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I told all my friends that I was pan, then came to a realization a few days ago at 3am and realized I wasn't interested in men/male aligned nb. Is there a comfortable way to tell them that? I feel like some that are pan would feel I'm abandoning them and those that are lesbian would feel I'm joining them or copying them. I'm just worried they'll get the wrong idea. I'm also a demigirl, and I'm not sure how to come out as that. Any protips??

best bet is to kinda explain the way you did here and just come out to them again as bi/ply (or lesbian if thats the direction you were heading). chances are, if theyre your friends they wont feel betrayed or copied, and will definately support you in the long-run

as for coming out as a demigirl, if nobody is up to date with nb stuff or whatnot kinda explain it as being part girl, part [ins your other gender here]. if you feel comfortable enough to, bring it up at the same time youre discussing your orientation

hope this helped + best of luck to you!

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Top 5 game series you think deserve a comeback.

Dynamite Headdy, Croc, Earthworm Jim, Gex and Space Quest.
Not in that particular order, but would be nice for all of them to come back in some form.

Dynamite Headdy only got one game but was one of the most creative games on the Mega Drive.
They coudl do so much wih sequels and its imaginitive cocnepts.

Croc is purely because of nostalgia, thats kinda it.

Earthworm Jim had several 2D games and a TV show, all of which were pretty awesome, but seems to have fallen to the wayside in recent years.
A new 2D game with hand-drawn graphics would be amazing.

Gex has so much potential being a parody game, with how much stuff it could take the piss out of since 2000.

Space Quest is one of the funniest games I’ve ever played and while the original creators are stuck in Kickstarter purgatory, a new Space Quest taking notes from the amazingly good 2015 Kings Quest retelling would be great.

Also apologies for the mediocre artwork, been feeling eh.


//ok guys legit ok listen

please figure out the difference between me and @shenpaidoodles

Like im not mad or anything but ive been getting some inboxes and messages complimenting me on comics that i haven’t done, shenpai’s done them :^)



Okay I’m starting to get a bit fed up with this. My phone is blaring up every two minutes and that’s almost always a good thing because that way I know when people send me messages or they reblog my stuff so I don’t mind. But now, I don’t know if something has happened in the naruto fandom, but there has been a hell of a lot of people that sent me double edged anon asks (and others are just plain hateful) practically scolding me because I DARED to draw borusara as adults with kids of their own. (one in particular said that I should be ASHAMED of what I was doing. As if I was some kind of child molester for drawing them like this ha ha ha…..) I’m not gonna go into the people that reblog the art and proceed to rant on it about how much they deslike it. God you guys. Just. Don’t. Reblog. My. Shit. If. You. Don’t. Like. It.

I even felt inclined to delete the art-posts I just made, but I know that tumblr is not entirely made up of dumb people and some of my followers are just too precious to me so I think I’ll just have to log out and forget about this for a while.