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PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA

Les Amis + the Solar System

Enjolras is Sol, the Sun, trapping the planets in his gravity; the body that provides them both daylight and warmth. But it’s dangerous–a star determines the fates of its planets, and a light that burns so fiercely can’t burn forever.

Grantaire is Mercury, the smallest planet and nearest to the Sun, named for the god of messengers. When facing Sol, the planet warms, reaching over 400 degrees Celsius. When turned away, the already-barren surface becomes cold and dark; dropping below -170. Though it is so close to us on Earth, much about it remains a mystery.

Jehan is Venus, the hottest planet, named for the goddess of love and beauty. It is unique in its movements, rotating in the opposite direction of the other planets. The brightest object in our sky apart from the Sun, poets and songwriters alike, for centuries, have been calling Venus the ‘morning star’ and ‘evening star’.  

Feuilly is Earth, the ideal planet, and our home. Earth is favoured by Sol, being the only planet in the narrow range of distances from the star that allows life to exist. It’s not the biggest planet, nor the warmest, nor the one with the largest moon, but its averageness itself made it perfect.

Bahorel is Mars, named for the god of war for of its reddish glow. Though on first glance Mars seems unforgiving and cold, with a closer look, it was found to be the most conductive to life. The names of the rovers landed on it seem to reflect the essence of the planet itself–’Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’.

Courfeyrac is Jupiter, the largest planet, nearly a star in its own right for the number of moons it has trapped in its orbit due to its immense gravity. It was named for the god of thunder, fittingly so–the storm in the massive red spot on its surface has been raging for centuries. 

Combeferre is Saturn, often considered the solar system’s ‘jewel’ for the rings that made it a source of scientific fascination since its discovery. The strength of its gravitational influence is bested only by that of Jupiter and the Sun. It was (most aptly) named for the god of agriculture and liberation. 

Bossuet is Uranus, named for the god of the sky, and the planet that expanded the celestial horizons of humankind–the first to have been discovered with a telescope, while the previous five were known since antiquity (though first mistaken for a comet). The planet orbits perpendicular to the rest, most likely due to a collision with a planet that knocked it on its side. 

Joly is Neptune, named for the god of the sea for its vivid blue colour. It is often mentioned in the same vein as Uranus due to their shared characteristics (similarities in size, colour, composition) and is like the former in that it was discovered. Its discovery was special–a collaborative effort in which the planet was mathematically predicted before it was seen.

Marius is Pluto, a dwarf planet named for the god of the underworld, whose true planetary status is still debated by many. In any case, it orbits Sol like all the rest, though on a different plane. Pluto has a moon, Charon, who we may see as Cosette–the two objects are tidally locked, the same face permanently turned toward each other.

  • me, 50% of the time: i should really focus on my german
  • me, the other 50% of the time: i want to learn all the languages!!!1!1!1
How to avoid ruining your tablet surface and nib (my art hack)

Why the fuck would you put a uncooked spaghetti stick in your tablet pen as your nib????  I just saw a post about how it works but damn I’m sure that shit could scratch up your actual tablet.  Please don’t put food in your tablet pen.  

If you are really worried about your tablet nib getting small (hell even your tablet surface scratching up), one way you could avoid that is using clear plastic sheets from a office supply store.  Usually they would give that shit to you for free or just charge you a couple of cents.  Hell I remember when I first wanted to get them, the guys at the counter were a little confused why I wanted two plastic sheets.  

(I got these at staples back my senior year of high school.  I’m a 3rd year in college so I had these for a while) 

And all you do is take one of the sheets, measure it to your tablet, and tape that shit down.  

The plastic was just slightly bigger than my tablet so I had to cut it down but it wasn’t a a problem.  I used a wacom intuos pro small (now I have a cintiq) and the nib to pen has not worn out in years.  And if you feel the plastic sheet is getting worn out, just replace it cause the office store might have given you too many sheets.  

Oh shit but what is this?  It came with my tablet and everything!  Is it a stand for the pen? 

Let’s open that shit and see it

Bam!  Holy fucki Batman there is like 10 nibs (there are ten but the shadow is covering the other two) plus a tool to help you remove the old nib!  What????  

Yes at least these wacom tablets have this new stand that includes a lot of nibs for you.  My cintiq includes this little stand so I have another extra 10 nibs.  

However if somehow you are in need of pen nibs, you can go on amazon and buy packs of them: 

Or you can buy it online!  Whatever it is, just don’t put a uncooked spaghetti  strand in your tablet pen.  

su critics need to chill tf out. its a kids show. it was made for the kids. filler episode packed with moral lesson stuff? kids arent usually obsessed with the plot like you all are and the lessons are good lessons most kids shows dont even hit on. height difference issues? kids dont notice that shit and god forbid a creator have a touch of individual creativity. bright colors? yep thats for kids too. kids. like. bright. colors. yeah the majority of the people who watch su are older teens and above but kids are the target audience. this show was created for children. now can we all respect that please.

SpockFact #110

Kirk and Spock regularly work out together, encouraging one another to reach their fullest potential. Their workouts include lifting weights, squats, crunches and, Kirk’s favourite, wrestling. In order to stay fit for planetary visits, they also practice fireman carrying one another, and help to train young security personnel in the practice in case someone ever needs to be carried to safety. The crew, as a whole, fully enjoys these lessons, not counting that time Kirk tore his tights and refused to put on Spock’s spare shorts until the lesson was over.


I am the anon who was requested to speak of their experience leaving Larrie fandom.

I meant it when I said I had a nervous breakdown when Briana got pregnant. It was a Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week sobbing and unable to function at work. I had to lie to my boss and say I was having personal issues with family. I deleted my blog the day Louis talked about the pregnancy on GMA and unfollowed the whole band and everyone connected to them on social media, deleted their music from my iTunes, cut off ties with all tumblr friends. I went into a depression, and a deep rage, against “management”, against Simon, against Briana, against The Enemy. I did my best to avoid all 1D news. But my mom told me when Freddie was born and when I saw the birth certificate, it’s almost like I snapped out of my fog and realized it was real. Freddie was a real baby and Louis was the father and Briana was the mother and everything I had thought for years was a lie.

I spent most of 2016 feeling so fucking stupid for having fallen for Larry. I never interacted with any of the family members or friends or girlfriends on social media, so I considered myself “a good Larrie”. But I also reblogged from Amy, Kati, Lisa, Verily, Emma. I told people about the Treatise and made people read it. I was complicit in the harassment, and did nothing to attempt to stop it. For me, I was more ashamed of my silence in the face of the harassment than the shame pf having been a Larrie. I considered myself a good person, but realizing I watched silently while these “saviors” destroyed these people’s lives, I wasn’t actually a good person at all.

I started getting back into fandom when the TV commercial for Harry’s single aired on television. I went to the blogs I used to follow and saw the hatred, the fear, the distrust, the suspicion. So I went to a few of the “anti” blogs I could remember, and saw excitement, and happiness and joy. I HATED antis as a Larrie. Loathed. But I knew if I got back into fandom, I could not be miserable. So a couple times a week, I would check in on anti blogs and see the happiness and excitement, and started enjoying 1D again.

I don’t have advice for ex-Larries. Leaving Larry is fucking scary. 2015 was such a terrible, horrible, miserable time in fandom. Seeing that so many of the main players in Larrie are still around does not surprise me. Their faux outrage to get notes, their drive for attention and validation. They do not believe a word they are spewing, I think. They are in too deep and have to keep up the facade of Good Larrie to keep the attention, the adoration, the love. The number of notes have decreased dramatically, but they are still getting the attention they want so they are still around.

Larry is not real life. I think if I had gone from Larrie to anti and continued blogging, I would still be emotionally connected to the band, just in a different way. Completing cutting myself off helped me remember there is life outside of fandom, outside of 1D. A complete detox is needed for Larries for them to a) reconcile their actions and b) be able to enjoy fandom in a healthy way. So much of the strong reaction being had by smaller Larries who still believe, is because they live eat breathe Larry. They have nothing else. When they discover other hobbies, activities, interests that are ENJOYABLE, letting go of Larry becomes infinitely easier.


Thank you for submitting your story anon.   

random things i’ve learnt about old english as a complete beginner. 

  • the language was used by germanic inhabitants of england around 5th-11th century
  • also called anglo-saxon; different from the language of the saxons in germany
  • there are 3 dialects of old-english (west saxon, kentish and anglian)
  • the alphabet was adopted from the latin one by christian missionaries 
  • spelling wasn’t really a thing
  • everything was recorded phonetically (by-sound)
  • (this makes translating a bitch but you can legit see the change in dialects and accent through time and region!!!)
  • the sound ‘th’ has two different letters thorn (Þ, þ) and eth (Ð, ð)
  • ash (æ) is used for elongated vowels like the a in fast
  • >80% of the 1000 most used modern english words originate in old engligh but only >50% of the 1000 most used old english words can be found in modern english
  • ‘there’ is one word found in old english but it’s spelt ‘ðǣr’
  • it’s an inflected language
  • meaning sentence structure is very loose and relies on variations of a word to get abstract meaning across
  • there are LOTS of variations for each word (ughhh that’s going to be tough to learn)
  • it’s just as, if not MORE confusing then modern english

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What happened to flaritza?! Tell me! I don't mind spoilers.


so they’re cute and pretty much the comic relief for this season, the season finale comes up and they’re being all sweet, and maritza talks about wanting to be a vlogger. and flaca is all well it’s just not realistic, by the time they’re out they’ll be too old. and the real world kinda sucks anyways, and then they’re all cute like well if i didn’t end up in litchfield i wouldn’t have met you 😍😍😍😍

but then the riot ends and they start putting all the inmates on busses and they both start heading to the busses, that are all going different places apparently. and the guards take each of them to different busses and they both say they are together but these assholes don’t give af and keep pulling them apart, flaca is crying, maritza is crying, I’m crying it’s a mess
and before flaca gets on the bus maritza yells i love you

and that’s why i stopped believing in love and will never wish for anything ever again