chapter 1
  • *Flashback*
  • Year 2010
  • Jacks POV ( 14 years old)
  • "Hey jack come on we're gonna be late for the first day!" My best friend jack yelled at me.
  • "Ugh I don't care I wanna sleeep!"
  • I groaned
  • "Move your ass out of bed before I kick your ass outta there!"
  • Jack left my room while I got up and stretched. I grabbed some jeans, a tee shirt and threw on some vans while styling my hair quickly. I walked down stairs to see my mom cooking breakfast
  • "Good morning jack"
  • "Hi mom"
  • " ready for your first day of Highschool?!" She squealed making my eyes grow wide
  • "Yup" I managed, still half asleep.
  • "We'll jack is just in the bathroom so when he's out I want you boys to eat then get your little bums to school."
  • "Alright mom jeez"
  • " no attitude jack"
  • We ate breakfast and headed out the door.
  • "What do think it'll be like?" I asked
  • "Probably just like middle school with older kids and hotter girls" jack wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed at his gesture
  • "Yeah I plan to get laid tonight" I joked. We both laughed as we headed through the doors.
  • "Well I have English first ill see you at lunch. Meet here I don't wanna seem like a loner" Johnson laughed
  • "Yup. Ill see you bro"
  • I asked the office for directions to the science room, which was right in front of me. I was so embarrassed as the older kids laughed at me.
  • I took a seat in the back of the class. The teacher came in and introduced himself as Mr.Clemson
  • About 5 minutes into the class this beautiful girl came in
  • " sorry I'm late "
  • "Name?"
  • "YN"
  • "We'll YN you can take a seat in the back" he said pointing to me
  • " well class this is your new seat for the whole semester I hope you like it cause your not moving"
  • "Hey, uh, what's your name?" She asked.
  • "Jack. YN right?"
  • "Yup" she said popping the 'p'
  • "Nice name" I complimented.
  • "Thanks" she smiled and looked down, her cheeks getting a rosy tint.
  • The class ended and I got to know her real well. She's a tomboy which I kinda like too
  • {lunch time}
  • "Yo jack!" I shouted
  • "Hey what up man"
  • "Ok so in science there's like this really cute girl and I think I have a crush on her" I admitted
  • "Awe does jacky have a crush" he said in a baby voice
  • "Shut up" I shoved him slightly while looking down smiling. I think I do have a crush on her......
  • YN POV
  • "Hey YN!" My best friend Chelsea called
  • "Hey! What's up" I asked
  • "I over heard someone say they had a little crush on you" she smirked at me while wiggling her brows
  • "Ha good joke chels." I laughed at her comment
  • " no really. He said he was talking with you all science. So you know this boy" she said, her smirk growing wider
  • "Jack" I muttered under my breath
  • "Ooh so you do you like him?"
  • "Kind of...." I looked down feeling the blood rush to my cheeks. When I looked back up I found Chelsea had ran off. Shit she's gonna tell jack..
  • I ran out looking for her. I finally found her after 5 minutes talking to jack
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled and jumped on her back causing us both to fall down as people looked down at us and laughed.
  • "I just set y'all up. You gotta meet each other after school at Starbucks near the mall at 4. Y'all can thank me later. Now you two get to know each other!" She called as she walked off
  • "Uh sorry about her.... She's kind of weird" I said after some awkward silence.
  • "It's okay. Um you don't have to meet me at Starbucks later. Like you can I'd you want but if not you don't have to" he rambled on
  • "Jack ill meet you it's fine"
  • *Flashback over*
  • 3rd person POV
  • That was the start of a amazing relationship between YN and jack. They have been inseparable ever since. They started dating a few days after that Starbucks date. There still together 4 years later. Lets look at there story now......
  • YN POV
  • "Jack you have to be on in 5 minutes stop!" You squirmed as he tickled you backstage at digi tour.
  • " ugh I don't wanna I wanna stay here with you!"
  • "Don't let your fans down come on go givem a show!"
  • "Fiiinneeee!" He exaggerated
  • I watched hime as he ran on stage with jack, Sam and Nate as they did there thing. I'm so proud of all of them.
  • I'm just a little disappointed because jack hasn't mentioned my birthday at all today. The boys have and same with twitter but he hasn't. I just don't get it because he always remembers.
  • "Now guys I wanna bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage and sing happy birthday for her. And give her a birthday present. YN COME ON STAGE BEAUTIFUL!" I can't believe jack just did that. But I got this rush of energy and I just had to run up!
  • All the girls screamed at the sight of me. I'm glad they all like me. I barely get hate.
  • They all started singing to me while I took a snapchat video of it.
  • Everyone started screaming when they saw snapchat on my phone. I laughed and made a few more videos.
  • Soon talk dirty came on the speakers and I was confused. Then jack sat me on a chair while all the guys took off their shirts. They all danced around doing body rolls and hip thrusts. Meanwhile I couldn't keep my laughs in and I new the fans were loving this.
  • The song ended And unfortunately it was the end of the show.
  • We were saying hi to some fans back stage and just having a good time.
  • " hi YN!"
  • " hi sweetheart"
  • "Babe ill be right back I forgot something in the tour bus" jack came over quickly, and pecked my lips and ran off
  • " so-" I started but she cut me off
  • " listen bitch I don't fucking know who you think you are but you can take your fat ass and ugly face and get the hell out of jacks life, better yet all of the boys life, that would be greatly appreciated. No one likes you. Your a fucking selfish bitch and your just using jack. At least I would have more to offer." She referred to her huge tits that were hanging out of her crop top
  • Tears welled at the the edge of your eyes. No one has ever said anything like that to you before.
  • "That's right cry you fucking slut" he hissed. I walked away from her past the screaming girls, into the bathroom and started crying. I got a few texts from all the boys asking me what happened. I didn't reply though. Then I heard the bathroom door open
  • "YN?"
Nate Maloley Engagement Imagine

Today is my birthday and Nate is on tour. He told me he wasnt avle to get off tour with the Jack’s. Good thing my mom flew all the way out to L.A for my birthday.

I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my mom. I really truly just wanted to stay in go on skype and watch chick flicks with Nate but no I have to go out. My mom insisted. Since it is my birthday my mom bought me a dark red dress that came to my thighs and tied into a bow around my neck. I put on some black heels and my dress. I curled my hair just the way I liked and did my makeup.

“Penn dear are you ready? We have a reservation!” My mom yelled to me at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah just hold on for one minute!” I went ro my jewelry and pulled out an infinity necklace engraved with Nate and I’s names on it. I smiled in remembrance from the romantic night. I smiled and turned out my light. I walked downstairs to see my mom looking at her watch. She was wearing a black dress nude colored pantyhose and black heels. Her hair was pulled back into a sock bun.

“Mom, Is it too much?” I ask feeling a little over dressed.

“You look like the most beautiful girl in the world! Now lets take a picture!” She said. She held out her phone to me. “I’m no good at selfies honey. Bare with me and take one for me.” She said. I laughed and took some serious and funny. I handed her back her phone.

We went outside and hopped into her Honda CRV and drove off to our dinner date at someplace called Azumi. I looked it up its a really expensive sushi place. I wasnt paying attention and the car stopped suprisingly at a park.

“Um, is the sushi place in a park or..” I asked. She chuckled slightly.

“No, Penn just follow the path and you’ll get there trust me. Now go! You wont regret it.” She said and headed back towards her car. I headed towards the paved path. I walked for about a good 2 minutes until I saw ballons on a bench. It read.

“Penn you look stunning in that dress. Even though I havent seen you in that dress you always look beautiful to me. Oh by the way it’s Nate. Anyway on your birthday i have a suprise for you. Do you remember this bench? Well its where we met. I sat right next to you. Do you remember what I said? I said what is a beautiful girl like you doing all alone at a park in the summer at 6:00 pm? You looked at me funny with those light brown eyes that sparkle every time i tell you, you look pretty or when i sing you a song. Those dimples that make your cheeks so cute. When you blush my legs get all like jello. Your smile. Dammit that smile. You could kill someone with that smile. Its so contagious just thinking about makes me smile. This is like what a million pages long? Anyway turn your phone on and i hope you brang headphones. Put in the headphones and put on Often by the weekend. Go to youtube it should be on my youtube page and listen to it. Keep walking down the path. Love you Penny!”

I smiled at the note. My face is probably extremley red but hey he makes me like this all the time. I turned on my phone plugged in my beats buds and went to his youtube page and started playing the video.

“I love sleeping all alone
This time around bring your friend with you
But we ain’t really going to sleep at all
You ain’t gonna catch me with them sneak pictures
In my city I’m a young God
That pussy kill be so vicious
My God white, he in my pocket
He get me redder than the devil ‘til I go nauseous.” Nate sang. I felt my legs go all jello knowing it was all for me.

The song and video ended. I looked up to see pictures of me and nate together throughout the four years of us being together. I saw the note tucked under a ribbon on a present.

"Hey beautiful Nate again. Just wanted to remind you to bring a jacket. Oops too late. Anyway I remeber you stealing my jackets so remember how I never let you touch my Omaha high school sweatshirt. Well open the present love. Dont forget to keep walking down the path babygirl.”

I put the note in my clutch and opened the present. I saw his omaha sweatshirt neatly folded in the box. I felt so overwhelmed knowing how much he loved this sweatshirt. I put on the sweatshirt because it suddenly got really cold. It smelled like him. It made me miss him like crazy.

I walked until the path came to an end. I saw a red carpet lead to a car. I walked up to the car. Matthew Espinosa stood there with the door open like a gentlemen. I hugged him as he let go he slipped a piece of paper in the sweatshirt pocket.

I went into the car. I put on my seatbelt. I was really thirtsy so i popped open the mini fridge to find the only drink was champagne. I mentally groaned and took it out and started drinking it. I took it out.

“Like the drink selection I see. Babe you know you cant deny it. I know how thirsty you get ;). Anyway these past 4 years 2 months 5 days 2 hours 34 minutes and 56 seconds has been the best years of my whole life. Now look at the screen that Matt the gentleman will now provide just say the words Nate is a sexy fucking daddy. Love you Penny.”

I chuckled at the last part and randomly said “Nate is a sexy fucking daddy.” I giggled as Matt shook his head. A little screen came down. I saw Jack and Jack.

“Hey Pennsylvania!” Gilinsky said as I chuckled at my name he gave me.

“We wish we could be there for your 19th birthday! Sorry we booked a show on your birthday!” Johnson said.

“You jacks have you seen my last clean pair of socks?” I heard Nate say in the backround. He came into the frame. He looked straight at the camera. “Nevermind. Hey princess you look beautiful.” He said and winked. He then left the frame.

“Anyway we cant give you your gift in persin so kindly pause this video and tell Matt the gentleman to give him our present to you.” Gilinsky said.

I paused the movie and tapped matt. He gave me a flash drive. I chuckled. And unpaused the video.

“We know you dont have your laptop so thats why when you get home you can look at it!” Johnson said.

“We love you Pennsylvania! See you soon!” They said in sync. The video ended and so did the car ride. I saw my dance studio. It said “Angles and Lines Dance Company” in big red glowing letters as i stepped out of the car/limo. I saw a trail of rose pedals leading towards the door. I walked in and saw the receptionist Ashley. I took off your sweater and placed it on a hanger and went into Studio A. I saw my friends and relatives with a few of my famous viners i am friends with.

“Penn this song explains you and Nates relationship. What better way to show you then to show you what you do and dance to it.” Jess said. My mom pressed play on the cd player as “I Wish You Would” by Taylor Swift started playing. My guy friends started dancing to the beat. Then the girls took over. The capable relatives that werent old started dancing. I laughed. Everyone was dancing in the end. At the end of the song I saw a familiar face dancing. I stood up straight after leaning in the doorway. It was Nate dancing. He made his way to the front. It made evey good sense in me not to go up and run into his arms. The song ended and I clapped.

“Penny, I love you ever since I met you when you were 15 in that park. When you were writing down choreography for the schools musical Grease when you were Sandy. Well now I guess I’m Danny. You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde. The Tris to my Tobias. The Ginny to my Harry. What I’m trying to get at is, if you werent in my life I probably still be searching for you. So Penny.” Nate said. He suddenly got down on one knee. I was almost in tears. My hands covered my mouth as he pulled out a small black box.

“Mari Pennington Boatwright, you’ve already gave me four years of happiness, will you now give me eternal happiness and marry me?” He asked as he opened the bow to reveal a ring with a small diamond on it. It looked like my grandma’s but updated.

Tears were flowing out of my eyes by now. I couldn’t speak so I nodding and gave him my left hand. He got it out of the box and slipped it on my ring finger it fit perfectly. I wrapped my arms around him and engulfed him into a hug and started crying. I realeased and pulled him into a makeout session. I heard someone unclear there throat. I pulled away and held Nates hand as my relatives clapped and came to congradulate us.

This was for the beautiful and lovely Penn 💕 or aka magcon-omahasquad ily ❤️

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