that's the end of my spamming

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Hi! I've been following your blog for a while now. I just started my own side blog and I wanted to ask you guys, how did you became so popular? Did it take a long time? I just want something to drift off when I'm stressed with school, and I don't want to fill my personal blog with kpop stuff just yet heheh. I also would love to have internet friends, since I don't have than many in real life :( anyways, love your blog! xx

awe thats how i started this blog too!! i was bored and i didnt want to spam my personal blog. although, you might regret having it as a side blog later on. i dont really know how we ended up with such a big following.. it just happened ;-; we posted a lot, made memes, ah, you know that one taehyung post i made might have boosting the following LOL. making internet friends isnt hard just message!!! thank you for loving our blog!!!!!~

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