that's the end of my spamming

electrahead  asked:

i didnt realise that you were doing the why he lick me spam thing until just now. I thought i was just following a bunch of mcr blogs that randomly decided to reblog gifs of g licking himself today. i didnt even question it. i never even thought "oh what a coincidence" i just accepted it. thats what this band has done to me. thats what tumblr has done to me. oh boy.

LMAO i hope you dont mind me posting this bc its hilarious haha that would be really weird unless people saw my spam and decided to join in with the hand-licking pics. although i do think i got most of them. there was one really good one that i decided not to post bc i couldnt find the original post and i didnt want to repost it or reblog a repost. if i end up finding it i will reblog it though for sure


what?? a giveaway?? yup-


  • mbf me (im thirsty sorry) and my bff
  • REBLOG this post, likes dont count but wont disqualify you
  • you can reblog multiple times for more entries (but dont spam ur followers)
  • must not be a giveaway blog 
  • must be 16+ OR have a legal guardian’s permission to enter!!
  • MUST be able to do a backflip! lmao no im kidding thats all, have fun

this will end June 30th and the winners will be announced about a week after it ends

the first winner will receive:

1 red/black/white fob hat

1 “i brought you my bullets…” CD

1 Danger Days poster (fabric, its really nice i love it)

1 band tee of their choice (under 20 USD)

second winner will receive:

1 copy of Not the Life it Seems

1 Pretty. Odd CD

1 poster of their choice (under 10 USD)

third winner will receive:

1 fob poster (the one pictured, same fabric as the danger days poster)

1 CD of their choice (under 10 USD)

a bunch of emo trinity pins (not pictured but theyre cool trust me)

questions? comments? concerns? contact me here

good luck B))

after 563 soft resets I finally found her

after 563 resets I realized I had somehow lost/forgotten my Master Ball

After spamming as many ultraballs as I could I finally got this:


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post(likes dont count but u can use it as reference)
  • reblog this as many times as you like! but dont spam ur followers cause thats rude
  • this will end when it gets a good amount of notes and if not pretend this never happened 
  • notice: the winners will be chosen by me and some friends!


  • sweetest bloggers (3)
  • best theme (3)
  • best url (2-3)
  • best content (2-3)
  • best selfie taker (2)
  • best non-humour blog (2)
  • cutest boys (3)
  • cutest girls (3)
  • fave mutuals(??)


  • a follow back (if im not already)
  • my eternal love and friendship
  • a link on my blog!
  • promos/networks maybe?!
  • selfie reblogs
  • some food puns

good luck and pls dont be a dick 

It’s a blog for me to rant and cry about video games cause I have a passion for it. SO instead of spamming people on here about my feelings for video games, I made a whole blog dedicated to it! I hope you guys come follow and join me in my feels. Right now it’s kinda of empty, but that should end real soon! VuV

(I’ll be talking about Monster Hunter a lot. . thus why this picture is a thing, BUT I promise I’ll move on to other games and such!)

no videos today

okay i dont know what is going on but im getting constantly harrased and bashed for one video i did the multiverse rescue seriously its getting to the point where i really just want to turn the comments off the video.  I have no clue why its getting so much attention but it is and ive had to delete several rather rude and hurtful comments from the video and i have no clue whats going  on and its really unnerving me a bit ..normally bad comments dont bother me but thats all im getting and in a spam of  2 hours on that one videos … i just dont get it i tried my hardest and i did all the voices myself. Apparently ive also been told many watch the video and turn the volume off just so they can read the comic and that me talking at the end is annoying they think the video crashes or something ..  i honestly really tried super hard and it took over  3 weeks to dub it edit all the voices put it together and i really enjoyed doing it.  Im sorry i had to rant a bit and  im not sure if any videos will be up today either.