that's the hair effect

Okay but imagine Liam and Jaal are hanging out on the Tempest. Liam bets Jaal that Liam can build up static electricity and shock people like the angara can. Jaal, knowing humans can do no such thing (and not really caring about the credits he risks loosing) agrees to the bet.
Liam starts walking around on the carpet in socks, shuffling his feet. Jaal, confused, asks Liam what he’s doing, but Liam just hushes him. Finally, right as the Jaal is getting annoyed, the pathfinder comes by. Liam walks up to them and gently pokes their arm, causing the pathfinder to jump at the unexpected shock from the pent up static electricity. They whip around to see Liam already running off laughing and they run after him, laughing and shouting curses.
Later, as Liam is hiding in the crawl space next to engineering, his omnitool dings with a credit transfer from Jaal. Liam laughs, then goes to ask Vetra if she could find him some balloons.

@continuousspec asked: 11. Cuddling for Saskia and Jaal? :) 

This is where my heart lives, thank you <3

They were cuddling when I started drawing, but then she fell asleep because squishy alien boyfriend too comfy :-D


“Everything I did I did for the Rebellion”

Posting some of my own cosplay from mcm // photography

So I haven’t been able to find any fanart of Wallis’ space design and I decided I’d fix that.

bonus comparison to the original panel:

anonymous asked:

Another non-binary person with PCOS. I agree that it shouldn't matter if the effects are side effects or not - that's splitting hairs. I'm not sure if I need to take up that space in the intersex community, when I've had a relatively easy experience with the medical system compared to many other intersex people. There's also a lot of transphobia wrt PCOS - there was astudy done that found that 40% of transmasculine people had PCOS, so some doctors think that treating PCOS will "cure" trans ppl

I agree about the splitting hairs. Can you please give more information on this study? I would be interested in seeing it.
Personally, I am so less concerned about people with conditions that “aren’t technically intersex” (like PCOS) identifying as intersex than I concerned about people with conditions like PCOS who are confused, isolated and exploited not being able to confide within an identity and among people (this blog even) who understands their issues and fears.
Splitting hairs and shunning people out of the “intersex community” (I don’t actually think there is an intersex community tbh) on the grounds that their condition (PCOS in this case) and their experiences aren’t valid enough is ineffective to our greater causes. Like I said before, this is EXACTLY what the medical (including pharmaceutical) industry wants. They want to keep dispersing and confusing us so they can continue to exploit our bodies for their financial gain on the grounds that we don’t uphold the sex binary. WHY THE FUCK SHOULD WE BELIEVE THEM. They have literally been wrong about the ethics of everything in regards intersex conditions. Why do you think they are suddenly just and correct that PCOS isn’t intersex? I don’t trust “medical professionals.” They have abused me, lied to me, operated on me and kept it hidden for 16 years of my life I am in no way believing their rulings on what is and isn’t intersex. Sorry bout it.

Another question: What does the “intersex community” have to lose by absorbing people PCOS into it? People who have PCOS have something to lose by not being able to identify as intersex due to some bullshit technicality that is arbitrary as fuck. That is my opinion and I’m stickin to it. - Mod H

Imagine brushing Woozi’s hair away from his face when his head is rested on your lap so that they don’t bother him as he’s napping.