that's the end of my spamming


what?? a giveaway?? yup-


  • mbf me (im thirsty sorry) and my bff
  • REBLOG this post, likes dont count but wont disqualify you
  • you can reblog multiple times for more entries (but dont spam ur followers)
  • must not be a giveaway blog 
  • must be 16+ OR have a legal guardian’s permission to enter!!
  • MUST be able to do a backflip! lmao no im kidding thats all, have fun

this will end June 30th and the winners will be announced about a week after it ends

the first winner will receive:

1 red/black/white fob hat

1 “i brought you my bullets…” CD

1 Danger Days poster (fabric, its really nice i love it)

1 band tee of their choice (under 20 USD)

second winner will receive:

1 copy of Not the Life it Seems

1 Pretty. Odd CD

1 poster of their choice (under 10 USD)

third winner will receive:

1 fob poster (the one pictured, same fabric as the danger days poster)

1 CD of their choice (under 10 USD)

a bunch of emo trinity pins (not pictured but theyre cool trust me)

questions? comments? concerns? contact me here

good luck B))


✨Yo, its ur pal Dan/Cuza here✨

Heyyy, i finally reached 2k followers from the long 5? years ive been here on Tumblr, so i wanted to maybe be able to give a couple of you a something for all the support and for just hanging around with me within the years uvu <33.


  • There will be 3 winners with the 3 different prizes shown above (fullbody 1 character). As in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the style.
  • Only reblogs count, and only once per blog, the more you reblog wont make any differences so no need to spam. Also pls no giveaway blogs if thats still a thing.
  • You MUST be following me, either in my main blog @awesomecuza OR my art blog @mastercuza , you dont need to be following both and pls dont follow and then unfollow before and after the giveaway or i will die.
  • Please remember to have your ask box or IM enabled for me to contact you in case you win!.
  • The winners will be given the ending day and the next day (2 days) to answer if not the prize will be passed to another winner choosen randomly.
  • This giveaway will end November 6th.

Good luck!!

It’s a blog for me to rant and cry about video games cause I have a passion for it. SO instead of spamming people on here about my feelings for video games, I made a whole blog dedicated to it! I hope you guys come follow and join me in my feels. Right now it’s kinda of empty, but that should end real soon! VuV

(I’ll be talking about Monster Hunter a lot. . thus why this picture is a thing, BUT I promise I’ll move on to other games and such!)