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hahaaha I’m late I’m late I’m late

A tiny something for Hibari’s birthday which ended about 30 minutes ago the fuzzy noise wasn’t there originally, but it looks softer than before ;w;

oki time to sleep and revise almost done then lots more trashy drawings to come

anonymous asked:

ive been planning for my yn fangame to be based on actual dreams that i've actually had, but im finding it hard to make a plot fit with that, and im kind of wondering if thats overdone or if it's a bad idea to do that. do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

In my opinion, you don’t need to make a plot or have everything fit together. It helps, but it’s not the end all be all of things.  As long as there are things to do in your fangame and a goal so your player doesn’t feel like they’re aimlessly wandering around, then you’re good.

Just do what comes naturally and if a plot forms, neat.  If it doesn’t, that’s alright too.  It’s better to have the plot feel organic rather than shoe’d into your game. 

I’m either right on time or 2000 years late to something but i finally saw yoi and I loved it, so I might spam reblogs from the tag when i get around to it


Can you guess what I made? 

Soo, I made an instagram (I’ll link it at the end of this) and basically, it’ll strictly be anything writing or DC related, such as my progress with certain fics, my ideas, AUs I may work on in the future, comic recommendations, dumb textposts of the batboys that I find hilarious. I’d also post snippets of fics for a sneak peak of what’s to come. 

I find this will help a lot, considering that i can’t be on Tumblr every moment of the day, and Instagram is the one app that i constantly use other than snapchat, and if i were to have that I could talk to YOU GUYS ALL THE TIME. 

So yeah. its @/draketimm  and I’ll probably post something later tonight :))

echoflowey  asked:

hey .. i kinda been looking around your art and stuff and i just needed to leave a lil message here about how much i truly love your errotic drawings? oh man its fucking adorable your art is adorable all of it it doesnt fail to put a smile in my face everytime <3 your blog description says something about your blog possibly being "cringe worthy" honestly i wanna know who said that ILL HUNT THEM DOWN IF THATS THE PROBLEM just yeah love your art love your fics I LOVE YOU sorry for spamming hehhe

Oh my goodness thank you so much wow I don’t deserve your kINDNESSSSS

Also there’s no need to hunt anyone down lol it was just this douchebag that I ended up blocking haha

I put up the cringe warning for shits and giggles xD

But thank you so much aaaaaAAAAA

anonymous asked:

idk what to do but currently I'm writing a story about two gay dudes BC I'm gay and want to express my feelings online without spamming "I'm gay" x10 but there's this girl who's found it and she's one of /those/ girls who pride themselves on fetishizing gay men and it makes me uncomfortable like it's nice she enjoys my writing but at the same time I want to tell her to stop what do I do

is there a way to bLOCK
thats gross its hard to do but shes being nasty and you gotta just message her and call her out or shes gonna continue to be gross and probably end up being gross to real gays lmao STOP HER

anonymous asked:

I please request that you stop putting down that page not only is is rude and uncalled for its most stupid. Rather you like it or not it's not stealing at all if that's stealing then 99.9% of people on the internet would have this problem. If you keep doing this I'll end up reporting this for not only spam but bullying none the less. I'm a shamed of all the people who are in this fandom and complain like 2 year olds not getting candy. Now please stop. Thank you have a nice day.

Oh my god, I’m so excited! This is my first bit of anon hate I’ve ever received! *excited screaming* Ehem. Anyhow.

Before I even start answering every single ignorant point created in this ask, lemme go back and cover something rather fundamental. Hell, even preschoolers can understand this.

Reposting is bad.

Reposting is the equivalent of running up you, snatching something you’ve made, and running off with it, screaming “Credits to the creator!”. This kind of action gives the creator absolutely nothing. On the other hand, the reposter gets all the credit and glory. Seriously disgusting right?

But I’ve given them credits!/More people can see their art!

Okay, no seriously, who the fuck do you think will go back and actually pull up that account when you could just reblog and like it right then and there? That’s how lazy people are now.

But they’re the ones that posted it on the internet!

And you’re the one that left your bag hanging off your chair. Oops. There goes your $500 bag. My bad. (Not.)

But everyone does it!

I’m sorry, but if someone that didn’t create the art calls you out on it, that literally doesn’t mean everyone does it. And for example, if everyone was stealing from a poor ole’ baker or shopkeeper, does that make it right?

No. Stealing is against the law. What makes reposting someone else’s art any different? They’re the ones that put work and sweat into what that piece that you literally just stole off the internet and posted it with absolutely no credits or even asking for permission.

But I found it on WeHeartIt/Pintrest/etc, idk the creator!

Okay listen up, there’s this really lovely thing called Google. :O It’s super easy to use!

You can use the URL to find the original creator, or

Actually upload the picture!

*gasps* Technology!

If if you can’t find the freaking artist, DON’T POST THE FREAKING PICTURE.

And here’s another lovely point:

If the fucking artist tells you to take that shit down, you take that shit down.

They have every right to fucking come after your ass if you don’t take it down. That’s their art. That’s something that they’ve created. If you don’t take it down, you can bet your ass that there’s going to be a hive of people coming after you. You don’t just take someone’s stuff.

If the artist says they’re okay with reposting their art, than they’re okay. But when artists specifically put into their captions and profiles not to repost it, you better not do it.

“Oh, but I didn’t see!”


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Artists such as @shishitsunari, @venrin, @daughterofthestars08, @chebits, and many others have had their art reposted and some of them have actually politely asked the reposters to take their art down, only to be met with extremely rude responses.


And don’t you dare throw a hissy fit if they say no. No means no. Their art, their rules.

For those of you that want to change your ways, a huge pat on the back for you. I used to be this ignorant before and never got any repercussions from it other than my own guilt. And then I learned that this is very bad. So I stopped. No one hates me. It’s over and it’s done. I’ve learned what I’ve did wrong. And I never did it again! Easy peasy.

Now to finally answer this bloody anon;

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what?? a giveaway?? yup-


  • mbf me (im thirsty sorry) and my bff
  • REBLOG this post, likes dont count but wont disqualify you
  • you can reblog multiple times for more entries (but dont spam ur followers)
  • must not be a giveaway blog 
  • must be 16+ OR have a legal guardian’s permission to enter!!
  • MUST be able to do a backflip! lmao no im kidding thats all, have fun

this will end June 30th and the winners will be announced about a week after it ends

the first winner will receive:

1 red/black/white fob hat

1 “i brought you my bullets…” CD

1 Danger Days poster (fabric, its really nice i love it)

1 band tee of their choice (under 20 USD)

second winner will receive:

1 copy of Not the Life it Seems

1 Pretty. Odd CD

1 poster of their choice (under 10 USD)

third winner will receive:

1 fob poster (the one pictured, same fabric as the danger days poster)

1 CD of their choice (under 10 USD)

a bunch of emo trinity pins (not pictured but theyre cool trust me)

questions? comments? concerns? contact me here

good luck B))


Heyyyy been a while since i’ve had one of these, right? Welll, to celebrate my shinny new job, which i dont really need cos i have enough money anyways, im having a giveaway! I’m about to hit 14k so i figure that’s reason enough, and that i love you all!!! 

Rules! (u lil shits better follow them) 

  • Likes and reblogs BOTH count idc if u spam ur followers, if they unfollow you thats on you sorry 
  • Must be following me it’s a giveaway for my cutie followers, friends
  • Ends march 23rd
  • There will be only one winner and they will receive everything above, sorry i find having multiple winners is a bit of a hassle
  • Ill ship anywhere and ill cover shipping costs, no need to fret 
  • You’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address (I promise i wont creep on ya) (okay maybe i will) (No i promise i wont) 
  • I will order the shirt in ANY size, dont worry 
  • If there’s anything you dont want i will substitute it with something else of equal value


  • Season 1 of Star Trek The original series 
  • The complete Star Trek motion picture collection (both these things are pretty pricey so if u win ur one lucky duck tbh) 
  • A star trek TOS poster 
  • Star trek “trek yourself” T shirt
  • Two stickers from my favorite redbubble store, i kinda threw these in on a whim cos theyre so cute uwu 

ALSO if you’re a Star Trek fan but you DONT watch TOS, and most of this giveaway is TOS, if you win I’ll be happy to swap merchandise for you and get you AOS stuff! 

ALSO (this is kinda pointless this giveaway if probably gonna flop)

  • If this giveaway gets 10k notes I’ll get you any book of your choice under 15 bucks
  • over 20k notes and i’ll get you a DVD or something, like under 20 bucks
  • nothing else really i honestly dont expect over 20k lmao
  • or even over 5k lololol 

Questions/comments/ concerns? Head over to my ask box! Good luck to you all! LLAP.