that's the joke this was based off of

I love watching Batman and justice league cartoons because you get to see how much of a dork Bruce Wayne actually is


•he whines at Alfred when he has to go on a television interview (“do I have to Alfred?”)
•he gets super pouty when his car gets totally wrecked and then he gets super excited when he builds a new one and takes it for a joy ride
•try’s way too hard at making super lame jokes
•pulled the lamest of lame jokes on Alfred on April fools day
•when Dick says he wants his super hero name to be Robin and Bruce is just “…like the bird?”
•does all these super over the top jumps and kicks just because he fucking can
•just stands off in the distance doing his “hmmmmm” thing
•he’s constantly showing his kids off and joking around with them and is super proud of them and he’s actually a good dad
•Bruce will never get out of his costume unless Alfred makes him
•he’s super dramatic when he puts the costume on–so much so that he fucking hurt himself when putting on a glove
•does this huge dramatic reveal of the leagues identities to flash and has this stupid gay dopey smile when he does it
•gets super flustered around the girl he likes and the kids make fun of him. Constantly
•tore up someone’s basement and told them to have a nice day and then just fucking left
•he just goes off into these rants and monologues
•he probably tears across buildings and rooms in a full on naruto run just so he can be gone by the time the person he’s talking to turns around
•tells a raccoon it has a nice mask Jesus Christ
•gets doused with joker gas and has pretty nice laugh actually–but he laughs at everything and Alfred is just “go lay the fuck down”
•he probably scopes out the building with the perfect lighting and wind speed so his cape can blow dramatically in the wind
•Batman: he’s not one for much conversation
Robin: like you can talk
•he puts headphones in and listens to hard rock music at classical concerts like a dick
•he just glares until he gets his way
•stayed kidnapped for a whole two days for the dramatics of it
•everything he does is for the dramatic aesthetic and Alfred always calls him out (“aesthetic or death Alfred!” *cue dramatic cape flip*)

  • Nico: Date a boy who looks at you like you're a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Reyna: Date a girl who looks at you like you're a masterpiece and makes you feel like art.
  • Leo: I shoved a Monet painting up my ass.
  • Percy: Are you okay?
  • Leo: I died.
Silence I

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Part 2 | ?

Italics = Memory | Normal = present

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut | Fluff | Angst

Words: 1K

“Move near the studio.”

Your eyes widen as you turn your head to face Yoongi on the bed staring right back at you, “What? Did I say something weird?”

“No” you shuffle to turn your whole body to face him, “I just never imagined you’d want me nearer.“

His eyebrow raises and he gives you his signature smirk before grabbing your hips, pulling you closer to his body, “I always want you nearer, y/n.” His nose tickles your neck as he inhales your scent in. “Even this isn’t near enough.”

The memory replays over and over again, trying to see where it all went wrong. You extend your hand to touch the the water coming from the shower head wincing in pain as it’s too hot for your skin. You pull your hand back to tighten your grip on your legs pulled up against your chest. The air around you becomes like smoke as the water hits the tiles.

You feel his hard member over his sleeping shorts and groan, “For a second I actually thought you were a sweet person”

“Thats strange.” he pulls you until your at eye level with each other, “you never said my cum was sweet.” you roll your eyes as you feel yourself being pulled to meet his lips.

Under the covers, his hand travels down your ass to give it a firm squeeze, making you moan into his lips as his tongue begins it’s invasion. His tongue sliding in gently as he licks the roof of your mouth bitting slightly on you upper lip before going down to the base of your throat.

“You have too many clothes on” he jokes pulling your shirt off. Giving your nipples a kiss each he slides further down to take off your panties with you assistance. Your legs automatically come together as the fabric leaves you naked. He kisses the side of your legs and begins to gently pull them apart to take a place between them.

he blows slightly on your exposed heat, “Don’t hide from me.” he licks a slow torturous line from your entrance and to your clit here he kitten licks. you raise your head up slowly to meet his eyes and he starts sucking. You head involuntarily is thrown back in pleasure. He continues his assault, adding his finger slowly into you, as your moans become louder.

“Yoongi - ”

“I’m just getting started, don’t come until I tell you to, baby girl.” you whimper back a response, unable to keep that promise as you legs start to shake from the pleasure. His fingers exit you and your walls clench around nothing, unable to relive themselves. “Come wet daddy’s cock with your mouth”

At the sound of voice, fuzzes your mind even more. He grabs your hands and pulls you up on your knees - facing his already hard member.

you swallow hard before you reach out to grab his tip, spreading the precum around with your hands. Before you lean in to take him in your mouth, Yoongi reaches for your chin to turn you face up “Look up at me, your mouth might be busy but your eyes aren’t.”

Keeping your eyes on him, you stick out your tongue lightly licking his end. His hand travels towards the back of your head to grab onto your hair building you forwards to take him all into your mouth. Choking slightly as his tip reaches the back of your mouth, he see his eyes close with a groan. 2 seconds go by before he opens them again, pulling you back and thrusting you to him once again. Not daring you to lose eye contact, you flatten your toungue letting him control the pace .

his groans become lower with each thrust, “Take a deep breath baby girl.”

You do as you’re told, he guides your mouth further down your throat. Your nose reaching his lower stomach, just as you swallow he pulls you back with a low moan, dragging you to lay again on the mattress. Your eyes remain on him as he positions himself at your entrance, his eyes meet yours and stay on your as he slowly begins to fill you up perfectly with his length.

You sigh as he leans down to rest his forehead on yours, “I love you” he sighs as he pulls back his hips and thrust once

“Only you” he says before his mouth covers your own.

It becomes slightly harder breathe properly, but you push aside your discomfort forcing yourself to remember the thread of hope that keeps you in this apartment.

His thrust begin again rapidly meeting your sweet spot making you leave indents on his back, “I - love - you” you huff with every thrust.

His hand goes down to search for you clit as he begins to loose himself in the sensation. Your legs begin to shake again as your nearing your end. Your eyes close involuntarily as you feel a wave of euphoria over come you, gently meeting his thrust to expand the sensation.

“Your clenching so good, baby” he pants, his trust getting sloppier. You push him on his back, and enter his member inside of you again, ignoring he over stimulation.

His rough grip on you hips pull you down in order for him cum to reach the deepest part of you before he lets go and lets you collapse on his chest.

Heavy panting was the only sound through out your apartment. You put your hands on his chest pushing yourself up to stare at his face .

“Is this why you want me nearer?” You tease.

His gummy smile appears, his hands travel to your waist gently drawing indistinguishable figures with his fingers. “It’s not the only reason” he admits “I want you nearer for your eyes”

“My eyes?” You widen them at him and he begins laughing

“You’ll understand one day”

You feel your throat close up again and your chest tighten, what went wrong?

It’s been over three months since you felt loved by him.

Three months since you would go to bed and wake up expecting to see him there.

Three months of waiting sleeplessly for him to walk through that door.

Three months since he told you to not look him in the eyes anymore.

Your phone rings, being you slightly back to reality. You see the caller and another tear threaten to escape you today. The ringing stops and the voicemail appears. Slowly you put the phone to your ear.

“I’m not going home today” you hear his tired voice on the other line, a quick silence before you hear his sigh. “Don’t wait up"

End of message.

“Babe stop taking pictures” you laugh seeing Yoongi snapping away at the apartment.

“It’s our first night here” he walks over to you closing the gap between, “I want to remember everything” he leans down to peck your lips. You get out of his grasp to open the moving boxes filled with clothing.

“Your studio’s near by, so no excuses for not coming to dinner or sleeping the night,” you warn sternly.

“Why would I?” He teases. He puts his camera down before pulling you near again.

You’re tears begin to roll down as you enter the next memory that haunts most of your nights.

“Uh y/n?” You hear Namjoons voice on the other line

“Namjoon?” you take the phone out of your ear to make sure you dialed the correct number, “What are you doing with Yoongi phone? Where is he?”

“Uh… here’s Jin” you hear him pass the phone over.

“Y/n! Hey, listen Yoongi fell asleep at the dorm today and you know we don’t usually try and wake him”

You let out a sigh of relief, “don’t wake him, it’s fine. I was just worried since it was really late”

“Yeah don’t worry about - yah! Jimin, Jungkook hold him down!” Faintly you hear things crashing on the other line

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes - No…” you hear him sigh in exhaustion, “it’s been a long night. Get some sleep - everything will be sorted in the morning. AISHH-!”

The line goes dead.

Silence invades for the first time that night as an unwelcome guest, ready to be asked to leave and forgotten the next day. He came the next day, but welcomed silence as a good friend into the apartment. You thought that it’ll go away seeing that it overstayed its welcome.

However, it came the next day again and then the next and the next…



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Honestly get over yourself. Its a fucking joke that was probably made to piss off 14yr olds like you. Whatever ship it is, y'all need to calm tf down bc its never gonna happen. So stop being delusional and fighting over something that's based off of immature imagination

I’m 20, c’mon, that insult is so childish.

It’s so sad though, that you say the ships are never gonna happen because let me tell you, and I’m going to use my favorite gif for this:

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What do you think about that kmusicandblackwomen chick?

Ive been debating on if i should answer this or not because like i never want to diss people or knock anyone shine. Unless they give me a reason too. But I used to be so in love with the girl and that blog. Like that made me wanna write smut too like ambw stuff because I felt I had a chance and accepted.. But then I realized.. Sometimes she just posted some things and it wasn’t really proof? Or she kept reposting some of the same things. Like for instance people still talking about when BTS did that video with the black girls. That’s fine and all but thats so all like we don’t know if things changed or not. And I just feel like. Sometimes she are telling these girls your idols only want black women and as much as that sounds so perfect. Come on it’s not true. And I know for my self I can’t follow anyone that gives all that false hope. Now I know based off my experience some idols was liking what they saw but I also know idols know how to give fan service so its really an up to you kinda thing. Like I dont want to go to deep cuz I’ll start not making sense. But I did respect for a while what she did on her blog. But the ultimate reason I blocked her was because she defended Jackson - thats cool. But then said he could appropriate her pussy. To me she sold out there. How can you make us a joke? Make yourself a joke? All these beautiful black women offended by that shit and you gonna make a sex joke? Like him she should’ve just kept her mouth shut and I wasn’t a fan. I can’t and I won’t fuck with anyone like that. So if people un follow me because of that then alright cool. I just know where I draw the line. It was there.

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Not a joke for you but I wanted to share my excitement: in the latest episode of tv show Shadowhunters a character named Raphael came out as ace (he did not use the word but said he's never been interested in sex)!!! And I'm so happy and excited! Also because the author of books the show is loosely based on has only mentioned asexuality of the character on her tumblr but not in the cannon. And now that's officially cannon!!! Sorry if it's off topic or a bother

That’s not off topic!  I love hearing about canon asexual characters.  Thank you so much for telling me, I might go check it out someday:)

Yay for asexual representation!

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I'm playing around with the idea of a world were music is magic and can manipulate the world based on genre, meter, major/minor tonality, etc. I'm having troubles describing music in action, as a physical tangible thing rather than just sound, especially in duel sequences where two musicians are facing off. I have a basic idea of what I want done with it so I'm not asking for it to be done for me (I know that's a no-no) but any and all input is awesome and much appreciated. Thanks for your time!

Well, music isn’t really our forte so I don’t know how much help we’ll be there.

All jokes aside, one of the best series I’ve seen using music as a form of magic is L.E. Modesitt Jr.’s Spellsong Cycle, starting with The Soprano Sorceress. It’s a fantasy setting that takes place in the land of Erde and follows the adventures of Anna Marshall, a fifty year old singer taken from our world on the day of her daughter’s funeral by means of an unlucky wish. Once in Erde, she becomes a sorceress of great power. Modesitt’s work can be a bit of a slog and these aren’t his best. You might not enjoy them as a reader, but his strength is his world building and as a writer of fantasy you shouldn’t skip him.

There’s a lot of good thinking in the novel. One of them is that it is difficult, if not impossible, for sorcerers to perform together as a duet because the chance of something going wrong is too high. Multiple voices together create more power but it relies on perfect synchronization that is nearly impossible to achieve with complex melodies. However, one warlord does manage to achieve this through hundreds of voices chanting together in an army.

The magic works through a combination of lyrics, visualization, and musical accompaniment usually through a single instrument. A truely skilled Sorcerer cannot just be a singer, they must also be a songwriter and composer. However, some get by memorizing songs and melodies from hearing them. Sorcerers and Sorceress are always singers, but to achieve greater power they need the support of other musicians often in the form of an orchestra. This forces the Sorceress to put a great deal of trust in the skill of her followers because a single mistake could be catastrophic for herself and the other musicians. The result is in setting is that most Sorcerers prefer to work alone without accompaniment. Because their magic takes a great deal of concentration, they also need to be protected in combat from attacking forces.

The sorcerer is also limited by what they know or what they can remember/make up on the spot. The use of magic takes a lot of energy, a Sorceress must eat constantly or they risk burning through their own body.

The setting also used two different kinds of magic: Darksong and Clearsong. The definitions are simplistic, but become complex in application. Darksong affects things that are alive or were once alive, growing plants in a garden for example would be Darksong. However, so would raising the dead and compulsion spells that enforce loyalty. Clearsong affects the non-living or what was never alive, this includes command of the elements, but also building infrastructure like roads or castles.

Both come with their flaws because of it’s easier, Darksong’s are greater. Darksong is easy to cast in the beginning, but over time it becomes more difficult causing double vision and violent headaches. It acts a little like an allergy, the more you do it, the more violent the reaction. Eventually, it will kill the sorcerer.

The Clearsong flaw is: matter cannot be created from thin air, it has to come from somewhere. If you’re going to create roads, you need stone and if that stone is not provided then the magic will find it for you. This means it could come from somewhere safe like a quarry or take it from the ground, shifting the landscape and causing a natural disaster or from a nearby village. It’s also pure destruction, if the sorcerer wants to resolve the situation without bloodshed, they need Darksong or they have to rely on others to do the fighting.

The series covers the effects of how this can affect the socio-political factors of the world. His work also does a good job of combining feminist themes with feudal worlds and handling different ways sexism can assert itself when dealing with a powerful woman.

It’s worth taking a look at for ideas, not just for magic but in how that magic affects the politics, the environment, and the balance of power.


so after the, Discourse, i figured i might as well make this post on how to write good autistic characters for voltron fans, or any other fans for that matter, should they want to include an autistic character within fics (which you totally should btw, youve got no idea how much positive representation can do)

before you read this, bare in mind that i am One (1) autistic person, i cant talk for every single autistic person’s experiences, but i have more authority on this than allistics. so im going to putting down the basics and then if any other autistic people want to add onto this please do!

so: the ground rules for writing an autistic character

1) do not use an autistic character for shock

this is probably one of the most annoying things. you do not write in an autistic character “””coming out””” about their autism at the dinner table and having everyone go silent in the shock of it. in reality you shouldnt have to point neon signs which say “AUTISTIC!!!! OH GOSH!!!!!!!” at a character. a super good example of not needing to do this is keith! its never been verbalised that hes autistic, he didnt sit everyone down and say “guys………. i cant neurotypical  up……………….. because im not neurotypical………………………………” 

but so many people hc him as autistic! this is because his character is clearly autistic without him needing to wear a name tag saying it, and your character shouldnt need a name tag either

2) dont make autism look like something weird

this ones super important dog. youve probably walked past thousands, THOUSANDS of autistic people in your life but i can promise that you didnt point and gawk at them: because autism isnt something weird that you can pick out in a crowd. if your entire character is “hey! this is grunglesnut! hes autistic because he loves trains so much that he paints murals of them and has slips of paper with thomas the tank engine on stapled to his wall!” thats not a good character. grundlesnut can love trains without you pointing and laughing at him for it and making it sound like some creepy obsession

3) dont make autism something to feel sorry for

we are not neurotypical pity porn. what do i mean? sit down and read what you just wrote where people find out that your character is autistic.

did you make autism sound bad? 

did you make your character telling another that they are autistic about understanding one another and working to make life a bit easier for the autistic person, or did you make it sound like it was a terrible affliction? did you make autism sound like part of the person, or did you make it sound like something which makes life for their family harder?

autism is not a bad thing, in fact even if it can make life harder i love my autism because its part of who i am. i dont want to read a story where a character is on the verge of tears because they just found out that their friend has autism and now life is going to be “harder” for both of them.

4) dont just shove an autistic character in for brownie points

listen to me carefully when i say this. you might think that by putting an autistic character into your story youre being great! super cool! youre being inclusive! but bare in mind that bad representation is just as bad as no representation, if anything its worse tbh

the main thing im talking about with this is people creating ocs which are autistic specifically for a fic. this is, yes, a bit of a mine field. but im gonna give you three useful pointers to get started:

a) first impressions are everything

b) it doesnt matter how much you go into the character in later chapters, first impressions are everything

c) im not fucking joking, dont even try to lie to me and say that you dont judge people based off first impressions, First Impressions Are Everything

i dont want to read a fic that has an original character as a family member with the third line that character saying being “im autistic”, because thats not what would happen with a majority of autistic people! yes there are autistic people who are a bit more comfortable with talking to new people, but dog im 17 yrs old and i still cant talk to a majority of my family at christmas reuinion dinners, let alone tell them i have autism

heres what you do: look at the characters youre writing about. for example klance: so, SO many people already see keith as autistic. there are posts about autistic keith which actually have thousands of notes. and those arent coming out of nowhere: how keith acts in canon is what makes so many people see him as autistic. why dont you write a fic with keith in it where keith is autistic! you dont have to change how he acts, you dont have to change what he does, because hes already autistic dude!!

5) listen to what autistic people have to say

look, i dont care how many autistic brothers you have, unless you have autism yourself you need to ask about it. dont just google symptoms and look at a list and pick out what you want to use: ask autistic people how they feel about a character.

“but that will take ages!” well then dont write the character in

“but i plan to go into more detail in later chapters!” dude i will tell u first impressions are everything until the day i die

“but if i educate myself wont that be ok?” you could argue this: if you want a mediocre fic. if you arent autistic, it does not matter how much you read up on it, you dont know the first thing about living with autism. because to understand living with autism you actually have to live with autism. listen to what people are telling you: and i would recommend talking to multiple people since autism isnt black and white. it changes for everyone dude.

but, as i said, i am just one autistic person. if any other autistic people want to add onto this then please do, but understand that if you are allistic this is your time to listen to what we;re saying. im not doing this to flash my nd card and make everyone think im cool, im doing this so that we can avoid more,,,,, “Drama” in the future. its not hard to write a good autistic character: its hard to choke down your pride and ask how

give me avas demon actors au thats really all i want. 

give me actor wrathia whos actually the sweetest person on set and brings in cakes and is constantly apologizing to actor ava for how mean her character is 

give me actor ava whos totally a diva but in a joking manor. shes a social butterfly but her characters anxiety is based off real life experiences.

give me actor odin who actually has a stutter but was always up for hour long debates about literally anything. who brings candy to the actor arrow twins because they remind him of his little sisters back home. 

give me actor gil who is a problematic shit who is openly Bi as Hell and who sometimes arrives on set with a hangover. who is always cracking jokes

give me actor maggie who has trained herself to speak with an american accent even though shes lived her entire life in australia. who makes puns 24/7 and is behind all the pranks in the studio.

give me actor nevy who is married to actor pedri and they act all lovey dovey on set and it was her who helped get him his role

give me actor pedri who scared the shit out of everyone at first but then saw how he also brought sweets to the arrow twins because goddamn those two are going to go through a lot this season and they deserve all the chocolate they can get

give me actors crow and raven who are the youngest on set and who constantly switch between their roles and no one can really tell the difference and they laugh about it in their dressing rooms later that day. who were on broadway when they were ten but left as soon as possible because the moment they read avas demon they knew they had to be the twins.

give me avas demon actors getting in dance battles

give me vines of odin doing parkour and failing and the phone falls out of gils hand because hes too busy laughing at odin. 

give me avas demon actors who make it their personal goal to prank pedri because that fucker just wont fall for anything and honestly its pissing maggie off she WILL hit him with this goddamn pie if its the last thing she does so help me


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Who out if seventeen would laugh at (lame) dirty jokes, like that's what she said stuff and who would be annoyed ?

based off of their reactions to brian’s innuendo on the qmentary 

  • woozi, seokmin, hoshi, minghao & wonwoo would str8 crack up
  • josh, mingyu, jun & s.coups would be chill about it like they would acknowledge that it was a good joke but probably not laugh too hard
  • dino & vernon wouldnt like the jokes too much tbh lol like vernon would silently judge u and dino would be like sTOP 
  • seungkwan would think it was funny but would probably also be like u NASTY ASS!1! Y U GOTTA JOKE LIKE THAT 
  • jeonghan would be embarrassed bc of how lame that’s what she said jokes are




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okay i don't know if it's just me but... there's something so odd to me about gerard and lynz. it's just that... msi is such a problematic band, throwing out slurs that aren't theirs left and right. and apparently lynz has done some slut shaming and stuff. but gerard is so close w all the members of her band? idgi, he's such a sweet cinnamon roll that it just confuses me. even sometimes lynz seems alright enough despite the problematic things she's said. am i a little crazy here?

Everyone who I’ve spoken to whose met MSI have said they’re some of the nicest people ever. And based off what I’ve seen and witnessed, they’re actually pretty chill (I’ve met them a few times myself). Shock value has always been a part of their gimmick. Its not uncommon for bands to do that. Offstage might be a different story.

As I’ve said, I was an MSI fan before I was an MCR fan. Before Gerard and Lindsey hooked up, the fanbase was a bit..older. And that same fanbase liked MSI for what they were. After the MCR fans came along, I feel like they actually censored themselves a bit more. Which, in my honest opinion, was irritating because it felt like a lot of these “fans” only wanted to call themselves as such because they wanted to associate with Gerard’s wife’s band. Thats it. They would have never listened to MSI other wise.

On the flip side, joke about it though we may, Gerard is hardly as pure as a “cinnamon roll”. He is very sweet yes, but I feel like he keeps a lot of his act as PG as he can because he knows the general age range of his fans. 

Similarly, you can’t say what he’s like out of the public eye either. 

There isn’t a person out there who hasn’t been problematic or hasn’t said problematic things. If we filtered who we talk to or hung out with based off whose been problematic, we’d all be pretty lonely. 

From what I’ve gathered of the members of Mindless Self Indulgence, as people, they’re not bad company to be around. I definitely wouldn’t say Gerard is “too good” for them, or anything like that. 

Four men and a Baby or The one where Mikey is totally gay and in love with his best friend but slept with a girl and now he has a baby and they have to attempt to raise her together and none of them know what they’re doing

Michael stared at his manager in shock. “You’re sure she’s mine?” He asked staring at the small baby girl. She had honey blond hair, bright green eyes and pale skin. “Of course she’s yours you idiot. She looks just like you. ” He thought to himself. She was so beautiful and the way she looked up at Michael told him she must have seen his face before. She giggled happily and reached for him. He took her tentatively. “Uh … hi.” He mumbled.

“Her mother has become very sick.” her lawyer with the very stern expression said. “She is no longer in capable conditions to take care of her anymore. “

 Michael stared at the small girl. “W-what is going to happen to her if I choose not to take her?” He asked.    

 The lawyers nodded. “Foster care.” The kinder looking one with deep blue eyes said gently. Michael stroked her hair. He couldn’t risk this sweet little girl being stuck with people who didn’t care about her. What if they didn’t let her play music! What if they hurt her?! He knew nothing about taking care of a kid but he knew he couldn’t do that to his daughter.

 “I’ll take care of her.” Michael swallowed hard as he said those words. Oh god… What if that was a mistake… The kind older lady handed him a paper. She told him to sign and initial in what felt like a billion different places. Finally Michael was officially Serena’s sole guardian. 

They helped him put her car seat in the car before he was off back to his house that he shared with his three best friends. “Anyone here?” Michael called, trying to carry Serena and all her stuff. “Someone help?!” He called softly, not wanting to wake Serena up. 

 Calum bounced down the stairs. “Whoa! Whose baby is that?!” He asked looking at the small girl in her frilly pink dress. 

Michael lay her down on the couch. “Err… Calum.. Meet Serena Marie Clifford… ” He mumbled. 

Calum stared at him. “You must be joking.”

 Michael shook his head. “Nope. She’s mine. Her mother is very sick, so I have full custody.”

Calum stared at the small girl. Her blond hair fell in her face as she slept. The bright pink frilly dress looked uncomfortable and itchy. “OK… Let’s call our mums. They’ll know what to buy and what to do if we need anything.” He got out his phone to call Joy. 

After they both got off the phone, both mothers were determined to fly out there to help. They told them it was okay, that they could handle it as long as they gave them advice. Both mothers gave them a list of things the small girl would need. 

“Ok… first on the list…. Crib. Let’s go to Walmart. They should have everything right?” Michael looked at the dark haired boy. 

Calum looked at the small girl once more. “Do… do we take her with us? I mean… imagine the pictures people will take.” 

Michael frowned looking at his daughter. “Well I can’t leave her alone! She’s way too young to be alone.” 

At that moment Ashton came in with Luke close behind. Both were yelling about something, laughing and just being the young guys they were. Michael was normally the loud one but today all he wanted was everyone to be quiet so that his daughter would stay asleep. The two boys quieted when Luke tripped over Serena’s diaper bag. 

Michael grabbed Serena quickly so that Luke didn’t fall on her. “What the fuck?” Luke looked up at him from his spot on the floor. 

“Hey guys….” Michael sat down on the faded gray couch with Serena still tight in his arms. 

Ashton stared at the blond boy, then turned to help his fallen friend. “Are… are we babysitting for someone?” He asked. 

Luke looked up at Ashton. “Do we even know anyone with a baby?” 

Calum bit his lip looking at the green eyed boy. “She’s Michael's’. Her mother kept her from Michael but now she’s very sick so Michael has custody of her. “ 

“Yeah and now we need you to watch her while we go shopping. “ Michael bit his lip. 

Ashton stared at him. Michael knew Ashton was fully capable to take care of a baby; he’d been like a father to his siblings growing up so he had to. “Yeah. Do you have at least a few diapers, a bottle and some extra clothes for while you’re gone?” He asked. 

Michael pointed to the cause of Luke’s previous spill. “It’s all in the diaper bag. We will only be a few hours.” He kissed Serena’s head. “I’ll be right back princess.” He whispered. 

Ashton took her gently. “Shh, it’s okay little one. Your daddy will be right back.” He cooed. He looked up at Michael. “She’s in good hands, Mike. I promise. Go. “ 

Michael nodded, glancing at Calum. “You ready to go?” He asked. Calum nodded grabbing his jacket. “We will be right back. “ Michael promised again.

“Go. She’s fine. She’s asleep for now. Maybe she’ll sleep the whole time. I promise if we have any questions we will call Liz okay?” Ashton promised. 

Michael nods and got into the small car he’d managed to save up for. One thing he had freaked out to his mother about was the money. He couldn’t afford a baby! He barely made enough money for himself. His mother had promised they had enough to pay for it and to use the credit card he had been told to never touch. 

“You okay, buddy?” Calum asked softly, resting his hand on the boys’ knee. Michael looked into the other boys’ warm brown eyes. He nodded slowly. “Then let’s go get your little girl some presents, yeah?” Calum smiled softly. Michael smiled as he started the car. He knew if he had his friends behind him on this it was all going to be okay. Especially the beautiful Maori boy sitting beside him…. 

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“…Terrorists?” Finn scowled, his grip on his phone tightening as he read the latest Pansaw Journal entry on the screen. The whole article was pissing him off from the calling his younger brother out as a terrorist, to the registration law, and finally to the “terrorist group disguised as superhero” crap. Whoever wrote this article deserved a giant punch to wherever it hurt the fucking most. “Planned the snow storm? Are they fuckin’ joking? What the fuck is this bullshit?”