that's the house tho

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the wasp thing made me remember one time, at senior year, a huge ass spider came into the class. the teacher tried to make us ignore it and let it be, but one girl in the class was super arachnophobic and was starting to hyperventilate. so this dude turned to her and said 'i got it', picked up a deodorant spray and a lighter from his backpack and FUCKING BURNED THE SPIDER TO DEATH ANd needless to say he was suspended but that was the most badass shit to ever happen in my school

lance is the girl and keith’s the guy

a comic about me learning how to drive


I think this is the last one I hadn’t posted! These were the backing arts to @lemonlightproductions’s Empty House (go watch the video if you haven’t!) In other words, the reason the human has a knife throughout the musical xD. It was yet another collab with the lovely @dyradoodles who was again responsible for the sketch and composition, while I handled the colors. This set was a particular favorite of mine. Especially the chair picture. It was fun working with the muted color pallette when Toriel’s house is normally such bright and homey colors.  

…gah hindsight is 20/20. I should have totally left dusty footprints on the stairs in the first shot.

Okay, so what I got from those House of M #2 previews and from what I’ve seen so far in House of M #1, the twins are basically anarchists towards their own house and that makes me incredibly happy. But I’m pretty sure the moment their mother gets involved it’s like:

Non text version!

lemme just, expand on that Waist Grab……….

y’all my cousin refuses to cut her hair so this her name now

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Pete survived mostly on fast food and prepared things and is bad at cooking. Wade tries to teach him, but Peter almost burned the house down two times already. (He actually did that when I played Sims btw and my Wade Sims stopped giving a fuck when it happened the third time, kept eating his cereals and watched Peter freak out about the fire)

lmao thats so them tho.


“yup okay im eating rn but ill come help in a bit.”

I started listening to this audio book of Candy Corn Murder, which is one of those cheesy amateur detective novels featuring a white woman who solves murders in her quiet seaside town. I expected ultra cheesy writing, mediocre plot, and all around something easy to listen to while I drive. What I did not expect was several passages discussing domestic violence and abortion rights, and a subplot about women’s lib and an underground railroad for abuse victims…… like it’s still very cheesy and poorly written in that very specific amateur detective genre kind of way, but… wow

were my parents very cheap and frugal growing up or was I just poor????? I honestly can’t tell

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I want to talk to u about bts and hogwarts houses but idk where to start!! Can u imagine then in their house common rooms tho?? Thats so soft omg and imagine them helping each other w homework in the great hall and mealtimes. Theyd go back to their house tables but theyd sit so that they were still close. Likw so they were still in each others line of sight. AND can u imagine them on the train?? Not seeing each other all summer and catching up and talking over each other sorry this is a mess

THE BIT ABOUT THE TRAIN do you want me to cry like…… slytherin muggleborn yoongi and hufflepuff magic family hobi finally seeing each other and telling each other everything about their summer and then ravenclaw namjoon showing up to tell them all about some??? internship he did at the ministry???? and hufflepuff jin brings food his mum made and ravenclaw jungkook coming back from some quidditch match tour and he’s just…………. got so much to tell them!!! and ravenclaw tae intertwining to tell them all about muggle art and the history of the design of quidditch robes and his favourite spells and slytherin jimin watching with the biggest grin on his face because he loves them all so much!!!!

so i was talkin to bo in bloodborne right and i was like “the fuck does their house look like anyway”

i love these fuckign mannerist houses omfg.. look there are lil gargoyles behind the fence..the front of their house looks like a re-purposed mausoleum and honestly that’s believable.
at least the door’s tall enough for gascoigne 

they have a nice lil front yard. no coffins or anything. i saw a stray shoe behind those crates tho. like who does that. gascoigne probably.

tall house…is this all their house even….is this an apartment…where’s the incense by the door….why is it by ht ewindow….does gascoigne try to climb out the windows at night… that why it’s chained up