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grattis på födelsedagen sverige!

i think i’m gonna stop making edits for tumblr and just .. enjoy my blog for myself from now on.

New 4Koma tonight!

So after a 2 week-long break (though I did post other content haha so not really a break at all orz) there’ll be another 4Koma set tonight! Unfortunately it’s still not ready yet though I’m doing my best ^ ^;;;

3 pages + 1 page spread, also Otabek’s first formal appearance in a 4Koma <3

When I start spamming ask replies you’ll know it should be finished relatively soon ^ ^;

(If it ends up going up super late, which is honestly a possibility with how sluggishly it’s moving, I’ll reblog it once tomorrow night as well ^ ^;)

Thanks for your patience!

for everyone asking how I got this url: I was lucky I reached out to the old owner at the moment he decided he didn’t want it anymore. He owned this username for years (since 2010 I think, before taylor even released speak now) but he got too busy and was never on Tumblr anymore. 

He also wanted to give it to someone who would actually use it and be active w/ it etc. We talked and traded (like obv i gave him something too bc so many ppl wanted this url but i wanna keep that private). I was so nervous, but at the end I got the url as you can see and I am so grateful and happy. I can’t put into words how much I love this damn album and I’m in love.

@ the friendly Hanzo and Reinhardt I met during ffa deathmatch on Chateau, y’all made my night and increased my mood by 300%, thank u

I lowkey love my Halloween costume without the wig/Hogwarts robes. If my thirteen year-old self could’ve owned this outfit she probably would have wept emo tears of joy

high schooler! renjun

the third instalment is finally here !!!

i was meant to upload this like h o u r s ago but then i had to help my dad and my batt died

and then i played online,, and i made a new friend !!! so we played together for a while lmao #goals

anywhoooo enjoy this

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100 follower giveaway!!

To celebrate 100 followers, I am going to have a little giveaway!!

First prize is a custom sticker!! I will draw you a sticker of whatever you want (within reason). It can’t be 18+ themed or extremely detailed however.

I will add a second and maybe third place prize if this gets a ton of notes!!

To enter: You must be following me!! New follows are okay but don’t unfollow after its over!! That’s kinda rude…
Reblog this post to enter! One entry per person!! No spamming you followers, thats not nice!

The contest starts now and ends on July 15th!! I might extend it if not many people enter though.

1. Must be following me
2. Must be able to give out your address!
3. No 18+ blogs!! Sorry but I am a minor!
4. Only reblog count
5. No giveaway blogs!

I think thats all, so enter!!
Have a great day and good luck!!
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Help me decide

Bravenaw17 is a month from now, and I intend to be AS EXTRA ABOUT IT AS HUMANELY POSSIBLE. This is what my fandom life will be all about for the next month. You have been warned. 

I know I won’t be able to write 7 fics in 7 days while working and the likes, so I started the writing today. For some days, I know exactly what I’m doing, and for some, I need to brainstorm. 

For the “favorite AU day”, I can’t decide for shit. There are separate days for soulmate AU and modern AU, so not doing those. But there are still so many options!

Which should I write?

  • A Hunger Games AU one-shot, possibly but not necessarily linked to my long-ass Hunger Games AU fic from 84 years ago;
  • A shameless historical AU in which Bellamy is an upstart lawyer, Raven is an upstart widow, and they raise hell together once they team up;
  • An obligatory ancient Rome AU that we shockingly don’t have yet;
  • A Killjoys AU?