that's the lake right there

Zodiac Signs when Travelling
  • Aries: *GPS- Your destination is on the right* *looks right* Huh.. But that's a lake...
  • Taurus: No, no, no, we were supposed to turn back there! See, look on the map...! God dammit Jennifer!
  • Gemini: Me: Pull over! Everyone: Are you okay? Me: Shh, Shh, motion sickness has affected me.
  • Cancer: *plays games entire trip* *three hours pass* Wait, what? We're on a road trip? I thought we were going to Macca's..
  • Leo: I've always wondered.. What is the deeper meaning to life? Like, whats underneath the Earth? Do a secret alien race live there, or what?
  • Virgo: If you put me in the middle seat, you're going to die peasant. *gets put in the middle seat* *whips out stash of guns*
  • Libra: Woah, look at that squirrel! Geez, that plastic bag is quite peculiar. Man aren't those mountains nice! I am loving life! *next minute* Why don't you all just die.
  • Scorpio: I have no leg room. I thought we discussed I would have leg room Matt! YOU LIED TO ME *rage mode*
  • Sagittarius: I spy with my little eye.. ROAD TRIPS *SCREAMS*
  • Capricorn: I've approximately calculated, we'll need 160 litres for the trip. I've also gathered a list of things we need to have *smirks*
  • Aquarius: Guys.. I forgot the fuel for the car.. and the food cooler and the mattress.. Friend: So you forgot everything? Me: Not necessarily.. I have the toothbrushes!
  • Pisces: *sings* We're all going on a Summer holiday, no more working for a week or two! *giggles maniacally*