that's the face i see in my dreams

Two types of Yuri Katsudon
  • Everywhere other than ice: "Um... im sure no one wants Viktor to coach me but... this is my dream!!! I cant believe hes still here... but I have to keep him here!! I have to work hard!! For Viktor!!!"
  • On ice: "Viktor. Look at me. Look at my face. Look at my lips. Look at my body. Look at my crotch. Everybody in this arena look at me too. Im the bitch thats keeping Viktor away from you people because Viktor is mine. Only I can please and satisfy him. He. Is. Mine. And. I. Am. Thirsty. For. His. Dick. And Im gonna pROVE how good imma fuck him on ICE SEE THIS SHIT BITCHES HE AINT EVER COMING BACK FROM THIS PIECE OF ASS"
EXO reacting to you getting a lead role in a movie

Suho: “I am so happy for you, jagi!…but please tell me there will be no kissing scenes…or nudes”

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Chanyeol: “AKSJDAKSDGKSJHDGAJH OMG IM SO EXCITED” *spins you around before leaving kisses all over your face*

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Baekhyun: “Yaaaaayyy I will get to see you dressed as a princess!”

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Chen: “Nooooo waaaaay! I am singing the title song for that movie BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT, we need to celebrate this!”

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Xiumin: “Really!? awwee I am so happy your dreams are coming true so fast, my future oscar winner”

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Lay: “I knew Jackie Chan was going to cast you! I knew it! Come here baobei *he hugs you* I am so proud of you I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!”

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D.O: “What?! we’ll be in a movie together!” *gets all squishy but is dying of excitement*

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Kai: “Wait…they chose you to play the lead?! omg this is amazing, congratulations Y/N! Let’s go eat some chicken to celebrate!!”

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Sehun: “ARE YOU FOR REAL!? *gets up from his seat to hug you* I’m so happy for you! I can’t believe we will be the lead couple for the movie!”

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me 99% of the time: i don’t really plan on getting married and i’m very happy with that decision and can be perfectly fulfilled on my own :)

me after seeing a cute couple in a happy relationship: *voice cracking, tears on my face* well that looks.. fuckin… stupid.. god …….. im so glad thats not me rn………..

can we just take a moment to talk about killer b’s infinite tsukuyomi dream I mean it’s just the best

the tailed beasts are all little chibis!!!

they join together by FIST BUMP

the fifth hokage stone face is just a thing of nightmares

gaara GAMBLES to get naruto, outright cheats, and tsunade is OBLIVIOUS THE WHOLE TIME

I’m pretty sure fuu falls in love with gaara??? like fuu sees him with the classic shoujou bubbles around him and there’s the waterfall in the background. just look at this.

just look at these quality faces

then there’s stuff just like???

gaara the outdoorsman

there’s a reason fuu and roshi wouldn’t give you fist bumps b

it’s okay naruto aunty yugito is scary isn’t she

these coordinating outfits though




So, I drew the dhmis teachers with my eyes closed…
WELL, Colin’s face is just flying off. And I think Meat Man has had better days. And the laMP YEAH THATS SOMETHING I WOULD SEE IN A BAD DREAM. Shrignold is waiting for the sweet release of death. Sketch’s face doesn’t want. Tony is so sCARY. jESUSU AAAAA

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You seem so happy, how did highschool go for you? I'm a sophomore in highschool and idk how I'm gonna make through two more years. I've thought about suicide a lot. Any tips for making it?

I’m going to be completely honest, I struggled through School a lot & I still am now. However, I think what kept me going and kept me around this long most is hope, hope that one day i’ll wake up and a smile will be painted across my face as I see the person I love lying peacefully next to me as I get ready for work, drop our children off at school and spend a day doing something I love. I think thats what is masked throughout all forms of mental illness is the hope that lies in life, through everything I stuck at it even when it seemed bleakest all in hope that one day I’ll have the life everyone deserves. Happiness is different for everyone I personally have always dreamed and wanted a family more than anything, You need to find your source of happiness and make it your goal, until then note down every little thing that made you smile in a day. Maybe your favourite band announced a tour near you, maybe your friend made you laugh with a silly joke about a chicken crossing a road. 

Who knows what the future holds, I could never achieve my goal but until the day I am no longer here no matter how tough it gets, no matter what goes on between now and when im 80 I’ll cling onto that hope because its what got me through my GCSEs, through my college course and onto a Degree in photography which I adore. Yeah lifes tough but I know one day round the corner i’ll have someone to grasp onto and hold and that person will be the reason I stuck around this long. 

I don’t know what does it for you but if you’re not around I and many others will truly miss you, I’m damn positive you can do this and kick this in the ass. Achieve your goal which i know you can find. 

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You can’t say shit dude, your posts have invaded my brain so much I had a dream last night where I scrolled through about 50 furry posts and then reached through the computer and grabbed your face and leaned real close and said ‘say something relatable’ really intensely.

And then I woke up and laughed so hard.

I want to listen to she’s dreaming while sitting in a grassy field w suho, resting my head in his lap and watching the stars together. I want us to have goofy smiles on our faces from telling too many bad dad jokes then laughing bc we’re both cheesy losers. I want to fall asleep thinking about how he is the most wonderful guy and how I’m so lucky to have him